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									FALL 2003
                    Spartanburg Methodist College
                     FRONTIERS MAGAZINE
  inside                                                 Susan Bridges, SMC Trustee and Chairperson of
                                                         the Building and Grounds Committee, cuts the
                                                         ribbon during a ceremony Sept. 10 dedicating
                                                         the college's newest residence hall as SMC
                                                         President Dr. Charles Teague (fourth from left),
                                                         Trustee Chairperson Dr. Bruce Yandle (right),
                                                         and college Trustees look on. SMC officials gath-
                                                         ered just one year before on the same spot for
                                                         the groundbreaking ceremony. Read more
                                                         about it on Page 6.

                                                                        3             From the President
                                                                        4                 Alumni Update
                                                                        6            New Residence Hall
      6                                                                 7
                                                                                Growing, Changing Campus
                                                                        7        SMC wins CASE Award
                                                                        8           New Trustees Named
                                                                        9    Planned Giving Has Benefits
    8            Experiencing
                                  12                                    10            SMC Professor Has
                                                                                       a Way with Words
                                                                        12      Freshmen Day of Service
                                                                        13                  Alumni News
                                                                        18    Alcoa Lends a hand during
                                                                        Freshmen Day of Service
                                                                        19     2003-2004 Events at SMC
                                                  the “Reel” Life

             10                                                                 19
                                                      2003-2004 Board of Trustees
    Officers of Spartanburg       Chairperson of the Board: Bruce Yandle (2000)
       Methodist College          Vice Chairperson: Dan Foster (1998)
           President              Recording Secretary: Polly Harper (1995)
        Charles P. Teague         Student Observer: Michael G. McQueen
                                   Mr. Dean Anderson                        Mrs. Polly Harper
       Vice President for                                                   Mr. Patrick Henry
                                   Mr. Charles Atchison
        Academic Affairs           Mrs. Edie Bostic                         The Reverend John W. Hipp
      Thomas A. Wilkerson          Ms. Susan A. Bridges                     Mrs. Anne Irwin
                                   Ms. Mellnee Buchheit                     The Reverend Roberta Josey
        Vice President for         Mr. Jerry Calvert                        Mrs. Lucile A. Miller
         Business Affairs          Mrs. Martha Chapman                      Mr. William S. Moore
         Bruce Whelchel              .
                                   Mr Robert L. Chapman, Sr.                Mrs. Patsy Simmons
                                   Mr. Arthur F. Cleveland, II              Mr. Thomas Howard Suitt
                                   Mrs. Phyllis DeLapp                      The Reverend Kenneth B.
        Vice President for                                                  Timmerman
                                   The Reverend Dr. Edgar H. Ellis
            Institutional                                                     .
                                                                            Dr Bruce Yandle
                                   Mr. Daniel Foster
          Advancement              The Reverend James O. Gilliam, Jr.
         C. Sterling Case

Frontiers magazine is a publication by Spartanburg Methodist College, printed for alumni and friends.
The address for Spartanburg Methodist College is 1200 Textile Road, Spartanburg, SC 29301-0009.
Phone: 864.587.4000 Fax: 864.587.4355 Website: www.smcsc.edu. Ed Welch, Editor
                                    Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003

                        from the
                                “A Place We Call Home”

It is always interesting to talk with students about why they selected Spartanburg Methodist College as
the place to begin their college career. Several consistent responses emerge that influenced their deci-
sion to enroll at SMC: Outstanding financial aid awards; the feeling of closeness among students, facul-
ty and staff; leadership opportunities with support from dedicated staff; and courses taught by faculty
who demand rigorous work but also offer nurturing guidance. When asked how much influence stu-
dents feel from their family, the responses are varied. However, I was recently told about one student
who said that pressure from his family was not a big factor, but then added, “My Dad was thrilled to
see me go to his school.”

“His school!” Yes, this student’s father is a graduate of SMC and, even many years after leaving the
College, he continued to think of Spartanburg Methodist College as “his school.” What a wonderful
affirmation it is when persons feel and express ownership in our unique College.

You received this publication because, in some meaningful way, we consider you as a member of the
SMC family. Alumni, Trustees, faculty, staff, students, parents and family of current and former stu-
dents, members of the United Methodist Church, friends of the College, and many others all have a
very special relationship to our institution. Indeed, SMC is your school! We share a common connec-
tion in that we claim and support the heritage and mission of this historic institution.

Many great and exciting things are happening at Spartanburg Methodist College. A new residence hall
opened in August, a new entrance is under construction, signage for all facilities will soon grace our
campus, road changes that define beautiful “green spaces,” a pedestrian friendly campus, and a rapidly
growing enrollment with residence halls filled to capacity declare to all that we are on the move. And
yet, even as great as these accomplishments might be, they fall short when compared to the wonderful
transitions and growth that occur each year as students discover their identity, as they develop an
awareness of the spiritual richness of our faith, as they discover that their academic potential far
exceeds their previous expectations, as they discover values and truth that help them build character
and integrity, and as they stretch their minds and make life-long plans for their future. In a word, our
students are happy and secure as they develop into responsible adults who will soon assume their role
as leaders in our communities, state, nation and world. Because of the meaningfulness of their experi-
ences and the formative impact of life in our academic community, I am convinced that this new gener-
ation of students one day will be thrilled when their sons and daughters select Spartanburg Methodist
College, “their school,” as the place to begin their academic career.

Our doors are always open and our invitation to visit SMC is genuine and sincere. I hope to see you on
campus very soon at “a place we call home.”
                                   May God Bless You Now and Always,

                                   Charles P. Teague
                                    Spartanburg Methodist College

From the alumni director
                    Phonathon 2003

       n September 8, we kicked off our annual Phonathon. We
       called alumni and friends of the college soliciting pledges to
       help support our student scholarship program. One hundred
and seven student volunteers participated, including the Men’s and
Women’s Cross Country and Softball teams as well as student work-
ers. Volunteers made more than 4,650 calls. Of those called,
$30,700 was pledged, exceeding the $30,000 goal. Volunteers were
rewarded for their participation in this event and enjoyed speaking
with former students. Alumni had many questions regarding the
new residence hall and enjoyed sharing their experience of being at
                                                                                Leah Pruitt
SMC with the young callers. All in all, Phonathon 2003 was a great
success. Next time that phone rings, answer the call! It may be a
                                                                          Walk of Memories
SMC student on the other end wanting to hear of your college expe-        Join many alums and other
                                                                          SMC friends who have left
riences on the SMC campus!
                                                                          their mark on a growing
                                                                          campus. Order a brick in
                                                                          our Walk of Memories. Add
  The Lady Pioneers Softball Team recently “stepped up to the plate,”     your name and class year,
  and participated in a recent phonathon.                                 remember a classmate,
                                                                          honor your parents or a
                                                                          favorite professor. The cost
                                                                          of each brick is $100. If
                                                                          you are interested, contact
                                                                          Leah L. Pruitt, Director of
                                                                          Alumni Relations, at (864)
                                                                          587-4225 or email pruit-
                                                                          tl@smcsc.edu. Don’t miss
                                                                          out on this great opportu-
                                                                          nity to leave your mark on

ALUMNI WEEKEND Apr. 2 & 3, 2004
Here are some scenes from last year’s Alumni Weekend. Many alums turned out for a weekend of rem-
iniscing about their years as SMC, SJC or TII students. Join us Apr. 2 & 3, 2004 for another great time.
For details, contact Leah L. Pruitt, Director of Alumni Relations, at (864) 587-4225 or email

There was food and fellowship “a-plenty” (left) as alums gathered at the Beacon Restaurant for dinner.
President Teague congratulates the 2003 Alumnae of the Year, twin sisters Louise Atkins and Lucile
Atkins Miller (center). Teague pauses for a photo with alumnus Darryl Windham (right).

                                     Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003

 SMC                                 Bentrim-Tapio         Fluker
                      Aiello                                                 Haymond               Newton

                      Roach             Stokes             Turner           Van Winkle             Vaughn

Megan Aiello is the new Lady Pioneers Volleyball       Bentrim-Tapio also teaches Psychology at SMC.
Coach. Coaching volleyball at Spartanburg              Troy Fluker – Assistant Basketball Coach, who
Methodist College offered Aiello an opportunity to     once played on the USCS Basketball Team, is now
return to her home state from Bluffton, Oh., where     reunited with Coach Dale Kuhl, who was once USCS
she coached volleyball and softball, while earning     assistant men’s basketball coach.
her M.A. degree in Education at Bluffton College.      Adam Haymond wears a lot of hats at SMC. He is
At Bluffton College, Aiello was head J.V. Volleyball   Hall Director for Willard Hall, Director of
Coach, and also served as an assistant coach in        Intramurals, and assistant coach for the new
volleyball and softball.                               Pioneers Wrestling Team. Haymond looks forward to
She has a B.S. in Physical Education from              working with the new team.
Anderson College and is a 1997 graduate of             Kimberly Newton recently joined SMC as a new
Chapin High School. Aiello played volleyball four      admissions counselor. A 2003 graduate of Lander
years while at Anderson College at a time when         University, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree
the team won the Southeast Regional NAIA title.        in History with a minor in Political Science. While at
She also played while in high school. Aiello plans     Lander, Newton was a Presidential Ambassador, and
one day to work on a doctorate in athletic admin-      received numerous awards, including Greek Woman
istration. Her interests are horseback riding, trav-   of the Year and the President’s Award. She was also
el and reading.                                        actively involved with Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity,
She is the daughter of Paul and Jema Durham of         holding several offices, including that of Vice
Chapin, S.C.                                           President. She also conducted orientation for new
Erin Bentrim-Tapio was named to the position of        students and served as a liaison between students
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and            and the Lander administration. Newton is the
Institutional Research. Bentrim-Tapio comes to         daughter of Louie and Ann Newton of Yonges Island,
SMC after having worked at Wofford College and         S.C. Newton’s sister, Chrissy Newton, attended
Green Mountain College in Vermont. She complet-        Spartanburg Methodist College in 1997-1998.
ed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and             Bill Roach is Executive Director of Information
Research at the University of South Carolina in        Technology and Computer Services. Roach received a
December 2002, and also holds a Master of              Master’s degree in Computer Resource Management from
Education degree in Student Personnel Services         Webster University and a Bachelor of Science degree in
from USC, and a B.A. degree with a major in            Business Administration from Southern Wesleyan
English from Wofford College.                          University. He previously served as the Manager of Network
Bentrim-Tapio and her husband Eric Tapio have          Services for One Price Clothing Stores. Mr. Roach and his
lived in Spartanburg for several years. She is         wife, Kris, live in Moore, S.C. with their two children Parker
active in community affairs through the Junior         and Austin.
League of Spartanburg, the Upstate South               Kimberly Stokes is SMC’s newest Admissions
Carolina Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Club, and           Counselor. Stokes graduated last May from Clemson
Kappa Alpha Theta Women’s Fraternity, Zeta Eta         University with a B.S. in Parks, Recreation and
Chapter Advisory Board.
                                                                                               cont’d. on page 11

                                    Spartanburg Methodist College

    SMC President, Dr. Charles
  Teague, addresses trustees, staff,
  faculty, students and friends of the
  college at the dedication of its                         Hall
  newest building, a three-story res-
  idence hall.

                                                Left: This was the scene just a year
                                                before, when U.S. Rep. Jim DeMint               Hammond
                                                (left) joined SMC officials to break            Hall. “I looked
                                                ground for the facility.                        at it, and it
                                                                                                was very aus-
                                                                                                tere sitting
                                                         out in what looked like a field, with nothing around
                                                         it. But that one building was a place for great hope

    ust a year after ground was broken, SMC stu-         and opportunity to many of Dr. Camak’s vision to
    dents, faculty, staff, trustees and guests           come true for a better tomorrow for many of those
    reconvened on the same spot, standing                workers in this local community.” Trustee Jerry
before a completed three-story co-educational            Calvert praised fellow committee members from
residence hall.                                          the board, faculty and staff for actively contribut-
On Sept. 10, 2003, a ribbon-cutting ceremony             ing and successfully handling each detail of the
marked the official opening of the newest and            construction, including selection of an architect
finest building on campus. SMC President, Dr.            and builder, and the type of furniture to order.
Charles Teague recognized many individuals who           Dean of Students Arthur Hartzog said that con-
made the facility a reality. Teague said the resi-       tributing to the creation and operation of the new
dence hall will be remembered as a lasting hall-         residence hall is a rare opportunity for student-
mark of Board Chairperson Dr. Bruce Yandle’s             focused administrators such as himself and his
leadership.                                              staff. “In the coming years, hundreds of students
                                                         will live and learn here. The impact on their lives
Yandle commended the work of trustees and oth-
                                                         will not be measured in dollars and cents, but in
ers for making a dream into reality. He also
                                                         the values they learned here. We thank all of you
praised Dan Foster, who is vice chairman of the
                                                         for having the vision to help form these values,”
board, for chairing the Residence Hall Committee.
                                                         stated Hartzog. Residence Life Director, Stacey
“Many of you were here a year and a day ago. I
                                                         Werner, said it is exciting to see the residence hall
would ask you to close your eyes with me and
                                                         community growing in such a positive direction.
see if you can remember what this place looked
                                                         SGA president and resident of the new hall, Clint
like a year and one day ago, and think about
                                                         Settle said the new hall represents “some of the
what it looks like today. This is much more than
                                                         nicest accommodations in the state.” Dipali Patel, a
a new marvelous residence hall. It is a reconfigu-
                                                         resident assistant, said the atmosphere where a
ration of our campus. This campus is not the
                                                         student lives impacts the quality of education and
same, and this wonderful facility represents a
                                                         the future.
true turning point,” said Yandle.
Trustee Susan Bridges recalled seeing a photo of

                                      Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003

      usan Bridges, a college Trustee and               Advancement for helping meet the challenge, and
      Chairperson of the Buildings and Grounds          a list of donors, including the Spartanburg County
      Committee, has pledged $1 million toward          Foundation, for funding a portion of the construc-
construction costs. This                                                            tion costs.
comes as good news to
SMC officials, who are in           $1 million gift                                 Bridges and her family
                                                                                    made the gift to SMC in
the middle of major cam-                                                            honor of her father, Jesse
pus improvements, which
include a new residence            meets challenge                                  L. Bridges, who attended
                                                                                    the college, then known
hall and a proposed new                                                             as Spartanburg Junior
entrance.                                                                           College in the 1950s and
“We are very grateful for                                                           served on their board. A
this gift and the expression                                                        nearby athletic arena,
of confidence in everyone                                                           built on the SMC campus
at the College that goes                                                            in the 1970s, also bears
with it,” commented SMC                                                             his name.
President, Dr. Charles                                                              “He sincerely appreciated
Teague. SMC Trustee and                                                             the opportunity he
alumnus, Dr. Ed Ellis, and                                                          received when he attend-
his wife, Dr. Charlotte Ellis,                                                      ed the College,” said
made a challenge stating                                                            Bridges of her father,
that if the college raised a                                                        who as a student alter-
total of $5 million by Dec.                                                         nated between attending
31, 2003 – including one                                                            classes two weeks and
required gift in the amount                                                         delivering food products
of $1 million from a single      From left: Dr. Bruce Yandle, Chairperson of the    for two weeks to pay his
source – they would provide                                                         tuition. Bridges praised
$2 million.                      Board of Trustees, with Trustee Susan Bridges
                                                                                    SMC faculty and staff for
                                 and President Teague at the dedication cere- carrying on the proud
Teague stated that Bridges’
pledge enables the College mony. Bridges announced her family would heritage of founder David
to meet the most challeng- give $1 million toward the facility’s                    English Camak, who
ing condition set forth in       construction.                                      nearly a century ago
the Ellis challenge, empha-                                                         envisioned a place where
sizing that the gift will be of immense help as the                                 educational opportunities
college continues its fund raising efforts to pay       were extended to working-class people regardless
off the new facility. Teague also praised the           of their means.
efforts of SMC’s Office of Institutional

                                SMC receives CASE award
                                     International organization
                                    praises fund raising program

      partanburg Methodist College received the Wealth ID Award for Educational Fundraising from CASE
      (Council for Advancement and Support of Education), a professional organization for advancement
      professionals in education who work in alumni relations, communications, and development.
SMC was ranked as the top private community college based on overall fundraising efforts during the CASE
International Assembly, held in July at Washington, D.C. CASE recognizes exceptional development pro-
grams each year. In 2002, Wealth ID, a provider of wealth screening services and fund raising solutions,
joined CASE as a sponsor of the Educational Fund Raising Awards. Awards are given to public and private
educational institutions nationwide.
Noting the challenging economic climate, SMC Board Chairperson, Dr. Bruce Yandle said, “The CASE award
is marvelous. This, a new residence hall, and record-setting fall enrollment give us much to celebrate.” Jerry
Calvert, who chairs the Board’s Planning and Development Committee, is pleased that SMC’s fund raising
efforts were recognized by CASE, adding that the award is well-deserved.
SMC President, Dr. Charles Teague, stated, “The successful work of our Institutional Advancement program
reflects the importance of our special mission in higher education, the dedication of our Institutional
Advancement staff and our academic community to that mission, and the generous financial support we
receive each year from SMC employees, Trustees, alumni, the United Methodist Church, foundations, and
friends of the College who support our mission. We are grateful for these gifts and are committed to using
these resources to ensure that our students receive a quality education that prepares them well for life.”
 “A lot has to do with trustees, friends, alumni and people who get out and help us raise funds,” said
Sterling Case, SMC Vice President for Institutional Advancement. “We’ve been fortunate enough to win
five times in recent years,” he added. Earlier awards were presented to                 Continued on page 8

                                       Spartanburg Methodist College

   SMC is Growing!
                                                   New Trustees Named
If the SMC campus seems a little       Patsy                               Thomas
more crowded these days, the           Simmons                             Howard
reason is a significant increase in                                        Suitt
enrollment.                            P a t s y
                                       Simmons     of                      A Spartan-
According to Dan Philbeck, Dean                                            burg native
of Admissions and Financial Aid,       Spartanburg is
                                       active in sev-                      and World
460 new students are on campus                                             War II vet-
– representing a 19 percent            eral communi-
                                       ty organiza-                        eran, Suitt
increase over last year and the                                            is Chairman
largest freshman class on record.      tions   as   a
                                                                           Emeritus of
Philbeck notes that with 738 stu-      community                           S u i t t
dents, total enrollment is up 16       volunteer and
percent over Fall 2002, when 627       has served on several boards.       Construction Co. of Greenville,
students entered SMC. Within this                                          the company he founded in 1968.
year’s record enrollment picture       She is the co-founder of The        He earned a B.S. Degree in Civil
is an increase in residential stu-     Health Resource Center – Alcohol    Engineering from The Citadel,
dents to 505, which is up from         and Drug Prevention for Young       and was also inducted into the
435 last year.                         People, where she also served as    Tau Beta Pi National Honor
SMC officials cite improved finan-     a coordinator for Parent to         Society. Suitt served in the Army
cial aid opportunities, the addition   Parent. Simmons is a member of      of Occupation in Japan.
of new athletic programs and           Spartanburg County Medical
construction of a new residence        Alliance.                           Under Suitt’s leadership, Suitt
hall as key factors in this growth                                         Construction Co. was ranked
trend. SMC President, Dr. Charles      She is also an active member of     among the top 75 construction
Teague, credits an outstanding         Central United Methodist Church,    companies by Engineering News-
Admissions staff, as well as the       where she chaired the Church        Record, and has won numerous
efforts of the college’s faculty,      Council. Simmons also chaired       national and regional awards pre-
                                       the board for Spartanburg           sented by organizations such as
staff and administration.                                                  the Design-Build Institute of
                                       Families in Action, Mobile Meals,
Factors fueling the growth include     and was co-chair of Spartanburg     America, Associated Builders and
the addition of men’s wrestling        County         Planning      and    Contractors, Associated General
and men’s tennis teams, which          Development Conference 87.          Contractors,      the    Themed
attracted nearly 50 new students.      Simmons served on the Founding      Entertainment Association and
A new $3.6 million residence hall      and Steering Committee for          Food Engineering magazine. Suitt
opened last month with all 93
                                       “Youth at Risk, Stop Drugs Now,”    is a Registered Professional
beds filled. Philbeck added that                                           Engineer in South Carolina and
                                       and served on the Spartanburg       North Carolina, and is a past
increasing financial aid choices
                                       District    Pastoral   Counseling   member      of     the   National
are another factor contributing to
                                       Center Board, as well as            Construction         Management
the jump in enrollment. Of the
incoming students, 47 percent
                                       Leadership Spartanburg. She has     Committee of the Associated
received LIFE scholarships.
                                       been actively involved in educa-    General Contractors of America.
                                       tion as PTA president for Jesse
For Philbeck and others, this          Boyd Elementary School and
growth reinforces SMC’s mission                                            Suitt has served on numerous boards,
                                       Spartanburg High School, and        including the Board of Directors of the
as a private, residential two-year     was president of the Spartanburg    South Carolina United Methodist
college. Philbeck said the college     District 7 PTA Council.             Foundation, Buncombe Street United
has experienced what he terms as                                           Methodist Church Trustees, The
a “phenomenal” retention rate,         Among Simmons’ achieve-             Citadel Development Foundation
considering the large percentage       ments are being named South         Board, and boards of the Greenville-
of students nationwide who drop        Carolina Prevention Volunteer       Spartanburg Airport Commission and
out during their first two years of    of the Year, and earning a          Greenville Chamber of Commerce. He
college.                               Master Gardener certification.      also chaired boards for the Greenville
“The wonderful retention rate                                              Hospital System, and Greenville
indicates that we are recruiting       Simmons received a BA in            Health Corporation. He is a member of
students that can succeed and          Education from Emory University,    Buncombe Street United Methodist
flourish in the academic and           where she was also named to Phi     Church.
social environment we’ve created       Beta Kappa at Emory University.
on campus,” said Teague, adding,                                           Suitt resides in Greenville with his
“I salute our faculty, staff and       Simmons resides in Spartanburg      wife, Hilda Brockman Suitt. They have
administrators for their continu-      with her husband, John W.           two children: Thomas Howard Suitt Jr.,
ing excellent work that results in     Simmons, MD. They have three        51, and Nancy Suitt Bennett, 48.
the retention and success of our       children: John, Todd and
students as we continue our            Andrew.
unique mission in higher educa-

                                         Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003

McLendon assumes Mars Hill Post
SMC bid farewell last summer to Bob McLendon, Vice President and Dean for
Administrative Affairs, who went to Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, N.C., as their Vice
President for Administration and Marketing.
SMC President Dr. Charles Teague says McLendon is a good friend and trusted colleague.
“On a professional level, I could not be happier for Bob and his family,” said Teague,
whose association with McLendon dates to 1984, when both were on the staff of Brevard
College. McLendon joined SMC in February, 1999.
“The faculty and staff at SMC have been the best I’ve ever worked with in my 33 years of higher
education experience,” said McLendon, who recently saw his son Patrick graduate from the college.
“I feel he could have had no finer education at any other college or university.”

ESTABLISHING A NAMED SCHOLARSHIP                                                   You can establish a
At Spartanburg Methodist College                                                    scholarship at SMC

    ndowed scholarship funds            minimum of $10,000 will estab-
    provide much needed finan-          lish a named endowed scholar-            Would you like to establish a
    cial assistance to worthy           ship fund at Spartanburg                 scholarship at SMC? Have you
and needy students at                   Methodist College. This size             always thought you could not
Spartanburg Methodist College.          fund will provide partial scholar-       afford it? Consider funding a
                                        ship assistance to the                   scholarship through a bequest,
     Scholarship funds can be tai-      recipient(s) on an annual basis.         which is an amount of money or
lored to meet your specific             You may fund it now with cash,           a percentage of your estate that
goals. First, you decide whom           or fund it partially or completely       you leave to SMC in your will. A
you’re trying to benefit. You           through a planned gift or                minimum of $10,000 is needed
may choose to provide assis-            through a bequest from your              to establish an endowed schol-
tance to a student studying a           estate. If you establish the fund        arship. Through a bequest you
specific major or in a particular       now, you have the opportunity            can make a gift to provide an
program at Spartanburg                  to be recognized for your partici-       opportunity to deserving stu-
Methodist College. You may              pation and will be able to meet          dents. You can:
wish to tailor the fund to assist       the recipient(s).
persons of high need and/or                                                         Make a cash gift of $10,000 to
those who demonstrate excep-                 Your named fund can grow               establish an endowed named
tional academic promise. You            with the help of friends and fam-
                                                                                    Make a gift of $125,000 and
may wish to                                                   ily. Of
                                                                                    fund a full tuition scholarship
direct that stu-                                              course, you
                                                                                    Make a gift of $275,000 and
dents from a                                                  may make
                                                                                    fund a full tuition room and
particular                                                    additional
                                                                                    board scholarship
region be given                                               contributions
                                                                                    Make a gift through your estate
first considera-                                              to the fund
                                                                                    while preserving the funds you
tion for assis-                                               at any time.          need to live on
tance from the                                                Often rela-           Reduce your federal estate
fund.                                                         tives and             taxes
                                                              friends make          Make an enduring contribution
     Next, you                                                gifts to such         to SMC
will need to                                                  funds in lieu
                                                                                    Become a member of the
decide whom                                                   of birthday           Trustee Society of Spartanburg
you wish to                                                   or holiday            Methodist College
honor by estab-                                               presents.
lishing the fund. You may wish          Churches or civic organizations
to name the fund in honor or in         to which the honoree belongs             The Office of Gift Planning would
memory of a loved one. Perhaps          are often looking for ways to            like to explain how you can
you wish to honor a former              both make a difference in the            make a bequest to SMC.
teacher or other person from            lives of others and honor their          Contact
your past who made a significant        members. The possibilities are                      Rev. Mike Bowers,
difference in your life. Of             numerous and varied. Why not                     Director of Gift Planning
course, we would be honored to          enable a deserving student to                  Spartanburg Methodist College
recognize your generosity by            benefit from the educational                        1200 Textile Road
placing your name on the fund.          opportunities at Spartanburg                     Spartanburg, SC 29301
                                        Methodist College by establishing
   Finally, you must also decide        a lasting tribute to yourself or a
                                                                                      or call (864) 587-4220.
how to fund the scholarship. A          loved one?

                                        Spartanburg Methodist College

     hroughout history there have been a few
     privileged authors who gained fame and                                                  National Scrabble
                                                                                             Association courtesy photo
     fortune because of a knack for crafting
words into great books.                                            Gibson accepts his prize at the National
      SMC mathematics professor David Gibson                       Scrabble Association All-Star Tournament
also crafts words in a manner that won him                         in Providence, R.I.
national recognition and also netted him a small
fortune. But Gibson’s success won’t appear on            cover just looking for words in context,” Gibson
any best-seller list. His claim to fame is based         recalled. Fired up by his new fascination for
on a popular board game.                                 words, Gibson purchased vocabulary books, and
      Gibson won top honors of $50,000 during            contacted fellow SMC professor Jane Brackett,
the National Scrabble Association’s All-Star             who was teaching a vocabulary course. Gibson
Tournament Aug. 15-18 in Providence, R.I. He             feels fortunate that he took several foreign lan-
was one of 24 Scrabble players – all past cham-          guage classes in high school and at Furman
pions and/or top rated players invited to com-           University. He also started working crossword
pete. But the 2003 win wasn’t Gibson’s first. He         puzzles, and observed his mother, an avid cross-
competed in national competitions in the 1980s           word player.
and 1990s, winning several of the competitions,                Then one morning Gibson read a story in
including prior national titles in 1994 and 1995.        the Spartanburg Herald-Journal about Ruth
The competition is grueling, requiring discipline        Cross, a woman who played in Scrabble tourna-
and hours of preparation. Just as an athlete             ments. Gibson noticed that in the newspaper
trains several hours a day before a competition,         photo of Cross was a Scrabble Dictionary.
Gibson would spend about four                                                    “I said ‘man, this is what
to five hours each day research-                                          I’ve been getting ready for. I just
ing words, using his well-worn                                            didn’t know it,’” said Gibson, who
Scrabble Dictionary as a refer-                                           called Cross that night. He then
ence tool.                                                                visited Cross and played some
      But Gibson hasn’t always                                            games of Scrabble. “I won the
had a love for words.                                                     first game,” said Gibson, who
      He admits that as a high                                            was full of questions for Cross
school and college student he                                             about words he could play.
tested low for verbal skills. “I did                                             In 1986, Gibson was off to
great on math, but on verbal I                                            his first tournament, traveling to
was terrible,” said Gibson. As a      A Scrabble dictionary has become Atlanta and winning in the novice
child growing up in the Charlotte, one of Gibson’s most indispensa- division. The following year, he
N.C. area, Gibson played Scrabble                                        was good enough to be placed in
with family members and became
                                      ble tools when preparing for
                                      competitions.                      the expert division, and won the
fascinated by the relationship                                           tournament. In 1994, Gibson won
between the small, wooden let-                                           the National Scrabble
ters and the numbers that represented points             Championship in Los Angeles. The next year, he
for each.                                                won the Superstars Championship, an invitation-
      “I had two sisters that were two or three          only competition featuring the world’s top 50
years younger than I am, so our family – the             Scrabble players. Gibson managed to win First
five of us – kept standings of wins and losses,”         Place. It was then that Gibson decided against
he recalled. Although Gibson wasn’t as talented          continuing.
when it came to finding words, he liked adding                 “I guess I was kind of burned out. This was
points and observed spatial relationships on the         1995, so I had been studying hard for 11 or 12
Scrabble board. He likens playing Scrabble to            years, averaging about four or five hours a day,”
playing chess with letters and words.                    said Gibson, who wanted a break from the long
      In 1983, Gibson was hit with a life-chang-         hours of preparation and tough competition.
ing inspiration.                                         Gibson took time out for the next few years to
      “All of a sudden this love for words just          focus on other interests, such as writing music
came over me from out of the blue. I found               with his wife, Nancy. During this interim the
myself getting up at 5 o’clock every morning to          Gibsons wrote about 100 songs, and produced
get the newspaper. I would read it from cover to         two compact discs of their music. For five years,
                                                         Gibson says he hardly played Scrabble at all.

                                      Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003
                                                                                   elimination of key players.
      Then in 2001, he resumed                                  Gibson com-        Gibson is humble about his
competition. Gibson knew that                                                      achievement, stating that
his competitors had improved,                                   pares playing
                                                                                   he hoped to win at least
and computer analysis of the                                    Scrabble to        enough to cover his per-
moves had become a part of                                      playing chess      sonal expenses for the
Scrabble competitions. In                                                          trip.
2002, he won a tournament in                                    with letters
Orlando, Fla., his first win since                              and words.               What are some tips
his comeback.                                                                      for success in Scrabble?
                                                                            Gibson says learning all of the
      “You’re competing against                                             short words is important,
people who have been playing                                                because they provide the possi-
longer than you have, and are                                               bility of making hooks for paral-
smarter than you are. It’s kind                                             lel as well as perpendicular
of like trying to pass the law                                              plays. He also learned strategies
exam – it’s intense and gruel-                                              for scoring a bingo, where a
ing,” he said. While most of                                                player puts all seven letters on
Gibson’s competitors came                                                   his rack down on the board for a
from academic fields, others                                                50-point bonus. Gibson likens a
come from backgrounds as                                                    bingo to hitting a home run in
diverse as law and computer                                                 baseball. Top Scrabble players
technology. Many of the aca-                                                average playing two or three
demics are also mathemati-                                                  bingos each game. Gibson
cians.                                                                      stressed that players need to
      Each Scrabble game is                                                 learn how to manage their rack
timed, with each player given a                                             to improve the chances of a
total of 25 minutes to make all                                             bingo.
of his or her turns. During the tournament there               “The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ type letters – i, n, r,
were eight games Saturday, eight games                   s, t, a, e – are examples of really common letters
Sunday, and the final two games on Monday                that go together. You are thinking about that all of
morning. “After the 18 games, if you were in             the time,” says Gibson. Scrabble is a great game
either first or second place, then you go on to a        for children, adds Gibson, because it helps them to
three-out-of-five finals. Gibson suffered a few          develop in so many ways.
serious defeats, but came from behind to win 12
of the 18 games during the regular tournament.                 When asked about future competitions,
The tournament was covered by sports cable               Gibson quipped, “I’ll keep it up for a while.” He
network ESPN for airing Nov. 2.                          plans to compete in the 2004 National Scrabble
                                                         Championship in New Orleans, La.
      During the finals, Gibson defeated Ron
Tiekert, a software editor from Alpharetta, Ga.
Gibson says he moved up from behind because
of the close scores between his competitors and

New Faces (continued from p. 5)       Cowpens, S.C.                          was active in reviving the Golf
                                      Kerry Van Winkle may be a new          program at James F. Byrnes High
Tourism Management. She is a          face for some, but many remem-         School after
graduate of Byrnes High School        ber her from a few years ago,          15 years without a team. He has
and the daughter of Terry and Pam     when      she    worked     in   the   coached several golfers who were
Stokes of Lyman. While at             Institutional Advancement Office       recruited by various colleges.
Clemson, Stokes was president of      at SMC. After working at Mid South     Vaughn received his MAT degree
Rho Phi Lambda Honor Fraternity,      Management under SMC Trustee           from Converse College, and a
and treasurer of Sigma Alpha          Phyllis DeLapp, Kerry has returned     BA degree at the University of
Professional Sorority. She was also   as Data Entry Clerk in Institutional   South Carolina - Columbia. He
a Golden Key member.                  Advancement. She has lived most        also briefly attended classes at
Barron Turner began his work at       of her life in Spartanburg, and is a   SMC prior to a stint in the Army.
the College on August 8, 2003 as a    graduate of Spartanburg Technical      Albert (C. Y.) Westfield, Sr.
Hall Director for Hammond Hall for    College and Spartan High School.       began his work as a member of
the 2003-2004 academic year. Mr.      Kerry is married to Dennis "Rip"       the Grounds Crew on August 1,
Turner received an Associate          Van Winkle, and they have three        2003. He and his family reside in
degree in Liberal Arts from SMC in    children: Ronni, 14, Willie, 10, and   Woodruff, S.C.
2001 and is currently seeking a       Patrick, 2.
Bachelor’s degree in History from     Jerry Vaughn now coaches the
the University of South Carolina-     Pioneers Golf Team. Vaughn was
Spartanburg. He also serves as a      instrumental in starting golf pro-
Visitor Use Assistant at the          grams at Polk Central High School
Cowpens National Battlefield in       and Chapman High School, and

                                      Spartanburg Methodist College

      here was no Hollywood director      “I met 15 new friends I didn’t
      barking out orders on a mega-       know before. It makes you feel a
      phone. There were no bright         lot more like a family,” said
lights. There wasn’t a large movie        Buddin.
camera or an army of technicians              Sophomore Meka Adams led
swarming around. But there was            a group that traveled to TOTAL
plenty of action as nearly 350 fresh-     Ministries to do yard work and
men, along with faculty, staff and        sort     clothes      and    food.
other volunteers assumed the role of      “Everybody had fun while help-
serving others around Spartanburg         ing people out, and that’s good,”
and surrounding communities.              said Adams. Terell Smith, who
     As students gathered in Camak        helped sort clothes and canned
Auditorium before traveling to their      goods at Spartanburg Children’s
sites, SMC President, Dr. Charles         Shelter, said “Even though you
Teague, stressed the valuable life        may not feel like helping some-
foundation students build when they       one, once you’ve been there you
learn to lead by serving. “When you       feel like you’ve done something
turn your attention to the needs of       for them. Most of the kids come
others, it becomes difficult,” said       from broken homes and we’ve
Teague, adding, “You’re going to be       been raised fairly well.” Jessica
rewarded in ways that money never         Delcastillo added that even
could reward you.”                        though they could only help for a
     “Discover the Reel Life” was this    couple of hours, she felt they
year’s theme. But Freshmen Day of         made a difference.
Service wasn’t about acting, nor was          At the Goodwill Store in
it just another reality show. Freshmen    Spartanburg, students sorted
Day of Service was reality itself. The    and hung clothes, bagged pur-
heat was real, the bugs were real, the    chases for customers, and greet-
sweat was real. But so was the team-      ed them with a smile. Manager
work, camaraderie and making of           Everett Willis said, “They did
new friends, the students discovered.     great. They were a big asset.”
The Rev. Candice Sloan, SMC’s chap-       Julie    J.   Avritt,    Volunteer
lain, noted that many students com-       Coordinator       for     Goodwill
mented that teamwork was an ingre-        Industries,     said    she     was
dient that made the day more enjoy-       impressed with Freshmen Day of
able for them.                            Service, and with the eager vol-
     Working alongside SMC students       unteers who came to the store.
and faculty was a group of 18 Alcoa           During Freshmen Day of
employees and their families. (See        Service, students, staff and
Page 18)                                  other     volunteers     went    to
     Many students also returned to       Bethlehem Center, Camp Mary
campus with a greater appreciation        Elizabeth Girl Scout Camp,
for the needs of others. Freshman         Goodwill Industries, Habitat for
Samantha Page realized how privi-         Humanity,         Jesse       Bobo
leged she is, and said she learned to     Elementary School, Middle Tyger
appreciate what she has. Armisha          Community        Center,    Mobile
Orr, another freshman who helped          Meals, New Beginnings UMC,
Habitat For Humanity build a house in     SAFE Homes Thrift Store, S.C.
Gaffney, said she worked harder than      School for the Deaf and Blind,        to work sprucing up the day-
she ever worked in her life.              Second      Presbyterian      Soup    care playground at St. James
                                          Kitchen,     Spartanburg      Area    United Methodist Church in
     “It made me feel good about          Conservancy(SPACE), Spartanburg
myself because I was actually helping                                           Spartanburg.
                                          Children    Shelter,   Spartanburg
somebody,” said Ayanna Claybrooks.        Humane Society Animal Shelter The
                                                                        ,       Sloan    commented       that
Freshman John Buddin learned valu-        Haven, TOTAL Ministries, and SMC
able lessons about teamwork while                                               Freshmen Day of Service
                                          Alumni Relations.                     “would not have happened
helping build fences for Spartanburg
Area Conservancy (SPACE). The work        Also, SMC Athletic Director
paid off for Buddin in other ways, too.   Brenda Pair and 15 athletes went               Continued on Page 19

                                             Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003

                                     Alumni News
1935 Edgar L. Allen (1935) and his wife Mae Y.
of Spartanburg, S.C. write, “Both of us are 87
       years of age. I am a 100 percent dis-
abled veteran of     WWII and the Korean War.
We are happily married and living together. We
were married by Dr. Burgess in 1939.”
1936    Royal R. Hayes (1936) is retired in Troutman,
Mack A. Pace (1936) loves retirement in Dallas,
1937 John C. Young (1937) of Greenwood,
S.C. writes, “I lost my wife of 62 years on                        Graduating classes of 1953 and 1954 were
November 27, 2003.      I am now at Wesley                        well-represented at Alumni Weekend last April.
Commons, a Methodist Retirement
                                                                     K. love their retirement in Greewood, S.C.
Francis DeWitt Benson (1937) and his wife
Elizabeth, residents of Mobile, Ala., support the                    Marcelene Painter Plemmons (1941) received
SMC Pioneer Club.                                                    a certificate from the Greenville County, S.C.,
                                                                     School District’s Administration and Board of
Doris Davis Vernelson (1937) is retired and enjoy-                   Trustees for 32 years of service. Bob Jones
ing life in Dunn, N.C.                                               University awarded Marcelene with gold certifi-
Marion G. Pratt (1938) is retired in Spartanburg, S.C.               cates representing 18 years in recognition of pro-
                                                                     fessional contributions as a Supervisor in the field
Peter H. Dantzler attended SJC 1937-1938 for                         of Teacher Education. She also       taught       at
only one year, and then transferred to                               Greenville Technical College eight years. Marcelene
Clemson University.                                                  has been married 57 years and has two sons and
Claudia Breazeale Smith (1938) lives in Belton,                      three grandchildren. She is 81.
S.C. and loves supporting SMC.                                       Cumi Harris West (1942) resides in Charlotte, N.C.
Robert L. Stoddard (1939) is self-employed and                       D. Jesse Plummer (1942) is enjoying his retire-
resides in Spartanburg, S.C.                                         ment life in Lamar, S.C.
Rev. Milton L. McGuirt (1939), Minister of St.                       Howard E. Morrison (1942) is retired and lives in
Paul’s Waccamaw UM Church, and his wife Betty,                       Hartsville, S.C.
reside in Pawleys Island, S.C.
                                                                     Hazel J. Stringfield (1942) sends regards to fellow alumni
                                                                     and best wishes for a “good response” from fellow
                                                                     alums who support SMC. Thank you, Hazel for
1940s                                                                your long-standing support to your Alma Mater!
Sara C. Carter (1940) retired from the Aiken                         Faye Nix Jay (1943) lives in Greenville, S.C.
County Board of Education and lives in North
Augusta, S.C.                                                        Dr. James W. Fisher (1943) is Regents Professor &
                                                                     Chairman Emeritus of the Department of
Emily Rash Grubb (1940) is a retired teacher in                      Pharmacology, Tulane University School of
Inman, S.C.                                                          Medicine, New Orleans, La.
Randy Bradford (1940) is retired in Pauline, S.C.                    Charlotte Pool Jackson (1943) is a realtor with
Mary Gault Smith (1941) lives in Orangeburg, S.C.                    Century 21, McDaniel & McDaniel, Lugoff, S . C .
                                                                     She writes, “I enjoyed the Frontiers magazine and
Lucy Tedder Davis (1941) is Executive Director of                    always love to see or hear from my SJC friends. I
Homeless Ministry in Florence, S.C. She attended                     keep busy with my real estate, my husband
the UM Conference in May, 2002 and received                          Raymond, and my      nine dogs and three cats.
the Barbara Boltinghouse Bridge Building award                       We sing in two church choirs at Main St. Methodist
which recognizes promoting equity and inclusive-                     in Columbia and Salem Methodist in Elgin. We
ness.                                                                enjoy that!”
Rev. H. Robert Reynolds (1941) is retired in                         Margaret Holland Ford (1943) of Camden, S.C.
Greenwood, S.C. at Wesley Commons.                                   writes, “I attended the College when it was
William C. Boyd (1941) is enjoying life of retire-                   Spartanburg Junior College for one year when
ment in Whispering Pines, N.C.                                       Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941. We were in the
                                                                     College auditorium when President Roosevelt
Col. Thomas H. Nichols (1941) and his wife Eyra                      declared war on Japan. I am now 84 years of age

    If you have a story that you would like to share about your time spent at Spartanburg Methodist College, contact Ed Welch at
            welche@smcsc.edu or 864-587-4254. Maybe your story will be the next one shared in the alumni magazine.

                                         Spartanburg Methodist College
                                                            Edward T. Hinson (1948) of Rock Hill, S.C. has
Alumni News           (continued)                           retired. He writes, “Looking forward to seeing
                                                            members of Classes of ’47, ’48, and ’49 at next
and am in a nursing home. Dr. Rembert Burgess               year’s Alumni gathering.”
was the President of the College. It was a good             Robert Cantrell (1949) has retired from Bowater
school. I worked in the lab and made many                   in Cleveland, Tenn. as Safety Director.
friends. You would have been sent home if you
were caught smoking.”                                       Leonard A. McDowell (1949) is enjoying his
Beatrice Olson (1943) resides in Grants Pass, Ore.          retirement years in Chesnee, S.C.
Marian B. Easler (1943) is enjoying life in                 Joseph R. Clary(1949) is enjoying retirement from
Spartanburg, S.C.                                           N. C. State University (1989) at his home in
                                                            Raleigh, N.C.
Lillian Catoe Galloway (1944) is retired in                 William Joe McCurry (1949) writes that he was in
Hartsville, S.C.                                            the freshman class of 1945, then entered the U.S.
Marguerite Smith Compton (1944) writes, “In                 Marine Corps and returned to SJC as a sopho-
2002 I conquered cancer through the Gibbs                   more in 1949. He graduated         from Erskine
Cancer Center and became a survivor. What a                 College in 1951 with a BS degree, then spent 30+
year! I will be 79 in October of 2003.”                     years in the U.S. Public Health Service. His wife is
                                                            Rosemary Demaree McCurry. Their sons are Mike
Elizabeth O’Sullivan (1944) writes, “I taught               McCurry, former White House Press Secretary to
school 42 years in South Carolina.” She now                 President Clinton and David McCurry, Professor of
resides in Savannah, Ga.                                    Educational Technology, Monmouth University, N.J.”
Betty H. Barkley (1944) is retired in Gastonia, N.C.        Albert B. Martin (1949) is a retired cartographer
Sybil I. Price (1944) writes, “I am as free as a            with the Soil Conservation Service USDA, residing
dove. I can fly any time and any direction. What            in Spartanburg, S.C.
a wonderful life!” She is a retired librarian.              Evelyn Lancaster Vaughan (1949) is in full sup-
Lou Ree Pierce (1944) writes, “Carl and I celebrated our    port of her alma mater. She lives in   Anderson,
50th Wedding Anniversary this May at Picket State           S.C.
Park, Tenn. with our four children and nine grand-          Edna Grainger Guthrie (1949) recently moved
children. We thank God for our family and that we           back to South Carolina after 35 years in New
are still active.”                                          Jersey. She writes, “I worked for 25 years with the
Mary Elizabeth O’Sullivan (1944) is a retired               Union    County,    N.J.,  Educational    Services
teacher in Savannah, Ga.                                    Commission as a teacher, supervisor, and principal.
                                                            I’m enjoying retirement, especially traveling and
Lois Redford Parrott (1944), retired, writes, “Sadly        family.”
to say I lost my beloved husband on June 10. We
had 51 1/2 years together. Fortunately, I have
the loving support of two daughters, a son, and             1950s
eight grandchildren. The Lord is good to us!”
                                                            Shirley Patton Adams (1950) is retired in Woodruff,
1945 Guy F. Fain, Jr. (1945) and his wife, Naomi            S.C.
Scott Fain (1949), reside in Moore, S.C.
                                                            Henry G. Flynn, Jr. (1950) is enjoying his retire-
Virginia Rushing Boiter (1945) is a part-time               ment in Spartanburg, S.C.
Spartanburg County Librarian.
                                                            Juanita Guthrie Rogers (1950) is a retired teacher
Sue Weathers Shuler (1946) of Holly Hill, S.C. is           and lives in Greer, S.C.
                                                            Helen Gregory Sanders (1950) is living in
Imogene S. Graham (1946) writes, “I would like to           Charleston, S.C. and fully supports the Pioneer
attend Alumni Weekend, but I am down with a bad             Men’s Baseball Team.
                                                            John R. “Pete” Brown (1950) is “totally” retired in
Betty Crocker Shuler (1946) is enjoying life in             Pacolet, S.C.
Holly Hill, S.C. and she is proud to support the
SMC Alumni Challenge. Mary Louise Ross Garner               Betty Angel Ridings        (1950)     has   retired   in
has retired from teaching in Spartanburg County             Spartanburg, S.C.
School District 2.
                                                            E. Lewis Williams (1950) has retired in Columbus, N.C.
J. Fred Lister (1947) of Columbia, S.C. is retired.
                                                            Robert E. Beach (1951) is the owner of Beach
Donald Thompson (1947) is retired in                        Forest Management in Walterboro, S.C.
Hendersonville, N.C.
                                                            Claire Ulmer Weeks (1951) is retired in Graniteville,
Katherine Steppe Hillman (1947) of Mill Spring,             S.C.
N.C. is a retired teacher.
                                                            Walter Wilcox Howle (1951) is a Pharmacist-
Harry H. Foster (1948) is enjoying his retirement           Secretary with Marion Pharmacy, Inc., Marion, N.C.
in Gaffney, S.C.
                                                            Frances Austin Day (1951) is retired in Whitesburg,
George J. Poole (1948) is retired in Duncan, S.C.           Ky.
Peggy J. Dean (1948) has retired from Circleville,          Ray F. Smith (1951) and his wife Nell live in
Oh. City Schools.                                           Greenville, S.C. Ray is now retired.

                                       Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003
Lawrence M. Jamerson (1951) writes, “My wife                 Mary Frances L. Cantrell (1958), retired
Betty V. and I are retired and living in Virginia            Coordinator of Special Reading Programs for
Beach, Va. We look forward to receiving the                  Spartanburg County School District 7, writes, “Bill
Frontiers magazine with its news of the College              and I are still enjoying our retirement—working in
and former classmates.”                                      our church library and with ESL Classes for
                                                             Internal Students, gardening, and reading. Our
Mitchelle Causey Evans (1951) is retired in                  most important and enjoyable commitment is
Asheville, N.C.                                              keeping our only grandchild, Caroline, while her
Doris Brown Bowen (1952) is employed with Bank               parents are teaching. Our son-in-law, Kingsley,
of America in Columbia, S.C.                                 also enjoys coaching the tennis teams at SMC. We
                                                             love living close to SMC so we can continue to
Maxine Fogle Owen (1952) of North, S.C. writes,              watch it GROW. When any of you visit our Alma
“Paul and I lost our nine-year-old grandson, Killian         Mater, please come by to see us. The “WELCOME”
Owen, to leukemia on July 27, 2003. He fought                mat is always out for SMC friends!”
the battle for 3-1/2 years. He was the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Clay Owen of Marietta, Ga. “I have been             James Hugh Fletcher (1958) has retired and lives
in touch with Jeannette Blakely Hatzenbuhler and             in Kershaw, S.C.
James Brantley this year.”                                   Kenneth G. Waddell (1959) is retired                     in
Shirley G. Harris (1954) is retired in Loris, S.C.           Indianapolis, Ind. 1959 Wayne M. Fields
                                                             of Lancaster, S.C. has retired from Springs
Rev. Allen E. (1954) is married to Jean B. Long              Industries.
(Class of ’55) and is retired in Pacolet, S.C.
                                                             Rev. Gary B. Byrd (1959) is minister at Grace UMC
Edith J. Roper (1954) is retired in Matthews, N.C.           in Union, S.C.
with her husband Terry.
Vera Wadrep Langston (1954) of Inman, S.C. has
retired from Mary Black Hospital.                            1960s
Mary Arthur Sims Powers (1954) of Union, S.C.                Philip D. Greer (1960) of Columbia is retired.
has retired.
                                                             Leon Troy Nobles (1960) resides in Graniteville,
Jean B. Long (1955) is married to Rev. Allen E.              S.C. and is Area Superintendent with Aiken School
Long (Class of ’54).                                         District.
Ray Petty(1955) of Hartsville, S.C. has retired.             W. Watkins Martin (1961) of Newberry, S.C. is the
Donald J. Barbare (1955) of Columbia, S.C. is                proud grandfather of Cole Murph Carpenter, born
employed with the S. C. Tax Commission.                      May 29, 2003, to parents Libby       &       Guy
                                                             Carpenter of Wilmington, N.C. Congratulations!
Judy C. Bishop (1955) and her son James C.                   Nat Helms (1961) is retired in Fort Mill, S.C.
Bishop (1990) are joining together in support of
Alumni Challenge VI. Thanks, SMC Mom and Son!                Linda Huggins Garner (1961) of Landrum has a
Carolyn Ferguson Patterson (1955) of Greenwood               new daughter-in-law and another son marrying in
writes a note regarding the Alumni Challenge VI,             August of this year. Congratulations! Linda, a SMC
“Good luck on your competition; I hope you are               Chorus member who fondly remembers those
successful!”                                                 “good ole days” with Dr. Vergene Colloms direct-
                                                             ing the chorus.
Benita Davis Stavely (1956) writes, “The ’56                 William F. Hannon, III (1961) is owner of Able
reunion had activities off campus that should be             Septic Tank Company of Inman, S.C.
written up as we had more attendees than usual.
We had a dessert party and a Sunday brunch                   Rev. David W. Holder (1962) and Madora B. Holder
here.”                                                       (1977) of Spartanburg, S.C. are members of the
Dr. Edgar H. Ellis, Jr. (1956) and his wife Dr.              Family of SMC Alumnus Cliff C. Odom who died in
Charlotte Lindler Ellis presented the College with           August of 2003.
a $10,000 check fromthe sale of Quiche Me                    Bebe Kell Wilson (1962) is Records Secretary for
Loraine, a cookbook in memory of his daughter,               Richland School District 2 in Columbia, S.C.
Loraine, who also attended SMC.
                                                             Rev. Quay W. Adams (1962) was appointed as
Sandra Smith Cribari (1957) is a retired Med-Tech and        District Superintendent of the Anderson UM
Teacher Her husband, Don, is a commercial                    District in June, 2002.
Realtor. They have three children and seven
grandchildren.                                               James O. Clark (1963) is retired in Columbia, S.C.
Marion W. Reid (1957) is retired in Inman, S.C.              Carolyn F. Fowler (1963)is a housewife residing in
                                                             Spartanburg, S.C.
Rev. Roger E. Thompson (1958), retired, and his
wife Roberts Altman Thompson, (1955), of Laurel              Croskeys R. Welch (1963) is enjoying his retire-
Hill, N.C., lost their first daughter in June of 2002        ment in Charleston, S.C.
at age 42. Roger is retired but serving a small              Robert MacInnes (1963) is residing in Charleston, S.C.
UM church in Rockingham, N.C. Our deepest sym-
pathy over their great loss.                                 Steve D. Grissom (1964) retired from DSS,
                                                             Florence, S.C.
Lola M. Coleman (1957) lives in Fries, Va. where
she is truly enjoying retirement.                            Brenda Anne Wilkie Bender Sayyad (1964) is
                                                             retired in Columbia, S.C.

                                     Spartanburg Methodist College
                                                             Thames a year ago, where I bought a flat. I took
Alumni News         (continued)                              early retirement and have been traveling through-
                                                             out Europe.”
 SMC Alum is Dean at                                         Dr. James “Ron” Faulkenberry (1967) and Edwina
                                                             C. Faulkenberry live in Florence, S.C. A professor
 Francis Marion                                              at Francis Marion University, Ron was named Dean
 James Ron Faulkenberry                                      of the School of Education. (see story)
 (1967) of Florence has
 been appointed dean of                                      W. Buren Martin (1967) is owner of Southeastern
 the School of Education at                                  Theatrical Productions and resides in Brunson, S.C.
 Francis Marion University.                                  Jimmy C. Graham (1967) said in response to a
 As dean, Faulkenberry will                                  conversation with Sterling Case, “It was good to
 oversee     undergraduate                                   speak with you today. Old memories came to
 and graduate academic                                       mind that brought back some great times. I look
 programs        in     Early                                forward to staying in touch.”
 Childhood        Education,                                 George H. Henry (1967) is President of United
 Elementary Education and                                    Resource Plastics of Elgin, S.C.
 Secondary Education.
 "I look forward to the tremendous challenge posed           Roger Ezell (1968) is self-employed and lives in
 by this position. I hope my 34 years in public edu-         Marshall, N.C. with his wife Cheryl.
 cation has prepared me for this      challenge,"            Gene F. Moore (1969) is employed with Tyco
 says Dr. Faulkenberry.                                      Electronics in Shelby, N.C.
 A member of the FMU faculty since 1974,                     Evelyn Wall-Jolley (1969) retired after 30 years as
 Faulkenberry holds the title of professor of health         a special education teacher in Spartanburg District
 education, and he has served as coordinator of              3. She writes that she is spending “golden” time
 FMU's health program. He received the 2002                  with her four beautiful grandchildren.
 Honor Award from the S.C. Alliance of Health,
 Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, and he            E. Michael Dills (1969) resides in Rock Hill, S.C. and is
 has twice received the Outstanding Contribution             proud to support Alumni Challenge VI.
 to Health Education Award from the S.C.
 Association for the Advancement of Health
 Education.                                                  1970s
 Faulkenberry has been a member of SCAHPERD                  John Keith Smith (1970) is an account manager
 since 1968 and is also a member of several other            with the Colonial Life & Accident Insurance
 health education organizations. He is a certified           Co. of Columbia, S.C.
 health education specialist and has served as a
 consultant to several area school districts.                Ronald A. Henderson (1970) of Lyman, S.C. is
 Faulkenberry attended Spartanburg Junior College            employed with Springs Industries.
 before earning bachelor's, master's and doctoral            Janice Bradley Trantham (1970) is employed with
 degrees at the University of South Carolina.                Roger Grant Realty in Asheville, N.C.
 He has contributed to the literature in the field of
 health, physical education, recreation and dance            Dr. David B. Stout (1970) of Chapin, S.C. is GED
 through numerous articles in journals such as the           Administrator for the SC Dept. of Education.
 Journal of South Carolina Medical Association, the            .
                                                             Dr E. L. Tate (1971) is a dentist in Spartanburg, S.C.
 Journal of School Health and the South Carolina
 Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation           Mike O’Shields (1971) of Landrum, S.C. is retired
 and Dance. He also has conducted numerous                   and a sales representative.
 regional and national scholarly presentations.              Lynn George Addy (1971) is living in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
                                                             Evelyn Davis Shuler (1972) is a third-grade
Karen Gowan Nicholls (1964) is Chief Domestic                teacher at Clarendon School District One in
Engineer with Homemaker. She lives in                        Summerton, S.C.
Spartanburg, S.C.                                            Chaplain Thomas A. Kruchkow (1973) is Chaplain
Patricia M. Byrd (1964) lives in Pawleys Island,             Retired Pastor, and a teacher with N.C. Dept. of
S.C., where she is employed with the Georgetown              Corrections. He was recently recognized with an
Fire Dept. as Administrative Assistant.                      engraved plaque for his 25 years of faithful service
                                                             to the United Church of Christ.
William S. Moore (1965), SMC Board of Trustee
member, lost his father, Joseph D. Moore, on                 Avanelle G. Gaunce (1974) of Pauline, S.C. has
February 27, 2003. Our sympathy to Bill and his              retired from his teaching position with the Union
family.                                                      County, S.C. Schools. He was enrolled in Saturday
                                                             and Tuesday classes at SMC to get his third year of
James B. Huggins, II (1965) of Camden, S.C. has              college courses and received a EDS from
retired from Duke Power Co.                                  Winthrop and Bachelors from Limestone.
Kris Dixon (1966) is a retired educator living in            C. Wayne Yarborough (1974) is Branch Manager
Sumter, S.C.                                                 of Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union
                                                             of West Columbia, S.C.
William Ivey (1966) writes, “I moved to the
southwest London borough of Kingston-Upon-                   Robert J. Howard (1974) is retired and enjoying

                                          Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003
life with his wife Margaret in Greer, S.C.                         April Haimbaugh Cooke (1987) of Rock Hill, S.C. is
                                                                   owner of Pal’s Printing & Embroidery, Inc.
Brenda P. Foster (1974) is a secretary with the
District 4 Schools, Enoree, S.C.                                   Candace Pettis Holmes (1987) and her husband
                                                                   Robert Lee, Jr. reside in North Charleston,
Jamie H. McFadden (1975) of Greenville, S.C. is                    S.C. They have 3 daughters; Nyemia, 8, Olympia,
employed with the Service Transport, Inc. (STI).                   6, Rebekah, 7 months; and a son, Deondre, 15.
Billy Johnson (1975) is a Consultant with C.N.A.                   Candace is a safety officer with the City of
in Naperville, Ill.                                                Charleston.
Mary Lemke Kimmons (1976) and Martin Kimmons                       Wright J. Gaines (1988) of Inman, S.C. is owner of
(1970) own and drive their own truck. They have trav-              The Inman Agency, a real estate/insur-
eled to 41 states in their “Big Rig”.                              ance business.
Rev. Joe L. Blackwelder (1976) and his wife,                       Carolyn Broome Sparks (1988) was recently pro-
Deanne Spake Blackwelder (1984), live in                           moted to Assistant Dean of Financial Aid. She
Prosperity, S.C.                                                   has been employed with SMC since 1991 and
                                                                   strongly suspects her daughter, Creighton, is a
Ricky A. McAbee (1976) is proud to support the                     future Pioneer as well!
SMC Alumni Challenge. Ricky works with
Roebuck Nurseries in Roebuck, S.C.
Debby Cooper Henderson (1977) is a teacher                         1990s
assistant/interpreter with the S. C. School
for the Deaf and Blind, Spartanburg, S.C.                          James C. Bishop (1990) works with First National
                                                                   Financial Title Services in Spartanburg, S.C.
Debbie B. Austin (1977) is a Teacher with the Union
Methodist Preschool in Columbia, S.C.                              Stephen Ray Streett (1991) graduated from
                                                                   Erskine Seminary 2002 and is a Pastor at
Stephen Eric Lowman (1979) and his wife Jan live                   Dunwoody Methodist Church in Dunwoody, Ga. He
in Beaufort, S.C., where he is City Executive, Sr.                 was Youth Minister and Associate Pastor at
Vice President of BB&T.                                            Covenant UM Church in Greer, S.C. for eight
Mark Goss (1979) is owner of Goss Insurance                        years.
Agency in York, S.C.                                               Leon Toby Myers (1992) of Sumter, S.C. works
                                                                   with WBTW News-13 in Florence, S.C.
                                                                   Jerry C. Smith is (1994) Vice President of BB&T
1980s                                                              Insurance Services. He lives in Roebuck, S.C.
Kim Caldwell Makison (1980) is a CSRIII with                       Wells Shepard (1995) was named by Spartanburg
Piedmont Natural Gas Co., Inc. in Greenville, S.C.                 Methodist College as the Director of Admissions.
Janet Y. Johnson (1980) was excited for our                        Doug Bouknight (1996) and his wife Elizabeth live
Pioneers Men’s Baseball and all our sports teams                   in Lexington, S.C. where Doug is a computer spe-
when she wrote a note along with her recent                        cialist with U. S. Dept. of Housing and Urban
contribution to the College, “WAY TO GO SMC                        Development.
Tamara Barnett (1982) is currently an RN at
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. She                           Marriages
donates funds to SMC through the United Way of                     Chaplain (Col) F. Vernon Chandler (1972) of the
the Piedmont.                                                      U.S. Army and Nataliya of Simferopol, Crimea
Mary A. Sczechowicz (1982) of Spartanburg, S.C. is the             married December 15, 2002 and are currently
Financial Secretary of St. James UMC.                              residing for a one-year tour of military duty in
                                                                   Heildeberg, Germany. Beth Harris Veyber (1994)
Denise Asson Clark (1983) is a school secretary with               married Mikhail Veyber on Marsh 17, 2002. She is
Chandler Creek Elementary School writes, “I’m married              Management Analyst with BAE Systems in
with one son, 10 yrs. old, and reside in the Paris Mountain        Charleston, S.C. Heather McKinney (1998) and
area.”                                                             Josh Waldrep were married in April 2003. She is a
Annirene Childers Caune (1984) is a Realtor with                   reception therapist with Spartanburg Hospital for
Allen Tate Co. in Charlotte, N.C.                                  Restorative Care.
Charles E. “Eddie” Edge (1985) is a                                Tiffany Harmon (1998)
Major/Specialist Agent with the United States                      Births
Army in Bolling AFB, Washington, D.C.
                                                                   Danny (1963) and Gaye Fowler (1962) Broome are
Cynthia P Edge (1985) of Lyman has two daughters and               the proud grandparents of granddaughter,
teaches gifted and talented fourth-, fifth, and sixth-             Creighton and grandson, Tyler. Creighton is the
graders in Spartanburg School District 7.                          daughter of Carolyn Broome Sparks (1988) and
W. Brown Simpson, Jr. (1986) is married to the                     Tyler is the son of Charlene Broome Medford
former Kimberley Paul. They have two daughters,                    (1994).
Allison Hannah, 7, and Margaret, 5. He is employed                 Autume Kirby Relich (1988) and husband Mark
with the Rock Hill Area YMCA, Chester County                       gave birth to Nicholas Alexander on August 26,
Branch, S.C.                                                       2002.

                                            Spartanburg Methodist College
                                                               Alcoa lends a hand during
SMC officials aren’t the only ones who think send-                   Alcoa volunteer and SMC alumnae Rebecca Brown
ing new students out into the community for serv-                    (left) assists a student at the Una Habitat house.
ice projects is a good idea.
This year, Freshmen Day of Service got a welcome
boost from corporate neighbor Alcoa. A group of 15
Alcoa employees and their families worked along-
side SMC students and faculty sprucing up play-
grounds, painting walls, sorting clothes, and organ-
ized food pantries.
  Alcoa also helped out financially with a $3,000
Action (Alcoans Coming Together In Our
Neighborhoods) grant, which helped pay the costs
of feeding and transporting students that day.
“Alcoa’s investment of ‘sweat equity’ and their gen-
erous gift of $3,000 to support our Student Activity                mission of the Alcoa Foundation: to enhance the quality of
programs is indicative of their strong commitment                   life in communities where their plants are located. Culp said
of service to others,” SMC President, Dr.                           employees volunteer at projects within a 50-mile radius of
CharlesTeague noted. Teague believes this year’s                    their Spartanburg County plant.
Freshmen Day of Service was greatly enriched by
the participation of the Alcoa volunteers.
                                                                    Day of Service (cont’d. from p. 12
“Truly this was an outstanding partnership between
the Alcoa Foundation and Spartanburg Methodist                      “would not have happened without a great team of
College as together we addressed many of the                        folks helping out.” She also recognized area busi-
needs in our community,” Teague added. Alcoa                        nesses such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Bojangles for
Events and Community Relations Manager Corie                        their role in providing refreshments.
Culp explained that the volunteers carried out a key

                                                                    died 05/29/02. Cecil E. Swain (1949) died May 8,
Alumni News             (continued)                                 2003. SMC’s prayers and sympathy to his wife
                                                                    Mary Gibson Swain, their three sons, John, Cecil,
Betsy Blair Trout Kneisley (1996) and husband                       David, Edwin, and Brent, five grandchildren, and
Matthew have a baby daughter, Carson Elaine—                        his brother Arthur Lee.
born April 26, 2003. Lanie (Class of ’67) and                       Robert B. Barnwell (1955), died September 17,
Jimmy Trout (Class of ’66) are the proud grand-                     2002.   Our deepest sympathy to Betty Atkins
parents. Welcome to the SMC family, Carson                          Barnwell in the loss of her husband.
                                                                    Merle Stockman Whalen (1956) died March 8,
                                                                    2003. Our sympathy to her husband, Michael
Deaths                                                              Bernard, her son and daughter-in-law Wesley and
                                                                    Susan Whalen of Taylors, S.C. her daughter and
Nellie Lister White (1938) died from kidney failure                 son-in-law Lori and Randall Leathers of
and a heart attack on July 24, 2003. Esma Lister                    Williamston, S.C., her sister Sharon Stockman
wrote, “I am Nellie White’s sister and I need to let                Jones of Lyman, S.C., and two grandsons Tyler and
you know that Nellie White died July 24. She had                    Chase Whalen. She also had a brother who prede-
a long battle with heart attack and kidney failure.                 ceased her, Leon Stockman.
Would you please pass this word on to her friends                   Robert Gist (Bob) Bolick (1963) died June 8, 2003.
and classmates, also Ella Rose Lee. I have moved                    Our sympathy to his wife Sarah Louise, his sons,
to College Walk, Apt. 73. After two weeks I will                    Henry P. (Pete) Bolick III and Robert Edward Bolick,
be in Apt. 263, if you need to get in touch with                    his sister Judith Ann Sparks and his two grandchil-
me. phone: (828) 884-9667.”                                         dren.
Ray Henderson Walton (1941) died on June 1,                         Charles “Chuck” L. Wiard (1969) of Centerburg,
2003. Our deepest sympathy to his wife, Mae                         Ohio, died on November 18, 2002. He is survived
Parker Walton, his daughter, Libby Merritt, and                     by his wife, May and children, Ann, Ashley, and
husband David, his brother Waburn, his sisters                      Martin.
Pearl Hickman and Nell Bessent, and his grand-
daughter Laren Elizabeth Merritt. Our prayers for                   Steve Coggins (1974) died on July 8, 2003. Steve
and sympathy to the family of Mason McNinch                         was runner-up of the Spartanburg County Amateur
(1941) at his death.                                                Golf Tournament in 1974. Our deepest sympathy
John Davis, husband of Lucy Tedder Davis (1941)                     to his family, especially his sister, Terri Fuller of

   If you have a story that you would like to share about your time spent at Spartanburg Methodist College, contact Ed Welch at
           welche@smcsc.edu or 864-587-4254. Maybe your story will be the next one shared in the alumni magazine.
                                  Frontiers Magazine - Fall 2003
  Freshmen Day of Service                                    2003-2004 Events at SMC
                                                        DISCOVERY DAY
                                                        Nov. 1 — SMC campus

                                                        GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE
                                                        — SMC Players
                                                        Nov. 6,7,8 — 7:30 pm, Camak Auditorium

                                                        MARK TWAIN — George Frein
                                                        Nov. 10 — 11:00 am, Camak Auditorium
                                                        THANKSGIVING SERVICE
                                                        Nov. 19 — 11:00 am, Camak Auditorium

                                                        HANGING OF THE GREENS
                                                        Dec. 1 — 7:30 pm, Camak Auditorium

                                                        DISCOVERY DAY
                                                        Jan. 19 — SMC campus

                                                        80s ROCK: MUSIC IN THE VIDEO AGE
                                                        — Barry Drake
Corie Culp (center) volunteer coordinator for           Jan. 27 — 7:30 pm, Camak Auditorium
Alcoa, presents a check from the Alcoa
Foundation to SMC President, Dr. Charles Teague         SOUTHERN VOICES: BLACK, WHITE & BLUES
(right) and Don Tate (left), Director of                — Scott Ainslie & Glenis Redmond
                                                        Feb. 9 — 11:00 am, Camak Auditorium
Development and Church Solicitations. The
$3,000 ACTION (Alcoans Coming Together In Our           FACULTY RECITAL
Neighborhoods) grant will help cover expenses           — Susan M. West & Miranda G.S. DiMarco
related to Freshmen Day of Service, which took          Mar. 2 — 7:30 pm, Camak Auditorium
place Aug. 23. Below: Alcoa volunteers and their
families ready for a day of service.                    SMC PLAYERS (TBA)
                                                        Mar 25-27 — 7:30 pm, Camak Auditorium

                                                        FAITH & PUBLIC POLICY SYMPOSIUM
                                                        Apr. 1 — TBA

                                                        FACULTY SHOWCASE
                                                        Apr. 2 — 11 am, Davis Mission Chapel

                                                        SPRING CONCERT
                                                        Apr. 22 — 7:30 pm, Camak Auditorium

                                                        FINE ARTS NIGHT
                                                        Apr. 27 — 7:30 pm, Davis Mission Chapel

                                                        May 8 — 10:30 am, Camak Auditorium

                                                                          SMC has joined forces with
                                                                          the city of Spartanburg and
     GRADUATION 2003                                                      five other Spartanburg
                                                                          Colleges for the College Town
                                                                          initiative. The purpose of
                                                                          College Town is to develop a
                                                                          positive national image and
                                                                          reputation for the six colleges
                                                                          of Spartanburg and to pro-
                                                                          mote Spartanburg as a
                                                                          college town.
                                                                          The initiative was announced
                                                                          by Spartanburg Mayor Bill
                                                                          Barnet and college presidents
               Left: Dr. James E. Bostic, hus-
                                                    Oct. 15. College Fest, Oct. 25 at Barnet Park was
               band of SMC Trustee Edie Bostic,
                                                    the first College Town event held. College Fest fea-
               gave a challenging address to
                                                    tured live bands, games and refreshments for stu-
               2003 graduates during com-
                                                    dents. Other activities include a Student
               mencement exercises May 10 at
                                                    Government Association (SGA) summit. Details
               SMC. Above: Graduates line up
                                                    can be found on-line at collegetownsc.org.
               outside Camak Auditorium in
               anticipation of their big moment.
                                This Fall the Spartanburg Methodist College Singers presented “Hearts
                                                                         Rejoicing, a Hymn Festival.”
                                                                             Performances took place at
                                                                                      SMC and across the

                             Discovery Day at SMC
Do you have someone in mind that you would like to refer to your alma mater? If so, contact the Admissions
Office at Spartanburg Methodist College at 864-587-4213, 800-772-7286 or email admiss@smcsc.edu. We
will be glad to send them information about SMC and schedule a time to tour the campus. Make sure you
mention our Discovery Days to prospective students and invite them to come and enjoy the campus while
meeting the faculty, staff and students of the College.

                       November 1, 2003 | January 19, 2004 | March 27, 2004

                    Be sure to check our website for additional information: www.smcsc.edu

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