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									Associated Student Government


Sacramento City College


September 29th , 2010

   I. Organizational Items

                1.1)      Call to Order 12:01p.m.

                1.2)      Roll Call

                          Vice President Turner, Treasuer O’Keefe, Secretary Gardner, ICC

                          Carter, Leg Affairs Moody, Student Affiars Ragudo, Environmental

                          Affairs Simonson

                    SENATORS- Pro Teme Dixon, Ashcraft, Cofield, Dhesi, Horne,      Lara,

                    Peterson, Ramierez, vea, Williams, Prasad, miller

                    Excused- President Worley, Chief Justice Del Toro, Public Relations

                    Snuggs, Tecnology Openshaw

                    Guests: Steven Ward, Vincent Fernandez, Zack Schmitz, Bill Foster

                1.3) Approval of Agenda: Motion by Dixon, 2nd by Moody

                1.4) Approval of Minutes: Motion by Dixon, 2nd by Horne

                1.5) Appointments and Removals

                             Appoint Simonsen as Non- Voting Delegate (Approved)

                             Moody is our Voting delegate
II. Discusion Items

            2.1) Systemic Failure: Financial Aid at SCC-Frankeda Moore

                         Carter- Table for future date when she is here

                         Lara- was in line and 5 people said it was slow because it is

            only 2 people there to help.

                         -To here and see people wait and looking @ the lines it was


                         -Used vulgarity, talk to Finacial Aid Dean

                         Turner- has info so wait till end of meeting

                         Carter- waited to get it , has limited access, was not worried

            about grants but worried about loans.

                         Horne- “For people who have disibilities like myself” it is hard

            to wait in line because of certain things

                         Miller- Financial Aid office and on campus all they get are

            stories, lying, being hung up on when called or get a busy signal.

                         Snuggs- Rally to protest, level of anxiety, campus depression,

            Finacial Aid, there has been stabbing, murder, abuse we need to handle

            the situations without getting backlashed, there is turmoil, we need to


                         Dixon- commended Snuggs, we have a rally the 7th there will

            be music where we will be addressing issues

            Cofield-Letter and draft

            Turner- 85% increase in Financial Aid and there is and understanding.
   2.2)   Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Ad hoc appointment

          -appoint simonson as Ad Hoc committee chair

          Beyrer- inviting political science, current rules, hand in hand, bylaws get


   2.3)   Leadership Confrences/ Application Process

          * up to Renee Table to pass Motion by Dixon 2nd by Moody

          Ragudo- Met with Mitch Cambell

                    Meet with kim on Wednesdays

                    Who will sing National Anthem???

          Turner- We need to get the word out about events

          Carter- ICC is separate Motion by Carter

                                       2nd by Dixon

   2.4) Homecoming/ Student Affiairs Update

          Ragudo-Gardner is helping with homecoming (flyers, banners, and helps me

          with agenda)

III. Action Items

             3.1) Roberts Rules NTE $300.00

          Prasad- Describe and have speaker on the Parliamentary Procedure

          Beyrer- In depth procedure

                          **October 8th 1-3 SAVE THE DATE

                          *LR 105 registered parlimentariasm

                          charge fee to come, money thrown in NTE $300.00

          Ragudo- is it mandatory???
       Beyrer- No, $75 traveling fee

           3.2) Civility band NTE $200.00

                    Dixon- Talked to Pointdexter

                    Turner- SCC ASG snap for civility and we need to get money in

                    order to pass

                    Snuggs- Send e-mail and stand behind the e-mails

                                    Mutual respect, give positive goal, nessecary


                    Turner- To get started so that we can match funds. NTE

                    $200.00, give away

                    Horne- Black on bands Color we don’t know yet

                    Beyrer- Additional Information, get before approval

                                    When you vote –Motion Yes

                                    If you don’t have enough information on

                    something Vote No (different motions)

                    Dixon- ASG has final say in amending to conclude

                    Ragudo- Opprotunity for ASG to ut their opinions in

                    Turner- Represent students

                    Carter- Concern come up with ideas more or less support .

                    Lawerence- Board is split, if majority then go for it. Some

                    people get left out if passed.

IV.)   Adjournment

       4.1)   Public Forum
       Reed- getting money was very nice but offeneded

              Carwash- Fruitridge and Ethel

              *Bricks are legal issue?

              *ASG can not fundraise for personal issues

4.2)   Future Agenda Items

       Rebecca Alanza CA Department of Insurance program lose, low

cost insurance, Gave out flyer

4.3) Adjournment @ 1:15

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