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Raising Up Esther Workshop


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									Nurturing the Nations
Reclaiming the Dignity of Women for
  the Building of Healthy Cultures

  God’s Maternal Heart
          Part 3

 7 The Bible
 8 The Trinity
 9 Servanthood
 10 The Transcendence of Sexuality
 11 God’s Maternal Heart
   Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem!

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and
stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to
gather your children together, as a hen gathers her
chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.
          God The Father
• Paternal Heart
• Maternal Heart
  Rembrandt's The Return of the
      Prodigal Son (1669)
• What do you see in
  this picture?
• Note the hands!
          Metaphor or Simile

• Metaphor                • Simile
• A metaphor states       • A simile compares
  that the whole of one     part of one thing to
  thing is the same as      another
  the whole of another
• God is a mother         • God is like a mother
       God is like:
•   A woman giving birth
•   A nursing mother
•   A mother hen
•   A mother eagle
             John Piper

“All things exist to
something about
God’s infinite
          The Female Body
• Was made for a purpose: to
  compassionate, to nurture and to protect.
• The concrete reality of the female body
  reveals, to all who will see, the abstract
  nature of God’s compassion, nurture and
• A woman’s body is not merely functional,
  it also has a transcendent purpose of
  pointing us to the maternal heart of God.
Having A Mother

        At its most
        rudimentary level,
        one of the most
        denominators to
        being a human is to
        have a mother.
         Each Human Being
• Was carried inside of
  a woman, in a womb.
• Most received their
  first nurture at a
  mother’s breast.
• Was held in a
  mother’s arms.
    Three Powerful Similes
• Womb-Love – God’s Compassion
• Nurturing Breasts – God’s Sufficiency
• Mother’s Arms (Sheltering Wings) – God’s
  Womb Love:
God’s Compassion
           God’s Name
“The LORD, the LORD, the
 compassionate and gracious God, slow
 to anger, abounding in love and
 faithfulness, maintaining love to
 thousands, and forgiving wickedness,
 rebellion and sin….”
              Exodus 34:6-7
           Hebrew - racham
• Derived from Hebrew
  word meaning: to
  love, to love deeply,
  have mercy, be
  compassionate, have
  tender affection, and
  have compassion.
• Translated
  – Mercy 30 times
  – Compassion 4 times
  – Womb 4 times
         The King’s Dilemma
           1 Kings 3:16-28
• What is the setting?
• What is the dilemma that Solomon faced?
• How did he determine which woman was
  the real mother?
• What did this test reveal?
Womb Love
     The woman whose
     son was alive was
     filled with compassion
     for her son and said
     to the king, “Please,
     my lord, give her the
     living baby! Don’t kill
Nurturing Breasts:
God’s Sufficiency
      El Shaddai

• The All Sufficient
• The Satisfier
• The Almighty
God is Like a Nursing Mother
 • Read: Numbers 11:12; Isaiah
   49:13-15; Isaiah 66:10-13
 • Questions:
   – What do these reveal about God?
   – What do they reveal about a
         Hebrew – El Shaddai
•   Name of God
•   Shaddai is found 48 times in O.T.
•   From root shad: breast or bosom
•   When combined with El – God, it means:
    – One Who Nourishes
    – One Who Supplies
    – One Who Satisfies
           Dr. R.C. Sproul
“Some scholars argue that the Semitic,
 linguistic root of the divine title El Shaddai
 referred to the “multibreasted one,” the
 one who provides the nation with succor
 and nourishment.”
         Made for Relationship
        Maternal Infant Bonding

• “Latching” – skin to
  skin contact
• The eyes – soul to
  soul contact
  Beauty and Function

Telenomy: a female
breast, in beauty and
function reveals
something of God’s
Infinite Perfection
• What does this reveal about women?
• What does this reveal about God?
• What are the implications of the maternal-
  infant bond before and after birth for the
  external environment for the mother?
Marilyn’s Story
 Mother’s Arms
God’s Protection
God Is Our Refuge and Protector
                        Psalm 91:1-2
                He who dwells in the
                   shelter of the Most
                   High will rest in the
                   shadow of the
                I will say of the LORD,
                   “He is my refuge and
                   my fortress, my God,
                   in whom I trust.”
            Hebrew - rachaph
• Meaning: to brood, to
  flutter, to move
• The concept:
  – As a hen over her
    chick to warm and
  – To sit over, cover and
  – To mature anything
    with care
    The Shadow of Thy Wing
    SET ONE             SET TWO

•   Psalm 17: 6-9   •   Ruth 2:11-12
•   Psalm 36: 5-9   •   Ruth 3: 9
•   Psalm 57: 1     •   Isaiah 31: 5
•   Psalm 61: 1-4   •   Matthew 23: 37
•   Psalm 63: 7-8
•   Psalm 91: 1-4
              Scars of Love
              Rebekah Holsapple

If a man came to me and said, “I am your
   Christ,” I would ask him to show me his
   hands. I know my Christ by the love which
   defines His character–the love that gave
   him the strength and desire to give His life
   in exchange for mine.
“There is no greater love than this–that a
   man lay down his life for his friend.”
           Scars of Love
           Rebekah Holsapple

I have never seen Jesus, but He knew me
and loved me even before I was born. He
gave me life, and when my own sin
threatened that life, He died on the cross
to save it, and no mark was left on me.
When I see Him, I will know Him by the
scars that bear witness to the
unfathomable magnitude of His love for
             Scars of Love
             Rebekah Holsapple

I know my mother by the love which defines
   her character–the love that gave her the
   strength and desire to offer her life in
   exchange for mine.
“There is no greater love than this–that a
   man lay down his life for his friend.”
               Scars of Love
               Rebekah Holsapple
My mother knew me and loved me even before I
  was born; she gave me life. When I was a baby,
  twelve stone steps threatened that life, but she
  held me so tight and close that every cut and
  bruise fell on her own body, and no mark was
  left on me.
So mother, if when I get to heaven I don’t
  recognize you, show me the scars on your arms
  that bear witness to the unfathomable
  magnitude of your love for me.

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