Organization The hostess packet contains confirmation

					                                                   20/20 VISION CHECKLIST

   1.   Pray daily for determination to complete, stamina, cooperation of family, for each hostess, new leads, a positive attitude, and
        the Prayer of Jabez.

   2.   Communicate your goal with family for support – solicit their help if possible – short term sacrifice worth it – How will you
        spend your profit? Plan your meals & freeze if possible.

   3.   Have adequate inventory (especially in basic skin care, satin hands & lips)

   4.   Schedule phone time every day this week to book your first 25 classes.

   5.   Have a list of names to contact – who are your potential hostesses – EVERYONE – at least 50 names

   6.   Decide what you are offering: $75 for $25, $100 Hostess basket for grand prize; percentage of proceeds to what charity,
        brunch in about 40 days to honor hostesses, do marketing and do grand prize drawing (all guests present will receive a small
        gift) It’s best if you can put all of this on one flier.

   7.   Have your script ready and rehearsed. Be prepared to overcome objections.

   8.   Make up 25-35 hostess packets (hostess flier and/or letter, invitation to brunch, Beauty Books/Look Books, Mary Kay Ash
        Charitable Foundation brochure)

   9.   Make up 60 guest packets (beauty book, sales ticket, profile, applicators)

   10. Make up 30 recruiting packets (agreement, something more brochure – possibly video or cassette)

   11. Have a spiral notebook or 3 ring binder to keep all information regarding hostesses and sales records.

                                                       20/20 Organization

The hostess packet contains:
     A confirmation letter with date, time, directions (if applicable), guest list, outside order sheet
     Hostess Incentive - 75/25 Coupon
     Look Book or current Beauty Book
     Charitable Foundation information note
     Business Cards
     WEB site sheet

The class set-up sheet protector contains: (prepare one for each customer)
       Tic Tac Toe Sheet (referral game)
       WEB site sheet
       Opinion Poll/Sets Close flyer (unless you use a placemat)
       Customer profile
       Business cards
       Sales ticket

The snack-size baggie for the class demo’s contains: (it is possible that you could put these in the sheet
protector as well to have less to organize)
       1 or 2 cotton balls*
       1 sponge tip applicator
       1 mascara wand*
       1 Hershey’s kiss

*If you want to book them at another session for their “colors”, you will only need one cotton ball for the blush
(the 2nd cotton ball is for Oil-Free Eye Make-up remover) and you will not need a mascara wand.
                                            20/20 AGENDA

Introduction: The reason all of us want to do 20/20

Pray for: Determination to complete
                Stamina (fatigue)
                Cooperation of family
                For each hostess
                A positive Attitude
                Prayer of Jabez (our Unit’s theme)

Inventory (I moved $4,000 worth of products)

Potential Hostesses – Hostess credit (75/25, $100 Basket, donation to MKACF)

Accurate Records: Hostesses, sales, basics, bookings, interviews (opinion poll)


Organization:     Hostess Packets
                  Vinyl protectors for class “paperwork”
                  Class demos in Baggies
                  Skin Care Class/Spa Class

Hostess Brunch/Marketing
                -Post card invitation
                -Prizes for hostesses
                -MKACF donation – show them the money order
                -Thank you letter
                                                  20-20 Information

Who are my potential hostess?          Preferred Customer List
Have a list of 30-40 names             Any groups, clubs or organization you are in.
and add to it as needed!               Neighbors (they may not even know you’re a consultant
                                       Church friends/Mom’s groups
                                       Children’s friends mom’s – sport teams
Book 25 classes in order to            Doctor, Dentist or Eye Doctor staff
assure having 20 hold. Book            Shoe Repair Shop, Garden Shop
from each class held – fill the        Babysitter
1st 2 weeks first then fill the last   Gym or Swim Teacher
2 weeks as you go.                     Photography Studio
                                       PTO members
# the class on your date book          Any woman who smiles at you and makes eye contact!

What can I offer my hostesses?         75/25 coupon, plus 10% profit from each class
                                       Plus $’s from each Satin Hands, plus $100 Hostess Basket.

TRUNK SHOWS                            75/25 coupon, 10% to Red Cross/Firefighters Fund
                                       1 entry – holding the class on original date & $100 sales
                                       2 entries – each booking
                                       3 entries – for listening to marketing

ROSES SKIN CARE                        Color Compact
                                       $5 gift certificate
                                       Cosmetic Bag

CARNATIONS FOR NAILS                   4 way Buffer
                                       Nail enamel remover
                                       Nail enamel

Keep Accurate Records                  Paper clip the sales receipts from each class together with hostess
                                       name on top
                                       After each class – record the basic sets you’ve sold.
                                       Put all new customers on your preferred customer mailing list

Get your inventory to a level you are going to need!

TimeWise, Velocity (will need 20 sets)
Satin Hands, Satin Lips, Spa Sets, Pedicure set
Powder, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, nail colors
Buffing cream
Extra Emollient Night Cream
Shopping Bags, Vinyl Bags,
Sales Tickets
Beauty Books
                               Helpful Hints for Successful Completion of 20/20

First of all book the following: EVERY woman you can think of!!! You will want to call each potential hostess
and tell them what you are doing (your goal); why you are doing it (I am telling my customers that I am making a
donation to the MKACF; and what is in it for them. I am giving them $50 of FREE products, and a chance to
win a $100 Basket of Mary Kay products.

Remember to solicit the help of your family. If they know what your goal is and they are willing to help you,
your chances of success increase by 50%! They will need to realize you may be having lots of sandwiches or
pizza for dinner, or maybe Dad will help take over kitchen chores for a few weeks. They also need to know you
may miss a few ball games or swim events, but it is only temporary…till your 30 days are completed! Your kids
can help by filling baggies for class supplies and hostess envelopes. Teach them how to answer the phone and
door properly (politely) and to take accurate messages for you. Let them help as much as they are willing…then
at the end of your month, reward them with something special (like a weekend trip, a movie an overnight party
with their friends, etc.)

One of the most important things to remember is that you can never be TOO organize! You need to get on the
phone and book 24 classes. Remember, life “happens” and SOME of your hostesses may have to cancel or
postpone! Be creative, do different classes so the same hostess may book more than one class(skin care, hand
and nails, Spa). Try to have at least 6 people at every class…that way you are really only holding 10 sessions
instead of 20! Have your table for your classes always set up and ready for classes. Keep mirrors and trays
clean, the room tidy, and yourself dressed professionally. I offer something to drink and if the hostess cares to,
she may bring some finger type of food for her guests. If you are holding your classes at the hostesses home,
have your Go-Kit always ready, your Miracle Sets packaged together, and your products in containers that are
portable and easy to reload (Rubbermaid containers, laundry baskets, tackle boxes, etc.)

Attitude is the main thing that will get you through!!!! Have a positive attitude at all times! Tell yourself,
“this is my goal, and I WILL do it!” Pull out all the stops…never give up! You will have time to rest when you
are done (and you will feel SO good knowing you have accomplished something that you have S-T-R-E-T-C-H-
E-D to do!).
Choose the script you are most comfortable with:

                                                    20/20 Booking Script

Hi ___, this is ___with Mary Kay, do you have a quick minute? I have a HUGE goal for the month of
_________, can I tell you about it? I’m doing 20 classes in thirty days. Because my goal is so HUGE, I’m
giving away a lot of free product. If you’ll just ask two or three friends to join you at my house to play with
makeup (pause) sometime in the next week or two, and you have a $100 in sales, which is very easy, then, for
$25 plus tax, you’ll walk out with $75 in product. That’s $50 in free product to get whatever you want. You’ll
also be entered into a drawing with my other hostesses for a basket filled with $100 in Mary Kay product. I’m
also donating a portion of my proceeds to the ______. Would you be willing to set aside a couple of hours in the
next week or two to get pampered and help me with this goal? (Set appointment) Would you and your guests
enjoy doing a product demonstration such as skin care, body care or a manicure OR would you prefer a “show &
tell” demonstration where I tell them about the different products and they can select what they want? ______
Do your hands ever get dry? (Yes) I know what you mean. If you’ll call me with the names and numbers of your
confirmed guests by _____(2-4 days) I’ll give you a travel-sized satin hands at your class. You’re going to love
it, it’s an awesome hand treatment. I know I talk fast so I’ll send you a little information about what I told you
today so you don’t have to remember everything. Thanks so much for your help with my goal, it really means a
lot. We are going to have a great time! See you the _____.

                                                            20/20 SCRIPT

Hi __________, this is _____________ and I am calling 20 of my best Mary Kay customers and that includes you! Do you have a
minute? I am undertaking a BIG Mary Kay challenge during the month of ________ - it is called 20/20 and it means I will be holding
20 classes in 30 days!

I have everything in place and all the details figured out – NOW and this is where friends like you come in – I am looking for 20 of my
best customers to help me out by asking 5 of your friends to join you at my home for 2 hours of fun and relaxation. I have to complete
this challenge by _______. BUT, as a hostess you have to like getting free stuff (replace you TimeWise Set free or get the Day/Night
     - 75/25, $100 Basket, company donation
     - plus a Hostess Brunch on ___________ for the drawing

Can I ask you to help me out with my huge goal? Which is better for you __________ or __________?

Excuses: (be prepared)
            – I am too busy – I am working in subs at least one day of the week
            – Don’t know enough people – Longaberger, Pampered Chef, Creative Memories
                       Candle Light – can find 8-10 women with no problem. Just ask them! I know they will love being
                                                     YOU’RE INVITED…

Need a vacation but just can’t get away? Need to relax, rejuvenate and indulge your senses? Would you love to
be pampered and spend some time with some of your girlfriends? Then you definitely want to join me for a few
hours of fun and relaxation!

                                                 DON’T MISS THE FUN!…

I am hosting a Mary Kay “Spa” experience. We will sit back and relax while we treat our senses to fresh scents
… botanicals, florals, fruits and the rich bounties of the Mediterranean.

We will be softening, smoothing and shaving our legs, so please wear shorts or something casual. We will soak
our feet in a basin of warm water and chose our favorite Spa scent. I guarantee a “Stress Free” hour or two,
filled with “Joy Full” conversation and laughter, and you will come away from our pampering session
completely “Revitalized”.

Nail colors, body care products, sun screen, and sunless tan products will also be featured along with a full line
of Mary Kay fragrances for men and women.

My Mary Kay Consultant is ____________ and we will be meeting at her home at

Directions: ______________________________________________________

I am looking forward to having you join met! Please RSVP to me by __________ so I can let _________ know
how many to expect. (My goal is to have 12 to 15 women join me…who would want to miss the change to be


Please join me for a Mary Kay Skin Care class. My consultant is undertaking a very big goal for thist month…she is doing 20 classes in
30 days! She is working very hard because she will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every class to the Mary Kay Ash
Charitable Foundation, which provides funding for medical research for cancer relating to women (breast, ovarian, uterine and
cervical cancer).

We will be treated to ______________ (whatever type of class she is holding). We will experience “Satin Hands” to make our hands
their softest every, and “Satin Lips”… say “goodbye” to dry, rough hands and lips forever!

Please join me… we never have enough time to pamper ourselves and spend some quality “girlfriend time” together. I guarantee a
great time for all and some information on the newest Mary Kay products available. CAN I COUNT ON YOU TO BE THER; IT WILL
BE AT __________ (location) ON ________________(date).
                     $100 HOSTESS BASKET
                  Hostesses, please enter you name as follows:

                One time for every $100 in sales from your class

                Two times for each class booked from your class

                Three times if you are present at the Hostess Brunch
                that will be held after all 20 classes are held (You will
                be able to enter that morning)
(You do NOT need to be present to win…you are already entered…but if present, you will
                      increase your chances by 3 more entries!)

                     $100 HOSTESS BASKET
                  Hostesses, please enter you name as follows:

                One time for every $100 in sales from your class

                Two times for each class booked from your class

                Three times if you are present at the Hostess Brunch
                that will be held after all 20 classes are held (You will
                be able to enter that morning)
(You do NOT need to be present to win…you are already entered…but if present, you will
                      increase your chances by 3 more entries!)

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