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					                           BA Drama 2011-12 Level 4 Course Choices

                                         Core 30 Credits
Course Code   Course title
DRAM-1039     Introduction to Theatre Practice: Early Stages
DRAM-1075     Introduction to Theatre Practice: Making Theatre

                                   Options 60 credits from list
CINE-1038     Introduction to Film Making
CINE-1061     Reel to Virtual: Representation in the Digital Age
COML-1056     Writing Poetry and Prose
COML-1057     Writing for Stage and Screen
COML-0001     Literary Forms of Representation
ENGL-1086     English for Academic Purposes 5
ENGL-1080     English For Academic Purposes 6
ENGL-1081     English For Academic Purposes 7
ENGL-1091     Reading Key Texts
HIST-1021     Headlines in History: Britain at War 1850-1945
HIST-1022     A Tale of Two Cities: Wealth and Poverty in the Metropolis from 1750
LING-1007     Foundations of Linguistics
LING-1022     Language, Communication and Society
MEDS-1110     Digital Arts Exchange
MEDS-1111     Writing for the Media
MEDS-1112     Issues in Representation
OEUR-1005     Europe without Borders: Cultures in Contact
PHIL-1051     How to Argue: Critical Reasoning, Logic and Rhetoric
PHIL-1057     Foundations of Knowledge
PHIL-1058     Ideas in Practice
POLI-1037     Politics of Conflict Resolution: Oedipus to Star Wars
SOCI-1066     Inequality and Social Change
SOCI-1067     Writing Culture
TETA-1009     Introduction to Language Teaching
tba           Forensic Criminology

                                               Modern Languages
              French                         1   2    3
              Italian                        1   2   3
              Spanish                        1   2    3

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