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					SUMMER 2007   E P I S COPA L   Foundations
                               for Life
              S C HOOL
Board of Trustees
Mr. Edwin L. Douglass III, Chairman
Mr. Braye C. Boardman
Mr. Benjamin H. Brewton
Mrs. Donna M. Burnside
The Very Rev. Robert D. Fain                    C ONTENTS
Mrs. Sandra R. Fenstermacher
                                                HEADMASTER’S LETTER                                     3
Mrs. Karen N. Hull
Mrs. Susan T. Hunnicutt                         KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION                                4-5
Mr. F. Hamilton Kuhlke
                                                EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATION                                6-9
Mr. Preston A. Moss
Dr. Douglas H. Nesbit                           AWARDS DAY                                          10 - 13
Mrs. Carla C. Owen
                                                RETIRING ICONS                                      14 - 15
Mr. J. Haley Roberts, Jr.
                                                                                                                    Front cover: EDS Class of 2007
Dr. James C. Sherman
                                                WELCOMING NEW FACUTLY                               16 - 17
Mr. Brent A. Smith, Sr.
Mr. W. Craig Smith                              CLASS NOTES                                         18 - 21

Ex-officio members:
                                                DEVELOPMENT NEWS                                    22 - 23
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Huggins
Mr. Ned R. Murray

Mr. Ned R. Murray, Headmaster
                                                Accredited by:
Mrs. Jane T. Barton, Head of Preschool
                                                Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Council on Accreditation and School
Mrs. Karen M. Dye, Head of Lower School
                                                Improvement (SACS/CASI)
Mrs. Mariam P. Brown, Head of Middle School
                                                Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)
Ms. Jane J. Houston, Director of Development
                                                Member of:
Mrs. Karen B. Lilly, Director of Admissions
                                                National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES)
Mrs. Susan L. Everitt, Director of
   Public Relations                             National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
Mrs. Deborah P. Wren, Director of Finance       Georgia Independent Schools Association (GISA)
Mrs. Carol L. Trammell, Director of Athletics
Mr. Ed J. Owens, Director of Technology
Mr. Ezra A. Adams, Director of Student Life     Magazine Disclaimer:

The Reverend Dr. Frank Sawyer, Chaplain         Expressions is published by the Public Relations and Development Offices. Every attempt was
Ms. Deborah A. Harper, Center Director          made to ensure accuracy within this newsletter. Please notify the Editor of errors or omissions
Mrs. Erica F. Price, Administrative Assistant   and accept our most sincere apologies. Readers wishing to contribute information should
                                                submit it to:

                                                Susan L. Everitt
                                                Episcopal Day School
                                                2248 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904
                                                (706) 733-1192 email:
                            Headmaster’s Letter

                            On occasion at EDS we sing the hymn “Earth and All Stars” (hymn #412 in the
                            Episcopal hymnal). In each of the six verses describing the noise and busy-ness of
                            life, twice comes the acclamation, “Sing to the Lord a new song!” Following each
                            verse is the refrain, “He has done marvelous things. I, too, will praise Him with
                            a new song!”

                            This issue of Expressions is devoted to the theme of change. Read it, and you will see
                            that it, too, describes some of the noise and busy-ness of life. The cover features our
                            recent graduates who are opening a whole new chapter in life (which calls to mind
                            another hymn, “Morning Has Broken”). You will read about faculty retiring and new
                            faculty joining us. You will see pages highlighting some of the remarkable accomplish-
Ned R. Murray, Headmaster   ments of students and teachers. Take special note of the accomplishments and new
                            adventures of our alumni in the Births, Weddings, and Class Notes sections.

                            All too often we associate change with stress, challenge, or loss. As you read about the
                            changing lives in this Expressions I think you will hear, as I did, a different tune.
                            Each page is a loud, joyous proclamation that “He has done marvelous things!”
                            EDS is a remarkable place with remarkable people and serves as a living expression
                            of the creative love of God.

                            Finally, as you read about the noise and busy-ness of last year, please know that we
                            are hard at work preparing for a wonderful new year. New faces, new opportunities,
                            new levels of challenge, but one enduring Spirit. Sing to the Lord a new song!
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Kindergarten Graduation
Expressions | 5
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C HANGES                             AHEAD
 Every year, one eighth grader is chosen                           Flush                                   Algebra is difficult
 by the eighth grade class to give the
 address at the last chapel of the year.                 Say you’re sorry when you             As Mrs. Dickert says, 9/8 of all people are
                                                              hurt somebody                             confused by fractions
 This year, Mary Hamilton Reynolds
 was selected for this honor.                        Wash your hands before you eat            Toilet paper has its place in the bathroom
                                                                                                 but also looks nice hanging from trees
 There is a law of the universe that seems              Warm cookies and milk are
 to state that for every good thing there is                  good for you                       Newton’s 3rd law is the most confusing
 a bad thing and that everything has its                                                               thing you will ever learn
 opposite. Today our relief of finally grad-               Be aware of wonder
 uating is matched by the fear of leaving                                                      It IS possible to retire from EDS, after 24
 our close-knit middle school. It is odd to                                                    years of service, without a single gray hair
 think that the mornings and afternoons         In addition to these life lessons, we
 we spent staring out of the window and         learned a great deal more at EDS.                If you make straight A’s, you get out of
 wishing we were somewhere else would                                                                     school a week early
 become so important to us. Everything we       All I really need to know, I learned at
 learn from now on will be based on what        Episcopal Day School:                           An excellent teacher can change the way
 we learned here at EDS.                                                                         you feel about English and Literature
                                                         Winning isn’t everything
 Hebrews 12:11 says “No discipline seems                                                         Chapel skirts ARE a fashion statement
 pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on,     Community service has lasting rewards
 however, it produces a harvest of right-
 eousness and peace for those who have                         Exercise daily                  These years of learning and the changes
 been trained by it.” We have so many                                                          and growing we have experienced will
 people to thank for that honor and gift.                   Tuck in your shirt                 always be a part of us. We will return
 The wonderful teachers and staff have                                                         many times in our minds to lessons we
 provided an incredible foundation for our       If you want to find your soul mate, go to     have learned here and the foundation that
 future. We will go on to build on what                  room #213 and ask for                 Episcopal Day School has given us.
 you have taught and who we have                          Mrs. McNeil’s advice                 Expect great things from us in the future.
                                                           No mastiques chicle!                We are united as a class but every one of
 In 1988, author Robert Fulghum wrote                                                          us is a unique individual.
 All I Really Need to Know I Learned in              The roof of your mouth is a great
 Kindergarten. These are the things he                     hiding place for gum                We have come to know each other well.
 learned:                                                                                      In our class, we have a sample of just
                                                   Stage fright can be overcome as early       about every type of character. We have
                  Share everything                              as 5th grade                   our beauty queens and our whiz kids. We
                                                                                               have champion athletes in the making
                     Play fair                   If you hold on tight to Mrs. Scroggs’ rope,   and potential Broadway stars. We have
                                                           you will never get lost             gentle souls and strong willed leaders. We
                  Don’t hit people                                                             have our wise guys, our trendsetters and
                                                You CAN be a history genius and still lead     our class clowns. You know who you are!
   Put things back where you found them                 a team of boys to the
                                                         soccer championship                   Above all, we have friends who we know
            Clean up your own mess                                                             we will have for a long time to come. We
                                                     If you throw them hard enough,            will move from here to a new high school
      Don’t take things that aren’t yours             pencils will stick in the ceiling        where we will have new teachers and face
                                                                                               difficult challenges. We look forward to
                                                                                                             Expressions | 7

making new friends. You will be relieved   ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY        WESTSIDE HIGH SCHOOL
to know that we will know how to choose    AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL               WOODBERRY FOREST SCHOOL
the best companions because after all we   AUGUSTA PREPARATORY DAY
have been surrounded by the best in our      SCHOOL                                 Although the 29 members of
years here.                                EPISCOPAL HIGH SCHOOL                   EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL
                                           BRADENTON PREPARATORY              graduating Class of 2007 will be divided
As I call the name of your high school,      SCHOOL                            among eight different high schools, our
please stand and remain standing:          THE MADIERA SCHOOL                   hearts and souls will be joined forever.

                      Members of the EDS Class of 2007 who have attended EDS for eleven years
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 Eighth Grade Graduation
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AWARDS                       DAY
 Beyond EDS
 The five students with the most community service hours are recognized with the
 Beyond EDS certificates: Robert Neville, Betsy Hall, Alex Mayson, Jake Wood,
 Chesley Cannon, Taylor Hite

 The Board of Trustees Merit Scholarship – Selden Hunnicutt
 The purpose of this scholarship is to promote, encourage, and recognize overall effort,
 cooperation with both peers and teachers, positive character traits, potential leadership,
 concern for others, and academic achievement.                                                Burnside family

 Graduation Marshals – Selden Hunnicutt and Bennett Yort
 The two students in the seventh grade with the highest grade point average serve as the
 graduation Marshals.

 Academic Achievement Award – Betsy Hall
 This award is presented to the member of the graduating class with the highest grade
 point average.

 Book Awards are given to members of the graduating class for greatest proficiency in         Douglass family
 English, Algebra, Literature, Science, History, and Spanish.
          English                                                          Betsy Hall
          Algebra                                   Betsy Hall and Allison McElreath
          Literature                                               Allison McElreath
          Science                                                 Morgan Robertson
          History                                                          Betsy Hall
          Spanish                                                          Betsy Hall

 The Fine Arts Award – Aubrey Burnside                                                          Hall family
 This award is given to the member of the graduating class who has demonstrated a
 great proficiency in, and outstanding talent and love for music, art, dance and theatre.

 The EDS Spirit Award – Mary Hamilton Reynolds
 This award is given to the member of the graduating class who best represents the char-
 acteristics of tolerance toward, support of, and enthusiasm for peers throughout his or
 her career at the school, not only on the playing fields, but in all areas of school life.

 The Citizenship Award – Allison McElreath
 This award is presented annually to the student who best exemplifies fine school citi-       Hunnicutt family
 zenship and who by industry and honorable conduct has shown adherence to the ideals
 of the Episcopal community and to the school.

 The Allen and Mary Clarkson Award – Betsy Hall
 This award is presented annually to the member of the graduating class who best exem-
 plifies those characteristics which Father and Mrs. Clarkson so greatly admire, includ-
 ing great moral courage, love of one’s fellow man, generosity, and true humility.

 The Headmaster’s Award – Mary Dorine Roehre and Taylor Smith
 This award is given to a member(s) of the graduating class who has distinguished             McElreath family
 him/herself in a particular area of school life.

 The Merit Award – Anne Maxwell Douglass and Brad Thomas
 This award is presented to the boy and girl in the graduating class who have attended
 EDS for at least three of the last four years and who best represent the mission of the
 school and have met the academic criteria.
                                                                                          Expressions | 11

                      American Mathematics Contest              Georgia Math League – Algebra
                      Eighth Grade Contest                      First Place: Morgan Robertson, Betsy
  Reynolds family
                      First Place: Taylor Smith                 Hall, Mary Dorine Roehre
                      Second Place: Aubrey Burnside, Mary       Second Place: Taylor Smith, Patrick
                      Dorine Roehre                             Smith
                      Third Place: Lyndsey Garrison,            Third Place: Anne Maxwell Douglass,
                      Meechai Padung, Patrick Smith             Lyndsey Garrison
                      Seventh Grade Contest
                      First Place: Catherine Huggins,           Student Council
                      Bennett Yort                              Co-Presidents: Mary Hamilton
 Robertson family     Second Place: Christopher Cheape          Reynolds and Taylor Smith
                      Third Place: Hunter Rafoth, Will Few      Secretary: Aubrey Burnside
                                                                Co-Treasurers: Mary Blake Mullins and
                      Georgia Math League                       Lyndsey Garrison
                      Eighth Grade Contest                      Members: Alex Mayson, Ali Rafoth,
                      First Place: Mary Hamilton Reynolds       Allison McElreath, Ann Louisa
                      Second Place: Betsy Hall                  Brewton, Anne Maxwell Douglass,
                      Third Place: Anne Maxwell Douglass        Aubrey Williams, Baillie Conway,
                      Seventh Grade Contest                     Betsy Hall, Carlee Moss, Catherine
   Roehre family      First Place: Bennett Yort                 Huggins, Chesley Cannon, Elizabeth
                      Second Place: Selden Hunnicutt            Mundell, Emily Edwards, Haley
                      Third Place: Hunter Rafoth                Harper, Katherine Norvell, Kathryn
                      Sixth Grade Contest                       Harison, Lindsey Doris, Lucy
                      First Place: Bill Bush                    Douglass, Madeline Sims, Maggie
                      Second Place: Rebecca Smith, Maggie       McLeod, Martha Nixon, Mary Dorine
                      Howard                                    Roehre, Mary Kate Haynes, Mattie
                      Third Place: Kathryn Harison              Hyder, McKenzie Horseman, Rebecca
                      Fifth Grade Contest                       Smith, Sarah Fickle, Shelby Hamilton,
   Smith family       First Place: Trey Robertson,              Shefali Patel, Taylor Leverett, Tori
                      Herrington Murray                         Dunn, Victoria Mundell
                      Second Place: Katie Stewart Schafer,
                      Hollis Sherman, Mattie Barton, Nina       Math Counts Team
                      Burris, Caroline Summerour                Morgan Robertson, Patrick Smith,
                      Fourth Grade Contest                      Will Few, Sam Odi
                      First Place: Ellen Everitt, Ana Harbin,   Also participating: Ali Rafoth, Will
                      Iverson Johnson, Stephanie Verdery        Kittle, McKenzie Horseman
                      Second Place: Cameron Cheape, Ada
  Thomas family
                      Alice Dolan, Madeline Edwards,            EDS Academic Team
                      Caroline Haynes                           Anne Maxwell Douglass, Taylor
                                                                Smith, Morgan Robertson, Mary
                                                                Dorine Roehre, Christopher Cheape,
                                                                Sky Kight, Bleak Chandler

Graduation Marshals
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AWARDS                     DAY
Faculty Honors
 Christie Owen Excellence in Teaching      It turns out this has been much more       She has worked so closely with me. . .
 Award as introduced by Mr. Ned Murray:    difficult than it first sounded – not      even after school. . . to adapt her
                                           because these qualities are hard to        teaching to help my struggling child
 In 2004, upon the retirement of           find in our faculty but because they       learn some concepts he was having
 Christie Owen, her husband and fam-       are so prevalent. We have many fine        trouble with.
 ily established the Christie Owen         examples – and that’s part of the
 Excellence in Teaching Award.             point. Let’s identify some of those        She embraces each child while still
                                           examples and hold them up.                 disciplining and guiding ever so gently.
 It was not designed as a competition      Recognize and honor them on occa-
 and it is intentionally NOT a “teacher    sion as a way of celebrating the whole
                                                                                      She is kind and she expresses a sense of
 of the year” award. This program was      – the whole community and our ded-
                                                                                      love and hope and success that is vital.
 designed to recognize and reward a        ication to our mission.
 kind of approach to teaching over
 time – the kind of cultural attitude      Once again, this year we had several
                                                                                      Her commitment to professional devel-
 about our profession that Christie not    very good, very qualified nominees         opment is clear and strong. She is in
 only held but that she tried to nurture   (and I’d like to thank those of you        other teachers’ classes, attends work-
 in our school in her years of service.    who took the time to write such            shops, learns new technology, works
                                           thoughtful nominations). And in fact,      with colleagues in her grade and in
                                           I am confident that each teacher who       other grades to be the best teacher for
 A culture defined by                      was nominated this year will receive       the students she can be.
     – passion                             this award at some point. But the          She is a positive, supportive colleague
     – innovation and risk taking          selection committee could see that         who always has a smile.
     – a commitment to professional        this is very clearly the right year for
       development                         this year’s recipient.                     And all of that describes every year
            AND                                                                       that she has been here. Martin Luther
     – an active, positive impact on       I will read just a few of the comments     King Jr. so wisely said, “The ultimate
       one’s peers                         from the several nominations this          measure of a person is not where they
                                           teacher received:                          stand in times of comfort and conven-
                                                                                      ience, but where they stand in times
                                                        She truly exemplifies the     of challenge and controversy.”
                                                        beauty and gentleness of
                                                        teaching. . . I am awed       This has been a year of incredible
                                                        at the level of commit-       challenge for this teacher and her true
                                                        ment that has naturally       colors have shown: She has been the
                                                        poured out of her.            most dedicated, consistent, POSI-
                                                                                      TIVE force in our school . . . carrying
                                                        She clearly makes a last-     her friends, her colleagues, her stu-
                                                                                      dents, and her entire grade – and all
                                                        ing impression on her
                                                                                      the while ALSO pursuing a second
                                                        students. . . just watch as
                                                                                      masters degree!
                                                        her former students
                                                        respond to her on the         Fittingly, this year’s Christie Owen
                                                        playground or in the          Excellence in Teaching Award is
                                                        halls.                        awarded to Miriam Rowland.
     Christie Owen (left) with Miriam Rowland
                                                                                                                  Expressions | 13

Yearbook Dedication
The eighth grade class votes every year        When we needed your help,                      Recognition of Faculty Years
on which special faculty member they          you made sure you were here.                     of Service Anniversaries
would like to honor with the yearbook
                                                                                            Krista Lamar             5 years
dedication. This year they chose Middle       Your family’s legacy is forever
                                                                                            Jennifer Marr            5 years
School math teacher Mrs. Floride                       in this place
                                                                                            Wendy Moody              5 years
Dickert. Two eighth graders, Mary         You greet us each day with your sweet
                                                                                            Sabrina Pendergrass      5 years
Blake Mullins and Aubrey Burnside,                     smiling face.
                                                                                            Nancy Price              5 years
wrote a poem in her honor:
                                                                                            Lynda Smith              5 years
                                           Mrs. Dickert, you’ve been with us
          For Mrs. Dickert                  these past three years through,
                                                                                            Dody Roehre              10 years
                                           So the class of 2007 decided that
 The time has come as you all know,            our yearbook dedication
                                                                                            Alisa Hicks              15 years
   To say goodbye and let her go.                   belongs to you!
                                                                                            Joanne Watson            15 years
  We will miss her so very much,
                                                                                            Carol Trammell           20 years
Through our middle school years our
                                                                                            Suellen Buckley          20 years
       hearts she did touch.
                                                                                            Karen Dye                25 years
    She’s been teaching here quite
             a long while
     And amazed us all with her
           super cool style.

 We want to say thanks just for how
         much you have done,
 I’ve never really liked Math but you
          surely made it fun.

   I will never forget the day you
              told us all,
  We talked about reciprocals – you
     wanted to go upside down
           against the wall.

   I will always remember the story
             about the gate,
   You tried to crawl under, so you
            wouldn’t be late.

      Pi Day parties, the stock
           market game.
     Math without you will never
           be the same.
                                           Mrs. Floride Dickert pictured at Awards Day with her husband,
                                           The Honorable Neal Dickert, and mother, Mrs. Mary Clarkson
   You have always taught us with
       enthusiasm and cheer,
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C HANGING                             OF THE GUARD
Retiring Icons of EDS
 Mrs. Mariam Brown                             In 1998, we wanted her for our          They loved her each year and
 After 24 years of service to EDS, Middle            Middle School Head              dedicated the annual to her twice
 School Head Mrs. Mariam Brown,                 She agreed to the job and was        What a great honor – she thought
 known as the “poet laureate” of our                  so happy she said.                      it was so nice.
 school, retired at the end of this year.       She has supported her faculty
 Fittingly, we could not send her off with-           and is always near              She always said to our students,
 out a poem of her own. Her good friend       To hear our gripes and frustrations,       “remember our themes –
 and colleague, Mrs. Carol Trammell,                                                         our mission is clear
                                                       Oh what a dear!
 penned the following in her honor:                                                  Don’t forget what you’ve learned as
                                                                                          you begin the next year.
                                                She refers to herself as witch of
  Mariam came to Episcopal Day                                                        Always be kind, compassionate
                                               the south and has been seen with
           School in 1983                                                                   and one of integrity
                                                 a broom, dusting lockers and        Continue to pray, serve others and
 A part-time aide in grades 6 and 7
            she would be.                          dressed for an experiment                  grow spiritually.”
   It was then full time-teaching                     in her science room.
       science, reading and lit                 Her students have said she has        Mariam Brown, you are unique
 From the very beginning, with the                eyes in the back of her head         and you are special indeed
    students, she was quite a hit.              And the homework and exams,             So here’s to your future –
                                                     they always did dread.            we know you will succeed.
    Her duties have been varied
       through all these years
  But science was her love and her
          passion was dear.
     She remembers a CD rom
           way back when
 But, check her spelling in emails –
      a technology person she’s
             never been.

   For 37 years, Mariam’s been
      married to Jack Brown.
  She’s been an Alzeheimer’s care
      giver to her loved ones,
        with never a frown.
 Mariam is a breast cancer survivor
    and an inspiration to us all
 Her faith is unshaken and if you
   need her support – just call.

    Daughters Amanda and Leslie
    went through the Day School
   Just like the rest of the students,
   they knew their mom was cool.
                                                                                                                  Expressions | 15

Mrs. Betty Eunice Wilson                   Armed with a stop sign, a bright
The retirement of long-time EDS            orange vest and her whistle, Betty
                                           Eunice Wilson has been protecting
crossing guard, “Miss Betty” Wilson,
                                           Augusta children for half a century.
was the subject of much media atten-
                                           The Episcopal Day School crossing
tion. Here are a few examples:
                                           guard, known by her blond hair, will be
                                           retiring when school lets out next
NBC - TV 26                                week.
Augusta School Crossing Guard Hangs
Up Stop Sign After 40 Years of Service     For 43 of her 50 years, she has worked
By Liz Hill,          to ensure that children at EDS safely
                                           cross busy Walton Way, even in thun-
These days, very few people work the       derstorms and heavy downpours.
same job in the same place for 43 years
before they retire.                        Except for the month she was out after
                                           suffering a heart attack, she has barely
It’s been not only a job, but a joy as     missed a day of work, despite the
Betty Wilson made sure Augusta’s           deaths of her husband, both parents and
Episcopal Day School kids safely           four siblings.
crossed the street to school.
                                           Cars whizzing by on the four-lane thor-    A few years ago, EDS showed its
She’s known by the thousands who           oughfare haven’t prevented her from        respect for Ms. Wilson by putting her
travel down Walton Way as the cross-       doing her job, Ms. Wilson said, but she    face on T-shirts made for the school’s
ing lady with the bright blonde hair and   admits sometimes it’s frightening. “Oh     annual fall festival, Mrs. Burnside said.
smiling face.                              yeah, I’ve shook in my boots several
                                           times,” she said.                          On Wednesday, Rosa Flanagan showed
Thursday morning, the students and
                                                                                      her appreciation as well, giving Ms.
staff at EDS honored Wilson during         Dedication to the schoolchildren has       Wilson a framed picture of her in her
her last day on the job.                   kept her going, and she said the school    uniform with Ms. Flanagan’s 4-year-
                                           has been fortunate no one has been hit.    old daughter. “We think she’s an inspi-
“They were good to me and the chil-        Ms. Wilson still blows her whistle on      ration and a role model,” Ms. Flanagan
dren were wonderful, it was just like      occasion at speeding motorists, but not    said. “She loves the children, and the
home,” said Wilson.                        as much as she used to, she said.          children love her.”
After more than four decades of serv-      The crossing guard has made an             The school held a retirement party,
ice, students, teachers and parents say    impression on children, who have           which featured preschool children
it’s going to be hard not seeing her       grown up and now leave their children      singing a rendition of Stop in the Name
everyday.                                  to the care of her watchful eye.           of Love, tailored to their beloved cross-
                                                                                      ing guard, said Susan Everitt, spokes-
Thursday wasn’t just Wilson’s last day     “I never remember a day when she was       woman for EDS.
as crossing guard at EDS, it was also      not there,” said Donna Burnside, past
her own personal day. Augusta Mayor        president of the school’s parent associ-
Deke Copenhaver declared May 17th,
                                                                                      ABC - WJBF 6
                                           ation.                                     WJBF-TV 6 aired a video segment on
2007, Betty Wilson Day.
                                                                                      Mrs. Wilson where news anchors Brad
                                           Mrs. Burnside crossed the street under     Means and Jenny Montgomery talked
AUGUSTA CHRONICLE                          the supervision of the “quietly loving”    about when WJBF presented “Miss
Guard will soon stop traffic for final     crossing guard when she was just 5         Betty” a Giving Your Best award. She
time                                       years old, and now she has three chil-     was called a “Golden Girl” and “Icon
By Greg Gelpi/Staff Writer                 dren at EDS who do the same. Such a        of Augusta.”
                                           constant “icon” has made children
                                           safer, she said.
16 | Expressions

Welcoming our newest faculty members
The Reverend Dr. Frank
We are thrilled to announce that the Rev.
Dr. Frank Sawyer has accepted the call to
serve as the new chaplain for the
Episcopal Day School. His resume stood
out from among the dozens EDS
received from schools, seminaries, and
parishes across the country. He is cer-
tainly well educated. Frank was a
Wellington scholar at the University of
Toronto; earned an M.Div. from Trinity
College, University of Toronto; and a
Doctor of Ministry from the Graduate
Theological Union (his thesis was “The
                                              culture; teaching adult education; and        Frank brings energy, experience, and a
Spiritual Life of Boys in an Episcopal
                                              participation in the Outreach                 wealth of fresh ideas to the school at a
School”). His doctoral coursework and
                                              Commission.                                   time when we are charting an exciting
research focused on education, develop-
                                                                                            course for the future. The people who
mental psychology, and the impact of
                                              While at the Cathedral School for Boys,       have worked with him in his previous
ethnic, cultural, and religious identity in
                                              Frank co-chaired the Board of Trustees        schools describe Frank as an excellent
education. But even more appealing than
                                              Committee for Educational Policy which        chaplain who is well-liked by students,
his educational background is the fact
                                              studied boys’ education and development       faculty, and parents alike. One head-
that he has spent the past 10 years serv-
                                              and drafted academic, discipline, athletic,   master described his impact as “transfor-
ing as chaplain in Episcopal schools – the
                                              mentoring and other school policies and       mational.”
past 8 of which have been in K-8
                                              programs. He presented these findings at
                                              state, national, and international confer-    When we discovered each other, Frank –
                                              ences.                                        along with his wife Ginnelle – was look-
With his experience in schools, Frank
                                                                                            ing for an opportunity to pursue his
will be an incredible asset to EDS, not
                                              During his undergraduate years, before        ministry in a community whose values
just as chaplain but as a valuable member
                                              studying for the priesthood, Frank fol-       are more closely aligned with theirs. They
of the core administrative team. Other
                                              lowed a family military tradition and was     are excited to be joining, with their two-
than Chaplain duties, some of his previ-
                                              trained as a reserve army officer in the      year-old daughter, Maggie, the EDS
ous responsibilities at St. Matthew’s
                                              Royal Canadian Artillery. In addition, he     community and the larger Augusta com-
Parish School included teaching religion
                                              taught English at the college and high        munity.
to third through eighth grades; commu-
                                              school levels in Prague, Czech Republic.
nity service; pastoral counseling; partici-
                                                                                            Frank says, “As a minister, I have a pas-
pation in the high school placement
                                              During the summers while studying the-        sion for preaching and teaching the scrip-
process; institutional advancement; mem-
                                              ology Frank had a variety of experiences      tures. I love bringing the meaning of the
bership in the Learning Differences,
                                              – one summer studying Clinical Pastoral       Bible to life for all ages, and illustrating
Technology, and Physical Education Task
                                              Education as a student chaplain in a hos-     how God’s Word speaks to our lives in
Forces; developing an integrated curricu-
                                              pital, another summer he was the minis-       the 21st Century.”
lum for seventh and eighth grade religion
                                              ter to a summer congregation in a
and ethics that addresses self-identity
                                              provincial park, and another summer he
through a study of Christian theology,
                                              worked as a naturalist at a YMCA family
media literacy, philosophy, religion, and
                                                                                                                        Expressions | 17

Mr. Bailey Walker                            through his relationships. He makes it a     Educational Leaders, Association for
                                             priority to establish trust and openness     Supervision and Curriculum
We are excited to announce that Mr.          first. Finally, he is known as an educa-     Development, Georgia Association for
Bailey Walker has accepted our invitation    tional leader who is skilled and experi-     Alternative Education, Kiwanis
to be the next head of middle school at      enced at advancing the collective goals of   International, Washington Little Theater
EDS. Bailey, who holds a B.A. from           his schools.                                 Company, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,
Morehouse College and an M.Ed. from                                                       Free and Accepted Masons, and the
the University of Southern Mississippi,                                                   South Carolina Independent Schools
comes to us with over 30 years of experi-                                                 Association Athletic Committee.
ence in education. Previously the            From across the river, I heard
Assistant Head of School and Academic                                                     In Bailey, we have a man who will not
                                             about the school’s past success in           only do the job well, but who will also
Dean at Aiken Prep, Bailey has been a
principal in both middle and elementary
                                             student achievement and athlet-              be a fine and fun colleague and member
schools in Georgia, as well as director of   ics. I am excited about having               of the EDS community.
an alternative school and a special educa-   the opportunity to contribute, in
tion supervisor.                                                                          Bailey says, “From across the river (in
                                             some way, to EDS’ future success             Aiken), I heard about the school’s past
Bailey is a native of Augusta and is mar-                                                 success in student achievement and ath-
ried to Joann Mays Walker. They have                                                      letics. I am excited about having the
two grown children, Dedric and Kaili.                                                     opportunity to contribute, in some way,
Bailey is a member of Westside Baptist       Bailey has shown from the start of his       to its future success. I look forward, with
Church in Martinez.                          career that education was his calling. In    great anticipation, to the opening of
                                             his first job as a middle school Social      school and meeting all the many new
When we began this search, we devel-         Science teacher in Waynesboro, Georgia,      faces.”
oped consensus around the following pri-     he was nominated for Teacher of the Year
ority skills and attributes we were look-    and led his students to state recognition    Please join us in welcoming Bailey and
ing for in candidates: 1) administrative     in social science projects. He was the       Joann to the EDS family.
experience 2) knowledge of, experience       recipient of Georgia Association of
with, and appreciation for middle school     Elementary School Principals’ School
aged students 3) someone who is rela-        Bell Award which is awarded to schools
tionship oriented and will maintain our      with outstanding programs in the area
family-like culture and 4) someone who       of curriculum and organizational lead-
will help lead us to new levels while        ership.
keeping and honoring our current
strengths.                                   Bailey continues to pursue excellence in
                                             education learning, recently completing
After an exhaustive national search and      an advanced degree in Educational
on-campus interviews with five finalists,    Leadership at Cambridge College. He
we have found a strong match in all four     is very involved in professional and
areas. Every indicator – his resume, our     civic organizations, holding member-
interviews, and his references – has         ship in: National Education
revealed that our priority skills are also   Association, Georgia Association of
Bailey’s top qualities. He is a supremely    Educators and its local affiliate, Phi
experienced administrator with signifi-      Delta Kappa, Georgia Council of
cant years in middle school. Everyone        Administrators of Special Education,
who works with him has said that his         National Association of Elementary
primary approach to leadership is            School Principals, Georgia Association of
18 | Expressions

Births, Marriages, New Adventures
BABIES                                      on December 16, 2006, in Louisville,
                                                                                          Elizabeth Clara
                                                                                          Hamilton graduated from
Jackson Boardman Helton, born on                                                          the University of Georgia.
December 26, 2006, to Margaret              Merry Glendinning (Merry Glenne)
(Knapp, Class of 1990) and Bubba            Motlow (Class of 1994) and Edmund             Mallary Scheer graduated
Helton, in Augusta.                         Mathew Piccolino on April 21, 2007, in        from the University of Georgia
William Kitchens Hogg, born on                                                            Pierce Groover Blitch IV graduated from
February 6, 2007, to Karen (Kitchens,       Tara Colleen Hamilton and David               the University of Georgia
Class of 1986) and David Hogg, in           Brooks Kirkley Hudson (Class of 1992)
Augusta.                                    on May 31, 2007, in Augusta.                  Robin Anne Allen graduated from the
                                                                                          University of Georgia.
Grady McGarrah Roper, born on               Mary Catherine Ward and Daniel
February 13, 2007, to Jenny and Hank        Wingfield Stewart (Class of 1997) on          Jane Marie McKnight graduated from
(Class of 1984) Roper, in Augusta.          June 2, 2007, in Augusta.                     the Georgia Institute of Technology.

                                            CLASS NOTES
Thomas Arthur Dye,                                                                        Olivia Clare Hayes graduated from the
born February 26,                                                                         Georgia Institute of Technology.
2007, to Beth and Paul
Dye (Class of 1990),                        Class of 1995                                 Bart Natoli graduated magna cum laude
in Augusta.                                 Mitch Allmond                                 from the University of Richmond with a
                                            received his PhD                              Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin and
Marshall Jeffrey Barton, born on March      in Physics from                               Greek.
19, 2007, to Christy and T.J. Barton        Georgia Tech.
(Class of 1992), in Augusta.                His thesis was                                Ted H. Clarkson, Jr., graduated from
                                            “Studies of                                   Southern Methodist University.
Jackson Taylor Adams, born on March 20,     Triaxial Motor
2007, to Anne-Brown (Nelson, Class of       and Band Mixing in Nuclei” and he was         Class of 2004
1985) and Bo Adams, in Atlanta.             the youngest PhD candidate at age 26.         Avery Bates, who is
                                            Mitch says that Floride Dickert was his       now a rising senior
Gracey Arington Bush, born June 15,         “standout teacher at EDS and that Bill        at Aquinas High
2007, to Nicci and George Bush (Class       Mundell was the best all-round.”              School, performed
of 1980), in Augusta.                                                                     an interpretive
                                            Class of 1999                                 dance in the pre-
Jackson Elwood Dickert , born on June       Elizabeth Mckoy Davis graduated from          school chapel.
18, 2007, to Rachel and Neal Dickert        the University of Mississippi, Oxford,        Avery is greeted by members of the class
(Class of 1988), in Baltimore, MD.          with a Bachelor of Arts degree.               of her former teacher, Mrs. Martha
Eloise “Ellie” Jane Trotter, born June 6,   Stephanie Nicole Grear graduated from
2007, to Kim and Jim Trotter (Class of      the University of Mississippi, Oxford,        Sarah Hart Fishburne
1988), in Augusta.                          with a Bachelor of Arts degree.               has been elected a
                                                                                          Proctor at St. Andrew’s-
                                            Edward Jerome Tarver, Jr. graduated
Mary Frances Evans, born on June 26,                                                      Sewanee School (SAS)
                                            from the University of Georgia, and will
2007, to Laura (Dye, Class of 1983) and                                                   in Sewanee, Tenn.
                                            enter law school in the fall.
Mark Evans, in Augusta.                                                                   Proctors are rising sen-

                                                                                          iors chosen by students and faculty for
                                                                                          their leadership abilities. They assume
                                                                                          many responsibilities on campus, includ-
                                                                                          ing new student orientation and residen-
Elizabeth Chapman Hanberry and                                                            tial house duty, and are charged with set-
William Adams Godwin (Class of 1994)                                                      ting examples for the student body. Sarah
                                                                                          Hart currently holds the St. Mary’s
                                            Eddie Tarver with Bill Mundell and Ed Owens   Scholarship awarded to a female boarding
                                                                                                                               Expressions | 19

student who is a strong scholar and has         Remer Brinson IV                                 the American Red Cross Youth Board.
made significant contributions to the           graduated from the                               This summer she will attend the University
extracurricular life of the school, and         International Bacca-                             of Georgia and study public relations and
whose presence enriches the family atmos-       laureate Program at                              advertising.
phere of the school.                            Richmond Academy.
                                                While at Richmond,                               Brandon       Cumpton
Class of 2005                                   Remer played soccer for four years (win-         graduated from Green-
Jim Hull was named the 2007 Augusta             ning State twice) and swam for two years.        brier High School and
Chronicle All-Area Independent Schools          His senior year, he was the first recipient of   received a baseball
Boys Basketball Player of the Year. Jim, a      the ARC Trustees Scholarship, and also           scholarship to attend
sophomore point guard at Augusta Prep,          received the Principal’s Award, the IB           Georgia Tech in the fall.
averaged 26.4 points per game, with a sea-      Volunteer award, and graduated with hon-         While at Greenbrier, Brandon played on
son-best 43 points against Tattnall             ors. Outside of Richmond Academy,                the 2006 state championship baseball team
Christian from Macon. He finished the           Remer has been very involved with the            and received the Best Defensive Award
season with 756 points and shot 77 per-         Trinity on the Hill Youth Group and choir.       (baseball) that year. He was a member of
cent from the line. Jim was also named to       Through Trinity, he has gone on three mis-       Fellowship of Christian Athletes for four
the GISA All-State team.                        sion trips to Honduras and four choir            years and was a Spooky to be Hungry
                                                tours, and this summer will travel to Africa     neighborhood volunteer for four years as
                                                to work with missionaries Kirk and Nicole        well. A vivid memory for Brandon is Karen
                                                Sims. He also volunteered with the               Dye: “At the end of each day, Mrs. Dye
Class of 2003                                   American Red Cross Youth Board (serving          stood at her door and thanked us for letting
Every summer issue of Expressions, we           four years on its executive committee and        her teach us. She shook the boys’ hands and
feature the EDS class who have graduat-         this past year as President). He was named       hugged the girls. She always was positive
                                                the Association of Fundraising Profes-           and encouraged us to do our very best.”
ed high school this year. We are proud of
                                                sional’s Most Outstanding Youth
them all and wish them well in their            Philanthropist and the Red Cross Youth           Robert Darby graduat-
future endeavors.                               Volunteer of the Year. Remer will attend         ed from the Academy of
                                                Wheaton College in the fall and plans to         Richmond County and
Margaret Sinclair Anderson graduated            double major in Sociology and Biblical/          plans to attend Georgia
from Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School           Theological Studies.                             Southern University in
and will attend Georgia Tech in the fall.                                                        the fall. This summer,
Several high school highlights include          Mary Margaret Capers graduated from              Robert is working in St.
swim team (sophomore and junior year),          the Academy of Richmond County and               Simons with SeaTOW and with the
Latin Club, and having her photography          will attend the College of Charleston in the     Brunswick Harbor Pilots, and he remains
featured on the front page of the Augusta       fall.                                            an avid hunter and fisherman.
Chronicle’s Teen Extreme section. Sinclair
was a member of the National Honor              Leigh Claffey was an                             Alex Foster graduated
Society, the Foreign Language Honor             IB Diploma Candidate                             from Augusta Prepa-
Society (Latin), and was an Honor               at the Academy of                                ratory Day School and
Graduate. Outside of school, she was            Richmond         County,                         will     attend      the
involved in photography and ceramics, was       where she participated                           University of South
a U.S. Eventing Young Rider – Area III,         in varsity volleyball and                        Carolina-Columbia this
and went on a trip to Greece with the           soccer. At ARC, she was                          fall, where she plans to
Good Shepherd youth program the sum-            a member of Richmond Illustrators,               major in pre-law and ride on the USC
mer of 2006. Sinclair credits Mr. Garner at     Executive Council, Bible Club, Sophomore         equestrian team. At Prep, Alex received
EDS (and his index cards) for teaching her      Council, Interact, and the Joint                 honor awards in English her senior year
how to prepare and study for tests. “I never    Enrollment Program at Augusta State              and French her junior year. She also
would have made it through Davidson             University. Leigh was a member of the            received the Converse College Certificate
without that,” she says. Several favorite       National High School Honor Society,              of Merit her junior year. Alex was at the top
EDS memories include: States Fair; getting      Who’s Who Among American High                    of year-end points in both the South
to work on a Science Fair project with          School Students, the All-Region soccer           Carolina Hunter Jumper Association
Mary Capers because she always did well;        team, and Governor’s Honors Finalist for         (SCHJ) and the Progressive Show Jumping
and somehow setting Frannie Speers’ hair        Spanish, and graduated with distinction.         (PSJ) circuits. She won the year end PSJ
on fire (just a little) on some other science   Leigh also played for the Augusta Arsenal        Junior Medal year-end finals and was 2nd
project.                                        Soccer Club, was a member of the Morris          in the SCHJ Palmetto Medal year-end
                                                Museum of Art Teen Advisory Board and            finals. Alex also went on the Good
20 | Expressions

EDS Class of 2003

Shepherd pilgrimage to Greece in her senior      Mary Beth Horton                                  Museum of Art Teen Board, and a Cotillion
year. Former Good Shepherd youth director        graduated from Augusta                            Club member for Social, Inc. She also com-
and EDS religion teacher, Sarah Carper, had      Preparatory Day School,                           pleted over 150 hours of community service
a tremendous influence on Alex as both a         where she played varsity                          (11th and 12th grades).
coach and a teacher. She was also assisted       volleyball, basketball
academically by teacher John Cato, who           and soccer. She received                          Rob McRae graduated
went above and beyond the call of duty to        All-Region team awards                            from the Academy of
help her and other students achieve scholas-     in each of those sports, as well as being         Richmond County as an
tic excellence in math and science. In lower     named MVP in basketball her junior year           IB Diploma Candidate.
school, Elizabeth Kane was a great teacher,      and All-State in volleyball her senior year.      In April he signed to play
role model and friend to Alex and her            Prep was the GISA State Champion in vol-          golf at Presbyterian
family.                                          leyball that year. As recognition for these       College, and accepted a
                                                 accomplishments, Mary Beth was named              substantial academic scholarship. (Trivia –
Mary Catherine Hall                              the 2007 Senior Female Athlete of the Year        P.C.’s colors are the same as EDS – blue and
was an IB Diploma                                Award from Augusta Prep. Academically,            white!) During high school, Rob was
Candidate       at     the                       Mary Beth was awarded Special Honors in           involved in many sports in addition to golf.
Academy of Richmond                              English, Social Studies, and Physics during       Unable to play golf his junior year due to a
County, where she was                            her years at Prep. She will be attending          wrist injury, he played soccer. His senior
active in a variety of                           Oglethorpe University this fall on an             year he played not only golf, but tennis and
organizations. She par-                          Oxford Scholarship.                               intramural basketball. For two seasons, he
ticipated in varsity tennis, swim team, cheer-                                                     coached “Y” soccer and basketball for
leading, Executive Council, Bible Club,          Sarah Ingram graduated from Aquinas               under-10 teams. In addition to his constant
Interact, Richmond Illustrators, Augusta         High School and will attend Brenau                and diverse involvement in sports, Rob
Mall Fashion Board, and the Love                 University in the fall.                           managed to graduate with an 89.96 average.
Unlimited Youth Choir. She was also in                                                             Rob’s summer plans include a trip to
Beta Club, FLAIR, an AP Scholar with             Sallie Long graduated                             Scotland to take on some of the world’s
Honors Award, placed 1st in the Foreign          as an International                               most famous and challenging golf courses.
Language Oratorical Competition, received        Baccalaureate Diploma
the ASU Certificate of Academic                  Candidate from the                                Daniel Moss graduated
Achievement, the Georgia Certificate of          Academy of Richmond                               from Aquinas High
Merit, and IB diploma and was in the Miss        County and will attend                            School, where he had
ARC top five. Mary Catherine fondly              the      University     of                        countless highlights and
remembers Mrs. Barton at EDS, “she was           Georgia (Honors Program) this fall. While         “loved being a part of the
my first teacher at EDS who helped me            at ARC, she was active in Beta Club,              Fighting Irish spirit.”
become part of the EDS family.” She also         Interact, Yearbook, Executive Student             During his tenure at
recalls Mr. Ronnye Ancrum as “always smil-       Council, Richmond Illustrators Art Club,          Aquinas, Daniel played varsity football for
ing and encouraging,” and Mr. Mundell            varsity cheerleading, varsity tennis (receiving   four years and was a starting offensive line-
“made learning exciting and interesting.”        the Most Improved Player award in the 11th        man his senior year. The team advanced to
Special EDS memories include cheering on         and 12th grades), and Haydens All-Star            the playoffs three of those four years, and
the boys’ soccer team to championship vic-       Competition Cheerleading. Sallie’s academ-        “the thrill of breaking through the big signs
tories, Mr. Mundell’s fun history classes,       ic awards included: Honor Graduate,               made by our cheerleaders for each football
being in the Trammell advisory, lunch room       Foreign Language Honor Society, Top 5%            game was unforgettable.” Daniel also played
duty with Mr. Ancrum, dressing up like           Recognition in Class (11th and 12th               four years of tennis (Aquinas won the
Mrs. Trammell in our 8th grade skit, our 1st     grades), National Latin Award cum Laude           regional championship and advanced to
and 5th grade musicals, speech class with        (9th grade), Highest Average IB Spanish,          state all four years), and was number one
Mrs. Metzel, and feeling like EDS was my         Special Honors in English (9th grade) and         doubles his junior and senior years. He
family. Mary Catherine will attend Furman        Special Honors in Government/ Economics           received the Coach’s Award for tennis.
University this fall and plans to major in       (10th grade). Outside of school, Sallie was       Outside of high school, Daniel’s most mem-
Political Science.                               an ASU Literacy Center tutor, a member of         orable experiences have been with the youth
                                                 the Red Cross Youth Board, the Morris             group and choir at Trinity on the Hill
                                                                                                                                Expressions | 21

UMC. Each summer the choir, Love                   Heritage family. She was a big influence on    Award, the DAR Good Citizen Award, the
Unlimited, takes an extended trip where            this.” Also, “Mrs. Anne Moss was a teacher     Wellesley College Book Award, Woodman
they perform and share the Light of Christ         I remember as fair but firm and even found     of the World Award, National Merit/
with people they meet. Daniel had the              a note recently that I wrote while I was her   Achievement Award, Coca Cola Award,
opportunity to travel to Niagara Falls,            student that said, ‘Send Mrs. Moss flowers     George Westafer Book Award, and Beta
Chicago, Eastern Europe, and New York              when I am older’” Rachel will attend           Club. While at ARC, Frannie participated
City. Daniel writes that, “Every time I come       Mercer University this fall.                   in cheerleading, tennis, Red Cross Youth
back on campus at EDS I feel like I’m home.                                                       Board, and Love Unlimited Youth Choir.
I always stop by to see Mr. Ancrum, Mrs.           Lauren W. Smith grad-                          Her top three high school highlights are:
Trammell, Ms. McNeil, Mrs. Brown and               uated from Davidson                            watching the ARC boys soccer team with
Mr. Mundell. . . I really liked going back for     Fine Arts Magnet High                          back to back state championships; traveling
the recognition chapel at EDS that seniors         School with honors.                            to Europe with Love Unlimited; and having
were invited to this year. It was great to see a   Throughout the past                            so many EDS classmates go to ARC.
lot of my old friends and to stop by the           few years, she performed                       Frannie credits many EDS faculty members
fourth grade States Fair. I was sure to go by      the violin at Carnegie                         with her success at ARC. She remembers:
and see the display for my state, Wyoming!         Hall in New York, placed second at the         “Mr. Cato and his ‘stay away from slime’
This day brought back many great memo-             International Science Fair in environmental    speeches, Mrs. Trammell bearing with me as
ries for me!” Daniel will attend Augusta           science for her mercury contamination          I was the only student in EDS history not to
State University this fall, but has yet to         research, had this research published, and     know how to jump rope. Mr. Mundell and
decide on his field of study.                      had an asteroid named in her honor.            his hate for ‘rat-faced communists’; Mr.
                                                   Lauren’s science project led to substantial    Ancrum always there to give you a hug
Stuart Prather graduat-                            community efforts (including EPA/EPD           when you needed it; Mrs. Glover dealing
ed from Westside High                              negotiations, county commission meetings,      with all of my hypochondria, and Mrs.
School and will attend                             public campaigns, etc.) to call for Olin       Brown for always being Mrs. Brown and
the     University     of                          Corporation to convert to mercury-free pro-    keeping everyone in line.”
Alabama this fall. At                              duction methods. Lauren will attend Mount
Westside, Stuart partici-                          Holyoke College in Massachusetts, where        Brinson Thomas graduated from Westside
pated in Key Club,                                 she plans to double major in history and       High School and will attend Georgia
played four years of varsity soccer, swam for      international relations with an emphasis on    Institute of Technology in the fall.
one year, and was a member of the Student          international humanitarian rights.
Council and Junior Council. He received                                                           Simon Williams graduated from Westside
the Gold “W”, and was on the A-B Honor             Frannie Speer graduat-                         High School and will attend The Citadel
Roll. Stuart credits several EDS faculty and       ed this spring as                              this fall.
staff members for their positive influence:        Valedictorian from the
John Cato was the “best coach, on and off          Academy of Richmond
the field” and Mr. Ancrum was “a great             County. Her awards and
mentor and has always been there for me            accomplishments     in
since pre-k.”                                      high school include
                                                   being named the ARC Star Student, receiv-
Carson Pursley graduated from Greenbrier           ing the Carlos Bearden Student-Athlete
High School and will attend Presbyterian
College in the fall. She plans to major in

Rachel Elizabeth Ramsey graduated from
Evans Christian Academy this spring and
had the honor of speaking at her graduation.
At Evans Christian, she was a member of the
National Honor Society, the National
Society of High School Scholars, and
received the Award of Excellence in both
Journalism and Spanish III. She writes that,
“Mrs. Lynn Dolyniuk worked with me
when I was her student and I joined Good
Shepherd after attending chapel all those                     The EDS Class of 2003 returned to campus in April for the
years despite being raised in a Baptist
                                                                          Alumni Chapel in their honor.
22 | Expressions

 What Does Endowment Mean to You?                                                                Sixth Annual EDS
 Upon learning that Harvard University’s endowment has surpassed the $29 billion                 Spring Golf Classic
 mark (yes, billion), it’s natural to wonder what a university could possibly do with that
 much money. However, it’s also natural to wonder, “What exactly is an endowment?”
 Without knowing how endowments work – the funds are not just frittered away until           The Sixth Annual EDS Spring Golf
 they disappear – it’s hard to understand why institutions place so much importance on       Classic was held on May 9, 2007, at
 them.                                                                                       Forest Hills Golf Club. One hundred
                                                                                             four golfers participated, and dozens of
 A simple definition states that an endowment fund is “money that has been given or          volunteers helped make the day “the
 designated to an institution, such as a school, hospital or foundation, with the stipu-     best golf tournament ever.” We would
 lation that the principal will be permanently invested and a portion of the investment      like to thank Lee Prather and Chum
 income expended for designated or general purposes.” The amount or percentage of an         Balk, the event’s co-chairs. Jackie
 endowment that can be utilized by an institution is determined by a spending policy         Prather and Primrose Fisher were in
 adopted by its governing body (e.g. Board of Trustees). Rather than restrict itself to      charge of volunteers. We wish to thank
 spending only actual income generated by an endowment, a school’s endowment                 the Golf Committee: Tilden Collier,
 spending policy typically stipulates that a certain percentage of the value of the fund     George Fisher, Phillip Hodges, Andy
 can be spent each year – usually between 4 and 6%. Over time, this allows the school        Jones, Cord Kilpatrick, Phil Lee, Jim
 to put the endowment to work while protecting its future value. (To compensate for          Leibach, John McCollum, Lionel
 annual fluctuations in the market, schools often calculate the amount available for         Prather, Mike Taylor, Kevin Teston,
 spending by using a three or four year “trailing average” of the value of the endow-        and Bobby Wright for their hard work
 ment.)                                                                                      in planning this event.

 For example, suppose Institution X was given $1 million in endowment funds three            Others who contributed include Club
 years ago that earned approximately 8% each year on its investments. Today that             Car, French Market Grille, Dixie Ice,
 endowment would be valued at $1.26 million. If the school’s spending policy were            Ranco Tent Rentals, Rae’s Coastal Care,
 5%, the school could fund $63,000 worth of projects and needs this year and still have      Doris Diamonds, Dixie Riverside,
 the value of the endowment grow by at least 3%. Any additional contributions from           Champions Retreat, MacDuff Golf,
 donors or earnings in excess of the 5% spent also automatically become part of the          Hankinson Wealth Management,
 principal, and that is how endowments grow.                                                 Chick-fil-A, Sam’s Club, Georgia Bank
                                                                                             & Trust, First American Title Insurance
 When looked at in this light, the $29 billion touted by Harvard is still an incredible      Company, Augusta Coca-Cola, AB
 amount, but it doesn’t mean that Harvard is spending $29 billion any time soon. If          Beverage, Beverage South, Morgan
 their Spending Policy dictates 5% of the principal may be spent this year, they will        Keegan, UBS Financial Services,
 have almost $1.5 billion to put towards endowed projects – an impressive figure but         Master Pontiac, Buick, GMC, Karen
 it’s money spent from earnings over time and will not diminish the overall value of the     Jones, Jeff Knox, Will Weston, Phil
 endowment – meaning Harvard will be able to count on endowment funding for their            Lee, Phillip Hodges, Arvin Guffey,
 programs and services in perpetuity.                                                        Clay Boardman, Ken Hardy, Mike
                                                                                             Taylor, Tripp Kuhlke, Lionel Prather,
 Endowment funds can give an institution the financial security to explore and fund          and Grey Meybohm.
 programs that ensure not only present but future quality and continued success – pro-
 grams that tuition alone cannot provide.                                                    All proceeds from the tournament
                                                                                             benefit Campaign EDS, the school’s
 As confusing as the facts and percentages may be, EDS is fortunate to have a                building fund.
 Headmaster and Board of Trustees that are well educated as to the workings of an
 endowment and the importance of a healthy endowment to the continued success and
 future growth of EDS.

 This fall, parents and friends of EDS will learn more about our newly adopted
 Strategic Plan and how the EDS Endowment Fund is the financial bedrock upon
 which our school’s long-term stability can be assured.
                                   – Ginger Chew, Assistant Director of Development
                                                                                               Expressions | 23

2006-2007 EDS Association Disbursements                             EDS Association End of
ENDOWMENT                                                           the Year Report
10% of overall funding                                   $10,000    It is hard to believe the 2006-2007
                                                                    school year has come to a close. The
                                                                    effort put forth by the EDS
CURRICULUM NEEDS                                                    Association this year has been truly
Budgeted by Board of Trustees                            $20,000    overwhelming! Through countless
                                                                    hours of service, this unique group of
                                                                    parents and volunteers has raised over
DEPARTMENT and DIVISION PROJECTS                                    $104, 000 for our school!
13 AV enhancements                         Grades 4-8     $5,850
10 AV computer bundles                     Grades 1-3     $16,650   In addition to the financial success of
2 digital video packages                   Technology     $2,000    fundraisers such as Auction Party,
3 digital cameras                          Grades 1-5       $900    Fall Festival, Original Art Works,
Leapster systems + math/reading games      1st Grade        $960
                                                                    Gift Wrap, Grocery Liaison, Panther
6 Leap Desk Workstations                   Pre K & K      $3,570
                                                                    Pickings, Penny Drive, and
Second set of MS History Textbooks Middle School          $7,200
                                                                    Sportswear, the EDS Association pro-
                                                                    vided family and faculty support in
                                                                    the areas of Acolytes, Boosters,
                                                                    Hospitality, Library, Olympic Day
Security upgrades                                        $20,000
                                                                    and Volunteers.
Shade cover for Sandbox                                   $2,400
                                                                    Many Board members worked
                                                                    behind the scenes serving in various
                                                                    capacities on Yearbook, Nominating,
Faculty Leadership Grants                                 $4,000
                                                                    Ways and Means, Parent to Parent,
Professional Development Grants                           $4,000
                                                                    Speakers Bureau, Policies and other
                                                                    committees. I know you will join me
                                                                    in extending a big thank you to each
Parent Speaker Series (carry over $2, 659 from 06-07)      $850     one for an outstanding year.
Chaplain’s Discretionary Fund
$1,000                                                              Special thanks go to the Executive
                                                                    Committee and to the EDS
                                                                    Administration, Teachers and Staff
BOARD RECOMMENDATION                                                for all the guidance and support you
Class Enrichment Gifts                                    $4,700    provided during the year; I could not
                                                                    have done it without you! Finally, to
                                                                    incoming President Julie Harison
                                                                    and her Board, I extend my best
TOTAL WISH LIST and Curriculum Support:                 $94,080
                                                                    wishes on another successful year in
TOTAL ENDOWMENT                                         $10,000

                                                                    Beth Huggins

$104,080                                                            EDS Association President 2006
Two of the spring sports teams, golf
and tennis, ended the year as divi-
sion champions! These wins give
EDS FOUR division championships
this year. Boys basketball and soccer
won their divisional championships
in the fall. Congratulations to all the
teams for an incredible year.

The golf team won the league champi-
onship by 3 strokes!
They played against St. Mary’s Augusta,
St. Mary’s Aiken, Westminster, and
Augusta Prep. Greyson Sigg was the
medalist for the tournament with a 77.
Meechai Padung was the 3rd place winner
with a 78. Other tournament team players
were Christian Dolan, Brad Thomas, and
Sam Odi.

Congratulations to the girls tennis team
who won the league championship!
They defeated St. Mary’s Augusta and
Westminster. The team players are: Mary
Hamilton Reynolds, Madeline Sims, Anna
Brown, Lyndsey Garrison, Taylor Smith,
Sarah Fickle and Hensley Blackston. The
team was coached by Kathy Thomas and
Marie Perry.

                  Episcopal Day School was established by the Church of the Good Shepherd to provide an enriching education
                           which encourages spiritual growth, explores discovery of self, and promotes service to others.
                       In its admission, f inancial aid, and personnel policies, Episcopal Day School acts without
                               regard to race, color, sex, religion, ethnic origin, physical handicap, or age.
                      Episcopal Day School                                                                                     Organization
                      2248 Walton Way                                                                                          U.S. Postage
                      Augusta GA 30904
                                                                                                                               Augusta GA
                                                                                                                              Permit No. 169


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