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									                      Sample Timeline for Hiring Pastoral Staff

1. Develop Ministry Profile
      1.1 Establish first draft of ministry profile
      1.2 Inform Personnel committee and District Office of profile. Personnel
             committee begin process of establishing a salary package.
      1.3 Finalize profile

2. Advertise for Position
      2.1 Create an Ad
      2.2 Write to district offices, post on National Web page, Placement at AUC.
      2.3 Advertise in other appropriate periodicals etc.
      2.4 Create a “hit” list of contacts, send form letter requesting resumes.
      2.5 Set closure date for submission of resumes.

3. Screen Resumes
      3.1 Send package of information about church to short list.
      3.2 Call references
      3.3 Short List
      3.4 Telephone interview
      3.5 Team telephone interview
      3.6 Salary range communicated with potential candidate.
      3.7 Bring candidate to town for personal interview, or interview them at their
      3.7 Set up official candidating weekend.

4. Screening Candidate
      4.1 Use an established set of interview questions, for candidate, references,
             team interview.
      4.2 Explore proof of core competencies
      4.3 Explore proof of character
      4.4 Explore proof of theological/biblical foundation for ministry.
      4.5 Explore proof for police clearance.

5. Candidating Weekend

      5.1   Credentialing (CMA) and denominational clearance.
      5.2   Team interview or experience without spouses and with spouses
      5.3   Elders interview for senior staff members and key full time pastoral staff.
      5.4   Individual team member interviews/dialogue
      5.5   Proposal for 1 year plan of how they would fulfill responsibilities.
      5.6   Exposure to the community
      5.7   Exposure to lay people with whom they will be working.
      5.8   Discussion with personnel committee re: salary package and moving

                                               S/Hiring/Hiring Package/Sample Timeline for Hiring Pastoral Staff
6. Decision to hire by appropriate body made

7. Extending call
      6.1 Personnel Committee to finalize salary package and make an offer
      6.2 Salary offer confirmed and accepted in writing.
      6.3 Set up time frame for start date
      6.4 Cover off denominational requirements, informing district leadership.

                                            S/Hiring/Hiring Package/Sample Timeline for Hiring Pastoral Staff

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