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                                                        December 2002
                The newsletter that specializes in helping you earn more as a professional newsletter writer.
                    It is heavily tilted towards giving you project ideas to use ‘as is’ or in combination
                       with your own unique ideas. Available by subscription only or free to students
                                       on the “Secrets Of Successful Newsletters” course.

                      Hot Off the desk of Richard Clarke, head of Proscript.
                               Special Mini Quote Of The Month…

                            “Only a mediocre writer is always at his best.”

                                                 Somerset Maugham

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Dear Reader,

Every day we are faced with making thousands of                   independent spirit.
small and large choices which all add to the sum total of
how rich our life is. We can propel our lives into                David thinks Helen’s a pain in the neck point of view.
success at turbo speed by understanding how to make the
right choices.                                                    Helen bought herself two new dresses. It’s a waste of
    You already know that, ‘thinking makes it so.’ What           money.
we think (believe in) becomes reality. But although we
know this fundamental truth, perhaps because it’s so              David wants to prove that Helen’s an angel.
simple, and the environment around us is so negative
and failure-orientated, it can be hard to grasp this              Helen is careful about her appearance. She showers, re-
wisdom.                                                           touches her make-up and changes into clean clothes. I
    Here’s a quick scenario which shows how what a                think she’s wonderful and still sexy.
person thinks, colours the results.
    Helen and David are a typical couple in their mid-            David thinks Helen’s a pain in the neck point of view.
30’s, living in a suburb of London. David can prove that
Helen’s a pain in the neck or an angel.                           Helen hasn’t a clue about how hard I work. She never
                                                                  asks me how my day was, because she’s too wrapped up
David thinks Helen’s a pain in the neck point of view.            in her own world and selfish to care about me.

Sometimes when I ring Helen from work, she’s not at               David wants to prove that Helen’s an angel.
home. I get suspicious and wonder what she’s up to.
                                                                  Helen never pressurises me with questions about work.
David wants to prove that Helen’s an angel.                       Instead, she greets me with a smile and a kiss content for
                                                                  me to tell her about my day when I’ve had time to relax
Helen often pops out during the day to buy ingredients            and unwind…
for a special meal. She’s a great cook. I adore her
    Interesting isn’t it? Helen’s actions are exactly the     was wasting her time with the Harry Potter stories, that
same in both cases, but the different results come from      they would never catch on and that magic stories had
David’s different viewpoints. He can believe Helen to        been done a thousand times already? Joanne’s agent
be either a pain in the neck or an angel; his thinking       warned her that authors of children’s books never make
makes it one way or the other.                               much money and sixty-four publishers turned down
    This law applies to any person or situation. Think       Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!
something is a tragedy and it will become one. Think             If you really believe your idea is fantastic, then don’t
your boss is lower than a rat and he is.                     allow anyone to make you think otherwise. While they
    If enough people tell you that your great idea is a      are busy listing the reasons why it won’t work, sit down
stupid one that will never catch the imagination of the      and write out a list of why it WILL work!
marketplace, and if you start believing that, it will
become reality – because once you stop focusing your
attention on making it work, your actions will slow          Richard Clarke
down and procrastination will take over.                     Head of Proscript Limited
    I wonder how many people told Joanne Rowling she

                       Ideas That Create Success…
                        “It’s All Down To YOU!”

With plunging stock markets,             has nothing to do with you.             pause and ask, “What have I
                                                                                 contributed to produce this
concerns over pensions, we               What people don’t realise is that
                                         by continually blaming ‘them’           result?” And then more
have plenty of things to keep us
                                         you are actually preventing             importantly, ask, “What can I
awake at night! But a lot of us
                                         yourself from moving forward,           do to put it right or stop it
have more mundane things to
                                         trapped in a spiral of negativity,      happening again?”
get worked up about – the
                                         forever the victim. All success-        Always take responsibility for
advertising campaign which
                                         focused people take personal            what you have in your life and
doesn’t appear to be working,
                                         responsibility for the events that      give yourself the opportunity
margins getting squeezed, the
                                         happen to them, for the                 and permission to grow. Be
customer who took up hours of
                                         decisions they take. They               responsible for your own
your time and never bought
                                         understand that by not taking           success!
anything, your van breaking
down just when you needed it             responsibility they will never
                                         resolve anything. They have a           Rob Warlow
most, no cash in the Bank!
                                         belief that everything they have        Small Business Success
Who is to blame for all of these
misfortunes? The usual                   in life, good or bad, is as a
response is the Government, the          result of their actions. As a
tax man, the ungrateful                  result, they never stop still; they
customer, the mechanic, your             never pause to lay blame; they
next door neighbour, your                are continually moving forward,
partner. Everyone else in the            not being held back by ‘them’.
world is to blame except …               So what can you do to start
you! All too quickly you try and         accepting responsibility for
find someone else to blame for           what happens in your life and
our little problems in life. You         regain control? Next time,
find reasons to justify why it           before you start blaming others
                        The Cutting Edge Reporter
                               “Incredible Credibility”
                                (Try saying that really fast ten times!!)

Hello! My name is Craig             build knowledge.                    members (or whatever your
Austin and I consult with a         The secret to a newsletter          objective is) through
number of people who publish        success is that it can lift the     recommendation alone. So
monthly newsletters around the      credibility of your organization    you’re going to need an
country.                            over all your rivals.               alternative model to work from.
    Richard has asked me to                                             A newsletter is that model and
write a regular column here for     The Secret is to Build Trust        resource!
you on cutting edge information                                              By publishing a newsletter,
in the newsletter field. This            Think for one moment           rather than another sales
month I would like to start with    about the biggest factor that       brochure, you will build
the crucially important task of     encourages people to buy or         credibility, inform your
building oodles of credibility      join one organization over          potential clients, and most
and trust, which as you may or      another. The answer is “trust”.     critically of all - develop vital
may not know, is necessary for           People go with                 trust between you and your
the profitability of any            organizations that they trust or    potential marketplace.
newsletter.                         they know from somewhere.
    A newsletter is the greatest    It’s just human nature! But let’s   Trust Builds Through
credibility building marketing      see why?                            Communication.
tool known to man.                       Imagine for a moment you
    Re-read that sentence and       require an electrician or a             So we now know that
think about it for a moment…        plumber to do some work in          building trust is vital and the
    The public has grown            your home. Who do you turn to       simple lesson is that the
cynical of glossy self-             if you don’t have a regular         absolute key to building trust is
congratulatory brochures and        person you use? Nine out of ten     great communication. And I
sales marketing letters.            times you’ll turn to a family       can’t think of a better
Consider for a moment how           member of close associate for a     communication tool, than a
many times, on average, per         recommendation of an                newsletter!
week you receive a brochure or      electrician or plumber that they
a letter through your mail trying   used recently and were happy            Next month I will be
to sell you additional credit       with. Why is this? The answer       continuing on these lines of
cards.                              is that we’ll trust the             discussion. Month by month
    Most the time you just rip      recommendation far more than        you will start to build on your
them up without a glance -          we’ll trust somebody who we         knowledge of the newsletter
right?                              located via the Yellow Pages.       industry and how it
    In short people have grown           Don’t think that the above     works…inside out!
accustomed to receiving sales       situation only exists in home
based marketing material.           life. No, it exists in business         See you next month…
    But a newsletter is different   and all other environments. We
- completely different…             always prefer to work on
    That’s because a newsletter     recommendation - we always
doesn’t appear to seek to sell      look for an organization or         Craig Austin
you anything as its first and       individual that we can trust.
primary objective. Instead it            Now the chances are that
seeks to inform, to educate, to     you cannot win sufficient work,
                       Simple Business Ideas To
                          Start You Thinking

Ambitious Musician                  Investor Letter                     Stories For Cash
Monthly                                                                 Letter
                                    Found and run a school of
                                    investment as a newsletter. Give    Bring out a newsletter about
Bring out a newsletter for
                                    tuition to solo students and        how to write short stories for
ambitious, amateur musicians.
                                    groups about different types of     profit. Sell this newsletter from
This publication might include
                                    investments such as shares, gilt-   newspaper and magazine ads
ads from: i) employers seeking
                                    edged securities, unit trusts,      and charge anything up to the
musicians; ii) retailers selling
                                    USM, antiques, stamps, art, etc.    average weekly wage (paid in
equipment, accessories and
                                    For each area of investment         installments) depending on the
supplies; (iii) people selling
                                    prepare lesson plans and follow     contents of the newsletter.
used equipment. Also print
                                    these closely.
interesting editorial

                                                                        The Poet’s Guide
Sleep Aid Letter                    Harley D Letter
                                    Set up a newsletter business
Create a newsletter which                                               Produce a newsletter about how
                                    which sells motorcycle
specialises in selling products                                         to write good poetry. If most
                                    memorabilia. Put together a
which help people sleep. The                                            poets received a small amount
                                    catalogue of motor cycle
products you sell from this                                             of tuition about how to compose
                                    memorabilia which includes:
newsletter might include: sleep                                         poems their work would
                                    videos, films, posters,
inducing cassettes, special                                             improve dramatically. Sell the
                                    photographs, books, instruction
bedtime clothing, herbal pillows                                        newsletter by advertising in
                                    booklets, old magazines and
and how to sleep well booklets.                                         women’s magazines.
                                    newspapers, etc. Advertise your
Company names might be
                                    catalogue in motorcycle
something like ‘Sleepwell’,
‘Sleeptight’ etc

                                                                        Comic Enthusiast
                                    Trade Letter                        Letter
Easy Money Monthly                  Publish a monthly newsletter        Begin a newsletter which deals in
                                    for one trade such as               new and old American and
Publish a newsletter which has      newsagents, grocers, hair           British comics. This business
a title like ‘Ambitious Person’s    salons, book sellers, etc. Each     might: 1) sell comics by post from
Way to Wealth’ or ‘Clever           issue should give: trade news,      your newsletter; 2) operate a
People Don’t Work Hard’. The        management tips, suggestions        comics of the month club for
contents of your newsletter         for improving sales, etc.           specialised collectors
might be in a vein similar to Joe   Organise a direct mail
Karbo’s ‘The Lazy Man’s Way         campaign to recruit subscribers
to Riches’.                         to your newsletter.
                               “Nostalgia” (Copy)
Here’s a recap on last month’s       streams, green grassy fields,      5. No spelling errors please.
competition…                         friendly faces, their homes and
                                     bountiful orchards. It was like    6. In times new roman
     Before I tell you about the     their minds where trying to shut      typeface if possible.
details of this competition I        out the immediate situation and
would like to sincerely thank        replace it with something much          That shouldn’t give you any
you for your entry into last         more pleasant and appealing.       trouble, should it?
time’s ‘weird’ competition. (If      This symptom was named                  The winner will get £50 and
you entered). The quality of         ‘Nostalgia’. By whom, I don’t      a chance to write further articles
work I received was of a high        quite know, but wow, what a        for money. There is no second
standard and you should really       word to think up!                  prize because…well…there’s
start looking for an idea for a          That’s where the name          no room to print it, but I will
newsletter (or a manual) as soon     comes from…                        consider giving paid work to
as possible. I mean, why waste           So… for this competition, I    you if you come second.
all that talent? Put it to some      would like you to write between         The winner’s article will
use and make a better life for       600 – 800 words about              appear in February’s issue
yourself!                            something from your past that is   along with the winner’s details
     This time’s competition has     pleasant and appealing. It would   if the winner requests this. If
been given the title of              be something that would make       you market your own
‘Nostalgia’. What actually is        you say, “Ah. What a lovely        newsletter, please add a small
nostalgia?                           thought!” Something that brings    paragraph describing your
     The word ‘Nostalgia’ was        the memories flooding back.        publication and I’ll run it.
invented back in Victorian           Something that you can still            The deadline for this
times when groups of men used        vividly imagine today.             competition is January 10th
to climb aboard a piece of           Something that strikes a chord.    2002. Any entries received after
floating wood (or a ship as they     And maybe even something that      this date will be returned.
used to call it!) and head out on    brings a tear to your eyes.        Sorry! Although exceptional
a near suicide mission to                                               articles may be considered even
find…erm…whatever they                  However…                        if slightly late.
found. (crazy I know!)                                                       Even if you don’t have a go
     The voyages in these ships          Your story must be within      at this competition, it’ll get your
would sometimes last the best        the following guidelines:          brain whizzing back to some
part of a year and as a result the                                      pleasant time in your past, I’m
crew would start to suffer from      1. There must be a beneficial      sure.
illnesses caused by lack of             lesson within your story.            The purpose of these
essential nutrients and water.                                          competitions is to get you to
Can you imagine seeing enough        2. It must be at least a little    start (if you haven’t already)
water to sail a ship on but not         bit scary in places.            writing. Once you start, you get
being able to drink it? It’s bad                                        better and better until…you’re
enough when I haven’t had a          3. It must use the structure       top notch!
cup of tea for two hours!!              PISDuPS as close as
     One of the symptoms of             possible.                       Good luck,
these illnesses was a dream like
state where the victim would         4. It must have an                 Richard Clarke
vividly imagine running                 emotionally appealing
               The Creativity Page
      “Cornerstones Of Creativity” Part 2 of 4
Okay, last month in this            the birth of ideas. If you think,   increased in number. I then
section we discussed creative       “Yes! I truly believe that my       write the new ideas down.
input as one of the four            mind will come up with the          Sometimes I find that taking a
cornerstones of creativity. This    goodies.” Then surprise,            nice warm bath can let these
month we are going to continue      surprise it will. Not instantly     ideas surface.
on the creativity adventure         though. It takes time. Not               When I think I’ve got
with…the period of gestation!       forever either. You’ll be           enough down on paper I
     Firstly what is gestation?     shocked at how quickly your         consider the gestation period
The good old dictionary defines     mind can process things. And        over and move on to the next
gestation as “The carrying of       this gets faster and faster with    cornerstone, which will be
young in the womb between           practice.                           discussed next month.
conception and birth.” Let’s            So believe it!                       So… to recap. To create
take the keywords of that               Now, during this gestation      something you must input the
definition: Carrying between        period your mind will present       raw materials necessary to
conception and birth. Now, if       ideas to you at odd moments.        create it. Then you must allow
we take conception as the           Write these ideas down. I           your mind to gestate the raw
creative input (discussed last      cannot stress this enough.          materials into more of a ‘unique
month) and birth as the output      Wherever you are, whatever          to you’ concept. This takes a
of ideas then the bit in between    you’re doing, write down any        little time, especially at first, but
is the period where ideas are       ideas down. Why? Because            with practice will get faster and
formed in the mind.                 these ideas that pop up at odd      faster.
     Your mind is infinitely        moments are your key words               But what’s next? Surely
powerful and can rearrange the      that you are going to use in the    that’s it isn’t it? Not quite.
creative input into something       work you want to do.                There are two more
that you understand. This takes         What happens with me is         cornerstones to discuss and
time. I.e. the gestation period.    this. I input the raw materials     those will be explained in the
     Before I move on let me tell   for the work I want to do. (I.e.    next two months.
you that you have complete          reading) Then I wait for a few           Thank you for listening,
control over the success or         hours and then think about it for   have a great Christmas and I’ll
failure of this period. If you      five minutes. After this five       see you in January next year…
think, “I can’t get my head         minutes, I completely forget
round this.” then that              about the work. Every now and
‘command’ will go into your         then I go back to those thoughts
mind and effectively prevent        and find that they have             __________________________________________________________

                                                                        Richard Clarke
                                                                        Committed to helping you earn more!

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