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December 20, 2006

Ms. Elizabeth Novak
Recruiting Coordinator
PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting
11 Madison Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Dear Ms. Novak:

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Will Melson after the September 22nd Duke Corporate
Presentation. I spoke with him again after the December 6th PricewaterhouseCoopers corporate
visit where I learned even more about your firm. Mr. Melson’s compelling description of PwC
couple with my desire to work in such a dynamic environment convinced me to apply for
PricewaterhouseCoopers Analyst position.

I sharpened my leadership and decision-making skills while supporting operations for an
industrial supply company over three summers. The environment was fast-paced and intense,
thus I was constantly analyzing data to determine the root causes of given problems. I would
then identify and evaluate all possible alternatives before suggesting solutions. Most of these
decisions had to be quick, concise and clearly conveyed to people at all organizational levels. As
a result of my efforts, the company was able to save over $25K in material costs. During my
tenure, I was often praised for thinking about problems innovatively and for never losing sight of
the “big picture.” These skills will definitely aid me in consulting.

At Duke, I continue to look for leadership opportunities within a team setting. In the Small
Business Consulting Program, I currently lead a team of four classmates redesigning marketing,
sales, and distribution strategies for one of North Carolina’s largest microbreweries. I am also
deeply involved in Habitat for Humanity and have been an active member of the team working
on building the Fuqua House.

Please consider me for your January 19th closed interview schedule when I can discuss my
qualifications with you. Should you need to contact me, I can be reached at (919) 555-5555 or Thank you for your consideration.


Alfred Jones

December 10, 2005

Ms. Alice Wonderland
Senior Recruiting Coordinator
Bain & Company
The Monarch Tower, Suite 1
1234 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta GA 30326

Dear Ms. Wonderland: [colon, not comma]

After hearing from Alex Newman and Sean Halliwell about Bain & Company’s innovative and results-
focused culture, I am writing to apply for an analyst position. I believe you will find my consulting
experience and personal strengths would align with Bain’s excellent traditions.

        • Analytical Ability - A finance degree from Notre Dame, a 740 GMAT and current 4.0 GPA
        at Fuqua demonstrate my academic success. At A.C. Nielsen BASES, I analyzed consumer
        response data and advised clients on how to improve their product brand strategy. This year, as a
        Kauffman Scholar with Sustainable Jobs Fund, a venture capital firm, I am strengthening my
        quantitative skills. Specifically, I have mastered preparing term sheets, performing investment
        due diligence and estimating private equity returns.
        • Initiative - While teaching high school in Belize, I founded VOICE (Volunteers Offering
        Introductory Computer Education). Using computers and volunteer teachers from the day school,
        we created a self-sustaining evening education program, helping over 70 Belize adults learn basic
        computer and word processing skills. These skills improved their ability to find employment.
        • Leadership - At BASES I led a cross-functional group redesigning core tasks that streamlined
        the deliverable process. For example, we helped assure continuity of quality by developing client-
        specific relationships in the support departments. We then transferred the redesigned quality
        process to newly trained staff, freeing the analysts to spend more time solving clients’ problems.
        In recognition of my leadership ability to bridge gaps between departments, senior management
        honored me with the Partnership Award, which commends employees whose “long term
        initiatives strengthen our organization.”

While I am applying to the Atlanta office, I am also interested in the Dallas and Madrid offices, or
wherever Bain can best use my skills. I would appreciate an interview on January 31st to further discuss
my relevant experience. Should you need any additional information, please contact me at (919) 123-5555
or . Thank you for your consideration.


Cindy Smith

December 18, 2006

Andrew Priftis
Marketing Manager
BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.
675 West Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, GA 30375

Dear Mr Priftis:

I enjoyed speaking to Lisa Fox and Stephanie Safran at the Duke Career Fair, and to you at your
October 1 on-campus presentation. As an MMS student, I seek opportunities to develop and
market exciting, powerful technologies, such as those found at BellSouth. As I shared with you
in October, I believe BellSouth’s new Project PRIDE program would leverage my talent for
technology and passion for marketing to quickly generate benefits for BellSouth and its
customers. In fact, its emphasis on consumer and small business marketing mirrors my
experience at the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA).

At CEMA I served as an industry spokesperson for manufacturers and was quoted extensively in
the media. I analyzed markets in which BellSouth is active, including wireless phones and
Internet products, and worked closely with top executives of member companies developing
media promotion plans for new products. Additionally, I helped to manage media coverage of
the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which draws 100,000 people from around
the world. During my tenure at CEMA, I built a solid knowledge base about the retail technology

The excellent management and teamwork skills I developed at CEMA and while at Duke will
help me contribute to BellSouth’s growth as a global telecommunications leader. I would
appreciate being included in your January 28 closed interview list. If you would like to reach me
before then, please feel free to call (919) 489-7256, or e-mail Thank you
for your consideration.


Jason Doe

December 4, 2006

Mr. John Salisbury
National Director of Recruiting
Deloitte Consulting
First Union Capitol Center, Suite 1800
150 Fayetteville Street Mall
Raleigh, NC 27602

Dear Mr. Salisbury:

I am a MMS student at the Fuqua School of Business, and I would like to be included on your
Associate interview closed list for January 19, 2006.

I enjoyed attending Deloitte’s presentation at Duke, and then meeting Ms. Roopa Foley in New
York, where she graciously hosted me at your offices. I was impressed with your firm’s team-
oriented environment that not only gets better results for Deloitte clients, but also allows your
firm’s consultants to enjoy their work. I further appreciate Deloitte’s decision not to require early
specialization; this clearly illustrates Deloitte’s broad-minded approach to today’s complex
business environment.

At Ford Motor Company, I developed the core competencies needed to succeed in a rigorous,
team oriented environment. My assignments at Ford took place at a local level, providing me
with diverse responsibilities and independence. For example, as a Regional Growth Specialist
and team member of Ford’s newest initiative, Around the Wheel, I organized regional meetings
and implemented process changes at numerous dealerships. I also contributed to dealership
strategy teams, representing Ford’s perspective and developing creative market-specific ideas.

Much like the Deloitte environment, keen analysis played a vital role in the Ford project. For
example, I worked on the company’s annual business plan by analyzing the Long Island car
market, Ford’s worst performing market in the nation. Since I interacted regularly within our
network of dealerships, relationship building became a crucial part of my core competencies.

Again, I would appreciate being included on your Associate interview closed list. Should you
wish to contact me, I can be reached at (919) 444-5558. Thank you for your consideration.


Joe Student

December 2, 2006

Mr. Steve Cassi
Product Director
Hewlett Packard
4380 South County Road 9, MS 72
Fort Collins, CO 80525-9790

Dear Steve:

I enjoyed meeting you at the Duke Career Fair and seeing you again at the Hewlett Packard
presentation. As we discussed, the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology product
development and marketing is a fascinating place to work. I am convinced that I possess the
creativity, quick thinking, and sharp customer focus required to succeed in this industry.
I am very interested in the marketing internship opportunities at HP and would like to be
considered for your closed list.

Prior to attending Fuqua, I obtained work experience in Marketing at Eli Lilly and Company. I
am very interested in applying this experience in the high tech industry. The business knowledge
I am gaining through my Masters of Management Studies education, in combination with the
following skills, put me in a position to contribute significantly to the marketing of Hewlett
Packard’s products.

       • Strong leadership skills: As a Consumer Research Analyst, I led a consumer
       segmentation study that clarified our brand’s strategy and improved the effectiveness of
       marketing interventions. This resulted in an enhanced annual Return On Investment
       (ROI) from break-even to over $1 million.
       • Ability to initiate and implement change: As part of a newly formed Consumer
       Market Research organization, I recognized the need to quickly define optimal research
       methods across brands. I led a five-member Market Research Team that shared research
       learnings and improved our ability to recommend marketing interventions and measure
       their impact.
       • Teamwork and interpersonal skills: Throughout my work experience, I have been a
       member of several teams. As a Project Engineer, I enjoyed working with technicians,
       utilizing their expertise to improve business processes. While partnering with a group of
       technicians who developed equipment procedures, I implemented streamlining initiatives
       that improved customer service and reduced our procedure backlog by 40%.

I hope to be invited to your January 11 closed interview schedule at Duke. Should you wish to
contact me, I can be reached at (919) 322-1111 or .

Thank you for your consideration.


Mimi James


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