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									Waycross Career Center

                               CUSTODIAL SERVICES

Site Inspection

       The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) is seeking bids for custodial services
       located at 600 Plant Ave., Waycross, Ga. 31501. The site has a gross square
       footage of 15,434. The purpose of Custodial Service is to provide a high level of
       maintenance by performing specific tasks as necessary to ensure the Facility(s)
       included in the Specifications are maintained in a safe, attractive, clean, sanitary
       and operable manner at all times. The work will comply with all conditions and
       requirement found in other parts of these Custodial Specifications. Bidders shall
       carefully examine the premises and conditions affecting the work. Failure to do
       so may render the bid invalid, and will not entitle the bidder to any additional
       compensation for conditions not observed.

II.    Minimum Bidder Requirements:

            One year of management experience in the business industry
            Have and maintain three months of working capital based upon bid price
             in a financial institution. (Verification prior to contract execution for
             successful bidder)
            Current Business License
            Current Liability Insurance Certification

III.   Submission Requirements:

            Provide evidence of previous management position/experience held
            Provide evidence of at least one (1) year in Business under current
             Business name. (Copies of previous years expired Business license can be
            Provide a Letter of Guarantee from a financial institution verifying that
             your company has three months of working capital (prior to contract
            Provide at least three (3) Professional/Business references (Include a
             name, current phone number and summary of services)
            Copy of Current Business License
            Copy of Current Insurance Certification on Acord Form, which will
             include a name and phone number of the Agent to verify information.
            Request for Quote (page 1 of 5)
            Bid Continuation Form (page 5 of 5)

All items above need to be provided in order for consideration as a responsive bidder.

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Waycross Career Center

IV.   Purpose

      Work under this service Contract consists of furnishing all labor, material, tools,
      equipment, supervision, insurance and incidentals necessary to perform custodial
      services and light maintenance as indicated in these Custodial Specifications. The
      Contractor shall provide and manage personnel who are to perform the complete
      operation and maintenance activities as specified five days a week Monday
      through Friday, herein to ensure the facilities are maintained in a safe, attractive,
      clean, sanitary and operable manner. The work shall include: Custodial Service
      which includes Building/Restroom, Interior/Break Rooms, and other offices
      located within the facility. Contractor shall inspect the facility and consult with
      the manager regarding janitorial maintenance services at the facility weekly.

      It will be the Contractors responsibility to provide adequate staffing to fulfill the
      terms of the Contract. Primary responsibility of on-duty personnel shall be to
      maintain the facility in accordance with the contract. The Contractor shall at all
      times, have on the work site as the Contractor’s agent, a competent, English
      speaking on-site lead custodian, thoroughly experienced in the type of work being
      performed. The Contractor shall provide, at the first pre-working meeting, phone
      numbers and names of personnel (Supervisor) designated to be contacted during
      business hours. The Contractor’s response shall not be more than 4 hours from the
      Department’s initial contact.

V.    Scope of Work

          Daily Cleaning:

          a. FLOORS:
                All composition (tile) floors shall be dust mopped with chemically
                  treated mop.
                Damp mop spills and stains on uncarpeted floors with a lightly
                  dampened synthetic mop.
                Heavy or wet soil can be removed by spot-mopping with a detergent
                  solution and a well-wrung mop.
                All scuff marks shall be removed, waxed and buffed daily

          b. CARPET:
                Clean all walk-off mats. Use an upright beater-type vacuum to
                  remove the loose dirt from carpet-type mats. If mats are soiled with
                  mud or oily dirt, remove and replace them with clean mats if
                  applicable. Vacuum underneath mats if soiled.

                  The high traffic patterns on carpeted floors should be vacuumed
                   daily as well as other areas.        While vacuuming, note the
                   requirements for spot removal and remove as many spots as possible
                   from the carpeting.

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          c. RESTROOMS:
                Wet mop the rest room floor with cleaner/disinfectant solution.
                Clean and sanitize, interior and exterior of all fixtures, including
                  toilets, urinals and lavatories.
                Clean and dry polish all chrome fitting.
                Clean mirrors with glass cleaner from a spray bottle and a clean, lint-
                  free cloth.
                All walls and partitions shall have smudges and spots removed
                  daily. Empty waste into waste collection container. Clean waste
                  receptacles inside and out with a cleaner/disinfectant solution from a
                  spray bottle and a damp cloth. Replace any heavily soiled or
                  damaged liners.
                Replenish all dispensers to normal level (tissue and paper towels);
                  provide by the site however, floor cleaner, wax, trash can the
                  Contractor shall provide liners and trash bags

                Empty all waste receptacles. Spot-clean the containers with a soft
                 cloth and detergent solution. Replace soiled, torn, or worn liners.
                 When emptying the waste receptacles, hold them low over the
                 collection container to keep from scattering dust. Also, do not ever
                 put your hands into the trash. It may contain sharp objects that will
                 cut you.
                All ashtrays shall be emptied and damp wiped daily
                All sand urns shall be screened daily

          e. GLASS:
                Use a soft cloth and glass cleaner to clean all glass in adjoining door
                  and partitions. The glass cleaner should be in a plastic, pistol-grip
                  spray bottle. You can also clean slightly soiled door hardware, door
                  facings, and door material with the glass cleaner and soft cloth. Be
                  sure to dry all metal surfaces thoroughly to prevent rusting., If these
                  surfaces are extremely soiled, you may have to use a general purpose
                  detergent to remove the soil.
                Exterior windows shall be spot cleaned as needed daily

           f. BREAK ROOMS:
                  Damp clean and sanitize counters, tabletops and chairs.
                  Empty trash receptacles and reline as needed.
                  Spot-clean all doors, cabinets, and walls with a cloth and
                   cleaner/disinfectant solution from a plastic spray bottle.
                  Sweep and wet mop the floor with a cleaner/disinfectant solution.
                   (Rinse the floor with clear water once a week.)

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           g. MISCELLANEOUS:
                   All private offices and reception area shall be given special
                    attention in keeping with the various types of decorations and

                     All emergency cleaning necessary to keep the premise in first
                      class condition that might arise during the day’s operation will
                      be performed during the daily cleaning, notwithstanding that
                      such cleaning is required weekly or monthly under the scope of

              h. LOBBY AND COMMON AREAS:
                    Clean porches, patios, and walkways immediately adjacent to the
                     entrances of the entrances of the building.
                    Use a stiff bristled broom (concrete broom) to sweep off exterior
                     stairs and walks.
                    Empty trash receptacle and reline as needed, remove trash to
                     designated area.
                    Spot clean doors, walls, interior glass and woodwork.
                    Vacuum carpeted floors.
                    Sweep and mop or spot mop composition tile floors.
                    Clean all water fountains with a cleaner-disinfectant solution and
                     a soft cloth. Use percolator brush and the cleaner-disinfectant
                     solution to clean water drains and spouts. Wipe all polished metal
                     surfaces dry with a clean, dry cloth to prevent water spotting.

             Weekly Cleaning

              a.   FLOORS:
                      Mop with detergent solution and wax all uncarpeted composite
                       tile floors. Rinse with a mop and clear water when needed, but
                       no fewer than once a week. (It may be necessary to mop more
                       frequently according to the type of weather and the amount of
                       traffic in and out of the building.)

             b.    RESTROOMS
                      All walls and partitions shall be washed with disinfectant
                      Rinse the floor with clear water to prevent detergent residue from
                       accumulating; burnish all resilient tile floors.

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                 Special Cleaning Requirements

             a. DUSTING:
                    All desks, bookcases, tables, file cabinets, computers, copy
                     machines, and any other furnishings shall be dusted weekly.
                    All window ledges, blinds, moldings, chair rails and
                     baseboards will be dusted weekly.
                    All high ledges, moldings, tops of doors shall be dusted
                    All supply room shelving shall be dusted monthly.
                    All enclosed storage areas shall be dusted and/or vacuumed as
                     requested, but not less than once every three (3) months.
                    All free hanging light fixtures shall be dusted monthly.
                    All enclosed, hinged light fixtures shall be opened. Cleaned of
                     dust and debris every six (6) months

                 b. CARPET:
                       All carpet shall be shampooed and cleaned, upon request, at a
                         price quoted by the Contractor and accepted by the GDOL.
                         This is a separate service to be invoiced separately by the

VI.    Storage

       Should the site provide storage space, the Contractor assumes full, complete and
       nondelegable responsibility for the security of the equipment and/or material
       stored and for determining that the material stored will not overload the floor
       system (if applicable). Any damage to the structure as a result of the Contractor
       overloading the floor shall be repaired by the Contractor at no cost to the Owner.

VII.   Daily Custodial Checklist

       Responsibilities: The Georgia Department of Labors’ Manager(s) or designated
       representative, hereafter referred to as the “ Manager”, will monitor and inspect
       daily the work for compliance using the Daily Custodial Checklist and the
       designated Contract Specialist will administer the terms and conditions. If any
       discrepancies are found the manager shall note the checklist and contact the
       contractor concerning the discrepancies, so they may be corrected. The contractor
       shall make every effort to correct the discrepancies upon notification. Both
       parties shall sign-off on the Checklist daily or weekly and the Manager shall
       maintain copies in a file. If the issue cannot be resolved by the parties, then the
       Checklist shall be forwarded to the Contract Specialist for appropriate action.
       The Contract Specialist is located at the Georgia Department of Labor General
       Office located at 148 Andrew Young International Boulevard, Suite 112, Atlanta,
       GA 30303, Phone: 404-232-3411. Failure to correct deficiencies may result in a
       deduction of the contractor’s monthly invoice pro-rated per day for services not

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      rendered.     When      called    upon      for     Specification  intent,   GDOL
      interpretation/decision will be final. In all instances, GDOL will be the sole judge
      of the cleanliness and operability of the facility(s). It is GDOL’s intent to offer
      fair judgment on all matters concerning contract specifications and compliance

VIII. Access Control And Contact Information

      Keys and if applicable alarm codes will be provided to the contractor and shall not
      be reproduced or distributed without written approval from the Agency. Upon
      completion and or cancellation of the contract all keys will be returned within 24
      hours of contract termination. If not, the cost to replace the lock(s) and key(s) may
      be deducted from the final invoice.

      The contractor shall provide a listing of staff personnel that will have access to the
      facility. This list shall be updated and provided to the manager within 24 hours as
      personnel changes occur. The contractor shall provide visible identification
      (examples: uniforms, badges, etc.) for employees that access the facility.

      The contractor shall provide a valid phone number that can be accessed during
      business hours. Failure to maintain a valid phone number may place the contract
      in a “default” standing. The contractor shall respond to calls from the manager or
      designee within 4 hours of contact, unless otherwise specified.

IX.   Contractor Employee

      Safety and Training: Safety is the responsibility of the Contractor. All equipment
      and materials will be handled and operated safely per manufacturer
      recommendations and in accordance with all applicable codes, laws ordinances
      and regulations. Contractor is responsible for the training of all employees both
      initially and on going as deemed critical to the effective operation of this contract.
      Contractor shall be responsible for the training of employees on first aid and
      compliance with OSHA regulations pertaining to Blood borne Pathogens,
      specifically as that standard relates to equipment, cleanup procedures and
      disposal. The local Contractor supervisor shall conduct adequate on-site training
      of custodial staff. An on site meeting shall be held between all interested parties.
      The purpose of this meeting is to provide an opportunity for Contractor and
      GDOL personnel to come to a clear understanding of the contract requirements,
      expectations, and address any unique aspects of the particular facility(s).

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X.    Terms And Definitions

             Clean: Free of impurities or foreign matter not normally a part of the
             original component and, if necessary, eliminating objectionable odors.

             Damp Wipe: Damp wipe shall mean wiping with a damp cloth moistened
             with detergent water followed by wiping with clean water and leaving
             object free of debris, smudges, dust and stains.

             Detergent Water: Detergent water shall mean a mixture of detergent and
             clean water in the proper proportion to satisfactorily accomplish the
             cleaning task.

             Dry Mop: Dry mop shall mean the use of dust mop to clean the floor
             surfaces of debris, dust, and dirt which can normally be removed by this

             Dust: Dust shall mean the removal of dust from the surfaces of office
             furnishings, sills, ledges, and objects with a dusting tool or cloth.

             Dust Mop: Dust mop shall mean what is commonly termed as “dry
             mop”, of a size satisfactory for office cleaning. No treatment is to be

             Rinse: Rinse shall mean that the removal of soap or other cleaning
             material with clear water.

             Safe: A condition free of hazards and not having a potential for personal
             injury or harm.

             Sanitary: Promoting healthful conditions by the elimination of dirt,
             agents of disease or infection through ventilation, cleansing with
             disinfectants, or disposals of wastes.

             Operable: Capable of being used as originally intended.

             Scrub: The use of brushes, sponges, or mops with soap and clean water
             or other approved cleaning materials to produce a clean surface.

             Shampoo: Shampoo shall mean the cleaning of rugs and carpet using an
             approved liquid or dry cleaning compound prepared for this purpose and
             by methods as recommended by the manufacturer of the object, material
             or surface to be shampooed.

             Spot Clean: Selective cleaning of identified areas based on conditions of
             the moment. Brought up to standard as identified under “Clean” above.

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             Sweep: Sweep shall mean the removal of debris and dirt from the
             surfaces of floors and sidewalks with a broom.

             Vacuum: Vacuum shall mean that the surface shall be cleaned of debris,
             dirt and dust with a vacuum machine appropriate for the task.

             Weekly: Weekly shall mean that the cleaning shall be completed once
             during each calendar week. Calendar week starts on Saturday at 12:01

             Wet Mop: Wet mop shall mean that the surfaces shall be mopped with
             detergent water and rinsed with clean water as required. Detergent water
             shall be replaced as frequently as required to prevent soil in the water from
             depositing upon the mopped surfaces.

             Facility: Career Centers, Hubs, Regional Offices, U I Tax Office,
             Rehabilitation Services, Exterior and other appurtenances at one location.

             Exterior Areas: Areas outside of buildings and within the right of way
             such as walkway, Designated Smoking areas and waste disposal areas, etc.

             GDOL:     Georgia Department of Labor, also referred to as the

             Manager: Career Center, Hub, Regional Office, U I Tax Office,
              Rehabilitation Services

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