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					       Library & Information Services

                  Using the Library Catalogue

                Part 1:
                Searching the Catalogue

Rachael Hartiss 2008
Searching the
              Basic Search: Author

Type author’s last name and initial into Author box and
                    click on Search.
                   Basic Search: Author

A list of titles by authors with last name and initial matching your
   search terms, will be displayed in alphabetical order of title.
 Basic Search:

    Type the title of a book into the title box and
                   click on Search.

                Matching titles will be
           displayed alphabetically. Click
           on the title you’re interested in
              to display the full record.
Basic Search: Keyword

        Type your search terms into the
       Keyword box. The catalogue will
       automatically combine them with
       and when performing the search.

                  Titles matching your search
                      terms will be displayed
                  alphabetically. Click on the
                   title you’re interested in to
                       display the full record.
                Sorting Results

You can sort results by author, title, or date, and in
        ascending, or descending order.
                               Search Results
A list of all books we hold with the search terms you have entered will be displayed.

        Click on the title you are interested in, to display the full item record.
It is important to look at the full record of the item before going to the shelves,
    as it may be at located another campus, or all copies may be out on loan.
Item Record

        The full bibliographic details of the
         item are listed – e.g. publisher,
                  edition and date.
                        Item Record

  When viewing the detailed item record, you can see the at
 which campus Library the item is located, along with the full
 shelfmark of the item. If items are available, you will need to
  make a note of the shelfmark, including the 3 letter suffix,
                 before going to the shelves.
N.B. If the Shelfmark says Pamphlet, Quick Reference, Study
Loan, or other collections, these may be shelved in a different
place to the main collection. Ask member of Library staff if you
                          are not sure.
                         Item Record

                              If copies are on loan, click show
                           details to display the date each copy is
                              due back, and see if anyone has
                                          reserved it.

The Loan type – Short Loan, Ordinary Loan, Reference, Study Loan and
                  the number of each is displayed.
Advanced Search: Search Options

                   In Advanced search you can
                      combine authors, titles or
                   keywords with and/or to refine
                           your search.
          Advanced Search: Search Options
               In Advanced search you can…

…search collections
(including external
 catalogues), limit
 search by year, or

                                    …or browse different types
                                             of list.
                               Browse a List: Author

                                             In advanced search choose Author from
                                               the drop down menu, enter a name to
                                            browse a list of authors matching that name.

An index of authors will be displayed,
 with the number of titles we hold by
   each one. Click on an author to
display a list of titles written by them.
                        Browse a List: Keyword

                                         In Advanced Search you
                                          can also select Keyword
                                       from the Browse a list drop-
                                         down menu to search the
                                        index for a single keyword.

 Related keywords
in the index display
at the side, with the
  number of titles.
Click on a keyword
    to display the
   records on that
Browse a List: Classification

                     Browse by Classification by
                    putting in a known shelf number,
                          e.g. 658.404 (Project

                  …this will give you a list of all
                  items classified at the same
                 number, i.e. items on the same
More Search Options

                You can limit your
               search to a particular

                 …or to a particular
               year, or range of years
  Journal SEARCH

        Select Journals from the Collection
           drop-down menu to search the
            Catalogue for Journals only.
                      Journal Search

• Limit the coverage of your search by selecting the
  Journals option from the drop-down menu.

• Search by Title for known items
• Use Keyword for general subject searches.
• Enables you to search for journals at the
  publication-title level, not at the article-title level.
  If you wish to find out about searching for journal articles,
  enquire at the Enquiry Desk about electronic journals and
  databases (there may be workshops on offer), or make an
  appointment with your Subject Librarian.
Journal Search: Title

        Search by Title if you know the
   particular publication you are looking for.
Journal Search: Keyword

      Use Keyword for general subject searches.
Journal Search: Initial Search Results

                             The       link under a title indicates
                           that all, or part of the subscription is
                             available electronically. If you are
                            logged in to the University Network
                           or Student Portal, by clicking on this
                              link, you will be redirected to the
                                 electronic version of the title.

                     Click on the title or Show library
                      holdings to display full record.
                     Journal Search: Full Record

                                        Bibliographic information.

Link to electronic
     journal.                        The full journal record will show
                                      you the location and volume
                                          holdings for the title.

You can look at the Help screens from any part of your
search – you will get tips relating to the screen you are
                   currently viewing.

                              Tips about how to use the
                              catalogue will come up as a
                              new screen – click on the
                              back button to return to the
                              page you were viewing.

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