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					                                                           Stanley Ann Dunham Memorial Scholarship

         Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Application 2011
Application Instructions
Please complete the attached application form to apply for the Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship.
Application must be received by February 28, 2011. Late applications will not be accepted.

Requirement: Applicant must be a young woman enrolled as a senior at Mercer Island High

Send your completed application to:

       Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund

       7683 SE 27th St., #102
       Mercer Island, WA 98040-4124

We look forward to receiving your application. The Selection Committee will consider all
applications confidential.


The Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund Committee
                                                       Stanley Ann Dunham Memorial Scholarship

Personal Information
First Name:_________________        Last Name:___________________________

Address:____________________        Home Phone:_________________________

         ____________________       Cell Phone: __________________________

City: _______________________       E-Mail:______________________________

State: _______ ZIP: ___________

Citizenship Status: _____________

Educational Information
High School: __________________ SAT Math: ________________________

GPA: ________________________ SAT Verbal: ________________________

Graduation in: ________________ SAT Total: _________________________

Class Ranking: _________________

Please include the following documents:

       High school and college course (if applicable) transcripts
       Original essay demonstrating why you deserve the scholarship (see the end of this form)
       Graded writing sample or portfolio of original work
       Letters of reference (2). It is recommended that applicants request the letters of
       reference as early as possible to allow the writer sufficient time to compose quality

The finalists may be interviewed by the Scholarship Selection Committee.
                                                          Stanley Ann Dunham Memorial Scholarship

Extracurricular Activities
Activity                               Roles and Responsibilities

   1. ___________________ __________________________________

   2. ___________________ __________________________________
   3. ___________________ __________________________________
   4. ___________________ __________________________________
   5. ___________________ __________________________________

Family Financial Information
All financial information will remain confidential. Please cross out all Social Security Numbers
with a black marker or sharpie prior to submission.

Please include one of the following:

A. Adjusted Gross Income of Parents or Guardian from previous year's IRS Form 1040

B. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

I hereby certify that the information I have submitted is correct. I authorize the release of this
information to members of the Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Committee and will provide
additional information or verification upon request.

If granted the scholarship, I agree to the publication of my name and likeness by the Stanley
Ann Dunham Scholarship Foundation and agree to the conditions established by this

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Signature: ______________________________________________

Applicant’s Signature: ______________________________________________

Date Submitted: __________________________________________________
                                                  Stanley Ann Dunham Memorial Scholarship

In 500 words or less, tell us why your chosen goals reflect the vision of Stanley Ann
Dunham and how you plan to achieve these goals. This vision includes

        Contributing to productive and respectful intercultural communication
        Supporting culturally sensitive and appropriate economic, political, and social
        empowerment of impoverished and oppressed people, especially women
        Working toward the improvement of the economic and social status of women

Please also discuss any obstacles or challenges you have faced in your life, how you have
overcome those and how that contributes to your hope for this scholarship.

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