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									                                       Spring 2009 Newsletter

                 Jennifer Amyx Earns the Irvine E. Ungerman
                   Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice
                                            By John Francis

The Irvine E. Un-                                    An important aspect of practice in the Law
german Award for                                     Clinic involves an opportunity not often avail-
Excellence in Clinical                               able to law students in other settings – client
Practice is awarded                                  counselling. Jennifer also distinguished herself
twice yearly to legal                                with her skill in this area. She took the time
interns who have                                     to explain in careful and understandable ways
distinguished them-                                  different options available to clients as well as
selves by providing                                  the consequences of each option. Her calm yet
highly competent                                     confident manner placed her clients at ease and
representation to                                    helped them make the best decisions they could.
clients in a manner
exemplifying the ideals of our profession: “pur-     During the Spring semester when Jennifer
suit of the learned art in the spirit of a public    continued in the Clinic as a directed intern, she
service.”                                            demonstrated that our faith in her abilities was
                                                     well-placed. Jennifer and another Clinic intern,
The Fall 2008 semester recipient of the Unger-       Jordan Wills, conducted a jury trial in Prairie
man award is Jennifer Amyx. During her first se-     Band Potowatomi Tribal Court, winning an
mester as a Clinic intern, Jennifer demonstrated     acquittal for their client. Jennifer’s cross exami-
superior lawyering skills, doing so “in the spirit   nation of the prosecution’s first witness was
of public service.” Among her achievements, she      top notch. The true testament to the quality of
honed written advocacy skills, including filing a    Jennifer’s trial skills came from her opposing at-
motion to suppress in one of her cases that led      torney. At the end of the trial, he asked Jennifer
to the eventual dismissal of all charges against     for a copy of her resume! ■
her client.

                  Law Clinic Announces Public Interest Grant
The Law Clinic is pleased to announce a Public       grant which will reimburse the selected recipient
Interest Grant. The Law Clinic faculty is aware      in the amount of four credit hours (credits spent
of the significant debt many incur while in law      participating in Clinic).
school. The impact of student loan debt is made
even worse by the current economic climate. To       The application deadline is November 13, 2009.
help our graduates make decisions about legal        Those who have participated in Law Clinic and
careers in the public interest sector, the Law       are included in the graduating class of 2009 will
Clinic faculty, together with Joel Lauer, Direc-     be the first eligible applicants for the grant. Ap-
tor of Advancement, and Julie Olson, former          plications may be picked up from Debi Schrock
Director of Alumni Services, have created this       in the Law Clinic. ■

                                             Newsletter | Spring 2009 | Page 1
                        What Happens in the Clinic Building?
         Criminal Defense Clinic                            Children and Family Law Clinic

        Jason Konrad, Matt Conley, Joel Dake

Interns working under the supervision of Pro-               Cory Gallagher, Karin Tollefson, Bill Schmidt,
fessor John Francis represent clients in a variety               Lori Lalouette, Richard Courson,
of criminal defense cases and appear in Shawnee                  Maureen Pecinovsky, Brandy Smidt
County District Court, Topeka Municipal Court
and Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation Tribal              Working under the supervision of Professor Ly-
Court. These interns are representing clients           nette Petty, interns focus on family and juvenile
who have criminal charges pending against them          law matters such as divorce, paternity, guardian-
such as shoplifting, DUI, possession of mari-           ship, adoption and Child in Need of Care cases.
juana, theft, driving while suspended and driving       Interns also handle immigration cases to secure
with altered tags and without insurance.                legal status for undocumented abused women
                                                        who are married to U.S. citizens or lawful perma-
   State Tribal Court Practice Clinic                   nent residents. Students also help undocumented
                                                        juveniles in foster care secure legal status when
                                                        their parents are not available.

                                                                   Civil Litigation Clinic

Garett Relph, Jenny Hall, Rebecca Rookstool, Danielle
 Hall, Nathan Easton (not pictured Ashley Larson)

Professor Aliza Organick supervises interns who
are representing individuals in both criminal de-
fense cases and family law matters. These interns          Adam Mack, Michael Sloan, Mark Lippelman,
experience what it is like to handle a diverse case        Nicolas Restituto (not pictured Tiffany Hogan)
load and appear in multiple jurisdictions such as
Shawnee County District Court, Topeka Mu-               Representing clients in a variety of civil mat-
nicipal Court, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation           ters under the supervision of Professor Curtis
Tribal Court, and Kickapoo Nation of Kansas             Waugh, interns experience the challenges of
Tribal Court. The subject matter of their cases         handling such a varied case load and use their in-
include Protection From Abuse, Protection from          terviewing and negotiation skills daily. The types
Stalking, divorce, DUI, driving while suspended,        of cases they handle in Shawnee County District
battery, interference with peace, and disobeying a      Court are landlord/tenant, quiet title actions,
lawful police order.                                    contract disputes, and consumer issues.
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                       What Happens in the Clinic Building?
                                             continued from page 2

            Small Business and                            In the Small Business and Transactional Clinic,
            Transactional Clinic                          interns represent clients who are starting new
                                                          businesses and need assistance with determin-
                                                          ing which type of entity is best for their needs
                                                          as well as representing nonprofit corporations.
                                                          Interns work closely with the business own-
                                                          ers helping them to form a legal entity for their
                                                          business, draft contracts and other documents.
          Yoel Malashock, Stacey Anderson,                They also work with nonprofits to obtain tax-
              Larry Crow, Rebecca Payo                    exempt status. ■

                                         Got Experience?

                     47% of the Class of 2009 will
                   graduate with clinic experience.

             Justice Rosen Presides Over Swearing-in Ceremony

Before beginning their clinical practice, Law Clin-       Eric S. Rosen of the Kansas Supreme Court pre-
ic interns are sworn in during a ceremony which           sided over the ceremony and offered words of
has become a favorite tradition of the Clinic             advice and encouragement to the interns. Justice
faculty. Each semester a local judge or justice is        Rosen spoke to the interns regarding a lawyer’s
invited to preside over the ceremony and admin-           duty to pursue justice and importance of ethical
ister the oath to the interns. This semester Justice      conduct in the profession. ■

                              Justice Rosen administers the oath to Clinic interns.

                                                Newsletter | Spring 2009 | Page 3
         Put On Your Lawyer Hat Before You Write Your Resume

One of the many perks of                                                  tailor their resumes for the job in
enrolling in Clinic is the resume                                         which they are applying.
presentation given by Margann
Bennett, Director of Professional                                         Margann told the interns, “Writ-
Development, every semes-                                                 ing your resume is a legal writing
ter. During her presentation,                                             project, so put on your lawyer
Margann gives advice to Clinic                                            hat before you begin.” Your
interns about how to best draw                                            cover letter and resume are also
attention to their Clinic experi-                                         viewed as writing samples so
ence on their resume and during                                           they should be just as well writ-
interviews. By participating in                                           ten as any writing sample you
Clinic, interns acquire experience      Margann Bennett, Director of      provide to a potential employer.
which is unique and stands out             Professional Development
                                                                          Margann advised interns on the
to potential employers. When                             use of bullets and active voice when writing
an intern is able to highlight this unique experi-       resumes. She also shared her list of law related
ence on their resume, draw attention to it in their verbs and a few examples of resumes and cover
cover letter, and discuss it during an interview,        letters and stressed to everyone the importance
employers really take notice. Margann expanded of a follow-up phone call a week to ten days
on these points by showing the interns how to            after sending a resume to a potential employer. ■

                                   Quote from an Alumnus
                                Stephen R. Allred, Class of 2008
            “[Washburn Law Clinic] gave me the practical
            skills that I would need to practice law. It is the
            skills learned and honed during [my] last year of
            school that gave me every bit of confidence to walk
            into court knowing I could give my client the best
            representation possible. What I learned [in Clinic]
            is what impressed my employer. That enabled this
            fresh from law school attorney to land a job with, in
            my humble opinion, the best criminal defense firm
            in Utah. I have a job that suits me perfectly. I know I would not be here if it
            were not for [the Clinic]. Thank you for all the individual attention you gave
            me to teach me how to be an excellent lawyer.” ■

                                               Newsletter | Spring 2009 | Page 4
                                 Spring 2009 Testimonials

   Karin N. Tollefson, Class of 2009                       Larry Crow, Jr., Class of 2009
“I have learned so                                   “For all students who
much practicing in                                   plan to go into law
the Clinic - things no                               practice the Law Clinic
other law school class                               should be a part of
teaches. Getting experi-                             their law school experi-
ence doing the things                                ence. Of all my classes
real lawyers must do                                 and work, the Clinic
everyday is invaluable;                              has been the most
things like keeping                                  enjoyable and challeng-
track of hours, client                               ing aspect of the my law school experience. I
counseling, writing letters and communicating        feel that I can now go into the job market with
with opposing counsel, and speaking on behalf        my eyes open and know what to expect and how
of clients in a real courtroom setting make Clinic   to deal with any challenges that arise. This clarity
the best and most educational aspect of my law       and reality I owe to the Clinic.”
school career.”
                                                           Cory Gallagher, Class of 2009
       Rebecca Payo, Class of 2009                   “Clinic was an eye-
“The practical experi-                               opening, rewarding
ence in Clinic creates                               experience. It was an
a setting for all of the                             opportunity to practice
law that we’ve learned                               law while still in school
in school. Helping cli-                              that I would recom-
ents is very rewarding                               mend to anyone.”
and exciting.”

      Nathan Easton, Class of 2010                         Jennifer Amyx, Class of 2009
“This is probably the                                “Clinic has provided
single most valuable                                 me my most valu-
class I have taken since                             able experiences in
coming to law school.                                law school. As a clinic
It ranks up there                                    intern I get to repre-
with Evidence. I have                                sent clients in court in
learned things here that                             multiple jurisdictions,
I was not even aware I                               research and write ap-
didn’t know. I recom-                                pellate briefs, and prac-
mend it unreservedly to anyone who actually          tice client counseling and interviewing. Clinic
wants to practice law, and especially to those       transformed my legal education by encouraging
who aspire to solo practice.”                        me to develop practical and employable skills.” ■

                                             Newsletter | Spring 2009 | Page 5
               Jury Trial Win for Washburn Law Clinic Students

It is uncommon for                                                                 gal issues in jurisdic-
Law Clinic interns to                                                              tions other than state
have a jury trial, but                                                             or municipal courts.
in the Spring semes-                                                               “Both tribal courts
ter of 2009 Wash-                                                                  are very supportive
burn clinic interns,                                                               of student practice
Jennifer Amyx and                                                                  and of Washburn’s
Jordan Wills, not                                                                  clinical program,”
only had their first all                                                           said Organick.
day jury trial but were          Jennifer Amyx               Jordan Wills
successful obtaining                                  “Washburn Law provided me as a law student
an acquittal for their client in Prairie Band Pota-   the rare opportunity to take a case from incep-
watomi Nation Tribal Court. The jury acquitted        tion to jury trial,” said Jordan Wills. “I am grate-
the client on both misdemeanor counts - crimi-        ful for the opportunity to have the experience.”
nal trespassing and obstruction of government
                                                      “I felt prepared for anything with my training in
                                                      the Washburn Law Clinic,” said Jennifer Amyx.
Just as in state courts, each tribal court has its    The client was faced with a new charge only 48
own laws and court practice procedures. Most          hours before the trial. The students’ training in
tribal courts have only limited published cases       the Clinic prepared them to deal with this new
and sometimes no case law on a particular issue       charge.
at all. This can be both challenging and an op-
portunity for the tribal court practitioner to be
                                                      “The presiding judge, Stacy Leeds (also Profes-
very creative.
                                                      sor Leeds at KU Law) was impressed with our
                                                      students,” said Professor Aliza Organick. “Jen-
Washburn Law Clinic has been practicing in the        nifer and Jordan did a tremendous job, worked
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and Kickapoo           very hard and deserve a huge pat on the back.”
Nation Tribal Courts since 2004 when Professor
Aliza Organick began teaching in the Washburn
                                                      “The students were successful because they got
Law Clinic. The Clinic currently handles two
                                                      their client’s story told,” said Organick. “The
or three cases in the Kansas tribal courts each
                                                      jury was back with a verdict in only 45 minutes -
semester. Professor John Francis also finds tribal
                                                      not guilty on both counts. This can be attributed
court practice a great learning environment for
                                                      to all the hard work Jennifer and Jordan did as
Washburn Clinic students and practices there as
                                                      they developed their case as well as their excel-
well. Tribal court practice provides students an
                                                      lent trial skills.” ■
opportunity to represent clients with complex le-

                                 1700 SW College • Topeka, KS 66621
                               (785) 670-1191 •

                                              Newsletter | Spring 2009 | Page 6

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