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       GM’s Annual Inspection of Lumding Division on 10th January 2008
                                                                                            Action by
1.0     JAGIROAD:
        SWR : New SWR whose date of issue is 08.09.2005 and brought into force on
        14.12.05. Amendment Slip 1 issued on 23.1.07 reg. ACD.
1.1     Signal Failure Register : Last 3 months signal failures are as follows :            CSTE,
           October – 12 nos.                                                                DRM/LMG
           November – 7 nos.
           December – 7 nos.
           January (till date) – 4 nos.
1.2     Night Inspection register : Last night inspection conducted on 8.1.08 by SS/JID but COM,
        private no. not exchanged with the control as per record.                           DRM/LMG

1.3     Safety Equipments : All safety equipments as per SWR were available. First Aid      CSO
        Box filled and sealed on 26.12.07 by Sr.DMO/JID.
1.4     Circular Book : Circular Book was checked and found that safety circular no. 24 COM, CSO,
        was available in the register but circulars were not kept in serial order.      DRM/LMG

1.5     The BOS of staff as on 1.4.2007 was displayed. There is excess operation of ASM CPO,
        in scale Rs. 5500-9000/-. One post of Porter in scale Rs.2650-3200/- may be filled DRM/LMG
1.6     Analysis of manpower requirement may be carried out.                                CPO,
1.7     PME Registers was checked and no staff was found overdue, but competency            CPO,
        certificate and PME certificate number was not mentioned in the register.           DRM/LMG

1.8     Staff Grievance Register shows the regular visit of Welfare Inspector. It was not CPO,
        noted on 24.10.07 that payment of OTA has not been paid. But action taken by the DRM/LMG
        division has not been entered in the Staff Grievance Register by the Welfare
        Inspector in his next visit. This should be ensured.
1.9     The family declaration of staff for the year 2007 has not been submitted by the     CPO,
        station staff for drawal of Pass/PTOs etc.                                          DRM/LMG

1.10    Regular Leave regularization from the division may be ensured.                      CPO,
1.11    Health Unit:                                                                        CMD,
        Critical cases are being referred to HQ for thorough investigation. Needs to be     DRM/LMG
1.12    With the changed traffic & staff pattern, the water requirement should be worked    PCE
        out for all major stations and corrective action taken. This will include water     DRM/LMG
        consumption requirement, pumping capacity, storage capacity, tube well
        availability and pipeline layout etc. The blue print should by ready by 31.03.08.
1.13    All stations should have overall master plan and no ad-hoc inputs should be given to PCE
        change the infrastructure without being part of the overall plan.                    DRM/LMG

1.14    Engineering camp coach with the track machine was in deplorable condition. It was CME
        overdue POH by at least 2 years. The coach requirement should be worked out and DRM/LMG
        spare coaches provided for sending coaches for maintenance periodically.
1.15    Various types of fittings, engineering and other departments are being kept as spare. PCE
        However, their consumption is very minimal. Large amount of money is locked up DRM/LMG
        in these items. All such materials should be offered as scrap if the consumption for
        the last few years does not justify their stacking because being surplus and not
1.16    There are large numbers of permanent engineering speed restrictions. Railways are PCE
        suffering huge losses every day due to detention of trains and excess fuel DRM/LMG
        consumption. Investments required should be worked out to eliminate these
1.17   With the increased electronic using equipments, there is need to install a proper CSTE
       maintenance system and procedure and monitor down-time of all the important DRM/LMG
       passenger amenity items.
1.18   At Guwahati, PC based amenity items are not being monitored in a systematic
       manner by Sr.DCM/Sr.DSTE. Nor this position is being relayed to DRM. As a
       result, many of the equipments are either mal-functioning or not in working order.
       These includes –
1.19   (i)        Digital announcement system is not functioning since 15.07.07 for
                  software problem.
       (ii)       Telephonic enquiry is mal-functioning regularly. Out of 10 lines, 2 – 4       CSTE,
                  lines remain out of order everyday. Further, the passenger response is too    CCM,
                  long i.e. around 12 – 15 seconds. Many callers, therefore, disconnect the     DRM/LMG
                  line presuming some defect. This is tarnishing the image of the Railway.
       (iii)      The terminal repeater installed in the current reservation counter has been
       (iv)       The communication room in PRS is in very bad state. Modems are lying
                  here and there and wires are hanging in a haphazard manner. This is
                  causing safety problem.
       Besides repairing/installing all the defective equipments above, proper system of
       monitoring may be developed so that such a situation as above does not arise in
1.20   Jagiroad Sub-station : There is one pole-mounted transformer of capacity 150 KVA CEE,
       (11 KV/415 volt). The maximum load is to the tune of 135 KVA. This transformer DRM/LMG
       is to be conveniently replaced by a transformer of higher capacity say, 250 KVA, so
       that in future it may cater for the enhanced load.
1.21   There are 4 nos. earth-pits. Transformer Neutral Point (LT) and transformer tank are CEE,
       to be earthed separately at two separate and distinct points. 4 nos. earth-pits are to DRM/LMG
       be marked properly for their easy identification. As per the records available, the
       earth resistance values were checked on 25.1.2006 and 24.1.2007 and the value was
       2 ohms for each earth-pipe, as entered in the register. However, on the inscription
       plate the value has been written as 1.6 ohm. This discrepancy is to be eliminated.
1.22   Old Pump House: There is one submersible pump of 7.5 HP capacity. It is started          CEE,
       with start delta starter. During the inspection the pump was running. This starter       DRM/LMG
       panel is required to be grouted properly on the floor. The discharged water is
       supplied to the railway quarters and consuming points directly without taking it first
       on the overhead water tank. This was causing fluctuation in loading and the load
       current was fluctuating between 4 and 10 amp. Arrangement is to be made for
       taking the discharged water first to an overhead water tank so that there is no stress
       on the pump.
1.23   No chairs have been provided in the waiting rooms. Cement benches are not useful.        PCE,
1.24   There is no permanent arrangement for cleaning the waiting rooms.                        DRM/LMG
1.25   Loading records are not maintained properly in a single register. Too many registers CCM,
       are maintained.                                                                      DRM/LMG

1.26   Loading and realization of freight was checked at random. When requisition fee and       CCM,
       freight are collected correctly, stacking charge in on case was collected on the day     DRM/LMG
       of loading on 2.12.07 instead of on the day of requisition on 30.11.07.
1.27   PCT for CPK and KKET are not available.                                                  CCM,
1.28   Petty Repair Book at JID Station: In the petty repair book at JID, the SE/W/JID has      PCE,
       commented that he has complied with all the complaints, but it is not clear whether      DRM/LMG
       the occupants are satisfied with the work done. ADEN / JID is advised to inspect
         the attended complaints and record his observations in petty repair book.
1.29     Upkeep of the station: The Station Building and Station Area are maintained neat
         and clean. All the passenger amenities are available at the station.
1.30     An assessment should be made regarding the number of CST/9 sleepers released            PCE,
         during the past ¾ years and their subsequent disposal.                                  DRM/LMG

1.31     SM/ASM,s Office:                                                                        CSO, CSTE,
         To be improved:                                                                         DRM/LMG
         a) Signal failures are entered in loose sheets for want of Signal failure register.
         b) On 06.11.08 Dn. Starter for Line no.1 failed due to point indication of point
         no.308 not available & the same put right without issuing disconnection memo.
         c) No sealing arrangement available in Crank handle box No. CH1.
         d) Schedule inspection of Sr. SE/Sig. is not regular. Last inspection of Station done
         by SSE/Sig. on 24.12.07 after gap of 6.5 months.
1.32     Drains: No provision of drains.                                                         PCE,
1.33     Loops: Disc Antenna on coach infringing the adjacent loops to be removed.               CME,
1.34     RPF- There is no RPF Post or Out Post established at Jagiroad station. However,         CSC
         two staff from RPF Post Chaparmukh are detailed here for duty of train passing,         DRM/LMG
         drop load guarding and railway property guarding.
1.35     GRP- There is a patrol post of GRP located at Jagiroad station with the strength of CSTE
         ASI-2, N/K-1, CB-4. There is an office-cum-barrack allotted to GRP in an DRM/LMG
         abandoned railway quarter. There is no any Railway or DOT phone at GRP patrol
         post of Jagiroad.
1.36     General cleanliness of station is satisfactory.
1.37     Residual chlorine in drinking water is tested on the spot and found 0.2. ppm.
1.38     Medical examination and food license of tea staff are up-to-date.
1.39     Jagiroad Health Unit:
1.39.1   Over all cleanliness of hospital is good.
1.39.2   Tiles fitting are needed in dressing room, Doctors’ chambers, observation room etc.     PCE, CMD,
1.39.3   Emergency power supply/provision of inverter for continuous power supply in HU          CEE, CMD,
         is needed.                                                                              DRM/LMG

1.39.4   Provision of one Rly. telephone as well as one DoT phone In the Health unit is          CSTE,
         urgently required.                                                                      DRM/LMG

1.39.5   The main big drain by the side of the HU needs to be covered.                           PCE,
2.0      DHARAMTUL:
2.1      SWR : Date of issue was 5.1.07 and brought in force 11.1.07.
2.2      Signal failure Register : Summary of last 3 months failure are as follows which         CSTE,
         needs some improvement.                                                                 DRM/LMG
         Oct’07 - 10 nos.
         Nov’07 – 10 nos.
         Dec’07 – 10 nos.
         Jan’08 - 05 nos. (till 10/1)
2.3      Safety Equipments : All safety equipments are found as per SWR and kept in good
         condition. First Aid Box found in sealed condition and sealed on 1.12.07. Two nos.
         of Fire Extinguishers refilled on 31.10.07.
2.4      The BOS of the station as on 1.4.07 was available.
2.5      Staff Grievance Register was checked and found no grievance.
2.6      The Uniform was supplied to the station staff in December, 2007. Regular supply COM,
         may be adhered to.                                                              DRM/LMG
2.7    Staff represented that pass is being issued from the division and it takes 7 days time.   CPO,
       Minimum time may be taken to issue pass to the staff.                                     DRM/LMG

2.8    The water supply at the quarters, represented by the staff, is insufficient. This needs   PCE,
       to be augmented.                                                                          DRM/LMG

2.9    All major stations where DG sets have been provided as stand-by for power supply          CEE
       to the signaling system, the DG sets should supply power to the Station Master and        All DRMs
       the passenger amenity area, unless other-wise restricted by DG set capacity and
       exemption any will be given by personal approval of DRM only.
2.10   There is a 63 KVA (11 KV / 415 volt) pole-mounted transformer. The following CEE,
       abnormalities were noticed:-                                                         DRM/LMG
       a. The Gang Operated Switch (GOS) is to be kept padlocked in order to prevent
       unauthorized operation.
       b. The spark gaps on the 11 KV bushing insulators are reversed at certain locations.
       These are to be correctly fitted.
       c. The earth pits were found to be dry and dirty and require cleaning.
2.11   Condition of PF surface is bad. Need for raising it to rail level may be examined.        PCE,
2.12   Hand pump available at the station does not have cemented area around it. There is        PCE,
       no drain.                                                                                 DRM/LMG

2.13   No PCT for BRHU, PHI and JID.                                                             DRM/LMG
2.14   Generator does not provide lights & fans to the ASM.                                      CEE,
2.15   SM/ASM,s Office:                                                                          CSTE, PCE,
       To be improved:                                                                           COM, CPO,
       a) In SWR Para No.2.1 (i) some hand correction done, it is not admissible.                DRM/LMG
       b) No BSNL Phone provided in SM/ASMs office.
       c) ACD register: In SM’s Console found all low Communication entries were
       d) Plateform full of pot holes, temporarily filled up with earth and bricks.
       e)No Provision of Drainage.
       f) Sectional TI’s inspection is not regular.
       g) Crank handle box was sealed without locking arrangement.
       h) Point no.152 failed on 09.12.07 & put right without issuing disconnection memo.
       i) Most of the Block failure in the moth Nov’07 was put right after push back
       cancellation & exact cause of the failure not mentioned.

2.16   There is a go-down behind the station building. This should be demolished.                PCE,
2.17   A box of RMS is placed in the middle of concourse/waiting hall. It should be              PCE,
       ensured that such boxes are kept at one end without blocking the passage.                 DRM/LMG

2.18   There are lot of wires hanging in haphazard manner. These cables should be dressed        DRM/LMG
2.19   One inspection note of TIA was seen at DML which contained entries dated 1919. DRM/LMG
       These should be preserved as a Heritage item.
2.20   Lubrication of Fish-plated joints has been done after the monsoon, but ERC in Line        PCE,
       No.2 are not greased which should also be greased after monsoon, every year.              DRM/LMG

2.21   In Line No.1, the sleeper spacing is not proper and a number of sleepers are out of PCE,
       square. Such track cannot be maintained effectively with track machines and DRM/LMG
       therefore, squaring and spacing of sleepers should be planned systematically for all
       gangs. Greasing of ERC and Lubrication of Fish-plated joints should also be
       included in such plan.
2.22   Joint Points & Crossing inspection is being done as per schedule. Inspection done PCE,
       during 2nd half of the current year have not been recorded in the standard inspection DRM/LMG
       book. All the inspections should be recorded in the standard inspection booklet.
2.23   Battery maintenance: No record is kept since March,2007. A sample check CSTE,
       was carried out on Cell No. 41, 47, 51 and the specific gravity measured DRM/LMG
       1200, 1225 and 1190 but it was uniformly recorded 1220 for all the cells.
       The proper battery maintenance and recording keeping to be ensured.
       Installation date to be painted on each cells and Hydrometer to be kept in
       battery room.
2.24   Cable meggaring : (i) At none of the station has been done since                      CSTE,
       commissioning in 2003. At Dharamtul only readings are recorded in 2005,               DRM/LMG
       without any signature of the supervisors who did it. Sectional SE mentioned
       the problem of disconnection memo which has not been brought to the
       notice of Divisional Officers.
2.25   Maintenance is not done as per schedule at the station and no one was aware           CSTE,
       of it.                                                                                DRM/LMG

2.26   There is no record of maintenance and monitoring of signaling equipment.              CSTE,
2.27   Panel testing has not been done since commissioning and no one was aware              CSTE,
       of the testing as per selection table.                                                DRM/LMG

2.28   Disconnection memo of 06.01.08 was checked and timing of dis-connection               CSTE,
       and re-connection were not mentioned which indicate the casual way of                 DRM/LMG
       working by maintenance staff.
2.29   The average running time of DG set and fuel consumption data are not kept             CSTE,
       at the station.                                                                       DRM/LMG

3.1    Safety Equipments : Safety Equipments were available as per SWR and kept in
       proper way. First Aid Box was sealed on 7.1.08.
3.2    Signal failure Register: During the last 3 months signal failure particulars are as   CSTE,
       follows:                                                                              DRM/LMG
       Oct’07 - 8 nos.
       Nov’07 - 9 nos.
       Dec.’07 – 9 nos.
       Jan’08 - 4 nos. (till date)
3.3    Safety Circulars : Safety circulars were not kept in proper order in the register. It COM,
       should be maintained in serial order date-wise acknowledging the facts by station DRM/LMG
3.4    The BOS as on 27.12.06b was found. The revised BOS may be issued immediately.         CPO,
3.5    There is one pole mounted 25 KVA transformer ( 11 KV/415 volt). The earth pipes       CEE,
       were embedded on the ground but there is no brickwork around those. Proper            DRM/LMG
       brickwork is to be done and earth resistance values are to be measured and
3.6    It is a IOC terminal. Decanting of one rake of SKO from Rajbandh was in progress.     COM,
       ASM performs all commercial functions here including oil Siding work. IOC             DRM/LMG
       submits the RR only after 10 to 15 days. Consignment is delivered without any I.
       Bond. This is irregular.
3.7    SM/ASM,s Office: To be improved                                                       COM,
       a) Acknowledgement not being taken from all train passing staff for Safety Circular   CSTE,
       No.23.                                                                                CSO,
       b) ACD register: In SM’s Console found.
            i) Loco NB not OK.
           ii) Batt. Low
           iii) No Comm. etc.
       c) Make shift running room exist. Mattresses are in bad condition.
       d) Safety meeting being conducted by SM/TGE not effective.
       e) Night inspection by SM to be more effective.
       f) Sand hump at West end found bad condition.
       g) Last three months signal failure was analyzed & found on increasing trend.
       h) Signal failures are entered in manuscript for want of Signal failure register.
3.8    RPF- There is no RPF Establishment. However, 2 staff are directed from RPF CSC,
       Post/Chaparmukh for a period of 10-15 days for train passing, drop load guarding DRM/LMG
       and railway property & station guarding.
4.1    Safety Equipments : All safety equipments were found as per SWR and resealing
       date of first aid box was sealed on 9.1.08 and date of rechecking of fire extinguisher
       was 7.12.07.
4.2    Signal Failure : Signal failure position for last 3 months are as follows :              CSTE,
       Oct’07 – 11 nos.                                                                         DRM/LMG
       Nov’07 – 7 nos.
       Dec’07 – 7 nos.
       Jan’08 - Nil (till date)
4.3    Disconnection and Reconnection – Last disconnection was done on 28.12.07 by
       Tech/I/CPK at 14.30 hrs. due to failure of Dn Home signal of branch line. (L/1) and
       rectified at 15.30 hrs.
4.4    The attendance Register was checked and found that Shri Rabi Ram Nath, P/Man             CPO,
       has been unauthorisedly absenting himself from duty w.e.f., 4.7.06. Necessary            DRM/LMG
       DAR may be initiated.
4.5    From the Pass Issuing Register, it is found that no staff has submitted family CPO,
       declaration for the year 2008. Action should be taken to issue the prescribed form DRM/LMG
       and collect the same before issuing pass.
4.6    From the Pass Register it is seen that Shri S. Baruah, SS/CPK was issued a CPO,
       Spl.Pass No.452549 dated 20.10.07 ex. CPK – MAS. But from the counterfoil of DRM/LMG
       Pass it has been issued in favour of him & family members. The same may be
       enquired into.
4.7    Md. Motiullah, the dealer issuing the pass does not have sufficient knowledge about CPO,
       the Pass Rules. The current Pass Rule Book is not available at station.             DRM/LMG

4.8    The local MLA met GM and represented that the existing approach road be                  PCE,
       connected to the highway about ½ Km distance on the northern side of the station.        DRM/LMG
       He was told that railway can provide road to the extent of railway boundary only
       beyond that the civil authorities will have to construct the road.
4.9    Similarly, it was represented that the condition of approach roads at Roha and PCE,
       Phulaguri stations on the Chaparmukh – Hoibargaon section is also in bad condition DRM/LMG
       and needs to be repaired. DRM/LMG will send an official to the spot to see these
       approach roads physically and necessary action taken accordingly.
4.10   The station staff felt the need for an ATM at Chaparmukh. SBI authorities need to        FA&CAO,
       be approached on this. More and more ATMs will facilitate internet banking,              CPO
       payment of salary by cheques etc.                                                        DRM/LMG

4.11   There is one sanctioned work of drawing 11 KV overhead dedicated feeder from CEE,
       J.B.Garh (Jungle Balahu Garh) to Chaparmukh. The stretch is 4.8 kms. The DRM/LMG
       estimated cost of the work is Rs.26.5 lakh. The contract was awarded on 22.11.2007
       and the target date of completion is 30.6.2008. The progress of this work is required
       to be monitored closely since it will improve the reliability of power supply to
4.12   There are two nos. earth pits, which require cleaning. The earth resistance values       CEE,
       are to be measured, recorded and painted.                                                DRM/LMG

4.13   There is one defective transformer of capacity 25 KVA (11 KV/415 volt). This             CEE,
       transformer is to be got repaired and kept ready for use during emergency.               DRM/LMG

4.14   Booking Clerks have a tendency to harass passengers by not selling Tickets round CCM,
       the clock. They ask the passengers to come back 15 minutes before the arrival of the      DRM/LMG
       train. Tickets for Jana Shatabdi Exp., which is to be sold 3 days in advance, is sold
       only on the day of journey. This irregular practice must be stopped.
4.15   2 TC posted at CPK is earning only Rs.3000 to 3,500 each. They should be utilized         CCM,
       to work regularly in the branch line, where unbooked luggage by vegetable vendors         DRM/LMG
       moving regularly.
4.16   SM/ASM,s Office:                                                                          CSTE,
       To be improved:                                                                           DRM/LMG
       a) Block Phone in the section CPK-LPN tested found low voice.
       b) Gate Phone ST-33 tested and found noisy.
       c) Point no.154 became inoperative on 28.06.07, but the time of rectification not
       written in the required column in SFR.
4.17   A Master Plan should be developed which will provide for a station building on the        PCE,
       left side of station facing LMG.                                                          DRM/LMG

4.18   The chairs provided in Upper Class Waiting Hall are to be painted.                        - do -
4.19   It is seen that there is a PQRS siding at CPK which is used very rarely. A review PCE,
       should be carried out for all such redundant lines at all stations and those lines DRM/LMG
       which are found redundant should be removed and offered as scrap.
4.20   A critical review of requirement of Commercial Clerks. Feasibility of replacing CPO, CCM
       Commercial Clerk of the station by Mobile Commercial Clerk should be examined. DRM/LMG
4.21   Requirement of TNCs at stations should be reviewed.                                       CPO
4.22   The power equipment room needs to be properly done up. The released                       CSTE,
       materials dumped in the power equipment room to be removed and                            DRMLMG
       description of power equipment be painted. Standby Power equipment not
       available, needs to be planned.

4.23   Battery Installation date on each cells, number not painted and measurement               CSTE,
       records is not kept. SSE explained that register not available and records get            DRMLMG
       filled up early if done as per schedule. It is a very serious matter to be
       looked into and this shall not be taken as excuse for not doing the work.
4.24   The earthing of surge arrestor and block is not available, the earth value                CSTE,
       with details of measured needs to be measured and painted on the respective               DRMLMG
4.25   The Relay room Key register was checked with respect to Signal Failure                    CSTE,
       Register entry of 18.12.07. Failures at 07.38 hrs. and informed at 07.40 hrs.             DRMLMG
       and Relay Room Opened at 07.52 hrs.. and put right at 8/05 hrs.. The entire
       entries appear to be fabricated in respect of time, which needs to be
4.26   At CPK shortage of tickets for Haibargaon, Jagiroad and Guwahati (2nd Class               COS,
       Mail/Express has been reported. Indents pending at KGN are for the                        DRM/LMG
       undermentioned quantity.
       CPK to Haibargaon                      - 50,000
       CPK to Jagiroad                       - 20,000
       CPK to GHY                             - 50,000
                These tickets may be got printed at KGN on top priority.
4.27   RPF- There is a sanctioned full fledged RPF Post at Chaparmukh station in the main        CSC, PCE,
       station building with basic infrastructure and toilet facility, headed by one Inspector   DRM/LMG
       as In-charge with strength of ASI-3, HC-1, CB-12.
4.28   Chaparmukh railway station yard is open from all sides accessible to public easily.       - do -
       Fencing or boundary wall around the yard is essential.
4.29   Chaparmukh post is equipped with one DOT phone but one Railway Phone is very              CSTE,
       much essential for making communication with road side stations, security control         DRM/LMG
       & other railway officials.
4.30   One Type- III quarter and five nos. Type-II quarters are required for well                DRM/LMG
       accommodation of RPF officers and staff.
4.31   Crime statistics have been reviewed and IPF/Chaparmukh had been instructed to             CSC,
       gear up his machineries for crime prevention and detection.                               DRM/LMG
       RPF Post/Chaparmukh was found well maintained and kept in neat and disciplined
4.32   GRP: There is a sanctioned GRP P/S consisting of SI-1, ASI-2, Constable-12,               CSTE,
       Home Guard-4, This P/S is not equipped with Railway Phone and DOT phone.                  DRM/LMG
       GRP P/S Chaparmukh conduct patrolling duty at their respective jurisdiction.
       OC/GRP/Chaparmukh had been instructed to keep proper co-ordination with RPF
       for prevention and detection of crime and security of passengers and passenger

5.1    Safety Equipments : Safety Equipments were available as per SWR. Date of
       sealing of First Aid Box on 1.1.08 and date of rechecking of fire extinguisher was
       on 17.1.07. Essential safety equipment register found 2.
5.2    Rule Books : G&SR - Edition – 2004. Last correction slip No. 7 issued on 11.1.07.
       Operating Manual : Edition - 2005. Last correction slip no. 2 issued on 24.2.06.
        Accident Manual : Edition – 2004. Last correction slip no. 8 issued on 21.08.07.
       Block Working Manual : Edition -2004. Correction slip NIL.
5.3    Disconnection and reconnection – Last disconnected on 2.1.08 at 12.50 hrs.                CSTE,
       Reconnected at 13.30 hrs. vide no. G/D/8/2/08 dated 2.1.08. Shunt signal no. 32           DRM/LMG
       checking and testing by Tech/III(E).
5.4    Staff Grievance Register did not show any pending grievance of staff. Last visit of
       SWI/II was on 6.1.07. All the staff were shown the leave account, service etc as per
       directives of the GM(P)/Maligaon. The SWI/II maintained the movement book of
       each station properly.
5.5    Lot of CST-9 pot sleepers were found lying with confusion about their requirement.        PCE
       These sleepers appear to have been lying around for a decade. Unless HQ is able to        DRM/LMG
       identify the party, which requires this item, or unable to identify the consignee these
       should be offered as scrap. Division should wait for a fortnight or so.
5.6    Rly. Qrs. No. T-9 (C) had a defective meter for 18 months and the staff was being         CEE
       charged electric consumption varying from month to month. There is need to                DRM/LMG
       simplify the system of electric charge recovery and replacement of defective meters
       in a time bound manner.
5.7    There is one pole mounted transformer of capacity 100 KVA (11 KV/415 volt). The           CEE,
       breather of the transformer is missing and the pipe for the breather has been             DRM/LMG
       plugged. Breather with activated silica gel is to be provided. The GOS requires
5.8    There are 4 nos. earth pipes embedded on the ground but there is no brickwork. The        CEE,
       brickwork around the earth pipes are to be provided. It is seen that earth pipes have     DRM/LMG
       been embedded very close to each other. There should be appreciable distance
       between the earth pipes so that the resistance areas do not overlap.
5.9    The platform lights were switched on and it was seen that all the tube lamps              CEE,
       mounted on the poles are in working order. However, out of 8 nos. HPSV lamps, 1           DRM/LMG
       no. was not glowing. This defect is to be rectified. The covers of HPSV lamps are to
       be cleaned and dead insects to be removed from inside.
5.10   SM/ASM,s Office:                                                                          COM,
       To be improved:                                                                           DRM/LMG
       a) Back cover of the Block instruments without sealing arrangement.
       b) Phone attached with Block Instrument found phone cords without insulation
       about 4 inch near hand set which was temporarily jute fastened. The cords should
       c) Dn BTRA MS HSD train & Up JTTN Spl train receive & dispatched
       simultaneously in between 0610 hours to 0615 hours on 10/01/08 but the Train
       intact arrival reports of the trains not obtained.
5.11   Proposal should be made out to provide piped water supply to the staff quarters.          PCE,
       Similarly, the situation prevailing at other stations in BG section should be             DRM/LMG
       examined and whenever piped water supply is not available and source of supply is
       adequate, proposals for storage and distribution through pipe line should be made
5.12   Approach road in front of the quarters at JMK should be proper leveled and a            PCE,
       garden developed.                                                                       DRM/LMG
5.13   Signal Failure - Dec : 03 –[ all because of non insulated trolley.] Nov : 07 –          CSTE,
       [ 02 miscreant/theft, Oct : 06 [ 01 miscreants ], Sept : 04 [ The average no.           DRM/LMG
       of signal failure at the station are more.
5.14   Cable Meggaring was done in Feb: 07 its value is recorded in Ohm. It                    CSTE,
       appears that no one is monitoring the activity.                                         DRM/LMG
5.15   Greasing of ERC in crossover towards JGJN end has not been done after monsoon.          PCE,
6.0    HOJAI:
6.1    Rule Books : G&SR - Edition – 2004. Last correction slip No. 7 issued on 11.1.07.
       Operating Manual : Edition - 2005. Last correction slip no. 2 issued on 24.2.06.
        Accident Manual : Edition – 2004. Last correction slip no. 8 issued on 21.08.07.
       Block Working Manual : Edition -2004. Correction slip Nil.
6.2    Disconnection and Reconnection : Last disconnection on 6.1.08 at 12.30 hrs. and         CSTE,
       reconnected at 13.35 hrs. by Tech/II(E) HJI. Point No. 151 maintenance and gauge        DRM/LMG
6.3    Signal Failure : Signal Failure position for last 3 months are as under :               CSTE,
       Oct’07 - 8 nos.                                                                         DRM/LMG
       Nov’07- 3 nos.
       Dec’07- 3 nos.
       Jan’08 – 2 (till date)
6.4    Safety Equipments : All safety equipments were found available as per SWR.
       Resealing date of first aid box is 7.1.08 and date of rechecking of fire extinguisher
       was 1.11.07.
6.5    Inspection : TI inspection done during the year 2007 was 31.10.07, 10.5.07, 3.5.06      COM,
       which is purely unappreciable.                                                          DRM/LMG
6.6    Safety Circular : Safety Circulars were not maintained properly in serial no. and       COM
       date-wise such as circulars observed in the register are as follows :                   DRM/LMG
         Date of issue          Circular No.
             20.4.06                 23
             18.7.06                 18
             29.1.07                 24
             03.5.07                 19
6.7    The BOS as on 1.4.07 was available at station. There are 26 Group’C’ staff and 7        CPO,
       Gr’D’ staff. From the BOS it is seen that there are 3 vacancies in                      DRM/LMG
       Hd.CC/Chg/Sr.CC/Chg. Posts may be filled up immediately. Review of the grade of
       Pointsman may be carried out.
6.8    Hojai Town & Railway Station Development Committee, Hojai Chamber of                    DRM/LMG
       Commerce, Hojai Municipal Board and Journalist Forum represented that the
       development of the station including setting up of PRS be made on the northern side
       of the station. It was explained to them that unless the railway land unauthorizedly
       occupied is cleared of, the work cannot be undertaken and the help from particularly
       the Municipal Board was sought to get the railway land vacated.
6.9    There is one 100 KVA pole mounted transformer (11KV /415 volt). Only one                CEE,
       number earth pit was visible and others were covered by heap of sand kept just          DRM/LMG
       below the poles over which the transformer is mounted. Sand and other foreign
       materials near the earth pipes are to be removed. The earth resistance values are to
       be measured, recorded and painted.
6.10   Battery charging lines have been drawn over the poles in between two tracks for         CEE,
       charging of batteries. It was advised that such type of infringement should not be      DRM/LMG
       allowed in the yard. Plug points may be installed at regular intervals on the station
       building along the platform from where individual feeders may be taken to the
       respective coaches.
6.11   Booking office has not been designed and furnished properly. The same is to be           PCE,
       undertaken.                                                                              DRM/LMG
6.12   Crank handle Box CH1 and CH2 found without locking arrangement.                          COM,
6.13   DG set auto start were checked. The relay for proper functioning to be                   CEE,
       provided for DG 2.                                                                       DRM/LMG
6.14   Signal Failure : Oct : 08, Nov : 03 , Dec : 03 and Jan/08: 02. These failures            CSTE,
       were mainly due to Relay contact and wire cutting by Rat. To address to                  DRM/LMG
       Relay contract problem the instruction have already been issued which are
       not yet implemented. The holes and openings in the Relay Room also needs
       plugged to prevent entry of rodent in relay room.
6.15   The spare Relay manufactured in 2003 are kept in the maintenance Room. It                CSTE,
       has out lived 20% of its life and would develop high resistance contract                 DRM/LMG
       problem. The spare Relays to be kept plugged in and made operational
       through contact of berthing TC to avoid the contact resistance problems.
6.16   Position of PCTs                                                                         CCM,
       At Hojai Station 20 lakhs PCTs are available as surplus since UTS has been               DRM/LMG
       installed at this station. These PCTs are no more required and disposal of these may
       be arranged to avoid any misuse of these tickets.
6.17   This Out post is equipped with one DOT Phone, however one Railway phone is also          CSTE, CSC,
       urgently required. This Out post has not been allotted with any Type-II quarter for      DRM/LMG
       dwelling of Out post In-charge and other officers.
       RPF Out Post/Hojai was found in neat and disciplined order.
6.18   This P. S. is not provided with Railway Phone & DOT Phone is also disconnected           CSTE, CSC,
       due to non payment of bill. There is no any quarter and barrack allotted to this P. S.   DRM/LMG
       for dwelling of GRP officer and staff. This P. S. is conducting track patrolling at
       their respective jurisdiction.
6.19   One small room for keeping consumable store for sanitation of station premises           DRM/LMG
       needs to be provided.
6.20   The Health Unit building is very old and in deplorable condition. It needs complete      PCE,
       renovation.                                                                              DRM/LMG
7.0    LUMDING:
7.1    Lumding yard needs to be simplified. Basically, it is amalgamation of 2 yards, one       PCE, COM,
       of MG which is a dead end and one of BG which is basically a roadside station.           CCM,
       Urgent steps needs to be taken to rationalize these yards.                               DRM/LMG

7.2    While the weighing machine at the station was found OK, it is found that the check
       is not being done as a regular measure. Sr. DME/D/LMG who is responsible for
       check and monitor should make out a schedule and monitor.

7.3    In general there is no proper practice of making GDR at the station where the goods
       train originate in empty condition or loaded condition after unloading and loading
       on the basis of the previous existing BPC. No register is being maintained with
       ASM. The instruction in this regard is clear and not being followed. There is no
       check being done by the LI/CWI at these points and also not monitored by
       Divisional Hdqrs. This requires a regular check and counseling to the drivers.

7.4    The coaches in the division being utilised for camp coach by Engineering staff is
       not being sent for either POH or pit line attention whenever it is due. At present the
       coaches are overdue POH and overdue Pit line attention. This should be planned.
7.5   The complaint about the non-availability of material in the depot in Lumding
      division was discussed. It is essential that the responsibility of reaching the material,
      as per the requirement, to the depot should be owned by Stores. DMM of the
      division should monitor about the system and the availability of material in the
      Coaching & Wagon Depot in the division. The problem regarding non-availability
      of the supply if required can be brought to the notice of the Hdqrs. by DMM who is
      responsible for this.
8.0   POINTS:
8.1   Inspection of Point No.104 A, Laid on PSC sleeper with 1 in 12 CMS Crossing (RH             PCE,
      turnout):                                                                                   DRM/LMG

            (A) Gauge & Cross level in switch and lead portion.

                   (i) At 450 mm Ahead of toe of switch. = - 3, L
                   (ii) At ATS between the two stock rails. = - 2, L
                   (iii) Gauge at 150mm behind toe of switch = E
                   (iv) At Heel of switch
                         (a) For straight road = -3, 4 LL
                         (b) For Turnout =       -2, 5 R L
                   (v) At 3m interval in lead portion

                   Station          Main Line                    Turnout
                                  Gauge / X –Level            Gauge / X-Level
                  1            + 3,           3 RL         E,               3 RL
                  2            + 3,           3 RL      + 6,                 L
                  3            - 3,           3 LL      + 5,                 L
                  4            - 4,           3 RL      + 1,                 L
                  5            -2,            L         +1,                  L
                  6              E,           3RL       +1,                 2LL
                  7            -2,            L         E,                  3LL

            (B) Divergence At Heel Blocks            Left Hand = 178 mm; Right Hand = 178mm.
            (C) Throw Of Switch                      Left Hand = 113 mm

            (D) Versine of curved Tongue Rail and lead rails upto end of lead curve

                             Station             Versine
                               4                   15
                               5                   11
                               6                   15
                               7                   12
                               8                   10
                               9                   10
                              10                   10

            (E) Wear Of Crossing:
               (i) On left wing rail (Opposite ANC) =                 4 mm
               (ii) On Nose                           = 8-2 =         6 mm
               (iii) On right wind rail (Opposite ANC) =              4 mm

            (F) Clearance of Wing Rail opposite Nose of Crossing:
               Right Hand:       39 mm
               Left Hand:        39 mm
              (G) Gauge and Cross Level at           Crossing
                                             On Straight Road                     On Turnout
              (i) 1 m Ahead of ANC:          E,       2 RL                      + 2,     5 RL
              (ii) 150mm behind ANC:         - 3,     2 RL                      - 2,     5 RL
              (iii) 1 m behind ANC:          - 6,       L                       - 2,     2 RL

              (F) Clearance of Check Rails
                  (i) Opposite ANC:                                             Left: 46 Right: 46
                  (ii) At following locations w. r. to Center of Check Rails:
                        (a) 500 mm ahead towards toe:                           Left: 46     Right: 46
                        (b) 500mm behind heel of crossing:                      Left: 46     Right: 46
                        (c) At flared end towards heel:                         Left: 56     Right: 56
                        (d) At flared end towards toe:                          Left: 59     Right: 56

8.1.1   Following to be rectified,                                                                 CSTE,
        a) Clearance of wing rail & Clearance of check rails needs attention                       COM,
        b) Point is springing back.                                                                DRM/LMG
        c) Obstruction test failed.
        d) GR Pads spare are shifted
        e) Packing loose under crossing.
8.2     Inspection of Point No.104 B:

8.2.1   Point No.104 B was not set against occupied line after arrival of inspection               CSTE,
        special on line no.1.                                                                      DRM/LMG

8.2.2   Point no.104 B was tested and found to be having obstruction current of 1.39 CSTE,
        / 2.1. It is friction clutch needs replacement to avoid failure as obstruction DRM/LMG
        current is less than 1.5 to 2.5 of the normal operating current.

8.2.3   The maintainers were not provided with proper tools for attending ground CSTE,
        connections and Chamois leather for cleaning carbon bush and instead of it DRM/LMG
        they are using sand paper which would damage carbon bush and this practice
        should immediately be stopped.
8.2.4   Point No. 104 B left hand tongue rail was floating and setting only up to 3 CSTE,
        chairs, it needs to be attended.                                            DRM/LMG

8.3     Inspection of Point No.151 A, Laid on PSC sleeper with 1 in 12 CMS Crossing (LH            PCE,
        turnout):                                                                                  DRM/LMG

              (A) Gauge & Cross level in switch and lead portion.
                   (i) At 450 mm Ahead of toe of switch:                        - 3,       4 RL
                   (ii) At ATS between the two stock rails:                      E,         5 RL
                   (iii) Gauge at 150mm behind toe of switch:                    E
                   (iv) At Heel of switch:
                                             For straight road:                 +2,        4RL
                                             For Turnout:                       E,         3 LL
                    (v) At 3m interval in lead portion

                  Station            Main Line                    Turnout
                                   Gauge / X –Level            Gauge / X-Level
                  1         + 3,             2 RL          +5,              2 RL
                  2         E,             2 RL            +2,               4 RL
                  3         +4,                L           -2,              3 RL
                  4         +4,              3 RL          E,              6 RL
                  5         +3,               2 RL         E,               3 RL
               6          +2               L             E,                  2RL

            (B) Diversion At Heel Blocks:           Left Hand = 175 mm; Right Hand = 180 mm
            (C) Throw Of Switch:                    Left Hand = 115 mm
            (D) Wear Of Crossing:
                   (i) On left wing rail (Opposite ANC) =                 2 mm
                  (ii) On Nose                            = 4-2 =         4 mm
                 (iii) On right wind rail (Opposite ANC) =                1 mm

            (E) Clearance of Wing Rail opposite Nose of Crossing and upto 450mm towards Heel
                Right: 42 to 41mm        Left: 41 to 40mm

            (F) Gauge and Cross Level at Crossing:
                                             On Straight Road                 On Turnout
                 (i) 1 m Ahead of ANC:          - 3,      L                 + 6,      4 RL
                 (ii) 150mm behind ANC:         +2,       L                 E,        L
                 (iii) 1 m behind ANC:           E,      2 RL             - 2,        L

            (G) Clearance of Check Rails:
                (i) Opposite ANC:                    Left Hand: 46mm;        Right Hand: 44mm
                (ii) At following locations w. r. to Center of Check Rails:
                 (a) 500 mm ahead towards toe                       Left: 47        Right: 44
                 (b) 500mm behind heel of crossing                  Left: 46        Right: 46
                 (c) At flared end towards heel                     Left: 65        Right: 60
                 (d) At flared end towards toe                      Left: 62        Right: 60

8.3.1          Following to be rectified                                                         PCE,
               a) Clearance of check rails needs attention                                       DRM/LMG
               b) Right rail one joint clipped off.

9.0            LEVEL CROSSINGS:
9.1            Inspection of Level Crossing Gate No.ST/27(Traffic/Manned) at km 67/9-68/0 PCE,
               between JID –AJRE:                                                         DRM/LMG

      (1) Class: Spl        (2) TVU: 172080 on Jun’06.       (3) Date of Overhauling: 25/7/2007
      (4) On duty gateman: Sri Ratneswar Kanu, Literate (5) Duty Roster: 6.00 – 14.00 hrs
      (6) No of gateman provided: 3 + 1 (RG)         (7) Hooter/bell provided: Hooter, functional.
      (8) Status of Interlocking: Interlocked with signal & system is functional.
      (9) Type of barriers: Lifting barrier.         (10) Gate signal: Located within Home signal.
      (11) Signaling arrangements: Home signal. (12) Means of communication: Telephone.
      (13) Width of level crossing gate: 12.00m (14) Length of check rails: 13.00m
      (15) Width of road: 5.70m                      (16) Road gradient, if any: 1 in 200
      (17) Road alignment: Straight                  (18) Type of road (NH/SH/OTHERS): SH
      (19) Name of road: Morigaon road.              (20) Road Metalled / Non-metalled: Metalled.
      (21) Approach road: Metalled / bituminous. (22) Rumble Strip / Speed breakers: Available
      (23) Road surface within LC gate: Hexagonal CC block.
      (24) Speed breaker indication board: Available. (25) Other Boards along Road: Available
      (26) Demarcation for placement of Detonators: Available.
      (27) List of equipments: Available; Equipment are checked and found complete as per list.
      (28) Gate man rule Book in local vernacular language – Yes; available in Assamese.
      (29) Log register for exchanging private number: Available.
      (30) Availability of gate working instructions: Available (31) PME/ Refresher: Available.
      (32) Competency certificate of gate man: Available.
      (33) Knowledge of gate man relating to his duty: Conversant.
      (34) Accident register: Available. (35) Public complaint book: Available.
        (36) Inspection book: Available.
        (37) Check Rail Clearances:         Left: 52, 51, 51,51,51,52,52,52,51,53,52,51,52,51,52,51,52
                                            Right: 52,52,51,51,51,51,52,52,52,52,52,52,51,51,51,51,52
        All Check Rail clearances are within limit (51 to 57mm).

9.1.1    There are 3 + 1 (RG)at the Gate. Roster duty was available. No staff at LC COM, CSO
         Gate is overdue for Refresher & PME. The competency Certificate was issued DRM/LMG
         on 2.1.08. The Uniform was supplied in last month. Regular supply may be
9.1.2    Gate Working Rule : Found in regional language and other languages also.

9.1.3    Normal position : Open to road traffic, interlocked with stop signals by means
         of KT.

9.1.4    Means of communication : Telephone connected between gate lodge and SM’s CSTE,
         office/JID are in working order. Census next due on 2009.                DRM/LMG

9.1.5    Safety Equipments : All safety equipments as per Gate Working Rule are kept
         in order. Gate is attached with electrical hooter which is found in working
9.1.6    To be improved:                                                                   PCE, CSTE,
         a) Road surface is in bad condition                                               DRM/LMG
         b) Height of check rail is higher than running rail.
         c) Gate Phone tested with station found noisy.
         d) Improvisation made on the rest post at either side.

9.1.7    Gate No. ST-27 new mechanical lifting barrier has been erected but                PCE, CSTE,
         wire and Roding are coming in the path way of gateman and there is no             DRM/LMG
         space for movement. Electrical lifting barrier to be provided at this
9.1.8    The functioning of interlocking system at the gate was checked and
         found to be properly functioning.
9.2      Level Crossing Gate No: ST/29(Engg/Manned) at km 87/3-4 between DML – PCE,
         TGE:                                                                  DRM/LMG

        (1) Class: C (2) TVU: 53820 on June’06        (3) Date of Overhauling: 27/7/2007
        (4) On duty gateman: Sri Ganesh Ch.Deka, Literate (5) Duty Roster: 6.00 – 18.00 hrs
        (6) No of gateman provided: 2                 (6) Hooter / bell provided: Bell, functional.
        (7) Status of Interlocking: Non-interlocked. (8) Type of barriers: Lifting barrier.
        (9) Gate signals: Nil                         (10) Signaling arrangements: Nil
        (11) Means of communication: Telephone. (12) Width of level crossing gate: 5.70m
        (13) Length of check rails: 9.78m             (14) Width of road: 3.70m
        (15) Road gradient, if any: Level.            (16) Road alignment: Skew 60 to track.
        (17) Type of road (NH/SH/OTHERS): Others
        (18) Name of road: Connecting NH-37 & Marigaon district.
        (19) Approach Road: Metalled bituminous & level.
        (20) Rumble strip / Speed breakers: Available.
        (21) Road surface within LC gate: Hexagonal CC blocks.
        (22) Speed breaker indication boards: Available. (23) Other Boards along road: Available.
        (24) Demarcation for placement of Detonators: Available.
        (25) List of equipments: Available; Equipment are checked and found complete as per list.
        (26) Availability of gate working instructions: Available (27) PME/ Refresher: Available.
        (28) Gate man rule Book in local vernacular language – Yes; available in Assamese.
        (29) Log register for exchanging private number: Available.
        (30) Availability of gate working instructions: Available (31) PME/ Refresher: Available.
        (32) Competency certificate of gate man: Available.
        (33) Knowledge of gate man relating to his duty: Conversant.
          (34) Accident register: Available. (35)       Public complaint book: Available.
          (36) Inspection book: Available.
          (37) Check Rail Clearances: Left: 51,51,52,52,52,52,52,51,51,52,52,52,52,51,52,51,51
                                       Right: 51,51,51,51,52,52,51,51,51,51,51,51,52,52,52,52,52.
          All Check Rail clearances are within limit (51 to 57mm).
          (38) Records and surroundings are well maintained by the gateman.

  9.2.1      The roster duty of ‘Continuous’ was displayed. No staff is overdue for PME &
             Refresher. The uniform is being supplied to the staff regularly. Staff did not have
             any grievance. The competency certificate has been issued on 10.5.07.
  9.2.2      There is need to eliminate such level crossing gate with the provision of RUB.          PCE,
             Feasibility should be examined as the connecting road on both sides is at a lower       DRM/LMG
             level and the level crossing gate itself is on high.
  9.2.3      Gate Working Rule: Found in English and Assamese language only but Hindi                COM,
             conversion was not available.                                                           DRM/LMG

  9.2.4      Safety Equipments: Safety Equipments were found as per gate working rule.
             Hooter also checked found in working order but if ASEB failed hooter is not
             working. Date of manufacture of fog signal was 10/06.

  9.2.7      Emergency socket and ADM phone at KM 85/4.5 was checked and found                       CSTE,
             functioning properly. Gate telephone was also functioning properly. The                 DRM/LMG
             current TVU of the gate is 53000 which qualifies the gate for interlocking.
             The gate is just before the Home signal and can be interlocking with
             provision of Gate signal. The work to be planned.
  9.3        Level Crossing Gate No: ST/31 (Traffic / Manned) at km 93/1-2 between DML – PCE,
             TGE:                                                                        DRM/LMG

          (1) Class: A (2) TVU: 192011 on June’06 (3) Date of Overhauling: 07/10/07
          (4) On duty gateman: Sri Jayanta Rabha, Literate       (5) Duty Roster: 6.00 – 14.00 hrs
          (6) No of gateman posted: 3+1 (RG)             (7) Hooter / bell provided: Hooter, functional.
          (8) Status of Interlocking: Interlocked with signal & system is functional.
          (9) Type of barriers: Lifting barrier.         (10) Gate signal: Located within Home signal.
          (11) Signaling arrangements: Home signal (12) Means of communication: Telephone.
          (13) Width of level crossing gate: 8.00m       (14) Length of check rails: 10.00m
          (15) Width of road: 7.00m                      (16) Road gradient, if any: Level.
          (17) Road alignment: Straight                  (18) Type of road (NH/SH/OTHERS): NH-37
          (19) Name of road: Road connecting NH-37 (20) Metalled / Non-metalled: Metalled
          (21) Approach road: Metalled bituminous. (22) Rumble strip/Speed breakers: Available
          (23) Road surface within LC Gate: Bituminous
          (24) Speed breaker indication boards: Available. (25) Other Boards along Road: Available.
          (26) Demarcation for placement of Detonators: Available.
          (27) List of equipments: Available; Equipment are checked and found complete as per list.
          (28) Gate man rule Book in local vernacular language: Yes; available in Assamese.
          (29) Log register for exchanging private number: Available.
          (30) Availability of gate working instructions: Available (31) PME/ Refresher: Available.
          (32) Competency certificate of gate man: Available.
          (33) Knowledge of gate man relating to his duty: Conversant.
          (34) Accident register: Available. (35) Public complaint book: Available.
          (36) Inspection book: Available.
          (37) Check Rail Clearances:            Left: 52,52,51,51,52,52,53, 52, 51,57,57,57
                                                 Right: 55,55,55,52,52,52,51,52,51,54,55,57
          All Check Rail clearances are within limit (51 to 57mm).

9.3.1     Gate Working Rule: Found in English and Assamese language. Hindi conversion COM,
          was not available. Gate is interlocked and opened to road traffic.          DRM/LMG
9.3.2    Safety Equipments: Safety Equipments were found as per Gate Working Rule.
         Hooter is working only during closing of the gate and connected with ASEB power
         supply. Private no. sheet along with train register was cross checked with on duty
         SM/TGE and found correct.
9.3.3    Means of communication:        Telephone connected with TGE station found in
         working order.
9.3.5    To be improved:                                                                      PCE, COM,
         a) Speed breaker low/less                                                            DRM/LMG
         b) No Wicket gate.
         c) Road surface not level from the centre on both sides.
         d) Surface within track is quite bad
         e) GWI in Hindi version not available.

9.3.6    (i) The maintenance conditions of the gate and interlocking gears indicates          CSTE, PCE,
         that no maintenance is done and the gate is left abandoned.                          DRM/LMG
         (ii) The gate control Lever No. 4 handle is broken to be replaced.
         (iii) The gate lock lever 03 and - locking is almost ineffective as having lot
         of play and can be forcibly operated and key taken out without receiving
         the slot for opening it.
         (iv) The boom locking is also of non standard type.
         (v) The overhauling details of gate lever are not mentioned.
         (vi) The gate barriers are neither provided with reflective strips nor the stop
         boards are painted or having reflective strip.

10.0     BRIDGES:
10.1     Foot Over Bridge:
10.1.1   (1) There is 100mm to 150mm gap between the landing slab and the next step, on       PCE,
         all staircases. This may endanger the life of users and should be corrected.         DRM/LMG
         (2) Two components, in staging of Staircase on Railway Colony side, are corroded.
         Similarly, in Market side staircase also, two angles are corroded.
         (3) Reinforcement bars are exposed on underside of the RCC Step Slabs.
10.2     Major Bridge No.93 (6 x 45. 7 m girder) at km 78/1-4 between AJRE – SNBR:            - do -

         (1) Danger & HFL Mark: Available
         (2) Gauge & Cross level:

           Span      Gauge            X-level             Span      Gauge        X-level
           No                                             No
           1         -5               L                   4         -3           2 LL
                     -6               L                             -3           L
                     -6               L                             -2           L
                     -4               3 LL                          -3           L
                     -3               3 LL                          -5           2 LL
                     -3               L                             -4           L
                     -4               L                             -3           2 LL
                     -4               L                             -3           L
           2         -3               4 RL                5         -4           L
                     -3               L                             -3           2 LL
                     -3               L                             -4           L
                     -2               L                             -4           L
                     -6               L                             -4           L
                     -6               L                             -4           2 LL
           3         -5               L                   6         -4           L
                     -3               L                             -4           L
                     -5               L                             -3           L
                     -6               L                             -6           L
                     -6               L                             -5           L
                     -4               L                             -5           2 LL
          (3) Hook bolts: None missing but 16 nos. are loose out of 150 on one span (Span No: 3
          checked). The hook bolts are not painted properly. These should be painted at the time of
          sleeper painting.
          (4) Condition of foundation, Abutment & other Substructure: Sound.
          (5) Water way: Clear of obstructions.
          (6) Date of last thorough painting of girders in span no.1 to 4 is March 2006 and that of span
          no.5 & 6 is March 2005.
          (7) The Bearings were last greased in March 2006.
          (8) SSE/BR/PNO has conducted Detailed Technical Inspection of the Bridge in March 2006.
          (9) There are signs of loosening of few rivets at two locations on the bottom horizontal
          bracings in span no: 2.
          (10) This bridge is constructed newly on diverted alignment and opened to traffic on
          12.04.06. Released 18x183m span girders are of BG standard and hence useable further.
          These girders are handed over to EC Railway. Balance 3x30.5m girders are of MG standard
          and have been offered to COS for disposal.

   10.2.1          To be improved:                                                                     PCE, COM,
                   a) Rail joint loose, gap less.                                                      DRM/LMG
                   b) Alignment of track was bad in middle of bridge.
                   c) GR Pad was missing.
                   d) Running rail gap more at number of locations.
                   e) Sleeper no. 1 to 10 of span no.1 no hook bolt grip.

   10.3            Inspection Of Minor Bridge No: 95 (2x6.10m RCC Box) at km 88/9-99/0 PCE,
                   between DML-TGE:                                                    DRM/LMG

              (i) Track structure:
                S No               1          2            3           4           5            6
                Gauge              -2         E            -2          -2          -2           -1
                Cross Level        3LL        2LL          2LL         L           L            1LL

              (ii) Ballast Cushion: Ballast cushion under rail seat is measured and found as 100mm.
              (iii) Substructure: Foundation and flooring are in good condition. Abutments, piers and
              slab supports are sound. Weep holes are clear. HFL and DL are marked, properly.

10.4        Base plasters not OK. To be improved.                                                  PCE,
11.0        GANG:
11.1        GANG No.19 AT KM.84/9-85/0 BETN SNBR – DML:
11.1.1      Name of Gate Mate: Md. A. Ali

11.1.2      Gang Strength: 1 + 1 +18 (BOS)

11.1.3      Attendance: 1(Mate) + 1 (Keyman) + 8(Trackman) + 4 (Night patrolling)                  CPO,
                        + 2 (Gate duty) + 1 (LAP) + 1 (Rest)                                       DRM/LMG
                        + 2 (Unauthorized absent).
                        Staff on unauthorized absence should be taken up under DAR.
11.1.4      Gang Chart & Gang Diary: Available but needs to be updated. Advance work PCE,
            program is given in gang diary but not entered in the Gang Chart. Work done for DRM/LMG
            one week has not been indicated in Gang Chart. Sectional PWI should enter
            advance work program in Gang Chart and regularly update the same showing the
            work actually done so that proper data regarding work planned and work done are
            available at one (nominated) place. It is seen that the work of slack picking has
            been planned as a matter of routine. It was explained to the field officials that, on
            PSC sleeper track, gangs should do planned works and not slack picking unless the
            later called for on grounds of urgency.
11.1.5    Work being done: Picking up slacks (attention to loose sleeper packing under         PCE,
          weld).                                                                               DRM/LMG

11.1.6    Track Measurements:                                                                  PCE,
                   Station Gauge            Cross-level           Remarks
                   1       -2               10 LL                 8 nos. of
                   2       -3               8 LL                  sleepers opened
                                                                  at one spot.

11.1.7    Gang Equipment                                                                       DRM/LMG
          (i) Gauge cum level: Checked and found having error of 2mm in X-level.
          (ii) Hand Signal flag: Available. (Red 1 & Green 1)
          (iii) Detonators: Available (10 nos of 2006)
          (iv) Square: Available (1 no.).
          (v) Marking chalk: Available.
          (vi) Keying Hammer: Available (1 No.).
          (vii) Crow-Bar: Available. (6 No)
          (viii) Wooden Mallet: Available. (1 No)
          (ix) Rail thermometer: Available (1 No.)
          (x) Non infringing track jack: Available (1 No.)
          (xi) Rake ballast: 2 nos
          (xii) Banner flag: 2 nos, with stand. (Gang correctly demonstrated erection of
          Banner flags in track.)
          (xiii) Spanner: Available (1 no)
          (xiv) First Aid Box: Available (Refilled on 07.01.08)
          (xv) Wire Claw: Available. (2 nos)
          (xvi) Knowledge of working & Protection Rules: Good.

11.1.8    Defective Gauge-cum-level should be replaced. ADEN was told that a set of HS         PCE,
          Flags contains 2 Red HSF and One Green HSF. Accordingly, one more Red HSF            DRM/LMG
          should be provided to the gang. Similar set should be available with each gang /
          LC / Trolley and flagman etc.
11.1.9    It was represented by one of the Gangman of Gang No.9 at KM.84/9-10 that he has CPO,
          not been supplied with Medical Card. An exercise be made to find out if there are DRM/LMG
          any staff who have not been provided with Medical Cards and arrangements made
          for issue of the same early.
11.1.10   The Gangmen were not wearing Luminous Jacket and shoes.                              PCE,
11.1.11   SSE/P.Way & PI were both not available which is extremely serious.                   PCE,
11.1.12   The gang did not have medical card, there were only 10 quarters for 18 gangmen.      CPO,
          None of them had shoes and luminescent vest safety jackets.                          DRM/LMG
          Senior staff were not aware of the safety VRS scheme. DRM should circulate
          about this scheme. There appears to be serious need of personnel officers and
          welfare inspector to visit each and every gang.
11.1.13   Uniform was supplied in 2007. Trousers are yet to be supplied. It was assessed that CPO,
          Gangman, who are of 50 yrs age, are not aware of the special Voluntary DRM/LMG
          Retirement Scheme.
11.1.14   To be improved :                                                                     PCE, COM,
          a) Level cum gauge needs calibration                                                 DRM/LMG
          b) Joggle fish plate with clamp, Rail Thermometer not available with gang.
          c) Advance programme in gang diary not given
          d) Banner flag non-standard.
          e) Protection rule checked, placement of detonators satisfactory but Flag position
          was not so fair.
           No medical identity card is issued to the staff.                                       CMD,
12.0       CURVE:
12.1       Curve No: 72 at km 102/2-7 between CPK – LPN:                                          PCE, CSO,

                   It is a 2 Degree Left hand curve with Transition Length = 100m &
                   Total Length = 350m.
                   - To be improved.
                   - Super elevation needs attention.
       Stn No    Design versine Design SE Versine           SE          Gauge Remarks
       12        58                115 LL       68          115 LL      E        (i) Station to station
       13        58                115 LL       57          115 LL      -2       maximum variation
       14        58                115 LL       61          115 LL      +2       in versine is 10mm,
       15        58                115 LL       55          117 LL      E        which is within
       16        58                115 LL       60          118 LL      -1       permissible limit
       17        58                115 LL       63          115 LL      E        (15mm).
       18        58                115 LL       59          115 LL      E
       19        58                115 LL       61          114 LL      E        (ii) Maximum cant
       20        58                115 LL       61          111 LL      E        gradient is 1 in 714,
       21        58                115 LL       58          112 LL      E        which is within
       22        58                115 LL       57          114 LL      E        permissible limit
       23        58                115 LL       57          110 LL      E        for B.G.
       24        58                115 LL       60          112 LL      +3
                                                                                 Hence, all the
       25        58                115 LL       57          115 LL      +1
                                                                                 parameters are
       26        55                103 LL       52          103 LL      +4
                                                                                 within limit.
       27        50                92 LL        52          92 LL       E
       28        45                80 LL        50          81 LL       +1
       29        40                69 LL        45          71 LL       E
       30        33                57 LL        35          57 LL       E
       31        25                46 LL        30          47 LL       E
       32        18                34 LL        23          34 LL       E
       33        12                23 LL        19          24 LL       -2
       34        5                 12 LL        12          13 LL       E
       35        0                 L            5           L           -2
       +1        0                 L            3           2 LL        -5
       +2        0                 L            1           L           -3
       +3        0                 L            2           L           E

   13.0         GENERAL:
   13.1         High Speed Run between HJI - LMG:

                The Inspection Special has been rum on a speed run at maximum permissible speed
                of 100kmph from HJI to LMG. Peak/km recorded by OMS-2000 during this run is
                less than 1, which classifies the track maintenance as Very Good.
   13.2         There is need to examine the deployment of Commercial Clerk since loading and CCM,
                unloading of goods is not a regular feature at almost all the stations. The concept of DRM/LMG
                the mobile goods clerk can be used.
   13.3         There may be additional requirement of coaching clerk and it may be advantageous CPO,
                to give overtime to selected staff instead of posting additional goods clerk for the DRM/LMG
                extended hours of goods shed working.

   13.4         Utilization of Pointsmen/Porters at various roadside stations indicated that the staff CCM,
                may be underutilized and put to hardship because of posting at remote areas unless DRM/LMG
                there is signal failure or any other abnormality.
13.5      Attaching a 'chip’ to the wagons entering N F Railway or a barcode/repeater to CCM, COM,
          every wagon may result in better utilization of the Trains clerks and will facilitate DRM/LMG
13.6      Concrete station name boards on the either side of the platform need to be relocated        PCE, COM,
          with the extension of platforms.                                                            All DRMs

          Proper lighting needs to be arranged for these name boards for passengers’
          convenience at night from moving trains.
13.7      At number of roadside stations water pumps are available and syntex tanks provided PCE,
          for storage of drinking water. However, the staff has to collect water from the hand- All DRMs
          pumps. Division should make arrangement to supply water through the pipe line to
          individual quarters.
13.8      Number of stations have been provided with battery charging facility to take care of        CEE,
          trains stabled during bunds and agitations by providing poles in the yard hindering         All DRMs
          the movement of staff and chances of hurting passengers.
          Such inputs should be discouraged. If at all emergency charging points are to be
          provided they should be on the platform site and not in any yard.
13.9      Figures of non-rail head PRS indicate reduction in number of passengers in the CCM,
          current year as compared to last year uniformly at all places. This needs to be All DRMs
          seriously examined and analysis done.
13.10     The need to curtail the time of issue of Pass.                                              CPO,
13.11     Awareness of staff for Safety related Voluntary Scheme to the Gangman & ALP.                CPO,
13.12     Current BOS to be made available at all the stations.                                       - do -

13.13     Imparting of training to Clerks to issue passes.                                            - do -
13.14     Discussions during inspection :
13.14.1   Stalling of goods trains :                                                                  COM,
          a) Identify pattern of stalling in sections, time, direction, type of load/empty, rolling   CSTE,
          stock, loco type, schedule date.                                                            DRM/LMG
          Data logger data to be analyzed by CSTE.
13.14.2   PSR : Impact of PSR in terms of extra time taken by trains in section/station is to be COM, CME
          analyzed by COM and CME.
13.14.3   CPK : A coach overdue POH is being run on Engineering train. This must not be               CME,
          allowed.                                                                                    DRM/LMG

13.14.4   Lanka : Stoppage on trial basis for 10 days to be arranged for                              COM,
          a) Train nos.5959/5960, 5934/5933, 2067/2068 and 5929/5930.                                 DRM/LMG
          b) Kamrup Express.
13.14.5   Lanka : Demand for stoppage of Janshatabdi UP after 2 p.m. and DN before 5 p.m.             COM,
          to be reviewed.                                                                             DRM/LMG

13.14.6   Lamsakhang : GHY-MXN special train to be stopped on trial basis for 10 days.                - do -

13.14.7   Additional coach for Jan Shatabdi : Commercial justification on the basis of waiting CCM,
          list to be followed up.                                                              DRM/LMG
13.15   KM-72/0,73/2 between JID-AJRE cess bad, needs repair.                              PCE,
        KM-75/8 between AJRE-SNBR low joints.                                              DRM/LMG
        KM-77/6 AJRE-SNBR entry of curve needs attention.
        Km-100/4 between TGE-CPK on right hand side Poor ballast & bad chess.
        KM-106/8-9 between CPK-LPN transition portions needs attention.
        KM-107/7 between CPK-LPN L.C gate bad surface.
        KM-120/1-2 between KWM-JMK cracked ballast.
        East end of KWM station L.C.Gate road surface bad.
        Cess just on coming out of JMK station on left side bad. Needs repair.
        KM-134/3-7between JMK-JGJN cess needs repair.
        KM-134/9 between JMK-JGJN bad riding.
        KM-141/2-3 between JGJN-HJI poor ballast.
13.16   Brake Van Inspection:                                                              PCE,
        a) Shri B. Basumatary, Guard/ME/GHY was in proper uniform.                         DRM/LMG
        b) Fusee Signal, ACP Key and Carriage key of Guard’s Personal equipment found
        short. To be improved.

13.17   Digital Announcement System at GHY station is out of order since July’07. Action   CSTE,
        to be taken to monitor the same and get it set right.                              DRM/LMG

13.20   Maintenance of Signaling gears :- is not being carried out as per the CSTE,
        maintenance schedule, incidentally none of the staff in the entire section DRM/LMG
        including Officers (ASTE & DSTE) were aware of it. In the name of
        maintenance only brake down maintenance is being done with no record of
        the work done. The proper system of maintenance and its record keeping
        needs to be introduced being prime activity of S&T Officers & Supervisors.
        Sr.DSTE and the officers below should involve in monitoring and ensuring
        the proper maintenance of signaling system.
13.21   Interlocking integrity test of panels has not been carried at any of the           CSTE,
        stations, although it has been instructed number of times and incidentally,        DRM/LMG
        ASTE & DSTE were also not aware of it. Communication gap between
        Sr.DSTE and Officers & Supervisors Down the level was visible as none of
        the maintenance instruction and guidelines have been passed on to them.
        Monitoring of safety maintenance of panel testing should be taken on hand
        by division immediately to complete all arrears and due in current year.

13.22   Cables are used for track circuit connection instead of GI wire which is           CSTE,
        causing theft and miscreant activity. No more use of cable now to be made          DRM/LMG
        for track connection and instead of it standard GI wire / rope to be used.

13.23   Quad cable is being provided in BPB-LMG control section. Indication to             CSTE,
        monitor its continuity should be provided at station. The arrangement was          DRM/LMG
        explained to Sr.DSTE, so that any break due to theft is immediately known.

13.24   Double lock should be provided on separate bolts with properly painted as CSTE,
        operating and S&T lock. The Joint Procedural Order issued by COM & DRM/LMG
        CSTE regarding Opening and closing of Relay room is not properly
        introduced which is causing difficulties in opening of Relay room and it was
        experienced during the inspection also.
13.25       S&T Officers are not carrying out complete inspection of S&T installation,             CSTE,
            neither they are aware of the inspection guidelines issued for them. A proper          DRM/LMG
            supervision and check of the maintenance activities cannot be ensured
            unless Officers also carry out proper and complete inspection of the
            installations. Sr.DSTE and ASTE/DSTE shall carryout inspections as per
            the inspection guidelines for safety and reliability.

13.26       There are number of stations where completion document are yet to be                   CSTE,
            supplied by Construction. The Instructions have been reiterated to take over           DRM/LMG
            the station only after completion documents are handed over but these are
            not being followed by division.
13.27       The blocks are working on DC/DC converter using point batteries. A                     CSTE,
            separate line battery for each block should be provided.                               DRM/LMG
13.28       Welfare Inspector should visit to the place of work of all staff i.e. stations, mid-   CPO,
            sections, gang etc.                                                                    DRM/LMG
13.29       SEJ No.2 of LWR No. CL-1at Km 102/6-7 between CPK-LPN
            (Td =38ºC):
                    Gap from reference mark Gap of reference mark Total
                    to tip of tong rail         to corner of stock rail gap

            Left Rail (mm): 29                           21                50
            Right Rail (mm): 29                          23                52
            The gaps are within permissible limit at prevailing temperature (26ºC).

13.30       Lots of scrap materials are available at Barahu, Jagiroad, Dharmatul and Tekraguri.    PCE, COS,
            Mopping of scrap is required at these points.                                          DRM/LMG
13.30.1     Huge quantity of Cast iron Sleeper rails , may be more than 1000 MT available at       PCE,
            Jamunamukh This may be coordinated with DRM for offering the scrap during the          DRM/LMG
            current year itself.
13.31       Coverage of Electrical items
            Sr. DEE has complained about non-coverage of following items against non-stock
            demand. COS stated these materials may be drawn for stock coverage position as
            given by COS is as under:-

SL.     Requisition No.   Item                    Present status                      Action by
No.     & date
1       34500010          1.5 Ton RAC Window      P.O.58553 dt.26.10.05 on M/s.       COS
        dt.27.08.2003     type- 10 nos.           VIDEOCON/Aurangabad. P.O. to
                                                  be cancelled and fresh P.O. to be
2       34307038          1.5 Ton RAC Window      Case is not traceable. To submit    CEE,
        dt.01.09.2004     type-05 nos.            fresh requisition.                  DRM/LMG
3       34307022          1.5 Ton RAC Window      P.O.68880 dt.26.03.07
        dt.14.12.2006     type-04 nos.            On M/s.Sidwal
                                                  Full qty. supplied.
4       34310006          Metal Halide Lamp       LT due on 02.02.2008. Tender to     COS
        dt.30.05.2007     250 Watt-100 nos.       be finalized early.
5       34307008          Metal Halide Lamp
        dt.30.05.2007     400 Watt-100 nos.
6       34500012          3 KW 30V Low MFO        OT due on 07/03/08. Tender to be    COS
        dt.24.03.2007     Alternator-06 nos.      finalized early.
7       34500013          Rectifie4-cum-          LT opened on 08.01.08, accepted     COS
        dt.24.03.2007     regulator unit for 3    on M/s. KEL/Kundra and P.O.
                          KW Brushless            under finance vetting. P.O. to be
                          alternator-06 nos.      released early
8       34307006          Ceiling Fan 56” – 200   Requisition not received by COS.    CEE,
        dt.25.04.2007     nos.                    To submit the requisition.          DRM/LMG
9       34307029          63 KVA DG set-01 set    Supply order issued on              Sr.DEE/LMG
        dt.21.02.2007                             M/s.ELMECH Engineers /Delhi.
                        30 KVA DG set-01 set   Sr.DEE/LMG to chase the firm for
        34307009                               early supply.
10      34307030        125 KVA DG set-01      Requirement for AMF panel,            CEE/MLG
        dt.21.02.2007   set                    whereas.
                                               RC is available for standard panel.
11      34307031        125 KVA DG set-02      Clarification has been sought from
        dt.21.02.2007   set                    CEE for placement of supply order
12      34307032        125 KVA DG set-01      with standard panel
        dt.21.02.2007   set

13.32           RPF- There is no RPF Establishment at Aujuri station. However, RPF staffs are CSC,
                directed from RPF Post/Chaparmukh in case of exigencies and drop load DRM/LMG

13.33           STATION OUTSTANDING :-                                                          CCM,
                i). JID/Goods – An amount of Rs.22,43,550.00 has been Outstanding against       DRM/LMG
                HPC/JID for Demurrage Charge ,out of which an amount of Rs. 36,000.00 has
                been outstanding since Mar’06, and the remaining amount were accrued in the
                following :-
                      June’07 – Rs.4,41,225.00
                      July’07 – Rs. 3,70,800.00
                      Aug’07 – Rs. 5,67,300.00
                      Sept”07 – Rs. 3,24,000.00
                      Oct’07 – Rs. 2,35,425.00
                ii). THEKERAGURI - An amount of Rs. 1,14,730.00( Admitted) has been
                Outstanding against IOC/TGE for Demurrage Charge. Rs.94,570.00 has been
                outstanding since Apr’06.
                iii). HOJAI/Goods :- An amount of Rs.30,27,300.00 (Admitted) on account of
                D.C. is outstanding as Shunting charge from April’07 to Dec’07
                          Necessary action may be taken to clear the above outstanding at the
13.34           OUTSTANDING INDENT :- The following Indent are outstanding for PCT’s –          CCM,
                  STATION                   INDENT No.                                          DRM/LMG
                I. JID -          i) No. J/PCT/94/07/Pt-VII dt.01.02.07
                                 ii) No. J/PCT/94/07/Pt-IX dt.01.02.07
                                 iii) No. J/PCT/94/07/Pt-X dt.01.02.07
                                 iv) No. J/PCT/94/07/Pt-XI dt.01.02.07
                 EMERGENT INDENT No. J/PCT/95/07/Pt-I dt.15.12.07
                 EMERGENT INDENT No. J/PCT/95/07/Pt-II dt.15.12.07
                II. DML -       i) No. DML/PCT/Annual/Indent/1-7 dt 25.12.07
                III. CPK -     i) No. CPK/TD/Emergent/IIOrdy/50/07 dt 31.10.07
                IV. JMK -       i) No. 03/08/2007 dt 15.8.07
                               ii) No. 04/08/2007 dt 25.8.07
                               iii) No. 05/08/2007 dt 25.8.07
                               iv) No. 06/08/2007 dt 15.8.07
                Indent may be critically reviewed.

13.35           EXCESS PCT STOCK AT HJI :- Due to implementation of UTS sale of PCTs CCM,
                has been reduced due to which large number of PCTs received from KGN press FA&CAO,
                were lying at station.                                                         DRM/LMG
                      Sr. DCM may take a necessary action for disposal of PCTs at the earliest
                to avoid misuse.
                OBSOLETE PCTs :- A large Number of old PCts not in use to revision of fare
                are still lying at DML, TGE station. These need early disposal to avoid their
13.36     ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FOIL OF CR NOTES :-                               Following CCM,
          acknowledgement foils of CR Notes are not received by station from the Cash FA&CAO,
          office/MLG                                                                  DRM/LMG
          STATION NAME            CR NOTE NO.              DATE
          1. JID                866073 to 866100     03.11.07 to 30.11.07
                                 973001 to 973040 01.12.07 to 09.01.08
          2. DML                 951530 to 951584     04.11.07 to 27.12.07
          3. TGE                  01 to 64           05.11.07 to 08.01.08
          4. CPK                877429 to 877496     03.11.07 to 09.01.08
          5. HJI               551097 to 551164      05.1107 to 10.01.08

13.37     CASH IN TRANSIT :- Due to irregular running of cash safe through out the CCM,
          LMG to CPK section there is considerable delay in deposit of daily station FA&CAO,
          earnings to cash office. Concerned records show the following :            DRM/LMG

          Month         Date of Non running of Cash safe        Total days
          Dec’o7          2,3,4,6,8,10,11,13,14,16,17,19,          19 days
                             21,22,24, 26,28,30,31
          Nov’o7          2,3,5,7,9,10,12,14,16,18,19,             17 days

                   Necessary action may be taken for regular running of cash safe.
13.38     DETENTION OF STATION EARNINGS :- Due to non available of sufficient CCM,
          L.C. Bags, detention of station earnings has been noticed at DML station. FA&CAO,
            TGE Station – Station earnings are sending every after 10 (Ten) days by DRM/LMG
          Cash Safe.
             Necessary action may be taken to streamline the system.
13.39     DISCREPANCY IN VENDORS LICENSE FEES :- During the inspection of CCM,
          CPK and JID stations, it has been noticed that the vendor license agreements FA&CAO,
          have not renewed after 31st Oct’2005 and the vendors are paying the old license DRM/LMG
          fees fixed by the Administration. Also in two cases undercharges have been
          detected while checking vendor’s license fees with agreement. Sri J.C.Basak,
          Misc. goods stall, has been paying Rs 139.00 per month whereas the license
          agreement made in 2004-058 between Railway administration and the vendor
          shows Rs.313.00 as rent and Rs.4.50 as water charges. Sri A.K. Dey, tea stall
          owner, has been paying Rs.189.00 per month since 1993, whereas in agreement
          it is written as Rs.702.00 for prent and Rs.23.00 for water charges.
                     The above two cases are only illustrative. Matter may be investigated
          and necessary steps may be taken for renewal of the Vendors License
          Agreements to ensure that there is no discrepancy in deposits made by vendors.

14.0      AWARDS:
14.1      Awards for the excellent work done:                                           PCE, CPO,
          (1) SSE (Works) / JID has maintained the assets in JID station premises in    DRM/LMG
          appreciable condition for which his team is awarded a sum of Rs 5000/-.
          (2) For the excellent maintenance of Bridge No: 95 and CPK station, the SSE
          (Works) / CPK and his team are awarded a sum of Rs 5000/-.
          (3) For the excellent maintenance of records and surroundings at Level
          Crossing Gate No: ST / 29 as well as for good knowledge of safety rules
          relevant to gate working, Gateman, Shri Ganesh Ch.Deka is awarded a sum of
          Rs 500/-.
          (4) For the maintenance of Curve No.72 in close to ideal conditions, JE/I/P
          way/CPK and the sectional gang are awarded a sum of Rs 3000/-.
             (5) SSE (Works)/LMG has maintained the assets in the station premises of HJI
             station in good condition for which he and his team is awarded is a sum of Rs
             (6) The SSE/P Way/P/LMG and his team are awarded a sum of Rs 5000/- for
             excellent preparation for successful high speed run and classification of track as
             Very Good in OMS.
14.2         GM announced an award of Rs.50,000/- to the Division.                                DGM(G)
14.3         GM announced a cash award of Rs.25,000/- for the Officers’ Club of Lumding.          DGM(G)

14.4         Particulars of representations received during the inspection are shown in DGM(G)
             Annexure ‘A’. These are sent to DGM/G, in original, for taking suitable action
             by concerned PHODs.
14.5         Local people demanded the following :-                                               PCE ,
             (a) A second PF on L.No.3.                                                           DRM/LMG
             (b) FOB to cross over to the other end of the station, where there is a
14.6         Local people led by Chairman, Hojai Municipality demanded the following: PCE , CCM,
             (a) PRS                                                                  DRM/LMG
             (b) The second PF.
             They were requested to extend all cooperation to remove the unauthorized
             structures so that the above development can take place at HJI.
14.7         Citizens of LKA demanded the following:-                                             COM, PCE ,
             (a) Extension of GHY-SDAH Kanchenjungha Exp. to LMG/NTSK.                            DRM/LMG
             (b) Stoppage of Jana Shatabdi & Kamrup Exp. at LKA.
             (c) Development of LKA station and declaring it as model station.

                                                                (D. K. Gupta)
                                                          DY.GENERAL MANAGER(G)

No.Z/163/ (A) Pt.V (LMG)                                              Date: 17.04.2008

Copy for information and necessary action to:

(1)    AGM for kind information.
(2)    DGM & Secy. to GM for kind information of GM.
(3)    All PHODs              Necessary remarks on the inspection notes
(4)    All DRMs              may be sent to DGM/G within 15 days.

                                                          DY.GENERAL MANAGER(G)

Circulated through Railnet:>General Administration> GM’s Inspection Report

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