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   1. Donning of protective equipment should be accomplished:

      A.   prior to or during response.
      B.   during response or upon arrival.
      C.   prior to response or upon arrival.
      D.   as an incident warrants upon evaluation.

   2. T F An effective health and safety committee usually consists of three members
          from management, three members from the member organization, and the
          health and safety officer as a nonvoting member.

   3. The incident safety officer accomplishes a size-up by:

      A.   gathering reports from all company officers on scene.
      B.   surveying the scene from the highest available vantage point.
      C.   doing a complete 360-degree walk-around.
      D.   driving around the scene before parking their vehicle.

   4. Implementing a safety program includes establishing a(n):

      A.   accident/injury record-keeping system.
      B.   system to impose discipline.
      C.   system using the ANSI prevention method.
      D.   All of the above

   5. T F More firefighters are killed and injured at the incident scene than during any
          other activity.

   6. Which is most likely to be a false assumption concerning firefighter training and safety?

      A.   Advanced planning, preparation, and supervision can reduce training injuries.
      B.   Firefighters will know the safe way of performing activities without being told.
      C.   Training safety guidelines and standards help prevent overlooked hazards.
      D.   Safety habits learned during training must be continually reinforced.

   7. Which is the best way to employ the information in the incident safety officer's
      postincident report?

      A.   File the report with concerned research organizations.
      B.   Use the report as a basis for personnel evaluations.
      C.   Submit the report to an appropriate fire-fighting publication.
      D.   Apply a "lessons learned" model.

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   8. Which of the following groups provides the most beneficial information about what it
      takes to make a fire department structure both functional and comfortable?

      A.   Building and fire code officials
      B.   Public works department representatives
      C.   Operational or line personnel
      D.   Health and safety committee

   9. The use of radios is necessary for efficient operations at the emergency scene.
      The              should monitor the radio for signs of barriers to clear communications or
      signs of fire fighter fatigue.

      A. chief                                       B. incident safety officer
      C. PIO                                         D. hazmat group leader

  10. Which of the following completes this sentence? Every firefighter reacts to stressful
      events based on:

      A. level of physical fitness.                  B. age.
      C. personal perceptions.                       D. mental strength.

  11. Physical fitness programs should include:

      A.   medical screening and fitness assessment.
      B.   fitness standards.
      C.   an exercise program and nutritional information.
      D.   All of the above

  12. An act, condition, or situation that is judged to present an immediate danger to personnel
      or property and is so severe it requires immediate corrective action, is classified as
      a(n)           hazard.

      A. imminent                                    B. implementation
      C. preventable                                 D. corrective

  13. Which of the following is not a primary responsibility of the health and safety officer?

      A. Maintaining an accident record-keeping system
      B. Reviewing investigation procedures utilized for injuries and accidents
      C. Developing staging protocols to be used with the department's incident
         management system
      D. Reviewing procedures used for any unusually hazardous operations

  14. Self-contained breathing apparatus should be used when the atmosphere:

      A.   is hazardous.
      B.   is suspected of being hazardous.
      C.   may rapidly become hazardous.
      D.   All of the above
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  15. Breathing air used for filling SCBA cylinders should be tested                time(s) per year.

      A. one                  B. two                  C. three                   D. four

  16. Directions: Read the following statements, then select your answer from A-D below.

               1. At special operations incidents, the incident safety officer shall attend strategic
                  and tactical planning sessions.

               2. At special operations incidents, the incident safety officer shall ensure that an
                  incident safety plan is developed for all members on the scene.

               3. The incident safety officer needs special training in the techniques for
                  conducting special rescue operations.

      A.   All statements are true.
      B.   All statements are false.
      C.   Statement 1 is true; statements 2 and 3 are false.
      D.   Statement 1 is false; statements 2 and 3 are true.

  17. Who has the ongoing responsibility of monitoring for firefighter fatigue?

      A. Incident safety officer                      B. Logistics officer
      C. Staging officer                              D. Paramedics

  18. The occupational safety and health committee should hold regularly scheduled
      meetings at least:

      A. monthly.                                    B. semiannually.
      C. annually.                                   D. bienniumly.

  19. Exposure report forms should include all of the following information except:

      A.   the name and social security number of the individual.
      B.   copy of the individual's DPT vaccination status.
      C.   results of the source individual's blood testing.
      D.   all medical records relevant to the treatment of the employee.

  20. In addition to requirements specific to the fire service, apparatus inspection
      requirements are usually based on standards developed in:

      A. the fire service.                           B. OSHA regulations.
      C. NFPA testing programs.                      D. the trucking industry.

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