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					                                         Subject: Wages Protection System


Dear M/s                           ,
Account Number:

National Bank of Abu Dhabi is pleased to inform you that Wages Protection System has been introduced by the
Central Bank of UAE along with Ministry of Labour for making all salary/wages payments to employees in private
sector (see Ministerial Decree n. (788) of 2009). In compliance with the Central Bank’s system’s requirements, we
are obliged to request the following when sending us requests for making all such payments:

    •   To provide NBAD with the Salary Information File (SIF) in Central Bank’s specified format (as per annexure
        in appendix B) by sending it to the email ID
    •   The file should be encrypted. Details of encryption will be provided by us at the time of implementation.
        Kindly send a sample file for a trial run to ensure that the file format is correct and you are able to send all
        payment requests seamlessly.
    •   Please make sure to send the file once to prevent duplication.
    •   Pls send the file only in “English”. The Central bank system does not accept files in Arabic or any other
    •   A hard copy of the request should also be sent to us, signed by the authorized signatory. This should
        contain the total number of requests and the aggregate value of payments. Please note that NBAD will
        process the request only after receiving the soft and hard copy.
    •   Please make sure that there are sufficient funds in the account before sending the payment requests.
    •   Please make sure to send the file 2 days before the value date. NBAD will arrange to forward the file
        requests to Central Bank before 2pm on the value date for all such requests received. All requests received
        after that will be processed on the following day. Your account will be debited before sending file to Central

After receiving the File:

    •   NBAD will only check that the total amount in the hard copy tallies with the total amount in the soft copy. No
        further checking will be done by the bank.
    •    NBAD will return the file in case the file is not in specified format.
    •   The bank will credit the employees account based on Payment file received from Central Bank. The Bank
        will not check the correctness or authenticity of the file. The credit will be done only after receiving funds
        from Central Bank and based on account number and not on the basis of account name, etc.
    •   The bank will not be responsible if it is not able to credit the employees account due to reason (account
        closed, invalid, etc.). The details of accounts successfully credited will be provided in the Disbursal
        Information File (DIF) provided to Central Bank.
    •   In case there is a negative acknowledgement received by the bank from Central Bank, NBAD will not
        process the request and will credit back the employer account with appropriate reasons.
    •   Similarly, NBAD will not be responsible if other banks do not credit the accounts of respective account
    •   The client can initiate refund request only if it has sent the initial SIF File to the bank. Accordingly, bank will
        not accept requests of refunds if the salary payment requests were made through another bank. All refund
        requests should be made in format prescribed by Central Bank (Sample enclosed).
    •   The bank will only credit employer upon receiving Refund Status Update (RSU) file from Central bank. The
        bank will not be responsible for any delay in receipt of RSU file from Central Bank. The bank will not check
        the correctness or completeness of the file and will credit the client account strictly as per file received from
        Central Bank.
    •   In case the client decides to outsource its payroll activities, then the client agrees to provide all necessary
        documents as desired by the bank to enable bank to accept such requests on its behalf
In case of any queries or clarifications, you may contact the following departments:

    •  For queries regarding the new system or file format, please send email to helpdeskroc-wps&
       or contact us on 02-4105307.
    • For queries regarding the encryption, please contact our Information Technology Department on
        02-6112198(email id –
For general queries, please contact your Relationship Manager

We would appreciate your cooperation with us in this matter, in order for us to comply with Central Bank’s
directives, and to avoid requests not being processed. Please fill, sign & stamp the below box and send this letter
back to your Relationship Manager in confirmation of your agreement to process your salaries as per the new
Central Bank requirements and the charges mentioned in appendix A.

Please note that these charges supersede all previous agreements.

Thank you for banking with NBAD, and we assure you of our best services at all times.

Yours Sincerely,

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

I hereby confirm my acceptance to the above. Please find below necessary details:

Authorized persons for sending salary/wages transfer instructions:

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

Email ID from which instructions can be accepted:

Employer ID:_________________________
(13 digit unique ID provided by MOL)

Employer Name:______________________

Contact Name and Number:_____________

Employer Account Number:______________

Max Salary:__________________________

Authorized Signatory:__________________

Company Stamp:
Appendix A:

        The Charges                       Amount                    Paid by
       Charges per File
                                         AED 200                    Employer
Charges for salary transfer to            AED 0.5                   Employer
3rd party (another bank) per
Charges for salary transfer               AED 0.5                   Employer
within NBAD accounts per
Refund charges                            AED 50                    Employer

                                 Other account charges
Charges for RATIBI cards per load/re-load
   •   Depending on the                   AED 5-8                   Employer
       number of cards

Normal charges will be applied on all types of accounts.   Paid by the account holder.
   •   Minimum Balance AED 75
   •   Monthly service charges AED 15
Appendix B
                                                   Wages Protection System

                                                           File formats

General Notes

    1.   All Employers have to send 2 types of files:
    a.   Salary Information File (SIF) – For sending salary payment requests
    b.   Request for refund File (RFR) – For initiating any refund request (Only in case of refund)

    2.   All file contents will be in ASCII
    3.   Record formats will be “COMMA SEPERATED VALUES” (CSV)
    4.   Files that do not comply with the formatting standards will be rejected in its entirety

1. a. Salary Information File (SIF)
     a. The SIF must be provided by the employer to their banker.
     b. The SIF File comprises of 2 records:
         •    Employee Detail Record (EDR)
         •    Salary Control Record (SCR)
     c. Each EDR must be for a unique employee
     d. Not more than one EDR is permitted for each employee in a SIF File.

 EDR     ,10001016594125      ,640110101      ,4551902459        ,2009-06-01    ,2009-06-30    ,30      ,1221.92       ,0        ,0

 EDR     ,30305106000500      ,640110101         ,155481121      ,2009-06-01    ,2009-06-30    ,30       ,1000         ,0        ,0
 SCR     ,0000000009103       ,302210101         ,2009-07-16       ,1107         ,062009           ,2   ,2221.92   ,AED        ,1141

  A = Alphabetic                                 (M) = Mandatory               N = Numeric
 (O) = Optional                                  AN = Alphanumeric             D = Date YYYY-MM-DD
 MOL - Ministry of Labour                          B = Blank

EDR (Employee Detail Record)
Size/length      03           14            09            16          10         10           04            15                  15             04
                                                      Employee       Pay        Pay
   Field       Record     Employee                                                       Days in          Income              Income        Days on
                                        Agent ID       A/c with      Start      End
  Labels        Type        ID                                                           Period            Fixed              Variable       Leave
                                                        agent        Date       Date
                A/(M)       AN/(M)        N/(M)         AN/(M)       D/(M)      D/(M)      N/(M)           N/(M)               N/(M)         N/(M)
                                                                                                                                           Days that
                          Unique as                                                                                                        the
                          provided                    The                                                                                  employee
                          by MOL.                     employer                                                                             has
                                        The 9                                                           Valid               Valid
                          This field                  must                              Number                                             availed of
                                        digit                                                           amount (e.g         amount (e.g
                          will have                   provide                           of                                                 leave
                                        head                                                            2345.87 /           2345.87 /
                          to be                       the                               calendar                                           without
                                        office                                                          23.00 / 22.         23.00 / 22.
                Must      padded                      account       YYYY-      YYYY-    days for                                           pay in the
                                        routing                                                         If no               If no
 Remarks         be       with                        number of      MM-        MM-     which                                              pay
                                        code as                                                         contribution        contribution
                EDR       leading                     the            DD         DD      the                                                period. If
                                        assigned                                                        from the            from the
                          zeros if                    employee                          salary is                                          no leave
                                        to the                                                          component           component
                          the length                  as                                being                                              has been
                                        agent by                                                        then send           then send
                          is less                     provided                          paid                                               availed
                                        CB-UAE                                                          0.00                0.00
                          than the                    by the                                                                               off, then
                          max                         agent.                                                                               indicate
                          length 14.                                                                                                       with zero
SCR (Salary Control Record)
             03       13               09              10          04            06              10             15                03              35
              Recor                   Bank           File          File
  Field                Employ                                                  Salary       EDR                Total             nt              EMR
                d                    Code of       Creation      Creatio
 Labels                 er ID                                                  Month        Count              Salary          Currenc         Reference
              Type                  Employer        Date         n Time
              A/(M)     N/(M)         N/(M)          D/(M)       N/(M)         N/(M)        N/(M)              N/(M)            A/(M)           AN/(O)
                       Unique                                                                              Valid
                       ID as                                                                               amount
                       provide                                                                             (e.g
                                                                              Y. Shall
                       d by                        YYYY-                                                   (2345.87 /
                       MOL.                        MM-DD.                                                  23.00 / 22)
                       This                        Shall be                                                will be
                                                                              to be a
                       field will                  validated                                               validated
                                                                              month +
                       have to                     to be a                                 Numb            to be
                                                                              year that
                       be                          date that                               er of           equal to
              Must                                                            is either                                        Currenc
                       padded       80351010       is less                                 EDR             the sum of                        Documenta
Remarks        be                                                HHMM         equal to                                         y (AED)
                       with         6              than or                                 record          all the                           ry field
              SCR                                                             or 1 more                                        only
                       leading                     equal to                                s in            fixed &
                                                                              than the
                       zeros if                    that of                                 the file        variable
                                                                              that of
                       the                         the                                                     componen
                       length is                   processin                                               ts
                       less                        g date on                                               indicated
                                                                              g month
                       than the                    WPS                                                     in all the
                                                                              + year on
                       max                                                                                 EDR
                       length                                                                              Records in
                       14.                                                                                 the file.

1. b. Request for Refund File (RFR)
a. The RFR must be provided by the employer to their banker.
b. Only banks are allowed to transfer the RFR into WPS.
c. The RFR File comprises of 2 records:
        •   reFund Details Record (FDR)
        •   reFund Control Record (FCR)

FDR (reFund Details Record)
Size/length     03            50            50         09           14                15                  03              16            01          05
                                            AC                                                                          Emplo
               Reco                          K       Agent                        Refund               Refund            yee
   Field                   SIF File                              Employe                                                               Future     Future
                rd                          file    Routing                       amount               Request           A/c
  Labels                    Name                                  e ID                                                                  Use        Use
               Type                         na       Code                        Requested              Code             with
                                            me                                                                          Agent
Charcater                                                                                                               AN/(M
               A/(M)       AN/(M)            B       N/(M)        AN/(M)           N/(M)                N/(M)                          A/(M)       A/(M)
Type/Use                                                                                                                  )
                                                                 Unique as
                       SIF file name               The 9 digit                                                          Employ
                       in which the                routing                                                              er must
                                                                 by MOL.        Valid amount
                       salary                      code as                                            A valid           provide
                                                                 This field     (eg: 2345.87                                       Leave
                       information                 assigned to                                        refund            the a/c
                                                                 will have      / 23.00 / 22).                                     Blank. A
                       provided for      Lea       the agent                                          request           no. of
               Must                                              to be          Shall be                                           space          Must be
                       specific          ve        by CBUAE.                                          code as           the
 Remarks        be                                               padded         equal to or                                        has to         "EWPM
                       employee.         Bla       Validated                                          provided by       employ
               FDR                                               with           less than the                                      be sent        S"
                       Separate FDR      nk        against the                                        CBUAE             ee as
                                                                 leading        sum of fixed                                       in as the
                       must be used                master                                             (mentioned        provide
                                                                 zeros if       & variable                                         data.
                       for each                    database                                           below)            d by
                                                                 the length     income
                       SIF+Employee                help in                                                              the
                                                                 is less
                       combination                 WPS                                                                  agent.
                                                                 than 14.
Valid Refund Request codes

001 – Errors in computation of fixed wages
002 – Errors in computation of variable
003 – Errors in computation of wages
004 – Same data sent through multiple banks
005 – Same data sent through another bank
FCR (reFund Control Record)
              03        13            35          09          20          15          10        01       01        05
                                                            A/c of      Total
                                               Bank Code
   Field    Recor    Employe       Employer                employe     Refund       FDR        Futur    Futur     Future
                                                 of the
  Labels    d Type     r ID        Reference                r with     Claime       Count      e Use    e Use      Use
                                                            Bank          d
             A/(M)     N/(M)        AN/(O)       N/(M)     AN/(M)       N/(M)       N/(M)      A/(M)    A/(M)     A/(M)
                     ID as
                                                            A/c no.
                     by MOL.
                                                               the                             Leave    Leave
                     This field
                                                            monies                             Blank.   Blank.
                     will have
                                                           will need   Valid                   A        A
                     to be                                                         Total
                                                              to be    amount                  space    space
             Must    padded                                                        numbe                         Must be
                                  Documentar   80351010    credited    (e.g.                   has to   has to
 Remarks      be     with                                                          r of                          "EWPMS
                                  y Field      6              of the   2345.87                 be       be
             FCR     leading                                                       FDR in                        "
                                                             refund    / 23.00 /               sent     sent
                     zeros if                                                      this file
                                                            request    22)                     in as    in as
                                                                is                             the      the
                     length is
                                                           accepted                            data.    data.
                     less than
                                                             by the
                     the max
                     length of

File Naming Convention

SIF File:

                EEEEEEEEEEEEE : Employer unique ID
                YYMMDD       : File Creation Date
                HHMMSS        : File Creation Time
Extension       .SIF

RFR File:

                EEEEEEEEEEEEE : Employer unique ID
                YYMMDD       : File Creation Date
                HHMMSS        : File Creation Time
Extension       .RFR

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