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									                           Sample Letter to Parents

Date________________                                            Re: Quebec City Excursion

Dear Parent,

Few experiences complement the lessons learned in a classroom like travel. It exposes
students to new ideas, broadens their perspective, and in the case of language study, makes
the language come alive!

This year, we are giving our Grade 7 and 8 students an opportunity to go on an educational
excursion to Quebec City. The program is being arranged by Uniropa Student Educational
Holidays Inc. – a reputable organization which has specialized exclusively in Student
Educational Excursions for over 43 years.

A carefully planned itinerary will allow the participants to experience the "joie de vivre",
culture and heritage through visits to a variety of museums. Students will partake in a fun
cultural Folk evening with French Canadian Artists(s). En route to Ste Anne de Beaupré,
they will enjoy a visit to Montmorency Falls and an exciting gondola ride over the falls.
Enclosed you will find a customized itinerary designed to provide a judicious balance
between scheduled activities and free time.

All scheduled activities will be chaperoned by teachers and the entire program overseen by
a full time Uniropa Tour Director. Although the main focus of the trip is educational, there
will also be plenty of room for healthy fun and personal exploration.

We will be holding a general orientation meeting with Grade 7 & 8 students to discuss the
program and will show an informative Uniropa Program Video on Quebec City. This should
give the students a clearer idea of this unique opportunity. We will hold a similar meeting
for the parents on ________________________.

We need a clear idea how many parents plan to have their son / daughter participate in this
cultural experience. Please complete the attached sheet and send it to the school along with
a $50.00 deposit cheque by ________________________. Thank you.


Name of teacher
Date: _____________________               Name of School: ______________________________

Dear Parent:

We are delighted to advise you that our school will be organizing an Educational Excursion to Quebec
City. We have selected Uniropa Student Educational Holidays Inc., an organization with over 43 yrs of
experience in educational excursions to Quebec City exclusively. In order for us to know if the trip to
Quebec City will become a reality, we must know how many parents will allow their son or daughter to
participate. Presently, the trip is planned for:

___________              ___________               ___________               _________________
Date of Travel           Mode of Travel            # of Students             # Teacher Chaperones

This will be an all-inclusive (3 nights/4 days) excursion staying at downtown superior Loews Le
Concorde or Hilton. The program is fully comprehensive includi ng all entrance fees, as per program,
coordinated by bilingual staff and chaperones from our school. The program consists of structured
daily activities, with ample time for personal exploration, including breakfast and dinner at local
downtown restaurants. Roundtrip transportation will be by Chartered Highway Coach directly from the
school. For the protection and security of the parents, we are offering, for the 1st time ever, a
guarantee of a full refund, less the CWF, in case of illness, accident or death in the immediate family
BEFORE and DURING the trip. (Medical note required)

The cost of the program: $399.75 + GST/QST * + $25.00 CWF ** (sample)

* 7% GST (Good & Service Provincial tax) / QST 7.5% Quebec Provincial tax.
* * CWF "Cancellation Waiver Fee" - guarantee of full refund pre/during the trip.

If you plan to allow your son/daughter to participate in our proposed Quebec Excursion, please sign
the form below & have your son/daughter return it with a $50.00 cheque (made out to UNIROPA
S.E.H. Inc.) by ________________________________.

P.S.    Besides the initial $50.00 per person deposit, in September / October we will also
        request two postdated cheques for 2nd payment and balance – dates to be advised.


                                    PARENTAL CONSENT FORM

                                                                    Date: ___________________

£ YES, I do give my approval for ___________________________________________, my
      son / daughter (please circle) to participate in your proposed Quebec City Excursion.
      Enclosed please find $50.00 deposit.

£ NO, I DO NOT give approval for __________________________________________, my
      son / daughter (please circle) to participate in your proposed Quebec City Excursion.

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