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Sample Reply Letter to Cease and Desist Order document sample

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									                                     TOWN OF HADDAM
                            PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION
                                      PUBLIC MEETING
                                    HADDAM TOWN HALL
                                    Monday, 20 July 2009
                                  UNAPPROVED MINUTES
                            Subject to Change by the Commission

X Peter Arseneault
A Peter Baird, Secretary
X Stasia DeMichele
X Paul DeStefano
X Malcolm Gorin, Chairman
X Gordon Hard
X Walter Zilahy, Vice Chairman
X Steve Bull, Alternate - Seated
X Margo Chase-Wells, Alternate - Seated
X Liz West, Town Planner
X Joe Budrow, ZEO
X Bunny Hall Batzner, Recording Clerk

1. Call to Order

Dr. Gorin called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

2. Attendance – Seating of Alternates

Attendance was taken and all regular and alternate members were seated.

3. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda


4. Approval/Corrections of the Minutes
Correction to the 6 July 2009 minutes: Page 8, 2        paragraph, after “150,700 cubic yards” add –
“and 240,000 cubic yards lifetime requirement”.

MOTION: Margo Chase-Wells made a motion to approve the 6 July 2009 minutes as amended.
Steve Bull seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

5. Public Comments


6. P & Z Enforcement

Structures for Animals, 11 Indian Hill Road – Cease and Desist Order issued for non-permitted
structures to house farm animals and feed was not appeal (no reply from the violator) and the
matter will be turned over to town counsel.
Madore, Little City Road – Cease and Desist Order was appealed and should be heard at the
August ZBA meeting.

Mr. Budrow also report upon reviewing a house location for a zoning permit for an addition, found
an unapproved deck and a swimming pool possibly on State property.

7. Chairman’s Report


8. Applications To Be Scheduled For Public Hearings or Meetings

3 August 2009 – Special Permit, Site Plan Review for a dwelling greater than 4,000 square foot
within the Gateway District.


9. Torrance Downes and Stasia DeMichele, Presentation by Gateway Commission

Torrance Downes, senior regional planner, CRERPA, was present.

Mrs. DeMichele stated Gateway was in the process of acquiring land along the Connecticut River,
but due to real estate prices, are re-evaluating their priorities/goals and changing some of their

Mr. Downes gave a brief history of the Gateway Commission (regional body includes the eight
towns from the mouth of the river up to Haddam/East Haddam) and distributed a 4 page back-
ground summary sheet. Mr. Downes noted the Gateway is governed by the Connecticut General
Statutes. The primary goal of the Gateway Commission is to protect the natural and traditional
river way scene and has acquired or participated in acquiring over 1,000 acres in the lower river
valley (over $1 million in Gateway funds). However, due to escalating real estate prices, the
Gateway Commission is now partnering with other conservation partners as well as a shifting in
priorities – publicity, public outreach, and education. Mr. Downes stated the Gateway
Commission would like to make an effort through its representatives/staff to be in connection with
its member P&Z commissions.

Mrs. DeMichele stated there could be collaboration between Gateway and the Land Use Dept.
and felt it was important for Mr. Budrow, ZEO, and Mr. Downes meet. Mrs. DeMichele also
stated that Gateway contributed financially to the Project to Preserve the Connecticut Yankee

Mr. DeStefano asked how Gateway is funded. Mr. Downes stated originally by DEP, but in the
early 80’s became self-funded due to a $1 million settlement from CL&P.

Mrs. DeMichele mentioned two meetings in September – 1) a boat trip up the river and 2) land
trust and conservation commissions to form an alliance.


10. Recommendation to the Board of Selectmen Regarding Acceptance of Williamsburg
Road as a Town Road

Dr. Gorin stated a memo from Geoff Jacobson, town engineer, dated 7/16/2009, indicates all
items have been addressed; and due to recent vandalism associated with road name signs, have

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission             2
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
agreed to allow MJM Builders to place the road name sign for Williamsburg Road immediately
following the road acceptance.

There were no comments either for or against this matter.

MOTION: Walter Zilahy made a motion to close the public hearing. Paul DeStefano seconded.
Motion carried unanimously.

The public hearing was closed at 7:22 p.m.

11. Sharon and Bryan Sample, Owner/Applicants, Home Occupation, Property Address:
81 Wiese-Albert Road, Higganum, CT, Assessor’s Map #21, Assessor’s
Lot #2-5

This is a continuation of a public hearing from 7/6/2009.

Sharon Sample, owner/applicant, was present.

Elizabeth Mosca stated she has continued to research the matter by contacting the Hartford
Liquor Commission and Mrs. Sample does not have a liquor license. Dr. Gorin asked Mrs. Mosca
if she had definite written proof that Mrs. Sample is selling liquor. Mrs. Mosca stated yes, as it’s
listed on her menu. Dr. Gorin stated a liquor license is not a P&Z issue.

Mrs. DeMichele explained how the home occupation regulations came about. Mrs. Mosca
questioned Mrs. DeMichele’s comments. Mrs. DeMichele stated her explanation was merely to
explain the process in creating the home occupation regulations and each town’s regulations
regarding home occupation are different.

Dr. Gorin asked Mrs. Sample how many 1099 forms she prepares a year. Mrs. Sample stated
6-7 last year.

MOTION: Paul DeStefano made a motion to close the public hearing. Peter Arseneault
seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

The public hearing was closed at 7:44 p.m.

12. Douglas Anderson, Owner, WFS Earth Materials, Applicant, Special Permit, Property
Address: Cedar Lake Road and Turkey Hill Road, Haddam, CT, Assessor’s Map #52,
Assessor’s Lot #s 13-2, 17-1 and 17-A

This is a continuation of a public hearing from 7/6/2009.

Terry Lomme, attorney for the owner/applicant, Tom Metcalf, engineer for the owner/applicant,
and Doug Anderson, owner, were present

Mr. Arseneault recused himself from the WFS hearing.

Dr. Gorin stated a site walk was held prior to the meeting and asked if the special permit had
been rewritten. Ms. West stated yes and was attached to the original application.

Mr. Lomme stated since the last hearing, Mr. Jacobson has reviewed the site and there should be
a memo indicating such. Mr. Lomme also noted items Mr. Jacobson had requested have either
begun to be addressed or are almost completed.

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission              3
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
Mrs. DeMichele questioned the addition of Lot 17-A. Mr. Lomme stated there is a small parcel
across from Rte. 9 which is part of the entire parcel, but the permit is only for the property which
was viewed during the site walk.

Mr. Metcalf stated he and Mr. Jacobson have walked the property, Mr. Jacobson has provided a
letter, and most of the items within the letter have been addressed in the field. Mr. Metcalf did
note the most outstanding item is the re-seeding of the upper area and agrees with Mr. Jacobson
that the original seeding was done at an improper time or an improper seed mix was used. Mr.
Metcalf submitted into the record a two-page information sheet from New England Wetland Plans,
Inc., entitled 2009 New England Warm Season Grass Mix regarding an alternate seed mix
(Exhibit 1A) [to be confirmed with Mr. Jacobson].

Mr. Metcalf stated there has been discussion regarding the beaver activity and as part of the
Wetlands submission for the replacement of the culvert, Mr. Anderson retained the services of Dr.
Priscilla Baillie who generated a report indicating the culvert replacement activities will not deter
the beavers and the gravel operation doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the beavers.

Mr. Metcalf discussed the proposed grading scheme – to extract material from the site while
making it a viable site when excavation is completed.

Mr. Bull asked about Mr. Metcalf’s response to Mr. Jacobson. Mr. Metcalf stated his letter of
7/13/2009 is based on items discussed in the field with Mr. Jacobson and not items within Mr.
Jacobson’s letter dated 7/14/2009. Mr. Bull felt a response to Mr. Jacobson’s 7/14/2009 letter
should be provided as it would be confusing in the future. Mr. Metcalf stated he will provide a
follow up letter to Mr. Jacobson and the items remaining to be addressed can be addressed
between he and Mr. Jacobson.

Mr. DeStefano asked what the exit date/strategy for the operation under an optimal agenda would
be. Mr. Metcalf stated it’s a number of years (many years) and would be based on a number of
elements – market demand, amount of material allowed to remove from the site, etc.

Dr. Gorin discussed the 2007 permit in which the area to be worked on was to be decreased to
ten acres in six months and then five acres in another six month and asked why no one from
WFS informed the Commission this was an unobtainable goal. Mr. Metcalf stated it was an
oversight and upon removing material it was realized the goal couldn’t be achieved.

Mr. West asked if Mr. Metcalf had other sand and gravel mining or earth operation clients. Mr.
Metcalf stated yes, Haddam, East Lyme, East Haddam, and Old Saybrook. Ms. West asked with
the other gravel operations, what generally is the open amount of space for these pits. Mr. Met-
calf stated it’s site specific.

Ed Schwing asked if the new permit being applied for includes the extra 30 acres. Dr. Gorin
stated he hasn’t seen the revised plan and believes it’s the same as the existing permit. Ms.
West stated only the first page changed on the application (language only). Mr. Zilahy stated it
does include the Wallor property. Ms. West stated yes, that was her understanding. Mr. Schwing
asked if WFS is applying beyond the restrictions of the 2007 permit and with current litigation, if
that wouldn’t be grounds for rejecting the permit.

Mr. Schwing stated WFS believes they are entitled to the whole quantity and that’s why the pit is
as opened as it is. Mr. Schwing noted Mr. Flanigan’s permit had limited quantity and time, but it
was a good plan. Mr. Schwing stated the Commission still has the right to dictate the sites, the
limitation of time, and quantity amounts.

Mr. Schwing showing a very dusty covered shoe he had worn on the site walk informed the
Commission this was the type of material that is in the air and covers homes and that it doesn’t
create a healthy environment.

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission               4
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
Jim Buck stated he understands the truck drivers and owners and Mr. Anderson are all trying to
make a living; however, the Town has regulations that say the Commission should deny the
application. Mr. Buck discussed truck/equipment noise which must be contained (full scale
mining operation). Mr. DeStefano asked Mr. Buck if there were the same type of problems when
Mr. Flanigan ran the pit. Mr. Buck stated he did not live there at the time; however, Candy Casale,
who lived there at the time, stated no, but there was concern almost 20 years ago.

Helen Daige stated although not affect by the site, she is affect by the trucks and is concerned for
her safety.

Alexa Flora asked the Commission to deny the application and submitted a letter, dated
7/20/2009, citing health and safety issues, degradation of environment, and possible
contamination of ground/well water and blight effect of the operation (Exhibit 2B). Mrs. Flora
stated she is not an abutting property owner, but is affected by truck traffic.

Michelle Bochain stated she is disappointed with the Town for having not done anything specific
regarding the truck traffic (road not wide enough for trucks and cars) and with the operation. Ms.
Bochain stated she remembers the pit being operated by Mr. Lenz, Mr. Flanigan, and now WFS.

Louis Nizet submitted into the record a photo message from his wife, Elize Nizet, respectfully
protesting the continuation of loss of habitat for all plant and animal species (Exhibit 3C).

Mr. Nizet summarized his letter to the Commission, dated 7/15/2009 – estimated income from
one year of operation, the applicant’s counsel challenging the authority of the Commission by
taking them to court, a depressed culvert on Cedar Lake Road due to heavy truck traffic, erosion
of the land, restoration of the site, and denying the renewal of the permit (Exhibit 4D).

Joe Siena asked how the applicant plans to grow grass on banks that are tiered. Mr. Siena
stated you can not grow grass in sand. Mr. Budrow stated the restoration plan, dated 2006,
indicates there will be a four inch layer of top soil topped by hydroseed.

Orrin Blakely asked when the permit ran out. Dr. Gorin stated it was on 7/17/2009. Mr. Blakely
stated WFS is still operating. Dr. Gorin stated the Commission is aware.

Joe Stephens stated he’s against the renewal of the permit and asked why the Commission
would think of issuing another permit based on their disregard of the requirements of the previous

Scott Lenz stated his parents spent money regarding a lawsuit against the Town concerning the
truck loads and won and the Town didn’t abide by the suit.

Robert Lenz stated the lawsuit referred to by his son was in regard to when Flanigan first
purchased the land and as Ms. Casale had stated, the neighborhood got together, and when a
consensus couldn’t be reached in hiring a lawyer he hired a one. Mr. R. Lenz stated a resolution
was received (a signed agreement by both parties regarding truck limits, dust, etc.; it was not a
judgment by the Court).

Mr. R. Lenz stated the Commission should have seen from the site walk the southern portion of
the land could be reclaimed. Mr. R. Lenz again asked what the Town defines as loam and top
soil. Mrs. DeMichele asked which pit number Mr. R. Lenz is referring too. Mr. R. Lenz stated it
was the area on the left.

Carol Matregrano and Joe Siena stated they are against the proposal.

Don Giboski stated all the applicant had to do was follow the rules/regulations from the 2007
permit, but they didn’t want to do it. Mr. Giboski also submitted into the record seven photos of

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission              5
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
trucks queued up along Beaver Meadow Road (under the power lines) and driving along the road
with tag-axles up (Exhibit 5E).

Mr. Giboski stated he did not see a concrete pad for on-site vehicle refueling as recommended by
Mr. Jacobson on 5/21/2007. Mr. Giboski stated although the fuel tank is gone, it had also been
recommended a secondary containment be provided. Mr. Giboski cited the minutes from the
2007 permit.

Mr. Lomme stated the trucks have always been an issue and now when there are half as many
trucks due to economic conditions, there are still complaints. Mr. Lomme stated Mr. Anderson is
happy to respond to any questions the Commission may have and to Mr. Jacobson’s reccom-
mendations. Mr. Lomme also stated the fuel tank was taken out and the refueling tank is located
in the trailer (contained system).

Mr. Lomme reviewed Section 18, Regulation of Earth Material Operations – earth material
operation in any zone except the Gateway Zone; loam and topsoil to be reestablished; prevention
of erosion; 18.3a - waiting for Court to determine whether this is a valid non-conforming use; 18.4
items addressed on notes on plan; 18.5 – in compliance and specifically noted dust and noise
data had been previously submitted; 18.6 – Mrs. DeMichele questioned how WFS meets the
second portion of this subsection “excavation already completed conforms with the plan of
operations as approved”. Mr. Lomme stated the only issues which haven’t been complied with
are aspects of the appeal. Mr. Lomme stated in the appeal it specifically indicates that WFS can
not comply with the closure rate (paragraph 18 of the complaint; paragraph 23 in the Prayer for
Relief). Ms. West asked about the truck counts as no electronic counts were received in January-
February due to equipment failure. Mr. Lomme stated he believes the slips showed WFS was in
compliance. Ms. West stated the counts are to be submitted to the town on a weekly basis and
WFS was 6-10 weeks behind. Discussion followed in regard to the truck counts and cubic
yardage being over limit. Mr. Lomme stated Mr. Jacobson will confirm the amount of material
removed and believes the slips document the daily counts (did not go over). Mrs. DeMichele
questioned a letter received by Mr. Budrow, ZEO. Mr. Budrow stated the letter addresses truck
counts by residential testimony (not in compliance) and WFS submissions (in compliance). Dr.
Gorin asked about 18.4a in regard to older plans from Mr. Flanigan showing specific amounts and
there are no records of any amount over those specific amounts. Mr. Lomme stated in 2003 a
subsequent closure plan was submitted and accepted by the Commission.

Mr. Lomme then reviewed Section 15, Special Permits. Mr. Lomme stated WFS is taking the
position that it’s a pre-existing non-conforming use, but also acknowledge the Commission can
regulate the use. Mr. Lomme also stated WFS does not believe the renewal is a new permit, but
rather an on-going continuous operation. Discussion followed regarding the change in acreage,
two types of special permits (garbage and gravel), whether or not pre-existing rights extend to the
added acreage (the Commission granted the extension of acreage and it’s shown on the 2003
map which was also approved by the Commission); and the purpose of zoning is to decrease
non-conforming use rather than expanding it. Mr. Lomme stated WFS will stipulate they will not
go any further north onto the “Wallor Property” during the course of this permit and the addition of
Lot 17-A is not relevant to the discussion. Mrs. DeMichele believes that addition of Lot 17-A
qualifies the application as being for a new permit. Mr. Lomme, using the map, showed the area
the site walk had taken place in, the area where work will taken place over the next two years (as
the level drops, the area will get closed). Mr. Metcalf stated WFS will be restoring the site and will
not be extending further north until restoration is completed in an area pointed out on the map.

Mr. Zilahy asked Mr. Lomme to address 15.4. Mr. Lomme stated this particular use is allowed in
every zone in the Town of Haddam and it was considered by the Commission who adopted the
regulation that the streets and neighborhoods were designed to accept the activity. Mr. Lomme
stated inconvenience could be an argument, but school buses are not detained, traffic is not lined
up at the end of the road, and WFS operates in an integrated manner with the traffic in the area.
Mrs. DeMichele disagreed citing an increase in truck traffic. Mr. R. Lenz stated the attorneys he

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission               6
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
had when he field his lawsuit were under the impression the court judgment carries with the land
and not with the new owners.

Mrs. Matregrano asked for clarification regarding Lot 17-A as she thought most of the property on
that side of Rte. 9 was Town property. Mr. Lomme stated it is, however, there’s less than a half
acre of land locked land that WFS has no intention of mining which has been included as it’s part
of the WFS property.

Mr. Nizet asked what are the chances of WFS claiming this small parcel as part of the permit. Mr.
Lomme stated the Commission controls the area that is mined. Mr. Metcalf stated the property is
land locked and it’s impossible for Mr. Anderson to gain access to it and the size of the property is
too small to be economically feasible to mine material off of it. Mr. Nizet asked why the parcel is
being included. Mr. Metcalf stated it’s a legal requirement that all contiguous property (was
contiguous until Rte. 9 came through) owned by Mr. Anderson be shown on the permit.

Mr. Buck asked if Mr. Lomme would respond to 15.2b. Mr. Lomme stated the area being worked
is ideal as it’s set back off the road, is 100s of feet from neighboring properties, and is not visible
from Cedar Lake Road. Mrs. Casale disagreed. Mr. Buck stated the trucks are visible from their
house. Mrs. Casale stated she had received a letter from the assessor’s office informing her that
her property had been devalued due to the gravel pit operation. Mr. Buck submitted into the
record a copy of the assessor’s card regarding Ms. Casale’s property which notes on the second
page under Remarks: 2005 – Noise/Dust – Abutts sand pit (Exhibit 6F).

Ms. Bochain stated she can see the see and hearing the trucks and equipment from the gravel pit.

Greg Giboski stated during the site walk he had pointed out and explained to several people an
area, south of the property, where the original grade is located. Mr. G. Giboski also discussed
noise levels (trucks/equipment before 8:00 a.m.) and trucks being overweight. Mrs. DeMichele
asked Mr. G. Giboski how much he felt the trucks were overweight. Mr. G. Giboski stated about
20 yards total in each truck. Mr. G. Giboski also stated there has been a near accident with a
school bus, the roads are too narrow to handle the trucks, and women and children walking or
riding bikes on the side of the road have had to jump out of the way because of the trucks.

Mr. DeStefano asked if an air quality test had been done. Mrs. DeMichele and Dr. Gorin stated
yes and it passed. Mrs. DeMichele stated the test was done when only 304 cubic yards removed
that week and believes that to be a low total.

Also discussed by Mr. G. Giboski was the lack of containment and concrete padding for the fuel
area. Mr. Lomme stated the area in question is not for the maintenance of vehicles, but rather
the removal of silt from the detention basin. Mr. D. Giboski asked if the container for the fuel is
DEP approved. Mr. Metcalf stated Mr. Jacobson recommended the containment be 110 percent
and a barricade will be added.

Mr. G. Giboski asked if the site is an MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) registered
site. Mr. Lomme stated the site doesn’t qualify. Mr. G. Giboski disagreed.

Mr. Lomme submitted into the record an aerial photo map, Map #52, date of photograph 4/1960,
date of tax map 6/30/1960 (Exhibit 7G).

Mrs. Hall Batzner advised the Commission that Mrs. Nizet had provided a copy of a booklet
entitled The Hills and Forests of Haddam showing the wildlife and gravel pit as shown to the
Commission by Mr. D. Giboski during the 7/6/2009 public hearing as well as a cover letter
(Exhibit 8H).

Mr. Metcalf stated Mr. Anderson had provided a traffic study as part of the record, the town roads
are useable by the residents and the commercial operators within the town, and if there are safety

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission                7
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
related issues, they would be best addressed by the police and doesn’t believe there has been a
lot of police activity in the area. Mr. Metcalf also noted Mr. Anderson has been working with the
police as far as monitoring items. Mrs. DeMichele asked why State highways have weighing
stations. Mr. Metcalf stated to monitor the weight of vehicles and the town could put in a weigh
station if they wanted.

MOTION: Paul DeStefano made a motion to close the public hearing. Margo Chase-Wells
seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

The public hearing was closed at 8:56 p.m.


13. Recommendation to the Board of Selectmen Regarding Acceptance of Williamsburg
Road as a Town Road

Mr. Arseneault was reseated to vote on the Williamsburg Road and Sharon Sample matters.

Dr. Gorin discussed Mr. Jacobson’s letter, dated 7/16/2009, regarding the final inspection and
acceptance of the road.

Mr. DeStefano asked how good the Town will be in regard to the bond. Ms. West stated the bond
is 10 percent of $400,000 and Mr. Jacobson was satisfied with the amount (written recommend-
tion received).

MOTION: Walter Zilahy made a motion to recommend to the Board of Selectmen that the Town
of Haddam accept Williamsburg Road, located off of Killingworth Road, within the Tuttlebrook
Subdivision. Map References: See Assessor’s Map #54, Lot #26 and record subdivision map.
Conditions: 1. Standard Permit Conditions. 2. Special Conditions/Modifications. Yes. Applicant
must file all maps, deed and legal documents with Office of the Town Clerk for the Town of
Haddam and must post a bond in the amount of $40,000.00 (10 percent of the original
performance bond). Applicant must make formal request and appear before the Town of
Haddam Board of Selectmen for final approvals. Peter Arseneault seconded. Motion carried

14. Sharon and Bryan Sample, Owner/Applicants, Home Occupation, Property Address:
81 Wiese-Albert Road, Higganum, CT, Assessor’s Map #21, Assessor’s
Lot #2-5

Dr. Gorin stated a site walk was held at which Dr. Gorin, Ms. West, Mrs. DeMichele, and Mr.
Arseneault were in attendance.

Mr. Arseneault suggested the installation of a gravel pad (muddy area) and a stockade gate (to
shield trailer from view from road) if the Commission allows the trailer to be parked in its propos-
ed location. Mr. Arseneault stated they viewed the basement and there appeared to be a small
area for prepping – not so much the food, but the packaging up of materials in totes to take to

Dr. Gorin stated he did see two sinks with a pump up (no toilet or shower) and a table. Dr. Gorin
asked Ms. West about Section 23.2j regarding the length of a permit (issuing a permit for six
months). Ms. West stated yes, the Commission could issue a permit for six months.

Mrs. DeMichele stated she would need additional information regarding Section 23.2b as there
was no square footage shown and the trailer should be included in that amount (site plan
required). Mrs. DeMichele stated it appeared as if the whole area of the basement was being
used and she had problems with the employees (regulation only allows for one employee).

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission               8
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
Mrs. DeMichele stated Section 23.2c indicates there shall be no external evidence of the opera-
tion and believes the trailer may be visible from the homes from the top of the hill. Mrs. De-
Michele also stated she wants additional information regarding the ZEO’s, the health dept.’s, and
the fire marshal’s approvals.

Dr. Gorin asked for Mr. Budrow’s input. Mr. Budrow stated home occupations are hard to
regulate (have to take the word of the applicant), however, Mrs. Sample came right in to file for
her permit upon being notified one was required. Mr. Budrow also stated the most difficult to
enforce will be restricting the employees as he would not qualify employees coming to the house
for car pooling to an event being employees on site.

Mr. Zilahy stated he had concern regarding the regulation of food preparation within the
basement. Ms. West stated anyone would have the right to call the State Health Dept. if they
believe there’s a violation. Mr. Budrow also stated Chatham Health District could also be

Discussion followed regarding potential relocation of the trailer (on site or off site) and the visibility
of trailer.

Item continued until Monday, 3 August 2009.

15. Douglas Anderson, Owner, WFS Earth Materials, Applicant, Special Permit, Property
Address: Cedar Lake Road and Turkey Hill Road, Haddam, CT, Assessor’s Map #52,
Assessor’s Lot #s 13-2, 17-1 and 17-A

Terry Lomme, attorney for the owner/applicant, Tom Metcalf, engineer for the owner/applicant,
and Doug Anderson, owner, were present.

Mr. Arseneault recused himself from the WFS public meeting.

Mr. DeStefano voiced concern over the Commission taking any action while under litigation
regarding the 2007 permit. Dr. Gorin stated Bruno Morasutti, town counsel, has indicated the
Commission must act on the application even though some of the elements of the Commission’s
decision are being questioned. Mr. DeStefano asked if Mr. Morasutti had provided an update
regarding the case. Dr. Gorin stated Mr. Morasutti did not have a copy of the Flanigan closure

Dr. Gorin stated the closure plan the Commission has in place is 240,000 cubic yards (lifetime),
Flanigan’s closure plan is 150,000 cubic yards (estimate) and WFS has taken out over 260,000
cubic yards (by their own admission). Dr. Gorin stated he believes one of the major items WFS
will contest is whether or not the Commission can limit the total amount of cubic yardage they can

Dr. Gorin also stated another item of contention would be closing the site down from 10 acres to
five acres which has not been done. Mr. DeStefano asked if there’s a restoration bond. Ms.
West stated the Town is holding $80,000. Mr. DeStefano asked how much it would to restore the
site. Ms. West stated she didn’t get an amount from Mr. Jacobson.

Mr. Zilahy stated he believes 15.2 (property values) and 15.4 clearly show the neighborhood has
been severely impacted – hazards, inconveniences, noise and dust. Mrs. DeMichele stated the
traffic and noise studies were done on low use weeks and doesn’t believe they are good indicates.

Discussion followed regarding the Wetland issue (replacement of culvert). The Wetland Commis-
sion has approved a box culvert with the condition it be constructed by 12/1/2009.

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission                 9
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
Mr. Bull asked what conditions of the 2007 permit are not being followed. Dr. Gorin stated WFS
has exceeded the cubic yardage limit, haven’t restored the property as requested, and the truck
counts weren’t received in a timely manner. Mr. Bull stated if the emotion is removed, based on
the conditions that have not been abided by, why would the Commission grant another permit.
Discussion followed as to whether or not this is a renewal or a new permit.

Ms. West reviewed the proposed motion including conditions noting that a number of the con-
ditions were taken from the 2007 permit. Discussion followed regarding the following: whether or
not conditions are physically enforceable, the supposed inability to work on five acres, and the
need for the regulations to be taken into consideration as well as the conditions.

MOTION: Walter Zilahy made a motion to approve a Special Permit, with conditions, to conduct
an earth material removal operation pursuant to Sections 14, 15 and 18 of the Haddam Zoning
Regulations. Standard Conditions. Special Conditions: Yes. 1. The maximum truck size will not
exceed 18 cub yard tri-axles. 2. Proposed equipment to be used on site: screening plant
(possibly portable) with conveyor stocking, rock crusher with water pumps to wash stone and
sand, excavator, bulldozer, two payloaders, track loader, two site trucks (maximum size permitted
are 18 cubic yard tri-axle dump), water tank truck and/or pump for fugitive dust control, air
compressor, generator for on-site power, if necessary, two storage trailers, not to exceed 40 feet,
and temporary/portable sanitary facility. 3. Markers shall be placed every 50 feet along the final
proposed edge of excavation. Markers (stakes or blazed trees) shall be maintained along the
edge of the excavation during the whole operation and shall be periodically reviewed by the
Zoning Enforcement Officer. Concrete monuments shall be placed on all corners and on all
boundary lines of the active operation area every 100 feet and at every tangent. 4. Description
of the Proposed Operation: the approved sand/gravel operation is shown on the plans
referenced on page 3 of this motion are for Phase I & II only. The operation is located between
the Connecticut Route 9 expressway and Cedar Lake Road and Turkey Hill Road in Haddam,
Connecticut. The lot has its access from Cedar Lake Road through a 55-foot wide access strip.
Excavation will be done by excavators, payloaders and related equipment. The sequence of
activities will be screening, crushing, washing (if necessary) and loading. All trucks shall be
covered immediately before leaving the excavation site. If tri-axle trucks enter or exit the site they
must have all axles engaged. There shall be no excavation or disturbance within 50 feet of any
property lines or within 100 feet of any wetlands or watercourse. Silt fencing or hay bales shall be
installed adjacent outside of the upland review area but between any stream, wetland or other
watercourse and any area that has been disturbed and not restored. The access road shall be
treated with water and swept as necessary to prevent fugitive dust from leaving the premises. 5.
Hours of Truck Operation: From 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal
holidays. Hours of Pit Operation: From 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 6. WFS shall record all truck
traffic hauling earth materials from the site on a daily basis and shall be filed with the ZEO on a
weekly basis. Such report shall include a copy of the pre-numbered invoice slips for each day as
well as the data from the electronic counting device. 7. This special permit shall not be deemed
approved until a Mylar site plan is filed with the Town Clerk. The Mylar must be signed by the
Planning and Zoning Chairman. 8. The Planning and Zoning Chairman shall not sign the site
plan Mylar to be filed with the Town Clerk until a cash bond, in the amount to be determined by
the Town Engineer, for the purpose of restoration, is deposited at the Land Use Office. 9. At no
time shall there be more than an area of five (5) acres of open excavation area. All remaining
land area with exception to the access road shall remain undisturbed or shall be restored. 10.
WFS is to maintain the $20,000 cash bond to assure compliance with the conditions of operation
and for any damage caused to the highways of the Town of Haddam. 11. No less than six
inches of top soil seeded or covered with an approved ground cover and properly stabilized, shall
be installed as restoration. Grass seed used shall be fresh, re-cleaned seed in conformance with
Connecticut Highway Department Specification 810 and young trees shall be planted wherever
trees have been removed and/or at-will through-out the site. No excavation shall be made lower
than three feet above ledge. Seeding or planting of ground cover trees shall be done at the first
suitable planting season following completion of any part of operation. The permittee shall

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission              10
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
consider the planting season (April 15-September 15) in phasing in and planning for excavation
areas and mining needs. No more than five acres of unrestored area will be allowed on the
operation at a time. If the seeding or planting fails, in whole or part, the area shall be reseeded at
the permittees expense and to the satisfaction of the Town Engineer. After an area has been
stabilized the permittee shall call for an inspection and approval by the Town Engineer prior to
operating in another approved portion of the property. 12. Per Inland Wetland Commissions
7/13/2009 motion to conditionally approve a stream crossing with a new box culvert; the new box
culvert and bridge must be completed and approved by the Town Engineer per approved plans
by December 1, 2009. 13. Operational Issues: a. No more than 20 truck loads of material can
be removed on a daily basis, from October 1 to March 31. b. No more than 15 truck loads of
material can be removed on a daily basis, from April 1 to September 30. c. Trucks operating from
the site shall be owned by WFS, contracted by WFS or scheduled to be on site by WFS. Trucks
entering or exiting the site shall not exceed a capacity of more than 18 cubic yards. 14. This
permit issued on 07/20/2009 expires on 07/20/2011. 15. The maximum amount of material to be
removed from the site is 240,000 cubic yards on a lifetime basis. 16. There shall be no cuing of
trucks on any of the Town feeder roads leading to the pit operation. 17. No equipment is to
operate on site outside of the “Pit Operation Hours.” 18. The permittee, at his expense, shall pay
for the cost of an independent restoration plan to be produced by a licensed soil scientist,
selected by the Town Planner. 19. Per the July 14, 2009 memo to Liz West, Town Planner, the
following actions must be taken prior to continued earth excavation or material removal on site:
Install a temporary construction fence 20-30 feet back from the northerly slope to serve as a
visual reference identifying the Limit of Disturbance (LOD). Regrade the previously ‘restored’
slopes along the western side of excavations and re-seed and stabilize this area before October 1,
2009. Remove accumulation of sand in the southern overflow area that is eroded and create a
bowl shaped depression for the purpose of holding overflow and sand runoff. This bowl shaped
depression shall have a filter berm across the opening at the location of the existing overflow. A
water bar or ‘dip’ shall be constructed along the internal pit roadway to prevent water runoff into
the brook. Subsoil and topsoil stockpiles shall be stabilized with vegetation. Construct a
secondary containment tank equal to 110 percent of the existing tank volume for the steel fuel
tank located on site. 20. Failure to comply with any condition of the permit may result in a Cease
and Desist by the Zoning Enforcement Officer and my result in a revocation of the Special Permit
by the Commission. Map References: “Updated topographic survey prepared for WFS Earth
Materials LLC. Cedar Lake Road & Turkey Hill Road, Haddam, Connecticut, May 1, 2007”.
Scale: 1”=100’. Date: Prepared by Jackowiak Land Surveying. “Phase 1 & 2 Restoration Plan
prepared for WFS Earth Materials LLC. Turkey Hill Road & Cedar Lake Road, Haddam, CT.”
Scale: 1”=100’. Sheets 2 of 3 and 2 of 2. Date: 11.Jun.2007. Prepared by: Thomas E. Metcalf,
P.E., L.S. “Details and Notes Modified Grading Plan prepared for WFS Earth Materials LLC.
Turkey Hill Road & Cedar Lake Road, Haddam, CT”. Scale: As Shown. Date 21 Aug. 2006.
Prepared by: Thomas E. Metcalf, P.E., L.S. “Restoration Plan Phases 1 & 2 WFS Earth
Materials LLC. Haddam, Connecticut”. Scale: 1”=100’. Date: 13 Aug. 06. Prepared by:
Laurence C. Appleton, Landscape Architect. Steve Bull seconded. Motion denied with one

Reasons for denial: 1) The applicant failed to demonstrate their conformance with Sections 15
and 18 of the Zoning Regulations of Town of Haddam. More specifically, this Commission finds
that the application does not comply with Section 15.2(b) which states that the proposed use be
of such location, size, and character that it will be in harmony with the appropriate and orderly
development of the zone, the neighborhood and the Town and will not be detrimental to the
established properties in the area. The Commission finds that the large scale excavation and
industrial nature of the operations are not in harmony with the residential character of the R2

2) Section 15.4 which states that the location, and size of such use, the nature and intensity of
the operations involved in, or conducted in connection therewith, its site layout and its relation to
access streets shall be such that both pedestrian and vehicular traffic to and from and in the
vicinity of the use will not be hazardous or inconvenient to, or detrimental to the character of the

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission               11
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes
zone or conflict with the traffic characteristics of the neighborhood. This Commission finds that
the operation uses large tri-axle trucks for the hauling of sand and gravel that are hazardous to
local traffic. Cedar Lake Road and the other Town feeder roads that access the site are narrow,
rural historic roads and are not suitable for daily industrial truck traffic. Failure to demonstrate
that noise, dust, vibrations, and general performance standards have been met with regard to
traffic studies, noise studies and air quality studies.

3) Furthermore, the applicant failed to adhere to the conditions of the former special permit
issued 7-17-2004. Specifically, condition 7 which required the operator to submit weekly truck
counts with the Town ZEO; condition 9 that states that within six months of granting the special
permit the working area shall be no more than ten acres and within twelve months the working
area shall be no more than five acres per 18.6 of the Zoning Regulations; and failed to
demonstrate compliance with condition 15 which states that the maximum amount of material to
be removed from the site is 240,000 cubic yards on a lifetime basis.

Mrs. Chase-Wells stated her reason for abstaining was due to an abutting property owner was
trying to influence her during the site walk and she didn’t feel she wasn’t as unbiased as she
should have been. Dr. Gorin stated the residents are not supposed to speak to Commissioners.
Mrs. Chase-Wells stated Ms. West spoke to the resident.


16. Joe Budrow, Zoning Revision Regarding Blight

Tabled until Monday, 3 August 2009.

17. Adjourn

MOTION: Stasia DeMichele made a motion to adjourn. Walter Zilahy seconded. Motion carried

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bunny Hall Batzner

Bunny Hall Batzner
Recording Clerk

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 3 August 2009.

Haddam Planning & Zoning Commission              12
20 July 2009
Unapproved Minutes

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