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					Official Publication of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors
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The WAHI Inspector
 Vol. 12, No. 12                    December 2007                 Editor: Paul Dehler

 From the President’s Desk: Transitioning to a New Season
                           This asso-    diversifying the knowledge re-          Let’s look at a few of the reasons
                           ciation is    sources and increasing education        for these increases.
                           rapidly       opportunities for members. This
                           changing      transition is in the early stages and   The WAHI Legal Support (WLS)
                           from a        we will have to continue to work to     program is up and running and
                           loose af-     bring them to fruition.                 members are benefiting from this
                           filiation                                             unique service provided to the
                           of home       As a result, at the last Board of       members of this association. As the
                           inspectors    Directors meeting, the Board voted      WAHI WLS program increases in
                           to a strong   to increase the dues for a one year     activity, so do the costs to keep this
                           association   inspector membership to $150.           program going. This is an incredi-
 of home inspectors and individuals      This increase in dues will be the       ble benefit to the members of this
 in the housing industries. This is      first increase in over seven years.     association. If you are not familiar
 evidenced by the caliber of affiliate   The recommendation to increase          with this program, be sure to get a
 members and the legal/accounting        the dues was brought in part by the     copy of the program highlights
 counsel that WAHI has aligned           WAHI accountant and current legal       from the WLS committee or Julie
 with.                                   counsel. Costs to keep this organi-     Arnstein. Soon I will have a good
                                         zation moving forward have in-          explanation of this program on the
 Because of these advances, and ad-      creased over the last several years     WAHI message board in the WLS
 vances in other areas, the costs of     without a corresponding increase in     section.
 moving this organization forward        membership dues.                                             (Continued on page 2)
 have increased. This transition is

 Upcoming Meetings                       Chippewa Valley Chapter                 Madison Chapter
                                         Wednesday, December 12                  No meeting in December
 Central WI Chapter                      Sweetwater’s Restaurant, Eau Claire
 Wednesday, December 19                  Holiday Party. Cocktails from 5:30-     Milwaukee Chapter
 Palms Supper Club Steak House           6:30 p.m. followed by buffet dinner.    Saturday, December 8
 5912 Bus. Hwy 51 in Schofield           RSVP to Pete Saltness at (715) 829-     Rafters
 Social at 6 p.m. Dinner at 6:30 p.m.    7348 or pksaltness@charter.net.         7228 S. 27th St., Oak Creek
 Speakers: Electrical, plumbing and                                              Holiday Party. Social at 5:30 p.m.,
 building inspectors from the City of    Fox Valley Chapter                      dinner at 6:30 p.m. Contact Tony
 Wausau.                                 Tuesday, December 18                    Zider at (414) 427-1000 for details.
                                         The Wave (Tornado’s), Appleton
                                         Roundtable at 6 p.m., holiday buffet
                                         at 6:45, speaker at 7:15, meeting to
                                         follow. Speaker: check the website
                                         for details.

              414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ● 877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free) ●  262▪ 785▪ 6765 (Fax)
              www.wahigroup.com ● juliewahi@wi.rr.com (Julie Arnstein, Executive Director)
President’s Message, continued
WAHI arbitration training is an on-        alliance between state home inspec-     In addition, the Board of Directors
going process that will continue to        tor associations has the potential to   voted on closing the current WAHI
consume funds until all chapters are       spark ideas and provide answers to      email-based forum. This change
up and running. In addition, WAHI          issues that the other organizations     will take effect on January 1, 2008.
committees are working on upgrad-          may have already experienced. I         The email-based Forum was created
ing our Website and brochures, im-         will be working on gathering more       as a transition system until a more
proving the WAHI booth, upgrading          information on this to share with       permanent message board system
our message board system, updating         you in the near future.                 operational. This will leave the cur-
our bylaws and acquiring high qual-                                                rent WAHI Message Board as the
ity speakers for our Spring and Fall       A recent affiliation with the Na-       official Internet messaging system
seminars. WAHI is also in the early        tional Association of the Remodel-      for WAHI members and affiliates.
stages of researching and evaluating       ing Industry (NARI) will result in
brokering an insurance program that        WAHI having a booth at their trade      These changes will improve com-
could have the potential to reduce         shows in the near future, which will    munications between members,
insurance costs for members. As you        require paying fees. This is an im-     affiliates, committees and the Board
can imagine, all of these items have       portant alliance that will bring        of Directors with one source to
costs associated with them.                many benefits to this organization.     communicate on all official WAHI
                                           Other affiliations are in the works     business. The best way to access
We have also begun reaching out to         and may soon be realized.               this board is through the current
other associations in Wisconsin that                                               WAHI Website. If you have ques-
are in fields related to the housing       The end result will be a strong and     tions about any of the changes, you
industries. These affiliations are best    respected organization, sought out      can ask these questions in the “Ask
cultivated when we align with them         by other professionals in the hous-     the Board” section of the message
by joining their associations. This        ing industry in Wisconsin and           board. This is the only message
alliance/affiliation requires paying       beyond. This will give home in-         board that will be available from
dues, and in some cases will be best       spectors in Wisconsin a voice and       this point forward. If you are having
utilized when the WAHI booth is set        presence that has rarely been heard     problems accessing or navigating
up at their trade shows. These types       or seen in the past.                    the message board, contact Joy
of professional alliances will increase                                            Rodman at joy@wahiforums.com.
our visibility to other real estate pro-   I believe that, if we stay steadfast
fessionals in Wisconsin.                   about moving forward with the is-       I wish you all a happy, safe holiday
                                           sues above and continue to seek         season and a very prosperous new
These outreach efforts have also put       ways to improve this organization,      year!
WAHI in the early stages of a poten-       we can and will have stronger
tial alliance of information sharing       member commitment than some of
with the State of New York Associa-        the national home inspector organi-
tion of Home Inspectors. This type of      zations currently in operation.

2                    The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●        877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)
Chapter Meeting Highlights
Central                               at 715-241-8222 or e-mail to            Fox Valley
Chapter                                                                       Chapter
                                                                              November 20, 2007
There was no meeting                  Chippewa
in November.                          Valley Chapter                          Greg Van Den
                                      November 14, 2007                       Elzen from Van’s Heating and
Our next meeting will be Wednes-                                              Cooling spoke.
day, December 19. Meetings are        Our speaker was called                  • CO is lighter than air. By the time
usually held on the third Wednes-     to an emergency just before the           it hits the outlet-mounted detec-
day of the month at Palms Supper      meeting. Instead of the planned           tors, it’s too late.
Club, 5912 Business 51 in             topic, we had a roundtable discus-      • Less expensive detectors go off
Schofield. Social hour begins at 6    sion on current issues and concerns.      at 70 ppm, which is too high. A
p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. The                                                good one will go off at 15 ppm
cost to attend a monthly chapter      Our Christmas Party will be held on       and have a short sampling rate.
meeting is $25 with dinner or $10     Wednesday, December 12 at Sweet-          Long-term exposure to 15 ppm
without the meal. Our speakers will   water’s Restaurant, 1104 Claremont        will cause permanent damage.
be the City of Wausau electrical,     Ave. in Eau Claire. Cocktail hour is    • CO detectors are typically only
plumbing and building inspectors.     from 5:30-6:30 p.m. with a buffet-        good for 1-5 years and then
This should be a great meeting to     style dinner at 6:30 p.m. Contact         should be replaced.
ask a cross-section of questions.     Pete Saltness at (715) 829-7348 or      • Turning on a vent fan can change
Questions? Contact Rich Duerkop       pksaltness@charter.net to attend.         the draft from a water heater,
                                                                                causing CO to vent into the
                                                                                                  (Continued on page 4)

                  The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●      877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)                      3
    Chapter Meeting Highlights, continued
        house. The speaker recommended          holiday buffet at 6:45 p.m., speaker   to understand. The photos of
        power-vented water heaters.             at 7:15 p.m. and meeting to follow.    chimney fires and destruction were
    •   CO levels tend to combine with          Programs are held at The Wave,         incredible to see. This was an excel-
        each circulation through the house.     2350 Casaloma Dr., Appleton.           lent two hours of education and no
    •   Most furnaces are worn out in 15        Check the website for speaker/topic    one wanted to end the discussion.
        years. There are more parts to a        details.
        furnace now days and each part                                                 There will be no meeting at Rex’s
        has a finite life. All those life cy-   Note: The fee to attend any monthly    Innkeeper in December.
        cles work together to shorten the       chapter meeting without dinner is
        life of the furnace.                    $10. Chapters determine their meet-    Note: The fee to attend any monthly
    •   Small heat exchange cracks will         ing-with-dinner fee based on the       chapter meeting without dinner is
        turn into big ones. Testing a fur-      facility used.                         $10. Chapters determine their meet-
        nace for a short time during a                                                 ing-with-dinner fee based on the
        home inspection is not a good                                                  facility used.
        representation of how that fur-         Madison
        nace will function when its -20
        degrees outside and the furnace is
                                                November 15, 2007                      Milwaukee
        running 80% of the time. Most
        furnace techs don’t have licenses,
                                                Top Hat's Presi-                       November 13, 2007
        and are not certified to examine
                                                dent Roy Mjelde and Dan talked
        heat exchangers. (Van’s is.)
                                                about chimneys, fireplaces, chim-      The speaker was
    •   A furnace needs to be tuned up
                                                ney fires, clearances, stack effect,   Scott Cline of J&B Construction.
        yearly by a licensed HVAC tech.
                                                pascals, water column, cfm and         The topic of discussion was asphalt
        A tune up will increase the effi-
                                                what a home inspector should look      shingle roof inspection and details
        ciency of the furnace by 10-20%.
                                                for from the fireplace industry’s      for home inspectors. Scott dis-
    •   Most furnace humidifiers can’t put      perspective of their own inspection    cussed 3-tab shingle applications
        out enough water to do any good.        classifications. There are three       and common defects. He also pre-
    •   Greg can be reached via the Web-        levels of inspecting fireplaces/       sented application instructions for
        site at www.vansheating.com.            chimneys – from visible to detailed    laminate shingles. The end of the
                                                inspections to destructive technical   shingle should be 6” from the row
    Our next meeting will be Tuesday,           evaluations. They had a PowerPoint     above. Always pay very close atten-
    December 18. Cocktails and                  presentation and described numer-      tion to improperly flashed chimneys
    roundtable discussion at 6 p.m.,            ous requirements and a list of items   and missing crickets or saddles.

                                                                                       If you have any questions on roofs
    Fox Valley Chapter Members Attend Radon Conference                                 or flashings, Scott would be happy
                                                                                       to answer them for you.

                                                                                       Our Holiday Party is on Saturday,
                                                                                       December 8 at Klemmer’s Banquet
                                                                                       Center, 104th & Oklahoma Ave. in
                                                                                       West Allis. Social at 6 p.m.,
                                                                                       dinner at 6:30, meeting at 7. Contact
                                                                                       Affiliate Member Tony Zider at
                                                                                       (414) 427-1000 for party details.

                                                                                       Please note: The fee to attend any
                                                                                       monthly chapter meeting without
    Seven WAHI Fox Valley members attended the Wisconsin Radon Conference              dinner is $10. Chapters determine
    on November 14 at the Heidel House Green Lake. The members (left to right)         their meeting-with-dinner fee based
    Ron Nohre, Bob Turicik, Doug Hoerth, Bruce Low, Paul Zschaechner,                  on the facility used.
    Keith Vanevenhoven and Al Clark.

4                         The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●       877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)
The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●   877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)   5
    Statewide WAHI Committees
      Affiliate Committee               Richard Horan              Legislative Committee       Public Relations Committee
         Nick Klapper                     Mike Lea                    Ron Miller, Chair             Bob Turicik, Chair
          Greg Pipito                   Glenn Schmidt                 Mark Jankowski                  Troy Beasley
         Mark Thomas                   Mike Von Gunten                 Dave Kolesari                    Jef Femal
                                                                       Mark Thomas                    Scot McLean
     Arbitration Committee       Clearing House Committee                                              Nick Petrie
        Tom Feiza, Chair         (subcommittee of Legislative)    Membership Committee                 Dan Rouse
           Jay Balin                  Don Robbins, Chair              Rick Jones, Chair             Dave VanderHeiden
         Troy Beasley                                                   Roger Kautz
         Richard Gotz               Education Committee                Steve Rolling            Rules & Bylaws Committee
          Doug Hoerth                 Richard Gotz, Chair              Donald Thiele               Tom Greenwaldt, Chair
          Tom Kruse                      Dave Kitzki                   Chuck Weber                      Erick Beck
           Dan Rouse                      Casey New                                                   Tom Dempsey
         Gene Sowieja                    Mike Werner              Nominations/Elections               Andy Helgeson
          Walt Stumpf                                               Andy Helgeson, Chair               Joy Rodman
         Mark Thomas              Message Board/Website                Troy Beasley
          Roy Wagner                   Committee                        Dave Pribyl             WAHI Legal Support (WLS)
         Harry Weiler                Joy Rodman, Chair                 Pete Saltness                  Tom Feiza, Chair
                                    Cassidy Kuchenbecker               Gene Sowieja                     Ron Miller
       Audit Committee                  Mark Thomas                    Harry Weiler                    Mark Thomas
     Tom Greenwaldt, Chair
         Errol Hackett

         Anyone interested in joining a committee may contact Julie Arnstein at (877) 399-WAHI or juliewahi@wi.rr.com.

     Q.     Have a 80 plus year old home and I have been told it needs a new liner,
            firebox, and smoke chamber. The total estimate I received was over
            $7000 to fix everything. Are there any alternatives on fixing this?

     A.     Yes. What I like to recommend is a "sealed combustion insert". They can either install a wood
            burning insert, a gas insert or a pellet insert. All of these units have liners that come down the
            chimney and directly connected to the unit. Another nice feature is that all of these units will
            “crank” out the heat if the homeowner wants that.

            The negative thing about these units is that they no longer have an open flame in which to enjoy
            the fire. All of these units are sealed behind a glass door which typically stays closed during
            operation. The only exclusion to this is the wood burning insert. Some of these allow the user to
            burn with the door open.

6                   The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●           877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)
Where to Find E&O Insurance                                                                   Attention
The following companies provide               OREP
                                                                                            WAHI Inspector
E&O insurance for home inspectors:            6760 University Ave, #250                    E-mail Recipients
                                              San Diego, CA 92115
Vincent, Urban, Walker and                    Contact: David Brauner at 1-888-         Members who wish to receive
  Assoc. Inc.                                   347-5273 or dbrauner@orep.org.          the newsletter electronically
139 S. Washington St.                         Services multiple-inspection                    need to log in at
P.O. Box 8608                                 companies for a set fee.                    www.memberroom.org/
Green Bay, WI 54308                                                                           contact-us.aspx
Contact: Debbie Catsuros                      FREA                                        and follow the prompts.
  at (920) 432-7246                           4907 Morena Blvd., #1415                       Only those who have
Offers many types and companies               San Diego, CA 92117                       registered at the above site
for quotes. Services individual               (800) 882-4410                            will receive their notification
inspectors. Fee is dependant on               www.frea.com                               by e-mail. Contact Julie at
volume. Covers radon also.                    Offers competitive rates, a low                 (414) 299-9766 or
                                              deductible and a package of other          juliewahi@wi.rr.com if you
Allen Insurance Group                         benefits. Rates for commercial and             prefer to receive the
P.O. Box 1439                                 residential inspections; not based on           newsletter by mail.
Fort Valley, GA 31030                         volume or revenue.
Contact: Bob Person (ext. 172),                                                         If you experience any trouble
  Melissa or Heather (ext. 175)                                                         registering for the newsletter,
  1-800-474-4472                                                                             e-mail Jon Ballard at
Great service, many choices and                                                              jballard@wisites.net
fee schedules. Covers radon also.

         EIFS/STUCCO                                           EIFS and other cladding questions answered
         INSPECTIONS                                           Q. What do I tell a client who is buying a new home
                                                               with drainage EIFS?
   • Performing EIFS Inspections since 1997
   • Complete / thorough Reports                               A. The homeowners should educate themselves about
   • Detects problems, explains how to correct                 EIFS. They need to now how to recognize a condition
   • Lg. Referral base for qualified EIFS contractors          that may lead to serious damage, such as seals that
   • Experienced with large Commercial projects and            are failing, impact or other damage, improper
     Residential applications                                  penetrations by follow up contractors etc. Is grade
   • Travels throughout Wisconsin                              blocking drainage tracks? They need to perform their
                                                               own inspection once or twice a year at minimum. A
  Paul is certified by one of the most well recognized or-     prudent recommendation is to have EIFS professionally
 ganizations in the country, the Exterior Design Institute.    inspected initially and then at least once every five
  www.exterior-design-inst.com (certification # WI-01)         years.
  Paul provides third party inspections (as the product is
applied) as well as after market inspections (usually after
the home inspection). Paul prides himself on his ability to
                                                               The homeowner needs to find out and make a record
 work with all types of clients, whether it is a contractor    of: the manufacturer and the system name; the
  on a large project or home buyers, to help them better       applicator and whether he is certified by the
          understand and maintain EIFS products.               manufacturer; the warranty and its limits; the time of
                                                               year EIFS was applied; whether a 3rd party inspector
       For more information on EIFS or to schedule             was present at installation and the report is available.
              an inspection with Paul, call
            Second Look Home Inspections

                    The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●           877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)                    7
Educational Opportunities                                            SECOND LOOK
                                                                   HOME INSPECTIONS
Radon Training
March 31-April 5, 2008 in Pewaukee. Courses in              We’re looking for full time Home Inspectors for
Measurement, Mitigation and Control in New Home             the Fox Valley and Madison areas. Do you want
Construction. Contact Sandy Hossalla at University of       to join a progressive, forward thinking inspection
Minnesota 800-843-8636 or conferences6@cce.umn.edu          company? Candidates should have a minimum of
or visit www.cce.umn.edu/radon.                             200 inspections of experience and at least 1 year
                                                            in the home inspection profession.
Radon Training
Midwest Universities Radon Consortium classes. Call            • In Business for Over 20 Years
(800) 843-8636 or visit www.cce.umn.edu/engineering/           • Over 30,000 Inspections Performed
radon.                                                         • On-Site Computerized Reports

                                                               We provide:
Radon Measurement & Mitigation                                 •   E & O Insurance
Ongoing training and exams. Call the University of
                                                               •   Liability Insurance
Minnesota, College of Continuing Education, for dates
and locations throughout the Midwest (612) 624-6251.           •   Disability Insurance
                                                               •   Equipment
                                                               •   Health Insurance Benefits
                                                               •   Training

                                                                Call Julie at Second Look Home
                                                             Inspections at 920-229-8564 for details.

                           APPLE VALLEY ROOFING
                        FOX CITIES: 738-9235 GREEN BAY: 468-3166
                        OSHKOSH: 231-2898 Fond du Lac : 922-2660

         V                   Manitowoc/Two Rivers: 686-7663
                                  Toll-free: 900-228-3963

                FEEL FREE TO CALL OR EMAIL ME AT applevalley@athenet.net

         Apple Valley Roofing provides the following services for you and your clients:
                   *Roofing *Siding *Soffit & Fascia *Gutters *Siding Cleaned
                    *Ugly Black Stains Removed From Your Roof (FUNGUS)
      *Gutter Cleaning *Storm Damage Repairs *Real Estate Investments *Building Washing
                      Wanted Part-time salesperson. Pay commissioned based.

8                  The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●   877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)
Inspection Forms & Reports
Save time and money by ordering the home inspection forms and reports you need in the quantity you want. These pro-
fessional forms have been designed with you in mind. They’ll make your reports more efficient and help your clients to
understand all aspects of their inspection. That means fewer time-consuming “can you explain this part” follow-up calls!

Thousands of hours have been spent developing this home inspection system. There’s no reason for you to duplicate that
effort. Order now and you’ll immediately notice how much easier your job becomes. Ask about combining orders with
another inspector in your area to save on shipping costs.

    Regional Reports
    Regional reports include 16 pages of report forms and valuable information, and 15 pages of diagrams, all on NCR paper.
    They are flexible, logically organized, ready to file and provide a complete and thorough checklist. The forms stand up
    under legal scrutiny and are easy to read and understand.
    Reports are sold in sets and prices include tax. We ship Priority Mail only. Order any other item at the same time as your
    Regional Reports, and still pay only the shipping listed here: Please select a quantity:
       25 reports for $237.60 plus $30 s&h     50 reports for $475.20 plus $35 s&h       100 reports for $844.80 plus $60 s&h
       10 Deluxe Report Packages for $190.08 plus $30 s&h (each package includes a 3-ring binder, Regional Report, Home
       Inspection Agreement, Summary, Standards of Practice and a copy of Tom Feiza’s book “How to Operate Your Home”)

Other Items
   Revised Home Inspection Agreements                              Summaries
    (Recommended by WAHI, updated 8/06)
    Standard forms are 9x11 sheets, with a ½-inch perforation along the left.
    They are three-part carbonless, two-sided and three-hole drilled. If you prefer
    a different format, let us know. Sales tax is included in the price shown.
    Please mark your choice (shipping & handling is $10 for any quantity):
       Blank top for you to imprint
         25 for $18.75        100 for $75              NOTE: If you are ordering
                                                     logo-imprinted forms, include
       Personalized with your logo printed on top    an electronic or camera-ready
          100 for $100        250 for $181             copy of your logo or other

    Wisconsin Standards of Practice
    for Home Inspections
    (WAHI recommends a Standards of Practice be included
    in all home inspection reports)
    Re-typeset to fit onto one 8½ x 11 page. Three-hole drilled for your convenience.
    Please mark your choice (shipping & handling is $10 for any quantity):
       100 pieces for $10        500 pieces for $40
                                                                                      Enclosed is check payable to Milw. Home Inspection
                                                                                      Charge my Mastercard or Visa (circle one)
Name ______________________________________________________
                                                                                      Name on card _______________________________
Company ___________________________________________________
                                                                                      Card # _____________________________________
Address_____________________________________________________                          Exp. Date __________________________________
City, State, Zip _______________________________________________                 Send this entire page with payment to:
                                                                                          Klapper & Company, Inc.
Phone ______________________________________________________
                                                                                          5040 W. North Ave.
                                                                                          Milwaukee, WI 53208
Save the shipping and handling cost! Reports can be picked up at Klapper
& Co. or at Milwaukee WAHI meetings. Call first to make arrangements.            Ph (414) 445-5103 • Fax (414) 445-5136
The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●   877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)   11
                               WAHI Message Board
     Come check out the new, easy-to-follow tutorials!
      -Tutorials are now available on how to register for, log in to, and use the WAHI
     Message Board. There’s a picture of what the screen looks like and an explana-
     tion for every step of the process. Visit www.wahiforums.com/tutorials.
     -No more logging in every time you visit! The Message Board is now set up to
     automatically log you in on your computer, if you’d like it to.
     -Sign up to get emails whenever there’s a new post.

         Sign up for WAHI’s Message Board at www.wahiforums.com.

12               The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●   877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)
The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●   877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)   13
 Tips and Tidbits
 2008 State Election                     See this month’s President Letter
                                         for information regarding the in-
 The election process will begin         crease in renewal fees. Submit your     The WAHI Board of Directors re-
 soon after the first of the year. All   renewal by Friday February 29,          cently passed a motion regarding
 members and existing board mem-         2008 to avoid a $25 late fee.           member-to-member and member-
 bers (whose terms are expiring)                                                 to-association concerns. The motion
 are asked to think about a board                                                reads as follows: All member-to-
 position. Contact Election and          Board Meeting                           member or member-to-association
 Nomination Chair Andy Helgeson                                                  disputes must go through the Mem-
                                         The next board meeting will be held
 with questions or if you are inter-                                             bership Committee. A member
                                         in conjunction with the January Fox
 ested in a position, (262) 377-0751                                             going public with a member or
                                         Valley Chapter monthly meeting
 or ajhelgeson@wi.rr.com.                                                        association dispute will be grounds
                                         on Tuesday. January 15, 2008 from
                                                                                 for disciplinary action. The Mem-
                                         2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Tornado’s
                                                                                 bership Committee will implement
 WAHI Arbitration                        in Appleton (regular monthly meet-
                                         ing location). All WAHI members
                                                                                 this policy. Members are to contact
                                                                                 new Membership Committee Chair
 Program                                 are welcome to attend. If you are
                                                                                 Rick Jones at (608) 630-1057 or
 All members are encouraged to           interested in attending you must
 make every effort to resolve home-      notify Julie Arnstein by Wednesday
 owner/inspector disputes without        January 9, 2008 at (877) 399 -
 outside help. When that is not          WAHI or juliewahi@wi.rr.com.
                                                                                 Contacting DORL
 successful, know that the WAHI
                                                                                 The Department of Regulation
 Dispute Resolution Program is
 there for you. The process begins       New Membership                          & Licensing has an IVR Auto-
                                                                                 Attendant Telephone System. This
 when the complainant (homeowner)        Directory Mailed                        system may be accessed 24 hours
 contacts Resolute Systems, the pro-
                                         By now, you have received your          a day for computerized licensing
 gram administrator, via mail at
                                         2007-08 Membership Roster.              information at (608) 266-5511.
 1550 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee
                                         Please submit updates to Julie          The fax number is (608) 267-3816
 53202, email at info@Resolute
                                         Arnstein at (877) 399-WAHI, via         and online at www.drl.state.wi.us.
 Systems.com or their website at
                                         fax to (262) 785-6765 or by email
 www.resolutesystems.com. For
                                         to juliewahi@wi.rr.com. Updated
 additional information contact
 Arbitration Committee Chair
                                         information is posted in the            Newsletter Deadline
                                         monthly newsletter.                     The deadline of the 20th of each
 Tom Feiza at (262) 786-7878 or
 tom@misterfix-it.com.                                                           month for submissions to the news-
                                                                                 letter will be strictly enforced, with
                                         WRA Conferences                         the occasional exception when a
 Membership Renewal                      WAHI has had a booth at several         chapter meeting falls after that date.
                                         Wisconsin Realtors Association          Chapter secretaries should provide
 & Continuing Education                  (WRA) conferences. Fox Valley           the minutes as soon as possible.
 Credit Tally                            member and Public Relations Chair       Thank you for your cooperation.
                                         Bob Turicik, with the help of our
 Be on the lookout in early January
                                         Central and/or Chippewa Valley
 for your WAHI Membership Re-
 newal Notice and tally of your con-
                                         Chapters, will coordinate the booth     Member News
                                         and staffing for the Winter Confer-     Please share your member updates–
 tinuing education credits (CECs)
                                         ence on January 21-23, 2008 at the      joys, sorrows, recognitions
 for monthly meeting attendance
                                         Lake of the Torches in Lac du           achieved, temporary setbacks
 in 2007. CECs are tabulated via
                                         Flambeau. Please contact Bob            (be they illness or injury), etc.
 meeting sign-in sheets. If you feel
                                         Turicik if you are interested in vol-   Privacy should be recognized, and
 your credit count is inaccurate,
                                         unteering (920) 892-7654. Staffing      information provided should be
 contact Julie Arnstein at (877) 399-
                                         has generally been two WAHI                                 (Continued on page 15)
 WAHI or juliewahi@ wi.rr.com.
                                         members per two-hour time slot.

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Email Forum to Close; Message Board Remains Active
The email-based forum (the Official      Easy-to-follow tutorials are             then “I Forgot My Password”.
WAHI Forum) will shut down on            available so you can learn how to        WAHI Member Joy Rodman
January 1, 2008, due to a decision       register for, log in to, and use the     is handling the Message Board
made at the WAHI State Board             WAHI Message Board. There’s a            and can answer your questions at
Meeting on November 2, 2007.             picture of the screen and an ex-         joy@wahiforums.com.
                                         planation for each step. Visit
The WAHI Board of Directors en-          www.wahiforums.com/tutorials.
courages all members to make use
of the WAHI Message Board for            The Message Board will auto-
member, Board and committee
communication, to post photos,
                                         matically log you in on your
                                         computer, if you’d like, and you
make and receive announcements,          can sign up to get emails when-          New Home Inspector Members
etc. To sign-up for the Message          ever there’s a new post.
Board go to www.wahiforums.com                                                    William Bauer
and select “WAHI Message Board           If you’ve registered previously          Fox River Valley Home Inspections
Registration”.                           but forgot your login and/or pass-       W2780 Emons Road
                                         word, select “Members Log-In” and        Appleton, 54915
                                                                                  (920) 687-0280
Tips and Tidbits, cont.                                                             @yahoo.com

                                                                                  Steven Dietsch
okayed by the person involved.
Submissions should be sent to Julie
                                         WAHI ID Badges                           CSI Home Inspection LLC
at juliewahi@wi.rr.com. The dead-        Badges with photos are no longer         719 Jeannie Lane
line for inclusion is the 20th of the    available. Anyone interested in a        Beloit, 53511
month before the newsletter (ie.         photo-less badge can call Julie at       (608) 558-2538
March 20th for the April issue).         (414) 299-9766 or e-mail to              csihillc@yahoo.com
                                                                                  Jason Hahn
                                                                                  3401 S. 9th Street
                                                                                  Milwaukee, 53215
                      Ideas From the Field                                        (414) 801-9985
                   By Paul Dehler        sturdy shovel to help set your lad-
                                         der on good footing.                     Paul Hopp
                     As I looked out-                                             N94 W20865 Schlei Road
                    side, snow cov-      No one can expect you to make a          Menomonee Falls, 53051
                   ered the ground       call on a roof that’s mostly covered     (262) 255-1747
               for the first time this   with snow. Record it as such and
            season. The first thing      take and file a couple digital photos    Gary Jans
          that popped into my mind       of the roof as well as the ice and       Upon Request Home Inspections LLC
was “slipping and sliding time           snow that may be making it diffi-        8543 Glencoe Circle
again“.                                  cult to set a ladder.                    Wauwatosa, 53226
                                                                                  (414) 324-1268
Over the years I’ve heard too many       There are lots of useful little ideas    dewtym@aol .com
stories about inspectors (and other      floating around out there, and we
folks) sliding off the roof or having    could all benefit from the collective    Robert Runchey
ladders slip out from under them.        wisdom. Share your helpful hints         American Home Inspectors
Even if you just plan to get close to    and get a little recognition at the      6425 Nature Valley Drive
the roof edge in a few places, be        same time. Submit your article for       Waunakee, 53597
sure you have a good solid footing       “Ideas From the Field” for publi-        (608) 842-0023
for your ladder. Carry a small           cation to pdehler@wi.rr.com.             rrunchey1@charter.net

                   The WAHI Inspector ● 414▪ 299▪ 9766 (Milw.) ●         877▪ 399▪ 9244 (Toll-free)                  15
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        Tom Monaghan                      Paul Birschbach                         Julie Arnstein
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        Vice President                     (262) 547-3678
         Gene Sowieja                                                        Harry Weiler, President
        (608) 226-9596                       Richard Ida                         (715) 359-2211
                                            (800) 358-7019
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                                                                             Gene Sowieja, President
        Past President                      (920) 660-3000
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          Tom Feiza                          Gary Scheffel
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