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					                                                                                  Blackmores Ltd
                                                                                  4.8.N.35 009   713   437

                                                                                  20 Jubilee Avenue
                                                                                  Warriewood NSW 2102
                                                                                  PO Box1725
                                                                                  Warriewood NSW 2102
                                                                                  Telephone       +ó1   29910 5000
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                                                                                  Naturopalhic Advisory
                                                                                  Service        1800803 7ó0

1   7 September 2010                                                              BLACKMORES'
                                                                                    THE BEST OF HEALTH
                                                                                           b la c k m o re   s,co m.   a   u
                            Reference Letter for Kevin Ferry

To whom it may concern:

ln my role as Strategic Business Communications Manager for Blackmores, I worked
with Kevin Ferry for approximately four years up until July 2010. During this time
Kevin was Creative Director for Bullseye, our pr¡mary digital agency.

As Creative Director, Kevin oversaw and drove the creative development for our new website as well as many other online marketing campaigns and
activities including the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

He has always been a very passionate and enthusiastic supporter of Blackmores and
he displayed genuine commitment and belief in our brand while working on our

Kevin has played a critical role in keeping the Blackmores brand relevant and
meaningful in the digital space while always working to uphold the high quality
expected of all work on the Blackmores business.

Kevin is a Creative Director of true conviction, with heartfelt belief in his clients and
endless passion for his work. I would comfortably recommend him to any future

Simon Marks
Strategic Business Communications Manager
Blackmores Ltd

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