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									Mrs. Noem, Lesson Plans 2010-2011
Week #36: May 2nd-6th
*NOTE – sub will be here Wednesday as I am chaperoning senior trip

Class            Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                Thursday                 Friday
7th Computer     Timings: 1-3, 1-2, 1-1    Continue destination  TIMINGS: won’t do this  Individual               Individual
(1st period)     Continue on                – try to finalize any   Friday so today instead  presentations            presentations
                  destination                last minute details     1-2, 1-1
                  powerpoint project –       before presentations  FINAL WORK DAY on
                  should be on                                       Destination project
                  entertainment slides                              When finished, handout
                                                                     with assignment

6th Computer     Timings: 1-3, 1-2, 1-1  Finish assignment      Timings: 1-2, 1-1          Introduction of MS     Continue adding slides
(2nd period)     Picture effect options  Introduce bullets and  Lessons for the rest of     PowerPoint              to demo ppt
                  – have students bring    numbered lists with     the period                 Compare interface
                  in pictures related to   “Wish List” activity   (FINAL CLASS DAY OF         between word and ppt
                  these questions:                                 LESSONS)                   Setting up slides,
                 1. Vacation Place?                                                           formatting, adding
                 2. Car you want?                                                             and formatting text
                 3. Famous person to                                                         Create “demo”
                  meet?                                                                        presentation together
                 Use formatting and pic
                  effects together
Mrs. Noem, Lesson Plans 2010-2011
Week #36: May 2nd-6th
*NOTE – sub will be here Wednesday as I am chaperoning senior trip

Tech Apps          Photoshop elements –  Introduction to             Work on calendars in      Demo how to use       Continue working on
(4th Period)        how to use additional   Publisher – how to          getting all 12 months      templates: scrapbook   mother’s day cards and
                    editing features:       set up a 12 month           COMPLETED as much as       pages vs. building     other practice projects
                   Cookie cutters,         calendar                    possible                   items from scratch
                    cloning, text, and     Create publication         Follow criteria sheet on   Begin working on
                    brushes                 and send dates              handout with specific      Mother’s Day
                                            website to students         details                    card/poster
                                            for Wednesday

8th Computer       Continue in excel –       Work in smartstocks  Individual practice          Finish Loan Payment  Excel quiz – wrap up
(periods 6 & 8)     begin setting up stock     until students get the   checkpoint in excel        calculator worksheet   over excel unit
                    market activity page,      hang of it              Will be due by the end    Establish criteria    Reminder: these
                    use template to get       Begin working on         of class                  Search for own home    questions will be seen
                    started                    loan payment                                        and see how the items again on the final
                   Finalize stocks sheet      calculator                                          have changed
                   Complete Wally Stocks
Elementary         NO CLASS                  TTL 3                   TTL 3                     TTL 3                   TTL 3
Keyboarding        Easter Monday             Lessons all Period      Lessons all Period        Lessons all Period      Lessons all Period
                   (Mrs. Thue’s class)        (Mrs. DeSmet’s class)    (Mrs. Moeller’s class)     (Mrs. Symens’s class)    (Mrs. Paulson’s class)

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