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					Resume Guide
  A worksheet and sample resumes for the job applicant

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                                  Resume Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to help you gather useful information that employers like to see
included in most resumes. We have used a chronological format since it is preferred by
employers. We recommend using a blank Word document (not a template).

                                            Your Name
                                        Telephone number
                                     (Alternate phone number)
                                           Email address

Job Objective
Your objective gives focus to the resume and lets the employer know what sort of position or
area of specialization you are seeking. You may want to have separate resumes with different
objectives for different kinds of jobs. Make sure your objective isn’t too specific, or so broad that
it’s meaningless.
“Seeking an administrative assistant position utilizing my organizational, customer service and
technical skills”
“To obtain an entry-level position in psychology with a counseling focus”
“To obtain an internship position in the journalism field”

Summary of Qualifications (optional)
This is an effective way to let the employer know that your skills and qualifications match their
needs. Be genuine, and if possible, use language that matches the job announcement.
• B.S. degree in business with over eight years successful management experience
• Highly organized, with the ability to efficiently balance many projects at once
• Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
• Honest, reliable and hard working

If you have attended more than one college, list the most relevant/recent degree or training first.
(High school is generally not included if you have attended college)

College/Institution name              City, State
Degree (or certificate)               Graduation date (or “expected” or “currently enrolled”)

Honors and awards (academic scholarships, leadership awards, GPA (if over 3.0)

Relevant Coursework (specific courses or programs that relate to your job objective)

     •   _____________________________              •   _____________________________
     •   _____________________________              •   _____________________________
     •   _____________________________              •   _____________________________

Work Experience (or “Employment History”)
List employment in reverse chronological order (present or most recent position first).
Internships are also included in this section.

Employer/Organization                 City/ State
Job title                             Dates (month and year)

Job duties/ responsibilities—Begin phrases with action words (see Resume Language and Action
Verbs list, pages 5 and 6).
Promotions, accomplishments, knowledge or skills you acquired, etc.

Employer/Organization                 City/ State
Job title                             Dates (month and year)

Job duties/ responsibilities
Promotions, accomplishments, etc.


(continue to list employment--include experience within the last ten years or your last 4-5 jobs)


Additional Skills
(e.g. foreign languages, technical skills, certifications, etc.)

Additional Activities
(e.g. volunteer experience, student government, community service, PTA, coaching, committee
work, etc; be careful when listing religious and political activities-you don’t know who will be
reading your resume!)

(Other possible headings, if applicable)
Professional Organizations

Professional Development/ Workshops

Military Experience

 “Available on request” or leave this heading out and list your references on a separate page (see
Sample Reference List, page 4). Try to use professional references only (work or education
related). Make sure to ask permission before including someone as your reference!

Sample Reference List

                               References for Jane Smith

Dr. Linda Kunce                                   Ms. Michelle Jones
Assistant Professor of Psychology                 Human Resources Director
Illinois Wesleyan University                      XYZ Technology
P.O. Box 2900                                     111 Dover Lane, Suite 200
Bloomington, IL 61702                             St. Louis, MO 63121
309.556.3663                                      314.935.2222                    

Professor Gerald Olson                            Sue Stroyan
Associate Professor of Accounting and             Associate Professor
Chairperson of Business Administration            University Librarian
Illinois Wesleyan University                      Illinois Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 2900                                     P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702                             Bloomington, IL 61702
309.556.3170                                      309.556.3172                    

                                      Resume Language

Employers generally scan resumes quickly and the ‘staccato’ style conveys your key qualifications with few
words, but lots of impact. Sentence subjects and personal pronouns are eliminated and strong action verbs
are used instead. An example might be “Supervised five employees” or “Analyzed research reports”.
Numbers also strengthen your resume. For example, “Served an average of 30 customers per hour”,
“Wrote and edited reports of over 12,000 words” and “Handled average cash sales of $2000.00 per day”.

                                    Resume Action Words

   Accelerated                               Edited                                Performed
   Accomplished                              Educated                              Persuaded
   Achieved                                  Encouraged                            Planned
   Administered                              Engaged                               Presented
   Advised                                   Established                           Produced
   Analyzed                                  Evaluated                             Programmed
   Approved                                  Examined                              Provided
   Arranged                                  Explained                             Purchased
   Assisted                                  Facilitated                           Recommended
   Budgeted                                  Generated                             Reduced
   Built                                     Guided                                Reinforced
   Calculated                                Handled                               Reorganized
   Chaired                                   Implemented                           Repaired
   Collaborated                              Improved                              Represented
   Communicated                              Increased                             Responsible for
   Completed                                 Influenced                            Reviewed
   Conducted                                 Initiated                             Revised
   Constructed                               Instructed                            Scheduled
   Consulted                                 Insured                               Solved
   Contributed                               Integrated                            Sponsored
   Controlled                                Interpreted                           Streamlined
   Coordinated                               Interviewed                           Summarized
   Counseled                                 Investigated                          Supervised
   Created                                   Lectured                              Taught
   Dealt with                                Led                                   Trained
   Delivered                                 Managed                               Translated
   Demonstrated                              Monitored                             Troubleshot
   Designed                                  Motivated                             Updated
   Developed                                 Ordered
   Diagnosed                                 Organized
   Directed                                  Oversaw
   Distributed                               Participated

                               Resume Action Words/Phrases

If you are thinking of using these Word(s)/Phrase(s)   You might consider:

Set up/Start up                                        Arranged, Engineered, Established, Founded,
                                                       Initiated, Introduced, Invented, Launched,
                                                       Organized, Spearheaded

Put together                                           Accumulated, Arranged, Assembled, Collected,
                                                       Compiled, Constructed, Coordinated,

Wrote                                                  Composed, Drafted, Formulated

Wrote down/Keep track                                  Monitored, Recorded

Kept up                                                Maintained

Helped                                                 Assisted, Supported

Watched over                                           Oversaw, Supervised

Led                                                    Conducted, Directed, Guided, Headed

Made                                                   Created, Designed, Developed, Devised,
                                                       Established, Formulated, Invented, Produced

Made ready                                             Arranged, Planned, Prepared

Made better                                            Improved, Overhauled, Remodeled,
                                                       Restructured, Revamped, Revised, Revitalized,
                                                       Streamlined, Strengthened, Transformed,

Made bigger                                            Enlarged, Expanded, Increased

Checked or Checked over                                Analyzed, Examined, Inspected, Monitored,
                                                       Reviewed, Verified

Made sure                                              Assured, Ensured

Gave                                                   Presented, Provided, Supplied

Gave out                                               Distributed

Showed                                                 Demonstrated, Displayed

Showed how                                             Instructed

Filled out                                             Completed

Got                                                    Acquired, Obtained, Secured

                                                                                               Chronological Resume

Gary Gutenburg

2733 NE 95th Street                                                               (206) 555.1212
Seattle, WA 98105                                               

OBJECTIVE: Information technology internship utilizing my computer systems and programming skills.


   •   3 years experience in computer lab and network administration
   •   Demonstrated customer service experience in various settings
   •   Work well independently and in team projects
   •   Japanese: fluent reading and listening; basic conversational skills
   •   Computer Skills: Proficient in C/C++, HTML, HML, Microsoft Office, Windows NT, LAN, web design


   University of Washington, Seattle, WA
   BS in Informatics, GPA: 3.5/4.0, June 2006

   Coursework includes study of information systems and technology with a human-centered approach: Informatics
   Fundamentals, Database Management, Information Retrieval, Information Systems Analysis and Design, Research in
   Informatics, Compute Networks, Distributed Applications

   Study Abroad: Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, Spring 2001 – Winter 2002
   One-year exchange program, resided with host-family


   Computer Lab Assistant, University of Washington, Winter 2002 to present
   • Provide instructional assistance in an ultra-modern computer lab.

   Network Administrator, Crescent High School, Crescent, WA, 1/97 – 6/99
   • Aided teachers and students on proper use of computers.
   • Worked with administration to help design and maintain school’s computer network.
   • LAN installation and maintenance using Microsoft NT.
   • Web design (


   Customer Service Specialist, ComUSA, Seattle, WA, Summer 2002
   Shift Leader, Video Update, Seattle, WA, 5/99 – 1/00
   Waiter, Family Kitchen, Bothell, WA, Summer 1998


   Member, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, University of Washington, 2002 – present
   ASUW Crime Prevention Committee, UW, 1999 – 2001
   Varsity Football Team, East Japan Conference Champions, Keio University, 2001
   Valedictorian, Crescent High School, 1999

                                                                                                     Chronological Resume

                                                    Applicant Name
                                                   Campus Address
                                                      425 Grant St.
                                                Bowling Green, OH 43403


                                    To obtain a position as a staff accountant.


B.S. in Accounting, Bowling Green State University                                                  Expected May 2001
3.4 cumulative GPA, 3.6 major GPA

A.A.S. in Accounting, Lorain County Community College                                                         May 1996
3.7 cumulative GPA, Dean’s List all semesters

                                           Relevant Course Work

Financial Accounting                                Auditing                           Effective Business Writing
Managerial Accounting                               Federal Taxation                   Speech Communications
Cost Accounting                                     Corporate Finance                  Information Systems

                                               Work Experience

Junior Accountant, Homanick Inc., Akron, Ohio                                                  September 2000 - present
Handle monthly journal entries; analyze sales/marketing monthly expenses and
sales representatives’ gross receipts; create spreadsheets; handle special projects.

Accounting Intern, Burry and Associates, Akron, Ohio                                                May – August 2000
Reviewed and corrected accounting entries, assisted with financial planning input
and analysis, and generated reports. Accounting corrections revealed nearly
$50,000 in unpaid bills and mislaid funds.

Billing Coordinator, Corpora Corp., Elyria, Ohio                                               June 1996 – August 1999
Handled collections on more than 500 past due accounts; reconciled payment
discrepancies; resolved client billing and eligibility issues.

Crew Leader, Michael’s Muffins, Elyria, Ohio                                                      June 1994 – May 1996
Supervised crew of seven workers and managed bakery’s daily operations

                                                Computer Skills

MS Excel               MS Access                   MS Word                MS Powerpoint                  Windows 2000

                                                                                        Functional Resume

                                         Vanessa A. Sanchez
444 Border Collie Lane • Naperville, Illinois 60512 • (630) 555-1212 •

    A management position that requires excellent interpersonal, organizational, and supervisory
    skills. Would welcome assignments in operations, sales/marketing, customer service, human
    resources, or related areas.

    Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois
    Bachelor of Science in Management, May 2008
    G.P.A. 3.2/4.0
    • Financed 90 percent of education through part-time employment and student loans.

    • Supervised various youth recreational activities.
    • Trained new employees in effective sales and direct mail techniques.
    • Frequently served as store supervisor in the manager’s absence.

      • Demonstrated effective persuasive skills in retail sales.
      • Provided excellent customer service by phone and in person.
      • Resolved customer complaints effectively and efficiently.
      • Served as new student orientation facilitator and group leader.

      • Provided administrative support in producing all forms of office communications.
      • Designed and developed a coding system for a university research project.
      • Organized and recorded data as a research assistant.
      • Recognized by supervisors as being efficient and detail-oriented.

    Speak, read, and write Spanish/English fluently.
    Basic conversational ability in Italian.

    IBM PC and Mac formats, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Printshop, several e-mail
    formats, and the Internet.

    Good Luck Rent-A-Car                                   Park Ridge, Illinois
    Customer Service Representative                           2005 to present

      Northeastern Illinois University                        Chicago, Illinois
      Research Assistant                                         2004 – 2005

      Chakotay Gift Emporium, Ltd.                            La Forge, Illinois
      Sales Associate/Cashier                                     2002 – 2003
                                                                    Courtesy of Northeastern Illinois University
                                                                                       Combination Resume

5320 10th Street * Oak Harbor, WA 98035 * 360.755.1212

     Communications or public relations position with a multimedia company that specializes in global

     Computer skills:
     Microsoft Word
     - Constructing web page using Microsoft FrontPage
     - Background knowledge in 3D applications such as Cosmo Worlds,
        Softimage, Povray and Maya (version 2.5)
     - Coordinated with a group of interns in producing inter-active cinema
     - Student athlete involved in varsity sport activities 25-30 hours a week
        while attending school full time
     - Member of the Executive Council, Chi Psi Fraternity
     - Camp counselor and facilitator Young Life of Gig Harbor

     Designed virtual world for collaborative cinema project that included a presentation, website, and video
     trailer. Utilized the 3D application of Cosmo Worlds, Provay and Maya and conducted extensive
     research into each. (Fall 2004-Winter 2005)

     University of Washington, Seattle Washington
     BA in Political Science June 2005. Certificate and emphasis in Political/Global Communications,
     GPA 3.0
     Related courses: Global Communications, Speech Communications, Economics and
     Computer Graphics

     Speech Communications Lab Intern, University of Washington,
       Seattle, WA, April 2003-present
     New Media Research Lab Intern, University of Washington,
       Seattle, WA, January 2003-April 2003
     Seattle Tennis Club,
       Seattle, WA, June 2002 – September 2002
     Graebel Quality Movers, Inc.,
       Kent, WA, June 2001-May 2002

      - University of Washington Varsity Football team, 2001-2004
      - Member of Chi Psi Fraternity (Alpha Theta Delta), 2002-Present
      - Volunteer at Franklin Elementary School, Tacoma, 2002
      - Young Life of Gig Harbor and Tacoma, 1999-2001

                                                                                         Electronic Resume

Applicant Name
111 Main Street
Charlotte, NC 28212

Sales, Investments, Communication Skills, 4 Years Customer Service Experience, Microsoft Office, Data Base
Knowledge, Supervision, Marketing, A.A.S. Accounting, Customer Service Certificate, Internet Applications

To obtain a position as an Investment Customer Representative

A.A.S., Accounting, December 2005
Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC, GPA: 3.4

Certificate, Customer Service, August 2005
Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC, GPA: 3.7

INTERN – Consumer Products
Bank of America, Charlotte, NC, May 2005 to December 2005
* Assisted with marketing and sales promotions
* Performed general office duties
* Answered and directed incoming calls on 18-line switchboard
* Learned all aspects of consumer products offered by Bank of America
* Entered and managed information in data base
* Used Microsoft Office products extensively for business purposes

Key Family Qualified Plans, Fort Mill, SC, June 2003 to May 2005
* Sold and serviced 401K plans, flexible spending accounts, and other payroll deduction plans
* Received annual customer service award
* Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of benefit products
* Entered and managed information in data base

Home Depot, Charlotte, NC, January 2001 to June 2003
* Increased sales by 20 percent in 2001 to 2002
* Helped customers locate and choose products for their lawn and garden needs
* Supervised 7 employees within the division
* Performed cash reconciliation duties averaging $40,000 daily
* Gained extensive product knowledge



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