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									                           Village of Tequesta
                            Invitation to Bid
                             RFP: PW-1-10
 Request for Proposal – Landscape and Irrigation Contract Services for the
             Tequesta Drive Bridge Landscape Improvements

The Village of Tequesta is issuing an Invitation to Bid for LANDSCAPE AND
IMPROVEMENTS. The successful bidder will be required to abide by all requirements
of the act as stated in the contract. The Village reserves the right to accept or reject any
and all proposals or any part of any proposal and to waive any informality concerning the
proposals when such rejection or waiver is deemed to be in the best interest of the Village
of Tequesta. The bid requirements contained herein apply to all offers made to the
Village of Tequesta by all prospective Proposers and include, but are not limed to,
Request for Quotes, Request for Proposals and Invitation to Bid. As such, the words
“bid” and “proposal” are interchangeable in reference to all offers submitted by
prospective Proposers.

A. The Proposer is directed to deliver sealed proposals to the Village Clerk, Village of
   Tequesta, 345 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, FL 33469 up to 2:00 p.m. opening time on
   August 16, 2010. Bids will be opened publicly in the Village Manger’s Conference
   Room and all bidders and general public are invited and encouraged to attend. All
   bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes, mailed or delivered to the Village of
   Tequesta. Outside of the envelope shall plainly identify bid by: BID NUMBER,
   TITLE, AND DATE OF BID OPENING. It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to
   ensure that his or her bid reaches the Village Clerk’s Office on or before the closing
   date and time as shown above. RETURN ONE (1) ORIGINAL AND TWO (2)
   COPIES OF THE ENTIRE BID PACKET. Any failure on the part of the supplier to
   comply with the ensuing conditions and specifications shall be reason for termination
   of contract.

B. It is the Proposer's responsibility to read and understand the requirements of this
   solicitation of proposal. Proposers are required to state exactly what they intend to
   furnish to the Village via this solicitation and must indicate any variances to the
   terms, conditions and specifications of this proposal, no matter how slight. If
   variations are not stated in the proposal, it shall be construed that the proposal fully
   complies with all conditions identified in this proposal. The Proposer shall submit
   one (1) ORIGINAL and TWO (2) copies of the proposal. The ORIGINAL proposal
   must be manually and duly signed in ink by a Corporate Officer, Principal, or Partner
   with the authority to bind the bidding company or firm by his/her signature. All
   quotations must be typewritten or filled in with pen and ink. Proposals having
   erasures or corrections must be initialed in ink by the Proposer.

C. All prices, terms and conditions quoted in the submitted bid will be firm for
   acceptance for ninety (90) days from the date of the bid opening unless otherwise
   stated by the Village.

D. Should any interested offeror find any part of the specifications, terms, and
                               Village of Tequesta
                                Invitation to Bid
                                 RFP: PW-1-10
     Request for Proposal – Landscape and Irrigation Contract Services for the
                 Tequesta Drive Bridge Landscape Improvements

       conditions to be discrepant, incomplete, or questionable in any respect, it shall be the
       responsibility of the concerned offeror to call such matters to the attention of the
       Village immediately upon receipt of the Request for Proposal.

   E. The full set of project plans and specifications can be obtained, for a cost of $5.00,
      from the Gentile Holloway O'Mahoney & Associates, Inc. at 1907 Commerce Lane,
      Suite 101, Jupiter, Florida 33458, or by calling (561) 575-9557. Direct questions to
      Jason Litterick, ASLA.

   F. A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the Council Chambers at the
      Village of Tequesta, 345 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, FL 33469 on August 12, 2010 at
      9:00 A.M. .All interested parties are required to attend.


In your proposal, please provide responses to the following:

   A. Pricing: The Schedule of Unit Prices shall be completed on the forms provided. The
      price proposed shall include all charges that may be incurred in fulfilling the terms of
      this contract.

   B. Proposal Form and Certification: Complete the form enclosed as Exhibit A, and
      return in the submittal package. Proposals without the manual signature of an
      authorized agent of the Proposer shall be deemed non-responsive and ineligible
      for award.


The Schedule as listed below is the Village’s intended course of action for this project. The
Village will follow the schedule to the extent possible; however, the Village reserves the
right to change both the sequence and timing if deemed necessary.

August 1 & 8, 2010                     Advertise bid
August 2, 2010 (9:00 A.M.)             Distribute bid packages
August 12, 2010 (9:00 A.M)             Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting
August 12, 2010 (2:00 P.M)             Last day of questions to Landscape Architect
August 16, 2010 (2:00 P.M.)            Deadline for submission/public bid opening
August 18, 2010                        Evaluation of Bids Complete
TBD                                    Council approval of award
                                 Village of Tequesta
                                  Invitation to Bid
                                   RFP: PW-1-10
       Request for Proposal – Landscape and Irrigation Contract Services for the
                   Tequesta Drive Bridge Landscape Improvements


     A.     All bids will be publicly opened immediately following the deadline for
          submission of the proposals. The purpose of the public bid opening is for a
          reading of bids received. No award will be made or implied at this time. Bid
          documents will not be reviewed at the bid opening. No discussion of any nature
          concerning the bid will be entered into at this time.

     B. A copy of the bid tabulation will be available for review in the Village Clerks office
        upon completion of the recommended award.

     C. Bidders who wish to review copies of bids after the Public Bid Opening may do so
        by contacting the Village Clerk.


It is the bidder’s responsibility to become fully informed as to the nature and extent of the
work required before submission of the bids. No plea of ignorance by the Proposer
concerning conditions that exist will be accepted as the basis for varying the requirements of
the Village or the compensation to the Proposer.


The Village anticipates entering into a contract with the Proposer who submits the proposal
judged by the Village to be in the best interest of the Village. The Village anticipates
awarding one contract, but reserves the right to award more than one if in its best interest.

This invitation for bid does not constitute an offer or a contract with the Proposer. A contract
shall not exist until approved by the appropriate levels of authority in the Village and
properly executed. An Agreement form is attached hereto, and, by reference, made part
hereof. The Village anticipates that the final contract will be in substantial conformance with
the Sample Contract; nevertheless, Proposers are advised that any contract which may result
from the Invitation to Bid may deviate from the Sample Contract. The Contractor awarded
this bid must enter into a contract with the Village, similar to the Contract attached. The
Invitation to Bid shall be included in and be made a part of the final award.


The Proposer shall examine all bid documents and shall judge all matters relating to the
adequacy and accuracy of such documents. Any inquiries, suggestions or requests
concerning clarification or solicitation for additional information shall be directed to the
Landscape Architect of Record, Jason Litterick, ASLA of Gentile Holloway O'Mahoney &
                               Village of Tequesta
                                Invitation to Bid
                                 RFP: PW-1-10
     Request for Proposal – Landscape and Irrigation Contract Services for the
                 Tequesta Drive Bridge Landscape Improvements

Associates, Inc. ( Written responses, as deemed
appropriate, will be provided in the form of written addenda. The Village shall not be
responsible for oral interpretations given by any Village employee or its representative. The
last day for questions to the Landscape Architect shall be August 12, 2010 before 2:00 P.M.


Any Proposer may withdraw its bid not later than the indicated opening date and time. The
request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the Village Clerk. After the deadline,
proposals become a record of the Village and will not be returned to the Proposer.


The Proposer preparing a bid in response to this proposal shall bear all expenses associated
with its preparation. The Proposer shall prepare a bid with the understanding that no claim for
reimbursement shall be submitted to the Village for the expense of bid preparation and/or


This bid shall be awarded only to a responsible bidder, qualified to provide the work
specified and who can produce evidence that they have established a satisfactory record of
performance for a reasonable period of time; and have recorded Payment and Performance
bonds as specified in the contract documents, and have sufficient financial support,
equipment and organization to insure that they can satisfactorily execute the services if
awarded a contract under the terms and conditions stated herein.


Failure on the part of the Bidder to comply with the conditions, terms, specifications and
requirement of the bid shall be just cause for the cancellation of the bid award.


By affixing its signature to this proposal, the Proposer certifies that its proposal is made
without any previous understanding, agreement, or connection with either any previous firms
or corporations offering a Bid for the same items, or with the Village. The Proposer also
certifies that its bid is in all respects fair and without outside control, collusion, fraud, or
otherwise illegal action.
                               Village of Tequesta
                                Invitation to Bid
                                 RFP: PW-1-10
     Request for Proposal – Landscape and Irrigation Contract Services for the
                 Tequesta Drive Bridge Landscape Improvements


The Proposer warrants that there has been no violation of copyrights or patent rights in
manufacturing, producing or selling the goods shipped or ordered as a result of this bid. The
seller agrees to hold the Village harmless for all liability, loss or expense occasioned by any
such violation.


In accordance with Florida Statutes, '287.087, preference will be given to businesses with
drug free workplace programs; whenever bids are similar in all other respects, and, when a
Drug Free Workplace Certification is submitted with the bid.


A person or affiliate who has been placed on the convicted vendor list following a conviction
for a public entity crime may not submit a bid on a contract to provide any goods or services
to a public entity, may not submit a bid on a contract with a public entity for the construction
or repair of a public building or public work, may not submit bids on leases of real property
to a public entity, may not be awarded or perform work as a contractor, supplier,
subcontractor, or consultant under a contract with any public entity, and may not transact
business with any public entity in excess of the threshold amount provided in Section
287.017 ($15,000.00), for CATEGORY TWO for a period of 36 months from the date of
being placed on the convicted vendor list.


Unless otherwise specified, the mention of a particular manufacturer's brand name or number
in the specifications does not imply that this particular product is the only one that will be
considered for purchase. This reference is intended solely to designate the type or quality of
merchandise acceptable. Alternate offers will be considered and must include descriptive
literature and/or specifications. Failure to provide descriptive literature and/or specifications
with alternate offers may be cause for disqualification of the bid.


The obligations of the Village under this Contract are subject to the availability of funds
lawfully appropriated for its purposes by the Village.
                               Village of Tequesta
                                Invitation to Bid
                                 RFP: PW-1-10
     Request for Proposal – Landscape and Irrigation Contract Services for the
                 Tequesta Drive Bridge Landscape Improvements


This Contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Any and all legal action
necessary to enforce the Contract will be held in Palm Beach County, Florida. No remedy
herein conferred upon any party is intended to be exclusive of any other remedy, and each
and every such remedy shall be cumulative and shall be in addition to every other remedy
given hereunder or now or hereafter existing at law or in equity or by statute or otherwise.
No single or partial exercise by any party of any right, power or remedy hereunder shall
preclude any other or further exercise thereof.


The Contractor shall maintain records on Village projects, in accordance with generally
accepted accounting principles and practices to substantiate all invoiced amounts. Said
records will be available to the Village during the Contractor’s normal business hours for a
period of two (2) years after the Contractor’s final invoice for examination to the extent
required to verify the direct costs (excluding established or standard allowances and taxes)
incurred herein. Should such an audit by the City reveal monies owed to the Village, the
Contractor shall reimburse the Village for the cost of the audit and pay the principal
overcharge amount owed the Village plus interest accrued at the prime interest rate in effect
on the date of discovery. Said interest rate shall apply to the principal overcharge amount
revealed in the audit for the period from the original payment due date(s) to the payment by
the Contractor of all monies owed.


A bid bond is not required for this project.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and Labor and Material
Payment Bond in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the amount of the contract as
awarded. The Performance Bond and Labor and Material Payment Bond shall be submitted
upon contract execution by the Contractor.

Having satisfied all conditions of the award as set forth elsewhere in these documents, the
successful bidder shall, within the period set forth above, furnish such performance and
payment bond in the amount of the contract as awarded, as security for faithful performance
of the contract, and for the payment of all persons, firms, or corporations to whom the
contractor may become legally indebted for labor, materials, tools, equipment or services for
any nature employed or used by him in performing the work. Such bond shall be in a form
and from a surety acceptable to the Council, and shall bear the same date, or a date
subsequent to the date of the contract.
                                  Village of Tequesta
                                   Invitation to Bid
                                    RFP: PW-1-10
        Request for Proposal – Landscape and Irrigation Contract Services for the
                    Tequesta Drive Bridge Landscape Improvements

                              PROJECT FORM & CERTIFICATION
Submitted By:

           Contractor Name:________________________________________________________________

           Address: _______________________________________________________________________

           Telephone: ____________________ Fax: _________________ Email: _____________________

           Type of Business (Corporation, Partnership, Other – Specify): ____________________________

           Tax ID number (EIN/SSN): ________________________________________________________


1.         I am a duly authorized agent of the Company/Individual submitting the proposal;
2.         I have read the Proposal in its entirety and fully understand and accept these terms unless specific
           variations have been expressly listed below.
3.         My firm, _____________________________________________________, agrees to hold all
           prices, terms and conditions firm for acceptance for ninety (90) calendar days following the date
           and time of the bid opening.


The Proposer shall identify all variations and exceptions taken to this Request for Proposal in the space
provided below unless such variation is expressly prohibited in the RFP documents. If no variations are
listed here, it is understood that the Proposer fully complies with the terms and conditions. It is further
understood that such variations may be cause for determining that the Proposal is non-responsive and
ineligible for award:

Section _______________Variance _________________________________________________________
Section _______________ Variance _________________________________________________________
Section_______________ Variance _________________________________________________________

Attach additional sheets as needed.

By: _______________________                                Date: _____________________
      Manual Signature of Agent

     ________________________                              _________________________
     Print Agent Name                                      Title of Agent

Proposals without the manual signature of an authorized agent of the Proposer shall be deemed non-
responsive and ineligible for award.

                                                  EXHIBIT A

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