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									Job Interview Tips Worksheet
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Directions: While reading the article, answer the following questions with short

Part I -- Interview Preparation

   1.  What is the name of the website where this article is located?
   2.  Who is the author of this article?
   3.  Sarah Bingham suggests that teens practice doing what before an interview?
   4.  If you want a job at the New England Aquarium what should you make sure you
   5. How can family and friends help you get ready for an interview?
   6. The primary concerns for employers are…
   7. Where can you find a list of commonly asked interview questions for practice?
   8. What are three “don’ts” about how to dress for an interview?
   9. Why should you have an “old” person review your interview clothes?
   10. Why should you dress for an interview even if you are only handing in a
       completed application?
   11. What is one advantage of driving to an interview with a parent or friend?
   12. What is the least amount of money you should accept as a wage?
   13. What should you do if you have a busy schedule but really want a certain job?

Part II -- During and After the Interview

   1. What is one way to demonstrate your punctuality?
   2. Why should you be on your best behavior the moment you walk in the door?
   3. Why shouldn’t you chew gum during an interview?
   4. Why shouldn’t you downplay your previous experiences?
   5. What are two rules about filling out applications?
   6. What are “pause words”?
   7. Where should your eyes focus during an interview?
   8. How can a good sense of humor help an interview?
   9. What is a good way to show enthusiasm?
   10. What is one way to show confidence?
   11. What is a question you should you ask the interviewer?
   12. If you want the job, what should you do?
   13. Why should you write a thank you note?
   14. When is it okay to call the interviewer after the interview?

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