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					                                                                                                                                SPRING 2010

Bioengineering       •   Civil engineering   •   Computer SCienCe and engineering
                                                                                          on the move
                                                                                               •   eleCtriCal engineering        •   meChaniCal engineering

Mission: To provide                               nfrastructures are the very foundation of our          With these examples, it seems infrastructure can
                                                  lives. Clean drinking water in our taps; food in       only benefit people. Yet, we struggle with many
a diverse community                               our homes; the cars we drive and the roads on          infrastructure challenges today.
with an accessible,                               which they’re driven; the lights in our homes
                                             and the grid on which they are housed—these are             First, we have a growing human population on a
quality education and                        all examples of infrastructures that make modern            finite planet with limited water and fossil energy
produce a professionally                     life possible. According to U.S. presidential execu-        resources. As we seek to provide clean water for more
                                                                                                         than 6 billion people, we realize that there may not
oriented graduate who is                     tive order 13010 (1996), infrastructure is defined
                                                                                                         be sufficient water resources in the locations where
                                             as “The framework of interdependent networks and
interested in solving                        systems comprising identifiable industries, institutions    people need it the most. In the Rocky Mountain West,
real-world problems.                         (including people and procedures) and distribution          we worry about sustaining large population growth
                                             capabilities that provide a reliable flow of products and   in our cities and towns when already limited water
                                             services essential to the defense and economic security     supplies can be further impacted by climate change.
                                             of the United States, the smooth
                                             functioning of government at all
2 Welcome                                    levels and society as a whole.”

Join the dean as                             The new University of
he explores the                              Colorado Denver Center for
college’s future.                            Sustainable Infrastructure
                                             Systems encompasses this
                                             broad view of infrastructure
                                             systems—we study not only

                                                                                      Sustainable infrastructures,
3 College News                               the physical design of our infra-
                                             structures, but the people who
                                             design them, use them, market

                                                                                      sustainable communities
Faculty research
                                             them, finance them and de-
could transform
                                             velop policies to regulate them.
cancer screenings.
                                             The program is interdisciplin-
                                             ary, with students and faculty
                                             from the fields of engineering,
                                             design, policy and planning,
4 Department                                 government affairs and behav-
  News                                       ioral sciences working together
                                             to ask the questions needed
Get the latest                               to solve the upcoming urban                                                                              Photo by Jonathan Marts
updates from                                 infrastructure challenge.
our department
                                             What is the upcoming urban infrastructure                   Our ski resorts are concerned about water in a
                                             challenge?                                                  different way—changes in snowfall patterns and their
6 Student News                                                                                           affect on the industry. Most U.S. cities, heavily reliant
                                             In India, clean water has helped millions of
                                                                                                         on petro-fuels for transportation and for economic
Conference                                   infants live and grow into childhood. Better cooking
                                                                                                         growth, wonder how the future will look when oil
inspires future                              fuels and stoves improve respiratory health. Roads
engineers from                                                                                           becomes scarce and very expensive.
                                             provide connectivity and access to the outside world,
around the state.                            including jobs and medical facilities. Cell phones          A related challenge addresses the most vulnerable
                                             allow otherwise marginalized farmers to negotiate           among us—the very young, the very old and those
                                             fair market prices for their produce.                       with limited financial resources. What will happen

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       1                                                                                                                                                                1
                                                                                   from the dean

Engineering on the Move
is published three times per        Greetings!
year by the University of
Colorado Denver College of          I hope that you are doing well. Keeping our alumni and industry informed of
Engineering and Applied             college developments is critical to our success as a pubic higher educational
Science for alumni and friends      institution. With this letter I would like to share with you recent developments
of the college. Engineering on      and future plans.
the Move is published by the
Office of Integrated University     The future: moving up!
Communications and the
College of Engineering and          The college’s “upward move” involves advancement in national ranking; enhance-
Applied Science, Campus Box 104,    ment to college resources in finance, space and equipment; promotion of
P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO         engineering programs; and development of new programs.
                                    Enhancing the quality of engineering education at UC Denver is top priority, which
Interim Dean:                       is reflected partially in the college’s national ranking. We aim to advance our nation-
Nien-Yin Chang                      al ranking with our programs and the commitment of our faculty and staff. Quality
                                    education also requires sufficient financial resources paired with teaching, research and office space.
Director of Communications:         Our college’s enrollment has increased significantly this spring. Over the past year, ten faculty members have
Marilee DeGoede                     joined the college, and a new bioengineering department has been approved. But we have no space and our
                                    budget is continuously cut. Solving these problems is essential to advancing our national ranking.
Editorial Manager:
Erica Lefeave                       I strongly believe that collective thinking is better than individual thought, and I invite you to contribute your
                                    ideas for answers to these challenges. We welcome representatives from our alumni, engineering firms, and the
Contributing Writers:               construction industry to volunteer on various college committees and help us develop and execute solutions.
Min Choi
Tim Lei                             The college is also hopeful for a new building to provide sufficient space and equipment for teaching and
Anu Ramaswami                       research. The project cost is estimated at $60–$80 million. Soon, we anticipate kicking off the fundraising effort
Madison Strouse                     with the help of the CU Foundation.
Lisa Abreo Design
                                    Recent college developments
                                    Many months of hard work by the search committee has resulted in the hiring of Marc Ingber as the new dean of
Send correspondence to:
                                    the college. He is extremely qualified with an excellent scholarly record and will begin in early July. Under
Marilee DeGoede
                                    his leadership, the college will move upward into the next level of excellence.
Campus Box 104
P.O. Box 173364                     The new Department of Bioengineering, approved earlier this year, combines engineering and medicine for
Denver, CO 80217-3364               the enhancement of human health and quality of life. The department’s graduate-level programs are admitting
                                    students for fall 2010. A proposal for adding a bachelor’s degree program has been initiated and could begin
                                    admitting students as early as fall 2012.

                                    The university has approved the new Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems. Housed within the college,
                                    Anu Ramaswami of civil engineering is its founding director with advisory board members from different col-
                                    leges, industries and government agencies. Its activities encompass university-wide research on infrastructure
                                    development for sustainability and outreach programs for sustainable energy and infrastructure planning in
                                    Colorado communities.

                                    The college is also exploring the need for an academic program in sustainable construction engineering and
                                    management. It’s come to our attention that there are no local late afternoon and evening construction engineer-
                                    ing and management programs available, and I believe it is time to examine and address the need for such a
                                    program on the Denver Campus. Informal discussions with industry leaders indicate that the need is significant
                                    and worth exploring.

                                    Finally, my tour of duty as the interim dean of the college will end on June 30; I’m still mapping out my future
                                    plans. Thank you for your friendship and care for the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Please do
                                    give Marc Ingber, our new dean, the maximum support you can.

                                    With my best regards for all my friends,

Engineering on the Move
Volume 1 • Issue 2
                                    Nien-Yin Chang, Interim Dean
                                    College of Engineering and Applied Science
2   University of Colorado Denver
                                                                           college news

Research could revolutionize cancer screenings
Cancer is the second highest killer disease in the United                                       New Department of Bioengineering
States, with roughly 1.4 million new cases discovered yearly.
                                                                                                On March 5 the Colorado Commission of Higher
In 2008, more than 1 million people died of cancer in the
                                                                                                Education approved the UC Denver Department of
United States alone.
                                                                                                Bioengineering, which will offer interdisciplinary
These staggering death rates are due to the fact that cancer is                                 MS and PhD programs. The department promotes
often diagnosed at a late stage. Ideally, the health of high-risk                               cross-campus collaboration, with faculty from
patients should be followed routinely so that doctors can                                       UC Denver’s College of Engineering and Applied
intervene at an earlier stage. However, effective diagnostic                                    Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the
tools are still lacking. The current clinical practice is to extract                            School of Medicine and CU-Boulder. Students enter-
tissue with a needle for histological analysis. Because of the                                  ing the program will obtain rigorous, cross-disciplin-
associated discomfort and high cost, physicians examine                                         ary training and will be taught by engineers, medical
patients only when absolutely necessary. But change may be in the near future.                  researchers and nationally known clinical faculty.
                                                                                                It’s anticipated that the program will start with 5-15
Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor Tim Lei is working on an optical diagnostic          students in fall 2010, growing to 50-60 graduate
technique, based on Raman spectroscopy, to measure the chemical changes in                      students in five years.
suspected tissues. If successful, patients could be regularly examined with immediate
results and completely free of pain.                                                            Stephan Durham receives Advanced
                                                                                                Technology Grant
If proven effective, this technique could be used for cancer screening, changing the
way the disease is diagnosed and possibly saving lives.                                         In December 2009, the Colorado Pollution Preven-
                                                                                                tion Advisory Board awarded a $103,285 Advanced
Lei holds an adjunct faculty position at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and is   Technology Grant to Civil Engineering Assistant
director of the Colorado Advanced Photonic Technology Laboratory.                               Professor Stephan Durham for his proposal “Ben-
                                                                                                eficial Uses of Waste Tires for Concrete Production
                                                                                                in Colorado.” The proposal delineates a plan to
Detecting disease in virtual environments                                                       mitigate the approximately 45 million disposed tires
                                                                                                stockpiled in Colorado—one solution is to reuse
Real-time interaction with 3-D virtual environments is becom-                                   the shredded tire rubber material as filler in con-
ing an important, exciting and challenging research area. Cur-                                  crete instead of the typical sand mixture. Durham’s
rently, Computer Science and Engineering Associate Professor                                    research will focus on finding the optimum crumb
Min Choi’s research focus is in the area of dynamic simula-                                     rubber to sand mixture ratio without compromising
tion of deformable objects—making virtual things move                                           the structural integrity of the concrete.
more realistically. This can be directly applicable to medical
visualization as well as traditional computer animations.
                                                                                                Students benefit from college scholarships
One of Choi’s current projects is early detection techniques                                    In January, the College of Engineering and
for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in a 3-D virtual environment. It                                   Applied Science awarded scholarships to 33 under-
                   is believed that early-AD patients experi-                                   graduate engineering students. The scholarships
                       ence visual perception problems long                                     totaled $39,000 and are funded by donors.
                        before other signals reveal the disease. AD patients’ behaviors
                         and responses in immersed 3-D environments would provide
                                                                                                Faculty member featured in The New York
                         important information on the progress of the disease in a
                         noninvasive fashion. Similar techniques are in early stages
                                                                                                Times, named to ATT advisory council
                        of development for the detection of traumatic brain injuries            Civil Engineering Professor Anu Ramaswami was
                        of soldiers.                                                            interviewed for a December 29, 2009 article in
                                                                                                The New York Times, “Sustainability comes of age,”
                        Choi’s research addresses this critical area by proposing to            about the community outreach program to help
                         develop an immersive 3-D visualization and motion-analysis             towns and cities in Colorado conduct urban infra-
                          system, where a test subject’s vision, recognition of pre-            structure reviews and greenhouse gas evaluations. In
                           sented visual signals and reaction to the visual information         addition, AT&T has named Ramaswami to its newly
                              can be accurately assessed. Its structure is similar to an        formed Business Sustainability Advisory Council,
                              immersive 3-D game; the subject is placed in a motion-            which will advise the communications giant on the
                               capture suit and asked to conduct various activities. This       powerful linkage between information and commu-
                              would provide invaluable information on the status of             nications technology while helping customers mini-
                             certain types of traumatic brain injury, changing the way          mize the environmental impact of their operations.
                           these injuries are detected.

                             Learn more about Choi’s research at http://carbon.ucdenver.
                                                                                                                      College of Engineering and Applied Science   3
                                                                       department news

    Electrical Engineering (EE)                                                   Computer Science and
    Acting Chair, Mike Radenkovic                                                 Engineering (CSE)
    The twelve faculty members in EE have expertise in systems and controls,      Chair, Gita Alaghband
    signal processing, communications, microelectronics, photonics, power
    systems, robotics and computer engineering.                                   The nine CSE faculty members’ expertise expands several areas of research
                                                                                  in algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer architectures, computer
    This past semester, the EE department updated the curriculum for both the     security, database systems, high-performance computing, operating
    master of engineering and master of science programs.                         systems, parallel and distributed systems, software engineering, virtual
                                                                                  reality and computer graphics.
    Assistant Professor Mark Golkowski has created a new graduate course on
    plasmas and their applications. He also has begun active collaboration with   This fall the department finalized the revision of its bachelor of science
    the Department of Radiology at the Anschutz Medical Campus in the areas       in computer science and engineering (BS CSE) degree program. The new
    of RF ablation of tumors and nonthermal plasmas for disinfection.             curriculum covers theoretical, software, hardware and their interfaces and
                                                                                                             provides students with a coherent and in-depth
    Assistant Professor Yiming J. Deng is leading an effort                                                  education of key components of the field signifi-
    to apply advances in engineering, physics, mathemat-                                                     cant to the society. The BS CSE is one the few
    ics and medicine to the development of advanced                                                          degrees offered in the United States as a combi-
    noninvasive or minimally invasive imaging tech-                                                          nation of computer hardware and software.
    niques. He is initiating the interdisciplinary imaging
    research and teaching within fields, waves and optics.                                                      A CSE graduate will have a well-rounded educa-
                                                                                                                tion with a core background in programming
    Assistant Professors Fernando Mancilla-David and                                                            and software design, computer architecture,
    Jae-Do Park are remodeling the Power Laboratory to                                                          networks, embedded systems and hardware-
    bring state-of-the-art equipment to campus for educa-                                                       software interfaces. The program culminates
    tion and research in the area of energy and power                                                           with a two-semester capstone design prepared
    systems. Also, Mancilla-David is in the final stage                                                         to apply his or her skills, knowledge and
    of assembling small-scale windmills on the North                                                            creativity in a rapidly changing field.
    Classroom rooftop and at the CU research facility in
    Nederland, Colorado, to be used for educational and
    research purposes.

    Assistant Professor Tim Lei is developing noninvasive cancer screening
    techniques based on Raman spectroscopy (see the story on page 3). He
    is currently building an advanced microscope based on nonlinear optical          The UC Denver sustainable                 Private Sponsors
    techniques that allows researchers to obtain detailed images of biological
                                                                                     infrastructure program would not          AT&T Foundation Industrial
    samples without fluorescence staining.
                                                                                     be possible without funding from          Ecology Grant Contribution
                                                                                     sponsors and partnerships with            Wal-Mart Foundation
                                                                                     Colorado communities.                     MWH
                  Looking to expand your horizons?                                                                             Clinton Global Initiative University
                                                                                     Public Sponsors                           Outstanding Commitment Award
              As training and professional development for
                                                                                     National Science Foundation
              engineers becomes more essential, the Continuing
              Engineering Education Program (CEEP) strives to best                   Colorado cities: Denver, Arvada,          Colorado Community Partners
              meet the needs of the engineering work force.                          Central City, Broomfield, Durango,
                                                                                     Aurora, Lafayette, Thornton               • Adams County      • Arvada
              Visit the CEEP Web site at                       Governor’s Energy Office                  • Aurora            • Broomfield
              to check out this year’s courses, including FE and                                                               • Central City      • Chaffee County
              PE refresher classes. For more information, contact                    Colorado Municipal League (CML)
                                                                                                                               • Denver            • Dillon
              program manager Heidi Utt at 303-556-4907 or                           National Civic League
     Bookmark this site for your                                                              • Durango           • Eagle
                                                                                     Urban Drainage and Flood
              future engineering education needs!                                    Control District                          • Fowler            • Golden
                                                                                     Colorado Department of Public             • Lafayette         • Steamboat Springs/
                                                                                     Health & Environment                                            Routt County
                                                                                                                               • Thornton
                                                                                     Office of Naval Research                                      • Westminster.

                                                                                     U.S. EPA – P3 Program

4   University of Colorado Denver
                                                                  department news

Civil Engineering (CE)                                                          Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Chair, Kevin Rens                                                               Chair, Samuel W.J. Welch

The twelve CE faculty members have expertise in environmental                   The nine faculty members in ME have particular expertise in solid
engineering, geotechnical engineering, structures, transportation and           mechanics, fluid mechanics, bioengineering, thermodynamics, dynamics
geographic information systems. This past October, the CE department            and controls and mechanical systems design. The Department of
hired Maria Rase as our program assistant. Rase has a background in the         Mechanical Engineering offers BS, MS and MEng degrees.
private sector in customer service and marketing.                               Professor Peter Jenkins continues development of a program in sports
The CE department continues to offer several courses in both digital            engineering. Professor Ken Ortega has received a three-year grant from the
(online) and analog (in-class) modes. In the spring 2010 semester, 14           National Science Foundation to continue his bioengineering research.
courses were offered with a digital section—with 10 courses being offered       In February, mechanical engineering students participated in Students in
nationally. More than 30 students registered in online courses as non-          Industry Day where students were able to visit different companies for a
Colorado residents. In addition, CVEN 2121 will be offered in a digital         half-day, shadowing engineers. In January, ASME student members were
mode during the three-week Maymester term this spring. Civil engineering        escorted on a behind-the-scenes-tour of the Waterton Canyon Lockheed
has not previously participated in the intense Maymester session.               Martin facility. Students were able to see the Ares Rocket assembly plant
The Department of Civil Engineering offers three certificates as part of its    as well as many of the testing facilities for satellites and other components.
graduate program: GIS, sustainable urban infrastructure and water resourc-      Electrical engineering alum Jim Paradise hosted the tour.
es. Completion of a core set of courses is required to earn a certificate.      The Society of Manufacturing Engineering Student Chapter S324 has
                                                                                recently been assisting a local inventor, Bernie Fanelli, in his invention of
                                                                                an avalanche snow shovel that can also serve as an anchor for avalanche
                                                                                emergencies. This has been an excellent opportunity for the students and
                                                                                a service to our community.

                                                                                    New Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
Infrastructures                         are concerned about obesity
                                        among children and seek to design           On February 15, the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems was
continued from cover                    walkable, bikeable streets that             approved by the university administration. Civil Engineering Professor
                                        increase physical activity. These           Anu Ramaswami is the director of the new center, which will develop
when water and fossil energy re-
                                        examples illustrate that society            high-quality interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach programs
sources dwindle? How will people
                                        is continuously monitoring and              focused on sustainable infrastructure systems. For more information,
adapt to a future with scare and
                                        reassessing our infrastructures to          call the center at 303-556-4676.
expensive resources? How can
                                        maximize human well-being.
future infrastructure designs miti-
gate disproportionate burdens on
those most vulnerable in society?       It’s time to replace an aging           The UC Denver sustainable
                                        infrastructure.                         infrastructure program is actively
A third challenge is that our in-                                               partnering with cities in the
frastructure can affect our health      Most civil infrastructure in the        United States and worldwide
in many ways. We all have seen          United States is more than 30 years     for the opportunity to develop
pictures of hazy polluted skies in      old. Roads, bridges, water and          sustainable municipalities of the
congested cities with air pollution     wastewater treatment plants are         future with infrastructures that
caused by heavy road traffic—these      being rehabilitated or expanded.        will serve us for the next
challenges were resolved by design-     More than 900 U.S. cities are           30-40 years.
ing new infrastructure systems,         engaged in climate action plan-
such as urban rail, in cities like      ning; almost all Colorado cities and    The Center for Sustainable Infra-
New Delhi and by promoting the          towns are engaged with sustainable      structure Systems is a collaboration
use of clean fuels. Not so long ago,    energy planning. Designing sustain-     between the College of Engineering
Denver’s brown smog obstructed          able infrastructures as part of these   and Applied Sciences and the UC
the views of the mountains—a            initiatives simultaneously helps        Denver School of Public Affairs.
challenge solved with a mix of          grow the economy, create jobs
technology and public policy. We        and protect the environment.
                                                                                                                             College of Engineering and Applied Science   5
                                                                               student news

    Masters in the Making Series
    Meet team EWALK, six mechanical engineering students who are
    working to improve the realm of low-cost prosthetic legs.

    Q: What is the goal of the EWALK leg?
    A: High-priced prosthetics are produced in the United States at an average cost of
         $3000 (Stewart 1999). The EWALK leg is designed to be well under average cost
         while allowing optimal all-terrain functionality for above-the-knee amputees.

    Q: What makes EWALK different from prosthetic legs that already exist?                             High school students put together a solar cooker in which to
                                                                                                       melt chocolate as part of the Thermodynamics in Mechanics
    A: Features unique to EWALK include an adjustable stop that allows the user to                     workshop.
         adjust the stability of the knee. As users become more comfortable, they can lower
         the knee’s stability to minimize the energy required to walk.
                                                                                                       Student conference inspires the
         We also have a pneumatic knee locking system that helps keep the knee locked
         when weight is applied to the leg but allows it swing freely when the weight is               engineers of tomorrow
         lifted. The ankle will also be flexible to allow for more stability on varied terrain.        On February 5, the UC Denver student chapter of the
                                                                                                       Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
    Q: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced through development?                                  hosted “Tu Futuro en Ingeniería,” a conference for area
                                                                                                       high school students, exposing them to the robust field
    A: It was challenging to learn enough about human walking and prosthetic leg design                engineering and educating them about the programs
         to complete the project in the allotted time. It was also very difficult to find the          offered through the College of Engineering and
         resources and assistance needed to complete the manufacturing process.                        Applied Science.

                                                                                                       The focus of the day was green technology. Students
    Q: What’s been the high point of the process?                                                      interacted with professors, participated in hands-on
    A: Seeing something we designed on a computer come together in real life—most                      experiments and networked with fellow students,
         aspects of manufacturing the leg worked as planned, but sometimes things that                 exploring topics like wind turbine and electricity, ther-
         worked well on the computer required some modification in the real world.                     modynamics in mechanics and green water filtration.

                                                                                                       The day opened with keynote speaker Monisha
    Two local manufacturing companies contributed to the project. Accu Precisions, Inc.                Merchant, University of Colorado Regent and electrical
    in Littleton donated machine time and materials for some of the most complex parts of              engineer. She illustrated the importance of engineer-
    EWALK’s prosthetic leg. Sterling Edge Industrial Cutting, LLC in Denver donated time               ing, noting how everything used in day-to-day life has,
    on their precision water-jet machine.                                                              in some way, been touched by engineers.

    The final EWALK concept will be presented                                                          In a workshop taught by Electrical Engineering
    at the Engineering Open House on May 14.                                                           Assistant Professor Yiming Jerry Deng, students
    Until then, the team will continue to tweak
                                                           Update on Project VERV                      learned about the creation of electricity through the
    and improve their project. “Our ultimate               Project VERV, featured in our January       use of wind turbines. Civil Engineering Assistant
    goal is to have someone who has used other             newsletter, is almost finished. In March,   Professor David Mays taught “Waste to Taste! Green
    prosthetics try our leg so we can get                  the team travelled to Pennsylvania          Water Filtration,” where students transformed murky
    feedback on our design.”                               to compete in the 2010 Student              water to clear using handmade water filters. Work-
                                                           Professional Development Conference,        shops in mechanical and computer science and
    Check out the next issue of Engineering on             where their victim evacuation robotic       engineering were also taught throughout the day.
    the Move to see the final project.                     vehicle scored fourth place. Check out
                                                           test run videos, progress and the final     SHPE is a professional organization consisting pre-
    EWALK team members include Alex                                                                    dominantly of Hispanic students and professionals. In
    Crisman, Gerald Palmer, Aaron Petty,                   product at
                                                           VERV also will be presented at the          essence, SHPE’s primary function is to enhance and
    Eusebio Torres, Matthew Weiseth and                                                                achieve the potential of Hispanics in engineering, math
    Michael Masterson.                                     Engineering Open House on May 14.
                                                                                                       and science through encouraging minority students to
                                                                                                       excel in their studies and in their communities.

                                                                                                       SHPE plans to continue these conferences for as long
                                                                                                       as funding is available.

Congratulations to the                      PhD                                            Alexander Pere
                                            Reema Kundu, Civil Engineering                 Benjamin Shusterman
summer and fall 2009                                                                       Jeffrey David Stenberg
College of Engineering                      December 2009
                                                                                           William David Tupa
                                                                                           Henry Vu
and Applied Science                                                                        Diane Lynn Williams, Special Honors
graduates!                                  Bachelor of Science
                                            Civil Engineering                              Mechanical Engineering
                                            Hector Enrique Avendaño                        Tara Kathleen Curley
August 2009                                 Asnoldo Enrique Benitez, Jr.                   Dianabasi Ezekiel Etuk
                                            Joseph John Egry, IV                           Alireza Hashemian, Honors
Bachelor of Science                         Daniel Robert Lavigne                          Sean Michael Kannegieter
Civil Engineering                           Jason Michael Martin                           Daniel Travis Koch
                                            Michael Eugene Mont-Eton, Special Honors       Andres Joseph Quiniones
Chad Richard Callan
                                            Christopher L. Moulder                         Brian Joseph Thomas, Special Honors
Wyatt Patrick Foley
                                            Nicolas Aaron Potter                           Dana Emery Thornton, Special Honors
Michael William Lance
                                            Joseph John Pucillo                            Michelle Cory Trujillo
Shanna M. Yepez
                                            Erika E. Vega Bazan
                                            Todd Michael Womersley                         Master of Engineering                 Interim Dean Chang with Dec. ’09 transporta-
Electrical Engineering                                                                                                           tion MEng graduate Fahed Saif Al-Subaei.
                                                                                           Fahad Saif Al-Subaei
Masiholah Hajihabib                         Computer Science & Engineering                 Jeremy John Andryauskas
Francisco Muñoz Martin
                                            Michael Andrew Cooper                          Steven Kyle Barrett
                                            Bruce Alan Law, Honors                         Jason Francis Brand                             Truong Q. Nguyen
Mechanical Engineering
                                            Matthew Wesley Mahler                          Richard E. Couture                              Mitali R. Patel
James W. Bonato                             Toan Duc Tran, Special Honors                  Brett James Gottdener                           Swetha Srinivasaraghavan
James A. Sellars                            Diane Lynn Williams, Special Honors            Jana Merrill Pedersen
Anibal Tsegaye Tegegne                                                                     Ronald Allan Santini                            Electrical Engineering
Noe Juan Villagrana                         Electrical Engineering                         Meredith Jean Williams                          Robert Edward Gercken
                                            Kedir Reshid Abdella, Honors                                                                   Ali Ghamkhar
Master of Science                                                                          Master of Science
                                            Kenneth D. Boley, Honors                                                                       Ankur H. Mali
Hamad Hamdan Alsolami,                      James Tuan Bui                                 Civil Engineering                               Teresa Lee Wagar Osminer
  Computer Science (CSMC)                   Jean Ha                                                                                        Tischi Balachandra Panicker
                                                                                           Orion Taiyo Cannon
Ava Dorn, Civil Engineering                 Kevin James Harris                             Robert Wayne Cavaliero
Bruce A. Hines, Electrical Engineering      Reggie Samuel John                                                                             Mechanical Engineering
                                                                                           Kristina Rudzeviciute
Giseop No, Computer Science (CSMC)          Canh Thieu Khuu, Special Honors                Allen Jon Tygesen                               Alan Carty
Dustin Robert Randle,                       Nguyen Thieu Khuu, Special Honors                                                              John Henry Garber
  Mechanical Engineering                    Thomas James Klingensmith                      Computer Science                                Cody Colvin Nolen
William Frans Wheeler,                      Tyrel K. Kvasager                              Nesreen Mohammed Saleh Alharbi                  Bradley Jerome Stolz
  Computer Science (CSMC)                   Steve Son Le                                   Roba Gazi Alsaigh
                                            Luong Huy Luong                                Turki Ebyan Alsaraihi                           PhD
Master of Engineering                       Inna N. Markus
Cecilia Vasilica Anitei                                                                    Yu Hsien Chu                                    Apostol Panayotov, Civil Engineering
                                            Todd Michael Morgan, Special Honors            Michael Cox                                     Shaojun Sun, Computer Science
Jennifer Rebecca Cox-Lillis                 Nicholas Jay Nassimbene
Robert Alan Grauberger                                                                     Yasmeen Siraj Garoot
                                            Katy Mary O’Leary
Khalifa Mohhtar Khalifa Tamer

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                                                                     to engineering, ask questions, participate in
Davis joined us in 2008 and we are lucky to have                     discussion topics or post job opportunities that
her, as she has more than two decades of experience                  may interest the group. Go to www.linkedin.
in fundraising activities with groups such as the United             com/groupRegistration?gid=2745291.
States Olympic Committee, Anheuser Busch and the
University of California.                                            Spring 2010 Student Design Open House
If you want to talk about gifts or ways to support the               Join us Friday, May 14 for our Engineering Student Design
college, she is always available at 303-315-3601 or by               Open House. Students have been working hard all semester, so come
e-mail at                                    see what they have been doing! Visit for details.

                                                                                                                                   College of Engineering and Applied Science     7
                                                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
Campus Box 104                                                                                                                                                 Denver, CO
P.O. Box 173364                                                                                                                                                Permit No. 831
Denver, CO 80217-3364

                     Alumni News & Events
                      Jack Butler, MA engineering 2005, wrote the “Ethics
                      Procedures Manual” for the GIS Certification Institute,
                       for which he is the immediate past president. The ESRI
                       Press (Redlands, Calif.) published Butler’s textbook,
                        Designing Geodatabases for Transportation, which was
                        based on his master’s degree thesis.

Albert Challenger, BS electrical engineering 1971,
developed an office building in Evergreen, Colo.
in 2009 using local construction materials to help
the structure blend with the natural surroundings.
Featured in several magazines, the 7,600 sq.ft.
“Evergreen Terraces” received Silver LEED certifica-
tion and has green features such as a structured
parking to reduce the footprint, 100 percent storm
water retention and photovoltaic rooftop solar panels.

All Colorado Alumni Career Fair                                                        Tell us where you’ve been!
June 17, 2010 • 1-6 p.m.                                                               We’d like to hear from you! To send us a class note, visit http://ucdenver.
Ramada Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, 10 East 120th Ave., Northglenn, Colo.        edu/classnotes. To update your information, visit
                                                                                       alumniupdate. Or fill out the information below and send it to Marilee
Career offices for colleges and universities across the state are joining together     DeGoede, Campus Box 104, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364.
to host this career fair for their graduates. Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to
employers and network with the best educated people in the state. Registration         Look for your update in the next issue of Engineering on the Move.
is required and your alumni status will be confirmed. Registration is free.
                                                                                       First name                                                    Middle initial
Questions? Contact the Career Center at 303-556-2250.
                                                                                       Last name

                                                                                       Maiden name
                                  CU in Denver: An evening at the
                                  Denver Botanic Gardens                               UC Denver degree

                                  Friday, July 30, 2010 • 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.             Major                               Year
                                  Ticket includes food, beverage and entrance
                                  into the Denver Botanic Gardens.                     Preferred e-mail address
                                  $15 for adults | $10 for kids | Kids three           Current street address (check a box if this is a change   )
                                  and under are free

                                 Join CU President Bruce Benson and the
                                 university’s chancellors for a celebration of         Former street address (if address above is new)
CU alums and friends at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Listen to musical per-
formances by students and enjoy the gardens and a landmark exhibition of 20
monumental works by internationally acclaimed British sculptor, Henry Moore.           Home phone (check box if new cell phone      , check box if new work phone     )
The new Mordecai Children’s Garden, an interactive experience with plants and
other aspects of the natural world, is scheduled to be open by the event.              News

For information, contact the UC Denver Alumni Office at 303-556-2549 or

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