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									Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                              Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                            February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
Diary 12, 1907       Feb. 8, 1907.                                                               &c. &c. and came upon us with laughter
front cover              -                                                                       and good cheer – they took charge of the
                     Aug. 1, 1907.                                                               house, played 500, ate, drank (coffee)
                     [embossed in gold, inverted:] James Wickersham                              and smoked – had {made} music, fun & frolic
Diary 12, 1907       Aug 25, 06 – Crt. Dep. {415.}         10,000.00                             till the “wee sma” hours – Mr & Mrs. Volney,
inside front cover   Feb 16, 07 Draft. to 3050 -            1,000.00                             Richmond, Mr & Mrs. Judge Erwin -
                       “ “ “            “     3057.           500.00         Diary 12, 1907      Miss Gleason & Mr. Harlan, Mr & Mrs Heilig,
                          Salary Vouchers                                    february10band11a   Dick Wood & Miss White, Mrs. Orr, &c. &c. &c.
                     Sept – no 488088                      416.67            nd12                We had a pleasant time – but it so surprised
                     Oct.      “ 488299                    416.67                                Debbie that it almost made her ill –
                     Nov. “ 488368                         416.67                                40º below zero, but getting warmer fast.
                     Dec       “ 488586                    416.67                                              -11-
                     Feb        “ 491089                   416.67                                Moderating – beautiful morning &
                                                        13,583.35                                warmer.
                                  In FB. Bk              5,_____                                               -12-
                                                        18,583.35                                Lincolns Birthday! A beautiful
                                  In Tac Bk              1,2____                                 sunny day – warmer, - fine for the
                                                       19,783.35                                 trail. Nothing more new about my
Diary 12, 1907                    Feb 8th 1907.                                                  reappointment which now seems
february08           Contract for 1/8 Golden Gate Assoc                                          to be conceded. Well, Hoyt was
                     group on Chatanika Riv. opposite                                            treated just as he ought to have been
                     mouth Cleary Creek, - deed to Mr.                                           after his secret and extraordinary
                     N. V. Harlan & deed from him to me                                          attempt to aid his friends Richards,
                     not recorded. Also option for a                                             Griggsby, McCumber, et. al. His
                     1/8 (or ¼) in claim on Alder Creek –                                        report is held “unfair” by Justice
                     A. L. Hamilton holds contract.                                              Moody – Debbie has card party
                     1/6 interest in grub stake contract                                         tonight: “500” – and will thereby return
                     with A. F. Hood & Warren Knapp,                                             some of the social attentions shown her
                     with Geo. Dribelbis, A. L. Hamilton &                                       Mail in from Valdez!!
                     Geo. G. Perry – These grub stake men                    Diary 12, 1907                    -13th-
                     go to quartz veins on upper Little Delta.               february13          The “Times” has a scare head this
                         Have done my assessment work                                            morning “Another Wickersham In
                     on four claims surrounding Discovery                                        =vestigation.” Under a Wash. D. C.
                     on Cleary Creek for last year, & also                                       head line it says the President
                     for this year (1907) on first bench off Dis.                                was greatly disappointed in
                     Left limit. All my taxes on Fairbanks                                       Hoyts report, and that he now intends
                     town property paid.                                                         to send another investigator – a member
                     Clear & cold 40º below. Nothing but                                         from the Dept. of Justice – and will
                     a “roast” editorial in the Times.                                           provide carefully against his being
Diary 12, 1907                    -9th-                                                          influenced, wined, dined or influenced
february09and10a     Colder - 45º to 50º below zero – our                                        in any other way!! The Times also
                     house perfectly warm & comfortable.                                         has a bitter editorial against the
                     Telegraphed – Page, District Clerk                                          President.
                     Juneau, that Valdez Term would begin                                              In yesterdays mail I also received
                     Mch 4, and last probably three                                              a letter from Henry Bratnober – the financial
                     weeks – then I would come to Juneau.                                        and mining representative of {the} Morgan
                                  -10-                                                           - Guggenheimer interests in the Copper
                                  Sunday.                                                        River copper & Railroad enterprises.
                     We were surprised last night by                                             He repeats to me their desire that I quit
                     a sudden descent upon us of a crowd                                         & take charge of their legal interests in
                     of friends and neighbors – Miss Gleason                                     that region – and I intend to consider
                     asked Mrs. W if she and I would be at                                       it seriously in case of another investigation.
                     home – she and some gentlemen desired to                Diary 12, 1907                    -14th-
                     call – we were – and not only she and one               february14and15a    Gibbs – Wright wedding last
                     gentleman but eight couples of our                                          night – society event.
                     friends came, carrying cakes, coffee                                                      -15-

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                            Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                          February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                    Harry Cohn informed me today that                                          tonight – 20 miles.
                    he was having much concern about                                           Debbie had nervous headache-
                    Mr. Harlan, Dist. Atty. and a woman                                                      -18th-
                    by the name of Mrs. Snow. She poses                                        From Bylers to Munsons at Sal
                    as a teacher of elocution – an actress                                     chakat for lunch, a mile out
                    of the respectable type – she lives with                                   from Munsons we broke into a
                    her husband at the place where Harlan                                      bad overflow – the lead horses
                    boards and his devotion to her causes                  Diary 12, 1907      went down into the cold water
                    much talk – to such an extent that                     february18band19a   - the driver was up to his knees
                    Cohn ( who is Harlans asst.) wished me                                     for an hour - 20º below zero
                    to talk to Mr. Harlan and try to prevail on                                but we finally got out & reached
                    him to abandon his attentions. As                                          Little Delta at 6 p.m. We had
                    Harlan is to go out to Valdez within 10.                                   supper & then went on 21 miles
                    days I refused to do so and suggested                                      to Sullivans, badly drifted
                    to Cohn that it would probably be better                                   trail and we got there at 1.
                    to let the matter alone for the present                                    oclock in the morning – tired
                    and that Harlans absence in Valdez might                                   - and worn out & oh. so cold.
                    obviate the necessity therefor – I do                                                    -19-
                    not feel inclined to talk to him about                                     A fine clear cold morning
Diary 12, 1907      it anyway – its just small talk &                                          Leaving Sullivans our trail led
february15b         has probably no foundation in fact.                                        to the summits of the foothills
                        We attended a fine Valentine                                           fronting Mt Hayes, & Mts
                    Party given by the ladies 500 Club at                                      “Deborah” & Roosevelt,” & it
                    Richmonds {last}tonight – a pleasant evening                               was the most beautiful panoramic
                        Cohn also came in to see me today                                      view of the Tanana valley & the
                    and much to my surprise said that                                          range between the Tanana & Yukon
                    he wished both me and Mr. Harlan                                           that can be found – to the south
                    to go to Valdez, - that he intended to present                             the Alaskan range stood out
                    the matter of Andersons (prop. “Times”)                                    clear, cold, and clean from
                    libel of Barnette and other matters to                                     fog or cloud. Mt. Hayes
                    the grand jury – he thought the evidence               Diary 12, 1907      from that (north) view seems
                    in his possession was sufficient to                    february19b         an old Spanish church
                    justify an indictment. It will be a                                        but with a rounded spire
                    relief to me to be away if a row of that                                   at its south summit. Mt
                    kind is to be begun, - not but that                                        Roosevelt lies to the N.W. & is
                    I think it ought to be done but owing                                      sharp of peak and gashed with
                    to their fight on me they would cry out                                    glaciers while Mt Deborah
                    that I would be prejudiced against                                         still farther west is higher
                    them – which is entirely unfounded.                                        & sharper and worn with
                    Still, it is better if it is to be done to                                 glaciers. Glacial streams
                    have it done before Judge Gunnison.                                        came down from the mountain
Diary 12, 1907                     -16-                                                        mass which these peaks
february16and17an   40º below zero. Nothing except                                             dominate – they fill the Big
d18a                Dodge has a 5 column ed                                                    Delta, the Little Delta & in
                    =itorial of abuse, bitterness                                              ages past the sand, gravel &
                    gall, pessimism and villification                                          glacial mud have filled these
                    in his recently purchased “Northern                                        streams to overflowing & the
                    Light” against me. It is a                                                 Tanana with the same material
                    “Dodgesque” curiosity.                                                     from the mouth of the Big Delta
                    Have finished all court                                                    to Chena – thus forming Bates
                    work & ready to go tomorrow                                                Rapids - a Sixty miles of
                                   -17th-                                                      sand bars over which the
                    45º below zero – but clear –                                               Tanana pours its waters
                    We left Fairbanks at 2:30                              Diary 12, 1907      through many shifting
                    p.m. on the stage for Valdez                           february19c         channels. The evil effects
                    & reached Bylers RoadHouse                                                 of this glacial debris is lost

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                   Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                 February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                   at Chena – from the mouth                                          & sunny – so away we started for
                   of the Big Delta the Tanana is                                     the next road house 15 miles up
                   clean & navigable for 200                                          the Big Delta river bed. The trail
                   miles up stream – from                                             led along the wide sandy flat
                   Chena down it is also navigable                                    over which this glacial river
                   - but between Chena & the Big                                      scatters its waters during the sum
                   Delta it is a network of                                           =mer – now wide, dry & covered
                   tortuous and rapid channels                                        with a deep covering {mantle} of snow. No
                   and wide cut sloughs – from                                        one had been along since the
                   which comes Ta-na-na –                                             last storm & there was no trail
                   or “Ta” – rivers – rivers.                        Diary 12, 1907   - Our first horse had only a sled
                       We reached Tingleys – at                      february21c      - no passenger – one sled brought
                   noon – but the stage which                                         up the rear owing to the double load.
                   ought to have met us last                                          An hour after we started the wind
                   night has not come – several                                       dropped from the mountain summits
                   feet of snow has fallen on the                                     to the valley and a gale of wind –
                   divide – we will wait here tonight                                 30 miles an hour, loaded with
                   & go on in the morning – good                                      fine snow sprang up from the
                   as it gives us a needed rest                                       north. The Big Delta runs north
                   after last night.                                                  and since we were going up stream
Diary 12, 1907                  -20th-                                                the storm was at our backs – but
february20and21a   Reached Donnellys – on the                                         such a storm! It was 30º below
                   Big Delta – a dirty lousy                                          zero – the wind cut like a knife
                   hole – Debbie is standing                                          and clouds of snow filled our clothes
                   the trip well – but this place                                     blinded the horses and men &
                   is too much for her. The lady                                      mad it almost impossible to
                   of the house is Mrs. Hogan – a                                     go. The men in charge of our train
                   voluble, erratic creature.                                         were first class – horses floundered
                   A man from next cabin has just                                     in snow drifts – they hunted for
                   come in & reports two men a                                        trails – dragged horses & sleds out
                   mile below badly frozen – two                                      of snow banks & water holes - &
                   men went out to assist them.                                       backward & forward from sled to
                                21-                                                   sled to keep the passengers from
                   A beautiful sunny morning & about                 Diary 12, 1907   freezing. Hour after hour we
                   30º below zero. We left the stage sled            february21d      struggled on – cold & colder –
                   at Donnellys and were loaded into                                  the snow sifting into our robes & as
                   what they call “double enders” – a                                 we got it out freezing hands & cheeks.
                   smaller single sled with the runner                                I kept Debbie from freezing – but
                   curved up the same at either end –                                 she got very cold – at 12:30 oclock
                   and pulled by one horse. Mrs. W                                    we found “McDavitts Roadhouse”
                   was put into one wrapped in good                                   - two miles below Caseys Cache
                   robes – but I walked. Each of our                                  - 13 miles from the Rapids – I
                   party had a sled & a horse –we                                     was never so relieved as when I heard
Diary 12, 1907     had five sleds and horses, & our                                   our leader cry “Roadhouse” – How
february21b        luggage was so loaded as to form                                   he found it was known only to him – he is
                   a back to lean against. In this                                    an old guide and packer - from Atlin
                   way we formed a procession out                                     & Dyea packing days of 1897 –
                   along the deep cut trail – in the snow –                           Miss Frazier froze her fingers – not
                   and reached Parkers RoadHouse at                                   seriously but painfully – four
                   the Rapids at noon. Lunch &                                        men were badly frozen – our guide
                   were joined by Hickey, his wife & brother                          had a badly frozen chin – one mans
                   Mrs. W & I were put into a sled                                    face puffed out both dangerously &
                   she facing forward – I backward.                                   ridiculously – one man was nearly
                   I called attention before we started                               frozen to death – nothing but constant
                   to the snow curling over the opposite                              effort got him in – delerious & badly
                   mountains – but it was clear, calm                                 frozen – It was a dangerous incident

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                        Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                      February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
Diary 12, 1907      and but for the courage, strength                                     from end to end – and a mile wide
february21eand22a   & skill of our drivers we maymight                                    - a perfectly level gravel floor.
                    have perished. They tied us in                                        at the Gulkan end is Summit Lake
                    the sleds – tight & fast, covered us                                  - the head of the Gulkana river –
                    with furs - yet the fine snow sifted                                  which flows into the Copper. The
                    in to our very skins – melted & the                                   glacial water from Gulkana glacier
                    water froze! McDavitt & wife                                          divides on the east side of the pass
                    got up & as the drivers cut us out                                    - part flows north into the Delta &
                    of the sleds & got all into the road                                  part south into Summit Lake.
                    house they built fires got us a                                       We had a bad trail into the pass
                    warm meal, & in a short time every                                    but from there across the Lake &
                    body was engaged with coal oil, band                                  down the Gulkana to Paxtons
                    ages &c. It was a close call –                                        Road House it was good.
                    and 10 hours of suffering & danger.               Diary 12, 1907      Reached Paxtons about 7 pm.
                                 -22-                                 february23cand24a   Found the mail stage from the
                    Washingtons Birthday.                             nd25a               south with a great crowd waiting
                    The hurricane of arctic blasts                                        to cross the pass. Several Fair
                    at 24º below zero is carrying                                         banks people.
                    clouds of snow up the river today                                                  -24-
                    & we do not move till tomorrow.                                       From Paxtons – down the Gulkana
                    Three of our party badly frozen                                       - cross Gulkana lake – an enlargement
                    - on the face – Debbie went out the                                   of the river, to Pollards. Trail
                    closet & very nearly froze getting                                    is getting better as we get down
Diary 12, 1907      there – and got into deep snow &                                      from the mountains.
february22band23a   but for the fact that Miss Frazier                                                 -25-
                    was with her & came running for                                       From Pollards to Gulkana
                    me she would have frozen her                                          roadhouse, at the mouth of the
                    hands – within a few feet of the                                      Gulkana river – into the Copper
                    side door – We are comfortable                                        at noon. Another Fairbanks stage
                    in the roadhouse, but the storm howls                                 here – and telegraphic instructions
                    over our heads. Capt Hartman                                          to the driver to take us on to Tonsina
                    U.S.A. Signal Corps, here on his way                                  tonight – 48 miles farther –
                    down the Big Delta locating the                                       Trails down here good & getting better
                    new Delta telegraph line.                                             Fine sunrise & beautiful view of
                                 -23-                                                     Mts. Sanford, Wrangell & Drum
                    Left McDavitts early – fine                                           Reached Copper Center – but the
                    morning – clear – calm but                        Diary 12, 1907      driver had instructions to go on to
                    cold. The winds had stripped the                  february25band26    Tonsina. Had a talk with Blix
                    river of snow and we went at good                                     - Holman is at Valdez – just got back
                    speed to Yosts – Mrs. McCallums                                       from the states on boat yesterday –
                    roadhouse, where we had lunch.                                        Left Copper Center at 7. p.m. and
                    We then turned to the left off Big                                    reached Tonsina at 12:30 – tired
                    Delta river and into Isabelle                                         & cold – 75 miles today.
                    Pass. This was so named by                                                         -26-
                    Major Richardson, at my request,                                      From Tonsina to Teikhill today
                    in honor of Mrs. Isabelle Barnette                                    - getting very much warmer & trail
Diary 12, 1907      the first white woman to go through                                   better. We are now meeting freighters
february23b         it – in 1902. It is 3500. feet                                        & “mushers” who have been prevented
                    above sea level – it was formerly                                     from traveling for nearly two weeks by
                    occupied and was undoubtedly                                          the storms at Thompson Pass –
                    carved out by the Gulkana glacier                                     Teikhill Road House is full of
                    which has in recent (geologic) time                                   people for the interior – a stage
                    receded leaving it open. It extends                                   load came in after we arrived –
                    from the Big Delta to the Gulkana rivers.                             Billy McKinnon & his wife, from
                    It is about a mile wide, and the                                      Fairbanks are in the party, & OShea
                    glacial gravels have filled it level                                  who is interested with Al Murphy

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                         Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                       February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                    in his Chatanika ditch enterprise.                                                  March 1st
                    Mrs. W is tired – but standing the                                     Debbie stands the trip fine – it did
                    trip pretty well.                                                      her good. Parsons and Chisholm
Diary 12, 1907                    -27-                                                     are here waiting for the boat, and are
february27          We left Teikhill Rd. House at                                          to take lunch with us at noon –
                    6. a.m. the ride down to the junction                                               -2nd-
                    & up the glacial fork of the Teikhill                                  Getting ready for court on Monday
                    river – through the canyons very interesting.                          Preparing Instructions to the Grand
                    Lunch at Ptarmigan Drop Rd. House                                      Jury, - intend to submit to them
                    Crossed the summit – Thompson Pass                                     the protests & charges against
                    at noon – quiet, calm, & sunny – a                                     Saloons in Valdez –
                    rare condition. Supper at Camp                                         Mr. Harlan got in tonight
                    Comfort and Reached Valdez at                                          We attended ladies party
                    8 p.m – 376 miles from                                                 at “Tillakum Club” – Mrs. W
                    Fairbanks. Debbie stood the                                            won the prize for “500.”
                    journey well – she is a good traveler                 Diary 12, 1907                -3-
                    & never once grumbled – she is                        march03and04a    Snowing. Santa Clara in
                    more pleasant about it than I am.                                      - The lawyers from Seward
                    We were also agreeably aided by                                        also got in yesterday on the
                    those who accompanied us – Miss                                        “Northwestern”. Mr. L. C. Hess of
                    Jessica Frazier, of Cleary, and                                        Fairbanks is here on his way in.
                    Messrs. Templeton & Dunbar,                                                         -4-
                    traveling men for Seattle mercantile                                   March 1907. Term of Court.
                    houses. Took rooms at Phoenix Hotel                                                 Convened.
                    Baths – change of clothes & went                                       Have heard nothing yet about the
                    to bed – tired – successful - Happy                                    action of the President – my term
Diary 12, 1907                    -28-                                                     expires tonight: Whether I am
february28a         We did not get in too soon –                                           judge tomorrow or not depends
                    there is a gale of snow & wind                                         on whether he gives me a new recess
                    from the mountains today – it is                                       appointment. I am going ahead
                    a real Valdez glacier wind & cold.                                     upon his assurance that he would
                        Am carefully going over the                                        do so!
                    business to see what there is                                              One of the men who came into
                    for court next week.                                                   Donnellys Rd. House, on the Delta
                    This was a happy day again                                             on Feb. 20, frozen, died while Harlan
                    - I felt as a mother does who is                                       was there – the other recovered.
                    presented with a beautiful son after                                       Received a telegram at
                    she has received a beautiful daughter –                                3. p.m. as follows: -----
                    I received my first copy of the                       Diary 12, 1907   “            Washington D. C. March 4, 1907.
                                  Second Alaska Reports.                  march04b         Hon. James Wickersham
                    It is immaterial how hard my enemies                                                Valdez, Alaska.
                    may damn me, they cant take away the                                   Qualify as district judge
                    success of my work in Alaska as it                                     third division Alaska under
                    is embalmed in the 1st or 2nd Alaska                                   recess appointment signed today.
                    Reports! Telegraphic reports tonight                                                Bonaparte, Attorney General.
                    say that Senator Nelson called yesterday                               “
                    on the President to present his last appeal                            President Roosevelt did what he
                    to him not to reappoint me, - and that                                 promised he would do, and that in
                    he refused to be interviewed afterward.                                spite of Hoyts miserable fiasco.
Diary 12, 1907      - that the Dept. of Justice says I will                                This appointment is the fifth or
february28bandmar   be reappointed Saturday - Congress                                     sixth recess appointment which
ch01and02           adjourns Monday! If that is correct                                    the President has given me in the
                    it means that the President will give                                  face of the most extraordinary fight
                    me another recess appointment on                                       ever made against a presidential
                    Tuesday! which will be good for a                                      appointment – so far as I know.
                    year.                                                                  It gives me great satisfaction

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                           Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                         February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                   since it confounds McCumber                                               make the Third Investigation:
                   and his false charges. My enemies                                         I am thus again to be subjected
                   will thrust greatness upon me if                                          to a secret and Star Chamber
                   they do not quit! This verdict                                            trial, upon charges which they
Diary 12, 1907     certainly puts an end to the charges                                      dare – or do, not – show me, made
march04cand05and   now on file with the Senate, and which                                    by persons unknown and upon the
06a                were rehashed by Senator McCumber                                         evidence of witnesses who do not
                   in his letter of July 3, 1906, to the President.                          face me. It is an attack of
                   I sent a reply to the Attorney Generals                                   cowards from ambush, and is
                   telegram saying:                                                          fostered and encouraged by
                   “Telegram received qualified accordingly.                                 the hopeless incompetency of
                   Court in Session.” He will thus                                           the Department of Justice.
                   know that I am here and at work.                                          I have courage to fight open enemies
                                 -5-                                                         and even secret enemies – but to
                   Court work is slow and cases of                                           longer continue to contend against
                   minor importance. I gave Holman                                           incompetence and ignorance
                   of Copper Center, a copy of Hutsons                                       and even worse in the Depart=
                   report against him & of the Attorney                     Diary 12, 1907   =ment of justice is heartbreaking
                   Generals letter – He is much concerned                   march09b         I shall not submit to another
                   about it, and is gathering testimony                                      investigation, but will resign to
                   to disprove the charges.                                                  take effect June 6, 1907, - the
                   Debbies cold is better but she is not                                     end of my seventh year as judge
                   as well here as in Fairbanks – She                                        in Alaska. It will require
                   is anxious to get away and thinks                                         more courage to resign than to fight
                   she will go on the Saratoga.                                              but I am determined to resent any
                                 -6-                                                         further insult and degradation
                   No jury work yet – cases are                                              by the Department of Justice
Diary 12, 1907     not ready – The Grand Jury is at                                          and know of no other way of doing
march06band07an    work – and but little to do. They                                         it. Still the 1st and 2nd Alaska
d08                are examining into the Holman charges                                     Reports, are some satisfaction
                   and Holman is here and busy with them.                                    even for it all – but I am not
                   “Saratoga” came in tonight –                                              obliged to stand more.
                   Jim, Hill, Tiffany, Ketterer, Larson                                          Have tried two jury cases
                   & wife & others going to Fairbanks                                        today – and a divorce case {today}.
                   are here. A hundred people in this                                        The business of the court is moving
                   boat – and the stage carries but                                          more rapidly. Grand jury will
                   Nine!!                                                                    report on Monday & be discharged.
                       Mr. Harlan got in from Fairbanks                                      Will probably indict Graff &
                   4 days ago – Alice Gertrude (Snow)                                        report strongly for Holman.
                   came in from same today. They are                        Diary 12, 1907                 -10-
                   domiciled at the Phoenix!!!                              march10and11     Sunday – beautiful sunny
                                 -7th-                                                       day – nothing new.
                   Court work – nothing new –                                                While the telegraphic dispatches
                                 -8th-                                                       say that “Alfred Connelly” an assistant
                   Court work – John L. McGinn                                               Attorney General, is to conduct the
                   got in from Fairbanks today.                                              investigation against me – no such
                   Dinner tonight with the                                                   name appears in the list in the Dept. of
                   Wikidels. Grand jury working                                              Justice – but “Alfred W. Cooley.”
                   slowly – on Holman case &c.                                               appears and that is probably
                   and on Valdez license matters &c.                                         the person intended. He is from New
Diary 12, 1907                   -9-                                                         York, and that fact renders it more
march09a           Telegraphic dispatches                                                    probably that he is the one intended.
                   tonight say that the President                                                          -11-
                   has appointed one Alfred Connelly,                                        Grand jury makes Final and a
                   an assistant Attorney General, to                                         Special Reports, and was dis=
                   come to Alaska this summer &                                              charged. They exonerated Holman

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                       Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                     February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 and strongly advocated his being                                        wisely as a drunken owl could, announ
                 retained as Com. at Copper Center.                                      ced that Mr. Harlan “was going to hell
                 Trial of U.S. v Baily, for murder                                       as fast as he could.”
                 begun, - it will take 2 or 3 days.                                      “We condone the sins that we’ve a mind to”
                 Str. “Saratoga” back from Seward                                        “By damning those we’re not inclined to.”
                 & goes out tomorrow night.                                              Gave Mrs. W $200. in money &
Diary 12, 1907                -12-                                                       check for $1000.
march12a         Continuation U.S. v Bailey –                                                         -13th-
                 got jury this evening at adjournment.                                   Trial of U.S. v Bailey, for murder
                 Mrs. Wickersham went out on                                             1st degree, jury secured & case
                 “Saratoga”. Mrs. Heilig, Mrs. Reynold                                   well advanced. Mail from
                 =son, Lyman R , and 5 other stage                                       Fairbanks on last night stage.
                 people got in at 9. oclock and                                          Copy of last “Northern Light”
                 also went out on Saratoga. They                                         Dodges editorial is an attack
                 report that both weather & trail                                        is as usual. Also a letter from
                 were fine all the way. John McGinn                                      Dick Wood, telling me of a row at the
                 also went out – he was sober enough                                     Club – Carr called Dodge & Maddocks
                 this afternoon to come up to see me                                     “Sons of B” - &c and when Charles, of
                 - but was normally drunk when                                           the Northern Light assumed responsibility
                 the boat started. Mr. Harlan &                        Diary 12, 1907    Carr told him that he was worse than
                 “Alice Gertrude”, Mrs. Snow, had                      march13band14a    a Son of a B . Woods says that
                 adjoining rooms also. Poor Harlan                                       10 of the advertisers in the “Light” (?)
                 he seems to have utterly collapsed                                      withdrew their ads: Dodge’s ed
                 - he has made such a public spec                                        =itorial says he was “threatened
                 =tacle with this woman that nothing                                     and labored with during the past
                 more can be done to help him. He                                        week by all sorts and conditions
                 is reported to carry on his demonstra                                   of men and women,” to quit his
                 =tions of affection even in the open                                    blackguarding the court, but
                 public vehicles, & Mrs. Heilig, &                                       he announces his intention not
Diary 12, 1907   Mrs. Reynoldson brought out stories                                     to do it. Still this effort this week
march12b         from Fairbanks & on the trail that shows                                shows that he is laboring hard to
                 what I now begin to consider – that                                     maintain himself. He is so
                 his grief over Ed’s death has unsettled                                 virulent and unfair that he will
                 his mind. He and Mrs. S. have been                                      readily disgust people with him
                 rooming at the “Phoenix” and “Dad”                                      self and paper – so “give the calf
                 Osgood, told Mrs. Allen, his sister, that                               rope enough and it will hang
                 “Mr & Mrs. Harlan came into the bath                                    itself.”
                 house and took their bath last night.”                                               -14-
                 Mrs. Allen came to inquire of Mrs. W                                    Trial of U.S. v Baily finished &
                 of Mrs. Harlan was in town & Mrs. W                                     instructions to jury at 8. p. m-
                 innocently enough said “No” – that                                      jury out & case finished for this term.
                 she was in York, Neb. – and the cat was                                 It is a doubtful case.
                 again out of the bag and on the back fence.           Diary 12, 1907    Defendants attorneys announced
                 Harlan seemed very much no, not                       march14band15an   at the conclusion of the instructions
                 “very much,” – but rather stolidly interested         d16a              to the jury that they took no exceptions!
                 in the fact that Mrs. W & Mrs Heilig                                                 -15-
                 & Mrs. Reynoldson were going on the                                     The jury in U.S. v Bailey returned
                 same boat with him & Alice. Abe                                         a verdict at 9 oclock this morning
                 Stein brought him down a big black                                      of Murder in the Second Degree.
                 bottle – he is drinking heavily - & I                                       The “Northwestern” came into
                 fear that his usefulness is about                                       the harbor at noon. Judge Gunnison
                 ended – he must be 62, or thereabouts.                                  is aboard, also Kellum & wife
Diary 12, 1907   He talked to John McGinn in a very                                      Clarence Berry & wife, Zeig & wife,
march12cand13a   foolish fashion about this infatuation,                                 Ivor Johnson, Pete Annance &
                 for the woman & John repeated it to                                     a lot of other Fairbanks people.
                 me in the same maudlin way, & as                                        Gave a dinner at Wikidels to

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                 Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                               February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                   Kellum & wife, Berry & wife & Ed. S.          march19b         - and it looks very much like
                   Orr. Judge Gunnison went over                                  a hung jury.
                   to the Fort Liscum & could not come.                           Have been trying case of Elliott
                   Jury trial of A.C. Co. v Butler – the                          v Elliott & Hubbard & Elliott
                   verdict for plaintiff.                                         Min. Co. &c. An equity case by the
                                -16-                                              first wife of H.C. Elliott to recover
                   Jury case of Hugh Murray v                                     an interest in his mines on account
                   Threiman Mining Co. all day –                                  of a grub stake agreement made
                   A high glacier wind blowing                                    in 1897 – She is Elliotts first wife
Diary 12, 1907     clouds of snow flying, and a                                   - his second & present wife is
march16b           regular Valdez storm prevailing.                               young & dashing – the first is
                   Judge Gunnison cannot get back                                 plump and buxom – and they
                   from the post today. Heard the                                 glare at each other, while he looks
                   Bankruptcy of the Chilita Devel. Co                            at the ceiling or out of the window.
                   on objections of Nazina Trading Co                             It must be damned embarassing
                   and Herman Meyer. Overruled                                    to have two beautiful wives at the
                   objections & closed the case finally                           same time. The case will take
                   The “Northwestern” was blown away                              some days. Wrote to Debbie
                   from the dock by the high winds this                           tonight & “Northwestern” will take
                   morning early, and went out of                                 it out. Windstorm is over & the
                   the harbor to Seward – she carried                             weather is pleasant again.
                   away a lot of Fairbanks folks                                  Pressing court work hard.
                   who had gone aboard to sleep                  Diary 12, 1907                 -20-
                   & left a lot of Seward people                 march20and21     Trial of Elliott v Elliott, Hubbard
                   who slept ashore - & there is                                  &c. still on – an interesting case
                   some disappointment & cussing                                  Jury in Murray v 3 Man Min. Co.
                   in consequence. Have determin                                  was unable to agree & discharged.
                   =ed to adjourn court on Saturday                               This makes it a burden for the judge
                   night week – 24th – and go to Juneau.                          to decide the case in One Man Min. Co
                   E. C Hughes, and the Hubbard-Elliott                           v Murray, when exactly the same
                   people, & Carson from Salem, Or.                               facts are involved.
                   the the Mrs. Elliott side are here -                                         -21-
Diary 12, 1907                  -17-                                              Trial of Elliott v Hubbard –
march17and18and1   Sunday. Working on instructions                                Elliott Co. et. al. still on – it
9a                 to jury in 3 Man Mining case.                                  is interesting as containing the
                   Wind has quieted down some &                                   history of the Stampede up the
                   probably Gunnison can come                                     Copper River in 1897 – ’98, and
                   over from Ft. Liscum today. Am                                 as the line upon which a
                   invited to dinner this evening at                              Chicago divorce! some romance
                   4 oclock at Geo. M. Esterlys –                                 and a little sentiment are
                   Capt & Mrs. Hemlick & Judge Gun                                strung.
                   -nison will also be present.                                   We hear tonight that the Steamer
                                -18-                                              “Northwestern” which is over
                   Judge Gunnison left here                                       due from Seward is on the rocks
                   this morning for Fairbanks.                                    at La Touche – no lives lost.
                   Case of Hugh Murray v 3 Man                   Diary 12, 1907                 -22-
                   Min. Co. still on trial – one of              march22          I concluded the hearing of
                   the witnesses for plaintiff has                                the testimony in the case of Elliott
                   clearly committed bold perjury,                                v Hubbard – Elliott Co. et. al. this
                   & plaintiff and his attorney                                   afternoon. E. C. Hughes of Seattle
                   know it – and still offer                                      attorney for the defendant insisted
                   him as a witness!!                                             upon oral arguments – but I refused
                                -19-                                              to permit it since that would necessitate
                   Instructed jury in Murray v                                    reading a great mass of testimony
                   3 Man Mining Co – and they                                     letters, &c. and since I must leave
Diary 12, 1907     have been out all day & tonight                                on Sunday on the Str. “Portland” &

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                 Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                               February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 wish to finish the other business                                 a meal – though I do not
                 of the court. He urged – truthfully                               enjoy the smell of the ship
                 that $25,000,000 seemed to be involved           Diary 12, 1907                -26-
                 in the case – and that the court ought           march26          It was rough this morning
                 to hear the fullest argument – I agreed                           and as I had nothing else
                 to that but replied that briefs in                                to do I remained in my berth
                 writing should be filed by all                                    - we passed Yakutat by
                 parties – the plaintiffs to have 20                               and came straight across
                 days to file & serve – the defendants                             to Icy Straight – entered it
                 20 days thereafter to file & serve                                this evening, and we are
                 & plaintiffs 10 days thereafter                                   now sailing along with that
                 for reply - & the case took that course.                          long line of ice bergs coming
Diary 12, 1907                -23rd-                                               out from Muir Glacer. On
march23          It has been the most stormy period                                bored are my old friend and
                 at Valdez since Mrs W left that                                   guide, Col. Revell, who went
                 I have ever seen – high winds &                                   with Mr. Stewart & I to Kenai
                 clouds of flying snow – a regular                                 lake & river moosehunting
                 blizzard – for many days at a                                     in Oct 1905, - Mrs. Sam Wall
                 time. The worst I ever saw.                                       - talking about the rate of interest
                     Sentenced Jacob R. Bailey                                     on loans, & a number of Fair
                 for Murder in the 2nd degree                                      banks & Seward people –
                 25 years: Decided case of                                         Weather inside & we will
                 One Man Mining Co v Hugh Murray                                   get into Juneau on record
                 - for plaintiff – Also decided                                    time.
                 every other matter before the court              Diary 12, 1907                -27-
                 - including applications for                     march27          Arrived in Juneau this morning
                 liquor licenses in Valdez.                                        at 6 oclock – Occidental Hotel.
                 Denied the Suessdorf license                                      Bath, shave – clean clothes –
                 because it was within 400 ft. of                                  Went to Court House at 10 -
                 the church – and granted all the                                  Judges rooms are much finer
                 others – denied that Worttmans                                    than anything in my district
                 Road House – because on Mil. Res.                                 or home. Began the reading of
                 Court is done - & I am ready                                      every paper in Decker Bros
                 to go to Juneau on the Portland                                   v. Berners Bay Min. Co.- the
                 tomorrow.                                                         particular case which the Attorney
Diary 12, 1907                -24-                                                 General requested me to try at
march24and25     Worked all forenoon in the                                        this place. Have concluded
                 office – signing orders for pay                                   to go on down to Seattle & Tacoma
                 of jurymen, witnesses &c. &c                                      tomorrow night to visit Debbie
                 and left Valdez at 1. p.m                                         & Darrell – I can easily
                 sharp on the Str. “Portland”                                      return before the 8th of April
                 Prince William Sound is calm                                      when court meets & there is
                 as a millpond – and at nine                                       nothing much to do till then.
                 tonight we are at Sea, - it is                                    Took dinner tonight with
                 a moon lit night – calm & fine                                    General Distin – Acting Gov
                 Looks like a fine trip. The                                       =ernor in Gov. Hogatts
                 Hughes’, Carson & Mrs. Elliott                                    absence – at the “Mess.”
                 No 1. and Tom Lyons & his wife                   Diary 12, 1907                -28-
                 Murray & others on board –                       march28and29a    Continued examination of the
                 I leave Valdez without an                                         record in Decker Bros. v Berners
                 unfinished bit of work behind                                     Bay. Min Co. Called attorneys
                 me – everything is done and                                       in & asked them to arrange
                 I am greatly pleased thereat.                                     docket of cases ready for
                              -25-                                                 trial. Examined papers
                 Fine day – calm as a mill                                         in disbarment of Cobb –
                 pond and I did not miss                                           Dinner tonight with Shoup

Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                      Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                    February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                  & family & Genl. Diston.                                              as biscuits to a hungry man –
                  Will leave for Tacoma in                                              Reached Seattle at 6:30 and
                  morning on “Humboldt.”                            Diary 12, 1907      found Debbie at the Rainier –
                               -29-                                 april01band02and0   Grand Hotel – but Darrell over at
                  Left Juneau just before noon on                   3a                  the Navy Yard at Bremerton. Am
                  the Humboldt – Capt. Baughman.                                        delighted that I came – found
                  Making slow time on account of the                                    that most of the Fairbanks people
                  Narrows. Met George Marx – one                                        - including Barnette, McGinn &
                  of C. D. Lane’s experts who has just                                  others had gone on the “Saratoga”
                  returned from the new quartz strike                                                -2-
                  on Chichagoff. Is. Marx went                                          Darrells 25th Birthday.
                  over the Chilcoot Pass in 1883                                        He came over this morning from
                  & was working a bar at the                                            the Navy Yard – we ordered him a
Diary 12, 1907    mouth of Stewart Riv. when                                            fine new suit of civilian clothes.
march29band30an   Schwatka came down the Yukon –                                        Had an automobile ride, and a
d31               Carr & his party were at Ft. Reliance                                 good dinner & then he and Debbie
                  in 1882 – Marx was induced to                                         went to the theatre to see Blanche Walsh.
                  go in by Schelfin – who went                                          Major Richardson is here & Jarvis
                  up from the mouth.                                                    and they tell me that Birch will
                               -30-                                                     be here tonight
                  Ketchikan at 1. p.m. The whole                                                     -3-
                  country covered with snow & cold.                                     Telegraphed for mother to come
                  Snowing after leaving Ketchikan.                                      to Tacoma – Debbie & I went
                  Tonight calm but cloudy                                               over and met her. Took all
                               -31-                                                     my books up to the library
                  Snow storm – squall - as we                       Diary 12, 1907      including those at Geo. Reids
                  entered Millbank Sd – but this                    april03band04a      office. Deposited money in the
                  evening when we crossed Queen                                         Nat. Bank of Commerce
                  Charlottes Sd. it was clear &                                         - my bal. there is $3,500. –
                  fine. Coasting down the                                               Visited Tom & Kate – back to
                  east shore of Vancouvers Is.                                          Seattle on the Inter Urban Ry-
                  with the “Dolphin” in the distance                                                 -4-
                  behind us – burning coal like Ves                                     Called on Col. Blethen, of Times
                  =uvius” to catch & pass us –                                          Wilson of P-I. & other of my
                                Home tomorrow -                                         Seattle friends. Birch took
Diary 12, 1907                 -April 1st                                               dinner with us - & had a talk
april01a          This morning we are in the                                            with him – he seemed to want
                  Gulf of Georgia – We now begin                                        me to become their Alaska
                  to see the “Musquito fleet” – small                                   counsel – attorney - but I
                  tugs and vessels of all kind &                                        finally said “No” – I explained
                  it looks good! Trip has been                                          to him that the Railroad – Mines
                  very pleasant – no worry – no                                         -Transportation consolidation
                  troublesome passengers – a                                            would necessarily have to have
                  good ship & captain. On                                               general counsel at Seattle &
                  board: Elliott, Sr. Hughes & wife                                     that the Alaska attorney would
                  Francis & wife – of the Elliott case.                                 be merely a lesser part of
                  Nowell, of the Berners Bay case                                       the plan – and that I could
                  has had the room next to mine                                         not afford to become the
                  but has attended strictly to his                  Diary 12, 1907      lesser part. He agreed to
                  own business as have the others.                  april04b            present the proposition to the
                  Only a few passengers aboard.                                         Morgan-Gugenheim people
                  Cloudy, but temperate – We’ll                                         of making me the general counsel
                  be in Seattle at 7. this evening.                                     - but nothing definite was done
                  3. p.m. Port Townsend – the great Str.                                or accomplished –
                  S.S. “Minnesota” passed us going                                      Major Richardson was at
                  out. Puget Sound looks as good                                        breakfast with me this morning

                                                           - 10 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                   Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                 February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                    - he said that it was reported                                   of the night at the Keegan Cannery
                    to the President & his friends that                              in the little bay just south of the
                    I was engaged in an attempt                                      Taku Inlet {the old Taku village}
                    to elect a Fairbanks delegation                                  - left there at
                    from Alaska for 1908 – and that                                  8:30 & arrived at Douglas
                    it was considered objectionable.                                 at 10:30 – took the ferry &
                    I assured him that while I was                  Diary 12, 1907   was in court at Juneau
                    friendly to Mr. Fairbanks that                  april08b         promptly at 11 oclock –
                    I did not intend to take an                                      Called court – Page, Clerk,
                    active part in the matter &                                      Shoup, Marshal – Heard
                    that he might say so – that                                      the Motion calendar all
                    if I did so – I should first                                     afternoon. A strike is
                    resign. Called on Mr. C. D                                       on at the Treadwell Mines
                    Lane – who is now totally blind.                                 - 75 U.S. soldiers there under
                    Left Seattle on the “Dolphin”                                    command of Col. Greene – 10th
Diary 12, 1907      at 10:30 tonight for Juneau.                                     Inf. U.S.A. He and I took
april04cand05and0   Darrell & Debbie at the Rainier                                  dinner this evening with
6and07a             Grand.                                                           Marshal Shoup & discussed
                                 -5-                                                 the plan of the Marshal & the
                    Active Pass at 8. a.m – passed                                   U.S. forces acting in concert
                    Seymour Narrows at 4 p.m.                                        in case of riot there.
                    Heavy wind astern all day – the                                  It does not now seem that
                    “Dolphin” is greatly overloaded                                  trouble will ensue – the prompt
                    - I notice that her boats are                                    appearance of the troops has
                    cleared ready to lower & they                                    had a quieting effect - &
                    gave every one instruction in the                                I think it probable that the
                    method of putting on life belts!                                 strike will dissolve & fall
                    Boyce, District Atty. is aboard.                                 of its own weakness – but
                                 6-                                                  the forces are prepared for trouble
                    Millbank Sd. Stern wind                         Diary 12, 1907                 -9-
                    good weather.                                   april09          Busy setting pleadings in Decker
                                 -7-                                                 v Berners Bay Min. Co. Case, & today
                    Ketchikan early this morning                                     consolidated that and the case for the
                    & Wrangell at noon. We wait                                      foreclosure of the Mortgage – set the
                    =ed till 4:30 at Wrangell wharf                                  case for trial on the 11th. Finished
                    on account of low tide in Narrows.                               the call of the Motion Docket – an
                    Visited Indian town with R. J. Davis                             overgrown, fat and wobbly docket!
                    of Tacoma – inspected totem poles                                     Wrote the Attorney General in
Diary 12, 1907      old grave sites, &c. Met Morris                                  answer to information that he had
april07band08a      Hailey – once enlisted soldier –                                 instructed clerk to deposit funds
                    discharged at Ft. Wrangell – now                                 in First Nat. Bank, protesting
                    runs small store & buys furs                                     against such action because, 1st
                    from Indians. Also met Bronston                                  - it gives the public moneys into
                    Dep. Col. of Customs, Snyder, Com                                the banks hands to loan at from
                    & Recorder. Wrangell is steadily                                 3 to 5% per month : 2nd it
                    declining in appearances &c –                                    prevents the clerk from paying the
                    Beautiful Wrangell Narrows!                                      Marshals checks – and they are
                    Kake Indians live just north                                     then discounted at from 5% to
                    of the Narrows – In 1853 a band                                  10% - It is a smooth scheme
                    of these rovers killed Col. Ebey,                                of the First National to break
                    Col. of Customs of Puget Sound                                   up our efforts to keep the Marshals
                    on Whidby Is. & carried his                                      checks at par!
                    head off to their far northern                  Diary 12, 1907                 -10-
                    home.                                           april10and11     Miss Yule, principal of the High
                                 -8th-                                               School, accompanied by Mrs. Shoup,
                    We remained the latter part                                      came to invite me to deliver an oration

                                                           - 11 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                   Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                 February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 on Seward, on “Seward Day” – May 16.                                from Wash. D. C. Met him & the
                 I promised to consider the matter                                   Marshal Shoup, at Gov. house to
                 and give my answer late –                                           -night to confer on Treadwell
                 Appointed L. L. Williams, Jury                                      labor strike which is growing
                 Comr. to draw Petit Jury for this term.                             more dangerous. Gov. tells me
                 Finished the call of the Motion Docket                              that Bonaparte, Atty Genl. thinks I am
                 & all dilatory please to date settled.                              at fault for not personally seeing
                              -11-                                                   that gambling laws were enforced –
                 Trial of Decker Bros. v Berner’s                                    - as if I were a policeman or marshal
                 Bay Min. & Mill. Co. begun – this                  Diary 12, 1907                 -15-
                 is the most important case in the                  april15and16a    Trial of Decker v Berners Bay case
                 district – begun 10 years ago by                                    still on.
                 the appointment of a Receiver &                                     Recd. telegram from Henderson repeating
                 involves more than a million dollars.                               telegram from Atty. Genl. asking if he
                 The real contest is that of priority                                was depositing court funds in First
                 between a mortgage for $500,000.                                    Nat. Bank. I explained the matter
                 & a larger amount of subsequent                                     to the Gov. who agrees with me that
                 Receivers certificates. Testimony                                   the bank ought not to be permitted
                 now under way.                                                      to so use the public funds that they
Diary 12, 1907                -12-                                                   will destroy the public credit –
april12and13     Trial in Decker v Berner’s Bay M & M                                but he does’nt understand either.
                  Co continued. At nights I am                                            Frame, ed. “Transcript” & Levinsky
                 now preparing my report & decision                                  the Pres. of the strikers union at Tread
                 in the matter of the charges against                                =well had street fight today – Five
                 Hohman, Com. at Copper Center.                                      strikers arrested for beating up a
                 Have consented to deliver an                                        non-union man at Douglas.
                 oration on Seward Day – May 16th.                                   Wrote Debbie short letter.
                              -13-                                                                 -16-
                 Trial of Decker Bros. v Berners                                     Sent Atty. Genl. telegram about
                 B. M & M. Co. continued –                                           court funds in 1st Nat. at Fairbanks
                 Drew trial jury in court at 1:50                                    asking him to wait till he received
                 L. L. Williams jury commissioner &                                  my letter of explanation of the 9th.
                 C. C. Page, Clerk. 36 jurors drawn                 Diary 12, 1907   before making further demand on
                 for April 29th.                                    april16band17    clerk at Fairbanks to deposit funds.
                 Louis Levy came with his parents                                    Berners Bay case hearing.
                 to Sitka in 1869 - talks the Thlingit                                             -17-
                 language – buys furs, &c. sells                                     Berners Bay evidence closed
                 Indian curios. He is a fine fellow                                  & arguments now on hearing.
                 & I am trying to get him to assist                                  Made up my Quarterly Acts.
                 me in collecting small but typical                                  for year last past and send them
                 Thlinget outfit, weapons, carvings                                  to Atty. Genl : amts as follows:
                 &c.                                                                 1906, April – June Quarter - $501.40
Diary 12, 1907                -14-                                                      “ July – Sept.       “        85.75
april14          The “Transcript” is published                                       1907, Jany – Mch         “      421.30
                 by J. W. Frame here in Juneau,                                                    Total        - $1008.45
                 and has for a long time been                                        The June Quar. is for my Washington
                 criticising & roasting me. In                                       Expenses – at Raleigh Hotel from
                 its issue yesterday I made                                          April 1 – to June 26. my bill for the
                 full apology – took it all back,”                                   previous Jany – Mch Quarter is
                 and commended me for the manner                                     unpaid also, and I will probably
                 in which I have carried on the work                                 have to fight to get here – the rest
                 of the court here. The other two                                    will be all right – no trouble.
                 Juneau papers, - the “Record-Miner”                                    Wrote Debbie good long letter
                 & “Dispatch” have editorially                                       today. Sent Bob. Coles $100. on
                 done likewise.                                                      grub stake for 1907 -
                      Gov. Hoggatt arrived this morning             Diary 12, 1907                 -18-

                                                           - 12 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                      Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                    February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
april18and19and20   Arguments in Decker Bros v                                          wife came in last night and met
                    Berners Bay Co. case still on                                       me at the Hotel she had a tel
                    - all day and forenoon tomorrow.                                    -egram from Tom to see about the
                                 -19-                                                   efforts to close gambling at
                    Telegram from Atty. Genl over=                                      Fairbanks – I declined to do
                    =ruling my objections to depositing                                 anything in the matter and I
                    Clerks money in the First National                                  think she has failed to get any
                    Bank – I have telegraphed some                                      information more than it was
                    to Clerk with instructions to comply.                               closed by order of the Atty. Genl.
                                 -20-                                                   She left this afternoon on the
                    Finished taking testimony in the matter                             “Jefferson” for Seattle. Took
                    of the disbarment proceedings against                               dinner with Gov. Hoggatt &
                    J. H. Cobb – brought by Shackleford.                                talked politics for an hour.
                    The fight grows out of the old case                Diary 12, 1907                 -25-
                    of Decker v Berners Bay Co. et. al. &              april25and26     Still hearing the consolidated
                    the evidence does not disclose any                                  cases of Decker v Decker, invol
                    act of particular moral turpitude                                   =ving an old estate matter here in
                    on Cobbs part – though he did not                                   Juneau into which Barnes has
                    quite obey the instructions of his                                  inserted his nose up to his shoulders.
                    client. Have instructed the attorneys                                             -26-
                    to propose briefs & statements of                                   Finished trial of the three consol
                    fact – will decide it after I do the                                =idated cases of Decker v Decker
                    Berners bay civil case.                                             = this noon and decided them at
Diary 12, 1907                   -21-                                                   once against Mrs. Decker, who
april21and22and23   Sunday – working on my opinion                                      was crying fraud – at Barnes
a                   in Berners Bay cases – George & I                                   suggestion. Barnes is a typical
                    took dinner with Gov. Hoggatt at                                    shyster lawyer – thoroughly unscru
                    the mansion on the hill. The Gov.                                   =pulous and dishonest & she is a
                    is a widower & lives alone – Jap. cook.                             fool widow with some money & a
                    George Irvine – attorney from Ketchikan                             healthy desire for a man. Also
                    is staying with him & we four had                                   heard the case of Rea v Electric
                    a jolly dinner & a good cigar.                                      Light Co. but it went over till morn
                                 -22-                                                   =ing for argument. There have
                    Heard Motion docket-                                                been five continuous days of the most
                                 -23-                                                   beautiful sunny spring time I
                    “Jeffreson” in from Sound. Letter                                   have seen for a long time.
                    from Debbie. Tried case of                         Diary 12, 1907                 -27-
                    Juneau v Ashby – decided it.                       april27a         Decided the great bugbear
                    Began Decker v Decker.                                              case of this Division today –
                    Mrs. Tom. McGowan “blew in” –                                       The Berners Bay Case – in favor
                    with telegram from Tom to Judge                                     of the prior lien of the bondholders.
                    Williams asking intercession                                        This case has been in this court
                    with Governor to let games run                                      for ten years, being begun in
                    at Fairbanks till close of navigation.                              1897!! Read an opinion –
                    I positively declines to do anything                                & since I decided against the
                    to aid the matter – it will be a good                               local certificate holders I expect
Diary 12, 1907      1907                                                                that a new crop of kickers will
april23band24        -           April 23 – continued                                   now start up like weeds from the
                    thing to close them up & forever                                    muck patch.
                    stop the threat which always                                        I must now prepare my opinion in
                    lurks behind the bad practice.                                      the companion case – In re Disbarment
                    Fairbanks is now a closed town                                      of Cobb - who is being prosecuted by
                    & I intend to see that it remains                                   the bondholders for whom I decided
                    so - & Valdez too.                                                  the above case.
                                 -24-                                                   Had a house full of ladies today
                    Mrs. McGowan – Tom McGowans                                         when I read my opinion – on

                                                              - 13 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                        Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                      February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 notice had been given until 3 hrs                                        als. Those interested as well as
                 before the opinion was read but                                          the people at large will not be
                 they came in on short notice!                                            sorry that the law’s delay is
Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping:]                                                    over. It was time a decision was
april27b         “THE DISPATCH, Juneau, Alaska.                                           reached, no matter which side
                 OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY                                               was sustained. All parties in
                   Judge Wickersham appears to have                                       terested will now, each in their
                 grasped the situation and is winning                                     turn, have opportunity to pro-
                 favorable comment of attorneys                                           tect their rights by application
                 and litigants by his prompt action in                                    to a higher court. The people
                 disposing of important litigation                                        of Juneau, as a whole rejoice
                 which is retarding the growth of this                                    that the Berners bay cases are
                 section. In the past twenty days he                                      out of the local courts.”
                 hasa accomplished wonders by his
                 tireless efforts to clear business. It is                                Dinner this evening (Sunday) with Gov. Hoggatt
                 hard to conceive why a few people in                                     - present Col. Greene, Capt          Marshal
                 Fairbranks could stir up such a moun-                                    Shoup, Geo. Irving of Ketchikan and I.
                 tian out of small ammunition in the                  Diary 12, 1907                    -29-
                 fight against his confirmation . It                  april29and30andma   Trial jury comes into Court his
                 looks as if Teddy knew right from                    y01                 morning. Case of U.S. v Reed
                 wrong when he carried the Wicker-                                        - spent all day & an evening
                 sham banner into the face of the                                         session trying to get a jury – went
                 enemy and planted it on the hill of                                      over till tomorrow. A large num
                 re-appointment We are glad that                                          =ber of lawyers & litigants interested
                 southeastern Alaska, with few excep-                                     in the “Perseverance Mining Case”.
                 tions, stood solidly behind Wicker-                                      have arrived & evidently that litigation
                 sham. He is certainly making good in                                     is going to expand greatly.
                 this section.”                                                                         -30-
                                                                                          Beautiful sunny morning.
                               -28-                                                       Got jury in U.S. v Reed & case on
                 The Record-Miner said this morning:                                      trial. Boyce, Barnhill & Irving
                 [newspaper clipping:]                                                    U.S. Dist Atty & deputies for U.S.
                 “THE BERNERS BAY CASES                                                   Shackleford & Lyons for defendant.
                  The decision yesterday of the                                                         May Day.
                 Berners bay cases is one of the                                          A beautiful sunny day. Hard
                 most important judicial events                                           at it in U.S. v Reed. Mail today
                 that has ever taken place in                                             letter from Debbie & several from
                 southeastern Alaska. These                                               Fairbanks -
                 matters have been in court for                       Diary 12, 1907                    -2-
Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping continues:]                      may02               Recd. papers from Fairbanks.
april27c         ten years and the litigation has                                         Dodge & his friends won out
                 been ably conducted by the at-                                           in the city election and have
                 torneys on both sides; the rights                                        charge of the city government.
                 of the respective parties have                                           The Business Mens Ticket – headed
                 been carefully looked after and                                          by Dr. Cassels was defeated – and I
                 the last act in the great legal                                          am not sorry. The gambling
                 drama was played yesterday af-                                           has been shut down – never to go
                 ternoon when Judge Wickersham                                            again – and the Unions have also
                 handed down his decision. There                                          practically shut down the mines.
                 were large interests at stake in                                         Hard times will catch the whole
                 these noted cases and three were                                         outfit within 6 mo. and they will be
                 quite a number of local parties                                          damning Dodge & my opponents
                 who held claims in the shape of                                          for conditions which were inevitable
                 receiver’s certificates, but the                                         anyway – but my opponents got
                 great bulk of these were in the                                          hold of the handle just when it
                 hands of two or three individu-                                          gets hot – and I shall be interested

                                                             - 14 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                    Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                  February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 in seeing just how long they will                                    With Gov. Hoggatt & Marshal Shoup
                 enjoy it. I shall see that the                                       went over to Douglas & Treadwell
                 heat is maintained at the boiling                                    tonight to call on military officers
                 point till they are warm through!                                    - Col. Greene & Capt. Dean.
Diary 12, 1907                May 3                                                   They & a portion of their forces will
may03and04       The Record-Miner has this editorial                                  leave for Ft. Seward tomorrow as
                 this morning:                                                        the Treadwell strike seems to be in
                 [newspaper clipping:]                                                a state of collapse.
                 “ Judge Wickersham is making                                                      -8-
                 a record for prompt work on the                                      Newspaper dispatch this morning
                 bench here. His example is fair-                                     says Atty. Genl. Bonaparte leaves
                 ly contagious, with all who have                                     the Cabinet – I am glad of it, as
                 business with the court this                                         he seems to be against me. He
                 term.”                                                               listened to Hubbard - & took
                                                                                      prejudice without knowledge
                 Trial of U.S. v Reed, murder                                             I gave Snyder, Com. at Wrangell
                 has occupied all week – submitted                                    notice by telegraph to show cause
                 to the jury today. Have taken                                        why he should not be removed for
                 up the case of McFarland v Perseverance                              denouncing Gov. Hoggatt for calling
                 Min. Co. – an equity case, on account                                out troops at Treadwell -
                 of so many foreign counsel & witnesses              Diary 12, 1907   Snyder answered my telegram
                 here.                                               may08band09a     - halfhearted & sly disapproval.
                              May 4th                                                 I gave him 3 days to answer & will
                 U.S. v Reed – Verdict “not guilty”.                                  do nothing more till Monday –
                 Perseverance Case on trial now.                                                   -9-
                 Fairbanks papers & mail – Dodge                                      Just received letter from Debbie
                 & his fellows are already fighting over                              & enclosed was the following clipping:
                 the spoils. Gunnison seems to be                                     [newspaper clipping:]
                 at work in good shape. Dome                                          “ANDERSON INDICTED
                 Creek case set & probably on trial.                                               ON CHARGE OF FORGERY
Diary 12, 1907                -5-                                                      Special to the Post-Intelligencer.
may05and06       Beautiful sunny Sunday.                                                FAIRBANKS, May 2. – L. B. Anderson,
                 Dinner with Gov. Hoggatt – the                                       former owner of the Times, of Fairbanks;
                 Shoups – Marshall & Mrs. & the                                       E. B. Condon, leyman for Anderson on
                 two daughters & Miss Trimmer                                         Dome Creek, and James Osborne have
                 also Genl. Distin present.                                           been indicted by the grand jury on a
                              -6- (Wrangell)                                          charge of forging the name of V. A.
                 Heard motion docket all day.                                         Green to a quitclaim deed to a quarter
                 The Ketchikan{Wrangell} Sentinel” had an                             interest of the Anderson group on Dome
                 editorial last week severely arraign                                 Creek, in favor of Anderson. This caused
                 =ing Gov. Hoggatt for calling out                                    a sensation. Anderson today transferred
                 the military at Treadwell – it was                                   his interest in newspapers to Frank Man-
                 so rankly traitorous – another Editor                                ley, Roy Maddocks and John Ronan.”
                 is U.S. Commissioner, Justice of the
                 Peace &c. The Governor wrote me a                                    Evidently Barnette & McGinn are
                 letter enclosing the paper and                                       getting busy with Anderson & his
                 requesting his removal – I telegraph                                 malicious gang of blackmailers.
                 =ed the whole to Judge Gunnison                                      I am glad that they are fighting during
                 & requested his action – Today he                                    my absence. Manley, Ronan and
                 telegraphed to me requesting me to                                   Maddocks show up – they are
                 give the Com. notice & to act –                                      the “gut” that connects the Siamese twins
                 I wont hesitate to give him notice                                   - the Times & Northern Light
                 & then remove him! -                                Diary 12, 1907   I am tired ! Tired all the time &
Diary 12, 1907                -7th-                                  may09b           sometimes in court I feel as if I must
may07and08a      Trial of the McFarland v Perseverance                                adjourn & go out to the mountains &
                 Co. – mining & water right case.                                     rest. My friends tell me that I work

                                                            - 15 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                          Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                        February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                  to hard – too many hours on too many                                      of the birth of Wm H. Seward.
                  days & months. But I cant stop                                            Dinner with Gov. Hoggatt.
                  for a while – not till the Annual                                                       -13-
                  Investigator has come & finished                                          Trial of Leon v Alaska Treadwell
                  Ordered Grand Jury drawn today                                            Co – personal injury case – jury –
                  to meet on the 20th & also announced                                      Also heard argument in evening
                  that I would not go to Skagway to                                         McFarland v Alaska Perseverance
                  hold term beginning June 3rd.                                             Co -
                  Business here is much more important                     Diary 12, 1907                 -14-
                  than that at Skagway. Another case                       may14a           Genl. Greeley is reported in the
                  involving a half interest in the Perseverance                             newspapers as having delivered
                  mines in the Silver Bow basin was submitted                               an address to Geographical Soc.
                  to me for trial yesterday on stipulation                                  in Chicago, wherein he said that
                  - parties refused to come into court                                      Alaska judges ought to be hanged
                  except upon my promise to try the case.                                   & only represented private interests.
                  They evidently wish the case tried and                                    I called the matter to Gov. Hoggatts
                  decided at once – before Gunnison                                         attention & he has promised to
                  gets home, - and I will do it.                                            call it to the attention of the Dept.
Diary 12, 1907                 -10-                                                         Dinner with Gov. Hoggatt, Geo.
may10             McFarland v Alaska Perseverance                                           Irving & Marshal Shoup tonight
                  Case still dragging along.                                                Gov. H. has written a formal letter
                       Recd. telegram from Atty. Genl.                                      to his department and to President
                  today as follows:                                                         Roosevelt calling attention to Genl.
                               Washington, D.C. May 10, 07.                                 Greeleys “knock”. I doubt if it
                  Wickersham, U.S. Dist. Judge.                                             will accomplish any other
                       Juneau, Alaska: It is desired                                        good purpose than to challenge
                  that you remain at Juneau until                                           the alleged facts in Greeleys talk.
                  all business before present term                                          Jury trial in Treadwell case on.
                  of court is completed.                                                    Also argument in Perseverance
                               Bonaparte.                                                   case.
                  This means the Gov. Hoggatts attempt                                      The Greeleys attack is as
                  to keep Judge Gunnison at Fairbanks                      Diary 12, 1907   follows:
                  till my investigation is finished &                      may14band15      [in margin:] Juneau Record-Miner
                  make him work some, has succeeded-                                                      In this he said that
                       Attended the reception given to                                                    he was surprised that
                  Gov. Hoggatt by the ladies – held at the                                                all public officers a few
                  hall and was a most enjoyable                                                           years ago were not hanged
                  affair. I went with Genl. Distin                                                        -the newspapers bring
                  - poor old man – he is brokenhearted                                                    it to date.
                  over the recent death of his wife                                         [in margin:] Juneau “Transcript.”
                  & son -                                                                   [newspaper clipping:]
Diary 12, 1907                 -11-                                                         “ Chicago, May 13. – General Greely
may11and12and13   “Cottage City” came in last night                                         in his address before the Geographical
                  from Seattle – mail. Trial of the                                         Society here Saturday night declared
                  case of McFarland v Alaska – Per                                          that Alaska is badly governed. He
                  =severance Co. still on – all week.                                       says the nation treats Alaska as if her
                  Evidences finished today & arguments                                      citizens were Indians instead of pro-
                  on – but postpone further argument                                        gressive Americans. He further de-
                  till Monday evening, as I intend to                                       clared the courts were only the instru-
                  take up jury cases on Monday.                                             ments of private interests. He de-
                               -12-                                                         clared in closing that Alaska has
                  A rainy blue Sunday –                                                     never been treated fairly.”
                  I am engaged now in preparing
                  a 30 minute talk to the school                                                       -15th-
                  children – the Seward Club – for                                          Accepted resignation of John
                  the 16th – the 106th anniversary                                          Burton, Com. at Cordova, and

                                                                  - 16 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                    Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                  February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 appointed Lee Van Slyke in                                          Case, ended last night – after
                 his place. Treadwell damage                                         having been up in earnest fight
                 case still on trial.                                                each day for 10 days! Will prepare
                 Heard argument in the Water Case                                    my opinion & decide it as soon
                 till 10. tonight & am tired as                                      as possible – for it is an important
                 a dog. I have talked well but                                       case. Received telegram from
                 too long – 12 hrs. on bench today.                                  Judge Gunnison today to remove
Diary 12, 1907                 -16-                                                  Snyder as Comr. at Wrangell
may16            Telegrams from Fairbanks                                            for traitorous attack on Gov. Hoggatt.
                 [newspaper clipping:]                              Diary 12, 1907                -18-
                   “Fairbanks, May 16. – Upon motion                may18and19       Made order today for Judge
                 of the defendants a non-suit was grant-                             Gunnison removing A. V. R.
                 ed against Burnett in the famous Dome                               Snyder as Comr. &c. Wrangell –
                 creek mining case which Judge Wick-                                 Heard motion to strike parts
                 ersham refused to try. Later upon ap                                of complaint in Pearce v Alaska
                 plication Judge Gunnison granted an                                 - Perseverance Min. Co. – granted
                 injunction restraining the striking                                 the motion and simplified the
                 miners from interfering with the                                    issues very much – I hope.
                 washing up of the dumps. This is be-                                             -19-
                 lieved to be the opening wedge for the                              Capt. Hugh Murray invited several
                 settlement of the strike.                                           to go on his newly rebuilt boat
                   Fairbanks, May 16. – A twelve hun-                                “Elsie” – to Takon bay & glacier today
                 dred dollar nugget was found on Dome                                - Gov. Hoggatt, Genl Distin, Geo.
                 creek yesterday. Today Deputy U.S.                                  Irving, Geo. Jeffrey – Geo Simpson
                 marshals are protecting the non-union                               Miss Chapin, Mrs. Ramsey – sister
                 men washing up the dumps. The                                       & Mrs. Kennedy & the reporter for the
                 strikers will hold a meeting this even-                             Record-Miner & his wife - & three
                 ing to pass resolutions against govern-                             or four more – It was a beautiful
                 ment by injunction in the Tanana dis-                               sunny day – Takon inlet was
                 trict.”                                                             clear calm & unruffled – it
                                                                                     was warm bright and a happy
                 And from Washington:                                                trip. Dinner with Gov. Hoggatt tonight
                 "newspaper clipping:]                              Diary 12, 1907                -20-
                 “ Washington, D. C., May 16. – Assis-              may20and21a      Grand Jury empanelled &
                 tant District Attorney Cooley will be                               instructed: B. M. Behrends, foreman.
                 unable to go to Alaska this summer to                               Jury trial Alaska Mildred Min. Co.
                 investigate certain charges against                                 v Ebner begun. Indictment
                 Judge Wickersham by reason of press-                                against crazy murderer – & he was
                 ing business here. It is not known                                  ordered sent to Insane Asylum – Marshal
                 whether any one else will be assigned                               Shoup went out with him.
                 for the trip.”                                                                   -21-
                                                                                     Trial Alaska Mildred Min. Co vs.
                 I wonder whats up now?                                              Ebner – verdict instructed for the plft.
Diary 12, 1907               -17-                                                    for $10,299.00 At work on my
may17            Delivered short oration (?) in                                      opinion in Perseverance Mining
                 Seward today at the Methodist Church                                Case         {-22-} Newspaper dispatches
                 upon request of Juneau Seward Club,                                 today say the President will not
                 - a high school club. Also decided                                  have any further investigation made
                 case of Leon v Alask Treadwell Gold                                 against me – that he intends to stand
                 Min. Co. – jury case – but I instructed                             by Judge Day’s reports as follows:
                 a verdict for the defendant –                                       - on next page. Had confidential
                 see opinion. Letter from Debbie –                                   talk with Gov. Hoggatt about it
                 she and Darrell are having their visit                              & he assured me that he intended
                 together at Bremerton – I hope it                                   to go back to Washington this
                 may not be their last one.                                          winter & make a fight in my & as
                 Argument in the Perseverance Water                                  he puts it – in behalf of territories interest

                                                           - 17 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                     Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                   February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
Diary 12, 1907    Substance of todays dispatch                                         Gov. Hoggatt went down to Seattle this
may22band23and2   is as follows:                                                       afternoon on “Jefferson” to attend formalities
4a                [newspaper clipping:]                                                of breaking ground for the Seattle-Alaska
                     “Washington, D. C., May 22. – The                                 -Yukon Fair. Am at work on my opinion
                  department of justice today announced                                in the water case McFarland v Perseverance
                  that further investigation of the                                    Min. Co – a very interesting case.
                  charges against Alaskan Federal Judge                                              -26-
                  James Wickersham is to be stopped by                                 [newspaper clipping:]
                  order of President Roosevelt. The                                    “THE DAILY RECORD-MINER
                  president has notified the department                                SUNDAY, Mary 26, 1907
                  that he will stand by the judge on his                               MAKING A RECORD
                  record up to date, including as it                                      James Wickersham has been
                  does, the former strong report in his                                doing a great work since the
                  favor filed by examiner Day.”                                        first day he opened court in Ju-
                                                                                       neau. The cases on the docket
                               -23rd-                                                  have been taken up and tried
                  Finished case of Young v Ebner                                       without delay and disposed of
                  yesterday – granted a non-suit                                       promptly. The work that the
                  Grand Jury is actively at work                                       Judge has done at this term has
                  & will probably end its labors this                                  been of great benefit to the dis-
                  week. Beautiful weather.                                             trict. Before he came litigants
                  Dinner with Mr & Mrs Page, clerk                                     in this division suffered by the
                  of court, yesterday evening & met                                    law’s delay. Mindful of this the
                  Mr. & Mrs. Summers.                                                  Judge undertook to administer
                               -24-                                   Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping continued:]
                  Louis Lane, my Nome companion to                    may26band27      justice promptly. In cases left
                  Cape Prince of Wales in 1902 – Jany.                                 to the judgment of the court the
                  came in on the “Jefferson” this morning                              decisions was prompt and the ag-
                  on his way to Chichagoff island.                                     grieved litigant had the opportun-
Diary 12, 1907    Jury trial today verdict for plft.                                   ity of taking his case to the up-
may24band25a      We are getting along fine with the                                   per court and in this way even
                  work of court – Grand jury returned                                  the man who lost was nearer
                  half a dozen indictments – nothing of                                the end he sought.
                  importance & I can probably                                            Judge Wickersham is a man
                  close up all jury work in two                                        of ability, learned in the law and
                  weeks more – without they get more                                   as a judge he has proven himself
                  work ready than is now at issue.                                     worthy of the confidence of the
                  Dinner with Mr & Mrs Dautrick last                                   people. This mining district
                  evening. Miss Yule, principal of                                     will take on prosperity after the
                  the Juneau schools, Gov. Hoggatt &                                   docket is cleared up.
                  I constituted the visitors. Am at                                      All honor to Judge Wicker-
                  work every spare moment on my                                        sham!”
                  opinion in the Perseverance Water Case.
                               25-                                                                 -27-
                  Beautiful spring day – warm &                                        Trial U.S. v Dankovich, for
                  once in a while a sprinkle of rain.                                  shooting Jap. at Treadwell -
                  Finished all jury cases & let the                                    Rainy & warm – The Grand
                  jury go till Monday when I begin trial                               Jury reported & was discharged
                  of criminal cases just indicted-                                     this afternoon – the criticised
                  Grand jury is done – but stands over                                 Genl. Greeley severely for his
                  till Monday to make reports & finish                                 attack upon the Alaskan courts
                  up a belated matter- There is about                                  & called upon the Department
                  a weeks work in criminal matters &                                   for an investigation & Greely
Diary 12, 1907    then I’ll take up civil jury business                                for an apology
may25band26a      that is new & finish it – then discharge            Diary 12, 1907               -28-
                  the jury & go to equity work –                      may 28and29      Trial Dankovich still on.

                                                             - 18 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                          Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                        February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                   Circuit Court of Appeals has                                            Bishop Rowe at hotel –
                   affirmed my opinion in                                                  Hung jury in Mila case. Telegram
                   Marks v Gates 2nd Alaska 519.                                           from Judge Gunnison saying
                                -29-                                                       that he is trying the Dome Creek
                   Dankovich verdict ‘ “Not guilty”.                                       cases & will not finish before
                   [newspaper clipping:]                                                   August!
                   “PRESIDENT DECIDES                                                      -             June 2nd
                                TO STAND FIRMLY                                            Dinner this evening with Genl.
                                BY JUDGE WICKERSHAM                                        Distin & Bishop Rowe. Am
                   Post-Intelligencer News Bureau.                                         finishing up my opinion in the
                       WASHINGTON, May 21, - The presi-                                    water case – Perseverance –
                   dent has stopped the investigation be-                                  & will deliver it tomorrow.
                   gun in the Judge Wickersham case in                                     Shoup is back home.
                   Alaska when it was made known in                     Diary 12, 1907                   -June 3-
                   February last that because of the com-               june03and04a       Delivered opinion in the case
                   plications introduced by the Hoyt re-                                   of McFarland v Perseverance Co.
                   port the nomination of Judge Wicker-                                                  -4-
                   sham would not be sent to the senate                                    Trial U.S. v Burke, verdict of
                   during the session.                                                     guilty of Larceny from Dwelling
                       The president said that he should                                   The jury cases for this term are
                   give the judge another recess appoint-                                  ended and jury discharged – kept
                   ment and then order a third investi-                                    one juror as there are one or two
                   gation during the coming summer.                                        jury cases that may be ready for
                       The report on last summer’s investi-                                trial in a few days –
                   gation by District Attorney Hoyt made                                       Argument on motion to strike
                   it impossible to secure confirmation of                                 in Pearce v Sutherland – the same
                   Judge Wickersham by the senate, for                                     real parties as in the Water Case –
                   while Hoyt found nothing against the                                    & plaintiffs move to dismiss their
                   judge’s honor or integrity, he reached                                  case without prejudice to new suit.
                   the somewhat surprising conclusion                                      If this granted it will greatly less
                   that he should be superceded in office                                  =en the business of the term. They
                   because the community was divided on                                    evidently concluded from my opinion
                   the subject of his fitness. Even this                                   in the Water Case that I would be
                   kind of a report strengthened Judge                                     against them on the other case.
                   Wickersham’s enemies in the senate,                                     There seems to be general satisfac
                   and the president concluded to have                                     =tion in the camp with my opinion
                   another investigation.                               Diary 12, 1907     in the water case, as it settles the rights
                       Alfred W. Cooley, an assistant at-               june04band05and0   of miners, fisheries & manufacturers
                   torney general, was chosen to make it.               6                  to the use of water from public streams
                   After further thought on the matter,                                    & protects them from riparian rights
                   however, the president made up his                                                    -5-
                   mind to stand by Judge Wickersham                                       Little to do in court today. Sentenced
                   on the record to date, including as it                                  Burke to penitentiary for 18 months.
                   does the former strong report in favor                                  I had some doubt in his case & gave
                   of the judge made by W. A. Day.                                         him a short sentence for that reason –
                                            WALTER E. CLARK”                               but he is a bad man & to get him out
Diary 12, 1907                  -30-                                                       of the Territory I sent him to McNeils
may30and31andjun                Decoration Day-                                            Island, Wash. penitentiary.
e01and02           No jury – but I am preparing                                                Have begun an opinion in the
                   opinion in the Perseverance Water Case.                                 matter of the Disbarment of Cobb.
                   Got a letter from Debbie this morning                                                 -6th-
                   on the “Dolphin”.                                                       Engaged in long winded argument
                                -31-                                                       in case of Int. Trust Co. v Griffin,
                   Trial U.S. v Mila – a police                                            one of the interminable Nowell Gold
                   court case.                                                             Min. Cases – which when concluded
                                -June 1st-                                                 wont decide anything – intend to

                                                               - 19 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                      Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                    February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 refuse to decide question – temporary                                  Senator Nelson fought me so vic
                 injunction, & set case for trial                                       =iously about in the Senate – His
                 on the merits & then decide it finally.                                10 page brief on the law now goes
Diary 12, 1907                -7-                                                       to the waste paper basket - & I
june07           The “Record-Miner” this morning says                                   stand affirmed by the Circuit Ct. of
                 editorially:                                                           Appeals. Every case they have
                 [newspaper clipping:]                                                  fought me on - the Copper Case from
                 “ The court now in session will                                        Valdez & this case especially – also
                 go down in history as the turn-                                        the Wild Goose case from Nome, has
                 ing point between dull times and                                       been affirmed on appeal!!
                 prosperity. It is now clearly                                          [written over diagonally:]
                 seen that it is important to have                                      It was really reversed and
                 a real live court if you want good                                     I am now – not pleased
                 times. Long live Judge Wick-
                 ersham.”                                                                            -10-
                                                                                        Heard arguments all day in the
                 The passenger list of the Dolphin –                                    Katalla Railroad Cases – a mean
                 telegraphed from Ketchikan – shows                                     close case – Beautiful weather.
                 Mrs. Wickersham on board. I                                            Debbie thinks she has a mission
                 wonder why she did not telegraph                                       to keep me from working – but it
                 or write me that she was coming!                                       only adds a little more work to
                   Received telegram this eve                                           what I do -
                 =ning from John L. McGinn                           Diary 12, 1907                  -11-
                 Fairbanks, saying that the                          june11and12and13   Decided the Railroad Case from
                 case of Nelson & Hensley vs -                                          Katalla today – Refused to issue
                 Meehan & Larson, had been                                              Injunction – which was the only
                 affirmed in the Circuit Court                                          question involved in the hearing.
                 of Appeals. San Francisco                                                  Reception at Shoups today
                              Good!!                                                    in honor of Mrs C. S. Johnson – the
Diary 12, 1907                -8-                                                       wife of Judge Johnson decd –
june08           Debbie came this morning on                                            Mrs. W assisted & is consequently
                 the “Dolphin” – I am glad to have                                      worn out & in bed –
                 her with me. Darrell will be in Brem                                                -12-
                 =erton for months yet, & she will stay                                 Heard demurrer & motion in Pearce
                 with me awhile and then go back                                        v Sutherland & Perseverance C. Case
                 and stay with him till time to go                                      Hearing will go on tomorrow.
                 into Fairbanks. She is having a                                                     -13-
                 pleasant time there – everybody                                        Sustained Demurrer to Complaint
                 for Alaska has been through Seattle                                    in Pearce v Sutherland & Perseverance Co.
                 Y she has met most of them & seems                                     Heard rumor that Nelson v Meehan
                 to have greatly enjoyed the meeting.                                   had been reversed instead of affirmed –
                 Many of them met Darrell also.                                         - telegraphed for information & Monckton
                     Spent all day hearing the appli                                    Clerk. Ct. App. answered.
                 =cation of the Alaska Pacific Ry. Co.                                  “Appeal Nelson v Meehan dismissed.”
                 for injunction to prevent the Copper                                   That really leaves a doubt.
                 Riv. Ry Co. from crossing their terminal            Diary 12, 1907                  -14-
                 grounds at Katalla. Shackleford                     june14and15a       “Jefferson” came in during the night
                 & Lyons represent plaintiff & Bogle[?]                                 Mr. & Mrs. Harlan on board en route
                 from Seattle & Winn of Juneau                                          to Fairbanks. Telegraphed Monckton
                 represent the Copper Riv Co.                                           Clk. Ct. Ct. App. for copy opinion in
Diary 12, 1907                -9-                                                       Nelson v. Meehan. Trying the case
june09and10      Sunday – rainy – nothing much                                          U.S. v Anderson, ejectment from Blk
                 Worked on Cobb disbarment case.                                        32, Juneau, U.S. reservation for schools.
                     I am greatly pleased that the case                                     Dautricks gave a card party
                 of Nelson & Hensley v Meehan & Larson                                  for Mrs. W tonight – very pleasant.
                 was affirmed. It is the case that                                                   -15-

                                                            - 20 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                          Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                        February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                   Am preparing opinion in Elliott                                          any other man on the Pacific coast
                   vs Elliott – Hubbard Copper Case.                                        & is the recognized & accepted authority
                       Mail brings me some Fairbanks                     Diary 12, 1907     in all such matters. He told me
                   papers – they disclose that Dodge &                   june18band19       that he had been engaged in the careful
                   Marquam, who now seems to be acting                                      noting of Japanese wrecks for many
                   as associate editor of the Times, are                                    years – that he has recorded 75
                   none too friendly to Gunnison, but dare                                  authentic cases – that he has a mass
                   not quite break over on account of the                                   of manuscript on that subject now
                   precarious conditions in which the                                       ready to work into shape & upon
                   arrest of Anderson & Condon for                                          my urging that he & he along could
                   forgery has left them - but they will                                    do it satisfactorily he agreed to go to
                   be abusing him later. Their attacks                                      work on it at once. He has now
Diary 12, 1907     on me are intermittent but virulent.                                     retired from active work but is nearly
june15band16a      The Dome Creek cases are dragging                                        blind.
                   along - & it is my judgment                                                           -19-
                                -16-                                                        Trial Thorndike v Perseverance Co.
                   The “Humboldt” came in today. Gov.                                       Working hard on Hubbard – Elliott opinion.
                   Swineford & Gov. Brady, on board. Also                                   Mrs. W will go home on next Monday
                   Zip, the N.C. agent at St Micheals & Mrs.                                & I will follow as soon thereafter as possible
                   E. T. Barnette & her beautiful little                                    Skagway term will be abandoned & I will
                   daughter Virginia. Mrs. W & I went                                       go to the westward – Valdez & Seward –
                   down & called on Mrs B & she came                                        & hold a term to finish up business there
                   up to lunch with us. She is very bitter                                  so that I wont have to come out in
                   against those who are fighting her husband                               midwinter.
                   - but I warned her against the cancer                 Diary 12, 1907                  -20-
                   of hatred & revenge, - that it did those              june20and21and22   Thorndyke v Perseverance Case still
                   more harm who harbor it than those                                       on trial. News from Darrell that
                   against whom it is directed. Still                                       his orders have come assigning him
                   advice is cheap & cannot change                                          to “Nebraska” – battleship.
                   human nature. Mrs B. looks well                                                       -21st-
                   though she has been sick & is greatly                                    Decided Thorndyke v Perseverance
                   humiliated & worried over his troubles.                                  Case in favor of defendant. It is
                   Beautiful day – working on my opinion                                    a technical case – not important
                   in Hubbard-Elliott mining case &                                         except that it is a close question
                   watching a flock of eagles out of the                                    of law on the question of the
Diary 12, 1907     courthouse window as they fish                                           sufficiency of a notice of mining location
june16band17and1   at the mouth of Gold Creek.                                              We are to take dinner – formally –
8a                              -17-                                                        with Gov. Hoggatt tonight. The Shoups
                   Dismissed Cobb v Otterson on                                             Mr & Mrs Kinzie, &c are to be there.
                   motion of Cobb – he was’nt ready –                                       Dinner: Gov. Hoggatt – Mr & Mrs. Kinzie
                   Trial of Thorndike v Perseverance                                        Mr & Mrs Shoup & Mrs W & I – fine –
                   Co. over tells to the Martin Lode Claim                                               -22-
                   begun. Working nights & odd mom                                          Tried jury case today. Called term
                   =ents on opinions in Hubbard Elliott                                     of court at Valdez for July 29th
                   case.                                                                    Rainy.
                                -18-                                     Diary 12, 1907                  -23-
                   Thorndike v Perseverance Co. continued                june23and24        Gov. Hoggatt invited Mrs. W - &
                       The excursion steamer “Spokane”                                      me to go to Silver Bow Basin to
                   came in today with a large party of                                      see the mines & we went. Had a
                   tourists on board, - among them Prof.                                    fine day – a pleasant trip – a good
                   George Davidson, long in the U.S. Coast                                  lunch with Mitchell, Supt. Persever
                   & Geodetic Survey – I called on him.                                     ance Mine, a pleasant visit with
                   He told me that it was 57 years ago                                      Otterson & wife & greatly enjoyed the
                   today that he came into San Francisco.                                   grand scenery of the basin.
                   - he was then 25 years old. He has had                                       Dinner this evening with the
                   more to do with coast surveys than                                       Shoups. Debbie intended to go

                                                                - 21 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                         Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                       February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                   home this evening on Jefferson                                          on appeal &c. in Seattle.
                   but she is reported now to sail                      Diary 12, 1907                   -29-
                   on Tuesday morning.                                  june29             The very unpleasant duty of dec
                                -24.-                                                      =iding the disbarment proceedings
                   Trying log case – am about                                              against Cobb, lawyer, performed.
                   through with trials. Will leave                                             The Marshal informs me that the
                   here about July 4th & come back                                         Governor is greatly disappointed
                   about Aug. 20, to settle matters                                        because I did not disbar Cobb
                   of appeals &c. Papers today from                                        - & expresses his diappointment
                   Fairbanks – but nothing new.                                            - that he has said that he now wont
Diary 12, 1907                  -25-                                                       go down to Seattle with me, &c.
june25and26and27   Debbie went home this morning                                               Well, I am sorry that he feels
                   on the Jefferson. Finished trial                                        that way, but I have the strongest
                   of Rapp v Jorgenson today.                                              sense of having done right & will
                   Dinner with Gov. Hoggatt tonight.                                       stand the consequences. The
                                -26-                                                       Marshal says that I did right in
                   Motion Calendar – began trial                                           his judgment – that he would
                   of Walker v Shackleford –                                               have done just that & nothing else.
                   Finished opinion in Elliott                                                 I did not disbar Cobb,but
                   v Hubbard – Elliott Copper Case.                                        did criticise his actions and
                                -27-                                                       lectured both he and his senior part
                   Finished case of Walker v Shackle                                       =ner, Maloney, unmercifully –
                   =ford today, - instructed jury to sign                                  I also criticised Shackleford,
                   verdict for defendant. It is a                                          for bringing the disbarment proceeding.
                   “spite” case brought by Cobb against                 Diary 12, 1907                   -30-
                   Shackleford on the barest and                        june30a            My action yesterday in refusing
                   most unfair technicality & grows                                        to disbar Cobb seems to have been
                   out of their bitter personal war                                        a great disappointment to the Governor
                   =fare which I hope to mollify                                           & other enemies of Cobbs, and they
                   in this case and in the disbarment                                      have been denouncing me severely.
                   proceeding against Cobb, brought                                        It seems that last fall when Shackleford
                   by Shackleford. Dinner tonight                                          was preparing these charges he grew afraid
                   at Treadwell with Kinzie’s – Gov. Hoggatt                               of Gunnison & filed charges & statements
                   Shoups Stoess[?], & I were present.                                     showing the facts against Cobb in the Dept.
Diary 12, 1907                  -June 28-                                                  of Justice, and made special application
june28             Finished up the last case                                               that I come here – or be sent here – to try the
                   on the trial docket today &                                             charges on account of Judge Gunnisons
                   called for others but no more                                           prejudices in Cobbs favor. Now that I have
                   responded – Dismissed the                                               decided against disbarment they are ugly –
                   jury.                                                                   - well they can go to hell – I did right & that
                       Received in the mail today the                                      ends it.
                   opinion in Nelson v Hensley v                                               Major Richardson came in on the “Port-
                   Meehan & Larson – instead of                                            =land,” last night from Valdez. He tells
                   being affirmed the case was                                             me that the RR situation there is bad –
                   reversed, much to my regret.                                            that no real railroad building is yet
                   That is the case that Senator Nelson                                    under way, & that it looks more as
                   fought me on, - and while ordin                                         if the Copper Riv. Co was trying to drive
                   arily I care only to be right in                     Diary 12, 1907     the Bremer road {out} of the field than to build
                   such matters, in this I cared to                     june30bandjuly01   a railroad itself. Richardson
                   be affirmed – but was’nt.                                               thinks Katalla a bad port & terminus
                   Well its forgotten, by me.                                              for the road
                   Busy finishing up my correspondence                                                   -July 1st-
                   & signing licenses. Will go on the                                      Well, Gov. Hoggatt, Shackleford
                   morning of the 3rd & take record                                        & others of their – and my – friends
                   in the Elliott case & finish that                                       are tearing their hair & rending
                   up – make up the completed record                                       their garments because I did

                                                               - 22 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                        Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                      February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 not disbar Cobb – They have                                          private act.
                 involved Marshal Shoup in                           Diary 12, 1907                -July 4th-
                 the matter and have distressed                      july04           Ketchikan – Dixons Entrance.
                 him greatly with their mutterings.                                   Seven years ago I was on the
                      I am as greatly disappointed                                    City of Seattle, in this identical
                 as they are, for I expected decent                                   neighborhood on my way into the
                 treatment from them & did not                                        Interior of Alaska the first time.
                 get it. Well, they can go to the                                         How different things are today
                 devil – I never have tempered                                        with me & my family Howard
                 my legal duties to send either                                       then sat on my lap as we crossed
                 friends or enemies &                                                 the swells – seasick but clinging
                 dont intend to do so.                                                to me trying to ward it off – bless
                               Finis, Governor!                                       his frail but courageous body –
Diary 12, 1907                 -2nd-                                                  his death left me an old man with
july02a          Finished up the business of the term                                 no child to remain with & support
                 - signed orders, &c. and all liquor                                  me. Darrell will always be in
                 licenses that were not opposed.                                      the navy – What a mistake it
                 Continued hearings of those in Juneau                                is not to have a family of children
                 & one in Douglas and one in Skagway                                  A dark & cloudy forenoon
                 till Judge Gunnison returns.                                         raining & a blue fourth!
                      George Jeffry will remain                                           Music and dancing this
                 here to get out transcripts, &c.                                     evening – the boat has two lady
                      I have just bought some interesting                             musicians – a violinist & pianist.
                 Chilkat Indian curios from Jim                                       Those who danced had a pleasant
                 Williams, newphew of the Chilkat                                                  evening.
                 chief “Hlat –redge” – the chief                     Diary 12, 1907                -5-
                 is in the last stages of disease, the               july05and06      Beautiful day – we seem to be
                 tribe has either died off – joined                                   getting into another world – out
                 the whitemans ways and habits &c.                                    of Alaska into sunshine –
                 & the old chief finds Indian ways                                    crossed Queen Charlottes sound
                 & customs deseated & is selling                                      at noon.
                 out the rich & rare objects of value                                              -6-
                 which slavery, the customs service                                   Beautiful morning – a
                 of Chilkat over the trade from                                       cloudless sky - & warm.
                 the interior to the coast, &c. gave to                               San Juan Is – Mt Baker & the
                 his ancestors, & I am getting some                                   Olympics, De Fuca Straits.
Diary 12, 1907   of them. I bought two copper                                             Abe Stein, & Mrs. Jaffe,
july02band03     masks – 2 Chilkat blankets – a finely                                & 2 or 3 others from Fairbanks
                 carved ceremonial spoon & two                                        on baord – also Jack Dolson
                 rare copper knives with carved                                       & wife & “Bob” & Mrs Jewett
                 handle ends. It is the finest                                        from Circle City, Seattle 3 p.m-
                 Indian work I ever saw.
                      Gov. Hoggatt & Shackleford                                      Reached Seattle at 7:30
                 still off the reservation & hostile.                                 & went to the Ranier-Grand
                 I am no also, and it’s a feud!!                                      Hotel – Debbie met me &
                               -3rd-                                                  we went over to Bremerton
                 Left Juneau this morning at                                          Navy Yard to see Darrell.
                 10 oclock on City of Seattle.                       Diary 12, 1907              -7-
                 Marshal Shoup came down                             july07and08a     Remained at Bremerton last
                 to see me off – I judge from what                                    night & had an hours visit
                 he says that he intends to resign                                    with Darrell. Debbie has
                 soon. Lawlor, the Gov. private                                       good rooms at the “Roosevelt”
                 secretary came to bid me goodby                                      rooming house. We came
                 - I could not learn whether it was                                   back to Seattle at noon –
                 a formal and official courtesy                                       Mr & Mrs Perry –(U.S. Marshal)
                 from the Governor, or just Lawlors                                   came in & spent the evening.

                                                            - 23 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                       Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                     February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                    Warm & bright Sunday.                                                put my copper masks & Chilkat
                                 -8-                                                     blankets in cases. Debbie got
                    Recd. letter from E. C. Hughes, Pres.                                back from Bremerton last night
                    State Bar Assoc. inviting me to                     Diary 12, 1907   She says Gov. Hoggatt was looking
                    participate in the proceedings of that              july12b          for me – he afterwards told me that
                    body & on Saturday night at the                                      Secretary Garfield wished to see me
                    banquet to make a 5 min. talk.                                       & that he tried to fine me. The Secretary
                        “Jerry” Cousby, lawyer from                                      is gone to Portland this morning but
                    Fairbanks got into town today –                                      I am not sorry about it. Hughes
                    he tells me that Judge Gunnison                                      Pres. of the Bar Assoc. talked with
                    granted a non-suit against the                                       him about me, & that probably started
                    defendants – thus giving Barnette                                    his inquiry. My meeting the other
                    a practical victory, and thus                                        night at the Rainier Club was
                    leaving the case just where it                                       a pleasant one & probably it
Diary 12, 1907      started – Aside from this nothing                                    was just as well not to talk
july08band09a       is done & Jerry says that a whole                                    more.
                    years accumulation awaits                                                Attended State Bar Association
                    my return. He says that Anderson                                     today. We called in a body on
                    & Condon want me to try their case!                                  Vice President Fairbanks – who
                    The old reprobate was willing to                                     was very pleasant to me.
                    fight me until he gets caught                                        Hoggatt goes back to Alaska
                    & then he wants me to try his                                        on tonights boat. Our relations
                    case & help him out. I shall                                         are strained & never will be as
                    greatly regret it if I am forced                                     pleasant again. Shackleford
                    to try him. Called on Senator                                        is here arranging the record in
                    Piles today – also E. C. Hughes,                                     the Katalla Railway Case on appeal
                    John P. Hartman, John L. Wilson                     Diary 12, 1907                 -13th-
                    Chilberg, Pres. Yukon-Alaska Fair,                  july13a          Attended State Bar Assoc. today.
                    & others. We are at Rainier-Grand                                    The Banquet tonight was a bril
                    & will stay here till we {I} go north –                              =liant affair – and my part in it
                    Perrys are at the Butler.                                            was spectacular. E. C. Hughes
                                 -9-                                                     Pres. made a speech of welcome &
                    Went over to Tacoma – paid                                           Judge Burke was toastmaster.
                    my life Ins. &c. back in the                                         Upon a raised floor three small
                    evening. Attended reception                                          tables were occupied – the smallest
                    at Rainier Club, to Garfield                                         by the Vice President C. W. Fairbanks.
Diary 12, 1907      Sec. of Int. & Judge Ballinger                                       Hughes & Judge Burke, another
july09band10and11   Coml Genl. Land Office.                                              with Senator Piles at the head was {by}
and12a                           -10-                                                    Gov. Mead, U.S. Dist. Judge Whitson
                    Getting my teeth dentistried!                                        Chief Justice Hadley of Wash. Judges
                    Dinner today with Dave King,                                         Root and Crow, Wash. Chief Justice
                    who is preparing a “chaser”                                          Aleshine, of Idaho & myself me.
                    to “The Looting of Alaska,”                                          The great body of the lawyers – 200
                    for Appletons Magazine & who                                         and more, occupied the great dining
                    intends to use the fight against                                     room – Banquet at the Stander
                    me as the “chaser”. Darrell                                          Hotel. The Com. of the Genl. Land
                    intended to come over & go to the                                    Office, Judge Ballinger, was on
                    theater with us tonight – but                                        the list as the first speaker but
                    telephoned at last moment                                            was out of the city & I was asked
                    that he could not come.                             Diary 12, 1907   to take his place & did so, but with
                                 -11th-                                 july13b          the privilege of talking on Alaska.
                    Dentistry. Debbie went to Bremerton                                  The audience had had a good dinner
                    to see about Darrell & I went to Tacoma.                             & plenty of champagne – and other
                                 -12-                                                    strong drinks & were in a happy
                    Returned from Tacoma this morning                                    & hilarious condition. They sung
                    Made arrangements with Gilstrap to                                   Huges down when he introduced

                                                               - 24 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                     Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                   February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 the toastmaster & cut the latters                                     session to session of Congress for a
                 talk very short with singing                                          confirmation of his reappointment and
                 “He’s a jolly good fellow” – and                                      he is now preparing to go into the in-
                 I opened on house that wanted                                         terior of Alaska to remain there during
                 to sing and be joyful – but not                                       the winter. What Congress does or does
                 to listen to talk – My “Irish” was                                    not do will not affect him and the speech
                 roused & before I got through I had                                   he delivered last night was a defiant
                 them fully under control – though                                     challenge to politicians. It was distinct-
                 it required both courage & strength.                                  ly the sensation of another wise prosaic
                 The Governor – Mead – followed                                        banquet, relieved only by the enthusiasm
                 & then the Vice President – after                                     with which favored speakers were re-
                 wards Congressman Humphrey                                            ceived. In comparison with the sledge
                 & Senator Piles. The following                                        hammer ultimatum of Judge Wicker-
                 is a portion of the “Times” account                                   sham, the speech of Vice-President Fair-
                 of the speech making -                                                banks partook of secondary importance.
Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping:]                                Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping continued:]
july13c          “WICKERSHAM ASKS                                     july13e            “If my career at the bar were to end
                       AID FOR THE                                                     with the achievements and results of
                              NORTH                                                    this week’s work,” said retiring Presi-
                  Federal Judge in Alaska De-                                          dent E. C. Hughes, of the State Bar
                   clares He is Weary of Acting                                        Association, “I would be quite content.”
                   as Governor and Wants Con-                                          Then in turn he lauded Judge Wicker-
                   gress to Give People Power.                                         sham. Chief Justices James F. Ailshie
                 DUTY IS OWED BY                                                       of Idaho and Hiram E. Hadley of
                              CITY OF SEATTLE                                          Washington, Justices Root and Crow
                  Impassioned Appeal of Jurist                                         of the state supreme bench, who at-
                   Overshadows the Vice-Presi-                                         tended the association’s meeting; Fed-
                   dent’s Speech in Importance                                         eral Judge Edward Whitson, Secretary
                   at Bar Association Banquet.                                         James R. Garfield of the interior de-
Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping continued:]                                       partment and Vice-President C. W.
july13d          Tired, disgusted and disheartened                                     Fairbanks. He introduced Judge
                 in an effort to bring organization                                    Thomas Burke, who acted as toastmast-
                 to Alaska, to separate the ju-                                        er and who was received by the State
                 diciary from the executive department                                 Bar with every mark of enthusiasm.
                 and to grant to Alaskans a modicum                                      Judge Wickersham was the first
                 of self-government, Federal Judge James                               speaker before the banqueters. “I
                 Wickersham last night appealed to the                                 want to request the assistance of the
                 bar of the State of Washington for as-                                lawyers of the State of Washington to
                 sistance. Set down on the program to                                  remedy a system of government insuf-
                 succeed Judge R. A. Ballinger in re-                                  fient and unsatisfactory to the people
                 sponse to the toast, “The Law, the Land                               of Alaska,” boldly asked Judge Wicker-
                 and the Home,” Judge Wickersham                                       sham. “I know that it is a bad govern-
                 plunged boldly into a recital of Alaskan                              ment and that it is resented by Amer-
                 wrongs, and for the first time since he                               ican citizens. What we want to do is
                 has been on the bench in Alaska struck                                to reach the senators and the represen-
                 back at the Congress which has ignored                                tatives of the State of Washington.
                 his reappointment and demanded that                                   Will you help us? Will you help us
                 Alaska be considered.                                                 get a government for, by and of the
                   Judge Wickersham is a picturesque                                   people of Alaska.
                 figure of Pacific Coast legal evolution.                                “When I went to the North there was
                 A pioneer lawyer, territorial judge, re-                              no court house; there were no records,
                 form municipal official, legislator and                               no jails, nothing. There was merely a
                 Alaskan pathfinder he talked to the State                             broad expanse of territory and the only
                 Bar Association without embellishment                                 thing between Alaska and Siberia that
                 and without equivocation. For three or                                looked like a semblance of government
                 four years he has been fighting from                                  was the commission I bore signed by

                                                             - 25 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                    Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                  February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                 President McKinley. I began up there                                 flour, too. Won’t you help us? As a
                 with only the assurance of the govern-                               judge in that country I want to be rid
                 ment at Washington that they would                                   of the duties of governor. I want to
                 support every good thing I did.”                                     be free from politics.”
                   Judge Wickersham recounted the dif-                                  A moment later Governor Mead re-
                 ficulty of locating centers of popula-                               marked in response to his toast that the
                 tion to appoint commissioners of the                                 woes of Judge Wickersham differed from
                 court. Incidentally, he spoke of Fair-                               his own. Unlike Judge Wickersham,
                 banks and a voice suggested the Vice-                                he said he like the work of governor
                 President. “Fairbanks, Alaska, like                                  and in fact was delighted with it. He
                 Fairbanks of Indiana, is pure gold,” re-                             lauded President Hughes of the bar as-
                 torted Judge Wickersham. Then he re-                                 asociation and the fraternity in general.
                 verted to Alaska affairs:                                              Vice-President Fairbanks, introduced
                   “The governor of Alaska has no pow-                                by Toastmaster Burke as a man “whose
                 er. He is a mere figurehead. He has                                  career bids fair to be crowned by the
                 authority to appoint his own secretary,                              very highest office in the land,” paid
                 to name notaries public and to make                 Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping continued:]
                 reports to the President and there his              july13g          an eloquent tribute to the American
                 authority ends. He is sworn to see that                              government and the American bar. A
                 the laws are enforced, but if they are                               felicitous remark from the banquet ta-
                 not he has no authority to enforce them.                             bles on the Christian Endeavor Conven-
                 All he can do is to report to Washing-                               tion gave the Vice-President opportun-
                 ton.                                                                 ity for retort that in the simultaneous
Diary 12, 1907   [newspaper clipping continued:]                                      meeting of the national convention of
july13f          AID FOR THE                                                          Christian Endeavorers and the State
                     NORTH                                                            Bar Association he saw a special pro-
                    Judges Have All Power                                             vidence and expressed the hope that the
                   “The judges in Alaska have all the                                 Endeavorers who had conquered in for-
                 power. They grant liquor licenses and                                eign lands might be able to exert an
                 inquire into the character of the men                                influence upon the membership of the
                 who receive them. They lay out all                                   State Bar Association.
                 commissioner districts, appoint all                                               Vice-President Speaks.
                 justices of the peace and other of-                                    “Our Country and Its Lawmakers”
                 ficers in that country. It is a wrong                                was the toast assigned to the Vice-
                 system and never should have been al-                                President and he took a leaf from his
                 lowed.”                                                              own experience to discuss the tribula-
                   “Tell Roosevelt about it,” cried a                                 tions of the lawmakers. He declared
                 voice from the audience.                                             the lawmakers were unable to satisfy
                   “Roosevelt knows all about it and                                  their constituents no matter what they
                 what I want is to inform the representa-                             did and added “even the supervising
                 tives of this state about it. The people                             architect of the universe cannot satisfy
                 of Washington and especially the people                              all.” Then of the lawmakers he added:
                 of Seattle do not realize conditions in                              “He must satisfy one man out of the
                 Alaska. You talk about your trade                                    85,000,000 in this country. If he will
                 with the Orient when there is, compara-                              follow the dictates of an upright pur-
                 tively, not a dollar’s worth of original                             pose and the righteousness of his own
                 trade from Seattle to the Orient. With                               conscience he will satisfy himself. I
                 us you have a trade amounting to                                     have found in my own experience that
                 $20,000,000 a year. We have more coal                                if he does satisfy himself he will ulti-
                 than Pennsylvania; more gold than Cali-                              mately satisfy everybody.”
                 fornia, more tin than Wales, more fish                                 The Vice-President paid a glowing
                 than all the rest of the world combined.                             tribute to the legal profession, holding
                 All this trade is tributary to the city                              that tributes paid to the American con-
                 of Seattle and I want to say to the                                  stitution and form of government were
                 people of Eastern Washington that we                                 in effect tributes to the legal profes-
                 are buying you wheat and eating you                                  sion. He congratulated this state upon

                                                            - 26 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                                                         Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                                                       February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
                    the selection of its congressional dele-                               result of youthful indiscretion!
                    gation.                                                                Too much of a good time!
                      United States Senator S. H. Piles                                                 -18-
                    was a late speaker at the banquet, in-                                 Seattle – ready to go to Alaska.
                    formally discussing the work of the                                    Closing up Katalla Ry case,
                    delegation and congratulating the bar                                  with attorneys &c. Left for
                    upon its success.                                                      Valdez at 9:30
                      Judge Burke then introduced James F.              Diary 12, 1907                  -18th-
                    Ailshie, chief justice of the supreme               july18band24       At sea                    sea sick
                    court of Idaho. In his introductory re-                                damn the                  sea!
                    marks Judge Burke praised in the high-                                 sea sick                  Oh Lord –
                    est terms the people and the bench of                                  Dying                     Dead
                    Boise, Idaho, for their actions in the                                 Damn it                   Foggy
                    famous case of the State against Hay-                                  Kayak Is.                 Can sit up!
                    wood, charged with the murder of Gov.                                  & eat.                    Think I may live.
                    Steunenberg. He dwelt on the trial to                                               -24th-
                    considerable extent and eulogized Judge                                We reached Katalla harbor on
                    E. C. Wood, who is trying the case.”                                   yesterday morning – but the
Diary 12, 1907                   -14 -                                                     storm & rain kept the barges
july14and15and16a   We - Debbie & I – went to Buckley                                      away & we did not get ashore
                    on the early morning train to see                                      until this forenoon. Several
                    Mother – She is well – strong & just                                   of us – Capt. Schage – with us
                    as healthy as I ever saw her. The                                      went on shore – about a mile
                    home place looks fine – Harry is                                       of Copper Riv. Road built &
                    well as ever, and everything is good.                                  breakwater begun. Katalla
                    Aunt Hixey died July 1, and Uncle                                      is just emerging from the woods
                    Jimmy is grieving – he seems lost                                      & mud. Bad harbor – but.?
                    & wants to leave Buckley though                                        Fine day & got away toward
                    he has a good home & friends here.                                     Valdes in late afternoon -
                                 -15-                                   Diary 12, 1907                  -25-
                    The large Queen Anne cherry tree                    july25and26and27   Reached Valdes this morning.
                    is loaded with fine fruit – the                                        Everything here is quiet & orderly
                    strawberries are not all gone &                                        - nothing new around courthouse.
                    chicken – fried chicken is ripe!                                       Not much business in sight – but may be
                    Charlie Hanson & Jen. came                                             enough. Appointed J. L. Gavigan
                    down & we went up to visit them.                                       {Robert Ferguson} jury
                                 -16th-                                                    commissioner & ordered trial jury for
                    Went from Buckley on the early                                         July 31, & grand jury for August. 5.
                    morning train to Seattle & took my                                                  -26-
                    Indian curios to Tacoma – to the                                       Answering correspondence –
                    Ferry Museum – also took my                                            Miss Josephine Derringer is
Diary 12, 1907      years accumulation of rare books                                       doing work for me in absence of
july16band17and18   from Reids office to the home library                                  George. Was invited to dance at the
a                   The Davis are keeping the place                                        McKinley Hall last night – attended
                    in good condition, but it makes                                        for a short time & renewed my social
                    me unhappy to go into my library                                       acquaintance with a lot of people.
                    & see the book cases filled to burst                                   Tonight had invitation to party at
                    =ing with my treasures & locked                                        Mrs. Shouses – Crandalls, Cantwells
                    & bolted! We go over to Bremerton                                      Scotts, &c present.
                    tomorrow – Dinner with Uncle                                                        -27-
                    Tom & Aunt Kate. Staid at                                              Letter to Debbie – “Portland” due
                    Donnelly Hotel –                                                       Andrew Holman just showed me telegram
                                 -17-                                                      saying that the first steamer on the Copper river
                    Bremerton to see Darrell                                               had just arrived at Copper Center. Name
                    He is on “Nebraska” – first class                                      of Steamer
                    battle ship, & is in bed with the                   Diary 12, 1907                  -28th-

                                                               - 27 -
Alaska State Library – Historical Collections                               Diary of James Wickersham
MS 107 Diary 12                                                             February 8, 1907 through August 1, 1907
july28and29and30a   Sunday – rainy – hazy – quit.
                    Court met in Special Session
                    Nothing much to do before Wednesday
                    when the jury will report. “Saratoga”
                    came in on return trip to Seattle.
                    The lady reporter whom I now have
                    employed for this short term is stout –
                    plump, 25 – fine looking, & affectionate.
                    I removed her desk & typewriter down
                    to the second room of the Dist. Atty. office
                    today, since I am greatly irritated by a
                    complaisance which I am too damn badly
                    scared to return. One’s hair & other things
                    cant both stand at the same moment
                    with any satisfaction: I never
                    have had a woman around before & I
                    never will gain. Mrs. President Mad
                    =ison once asked an Indian chief what he
                    wanted with 3 wives – his reply cant
                    be improved upon – but the judges
                    rooms are not for that sort of amusement.
Diary 12, 1907      Cap. Anderson acquitted by the jury
july30band31andau   at Fairbanks yesterday. I hope
gust01              he will now understand that false
                    charges, even, are uncomfortable &
                    damaging – but he wont – he has
                    no sense or judgment.
                    Raining – raining – the sun has
                    not appeared since I’ve been in
                    Valdes – nothing but rain. The
                    trial jury called this morning and
                    “Yucatan” came in : Mr. Perry on
                    board – letter from Debbie who seems
                    to be well & happy – newspapers, &c.
                                  August 1st
                    Beautiful sunny day, first since
                    I came to Valdes. Harry Elliott,
                    & party came on Yucatan to visit the
                    Hubbard-Elliott mines. E. C. Hughes
                    lawyer from Seattle & others. Signed
                    findings & decree in Hubbard Elliott case.
                    Embezzlement case against Graff
                    tried today - Verdict – not guilty.

                                                                   - 28 -

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