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									                                                                                              Summer and Fall 2009

                 Bridges to a Brighter Future
     Kappa Class Goes to College
   The largest class to ever graduate from the Bridges to a Brighter Future program was the Kappa class, with 27
students! They graduated from Bridges in summer 2008. We are very pleased to announce that ALL 27 graduated
from high school! We are even more excited to announce that of the students who are citizens and eligible to go
to college, 100% have been admitted to college or the military, and 91% are enrolled and attending this fall. Two
students (9%) have deferred admission to Fall 2010 due to personal circumstances. Here is a list of the students
and the schools they are attending:
                                                                             Eliana Agudelo, Greenville Tech
                                                                             John Awadalla, Furman University
                                                                             Reka Bennett, Furman University
                                                                             Elijah Brunson, Duke University
                                                                             Thomas Dixon, Liberty University*
                                                                             Lakeshia Ellis, Greenville Tech
                                                                             Dillion Epps, USC Upstate
                                                                             Cassaundra Gamble, Winthrop
                                                                             Daniel Gilstrap, Army
                                                                             Tymeco Gregory, Wofford College
                                                                             Jessica Hatten, SC State University
                                                                             Dominique Henderson, USC Upstate
                                                                             Ruben Hernandez, USC Upstate
                                                                             Ashley Jenkins, Furman University
                                                                             Sam Jones, Greenville Tech
                                                                             Natalia Mona, Greenville Tech
                                                                             Luarne Nelson, Trident Tech
                                                                             Lina Pulido, USC Upstate
                                                                             Lindsey Reuss, Converse College
                                                                             Javis Rhodes, Greenville Tech
                                                                             Ashley Tapperson, Coastal Carolina
                                                                             Jose Villegas, Cornell University*
                                                                             Ashlee Ware, Greenville Tech
             Pictured: Kappa Class at Bridges Graduation in July 2008      *Attending fall 2010
Achievement Highlights of the Kappa Class:

•	   Elijah Brunson is enrolled at DUKE UNIVERSITY; our second Bridges
     student to attend Duke!
•	   Jose Villegas was admitted to CORNELL UNIVERSITY! He has deferred his
     admission to fall 2010 to assist his mother.
•	   Tymeco Gregory is playing football at Wofford College.
•	   Lindsey Reuss is playing Lacrosse at Converse College. She is our first
     Bridges student to attend Converse.
•	   Three students are attending Furman University. All three were awarded
     the Campbell Young Leaders Scholarship.
•	   Lakeshia Ellis was awarded $8,500 in private scholarships!              Pictured: Ruben Hernandez holding
                                                                                 his textbooks in front of the new
                                                                                  Health Science Building at USC
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Bridges to a Brighter Future Receives
     National and Local Awards!
Excellence Award
     In April, Bridges to a Brighter Future was awarded the Summer
Excellence Award by the National Summer Learning Association, (formal-
ly the Johns Hopkins Center for Summer Learning) at the 2009 National
Summer Learning Conference! This highly competitive national award
recognizes outstanding summer programs that demonstrate
                                 excellence in accelerating academ-
                                 ic achievement and promoting positive development for young people. The
                                 Excellence in Summer Learning Award seeks to find and draw national attention to
                                 exemplary programs which provide and expand access to high-quality summer
                                 learning experiences for all young people.
                                      Eighty summer programs applied for the award. The selection process was
                                 rigorous and involved five levels of review. Bridges was one of three programs
                                 to be awarded. “Bridges to a Brighter Future stands out as an exemplary summer
                                 learning program, especially for teenagers,” says Ron Fairchild, executive director
                                 of the National Summer Learning Association. “The program builds academic suc-
                                 cess, self-confidence, leadership, resiliency and life skills. It tries to meet individual
                                 student needs and creates a culture of high expectations. This program is a perfect
                                 example of the kind of educational innovation that closes the achievement gap.”
                                    Pictured are Bridges director Tobi Swartz and Bridges graduate Casey Crisp holding the
                                                               Summer Excellence Award at the conference in Chicago, Illinois.

 Reader’s Choice Award
                                   Bridges to a Brighter Future was
                             awarded the Reader’s Choice Award in
                             April at the Giving Back Awards sponsored
                             by G-The Magazine of Greenville! G-The
                             Magazine of Greenville invited readers to
                             nominate individuals and non-profits for The Giving Back Awards. Due to the overwhelm-
                             ing response of readers, Bridges was awarded the Reader’s Choice Award. We express our
                             gratitude to all of our friends and supporters who nominated us!

 Diversity Leadership Award
     Bridges to a Brighter Future was awarded the Diversity Leadership Award in May at
the Upstate Diversity Leadership Awards Dinner. Six awards were presented to recognize
individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement in promoting diversity
                                                                in the Upstate. Bridg-
                                                                 es was honored for
                                                                 creating an environ-
                                                                 ment that not only
                                                                 promotes diversity, but
                                                                 teaches students how
                                                                 to be diversity leaders.
                                                                         L to R: Harvey Choplin, Linda Cook, Chris
                                                                         Cunningham, Tobi Swartz, Karina Rodriguez, Jarrod
                                                                         Hall, Bashia Gandy, and Aleen Sepulveda.
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                     In His Own Words: Yuki Koyama
                                   The following speech was given by Co-Valedictorian, Yuki Koyama at the Bridges
                               Graduation Banquet on July 10, 2009. Yuki is a student at Southside High School. He will
                               be the first in his family to go to college.

                                     I’ve been asked by many people to explain what exactly Bridges is, but it is always
                                hard to answer because it is impossible to describe in mere words. If I tell them about
                                the classes, workshops, and field trips; they assume that it is like school, but it is so much
                                more than that. I don’t know if I speak for everyone when I say this, but for me, Bridges
                                is the ray of light in a dark cave. It is an opportunity that we have been blessed with to
                                better our lives and prepare us for our future. Every opportunity is nothing more than
                                a chance to live life to the fullest. I have learned so much from Bridges these past three
                                years. Living with my fellow students and counselors, and everything we have been
                                through together, has brought us together to form one big family. I’ve gained something
                                from each and everyone one of you. I would also like to thank the teachers, Papa Chop,
                                and especially Mrs. Swartz, for making this experience what it is and all the time they take
                                out of their lives for us. I will cherish the memories for the rest of my life. The summers
                              spent here have been the best three summers of my life. To the Mu’s and Nu’s, I have a few
 words of advice. Live life to the fullest so you don’t have any regrets and treasure these moments you spend together
 because time at Bridges goes by way too quickly. The world may be divided but at Bridges we are united and when
 we all came here our first years we came as many and now we leave as one. The world may try to push us down but
 remember, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to because we are born leaders, rising legends. Even if life
 is hard, keep your head up and go forth and do great things.

  Bridges Nu Class                                         Furman Class of 2009
      Selected!                                         Selects Bridges Scholarship
                                                               As Class Gift!
    Joining the two current class-
 es this summer, was the new “Nu”            In fall of 2007, then Furman Seniors, Bailey Johnson and Alex Nevels
 class. In March, we selected 27         came to Bridges Director, Tobi Swartz with an idea. Bailey had worked with
 students to make up the class.          Bridges as a counselor and head counselor. Their idea was for the Class of
                                         2008 gift to be a scholarship for a Bridges student to attend Furman. Bailey,
 The statistical make-up of the          Alex, as well as many other Class of 2008 members, worked very hard to get
 class is: 52% Female 48% Male           the Bridges Scholarship selected. However, it was nudged out (just slightly)
                                         by another project.
 Race/Ethnicity:                              The idea did not end with the Class of 2008. When the Class of 2009 be-
  Black:           11 students           gan brainstorming ideas, the Bridges scholarship again rose to the top. We
  White:           5                     were very excited when the Class of 2009 voted to select a Bridges Scholar-
  Hispanic:        8                     ship as their class gift to Furman. Senior class agents worked very hard to
  Bi-Racial:       1                     encourage their classmates to contribute to the gift. Many Seniors gave,
  Asian:           1                     and at Graduation in May, Senior Class President Montrelle Robertson pre-
 Annual family income:                   sented President David Shi with a check for $43,650 to endow a scholarship
  Less than 10,000=        8             for a Bridges student to attend Furman! This was the largest amount a Senior
  10,000-15,000 =          5                                                                    class has ever raised for
  15,000-20,000 =          3                                                                    a class gift!
  20,000-25,000 =          4
  25,000-30,000 =          5                                                                        What made this gift
  Over 30,000 =            1                                                                     even better, is that a
                                                                                                 Bridges donor came for-
 •	93%	First-generation	                                                                         ward and gave an addi-
   college students                                                                              tional $20,000, mak-
                                                                                                 ing the total pledged
 •	51%	have	parents	who	are	                                                                     amount $63,650.
   either single or divorced.
 •	3	students	live	with	guardians                                                                The first scholarship will
                                                                                                 be awarded in 2010.
                                                                                                 Pictured are Montrelle Robertson
                                                                                                 and Dr. David Shi.
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                           Alumni Update
          Bridges Graduates Succeed at Furman!
      Since Bridges began in      Dean Bailey                                           Victor Orozco                                        Cierra Riddle
 1997, one to two Bridges         •	 Founder and President of                           •	 FUSAB-Furman Student                              •	 Student League for Black
 graduates have enrolled             Men’s Club Volleyball                                 Activities Board                                     Culture
 at Furman every year. In         •	 09-10 Resident Assistant                           •	 Bridges Counselor                                 •	 Work at the Furman Library
 fall 1998, eight gradu-          •	 Campbell Scholar                                   •	 Hispanic Organization for                         •	 NAACP
                                  •	 Sports Club Council                                   Learning and Awareness                            •	 NCBI Facilitator
 ates enrolled; the largest       •	 Work in Continuing Ed.
 number to enroll from                                                                  •	 Living in French House                            •	 Intern with Stanford Univ.
                                  •	 Work in Bridges program                            •	 Selected to Study Abroad in
 the Bridges program.                                                                      Africa Spring 2010
       The goal of Bridges to                                                                                                                Luis Gonzales
                                  Rosa Rivera                                                                                                •	   Freshman Class Senator
 a Brighter Future is for our     •	 Campbell Scholar                                   Hilary Rampey                                        •	   Sophomore Class President
 students to enroll in the        •	 Volunteer at Berea High                            •	 Marching Band                                     •	   Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
 college where they will be       •	 Work in Bookstore                                  •	 Works at Hibbett Sports                           •	   Shucker Leadership Program
 most successful. The eight                                                                                                                  •	   Resident Assistant
 students who enrolled last
 fall, have not only been                                                                                                                    Bree Alexander
 successful at Furman, but                                                                                                                   •	   Furman Gospel Ensemble
 they are thriving and mak-                                                                                                                  •	   Ladies of Distinction
 ing a difference. Their                                                                                                                     •	   Legacies Peer Mentor
 number one achievement                                                                                                                      •	   Campbell Scholar
 was making it to their                                                                                                                      •	   Bridges Counselor
 Sophomore year! In addi-
 tion, here is a short list of                                                                                                               Sebastian Barbosa
 their achievements in only                                  Bridges Graduates Working With the Bridges Program                              •	 Music Major
                                    L to R: Victor Orozco (Iota, Counselor), Kara Irish (Zeta, Guest Speaker), Giovanna Gomez (Beta, Guest   •	 Jazz Band
 one year:                                      Speaker), Casey Crisp (Zeta, Head Counselor), Bree Alexander (Iota, Counselor).
                                                                                                                                             •	 Men’s Choral

          Alumni Profiles: Alpha Class Graduates
                                     Phuong Vo and Na’Imah Thompson Forney are members of the first Bridges class,
                                 the Alpha class, and were two of the first students to attend Bridges to a Brighter Future
                                 when it began in 1997.
                                     When Phuong Vo began the Bridges program, it was only his second year in America.
                                 As a result, English was very difficult for him. Phuong states, “I was very fortunate to at-
                                 tend Bridges. Not only did it educate me, Bridges also gave me the opportunity to prac-
                                 tice my English skills as I was living with my American friends 24 hours a day for 4 weeks
                                 each summer.”
                                     Phuong graduated from Southside High School in 2000 and then enrolled at Clemson
                                 University. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Clemson in 2005. He married
                                 his college sweetheart Chau Hong in 2006, the same year she earned a Doctor of Pharma-
                                 cy degree from USC-Columbia. Phuong and Chau have two boys, Aiden (22 months) and
                                 Every (4 months). Phuong is now an Engineer employed at Amec, an engineering firm in
                                 Greenville headquartered in London. Congratulations Phuong on your professional and
                                 personal success!
                                 Phuong is pictured here with his son Aiden.

      Na’Imah Thompson Forney graduated from Carolina High School with honors. She
 remembers one of her biggest challenges in high school was getting her grade point
 average up to a level enabling her to enroll in college. Na’Imah states, “My freshman year I
 did just enough to get by and settled for an average GPA.” After starting the Bridges program,
 I learned how important it is to have good grades. If I wanted to go to college (which I did)
 I had to make my grades a priority as well as prepare for the SAT. I felt like being at Bridges
 gave me a head start for the next school year. I also was able to get a lot of practice for taking
 the SAT.” Na’Imah did indeed succeed! She graduated from Clemson in 2004 with a degree in
 Textile Management and Marketing. Na’Imah currently works at Ferguson Enterprises as an
 account manager in Irvine, CA. She has been happily married for a little over a year to Carlos
 Forney. Carlos is serving in the United States Marine Corps. They live in Orange County, CA.
Bridges Newsletter, Summer/Fall 2009                                                                                              Page 5
    The Bridges to a Brighter                                                                             exposed to all levels of Math.
 Future summer program was                 BRIDGES TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE                                   The students who need to
 held June 13-July 11, 2009 at
 Furman University.                                SUMMER 2009:                                           be challenged, are chal-
                                                                                                          lenged; and the students
     Each year we strive to                The World May Be Divided, but at                               who need remediation, are
                                                                                                          provided remediation.
 create new and innovative
 experiences to challenge
                                               Bridges We Are UNITED
                                                                                                              Art is always a fun and
 and motivate our students.                                                                               relaxing class for our
 This year was no exception.                                                                              students. They built 3-D
                                                                                                          structures, paint, draw,
 Summer Theme                                                                                             and learn techniques to
     At the March Saturday                                                                                communicate and express
 College session, students                                                                                themselves through art.
 brainstormed and voted on
 themes for the summer 2009                                                                               Workshops
 program. The theme select-                                                                                    One night a week, the
 ed was, “The World May be                                                                                students participate in
 Divided, but at Bridges we                                                                               life-changing      workshops
 are UNITED!”                                                                                             teaching them to cope in
                                                                                                          negative circumstances and
      We started this summer                                                                              grow in life skills necessary
 a little differently than in                                                                             for their success!
 the past. This year, Justin
 Boudreau, an expert on                                                                                       The first workshop
 teens, worked with the                                                                                   night, first-year students
 students the first three days.                                                                           participated in a diversity/
 The time he spent with the                                                                               oppression-reduction work-
 students was exceptional!                                                                                shop called NCBI. This 6-hour
 We have never seen students                 In English, the Nu Class     the study of recent natural     workshop literally changed
 connect so quickly and form            focused on Poetry, pub-           disasters around the world.     students’ lives by helping
 lasting bonds that lasted              lishing a Poetry Anthology                                        them talk about devastating
 throughout the four weeks.             titled, “In Pursuit of Dreams.”       We implemented cross-       events they have dealt with
 As a result of the activities          The anthology has 103             curricular lesson plans         and gives them the tools
 Justin facilitated with the            poems written during              based on the natural disas-     to cope as they move for-
 students, we had a “drama              Bridges!      The Mu class        ters curriculum. Therefore,     ward in life. This is a poem a
 free” summer!                          participated in a research        our Social Studies classes      student wrote about NCBI:
                                        project called, “The True         studied the economic and
                                                                          social impact of natural                When I went to NCBI
                                        Life of a Bridges Teen.”                                            I saw some of my friends cry
                                        They conducted group              disasters such as price
                                                                          gouging.     Students also         That was a sad thing to see
                                        research on topics such as                                             but I was there for them
                                        Gangs, Teen Identity, and         debated current events
                                                                          such as health care, gay                I hope that they are
                                        Drugs and Alcohol. Each                                                        there for me
                                        group wrote articles on           marriage; studied conflicts
                                                                          around the world, and                 When we talked about
                                        each topic and compiled                                               problems it got real deep
 Students build index card towers and   the articles in a magazine.       participated in a mock-trial.
                                                                                                          The tears from my eyes looked
 then connect them by bridges, sym-     The articles were phenom-             Our Math teachers                like sweat from the heat
 bolizing the inter-connectedness of
 students in Bridges.                   enal and we are thinking of       utilized engaging methods               when it was my turn
                                        ways to share the informa-        to teach Math concepts.                     I let it go slow
 Core Classes                           tion with other teenagers.        The students danced,            I didn’t really care because we
     Our teachers in Bridge             The Lambda class created          moved their arms around,                  are family though
 are the best in Greenville             “Digital Stories” related to      and sang songs to learn
 County! In fact, the major-            “place.” The students wrote       Geometry       and    other         Our second workshop
 ity of our teachers have               short biographies about           Math concepts. It worked        night was titled, “Life Skills
 been named, “Teacher of                a special place and then          because as the Bridges          Night.” Special professionals
 the Year” at their school.             created a video by                director visits students at     from the community spoke
 At Bridges, they continue              combining pictures, voice         school this fall, students      to students about impor-
 to create engaging and                 over, and music.                  have told her that they are     tant life skills they need in
 challenging      curriculum                                              ahead in Math because           order to be successful. The
 that not only advances          The Science classes fo-                                                  workshops and speakers in-
                                                                          of what they learned in
 students academically, but cused on natural disasters.                   Bridges. The great thing        cluded:
 develops a passion for life- Each class studied different                about our Math classes
 long learning.               natural disasters through
                              engaging experiments and                    is that the students are
Bridges Newsletter, Summer/Fall 2009                                                                                      Page 6

 The Job Application Process evening activities requir-              One of the highlights of the   Improv Performance
 Steven Bryant, Cherrydale     ing students to be active.            trip to Columbia, was when         Our Improv students
 Chick-fil-A                   Evening activities included:          the females visited Columbia   performed       alongside
                               Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball,       College; the males toured      professional       Improv
 Public Speaking 101           Soccer, Dance, Step Team,             Williams Brice Stadium!        troupe, Distracted Globe
 Deb Sofield, Executive Speech Fitness Center, and Swim                                             at the Warehouse Theatre.
 Coach                         Lessons.
 Healthy Habits                Community Service
 Dr. Alicia Powers, Furman         Students participated in
 Professor                     community service on one
                               Saturday. We are always very
 Managing Your Money           proud of our students when
 J.J. Swartz, Personal Finance they go to local non-prof-
 Expert                        its to assist. One-hundred
                               percent of the time, the                                             Poetry Performance
      Our third workshop night agencies tell us that our                                                    Students performed
 was called, “Career Night.” students are hard-working                                              their poetry at the Bridges
 Students learned about and polite! Our students                     Elective Classes               Jazz Café, held just before
 different career fields:      did yard work at Stephen’s                Every afternoon from       the annual Bridges dance.
                               House; yard work with                 3:30-5:00, students attend     The room was decorated
 Education                     Diligent Hands Gracious               elective classes.      These   like a jazz café and students
 Dr. Scott Henderson,          Hearts; organized cloth-              classes      are    designed   dressed to impressed!
 Furman Professor              ing at Safe Harbor; and               to expose students to
                               cleaned at the North Green-           opportunities they would
                               ville Food Pantry. Here is a          not otherwise be exposed.
                               picture of our students               This year, students took:
                               working at Stephen’s House:           Documentary Film Making,
                                                                     Pottery, Music and Video
                                                                     Production, Improv Theatre,
                                                                     Ladies of Distinction, Men
 Business                                                            of Honor, and Forensic Sci- Student Feedback
 Matt Miller, Financial Advisor,                                     ence.                            Bridges students and
 Northwestern Mutual                                                                              parents completed an
 Edward Marshall, President,                                                                      evaluation of the summer
 Edward C. Marshall & Co.                                                                         program. Here are a few
                                                                                                  student comments:
 Health Professions
 Dr. Stephen Lookadoo,                                                                              “I love this program. It
 Christie Pediatric Group                                                                           really helped me with
                                    Field Trips & College Trips                                     leadership, attitude, and
 Theatre/Music                            Every Wednesday, stu-                                     breaking out of my shell.”
 Michael Vick, Musician                                     Other Summer Highlights: “I will miss it so much. It
                                    dents go on field trips. This
 Kevin Frazier, Actor, Set Designer year, the Nu class (first year
                                                                                          has been a great thing to
                                                            End of Summer Trip
                                    students) visited downtown,                           happen to me. It helped
 Non-Profit/Social Work             the Upcountry History Mu-    The end of summer trip me become more
 Giovanna Gomez, Social Worker                              was to Atlanta. Students self-confident.”
                                    seum, Fluor Field, St. Francis
                                                            visited Clark Atlanta Uni-
                                    Hospital, Sterling Commu-
 Engineering                                                versity, The Art Institute, “I apply all that I learned
                                    nity, United Way, and Sliding
 Apryl Hunter, Jacobs Engineering Rock.                     and Emory University. They to my life now.”
                                                            went to lunch at The Varsity,
 Graphic Design/Web/Art                                                                           amazing. The best
                                   The older two classes toured the Atlanta Aquari- “It wasthank you so much
                                                                                          by far,
 Adam Gautsch, OrangeCoat     visited colleges. Not only um, and ended with dinner for keeping the program
 Kara Irish, Artist           do they visit colleges, but at Medieval Times.              interesting.”
                              the students each received a
 Law/Law Enforcement          college planning notebook Morning Assembly Speakers Parent Feedback
 Kirby Mitchell, Managing At- and are required to ask ques-        The students learned
 torney, South Carolina Legal                                                                  In responding to the
                              tions and are quizzed on from community leaders in question, “How did Bridges
 Services                     each college tour. Students morning assembly. Speakers help your child?”
 Scott Summers, U.S. Secret   visited: Furman, Anderson included:
 Service                                                                                  -90% said it increased
                              University, Greenville Tech, •	 Stewart Spinks              self-esteem.
                              USC, Columbia College, •	 Dr. Kevin Springle                -90% said it increased
 Evening Activities           Charleston School of Law, •	 Stacey Lemmond
     Three nights a week, and College of Charleston. •	 Maxim Williams                    interest in his/her future
 students participated in                                                                 or college.
Bridges Newsletter, Summer/Fall 2009                                                                                                Page 7


                                                                           Bridges to a Brighter Future expresses
                                                                           appreciation to Michelin North America for
                                                                           sponsoring Bridges Family Day at a Furman
                                                                           Basketball game in February! Michelin will
  Many thanks to the Metropolitan Arts Council for
                                                                           again sponsor Bridges Family Day at the Furman
  awarding Bridges to a Brighter Future a grant in
                                                                           Football game on October 31. We are grateful
  May 2009. The grant supported the implementa-
                                                                           for this opportunity for students and families to
  tion of Digital Storytelling in our Summer English
                                                                           spend quality time together!
  class and helped us hire Performance Poet, Glenis
  Redmond to provide a two-day Poetry class to all
  of the Bridges students. Thank you MAC!

                                                                            Mr. Herb Johnson, Director of Community Relations,, MIchelin
                                                                               North America is pictured here with Bridges graduates.

   Wal-Mart Transportation Division has been a
   great supporter of Bridges to a Brighter Future!
   Two grants given in 2008-2009 allowed us to
   purchase curriculum that we used to implement
   activities that improved the self-esteem of our
   students and provide a three-day orientation
   that increased our students leadership, moti-
   vation, communication skills, and goal setting.                         Bridges expresses sincere gratitude to the
   Thank you Wal-Mart!                                                     Junior League of Greenville for selecting Bridges
                                                                           to participate in their Nearly New You program!
                                                                           As a participant, the Bridges students enrolled
                                                                           in their Senior year, enjoyed a day of activities
                                                                           centered around a “March Madness” theme;
                                                                           shopped in the Nearly New Shop
                                                                           (for free); and received a laundry
                                                                           bag full of supplies for college!!!
                                                                           Thank you Junior League!
   Laura Anderson, Transportation Manager pictured with Bridges Students
Bridges to a Brighter Future
3300 Poinsett Highway
Greenville, SC 29613-3560

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