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									                                       SAMPLE LETTER E:


                Applies to: OFFICE, TECHNICAL, ALLIED HEALTH AND



                To:       Betsy Ann Stevens
                          Administrative Secretary
                          Emp I.D. # 0000.0011
                          DOH-May 4, 20XX

                From:     Frank Foster
                          Business Manager

                Date:     December 14, 20XX

                Subject: Termination

(History)       On September 9, 20XX, you were required to have a health evaluation to determine if you
                were able to meet your employment obligation of regular and reasonable attendance. This
                evaluation was required as a result of the amount of time you missed from work due to
                illness. On October 1, 20XX, I met with you to discuss the results of the evaluation. As
                you know, the evaluation found you able to work your current schedule and perform all
                the necessary physical activities. You confirmed this during our discussion. I cautioned
                you then that if your pattern of absenteeism continued, you would be terminated from
                your position.
(Problem)       Since that time you have had three additional absences due to illness for a total of 56
                hours. A disciplinary review conference was held on December 15, 20XX, with a
                representative from Human Resources. During the conference, you offered no
                explanation for the continued absences nor could you offer any assurance that you could
                improve your attendance at work.

(Consequence)   Since you have been unable to meet your employment obligation of regular and
                reasonable attendance, your position will be terminated effective December 16, 20XX. In
                addition, you will not be recommended for rehire at the University.

                CC:     Department File
                        Human Resources File

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