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             GRAPHIC ARTS
Student Services                   2
For Employers                      2
Business Programs                  4
Administrative Professional        4
Business Administration:
Accounting                         4
Business Administration:
Management & Marketing             5

Technology Programs                6
Engineering Technology             6
Information Technology             6

Graphic Arts Program               8
Healthcare Programs                9
Diagnostic Medical Sonography      9
Health Information Technology     10
Medical Assistant                 10
Medical Office Specialist         11

Legal Programs                    13
Criminal Justice                  13
Legal Assistant                   13

Student Groups                    14
Programs are listed by location
on the back cover.

On the Cover

“Working as a
Computer Lab
Supervisor at Penn
State University, I
 have to solve many
“IT” problems with
 little information.
South Hills
 prepared me to
 have a hunger                         KRISTIN DERABASSE
                                       2010 Engineering Technology
for knowledge,                         Graduate
and to continue                        Junior Engineer,
 learning long                         TransducerWorks

after I received my
 degree. For that I
am truly thankful!”
2005 Information Technology
Lab Supervisor, Penn State

                      “South Hills provided me with more
                      than just the knowledge I needed to
                      perform well at my job. They also gave
                      me the ability and understanding to
                      create successful business relationships
                      with my employer and co-workers.”
                      HEATHER BOYER
                      2008 Information Technology Graduate
                      Software Engineer, Schoolwires, Inc.

                      “Immediately upon arriving at
                      South Hills, you begin to feel like you
                      are part of a family. Everyone on the
                      faculty and staff is here to assist you.
                      They know you by name and are always
                      GEORGE DICK
                      Engineering Technology
                      Graduation Year: 2011

                      “When an employer asks me to perform
                      a task, it feels really good to know that
                      my experience at South Hills has taught
                      me everything I need to know in order
                      to accomplish it.”
                      KELLY CARPER
                      2010 Medical Office Specialist Graduate
                      Outpatient Coder and Billing Specialist, Tyrone Hospital


       FINANCIAL AID                                   CAREER SERVICES
       South Hills offers free financial aid           Our Career Services department
       assistance from filling out forms to            offers resources and information. We
       answering questions about grants,               encourage our students to acquaint
       loans and scholarships. Please call our         themselves with this department — we
       admissions or financial aid office anytime      can help find you the right job.
       and ask for the help that you need.
       Financial Aid is for those who qualify.         FURTHERING YOUR EDUCATION
                                                       If you are interested in pursuing your Bach-
       INTERNSHIP PROGRAM                              elor’s degree after graduating from South
       Our degree students are required                Hills, there are a number of colleges and
       to complete internships in their areas          universities with which we have articulation
       of study, providing them with                   (transfer) agreements, saving you time and
       on-the-job experience and a safety net          money. Decisions concerning the accep-
       of instructors to confide in if challenges      tance of credits earned in any course taken
       occur. Many of our graduates will tell          at the school are made at the discretion of
       you that their internship was one of            the receiving institution. South Hills makes
       their favorite experiences at South             no representation whatsoever concerning
       Hills. Some are offered jobs with their         the transferability of any credit earned at
       internship sites.                               the school to any other institution.

       REQUESTING AN INTERN                            students follow a different schedule.

       Go to                       When will the interns not be
       Click on Employer Relations.                    present on our jobsite?
       More information can be found on our website.   Students are expected to be at South
                                                       Hills on Mondays for Professional
       Why request an intern?                          Development and Career Preparation
       Interns can serve as great candidates           classes. Other than that, work hours
       for future job openings, potentially            should be arranged to meet the needs of
       saving an employer significant recruiting       the internship site.
       and training time and expense. The
                                                       Do we have the opportunity to
       opportunity to work with an intern and
                                                       meet with the prospective intern
       evaluate performance, before hiring, is
       often an ideal situation.
                                                       An interview between the student and
       When do interns become available?               the internship site (preferably with
       Interns are available beginning in mid-         the main internship site supervisor)
       March for the spring internships and            is required in advance of internship
       mid-June for the summer internships.            placement; this helps to ensure an ideal
       The Health Information Technology               match of student skills to the site needs.

2      South Hills School of Business and Technology
                                “South Hills provided
                                me with the real-
                                world knowledge and
                                skills necessary for
                                my new career. But
                                more importantly,
                                South Hills believed
                                in me and gave me
                                the confidence to
                                succeed. I would
                                recommend South
                                Hills to anyone
                                looking for career
                                success, whether
                                they’re a first-time
                                student or a returning
                                adult like me.”
                                BRUCE WOODBRIDGE
                                2010 Health Information
                                Technology Graduate
                                Processing Specialist, Mount
                                Nittany Medical Center
                                Internships: The Meadows,
                                University Orthopedic, JC Blair

                                          SMALL CLASSES


                                          FINANCIAL AID
                                          TO THOSE WHO

RUSS ALWINE                               ATTENTION
2010 Business Administration:
Management & Marketing                    FREE CAREER
Internship: Blair County                  SERVICES
Convention Center                         ASSISTANCE
Altoona Graduation

The Administrative Professional program     ACCOUNTING
prepares students to be proficient office   Accountants are needed for every type of
administrators and managers. Students       business—whether it’s a global industry
in this program learn office procedures,    or a shop on Main Street. Students in
management techniques, and the most         this program learn both the essentials
extensively used software packages.         and the latest technological trends in
Employers have had a keen interest in       accounting practices.
hiring graduates from this major for        Career Opportunities
many years due to their ability to adapt
                                            ■   Staff Accountant
in a variety of office settings.            ■   Accounting Assistant
Career Opportunities                        ■   Bookkeeper
■   Administrative Assistant                ■   Accounting Clerk
■   Administrative Professional             ■   Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
■   Computer Applications Specialist        ■   Payroll Clerk
■   Executive Secretary                     ■   Adminisitrative Assistant
■   Office Assistant                        Business Accounting students will:
■   Office Manager
                                            ■ Learn the foundations of financial,
■   Project Manager                           payroll, and computer accounting
■   Support or Software Specialist          ■ Gain strong skills in Microsoft Excel,
Administrative Professional                   Word, & Access
students will:                              ■ Develop excellent communications skills
                                            ■ Maintain the highest ethical values
■ Learn how to keep an office organized
  and functioning at an optimal level       Sample of Courses
■ Create and maintain websites and          ■   Principles of Financial Accounting
  databases                                 ■   Payroll Accounting
■ Become involved in the ever-changing      ■   Spreadsheets
  technological environment
                                            ■   Cost/Managerial Accounting
■ Learn to prioritize tasks
                                            ■   Fundamentals of Income Taxes
■ Exhibit professional behavior
                                            ■   Basics of financial software
Sample of Courses
■ Accounting I and Payroll Accounting
■ Editing, Proofreading, Transcription
■ Human Resource Management                       SOUTH HILLS BUSINESS
■ Management and Supervision                      PROGRAMS THOROUGHLY
■ Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel,         PREPARE YOU FOR A
  Access, PowerPoint)
■ Publisher and InDesign
                                                  SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN
                                                  TODAY’S SOPHISTICATED

                                                        “The teachers and
                                                        staff are amazing.
                                                        They put the time
                                                        and effort in to
                                                        making sure I am
                                                        the best I can be for
                                                        when I start my new
                                                        SARA WITHERITE
                                                        Administrative Professional
                                                        Graduation Year: 2011

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION:                    Management & Marketing
MANAGEMENT & MARKETING                      students will:
                                            ■ Learn to collect & analyze marketing
Increasingly, employers need flexible
                                              data using market research techniques
employees who can wear a variety            ■ Create advertising and promotional
of hats within an organization.               materials & prepare media plans and
Our program provides a thorough               press releases
background in business essentials:          ■ Learn selling and marketing principles
administrative, technological,              ■ Simulate the process of starting and
managerial, and marketing. We offer           maintaining a small business
internships with local businesses and       ■ Gain excellent communications and
                                              interpersonal skills
organizations that enable students to
                                            ■ Work with major software applications
experience real-life business operations.
                                            Sample of Courses
Career Opportunities
                                            ■   Marketing & Selling
■   Sales Manager or Purchasing Agent
                                            ■   Small Business Management
■   Account Executive
                                            ■   Market Research & Statistics
■   Sales & Marketing Specialist
                                            ■   Advertising & Public Relations
■   Store or Property Manager
                                            ■   Management
■   Human Resources Assistant
                                            ■   Accounting

Engineering Technology is the                The Information Technology program al-
application of engineering principles        lows students to explore computer tech-
and modern technology to help solve          nologies in web development, computer
or prevent problems. The South Hills         networking, computer security, database
curriculum for this program includes         administration, and programming. Stu-
Drafting, Mechanical CAD, Civil CAD,         dents will learn widely used software pack-
Architectural CAD, Solid Modeling,           ages, computer programming languages,
CNC Programming and Dimensional              computer hardware maintenance and
Metrology. Besides computer training,        troubleshooting, and project management.
students focus on team building, math,       Career Opportunities
and development of problem-solving           ■ Computer Support Specialist
skills. Graduates of the program are         ■ Network Administrator
employed with civil and architectural        ■ IT Security Analyst
engineering firms, manufacturing firms,      ■ Applications Developer or Programmer
and in various governmental agencies.        ■ Webmaster and E-Commerce Specialist
Career Opportunities                         ■ Network Systems and Data
                                               Communications Analyst
■ CAD Technician in the mechanical, civil,
                                             ■ Database Administrator
  or architectural fields
■ Engineering Technician                     Information Technology students
■ Quality Assurance Technician               will study:
■ Drafter                                    ■   Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
Engineering Technology                       ■   Computer Hardware
students will:                               ■   Object-Oriented Programming
                                             ■   Office Applications
■ Become proficient in CAD
                                             ■   Networking Protocols
■ Learn how to use and design
  spreadsheets                               ■   Linux Operating Systems
■ Learn to accurately measure using          ■   IT Project Management
  a variety of precision measuring           ■   Web Programming and Development
  instruments in the mechanical and civil    ■   IT Security
  fields                                     ■   Wireless Networks
■ Intern with a local company                ■   Network Administration
Sample of Courses                            Sample of Courses
■ Mechanical Drafting and Mechanical         ■   Computer Forensics
  CAD                                        ■   Telecommunications
■ Architectural CAD and Civil CAD            ■   Game Programming with Python
■ Machining Processes and CNC                ■   Cisco Networking
  Programming                                ■   Java Programming
■ Mechanical Design and Civil Design         ■   Web Site Design
■ Materials Science and Physics              ■   Ethical Hacking and Defense
                                             ■   C# Programming
                                             ■   E-Commerce
                                             ■   Project Management

“I would highly recommend South
Hills to anyone seeking to move
further in their career... Whether
fresh out of high school, or later in
life, wanting to advance or change
careers—South Hills has so much
to offer and there is no better
investment in yourself that can
be made.”
2008 Information Technology Graduate
User Experience Engineer, Schoolwires, Inc.

                                              “My oldest son graduated from
                                              the South Hills Engineering
                                              program in 2009 and works
                                              at Penn State in the Applied
                                              Research Laboratory. My
                                              youngest son is enrolled to start
                                              this fall. I would recommend
                                              South Hills to anyone.”
                                              GARY BOWERSOx
                                              2010 Engineering Technology Graduate
                                              Field Technician, Hillis-Carnes Engineering

    The Graphic Arts student will focus             Graphic Arts students will:
    on the use of electronic technology             ■ Use the latest software to develop and
    while incorporating the basic theories            produce design projects
    of advertising, layout, type, color and         ■ Gain an understanding of design
    illustration. The sequenced curriculum            vocabulary and the printing &
                                                      publishing processes
    emphasizes fundamental traditions of
                                                    ■ Become familiar with art direction,
    design through concept development,               interactive design, typography,
    color, composition, image making,                 publishing, packaging, and corporate
    typography, and verbal and written                identity
    communication.                                  ■ Develop a final portfolio and resume for
                                                      their job search
    Career Opportunities
    ■   Graphic Artist/Designer
                                                    Sample of Courses
    ■   Web Designer                                ■   Typography
    ■   Desktop Publishing                          ■   Media and Design Study
    ■   Book/Catalog/Publication Designer           ■   Concept Development
    ■   Production/Pre-press Artist                 ■   Digital Photography
                                                    ■   Video Production and Editing

                                                                        “I would recommend
                                                                        the Graphic Design
                                                                        program at South Hills
                                                                        to anyone who wants
                                                                        to enter the design
                                                                        field and is willing to
                                                                        work hard to succeed.
                                                                        It definitely isn’t easy.
                                                                        But it is definitely
                                                                        worth it. The teachers
                                                                        are always there to
         “I think the small classes                                     help anyone reach
         helped so that I could get real                                their goal.”
         one on one time if need be                                     JASON ANTHONY COLóN
         with my instructors.”                                          2010 Graphic Arts Graduate
         JENNIFER JOHNSON                                               Internship: Graphic Designer,
         2008 Graphic Arts Graduate                                     Penn State College of
         Graphic Designer, Centre Publications                          Communications

8   South Hills School of Business and Technology
 DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL                              DMS Professional Plus
 SONOGRAPHY                                      This two year diploma program is
 The DMS programs for General, Cardiac, and      designed for applicants who already have
 Vascular Sonography are accredited by the       a previous Bachelor’s degree in a field
 Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health   other than Medical Imaging. It includes
 Education Programs (CAAHEP).                    courses anatomy, physiology, medical
 Diagnostic Ultrasound uses high-                terminology, patient care, and medical
 frequency sound waves to image                  imaging sciences.
 various organs and structures within
                                                 DMS Professional
 the body. It is completely noninvasive
 and is used extensively in hospitals            This one year diploma program is
 and clinics worldwide. The Diagnostic           designed for applicants who already have
 Medical Sonographer utilizes high-tech          a previous 2-year or 4-year degree or
 equipment to assess abdominal organs            diploma in a Medical Imaging specialty
 such as the liver and kidneys; the heart        such as Radiologic Technology or
 in adults, children, and even the fetus;        Nuclear Medicine Technology. It assumes
 blood flow within veins and arteries            a strong background in anatomy,
 throughout the body, and brain structure        physiology, medical terminology, patient
 in newborn infants.                             care, and medical imaging sciences.

 Sonographers are respected members of           Career Opportunities
 the healthcare team. They work closely          ■   Echocardiographer
                                                 ■   Vascular Sonographer
 with physicians such as Radiologists,
                                                 ■   General/Abdominal Sonographer
 Cardiologists, Perinatologists, and
                                                 ■   OB/Gyn Sonographer
 Surgeons, in the diagnosis of various
                                                 ■   Ultrasound Department Manager
 diseases and conditions.                        ■   Imaging Services Manager
 Three-year Associate in Specialized             ■   Applications Specialist
 Technology Degree Program                       Sample of Courses
 This program prepares students to               ■ Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation
 perform diagnostic testing on patients            I and II
 in hospitals or other healthcare facilities.    ■ Vascular Technology I and II
 Students choose from three Sonography           ■ Clinical Obstetrics
 specializations:                                ■ Cross-sectional and Three-dimensional
 ■ General Sonography (OB/GYN,                     Anatomy
   Abdominal)                                    ■ Echocardiography I and II
 ■ Cardiac Sonography (Echocardiography/         ■ Law and Ethics for Imaging Professionals
 ■ Vascular Sonography

HEALTH INFORMATION                                  MEDICAL ASSISTANT
TECHNOLOGY                                          The health care industry is changing
At our State College location, this program is      quickly with an increasing demand for
accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for   more multi-skilled health care workers.
Health Informatics and Information Management       The medical assistant graduate is trained
Education (CAHIIM). Upon successful completion
of the HIT program, State College graduates are
                                                    to perform specific administrative and
eligible to apply to take the Registered Health     clinical procedures in a medical setting.
Information Technology (RHIT) examination.          Clinical duties may include assisting
                                                    the physician, specimen collection and
Health Information Technology students
                                                    processing, and medication preparation
learn the latest medical, technical,
                                                    and administration as permitted by
and healthcare management skills to
                                                    state law. Administrative duties may
operate successfully in today’s varied
                                                    include records management, medical
and fast-paced health environments. HIT
                                                    transcription, and billing.
specialists collect, organize, and evaluate
records in a wide range of health care              Career Opportunities
settings such as: acute care hospitals,             ■   Medical Laboratory Assistant
specialty hospitals, physician offices,             ■   Office Clinician
nursing homes, prison health facilities             ■   Medical Records Assistant
and ambulatory care facilities.                     ■   Electrocardiography Technician
                                                    ■   Phlebotomist
Career Opportunities
■   Health data analyst
                                                    Medical Assistant students will:
■   Abstractor                                      ■ Be able to complete common diagnostic
■   Inpatient and Outpatient Coder                    procedures
■   Medical Records Manager                         ■ Be able to prepare and administer
■   Health Information Technician
                                                    ■ Understand proper aseptic techniques
Health Information Technology                       ■ Be able to perform medical coding and
students will:                                        billing procedures
■ Learn coding and transcription                    ■ Be knowledgeable about anatomy,
■ Learn anatomical, physiological, and                physiology, and disease conditions
  medical terminology                               Sample of Courses
■ Learn about medical insurance issues              ■   Laboratory Procedures
Sample of Courses                                   ■   Clinical Skills
■   Anatomy and Physiology                          ■   Pharmacology
■   Health Records                                  ■   Anatomy & Physiology
■   Medical Terminology                             ■   Medical Administrative Skills
■   Reimbursement Systems
■   Diagnostic Coding

                                                             “I know I have found a
                                                             career that I am going
                                                             to love for the rest of
                                                             my life. My patients and
                                                             the sonographers at
                                                             Johns Hopkins sense my
                                                             confidence and it makes
                                                             me feel even better about
                                                             my skills. I am so excited
                                                             for the rest of my career.”
                                                             LAKISIA DREW
                                                             2010 Diagnostic Medical Sonography
                                                             Sonographer, The Johns Hopkins

    Graduation Year: 2011

MEDICAL OFFICE SPECIALIST                      Medical Office Specialist
Professional administrative medical office     students will:
assistants are needed in all inpatient and     ■ Gain strong keyboarding and
                                                 computer skills
outpatient settings across the health and
                                               ■ Become detail oriented
medical landscape. Employment in the           ■ Be able to demonstrate professionalism
medical field will continue to expand          ■ Possess strong keyboarding, oral, and
as the elderly population continues              written communication skills
to grow. An internship completes the
                                               Sample of Courses
program, as students are placed in an
                                               ■   Anatomy and Physiology
office setting that offers experience with
                                               ■   Medical Transcription & Terminology
patient records, billing, receptionist work,
                                               ■   Medical Administrative Skills
transcription, and insurance procedures.       ■   Pharmacology
Career Opportunities                           ■   Medical Insurance Forms
■   Transcriptionist
■   Medical Unit Secretary                             SOUTH HILLS
■   Medical Coder/Abstractor
■   Medical Billing Manager
                                                       HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS
■   Patient Registration                               PROVIDE INNOVATIVE
                                                       AND RELEVANT CAREER

                                                     “I believe that South Hills
                                                     helped me in every way
                                                     possible. The teachers were
                                                     great because they came from
                                                     the Criminal Justice field and
                                                     they brought their experience
                                                     to us. I would recommend
                                                     South Hills to my friends.”
                                                     CORY REEDER
                                                     2009 Criminal Justice Graduate
                                                     Correctional Officer, Clinton County
                                                     Correctional Facility

12   South Hills School of Business and Technology
CRIMINAL JUSTICE                              LEGAL ASSISTANT
The Criminal Justice Program provides         This associate’s degree program will
students with a broad understanding           teach you to be a well-qualified legal
of the criminal justice system and the        assistant. Students learn standard office
various social and economic factors,          procedures, basic accounting, and the
which impact this challenging and             most widely used software applications.
fast-growing field. The South Hills           The LA program offers hands-on
curriculum provides an intensive study        projects, coursework, and opportunities
in criminal justice at the local, state and   for internships. You will also develop
federal levels.                               professional personal communication
Career Opportunities                          skills, as they are essential for employees
■   Law Enforcement Officer
                                              in the field.
■   Corrections Officer                       Career Opportunities
■   Private Detective                         ■   Legal Assistant
■   Public Safety Officer                     ■   Office Manager
■   Product Security Officer                  ■   Legal Administrative Assistant
■   Loss Prevention Officer                   ■   Courthouse Support
■   Victim Advocate
                                              Legal Assistant students will:
Criminal Justice students will:               ■ Learn basic accounting and economics
■ Learn investigative techniques and          ■ Learn administrative and legal office
  basic security                                procedures
■ Develop strong critical thinking and        ■ Have excellent communication skills
  writing skills                              ■ Become familiar with personal injury,
■ Learn the criminal legal process/             family law and criminal law
  procedures for the PA court system
■ Become familiar with criminal and           Sample of Courses
  family law                                  ■   Business Law
■ Gain competence with computer               ■   Civil Litigation
  software and keyboarding skills             ■   Cyber Law
                                              ■   Criminal Law
Sample of Courses
                                              ■   Family Law
■ Forensic Science
■ Criminal Evidence
■ Human Rights Issues in Criminal Justice
■ Juvenile Delinquency Rehabilitation of
                                                    SOUTH HILLS LEGAL
  the Offender                                      PROGRAMS HELP YOU
■ American Constitutional Law                       BECOME ExCELLENT
                                                    COMMUNICATORS AND
                                                    PROBLEM SOLVERS.

     A Great Way To Build Your Resume

     ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                              HEALTH CAREERS CLUB
     With over 5,000 alumni from four                Health Careers Club is a unique club of
     locations, the association continues            leadership development, motivation,
     to grow.                                        and recognition exclusively for students
                                                     pursuing health care careers.
     CLUB IT
     Club IT offers students the opportunity         NEWSPAPER CLUB
     to build their computer skills through          Members conduct meetings to
     interaction with the community around           organize, write, and format interesting
     them.                                           articles for current students, staff, and
                                                     faculty to read.
     C.O.P.S. stands for Community Outreach          PHI BETA LAMBDA (PBL)
     and Public Service Club. Criminal Justice       An association of students preparing
     students help with community service            for careers in business and business
     projects during and after school, and           related fields.
     work together as a group to accomplish
     their club goals.

14   South Hills School of Business and Technology

   STUDENT AMBASSADORS                           STUDENT TUTORS
   The primary mission of the Student            Students who volunteer their time to
   Ambassadors is to endorse the                 help other South Hills students with their
   educational, personal, and professional       academic progress.
   benefits of being a part of the South Hills
   School community.                             YEARBOOK
                                                 The Yearbook club offers students the
   STUDENT FORUM                                 chance to publish a book reflecting
   The group acts as a sounding board for        their time at South Hills, incorporating
   the student body, and sponsors cultural,      layout and design, editing and
   educational, and recreational events          proofreading, photography, marketing
   throughout the year.                          and advertising sales.

                                                                            “South Hills has
                                                                            given me the
                                                                            knowledge to
                                                                            be successful in
                                                                            whatever I choose
                                                                            to do.”
                                                                            ASHLEY RIDER
                                                                            2010 Business
                                                                            Administration: Accounting
                                                                            Accounting Specialist,
                                                                            TransducerWorks, LLC

Click on Alumni at

  SCE: State College Campus                                                             PBG: Philipsburg Learning Site
  ALT: Altoona Branch Campus                                                            LWT: Lewistown Learning Site

   Business Programs                                                                                   SCE   ALT   PBG         LWT
   Administrative Professional (ASB Degree)                                                             l     l     l          l
   Business Administration-Accounting (ASB Degree)                                                      l     l               
   Business Administration-Management & Marketing (ASB Degree)                                          l     l               l
   Office Assistant (One-Year Diploma)                                                                  l     l     l          l
   One-Year Accounting (Diploma)                                                                        l     l     l          l
   Retail Management (One-Year Diploma)                                                                 l
   Technology Programs                                                                                 SCE   ALT   PBG         LWT
   Engineering Technology (AST Degree)                                                                  l
   Information Technology (AST Degree)                                                                  l     l     l          l
   Computer Plus (One-Year Diploma)                                                                     l           l          l
   Healthcare Programs                                                                                 SCE   ALT   PBG         LWT
   Health Information Technology (AST Degree)                                                           l     l
   Medical Office Specalist (ASB Degree)                                                                l     l               
   Diagnostic Medical Sonography (AST Degree, DMP & DPP Diploma)                                        l
   Medical Assistant (Diploma)                                                                          l                     
   Legal Programs                                                                                      SCE   ALT   PBG         LWT
   Criminal Justice (ASB Degree)                                                                        l     l               l
   Legal Assistant (ASB Degree)                                                                         l     l
   Graphic Arts Program                                                                                SCE   ALT   PBG         LWT
   Graphic Arts (AST Degree)                                                                            l
     For two-year programs marked with an asterisk, students may begin their first two to three terms at the Philipsburg or
      Lewistown Learning Site, and must finish the remainder of their program at the State College or Altoona Campus.
      South Hills is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The HIT program is accredited
      by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM) in cooperation with the
      sponsoring professional organization, the Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Not all programs offered at
      all locations.
      The Diagnostic Medical Sonography AST degree program, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Professional, and the
      Diagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus programs are all accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Allied
      Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

      Student and graduate photos taken at the State College Campus unless otherwise noted.

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