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   Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born
    on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul,
    Minnesota to an Irish Catholic middle
    class family.
   He was a novelist, short story writer
    and a poet.
   When he was 12 he wrote a detective
    story which was published in the
    school newspaper.
   In 1913 he enrolled at Princeton
    University where he became friends
    with Edmund Wilson John Peale
    Bishop who who became future
   After graduating in 1917 from
    Princeton, Fitzgerald enlisted in the
    US navy during WWI, however the war
    shortly ended after he enlisted.
   He married his “golden girl”, Zelda
    Sayre in 1919. In 1921 their daughter
    Frances was born.
   Fitzgerald’s work is mostly
    influenced by the 1920’s or the
    “roaring twenties” a time when
    Americans enjoyed a period of
   Many of his writings include his
    wife’s personality, and personal
    statements from diaries and
   Fitzgerald had a drinking
    problem which attributed to his
    financial troubles.
   These financial troubles led
    Fitzgerald to Hollywood where
    he wrote short commercial
    scripts and wrote his fifth and
    final novel.
    On December 21, 1940
    Fitzgerald died of a heart attack.   Hollywood in the 1920’s
   While attending Princeton
    University, Fitzgerald wrote
    scripts for the Princeton Triangle
    Club, a theater troupe. He often
    abandoned his studies to focus
    on writing, his true passion,
    which led him to be placed on
    academic probation. Because of
    this, he decided to join the army.
    During his time in war, he wrote
    “The Romantic Egotist.” After he
    was discharged in 1919, he went
    on to write “This Side of
    Paradise”, which made him
    become known worldwide by
    many readers. Fitzgerald wanted
    to be considered as a serious
    writer, but his “playboy” and
    lavish lifestyle prevented critics
    from fully lauding his works.
   His writings often reflected his autobiographical
    experiences in life, including his wife’s mental
    breakdowns and their overall turbulent
    relationship. In The Great Gatsby, the main
    character, Jay Gatsby lives a life analogous to
    Fitzgerald’s. They both went to opulent parties and
    led greedy and reckless lives. Additionally,
    Fitzgerald often wrote of the futility of the lives of
    the rich and famous. In The Crack-Up (1936),
    Fitzgerald wrote a collection of essays and letters
    that mainly described his troubled life at the time.
   The Great Gatsby is often
    considered "The Great
    American Novel.“ Fitzgerald's
    masterpiece captures the
    essence of the "Jazz Age" and
    the "Roaring Twenties", but
    also embeds timeless themes
    and ideals through brilliant
    literary artistry and a
    controlled narrative point of
    view. He focuses on human
    nature, more specifically the
    quest for love, the hunger
    for wealth, as well as the
    infatuation with social
   Fitzgerald revealed that he
    wanted to "write something
    extraordinary and beautiful
    and simple and intricately
    patterned.“ In the last year
    of his life he wrote to his
    daughter, "I wish now I'd
    never relaxed or looked
    back - but said at the end
    of 'The Great Gatsby': I've
    found my line - from now
    on this comes first. This is
    my immediate duty -
    without this I am nothing.'"
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