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					                                  >>THE COOL SCHOOL<<

                                                „The Cool School“
                                           addresses all those, who want not
                                         only to grasp their guitar, but moreso
                                      want to understand what they grasp, what
                                     they do. This is the condition to be able to
                                   create your own music. But, it must be said,
                                   first you have to learn how to walk and later
                                  you can decide which game to play. This shows
                                  the path leading from grasping to understanding
                                  and only afterwards we can decide what to play.
                                      He who understands this, only needs some
                                           patience, conciousness and love.
                                                “Creativity is innate”.
                                                     This is the way
                                                    “elders must be
                                                    come children“
                                                      they should
                                                      refrain what
                                                       most actual
                                                      methods are
                                                      doing uncon
                                                        they fight
                                                      creativity !!!
                                                „The Cool School“
                                         is no classical school, it uses neither
                                purely classical nor purely modern material, it is no
                        intellectual, no mechanical, no pedagogical school. It aims
                  at an equal and balanced education of body, mind and soul by learning
               music. Yet there is hardly another dis            cipline that offers this in the same,
             way. This is why music is termed the                  kings way, its masterworks culture.
          We do only use specially composed                          material, following given principles
            serving creative progressions. „The                       cool school“ considers every level
                 of evolution, be it technique, the               ory or only classical interpretation.
                       It takes into consideration also the assiting talents that are involved,
                            on lower or higher levels. Creative life can only bloom if we
                      recognize and acknowledge that the coordination of different entities
                and talents creates result, that would have not been possible for a single genius.
          The spirit of a symphonic orchestra or a baseball team are obvious examples that teach us
       symbolically about our own inherent trinity, where the entities of body and mind, the car and its
 driver, could not manage their job without the heart, the owner who has to add meaning and harmony to
the otherwise incomplete manoeuvers. Luck and fulfillment only waits for him who gives each helper his
just reward. This is one of the most rewarding lessons we can learn by learning to play music in a wholistic
  way. This is what we want to achieve on the guitar. Music rewards us on many levels when we first pay
      attention. Music matching the needs of our trinity, progessive compositions between classical and
           modern styles satisfy the soul, form the conciousness for quality and educate the body in
                instrumental basics. Refined right hand technique creates 3 levels of controlled
                        sound as well as many unusual effects. Technique and scales gain
                                  meaning through strageties of creative use. Thus
                                          conciousness and personality grow.
                                                       Have fun !

                                      LOVE ALL MUSIC
„The Cool School“ is the important educational contribution of a unique talent, giving us insights into his
profound, creative concepts of life and music. Out of the deep understanding of the historic development
     of the music and cultures and his open minded, worldwide study, he contributes an important
                           contemporary chapter to the history of the guitar.


                                           Part 1:     Basics

Creative basics on the guitar: Instrument – Posture – Principle of Laziness

The dynamicpointtechnic (DPT)I Introduction – Method – Farmer and Jumper

The development of the right hand Halftone, whole tone scales– Diatonic scales – Fingerboard

From pentatonic to chromatic 5 fifth – Blues scale – Mixtures – Two voice scales

From scale to harmony Circle of fifth – Development of the churchtones (major / minor)

Basics of harmony Scale inherent triads (cadences) – Seventh chords (modulations) – Relations of thirds

                                        Part 2: Applications

Accompaniment, Kunstlied Johnny guitar – Flowerpower – Winds are blowing – Beyond the clouds

Improvisation       Blues – Two feet for time – Tigerrock – Juanito Flamenco – Moon
DPT II advanced Dynamic – Damping – Interpretation – La Folia

Preparations and effects Vibrato – Harmonics – Partial tones – String tricks – PerD#Cussion

From 12 months and 12 tones Overtone row – Laws – Intervals – spinal column
The composition Stiles – Treatments of a theme – Tristesse mathématique – Petit cénacle – Mimenspiel

You and the audience Psychology – The concert program

Epilogue Appreviations / Dictionary Literature Didacted works and studies for the guitar

                                                 Part 3:
Easy Solos for guitar
Tigerbaby dreams – Tigerreigen – Tigerswing – Rauf und Rondo – Tigerwalk – Popcornfields –
Kleines Latinum – Study (mindscape) – Tigerrag
7 nice price Duos
Schnuggi – Wooggi – Schocki – Rocki – Variations on „3 Chinese and the double bass” –
Moon (Vocal) – Twistin’ at Bee’s Bop – Dancing bottle – Flower Power 2

Appendix: Giuliani/Lawall 3rd movement of sonata op.15, Appendix, Worklist, CDs
                       „The Cool School“ offers a new way in many aspects on 150 pages.
Studies on creativity demonstrate that there really exists a measurable CQ (creativity quotient) the development
of which needs (besides intuition) material knowledge and experience. In order to master the material – and here
are the core ideas in this seemingly new stratagem - the different cooperators in the creative process have to be
recognized, understood and harmonized.

              All existence, all appearances of our world have an inherent, „opening“ trinity:

                                           man (body, spirit and soul),
                                       music (rhythm, melody, harmony),
                                            matter (solid, liquid, gas).
                          Real creativity must be conscious of the mutual penetration
                           of the three trinity-entities and use their talents according
                                   to needs and purposes of a certain situation.
                                            For this school this means:

            There are no standard teaching procedures as given in routine teaching methods !!!

                     The acceptance of difficulties is strong in the beginning and should be
                                        rewarded with music immediately.
                Therefore we start with an emphasis on the sound forming, creative right hand.
               This has been developed and verified during many lessons and the “Saitenspiele”
                 (ed.Peters, Frankfurt, New York) offer an effective, musically motivated path
                              to get the basics while playing (suite 1, 4, 3, 2, 9, 8).
                      At the same time it is more important to understand the fingerboard
             and the mathematically simple relationships in music than to ponder on sightreading.
                 He who first understands music, will understand how to write it down easily,
  whereas the brain – occupied with learning to write and read notes – is more occupied with the symbols than
                                    with the creative logic of the music itself.
                          The value of the symbols themselves is merely intellectual,
        serves the sightreader but obscures the creative logic, whereas tabulature serves only the body.

                                     The musical trinity equations would be:


           The guitar nearly forces us – if we want to comprehend at all – to think in creative terms,
                      since the chromatic logic of the fingerboard serves creativity better
                             than the diatonic logic of the black & white keyboard.

 After all it cannot be the sense of a creative approach to give endless etudes, a full harmonic, compositional or
                           improvisers course. All this is looked at in a fundamental way,
                     on the background of a detailed and creatively thought through technique.
                                 If the basics are grasped, an evolution is possible.
                       Different directions are indicated and literature for evolution is given
                                          and omnipressent on the market.

                                      Creativity likes to find it’s own ways.

                                         LOVE ALL MUSIC
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          <<The Cool School>> 30,- Euro + 5 Euro handling. Together with „Saitenspiele“ 40,- Euro.
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