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					                                  WESTERN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION, INC.
                                  9719 Lincoln Village Drive, Suite 303, Sacramento, CA 95827
                                                                                                                  Volume 7 Issue 7
                                                                                                                  November 2003

                    THE WECA NEWS
                                                                                               Inside this issue:
Message from the President. . .                                                                Calendar of Events                       2
Darryl Vasko, President of the WECA Board of Directors, & President of Vasko Electric , Inc.   Welcome New Members                      2
                                                                                               Labor Code Section 1777.5                3
                                                                                               Simplifying DAS 140 Contributions
Congratulations to Californians for standing up and taking action to                           California State Certification for       4
begin to take back their State! As merit shop contractors in the State of
California, we have seen how the rules and regulations set in our State                        Hat’s Off To “TNABF”                     7
have hindered the growth of our businesses and stalled the expansion                           WECA at the Capitol                      8
of our Apprenticeship Programs. We’ve all had first hand experience
                                                                                               Journeyman Classes                      10
over the last six years with Gray Davis’s appointments to key positions
in the CAC, DIR, and DAS and the havoc they have caused. So much                               WECA Association Member Roster          10
so that it seemed that we were fighting a losing battle. It is                                 WECA Member Roster                       11
disheartening to think all of this was being influenced by 15% of the
State’s electrical contractors who choose to still be Union affiliated. I                      Platt Electric Lands National        Insert
                                                                                               Achievement Award
believe that everyone saw that the Davis administration was unwilling to
                                                                                               Make-A-Wish 20th Year Anniversary    Insert
come to terms with the fact that their business practices are
devastatingly wrong for our current economy. It becomes crystal clear                          “Journeymen….Choose the Right        Insert
to all of us as we see businesses leave this great State due to
                                                                                               2003 WECA Christmas Dinner Party     Insert
overregulation and soaring costs.
The time has come when people want to become more involved with
the regulations that affect their business and livelihood. We witnessed
this on October 7th, 2003, in California’s first, and only the second in
the nation, historic vote to recall governor Gray Davis. Californians
turned out in record numbers (over 60%) to make their voices heard.                                         “Making A Tough

Now is the time we all must become more involved than we have in the
past and stand up for what we feel is right .We must work to get this
economy back on track. I urge all of you to actively participate with
your trade association by contributing to your PAC and PEF funds on
both the State and Federal levels. The time is now. Let’s not loose what               
we voted for on October 7th. Roll up your sleeves and keep the
momentum moving.
Thank You,
Darryl Vasko
Page 2                                                                         The WECA News - November 2003

                                      WECA Board of Directors                                     ASSOCIATION STAFF
      November &                   Darryl Vasko, President
       December                    Vasko Electric, Inc.                             Customer Consultant / Single Point Of
                                                             Contact - Ext. 24
     Calendar                                                                       Sue Fairbanks -
     of Events                     Greg Anderson, Vice President                    Customer Consultant / Single Point Of
                                   Rex Moore Electrical Contractors                 Contact - Ext. 22
      11/12/03 - 12:00PM                           Alice Petterson -
  SUB-ATC Committee Meeting
       San Diego Office            Rick Butterfield, Treasurer & Immd Past Pres     Administrative Manager - Ext. 41
                                   Butterfield Electric Inc.                        Roxanne Barnello -
                                             Receptionist / Admin. Assistant - Ext. 10
        11/13/03 - 9:30AM
   Board of Directors Meeting                                                       April Carpenter–
       Sacramento Office           Mark Cooper
                                   H & D Electric, Inc.                             ATC Accountant - Ext. 23
                                                                                    Telisha Edge -
  11/20/03 - 10:00AM / 11:30AM
     Marketing Membership                                                           WECA Accountant - Ext. 25
                                   Joe Lickey                                       Yolanda
                                   Denny’s Electric
         12/6/03– 5:00PM                               Insurance Administrator - Ext. 17
2003 WECA Christmas Dinner Party                                                    Cindy Cormier -
  Capitol Plaza Halls– Downtown    Marc McBride                                     Curriculum Coordinator - Ext. 26
                                   McBride Electric, Inc.                           Marsha Easter -
                                                                                    Apprentice Dispatch - Ext. 19
    ATC Committee Meeting
      Sacramento Office            Art Munoz                                        Debbie Jolly-Jordan -
                                   Marticus Electric, Inc.                          Operations Manager - Ext. 20
                                                          Rick Lawrence -
                                                                                    Project Manager
                                   Jim Neuffer                                      Robin Lysaght -
                                   Neuffer Electric
                                                         Sacramento Instructor
                                                                                    Earl March–
                                   Wes Owsley                                       Sacramento Instructor
                                   Advanced Electric, Inc.                          Jimmie Slemp–
                                               Sacramento Instructor
                                                                                    Mike Moyer–
                                   Frank Vellutini
                                                                                    San Diego Instructor
                                   Royal Electric Co.
                                                                                    Bill Jackson–
                                                                                    Recruiter & Outreach Coordinator- Ext. 36
                                   Tom Wilbert                                      Shevea Myrick -
                                   VCI Telcom, Inc.
                                                                                    Administrative Assistant - Ext. 38
          City Chevrolet                         Nancy Quint -
          San Diego, CA
                                                                                    Administrative Assistant - Ext. 29
                                                                                    Dara Domasky
                                        ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP TEAM
        Granite Electrical         Executive Director, CEO - Ext. 12                IT / Database Specialist - Ext. 39
          Supply, Inc.             Terry Seabury -            Steve Ries -
         Sacramento, CA
                                   Apprenticeship Director - Ext. 27
                                   Debbie Dobson –              Disciplinary Coordinator - Ext. 28
                                                                                    Jackie Thayer -
          Safety Services          HR / Customer Services Director - Ext. 11
            Company                Christine Hall -              Office Clerk - Ext. 29
           Corona, CA
                                   Government Affairs Director- Ext. 18             Ronnie Vigel -
                                   Eric Christen -
                                                                                    Records Administrator –Ext. 40
                                   Manager, SoCal Membership Services               Audra Jamieson -
                                   San Diego Office (858) 751-0600
                                   Robert Bartlett -         Student Information Data Analyst -Ext.
                                   Financial Manager- Ext. 15                       Vacant
                                   Gail Gibson -
November 2003 - The WECA News                                                                                 Page 3

If you are awarded a Public Works job and have any questions, call WECA (toll free 877-444-9322). Our Customer
Consultants are happy to help guide you through the paperwork.

Note: Training funds must be paid if the PW job is over $1000. If the total contract is over $30,000 and the
man-hours are >5, then a request must be made for apprentices. (Jobs <$1000 are not subject to PW laws)

RULE NUMBER 2 - Notification of Contract Award Information

 In all cases, notification must be submitted within 10 days of the agreement or contract award, but in no event later
than the first day in which the contractor has workers employed on the public work; DAS 140 forms are available on
WECA’s Web Site.
         (a) For WECA contractors who are approved-to-train, you shall provide DAS 140 contract award
         information to WECA.
         (b) For WECA contractors who are not approved-to-train, as well as non-WECA contractors, you shall pro
         vide DAS 140 contract award information to ALL of the applicable apprenticeship committees whose geo
         graphic areas of operation include the area of the public works project. Visit WECA’s Web Site for a link
         to the State’s Apprenticeship Program search engine.

RULE NUMBER 3 - Employment of Apprentices on Public Works

The ratio of employment of apprentices is no less than one (1) hour of apprentice work for every five (5) hours work
performed by a journeyman. All contractors must request dispatch of required apprentices from an Apprenticeship
Program by giving the Program actual notice of at least 48 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
before the date on which apprentices are required.
        (a) WECA (approved-to-train) contractors may make a verbal request to WECA’s Dispatcher if they are in
        need of apprentices.
        (b) WECA contractors who are not approved-to-train, and non-WECA contractors, must submit under
        separate cover from the DAS 140, a written request for apprentices (DAS 142). The DAS 142 request for
        apprentice forms, is available on WECA’s Website. If you are denied dispatch, for areas where there is
        more than one Apprenticeship Committee, you must submit another request for dispatch of Apprentices
        from a second Committee.

RULE NUMBER 4 - Payment of Apprenticeship Training Contributions

California Labor Code requires all contractors employing journeymen on public works projects to make Journeymen
training contributions based on the hours worked, the County in which the work is performed, and the date the
project was first advertised for bid. Depending on the County, contributions can vary from $.25 to $1.28 per hour.
WECA has forms that streamline the payment of these fees. WECA Members are to pay these contributions to
WECA as outlined in the WECA Membership Agreement, If you aren’t sending them to WECA, do so right away.

        (a) All WECA contractors performing public works must pay these training contributions to WECA
                                                                              (See “ Simplifying DAS 140” continued on back page)
Page 4                                                                  The WECA News - November 2003

There continues to be much confusion about electrician testing and certification requirements. Attached is a revised analysis
reflecting new law under AB 1719, signed this month by Gov. Davis. I encourage you to ignore all the secondary source
material floating around via e-mails (much of it is wrong) and actually read the text of AB 931 (1999), AB 1087 (2002) and the
regulations associated with this bill, and AB 1719 (2003).
Examples of the latest fallacies circulating about electrician testing and certification:
    1. The deadline is now January 1, 2007.
    2. Electricians who do not pass the test by the deadline must be enrolled in a state or federally approved apprenticeship
       program to work.
    3. Federally-approved apprenticeship programs are not acceptable for training.
    4. It doesn't matter anymore, because Gov.-Elect Schwarzenegger will boot out the members of the California
       Apprenticeship Council and replace them quickly.

California’s New Electrician Testing and Certification Requirement: A Crisis Waiting to Happen

Assembly Bill 931, signed by Governor Davis in October 1999, authorized the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards
(DAS) to develop standards for the testing and certification of electricians.

Assembly Bill 1087, signed by Governor Davis in May 2002, requires electricians to be certified by January 1, 2005 in order to
work in California, with three exceptions:

    ·   The electrician is enrolled in an apprenticeship program approved by the California Apprenticeship Council.
    ·   The electrician is enrolled in an apprenticeship program approved by the U.S. Bureau of Apprenticeship Training.
    ·   The electrician has met eligibility standards for registration with the DAS (see “Working without Certification” below)
        and has registered with the DAS.

The only electrical apprenticeship programs approved by the California Apprenticeship Council are run by the following
     · The Western Electrical Contractors Association non-union trade association.
     · The Associated Builders and Contractors non-union trade association.
     · The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union.
     · The non-union Walther Electric Company.

It is extremely unlikely that the union-dominated California Apprenticeship Council will approve additional electrical
apprenticeship programs. Governor Schwarzenegger will be able to appoint new CAC members when the terms of seven
members expire on January 15, 2005.

Assembly Bill 1719, signed by Governor Davis in October 2003, allows the California Apprenticeship Council to delay the
deadline for testing and certification by up to two years beyond the current January 1, 2005 deadline. It requires the test to be
conducted in Spanish and other languages. It eliminates the January 1, 2004 deadline for the Division of Apprenticeship
Standards to issue a progress report and simply requires the Division of Apprenticeship Standards to issue a progress report
before the deadline.

IMPORTANT: Even though Governor Davis has allowed the option of extension, no announcement has been made yet that
there will be an extension so get certified! Also, if extended it will be up to 2 years so don’t count on the deadline being
January 1, 2007! GET CERTIFIED!
                                                                                       (See “CA. State Certification” continued on page 5)
November 2003 - The WECA News                                                                                           Page 5

(“CA. State Certification” continued from page 4)

Taking the Test

All electricians must take a computerized test to be certified. Fees are $75 to apply for the test and $100 to take the test.
The test must be administered in Spanish and in other non-English languages spoken by a substantial number of applicants.
To be eligible to take the test, electricians must be one of the following:
     ·    A graduate of an apprenticeship program approved by the California Apprenticeship Council (see above for list).
     ·    A graduate of an apprenticeship program approved by the U.S. Bureau of Apprenticeship Training.
     ·    Able to prove a substantive amount of on-the-job experience in various aspects of the electrical trade. Military
          experience is acceptable.
     ·    Licensed in another state for which the DAS chief determines that the licensing requirements are comparable to
          California requirements.
Working Without Certification—Formal Training Required
After January 1, 2005, an uncertified electrician may work if ALL of these registration and training requirements are met:

     ·    The person is an apprentice registered with the DAS.
     ·    The person either has completed or is enrolled in an approved curriculum of classroom instruction approved by an
          Electrician Certification Curriculum Committee and provided under the jurisdiction of the State Department of
          Education or the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.
     ·    The employer attests that the person shall be under the direct supervision of a certified electrician who is
          responsible for supervising no more than one uncertified person.
The initial registration fee is $25. There is no charge for registration after the initial registration, but it must be renewed
annually with the DAS.
Any person who displays a certificate, or otherwise claims to be certified, who is not certified shall be prohibited from
taking the test for certification for five years.

Most Electricians Won’t Be Certified by the Deadline
The California Employment Development Department’s Occupational Projections Table Six (revised April 10, 2003)
indicates that in 2000 there was an average of 61,800 electricians in California and 10,400 electrician helpers. The
National Electrical Contractors Association, a union contractor trade association that co-sponsored the bills to require
testing and certification of electricians, claims there are 75,000 electricians in California. (“Monday Morning Monthly”,
July 2003)
The Department of Industrial Relations reports that as of September 23, 2003:
     ·    3,252 electricians have been authorized to take the test
     ·    3,122 electricians have applied to take the test
     ·    1,286 electricians have taken the test
     ·    1,182 electricians have passed the test
     ·    104 electricians have failed the test

The fiscal year 2003-04 state budget indicates that the California Department of Industrial Relations expects to take in
$1,847,000 for the Electrician Certification Fund. (AB 1765, page 564, budget line 7350-001-3002) Fees for an electrician
are $75 to apply for the test and $100 to take the test. If the DIR assumed that every electrician who applied for the test in
fiscal year 2003-04 took the test, the DIR is apparently expecting 10,555 electricians to take the test from July 1, 2003
through June 30, 2004.
                                                                                     (See “CA. State Certification” continued on page 6)
   Page 6
   Page 6                                                                     The WECA News - November 2003

(“CA. State Certification” continued from page 5)

This leaves about 60,000 electricians in the state to take the test in the last six months before the deadline of January 1, 2005!

Legislature Won’t Know about the Problem

Assembly Bill 1087 had required the DAS to report to the Legislature by January 1, 2004, on the status of electrician
certification, including the following information:

     ·    The number of electricians certified
     ·    The number of persons enrolled in electrician apprenticeship programs
     ·    The number of electricians registered with the DAS to work without certification (this number will likely be
          minuscule, since it isn’t necessary until 2005)
     ·    The estimated number of individuals performing work for Class C-10 electrical contractors for which certification will
          be required after January 1, 2005, who have not yet been certified and are not enrolled in apprenticeship programs or
     ·    Whether enforcement of the January 1, 2005, deadline for certification will cause a shortage of electricians in
     ·    Whether persons who wish to become certified electricians will have an adequate opportunity to pass the certification
          exam, to register with the DAS without being certified, or to enroll in an apprenticeship program prior to January 1,

As a result of AB 1719, this report is now due at an unspecified time before the deadline.

What We Don’t Know

     ·    Beyond the DIR web site, to what extent has DAS tried to notify electricians and Class C-10 electrical contractors
          about the upcoming testing and certification/registration requirement?
     ·    Is information about electrician certification available in non-English languages spoken by a substantial number of
          construction workers, as required by AB 1087?
     ·    Is testing available in non-English languages spoken by a substantial number of construction workers, as required by
          AB 1087 and AB 1719?
     ·    Where is the Electrician Certification Curriculum Committee in its process of approving school and community
          college curricula? Has the DAS informed vocational schools and community colleges about this requirement?
     ·    When is the DAS going to contact WECA to inquire about its ability to enroll thousands of electricians at the last
          minute in its apprenticeship programs for the fall 2004 school year? This information needs to be provided to the
          legislature before the deadline.
     ·    Will DAS have the staff and funding to handle the rush of applicants for testing, certification, and registration that
          will happen at the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005? The DAS is required to notify applicants if their application
          is complete and accepted for filing within 30 days of receipt, and the DAS must issue a decision on certification
          within 60 days after the complete application is filed.
     ·    How will this electrician testing and certification/registration requirement be enforced? Is this a new responsibility of
          the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE)? Will the DLSE have the staff and funding to handle
      November 2003 - The WECA News                                                                                  Page 7

By: Robert Bartlett, Southern California Member Service Manager

This WECA member was nominated for and won the 2003 IEC National Member of the Year Award. WECA is privileged and
honored to present his qualifications for this prestigious award to the entire WECA membership. We have so many members
that deserve recognition, it’s difficult to bestow the gratitude for everything they’ve contributed....but in this case, there is so
much to admire. Let’s get started to see who is “TNABF” and why he won this coveted award.

He is the owner and President of a prominent firm in Northern California and has been a member of WECA since 1971. He
has served WECA in the following capacities: Treasurer, 1993-94; Vice President, 1995-98; President, 1999-2000; Immediate
Past President, 2001-02; ATC Trustee 1993-Present; ATC Chairman, 2002. He is an active member of the IEC National
Government Affairs Committee and has been instrumental in not only increasing the fund raising activities, but in motivating
many others to become more involved in supporting IEC’s efforts.
He has been honored with the following WECA and IEC awards:
    • WECA Man of the Year 2002
    • WECA Outstanding Service Award 2001
    • IEC National Award of Excellence in Electrical Construction 1999
So far I hope you see why everyone is in awe and admires…Read On! ...his accomplishments.....his proactive mentality and
energetic fortitude makes him “stand-out” in the ranks of many other great people. WECA and IEC are truly fortunate to have
him on our side. He is a forceful promoter of the merit shop industry and brought recognition and credibility to WECA’s
Association. He was the driving force that helped develop the interest and motivation for WECA’s application for approval
from the State of California’s Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) to launch a Residential training program. He has
elevated the awareness and importance of the Residential electrician throughout California due to his professionalism and
ability to be a leader and role model.
Being around him is like wearing “rose-colored” glasses all day......he has an obvious infectious passion for this industry and
the energy he displays rubs off on everyone around him. He makes sure that people who work with him realize that they are
the ones who make a difference....this is the trait of someone in command. His leadership doesn’t stop at motivating
others.....he has dedicated an enormous amount of personal funding to support the Association and its purpose. This man
doesn’t believe in lip service.....he knows how to deliver!!

He does not just devote his time to WECA and his company, but to many other organizations. His energy and purpose is
solely directed at educating legislators, contractors, and the entire construction industry about the value of “merit shops” and
improving the quality of work through employee education. He has personally taken on the task of fighting and exposing the
dangers of Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s). These efforts are helping to bring about a more fair and level playing field in
the construction industry.

He was one of the founders of a new association, PASC (Professional Association of Specialty Contractors) that encourages
and funds training for any and all employees.
His current affiliations in the industry are:
                                                                                           (See: Hats off to TNABF” continued on page 9)
  Page 8                                                    The WECA News - November 2003

By: Eric Christen, Government Affairs Director

Now that our historic recall election has passed it is time to reflect upon what this means for merit
shop contractors in California and how things will be different under the leadership of Governor

First some facts regarding the election:
-50% of union members supported the recall!
-55% of all votes supported the recall.
-Only five counties voted against the recall (out of 58).
-25% of Democrats voted for the recall.
-60% of all voters voted for a Republican.

These amazing statistics aside, the question remains: What does this mean for WECA?
First and foremost the most anti-merit shop administration in California’s history will be history itself
in less than two weeks. At that time the new Governor will be able to start appointing some 1200+
people to positions in the State government. These people serve at the Governor’s leisure and the
Davis people will be asked to resign immediately. This is great news because these are the people
who run and staff the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), the California Apprenticeship
Council (CAC) and a myriad of other departments that have an impact on WECA and its
members. Next, we will be able to start getting merit shop friends put into these positions. Already
resumes are being collected and sent in by our friends. If you would like to be considered for a full
time position or a part time position on a board or commission then please contact WECA today
and ask for Eric Christen, or you can email me at

This is the beginning of a new era in our State, one in which our members and supporters will be in
charge of the levers of power. WECA as an organization is partly responsible for this wonderful
change as once again we see what can happen when we all work together. Our political action
committee (PAC) alone gave over $7,000 to the recall effort. I hope now you all see why it is
important to donate to the PAC each month-you can do so simply by paying the voluntary PAC
amount shown on your monthly dues invoice.

Forward we go into a new era! Hold your breath!
November 2003 - The WECA News                                                                                      Page 9

(Hats off to “TNABF” continued from page 7)

     •    American Subcontractors Association; ASA member and School Outreach Committee
     •    Building Industry Association; BIA member
     •    Building Industry Association-PAC; BIA-PAC Board
     •    CA Apprenticeship Councils Electrical Industry Training Committee; Co-Chairman
     •    Construction Industry Crime Prevention; CICP Board Member
His company has received these industry awards:
ENR Top 600 Specialty Contractors
Beazer Homes Contractor of the Month, 2002
Business Journal Top 5 Electrical Contractors, 2000-02
Business Journal Top 25 Electrical Contractors, 1989-02
JTS Customer Care Achievement in Excellence, 2001
Winncrest Homes Contractor of the Month, 2001
Del Webb Trade Contractor of the Year, 2000
Square D Residential Contractor of the Year, 2000
Del Webb Trade Contractor of the Year, 1999
Del Webb Trade Contractor of the Quarter, 3rd Qtr, 1999
JTS Trade Partner of the Year, 1999
Del Webb Trade Contractor of the Quarter, 1st Qtr, 1998
Del Webb Superior Customer Service Award, 1997-98
Del Webb Trade Contractor of the Year, 1997
It’s easy to see “TNABF” is extremely competitive, and therefore it should be of no surprise that he is avid sports enthusiast.
In his hometown, he sponsors numerous sports teams ranging from a soccer team, little league teams, and a local baseball
team. And, he still finds time to play on an adult team himself.
He is a member of the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. He was recognized by the
Sacramento Business Journal as one the “40 Under 40” top businessmen in the Sacramento area. His company has been
acknowledged as one of the largest and most successful residential electrical contracting firms in the Sacramento area.
This guy has guts.....that’s one huge reason why he has accomplished so much in so short a time. What did he do in his
crazy, younger years prior to becoming an electrical contractor? His profession was one of the most dangerous in the
world......he was a professional bull-rider. No kidding!! Yep, he jumped onto one of the toughest animals in the world and,
holding on with only one hand, tried to stay on-board for an 8-second ride that must have seemed to last an eternity. The
bull-riding profession has definitions for the different types of bulls that are found in the ring.....there’s the chute fighter (he
tries to fight the cowboy in the chute), the crow hopper (doesn’t buck but jumps stiff-legged), the dink (usually just runs
around the rink), and, get this, the union bull (one that bucks until the sound of the 8-second whistle, then quits.....very
fitting!) One thing a rider did not want to do in competition was to “kiss the bull”.....this is not a romantic gesture to make
the bull like happens when a rider is bucked so violently he lurches forward so his face meets the back of the bull’s
head. Ouch! Our guy must think being an electrical contractor is a “walk in the park” compared to his previous profession.
Yes, this member who has blessed WECA with his leadership, guts, and determination is Mark Cooper, Owner and President
of H & D Electric, Inc. This is one guy any organization would want on their team......he’s a winner and has helped to make
WECA the leader and innovator in the electrical industry.
Even to this day, Mark Cooper, President and Owner of H & D Electric in Sacramento is “TNABF”, The Name All Bulls Fear.
       Page 10                                                                          The WECA News - November 2003

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have had minimal experience in using the Book. This is a                        8332 Auburn Blvd.
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structure.                                                                      (916) 725-2679                     850 Elder Drive
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            Non-Members $275                           Non-Members $175                                            Citrus Heights, CA 95610
                                                                                                                   (916) 722-2524
            Quarter Page Ads                           Business Card Ads
            Members $50                                Members $20              Greater Alarm Company, Inc.        Signs In 1 Day, Inc.
            Non-Members $85                            Non-Members $35          1052 Melody Lane, Suite 290        5910 Auburn Blvd., #21
                                                                                Roseville, CA 95678                Citrus Heights, CA 95621
                                                                                (916) 789-2288                     (916) 334-3319
    The WECA News is a monthly publication read by over 2,500
    individuals. Advertising in the WECA News will help you reach the                                              TCC/The Cable Company
                                                                                LKS Organization
    top executives of the largest merit shop electrical contracting companies                                      910 S. Hohokam, Ste. 106
                                                                                16103 Cornerstone Drive
                                                                                                                   Tempe, AZ 85281
    in California. To place your ad in a future issue of the WECA News,         Yardley, PA 19067
                                                                                                                   (480) 731-9301
    please contact Roxanne Barnello at the WECA office. Payment is              (800)310-4519
    due with ad copy by the 5th of the month prior to ad run date.
          November 2003 - The WECA News                                                                                                                                                             Page 11
                 Associate Members - 22                                                            Total Members: 168                                                       Contractor Members - 146
A.J. Kirkwood and Associates,    Busch Construction & Electric      Electrical Design & Motor        H.G.H. Electric, Inc.            Knights' Electric              Perri Electric, Inc.           System Electric Company
Inc.                             2020 Industry Road                 Control                          3032 Market Street               11410 Old Redwood Highway      1740 36th Street               6830 Fair Oaks Blvd.
14712 Sinclair Circle            Ukiah, CA 95482                    500 Giuseppe Court, Suite 4      Oakland, CA 94608                Windsor, CA 95492              Sacramento, CA 95816           Carmichael, CA 95608
Tustin, CA 92780                 (707) 462-8749                     Roseville, CA 95678              (510) 923-1859                   (707) 433-6931                 (916) 455-3052                 (916) 967-3330
(714) 505-1977                                                      (916) 773-2869
                                 Butterfield Electric Inc.                                           Hafoka Electric, Inc.                                           Petaluma Electric              Teeters Electric, Inc.
                                                                    Electrical Installations                                          Kurt Wille Electric
                                 P. O. Box 25                                                        P.O. Box 8469                                                   911 Western Avenue             PO Box 256
ABC Electrical Contracting                                          P. O. Box 5467                                                    4 Cuvaison Court
                                 Woodland, CA 95776                                                  Stockton, CA 95208                                              Petaluma, CA 94952             Roseville, CA 95678
7311 Derby Lane                                                     Santa Rosa, CA 95402-5467                                         Sacramento, CA 95834
                                 (530) 666-2116                                                      (209) 931-0472                                                  (707) 762-1155                 (916) 655-3555
Cotati, CA 94931                                                    (707) 545-2771                                                    (916) 359-2013
(707) 578-8966                                                                                                                                                                                      Tri-County Electric, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                     Quest Media & Supplies
                                 Cabar Electric Inc.                Electro Solutions, Inc.          Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc.     Layman Electric, Inc.          5822 Roseville Road            560 N.Moorpark Road, Ste. 283
                                 5721 Callister Avenue              P. O. Box 494446                 3017 Douglas Blvd., Suite 200    1628 Culpepper Road            Sacramento, CA 95842           Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Adams Electric
                                 Sacramento, CA 95819               Redding, CA 96049                Roseville, CA 95661              Modesto, CA 95351              (916) 338-7857                 (805) 495-1745
3181 Kingston Ave.
                                 (916) 739-6616                     (530) 241-6691                   (916) 334-4343                   (209) 522-2244
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 252-4280                                                                                       Harrison Electric                                               Rayco Electric, Inc.
                                 Calkins Electric, Inc.                                                                                                              3144 Fitzgerald Road           TWC Enterprises
                                                                    Electrix, Inc.                   P.O.Box 7786                     Leucadia Electric, Inc.                                       8071 Milnes Avenue
                                 11596 Barranca Road                7032 Brookcrest Way                                                                              Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Advanced Electric, Inc.          Camarillo, CA 93012-8213                                            Auburn, CA 95603                 133 2nd Street                                                Roseville, CA 95747
                                                                    Citrus Heights, CA. 95610        (530) 889-8920                                                  (916) 858-8000
167 Taylor Road                  (805) 491-2234                                                                                       Encinitas, CA 92024                                           (916) 783-8682
Newcastle, CA 95658                                                 (916) 967-1922                                                    (760) 944-6708
(916) 663-4126                                                                                       Haley Electric                                                  Republic Electric West, Inc.
                                 Carlyle Electric, Inc.             Energy Electric                  6201 Oak Hill Road                                              11855 White Rock Road          Upchurch Electric Inc
                                 2112-B Drive In Way                                                                                  LRC Electric                   Rancho Cordova, CA 95742       5960 Martin Lane
                                                                    6810 Santa Juanita Ave.          Placerville, CA 95667
Akenson Electric                 Auburn, CA 95603                                                                                     3379 Ellington Villa Drive     (916) 363-4720                 Ione, CA 95640
                                                                    Orangevale, CA 95662             (510) 642-2686
8843 Prospect Avenue             (530) 885-9337                                                                                       Altadena, CA 91001                                            (209) 274-2343
                                                                    (916) 989-5259
Santee, CA 92071                                                                                                                      (626) 798-2295
                                                                                                     HECO Electric, Inc.                                             Rex Moore Elect. Contractors
(619) 448-4073                   Carnahan Electric                                                                                                                   P. O. Box 980010               Valtierra Electric
                                                                    Epic Company                     1515 Keesling Ave.
                                 6391 Capital, Suite A              4100 Redwood Road, #10                                            LVH Electric, Inc.             West Sacramento, CA 95798      530 N. Yosemite Street
                                 Diamond Springs, CA 95619                                           San Jose, CA 95125               300 Irving Drive                                              Stockton, Ca 95203
Aladdins Electric of the North                                      Oakland, CA 95619                                                                                (916) 372-1300 - GA155
                                 (530) 642-2476                                                      (408) 978-0562                   Oxnard, CA 93030                                              (209) 942-0170
Bay                                                                 (510) 750-4400
P. O. Box 7351                                                                                       Helix Electric, Inc.             (888) 313-2033                 RMCI
Cotati, CA 94931                 CCI                                                                 8260 Camino Santa Fe                                            P.O. Box 506                   Vanden Bos Electric
                                                                    Ferris Electric
(707) 795-7207                   P. O. Box 961                                                       San Diego, CA 92186              Mark III Engineering           Loomis, CA 95650               502 Giuseppe Court, Ste. 5
                                                                    1400 Muir Place
                                 Healdsburg, CA 95448-4811          Rohnert Park, CA 94928           (858) 535-0505                   Contractors                    (916) 652-4337                 Roseville, CA 95678
                                 (707) 433-9036                     (707) 664-1259                                                    5101 Florin Perkins Road                                      (916) 773-1500
Andrade Electric, Inc.
3245-A Fitzgerald Road                                                                               Hershey Electric                 Sacramento, CA 95826           Ron Thompson Electric
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742         Chico Electric                     Fitzpatrick Associates, Inc.     P. O. Box 6144                   (916) 381-8080                 3121 Windsor Drive             Vasko Electric, Inc.
(916) 635-4082                   36 W Eaton Road                    4926 Mongahela Street            Folsom, CA 95763                                                Sacramento, CA 95864           4300 Astoria Street
                                 Chico, CA 95973                    San Diego, CA 06073              (916) 985-4133                   Marticus Electric, Inc.        (916) 485-0972                 Sacramento, CA 95838
                                 (530) 891-1933                     (858) 273-4309                                                    9189 Jackson Road                                             (916) 568-7700
Angelo Electric                                                                                                                       Sacramento, CA 95826-9703
                                                                                                     Hicks & Sons Electric                                           Royal Electric Co.
9725 Del Road
                                 Colburn Electric                   Fort Bragg Electric              3273 Claremont Ave, Ste. 211     (916) 368-2186                 P.O.Box 231430                 VCI Telcom, Inc.
Roseville, CA 95747              1402 Union Street, Ste. B          PO Box 1578                      Napa, CA 94558                                                  Sacramento, CA 95823           4032 California Avenue
(916) 786-2026                   Eureka, CA 95502                   Fort Bragg, CA 95437             (707) 252-7395                   McBride Electric, Inc.         (916) 428-0286                 Carmichael, CA 95608
                                 (707) 445-8474                     (707) 964-9118                                                    6480 Weathers Pl., Suite 340                                  (916) 944-4302
Antony's Electric                                                                                    Hillcrest Electric, Inc.         San Diego, CA 92121            RT Construction, Inc.
PO Box 6693                      Cooper Electric                                                     1658 Callens Road                (858) 450-1414 ext. 209        PO Box 42279                   Weis Electric Co.
Santa Rosa, CA 95406             1168 Greenfield Drive              Foshay Electric Co., Inc.        Ventura, CA 93003                                               Los Angeles, CA 90042-5006     9023 Kimber Lane
(707) 573-1703                   El Cajon, CA 92021                 7676 Engineer Road               (805) 644-6252                                                  (707) 795-8896
                                                                                                                                      Meadow Electric                                               Lakeside, CA 92040
                                 (619) 579-6042                     San Diego, CA 92111
                                                                                                                                      P.O.Box 991                                                   (619) 561-9932
                                                                    (858) 277-7676
Artistic Lighting & Electric                                                                         HLK Construction Inc.            Meadow Vista, CA 95722         S.J. Cimino Electric, Inc.
P. O. Box 151106                 Corish Electric                                                     PO Box 1169                      (530) 878-7944                 5825 Heights Road              Werthmann Electric Company
San Rafael, CA 94915             660 El Camino Real                 Fox Company                      Loomis, CA 95650                                                Santa Rosa, CA 95404-1009      1711 Little Orchard Street
(415) 456-1656                   Millbrae, CA 94030                 3995 Olive Highway               (916) 652-9632                   Medina & Son Electric Co.,     (707) 542-6231                 Unit A
                                 (650) 589-0186                     Oroville, CA 95966                                                Inc.                                                          San Jose, CA 95125
                                                                    (530) 533-2730                   Horn Electric, Inc.              P.O.Box 231304                 Sadler Electric, Inc.          (408) 279-1433
B & H Electric, Inc.             Cove Electric, Inc.                                                 P.O.Box 2059                     Sacramento, CA 95823           1935 Friendship Drive
1122 Black Diamond Way           77-824 Wildcat Drive
                                                                    FPV Electical Company            Lodi, CA 95241                   (916) 452-5173                 El Cajon, CA 92020
Lodi, CA 95240                   Palm Desert, CA. 92211                                                                                                                                             Westrend Electric Inc.
                                                                    510 S. Mathilda, Ste. 12         (209) 339-4278                                                  (619) 449-1266
(209) 334-6770                   (760) 360-0036                                                                                                                                                     P. O. Box 1701
                                                                    Sunnyvale, CA 94086                                               Midvalley Electric &                                          El Cajon, Ca 92022
                                                                    (408) 739-1640                   Hy-Lang Electric California,     Communications, Inc.           Sathy Electric                 (619) 440-1700
Backe Electric, Inc.             Creager Electric, Inc.                                              Inc.                             1451 Garden Hwy.               4741 Pell Drive, Suite 3
225 Ramona Place                 11315 Sunrise Gold Circle, Ste.J                                    7181 Construction Court          Yuba City, CA 95991            Sacramento, CA 95838
                                                                    G and S Electric
Camarillo, CA 93010-8406         Rancho Cordova, Ca 95742                                            San Diego, CA 92121              (530) 751-7579                 (916) 569-0750                 Willow Electric, Inc.
                                                                    3950 Todd Road
(805) 388-3234                   (916) 853-9982                                                      (858) 549-8568                                                                                 370 Myrtlewood Drive
                                                                    Auburn, CA 95602
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Santa Rosa, CA 95407
                                                                    (916) 442-7714                                                    Minton Electric, Inc.          Serrano Electric Inc.
Barnum & Celillo Electric        Cross State Electric                                                                                                                                               (707) 526-9945
                                                                                                     I & O Construction, Inc.         7796 Bell Road                 1500 Martine Ave., Ste. 210
3900 Taylor Street, Suite 3      2445 Railroad Street                                                P.O. Box 9548                    Windsor, CA 95492              Santa Clara, CA 95050
                                                                    Garrahan Electric
Sacramento, CA 95838-3372        Corona, CA 92880                                                    Fresno, CA 93793                 (707) 838-8284                 (408) 986-1570                 Wittmers Electric, Inc
                                                                    3338 Luyung Drive
(916) 646-4661                   (909) 737-8870                                                      (559) 277-0200                                                                                 21740 Granada Ave.
                                                                    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
                                                                    (916) 638-3798                                                                                   Service Electric               Cupertino, CA 95014
                                                                                                                                      Mountain Electrical
Bergelectric Corporation         Current Electric                                                    Icon Electric                                                   PO Box 71                      (408) 257-0365
Contractors & Engineers          936 Detroit Ave, Suite J                                            7477 Poplar Drive                P.O. Box 1756                  Placerville, CA 95667
                                                                    Gatco Electric, Inc.
650 Opper Street                 Concord, CA 94518                                                   Forestville, CA 95436            Grass Valley, CA 959445        (530) 621-4242                 White Electric Company
                                                                    P. O. Box 99494
Escondido, CA 92029              (925) 689-9185                                                      (707) 887-7015                                                                                 3657 Mitchell Road
                                                                    Stockton, CA 95209                                                (530) 477-6100
(800) 559-1003                                                                                                                                                                                      Eureka, CA 95503
                                                                    (209) 957-9713                                                                                   Seirra Valley Electric, Inc.
                                 D. L. Electric Company                                                                                                                                             (707) 442-8804
                                                                                                     J. Cannon Engineering            Murphy & Clay Electric         1740 D. Street
                                 P.O.Box 172                                                         Corporation                      2696 Lavery Court, Ste. 28     S. Lake Tahoe, CA. 96150
Blakeslee Electric, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                            Wm Linn Company
                                 Los Alamos, CA 93440-0172          GEMRIC                           6800 Palo Verde Road             Newbury Park, CA 91320         (530) 544-6500
P. O. Box 1951                                                                                                                                                                                      190 Grace Court
                                 (805) 344-1020                     1957 E. Spring Street            Castro Valley, CA 94552          (805) 498-7648
Santa Rosa, CA 95402                                                                                                                                                                                Cloverdale, CA 95425
(707) 545-6393                                                      Long Beach, CA 90806             (510) 582-5594
                                                                    (562) 981-3602                                                                                   Shanahan Electric              (707) 894-8689
                                 Davis Electric
                                 P. O. Box 4470                                                                                       Neuffer Electric Co.           151 Holmes Ave.
Bonfiglio Electric                                                                                   J.R. Electric, Inc.              3161 Hurley Way                San Rafael, CA 94903
                                 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762          Globus Electric                  2826 Teepee Dr. Ste. 101
PO Box 577258                                                                                                                         Sacramento, CA 95864           (415) 479-1929
                                 (916) 489-1643                     1500 Frienza Avenue              Stockton, CA 95205
Modesto, CA 95357                                                                                                                     (916) 485-4451
(209) 571-8823                                                      Sacramento, CA 95815-5815        (209) 546-8015
                                 Denny's Electric                   (916) 920-4253                                                                                   Silverado Electric
                                 P.O. Box 366                                                                                         New Age Electric, Inc.         2408 Shoreline Drive
                                                                                                     J.R. Sharp Construction, Inc.    1085 North 11th Street
Bosley Electric                  Healdsburg, CA 95448               GPZ Electric                                                                                     Napa, CA 94558
                                                                                                     PO Box 958                       San Jose, CA 95112-2925
935 Arden Way                    (707) 433-5230                     1102 Bryant Street                                                                               (707) 252-0450
                                                                                                     Weimar, CA 95736-0958            (408) 279-8787
Sacramento, CA 95815                                                San Francisco, CA 94122          (530) 346-6016
(916) 568-5180                   Dick Emard Electric                (415) 861-6951
                                 138-A P and S Lane                                                                                                                  Simmons Electric
                                                                                                     Jacino Electrical                Northern Electric              P.O. Box 3267
Bowman Electric                  Newcastle, CA 95658                Griffin Electric, Inc.                                            P. O. Box 1743
3525 Guerneville Road            (916) 652-4048 or                                                   P. O. Box 1630                                                  Paradise, CA 95967
                                                                    P.O. Box 418442                                                   Lodi, CA 95241
Santa Rosa, CA 95401             (530) 888-7915                                                      Fair Oaks, CA 95628-1630                                        (530) 893-3458
                                                                    Sacramento, CA 94122                                              (209) 333-7227
(707) 526-3199                                                                                       (916) 486-4268
                                                                    (916) 971-3330
                                 DKB Electric, Inc.                                                                                                                  Steven's Electrical
                                                                                                     Jamar Electric, Inc.             Pacific Control Company
BRC Construction, Inc.           4492 Moffitt Drive                                                                                                                  Contracting
                                                                    GSL Electric                     5981 Fairmont Ave.               5825 E. Brown
109 W. Delano Street             Napa, CA 94558                                                                                                                      17716 Road 38
                                                                    4780 Idaho Street                San Diego, CA 92120              Fresno, CA 93727
Elverta, CA 95626                (707) 944-0655                                                                                                                      Madera, CA 93638
                                                                    Elko, NV. 89801                  (619) 283-5723                   (559) 291-9084
(916) 992-0957                                                                                                                                                       (559) 307-9776
                                                                    (775) 738-2491
                                 DLR Electric                                                        James Day Construction, Inc.     Pacific West Controls, Inc.
Brooks Electric, Inc.            1547 Palos Verdes Mall #105        Gregory Electric, Inc.                                            2520 E. Harter Court           Summit Electric Inc.
3039 52nd Avenue, Suite A                                                                            P. O. Box 678                                                   2450-C Bluebell Drive
                                 Walnut Creek, CA 94597             P. O. Box 2149                   Lower Lake, CA 95457             Visalia, CA 93292
Sacramento, CA 95823             (925) 935-3735                     Loomis, CA 95650                                                  (559) 636-1686                 Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(916) 422-0114                                                                                       (707) 994-0437                                                  (707) 542-4773
                                                                    (916) 652-4734

Brothers Electric                Economy Electric                                                    Joe Fortuna Electric Co., Inc.   Paschke Electric               System 3, Inc.
                                                                    H & D Electric, Inc.
8782 Phoenix Avenue              1995 East Main                                                      P. O. Box 7420                   34758 Paintridge Road          6830 Fair Oaks Blvd
                                                                    P.O. Box 41360
Fair Oaks, CA 95670              Ventura, CA 93001                                                   Santa Rosa, CA 95407             Woodland, CA 95695             Carmichael, CA 95608
                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 536-1620                   (805) 641-3430                                                      (707) 526-6599                   (530) 661-2585                 (916) 967-3330
                                                                    (916) 332-0794
   9719 LINCOLN VILLAGE DRIVE, SUITE 303                          November 2003

                                       Phone:       (916) 453-0112
                                       Toll Free:   (877) 444-9322
                                       Fax:         (916) 452-7011
                                       Web Site:    WWW.WECA-IEC.ORG
                                       Email:       INFO@WECA-IEC.ORG

(“Simplifying DAS 140” continued from page 3)

         according to our Policies and Standards.
         (b) Non-member contractors may make these contributions to WECA as well.
NOTE: ATTENTION Non-member contractors.....if you make your contributions to the CAC, those funds are
utilized to support the Union friendly CAC. Send them to WECA instead.


RULE NUMBER 5- Conclusion of the Project

California Labor Code Section 1777.5 (e) also requires you to submit a “verified statement of the journeyman and
apprentice hours performed on the contract” within 60 days after concluding work on the contract. The
“Verification of Apprentice and Journeyman Hours” form is available on WECA’s web site for your convenience.
Please make sure to complete this form immediately after concluding work on a contract, keep a copy for your
records and mail the original to WECA (we recommend you mail this form Certified Return Receipt)

It is highly recommended for both WECA members and non-members to send their DAS 140 forms to the
Apprenticeship Committees by certified mail so you have a receipt of delivery. If you are audited and found to be
in non-compliance with any of the above, you could face penalties of up to $50 per employee per day for the length
of the contract.

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