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									GRAND OPENING Ms. Theolien’s STORE 120:                                                           p2
Weather: got to admit it’s getting better                                        price: 75 cents

   Happening at the Healey
The student newspaper of the A.D. Healey School vol. 8 no. 1 Spring 2010
   For weeks, we had been         ing about? I’m talking         ings for kids and teachers
   shown Power-Points, and        about Nature’s Classroom,      to stay in, because it is an
   slideshows about it. Kids      which in my opinion, is        overnight trip.
   who had gone before were       one of the best parts of the      Most of the 5/6 graders
   excited to repeat their past   Choice experience. Na-         had been riled up about
   adventures, and kids who       ture’s Classroom is a group    going to the 2009 Na-
   had never been were nerv-      of sites set up around New     ture’s Classroom trip ever
   ous but they also couldn’t     England. Each site has sev-    since we said our sad
   wait because all their         eral acres of woods and        good-byes to everyone at
   friends were telling them      marshes for kids to explore,   the 2007 Nature’s Class-
   about how much fun they        get muddy in, and have a       room trip. I don’t think
   had had while being there.     great time. There are dif-     you could have found a
       Where? What am I talk-     ferent cabins or big build-    happier group of kids in
                                                                            continued on page 3

 welcome to
  Nature’s Classroom 
                by Katie Massie
                 pictures by
                   Ruby Viens & Katie

                                will end in June. We hope raised $800. With that
                                everyone can come, do      they got food, school uni-
                                not forget to bring money. forms, and shoes; they
                                                           even started a bakery.
                                Store 120                  Soooooo…. They are do-
                                by Abigail Powers-         ing it again! Hopefully
                                Lowery with Maya,  they will raise more money
                                Hayden and Nia             than before. Ms. Theolien
Room 120 Store                                             says, “I will be happy with
By: Jonah Estabrook             Two years ago Ms. Theo-    whatever I get.” Ask your
                                                           teacher to go (K-8 rec-
Two years ago Ms. Theo-              No you are            ommended) she will start
lien’s class had a store. The        not seeing            small and end big. They
money they got went to                  double             have school supplies, stick-
school children in Haiti.           there are 2            ers, fake jewelry and BALLS!
We raised $800. With that            competing             (DON’T FORGET
they got food, school uni-             news re-            MONEY!) Prices go from
forms, and shoes. They                   ports             10¢ to $2.00. The store
even started to make a                about the            opens on the first Friday in
bakery. Now they are do-             same story            February between 1:00
ing it again! We hope they           and the re-           and 2:30. The store will
will get more money than               porters             also be selling our school
before. Ask your teacher             would like            newspaper and jeans, so
to go (all school recom-              you read-            please come down and buy
mended). There will be lots          ers to vote           to support the cause!!!!!
of toys and school supplies.         for your
The prices will start at 10¢        favorite of   
and end at $2.00. The                 the 2.                  Boxtops: Contest
store opens on the first
Friday in February between      lien’s class had a store.         winners to be
1:00 and 2:30. The store        The money they got              announced soon.
will open every Friday be-      went to school chil-

tween 1:00 and 2:30. It         dren in Haiti. We
                                                               “what contest….? Huh?!”

Boxtops: Keep collecting, new contest coming!                            Who won the 1st?

Nature’s Classroom by Katie Massie / pictures by Ruby Viens & Katie     from p. 1

New England when my        would take us to Ocean      one of the many Na-
classmates and I were      Park, Maine, home to        ture’s Classroom sites.
boarding the bus that 
     The first activity was so random and fun, that 
nobody felt uncomfortable with the Nature’s Class-
room teachers, or each other. That’s what a lot of 
Nature’s Classroom is like. Fun, random, goofy, and 
relaxed. Here’s (roughly!) what a typical day was like: 
8:00 - 8:15 Wake up!
8:10 - 8:45 Get dressed, take a shower...etc.
8:45 - 8:55 Leave for Breakfast (Waitrons leave earlier)
9:00 - 9:45 Breakfast!
9:45 - 10:15 Transition Time (Relaxation Time)
10:15 - 11:30 Whole Group Activity
11:30 - 12:30 Transition Time
12:30 - 1:15 Lunch
1:20 - 1:45 Transition Time
2:00 - 3:30 Field Group (exploring in the woods!)
3:30 - 4:00 Transition Time
4:00 - 5:00 Classes (There were different classes,
and you got to choose!)
5:00 - 5:45 Transition Time
5:45         Waitrons Leave
6:00 - 7:00 Dinner
7:00 - 8:00 Night Activity
8:00 - 9:00 Bedtime!
9:00         LIGHTS OUT!!
Ok, so you must be looking at that 
schedule and thinking, “Wow, they 
had a lot of transition time!” but 
let me tell you, most of it was 
spent packing up backpacks and 

bundling up for the next thing.          I love watching other people walk around while I’m resting  
Also, what’s a waitron? Well, at 
each meal one person was in 
charge. They brought out the 
meal, and cleaned it up. Each 
person at each table was 
waitron a couple of times. 
     Now, I wish I could walk you 
through every bit of my Na-
ture’s Classroom experience, 
but, you might get bored, so I’ll 
wrap up with a few highlights of 
the trip.  
The Ort Report                                       and dance number called (surprise, 
     After every meal, the next                      surprise: the Ort Report Dance) and 
waitron scrapes all the remaining                    then they tell everyone how much 
food (or the ort) off each person’s                  food was wasted (aka...the Ort Re-
plate. It goes into a bucket, and is                 port). It really makes you think twice 
then weighed. Before lunch is offi-                  about how much you put on your 
cially over, the waitrons do a song                  plate. 
                                                     The Under-
                                                     ground Rail-
                                                          Part of the Na-
                                                     ture’s Classroom 
                                                     experience is a 
                                                     night time simula-
                                                     tion of the Under-
                                                     ground Railroad. It 
                                                     is intense walking 
                                                     around in the dark 
                                                     woods, but not 
                                                     quite scary. You 
                                                     feel the rush of 
                                                     relief when you 
                                                     are told that you 
                                                     have crossed the 

Canadian border, and feel a small                            and enjoyable, just like the original. 
sense of fear, when they are telling                         The ideas for the skits are provided 
you the punishments. It is an in-                            by the teachers, but everything else 
credible part of the trip, and some-                         is by kids. It’s a great way to get out 
thing that nobody who has experi-                            ideas and to have fun with it. 
enced it will ever forget.                                        My classmates and I had a lot of 
                                                             fun at Nature’s Classroom, and I 
Thursday Night Live                                          hope you had a good time reading 
     A parody of SNL, Thursday Night                         about it! 
Live is joking and funny, a great way 
                                                                Tree hugger!
to spend the last night of the trip. 
Most of it is improv, but is genius 

 One thing I love about Nature’s Classroom is you
 can be soaked up to your knee, cold and coughing
 like crazy and still feel like the luckiest girl (or boy)
 in the world!



                                                Elephants stomp on don-
Helping Haiti                                   keys in Massachusetts
                                                by Jonah Estabrook
by Jesse Aronson
                                                On January 19, 2010, there was a very
Most of you may know that there was a big       big election that meant a lot to Massachu-
earthquake that sliced through Haiti. There     setts residents and the American people. It
are many funds in Massachusetts that will       could have been the sixtieth vote for the
help all the people that were affected in       Health Care Reform Bill, but it became the
Haiti. Please donate any spare money you        fortieth vote against the Health Reform Bill.
might have to any cause that will help the      Martha Coakley could have worked harder
people that were affected by the earthquake.    on the election, but Scott Brown did a very
The money that you donate will help people      good job sadly for those who wanted
rebuild their lives. Please donate money to     Martha).
any cause you would like, remember that
any cash will help anybody.
   There is a store in this school; the money   Bake sale for Haiti a
from the products will go to Haiti. The
store was started before any earthquake,
                                                huge success
and is even more important now. Please          On Saturday March 6th, 2010, Jesse, Maya,
read the feature articles on page 2 and visit   Natalie and Henry had a bake sale for Haiti.
the store.                                      There were a couple of other kids helping
                                                out from Cambridge, Griffin and William.
                                                Everyone made lots of homemade treats
Poetry for Haiti                                and sold them at Davis sq. They all played
                                                music and sold treats and had lots of fun.
                                                All of the money went to the Matenwa
   When asked to buy a                          school in Haiti. This school actually teaches
                                                lessons in the students native language in-
 copy of poetry for Haiti,                      stead of in French like other schools. So the
  please say yes! All the                       kids were out in Davis sq for about five
  money from the sales                          hours selling food for Haiti. It was fun and
    goes to help Haiti.                         they made a total of $328.50. It was a great
                                                success and now the money is at a great
                                                cause. ~Maya L.S.

Talent Show Tryouts!                              
by Janelle Hamel 
                                                 Simon’s rip off!!!! 
As  you  know  the  talent  show  is             By maya L.S. 
starting very soon. There will be lots            
of  tricks  and  stunts!  All  of  that          We bought pizza for a snack after k-
starts  on  Wednesday  April  7th.  But          2 club. Some of us chipped in to buy 
that’s only the tryouts.                         it….. some didn’t. We got the pizza 
     The tryouts are from 12:00 – 1:15 in        but someone else found out and 
room  303  with  Ms.  Matsas.  But  you          took Simon’s piece. No one else 
must Bring your outfit & music to be             found out, because there was only a 
approved. Most of the children will do           few people there. But then Simon 
singing or dancing!                              came and all of the pizza was gone. 
                                                 It was awkward explaining it. But 
R-U ≤ 10 ?                                       then everyone ran off and the per-
                                                 son who took Simon’s slice DISAP-
read Snowflake                                   PEARED…   
    in your library or                           The magazine about being and becoming 12 

classroom                                         read 12! in your library
Alice in Wonderland!
The classic tale of a young         with a ruined top hat and a 
girl discovering a mystical,        very hyper attitude. 
magical world was turned            She later meets the evil 
into a movie and given a bit        red Queen of Hearts (who 
of a twist by Tim Burton in         doesn’t seem to have one), 
Alice in Wonderland.                the kind gentile white 
       In the movie a girl          queen and the horrible, 
named Alice who looked to           deathly jabberwocky. The 
be about 20 falls into a            jabberwocky is a fictitious 
rabbit hole and ends up in a        beast first mentioned in the 
strange room.                                     poem Jabber-
She has a bit of a    Movie Review                wocky by Lewis 
debacle at-
tempting to get 
                    by Jeremy Nelson              Carroll. This 
                                                  beast is at one 
through a strange door              point let loose in the final 
but ends up walking                 battle scene where it is 
through that door into a            beheaded by Alice with 
place called Underland.             something called The Vour-
It is a bizarre wild place          ple Sword. 
where she meets odd crea-                I found this movie to be 
tures like a floating               both funny and exciting 
smiling cat and two unusu-          while watching it and en-
ally proportioned people            joyed it very much. Having 
(something that Tim Burton          read the book many times 
always does). Throughout            over when I was younger I 
the story Alice travels             was glad to be able to see 
through Underland meet-             this as a movie on the big 
ing creatures that just             screen. I thought Tim Bur-
keep getting weirder like a         ton’s handy work was per-
blue caterpillar that               fect and to have it tied 
smokes and best of all, the         with Johnny Depp’s superb 
mad hatter, a crazy man             acting made this movie a 
                                    must see for all ages.          

what the heck is this art gala thing!
by phineas and jonah
If anyone knows what the heck this art           Jazz
gala thing is all about please come to the       By Ksenia E. Holt
computer lab on Tuesday or Wednesday
morning to explain to us what it is. And         On January 6, students explored jazz
if you want we will give you a penny!            with ‘Made In The shade’. They learned
                                                 about types of jazz like swing jazz, fu-
                                                 sion, and Latin jazz. They also explored
                                                 marching band, classical and blues. Also
                                                 a bit of improvisation and conducting.

                                                 COSTUMES /
                                                 DRESSY OUTFITS
                                                 By No Body  
Photograph by Ksenia E. Holt                     Have you any outgrown cos-
                                                 tumes or fancy formal style 
                                                 dresses or boys’ wardrobe items 
Chocolate!!!!!! Maya L.S.                        that you could lend or donate to 
There was a giant chocolate                      the after school club, Healey 
                                                 American Idol? 
bar…. WE split it… We were
                                                      If you do, please let after school 
greedy… And…. WE loved                           director Hilary or teacher Janet 
it!!!!!It was so awsomely tasting                know when you see them, or con-
that we didn’t save any for the                  tact us at 
people out of the room. But, it’s       
                                                 and we’ll connect you! 
not like it went to a bad
                                                      Wouldn’t it be fun to help dress 
cause……. Or did it…….                            a Healey superstar!

Ms. Doherty’s class pets!!
by Maya Reynoso Williams and Hayden Latimer-Ireland
                                                        Ms. Doherty has two class pets! She
                                                        has a rabbit named Jasmine a.k.a. Jazzy
                                                        and a guinea pig named Café Blanco
                                                        (white coffee.) Café Blanco has quite
                                                        an appetite, he eats carrots, apples,
                                                        spinach, and corn flakes! When you
                                                        give him a carrot he takes it and runs
                                                        off. When he is hungry his squeal

sounds like an emergency alarm! He will
be 4½ in February. He is very energetic
and cute!!! Jazzy is a cute rabbit she eats
dried papaya, carrots, apples, cheerios,
and corn flakes! When the classroom
gets noisy she hides under her pink
blanket!!!!!!! Ms. Doherty’s class likes
having them in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya’s phone
by Maya Lubeck-Schricker
                                                        least five times when she needed one, for
Maya Lubeck-Scricker has finally gotten a               example she got lost. So on Friday Maya
phone!!!!! On Friday March 5th, 2010 Maya               and her Mom went to the store to see what
went to the at&t store only expecting to                they could do. Eventually they decided
look….But she saw a dark blackish blue                  they would trade her dad’s phone and use
impression and she got it!!! Here is the                Maya’s birthday money to get a new one to
story. It was just her birthday and she really          replace her Dad’s. She now loves her
wanted a phone. But naturally she didn’t                phone very much and enjoys it to this day.
get one. Then over that week there were at

7/8th grade math league                                  This just in
by Aman Gabriel                                          Healey math team city
Are you a 7/8th grader who is smart and is               champs
bored of having to do easy math work? If                    The Healey 7-8 Math Team is the city
so you might be lucky and get invited to                 champion, having defeated all the rest of
the 7/8th grade math league! It’s really fun             the city’s elementary school 7/8th grade
and here’s the best part it’s in about all of            Math Teams in BOTH city-wide meets this
the Somerville schools. The schools com-                 year! More on this next time.
pete against each other. It is on Mondays.
One teacher is Mr. Jacques at the Healey                 Attention Poets,
School who teaches 7/8th math and you
could ask him any further questions. If you              Story Writers
go you will meet Ethan Sweeting, Jude Fils,              Are you a student at the Healey School?
Gary Lam, Jennifer Matthews, Jonah Con-                  Join us in contributing to the Healey
nally, Kalvin Janik, Kevin Ma, Mark DiNa-                School’s first literary magazine since
talie, Brianna Dell’Isola, Thanh Nguyen,                 2003! Yes, YOU!
Hebron Abadi and Ariela Esmurria.                                 Send in one or more stories, a few
   Are you up for the challenge?                         poems, and one may be published in the
                                                         beautiful collection we are planning. Help
The K-2 Fun with letters, words and the news club
                                                         us edit the journal! Contact
with some of their teachers,
                                                or talk to Ms. Beyer,
                                                         or Ms. Sklar.

                                                    DO WHAT THEY SAY!

                                                     and looked at each group’s work. Then, we
The Winter Basket Raffle                             tested the pyramids by how strong they
by William Quan                                      were by putting a platform on top of the
                                                     pyramids and put weight on it.
The winter basket raffle was a raffle of 14
theme baskets. The Parent-Teacher Asso-
ciation (PTA) set up the raffle. The ticket
prices were $1.00 for one and $5.00 for a
set if six. The raffle was originally set for
the 15th of December but it got pushed
back to the 21st. All the money of the raffle
tickets went to the PTA.
    The form had the name, address and
phone number of the buyer. There were
regular baskets and there was also a quilt
made by Ms. Yang’s quilting group. I per-            Blood Test!!!!!!!!!!!
sonally was extremely lucky. I won not one
but two baskets and I only bought 10 tick-                  On Tuesday February 9th, there
ets. Aman Gabriel, another reporter for              was a health test in the Nurse’s office.
Happening at he Healey, also won two prizes,         There were three things you had to do
including the quilt. Congratulations to all          if you signed up. In my case, first they
the winners.
                                                     took two little tubes of my blood. Then
                                                     they tested my weight three times. They
Pyramid breakfast                                    do it three times to make sure they
by Maya L.S.                                         have the correct weight. They also had
                                                     to test my height three times for the
The fifth and sixth grade classes were               same reason. Then I sign my name say-
studying ancient Egypt . First they had to
make a map of Egypt and they had to write            ing I got my gift card, then I receive my
a report about a specific Gnome. A                   20 dollar giftcard for Target, then I get
Gnome is like a city or a state. Then the            some food and leave. It really wasn’t so
same groups had to make a pyramid. It had            bad getting my blood taken, it was just
to be exactly two feet high, but it could            like a pinch for about a minute.
have any sized base. Groups used wood                And, in the end…….. I got twenty
and nails and hot glue and cardboard to
build them. Then we had a breakfast to               bucks!!!!!!!!
show off all that we did. Parents came in                            ~Maya L.S.

                                      Melissa Poudel : Artistic merit   
Winners                               With my dad every day, I come to school on foot.
                                      For the snowy days ahead, I’ve already bought snow boots.
of the Walk/Bike to School             
Poster Contest
by Ksenia E. Holt
Isaac McKenna: 
Visual appeal 

                                          Nicholas Capuano:  most original 

Jenny Le &  
Sarah Sweeting: 
Effective message 

                                  It’s not like teachers        good job so I really can’t
TVs in the                     watch TV while having            decide if I like school of not.
school                         lunch. Get the TVs fixed         And I think lots of people
                               and use them or be rid of        would agree with me on
by William Quan
                               the cable. It’s stupid!          what I wrote. Maybe you
                                                                could give your perspective
Have you noticed that lots
of TVs in the school are       Boring school?                   on things if you join the
                                                                newspaper club.
broken? The reason why the     by Phineas Devins
TVs are here is because they                                    by Jonah Estabrook
are meant to be used. Not      Some people think that
only that, the TVs in the      school is boring; personally I   Why are we so bored at
building have cable. It’s      agree but that is just my        school? Well, it’s just that
really stupid to have cable    opinion. But I also think        there is no fun time except
for the TVs if half of the     that without school your         for the 45 minutes of recess
TVs are broken, especially     friends might not be around      and lunch. Only 8% of the
when Somerville Public         or you will be tired of          day is recess and that is not
Schools are cutting other      nothin’ to do. I also think      much, I think 10% is much
major things.                  that school is needed for a      better. Recess is the most
                                                                important part of the day.
                                                                Kids I know literally live on
                                                                recess even though it is a
                                                                short amount of time. If
                                                                there was no such thing as
                                                                recess I’m pretty sure no-
                                                                body would know what free
                                                                would mean.

                                                                Go green!
                                                                by Destiny Brown
                                                                That GO GREEN! If we do
                                                                not go green we will be kill-
                                                                ing the animals. So you
                                                                should go green so the ani-
                                                                mals will not die. There is a
                                                                go green group you should

1,000 pencils but no sharpeners!
~Maya L.S. 
The club has thousands of pencils               there still was no sharpener. Then 
but no sharpeners! I found a pen-               Alan takes out his pocket knife 
cil that I wanted to use, but it had            and starts sharpening it the 'old 
no tip. So naturally I ask Alan if he           way.'  Well, it doesn't really work. 
has any sharpeners. He said that                The tip kept getting cut off.  Then 
he did and we start looking in his              after about 5 minutes someone 
bags. Eventually we move on to                  comes up to us and says I have a 
the next bag not finding it in the              sharpener, do you want me to 
first, then the next bag then the               sharpen it for you? 
next etc.  After the last bag,                   

Open Mic Café
April 15th
By no body ☺ 
On Thursday, April 15, from 6-
8 PM, the Healey School li-
brary will become a stage for 
all 6-8th graders who want to 
present a poem, skit, song, 
or any kind of short per-
formance. If you are in the 6th 
to 8th grade and want to per-
form, go see Ms. Beyer to 
sign up! And start practicing. 
    Too shy to perform? Not in 
6-8th grade? AUDIENCE NEEDED! 
Enjoy, applaud, enjoy!   There will
be food and drinks for sale! Eat, drink,
enjoy!                                                Pay attention!
Happening at the Healey                                      Vol. 8 no. 1                 Spring ’10

  Ella Bauerle
  Destiny Brown
  Lucy Coombs
  Simon Davenport
  Rene Diaz
  Jonah Estabrook
  Alex Flores
  Eliza Forrest
  Aman Gabriel
  Ksenia E. Holt
  Hayden Latimer-Ireland                                 the cup finals in extra time they ended 1-1 but
  Steven Le                                              went to penalty shoot outs and Italy conquered
  Maya Lubeck‐Schricker                                  France 5-3. But there was something that stayed
  Gabi Mathews                                           in the soccer fans minds before they went to
  Nia McLean                                             extra time. Zidanne the best France player who
  Jeremy Nelson                                          was going to be named the Best World Player
                                                         but unfortunately near the end of the game he
  Abby Powers‐Lowery                                     head butted an Italian player. So he was given a
  William Quan                                           red card which means he was disqualified from
  Marisa Rafal                                           the end of that game, and the next one that he
  Naomi Rafal                                            would play. He had a big effect on the penalty
  Denise Umaña                                           shoot out.
  Ruby Viens                                                  This year in South Africa the pool of teams
  Maya Reynosa Williams                                  have been announced. U.S.A is looking good and
                                                         with luck our nation will make it to the semi
  World cup!
  By Jesse Aronson                                       Turkey Bowl
                                                         by Destiny Brown
  Every 4 years there is soccer World Cup. The
  host this year is South Africa; Teams battle it        The 8th and the 7th grade had their
  out for the glory of being the best soccer team        turkey bowl. It was a tie. But as we
  in the world. Last time France played Italy in         know it will be broken very soon. Go
                                                         8th grade.


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