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Cripples mamba to.docx - Literary candy


									                  Sssssts.Page downWednesday, February 16, 2011

 I have two intimate others now. One of course is Luke. In response to my dictates,
he says Cool. Maybe this is sexist, but I don’t know If I could “order order round a
young woman. To ask her to hoist a container of my summer clothes up to the top
shelf in my closet. My second intimate other surely the name that sounds like that, a
woman’s name. Shirley is a librarian with sensitivities to offgassing due to
reconstruction in the library, so they put her in adjunct office, w She is a good
Christian woman with all of her accommodations. I mean they put her in a adjunct
office with all of her accommodations. And she is a good Christian woman, who does
not wear her hair natural, but wears a quality wake. Wake wake hair covering,
straight. I tell her about my teaching and what happens in class, and she says, “what
a wonderful teacher you are.”.” And I help her craft politic e-mails to craft politic e-
mails and she says I love English people, meaning people who teach English. And
don’t you think I feel I am brimming over with satisfaction and happiness when I go
to the adjunct office every day before teaching?“Y

Scott. I used to see Scott more than any of my best friends, more than any of my
lovers? He would say, “you’re the best.” And, “the only complaint I have about you, is
when you sneak up on me like that.” And he said, “I could listen to you talk for ever.”
These are the kind of things we never get from our best friends or our lovers. For

Today in class,aElisa volunteered to show her advertisement, I mean that
advertisement she was to analyze, to the class. It was a picture Ofbeautiful breasts,
breast singular, covered or, held by a hand the breast owners hand, wearing
discretes nail polish, and below, the pink ribbon signifying the fight against breast
cancer and some why where are on the bottom of the page a bit about Avalon and its
sponsorship. And, I say the makeup company that starts with the letter R, and the
computer keys responding by saying Avalon. Like this King Arthur fixation. So the
class gets this idea that the target audience must be young women because the
breast is a beautiful youthful breast. But Gabby types up and says, “well if you are an
old woman, you might say, well once my boobies lookEd like that. That was the day!
Wearing this nail polish makes me feel beautiful “.Gabby wears a wake, too. Wake
is weak weight is weak wake is way good way is wake wake up wake up got got the
genie sound yes the Cheney sound of her relatives sounds of God just sounds the
God sale big JB sounds the cuckoo sound melded goo goo sounds yes coocoo no goo
goo all our present time given type okay given that starts with the right letter. Are
you getting it now getting starts with the right letter it makes a good sound yes good
now try wake way. Way you stupid piece of Schatz. I must train you to ship’s.
Spelling mode S H I T shipped shipped shippedsGabby’ piece of hair what she wears
on her head isn’t quite as quality as Shirley’s

What else.… I went to my psychiatrist today. She performs sympathy for $225 per
hour no it’s more like 40 min. myRN said I have to go see my psychiatrist, because
she noticed I was getting more and more emotional. I think I’ve already written
about this. I have added fan.Adivsan¶

Thursday, February 18?

I went to see my psychiatrist, and she asked me “why do you think your nurse
practitioner wanted you to see me?” I said, “she said, “that I was getting more
emotional.” More and more emotional. My psychiatrist asked me if I thought about
my physical condition a lot. I said yes, because I can’t use my hands, I can’t drive or
work papers, so I think about it a lot. I paid her $125 in cash, which reflects a
discount, because I had forgotten to bring my checkbook, and I went to whole foods
to eat an Clay are beforehand. Any cleric is a treat. A sweet treat. With cream inside
and chocolate on the top. Dragon does not know about sweet things that have
French names

After class today, when I started reading Ke’s narrative while sitting in the student
cafeteria, I started to feel emotional and cried. I think I mentioned that this lady is in
her 60s and wears a beret to class… Well, Dragon understands about French hats,
and that one side of her face has a post stroke thing going on. Then I started reading
her paper…

 “A neighbor told my mom about a shaman and who performs miracles. The first
day, my mom and I sat at his feet with great a expectation he simply showered us
with his shouting, only bloody shouting, no miracle whatsoever. one day my second
older brother came with me and witnessed this bizarre thing. That night he shouted
at mom with extremely agitated voice, “mom that guy isn’t a miracle worker but a
swindler. I can shout better than him.” Thanks to my brother, I didn’t have to go
back to the shouter anymore.
In 1950, at the beginning of Korean War,. Polio hit my hometown.
Jason.Usan.pusas.[.ospleThis horrible epidemicrak raked many children relentlessly.
Like in the middle of doomsday the war and epidemic depressed every soul in the
city. I was only nine months old when I got polio. On the seventh day of my sickness
doctors finally told my parents, “there is no Hope.” My mom covered me with white
linen shroud and placed my dying body in a small corner room. The following day,
when she entered the room to confirm my death, instead she saw my tiny and week
smile under the cover.……S

My other older Asian lady goes by Melody I asked the students to write about their
comfort level when it came to speaking in class no I said filling the classroom with
your voice, to reflect on why… Anyway. Melody wrote: “I don’t afraid about reading
because I am a brave person. When I was a student in China. I was a very good
reader in my class. My read aloud was always be outstanding. But now I am not very
confidence about my reading in class. I don’t worry my voice. I have beautiful sound
even I am not young. I’m just afraid if I would I read something in English. I am a
new immigrant. I have to confront it lots of challenge to study English. I like to learn
English but, aI must admit that house hard from many reasons as work.Age… many.

Well, Dragon was pretty good to melody. I was going to write about how my tights
were falling down as I walked to the park this morning, barked barked…bart. About
how I discreetly removed them and discreetly looked around to see if somebody
appreciated my discretion and found a young woman in a headscarf discreetly
gawking at me.

Or maybe about… My session with Dr. Eileen who recommends sesame seed oil as a
panacea for everything. Then I got emotional. And it didn’t seem so funny.Tng in
English. I am a new immigrant. I have to s)äch2

Friday February January February 17?

My Christian brother, when his daughter is brightly disobeying his commands, he
calls her “willful”… When I tried to put Dragon to sleep Dragon keeps waking up.
Dragon then does thing•s like try to make graphs. Or Dragon wants to chat, or take
films of me, In okay I’ll let him know tomorrow okay, you know the result. The
second floor 203 okay byThings I’ve never done.

You really need to know also that when Dragon wakes up it starts recording bits and
snatches of what I’m saying on the phone or to myself for whatever but his own
version of them.

Responding to papers by using dictation is agonizingly slow, because of the areas
the program makes, see? Errors. And I can go on and on and, you know, Eagles E
Gross egos arrogance I mean parents I mean errant behavior. Actually, context
helps. But Dragon has never marked papers.

Luke is coming over soon. It’s raining. Please don’t take for granted that it does not
rain in your car. It rains at the bus stop, at bus stops when the bus is a very rare bus
and promises to, at 15 min. intervals but is deceitful.

Ode to a Nightingale For Matthew Mulligan Goldstein


My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk,
pglOr emptied some dull opiate to the dreams
1 min. pass, and lease-words had sunk:
Is not through envy of my happy lot,
But being too happy in the unhappiness,–
That out, life-Wingate Driver of the trees,
 Val, light-we get Driest of the trees,
in some melodious plot
Of beaching dream, and shadows numberless,
Sanest of summer in full-throated ease

I cannot see what flowers are at my feet,
 Nor what soft incense hangs upon the bounds,
 But, in involvement darkness, guess what each suite
 Wherewith the seasonable mouth endows
 The grass, that they could, and the fruit-tree wild;
 Wife Hawthorne, and the pastoral eglantine;
 Fast fading violets covered up and leaves;
 Admitted-Mise eldest child,
 The coming musk-rose, full of to rewind,
 The murderous pond of flies on summer eats.

 Darkling I listen; and, for many a time
I have been half in love with useful Death,
called him soft names in many music Ryan,
Lastly presidency return
 To take into the air my quiet rest;
Now more than ever seems it rich to die,
 To cease upon the midnight with no pain,
Well they’ll
 Well about art pouring forth by soul abroad persecute return In session ecstasy!
 Still with spouse seem, and I have years in pain–
igh requiem become aside.

Poppies in July by Dragon for Morgan Frank

Little poppies, little hell flames
Do you do no harm?
You Flickr. I cannot touch you. Persecute returns
I put my hand among the planes. Nothing burns.

 And it exhausts me to watch you
 Flickering like that, wrinkly and clear red,
like the skin of the mouth

This is going incredibly well…

And mouth just late.
Little bloody skirts!
There are themes that I cannot touch.
Where are your opiates? Your nauseous Tools?

Just when I think it’s going well, it takes another turn…

 If I could delete, or sleep!–
If my mouth could marry her like that!

Or your Lakers seek to me, in this class Sewall,
Telling instilling.

But tolerant. Colorless.

 Matthew meet Morgan kind of, and keep, no John Keats, meet Sylvia Plath. It’s still
raining. Honestly, what happens is driving, driving, driving, the program called
Dragon, it’s not really me.

From Jane Air, by Charlotte Brontë for space J pa,

 “laughed what! Math walked!”–This is what Adele says when she receives a present
from Rochester. She also sings and inappropriate song from some off-road. Opera.
Also, a poem In French called land the date crap. It’s about a Confederacy of small
animals called rap rap wrapped wrapped wrapped spellingrats:¶

The Second Coming by William Butler Yates for Susan Harris

Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer,
Things fall apart, the center cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,
And everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned,
The best lack all conviction,
While the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Susan, it’s clear that Dragon loves you, and loves William Butler Yeats.

Sunday February… Something

Persis Karim , said she got migraines so bad, this was in graduate school, that she
Would be throwing up for hours. I thought it was in her head. Because I haven’t seen
Dr. Aaron for many days, though I have seen Dr. Eileen, the pre-migraine headache
has come back. It’s like there’s a pinched nerve or blood vessel above my right ear,
and from that spot radiates dizziness and pain. I bought some dark sunglasses,
polarized. Leslie says you have to get polarized to save your eyes. Leslie says where
a hat. Mike migraines are in my head my migraines are in my head under a hat.
I lost my cell phone. It stopped raining. I’m going toAsta’s for dinner.Texam. she
cooks lamb. She says the best is from Iceland. But if you can’t get that then New
Zealand. Dragon speaks neither French, nor Icelandic. Except, as you know, beret,
and now I will try croissant, the shooting gun be meant to be chewing gum but in a
French accent.… They say le Chewing gum Rendezvous! Pretty cheap… That was
meant to be “little Cabbage,”. which is an endearment in French. If I spell it out:”Mon
petit chou.”

Asta , sometime after we broke up, gave me a black T-shirt that reads, in white
lettering, a pastor at is Lennon school… Which means, I don’t speak Icelandic. It
flatters my breasts

I’m not sure that people who have had real opportunities say, “Well, that’s an
opportunity.” By real opportunities, I mean taking care of the parent or spouse who
has Alzheimer’s, getting cancer, or wheeling out of the classroom, like that woman
with iron gray hair, a lot of it, a huge ponytail, who smiles at me so warmly as she
pushes her wheels. She must be really strong. I mean she must have real strong
arms. I don’t have that kind of opportunity, Not now.

57 at 3 PM by Dragon and Mary

57 Speights teenagers and me
Standing apart from the make of this negative that
I mean that N-word with a-on the end end end words
Hey N word, give me a dollar gimme some ships got some smoke
Drizzle and this one Latina girl is all slim brown lakes and shorts of the crotch
God only knows what goes on her home and she plopped herself and lapse
Routes against the cool all self-conscious sagging guys who push her away
When she wheels weasels beagles manipulates for chips and only the white guy
Brushes her thighs, shy, wanting not knowing what to do,
When she plopped down in his lap dies and all
Five in lipgloss arms around his neck
I start thinking about flagging down a Taxi taxi one day
I did and one day the triple bus finally came go to the back go to the back!
Stop rubbing against my pass, no you’re backing into me! Asked asked asked
Stop requested stop requested stop requested stop red light
There some dignity in the client wants the quiet ones
Moved to the back moved to the back move to the back the surly bus driver woman
Speights teenagers and me we already done move to the back pain no more room
Ain’t no more room God God God nobody who goes to Buddhism meditation
In North Berkeley ain’t been on no 57 spikes teenagers and me
Monday, February 21, 2011

I can’t tell whether Luke is sunburnt or blushing. But it’s not a Mrs. Robinson thing I
fed him a Gardenburger. He said it was only a minor snack and that he needed to
find food soon.

I did Edna St. Vincent Malay St. Vincent Malay for Julie Mount but Dragon was so
good to both of them that it doesn’t seem to belong here. Julie’s going to help me sell
my car, to drive it in and sell it. For money. For bills. This is a bus opportunity.

Paging down is the hardest of all. To get here required saying the word mouse click
about 20 times, and even then I had to cheat and move the mouse into position with
my hand, which makes the tendons in my right arm hurt and feel numb. Sometimes
the program selects random things to “correct” when I keep insisting on another
sentence or phrase. Then it wipes out things at its whim. I just said at whim, and it
wrote “we.” So sometimes you have to try another way of saying something to give
Dragon a context for understanding what you mean. And there I had some trouble
with context, I mean the word “context” and I have… Haven’t… Had… “Tatian
equalsopen quotation.” Tatian is what Dragon sometimes says when you are trying
to use the punctuation mark that indicates you are sightseeing another’s words. to
add that thing about “what you mean.”. Crap crap crap. If it hasn’t occurred to you
already, this is like playing the game Taboo.

Dragon will say crap crap crap, but not shipped shipped shipped, or pop up block,
or God damn son of a bitch… I guess it will!

God damn son of a bitch. God damn son of a bitch. God damn son of a bitch. God
damn son of a bitch. God damn son of flocking bitch. Bite me you mother Fokker. But
in piece is ship. You little ship had. You little bath in peace a ship.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My cell phone had been found and At the student center and today I’d like to stay in
bed and cradle it. Acupuncturist Daphne had left me a message saying, implying,
that I stood her up when she haven’t called me back for three days and then I didn’t
affir A firm. When she first treated me, t she offered to take off my socks, which I had
not yet removed. They were the pink socks that Scott gave me. His last name
rhymes withBrunswick Hotel. But just hotel. Anyway. It was odd to have a
bodywork or remove a piece of my clothing. Can you imagine going to a massage
therapist and having her say here, can I take off your shirt for you? Can I take off
your bra? There’s something kind of unprofessional closely nprofessional about
Daphne that draws me to her. Not like that, but… Maybe it’s this thing where I have
the power to make someone a little unprofessional., For whatever reason. She looks
like Sue in glee, but softer.

AJ, today in class, putting his two cents in about an bad… Advertisement in glamour
for men’s cologne featuring a brunette Kendall model… Barbie doll\Ken doll model,
said the guy in the adv looked“fruity” and he said it again. I piped up after there was
a bit of discussion about the appeal of the model, and said you should know that
many gay people find that expression to be insulting and offensive. I’m just saying
he’s “fruity.” AJ said. But then Gabby picks up the, she adopts insulting and offensive,
agrees, and goes on to comment about personal taste, or something like that. And
then I think maybe AJ said it one more time., Not a hostile way, but more like
defending his perception or something. At that point, I said it’s like me saying that
something is “Gato.” I live in the ghetto… (From now on is Dragon doesn’t cooperate,
I am not going to go back and correct and invite Dragon to wipe out, but instead at
context to deliver the word). “Like if I said, “Fatso Gato.” I live in the ghetto and that
is so ghetto. And then the black students in the class kind of visibly recoiled, but in a
way that was about getting the point, to. Ajay did not visibly recoil, but he did seem
a little embarrassed when I said that some people think about expression as
insulting and offensive. We will see. I hate to call them out in front of everybody, and
say something like “nobody is too smart to be offensive sometimes, but you are too
smart to keep being offensive and disrespectful.” But Tom is important. Striking up
the right tone.

Today I rode 57 after the time of teenagers, which was heaven, which is relative.
There was a teenage couple and she was sitting on his lap, and he had gold teeth,
and she… Well they looked cheap… Star earrings with fake diamonds she was very
pretty and almost hello Kitty and she was dark and tall… I’ve never seen the dark
light thing with the gender on the other foot, or skin. And he Pinching her or I don’t
know what, something below her waist, I couldn’t see and she kept saying “stop!” In
a hello Kitty kind of way but after about 10 or 15 “Stop!” She got up and sat on the
other side of the bus. And she looked the other way. And he looked looked looked
looked down and I credit him with some chagrin, then his cell phone ring, and
answering it, he performed cruel,

Friday, February 25, 2011

I mean cool.

Daphne that acupuncturist, when I made in Veronica Mark… Ironic remark about Dr.
Eileen expressed a shared view in so much as she could, giving the fact that the
share clients. After my session I asked what my nerves were like I mean in
comparison to other clients, and she said they were quite receptive but not like they
just take in anything, like they were discriminating. I said maybe if you compliment
my nerves they will be receptive. To treatment. Then she said “Get flirtatious with
your nerves.” But this was in a very professional tone. I think I finally understand
what it means to flirt with somebody without having any intention or desire to sleep
with them whatsoever. I mean I think I’ve done it but without understanding God at
a conscious level. God here is “that.”

Today surely said, “I just love you,” surely being the name of a woman, a librarian,
and she gave me two articles that were relevant to our talk in that patent office
adjunct office, one about California legislators introducing bills to bust unions, and
the other about that sadistic racial sensitivity training that involves segregating
Brown and blue-eyed people, treating the blue-eyed people like dirt, and then
talking about bad feelings after.

My dear friend lost her father this week. She was a wry and good-humored old man
in his 90s. Once we went out to dinner, and there was the usual talk about “do I have
enough room for dessert?” And he said, “dessert goes in another stomach.”

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