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									«Swiss Pavilion», Booth no. 5023

The Swiss Exhibitors
BIO 2011, Washington D. C., June 27–30, 2011
Welcome to the Swiss Biotech Pavilion

Switzerland has been participating in BIO USA since 1999, always
presenting high quality Swiss products and services. Switzerland,
centrally located, is a leading biotechnology region, which also
encompasses the neighbouring parts of France, Germany and Italy.

Anchored by world-class research of home-based multinationals
Lonza, Novartis, Roche, Merck Serono and Syngenta, the Swiss
biotech industry is among the largest and most diversified in
Europe. This position is reinforced by cutting edge research car-
ried out in a large and growing network of small and medium-
sized biotech companies throughout the country. The research
community in industry and academia is supported by a strong
base of suppliers. These companies are exporting worldwide and
are involved in the innovative development of equipment, consum-
ables and platform technologies to cater the biotech industry at
large. The country with approx. 7.8 million inhabitants spread
over 40,000 sq. km has developed into a giant of biotechnology
over the past few years.

During this year’s BIO in Washington D. C., 17 companies and
organisations will be represented in the «SWISS Pavilion».
Furthermore, we are happy to announce the International Case
Study Presentation about “Innovative Platforms for Binding
Protein Therapeutics” of June 28, 9:30 am to 10:15 am.

The «SWISS Pavilion» is organised by Osec in close co-operation
with Swiss Biotech and the Swiss Business Hub USA. Osec is the
umbrella organisation for the promotion of exports, imports and
investment as well as the promotion of Switzerland as a business
location. Despite the «SWISS Pavilion» in Washington D. C.,
Osec and Swiss Biotech will organise a Swiss joint participation
on the occasion of other exhibitions and conferences such as
e. g. BIOTECHNICA 2011 (October 11–13, 2011) in Hannover.

Swiss Know-How at BIO 2011

International Case Studies

Session Title:
Swiss Biotech – Innovative Platforms for Binding Protein

June 28, 2011

9:30 AM –10:15 AM

145 B

In the field of “binding protein” drugs, Switzerland has an out-
standing pipeline of developments and technology platforms.
Moderated by Dominik Escher (VP Swiss Biotech Association) and
presenting Swiss start-up companies and their development, this
session will give an overview of national or regional biotech
growth and development initiatives.

Dominik Escher, ESBATech AG
François Curtin, GeNeuro SA
David Deperthes, Med Discovery SA

Session organised by the

Swiss Biotech
One Nation – One Biotech Cluster

Swiss Biotech is the marketing brand where the leading biotech
regions of Switzerland and other important stakeholders for
the industry such as Osec, the export organisation, SIX Swiss
Exchange for the Finance Industry and the Swiss Biotech
Association as driver and voice for the industry work on joint
SIX Swiss Exchange holds a leading position in terms of life science
listings and services. The National Industry Association, Swiss
Biotech Association – representing 237 companies, reports another
strong year for the sector.
Swiss Biotech’s mission is to spread the message of Switzerland
as one of the top biotech locations in the world. The cornerstones
for success are the critical mass of research institutes and acceler-
ated technology transfer. The early integration of industry and
well trained workforce is another critical success factor for rapid
economic growth.
More than 40 technology parks throughout the country support
the successful knowledge and tech-transfer. The young association
“swiTT” (Swiss Technology Transfer Association) unites the
professionals for technology transfer and supports the important
interface management with training and know-how enrichment.

Industry Information:

• Major sectors
Red Biotech 85 %, White Biotech 10 %, Green Biotech 5 %

• Regional distribution
Centers for Biotech to be found in and around Basel Area,
Geneva/Lausanne, Bellinzona/Lugano, Berne Capital and Greater
Zurich Area.

• Employment figures/workforce practice patterns
In 2010 close to 20,000 persons found employment in the Biotech
Sector in Switzerland. Note that these figures include the Biotech
employees of Big Pharma (Novartis, Roche and Merck Serono).

• Biotechnology Revenues*
In 2010 9.2 Billion CHF
In 2009 9.3 Billion CHF
In 2008 just over 8.7 Billion CHF
In 2007 almost 7.2 Billion CHF
In 2006 almost 6.5 Billion CHF

• R&D Climate*
In 2010 R&D investments almost 2.1 Billion CHF
In 2009 R&D investments almost 2.2 Billion CHF
In 2008 R&D investments almost 2.1 Billion CHF
In 2007 R&D investments almost 1.8 Billion CHF
In 2006 R&D investments almost 1.6 Billion CHF

* private and public companies

• Investment Climate
The Investor community is prudent and cautious. Given the global
crisis, the venture capital investments have been surprisingly high.
The figure is astonishing if one takes the difficult currency climate
of 2010 into account. Compared with the previous year 2009, the
overall performance of fresh capital into the sector was slightly
down, but 11 % higher if currency exchange rates are noted. SIX
Swiss Exchange is an international marketplace for life science

The information has been gathered by various sources, amongst those E & Y as
well as own industry association data. March 2011.

More information available:
The Swiss Biotech Report 2011 can be downloaded at

Plan of the Exhibition Center

«SWISS Pavilion»
Booth no. 5023

The exhibitors in the «SWISS Pavilion»

Booth no. 5023

Company/Organisation                                   Page
AC Immune                   CH-1015 Lausanne             9
BioAlps                     CH-1211 Geneva              10
BioArk SA                   CH-1870 Monthey             11
Biopôle SA                  CH-1066 Epalinges           12
Debiopharm S.A.             CH-1002 Lausanne            13
ExcellGene                  CH-1870 Monthey             14
Harlan Laboratories Ltd.    CH-4452 Itingen             15
Life Science Zurich         CH-8057 Zurich              16
Lonza Group Ltd.            CH-4002 Basel               17
Med Discovery SA            CH-1215 Geneva 15           18
Molecular Partners AG       CH-8952 Zurich-Schlieren    19
regulanet® Schweiz          CH-8004 Zurich              20
SIX Swiss Exchange          CH-8021 Zurich              21
Swissaustral Biotech SA     CH-1870 Monthey             22
Swiss Biotech Association   CH-8004 Zurich              23
Switzerland. Trade &
Investment Promotion.       US-New York, NY 10017       24
INTERNATIONAL SA            CH-1211 Geneva              25
Venture Valuation           CH-8004 Zurich              26

AC Immune                           Phone +41 21 693 91 21
PSE Building B                      Fax    +41 21 693 91 20
CH-1015 Lausanne          

Dr. Andrea Pfeifer, Dr. Farid Bouzidi

AC Immune develops innovative therapeutics with “best in
class” potential against Alzheimer’s disease and other conforma-
tional diseases along three axes: vaccines, antibodies and small
molecules. The anti-Abeta antibody for passive immunization is
partnered with Genentech. AC Immune develops in house the
small molecule ACI-91 and the vaccine ACI-24. These three clini-
cal programs are focused on Alzheimer’s disease and backed by
a rich portfolio of preclinical compounds. Therapeutic molecules
are leveraged for Alzheimer’s disease in diagnostic and for other
CNS and non-CNS diseases, such as Glaucoma and Down

BioAlps                                Phone +41 22 304 40 40
Lake Geneva Life Science Cluster       Fax   +41 22 304 40 70
c/o OPI                      
Route des Jeunes 9           
P. O. Box 1011
CH-1211 Geneva 26

Ms. Barbara Ben Hamadi

BioAlps – The fastest growing life science cluster in the world

The BioAlps cluster in Western Switzerland is a major and vibrant
centre for medical technology and biotechnology, providing a
unique growth environment. The BioAlps region is rated the 3rd
European centre for research into biotech and medtech research,
just after Cambridge and Oxford in the UK.

The BioAlps region includes:
• Some 20 world class academic institutions with over 40,000
     students from over 70 countries
• More than 500 research facilities
• 750 companies (450 in biotech, 300 in medtech)
• More than 20,000 employees specialised in the life sciences

… and offers 6 key strengths, which attract more people and
companies to the region daily:
• World class research
• A strong industrial network
• Access to sophisticated core facilities
• Leading clinical centres
• Convergence of know-how
• Strong promotion of innovation

BioArk SA                           Phone +41 27 606 88 60
Route de l’Ile-au-Bois 1a 
CH-1870 Monthey           

Mr. Massimo Nobile, Site manager

With 2,500 sq.m. facilities dedicated to biotechnology, 25,000 sq.m.
of proprietary building land, tailored business coaching, active
support in seeking funds and access to a network of specialists,
BioArk is essential partner to support companies in their long-
term development needs.

BioArk started with a focus essentially on start-ups, but has now
opened its site to established companies and SMEs. It is also
consistent with the environment provided by Monthey. Its work-
force, its location and its policy make the city an exceptional place
for both start-ups and SMEs to grow. BioArk is now launching
the project’s second phase. The new facility will offer customized
premises for industrial production, modular constructions for
“wet” as well as “dry” labs and also offices. BioArk2 will be
more than just an extension: it is a response to the existing needs
of Biotech developments.

Biopôle SA                           Phone +41 21 651 90 00
Route de la Corniche 4               Fax     +41 21 651 90 09
CH-1066 Epalinges          

Mr. Jean-Marc Tissot, Mr. Mourad Nemra

In Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, the Biopôle Park is situated
in the north of Lausanne at 50 km from Geneva’s international
airport. Fully integrated in one of the densest life sciences net-
works in the world, the Biopôle offers you a strategic location for
the “tailor-made” development of your activities. By locating your
operation in the Biopôle, it is this dynamism that your company
and its staff will be able to profit from. In addition, Lausanne is
less than two hours from the major European capitals. Waking up
in Asia and going to bed in the Americas makes it possible, from
this central location, to conduct one’s business on the scale and
at the speed of the 21st century.

Debiopharm S.A.                     Phone +41 21 321 01 11
Forum “après-demain”                Fax    +41 21 321 01 69
Chemin Messidor 5–7       
CP 5911                   
CH-1002 Lausanne

Mr. Maurice Wagner

Debiopharm Group™ (Debiopharm) is a Swiss-based global
biopharmaceutical group of companies with a focus on the devel-
opment of prescription drugs targeting unmet medical needs.
The group in-licenses, develops and/or co-develops promising
drug candidates, such as biologics or small molecules having
reached clinical development phases I, II or III. Debiopharm
is also prepared to consider earlier stage candidates. At the end
of the development process, the products are out-licensed to
pharmaceutical partners for sales and marketing. Besides drug
development, Debiopharm Group™ is active in the field of
diagnostics and personalised medicine.

Debiopharm is privately-owned and independently funds the
worldwide development of all of its products.

ExcellGene                          Phone +41 24 471 96 60
Route de l’Ile-au-Bois 1A           Fax    +41 24 471 96 61
CH-1870 Monthey           

Dr. J. A. Balta

ExcellGene’s provides the new generation of protein expression
technologies and protein production process solutions. Based on its
market experience of over 30 years, the company is constantly
developing its technologies and services ranging from DNA-vector
construction to large-scale protein production from mammalian
cell lines. ExcellGene delivers improved processes and increased
productivity based on the latest advances of technology. Based on
the shaken disposable bioreactors ExcellGene’s current capacities
exceed 3000 parallel small-scale bioreactors for process screening
and several 250 L production machines. A 2000 L shaken bio-
reactor has been installed in our laboratories.

The certification of its GMP facility enables ExcellGene to deliver
clinical grade material.

Our services include:
DNA vector development and optimisation.
Fast protein expression delivering Grams within weeks.
Cell line development and process optimisation.
Supply of high productivity and growth mammalian cell lines.
Master Cell Bank creation and saving under GMP conditions.
Fast GMP production.

Harlan Laboratories Ltd.            Phone +41 61 975 11 39
Zelgliweg 1                         Fax    +41 61 975 14 79
CH-4452 Itingen           

Prof. Dr. Thomas Knittel, Prof. Dr. Ruediger Haecker

Harlan Laboratories is a global leader of non-clinical contract
research services and animal research models for the pharma-
ceutical, biotech, medical device industries, as well as to academic
and government research organizations for more than 25 years.
The contract research services division offers the complete set
of non-clinical studies for drug development according to GLP
standards and has an outstanding expertise in inhalation and
infusion technologies both in rodents and non rodents. A major
asset for our clients is the extensive knowledge in pathology,
which is based on a large historical data base combined with a
deep involvement in numerous development projects over the
last decades. Harlan Laboratories has a profound experience
in the development of various compound classes and indications,
however biologicals and biosimilars and especially anti-cancer
compounds have been a special focus in the most recent years.

To go “first time in man” with an investigational medicinal
product Harlan Laboratories created “Fast-Into-Man™”
programs. These programs enable drug development in a time-
and cost-efficient manner and are designed and executed
according to individual customer needs.

Life Science Zurich                  Phone +41 44 635 35 01
c/o University of Zurich – Irchel,
Building 17, Floor L, Room 13
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zurich

Dr. Isabel Klusman

Life Science Zurich – Outstanding Research and
Unrivalled Business Opportunities

Top biomedical research at ETH Zurich and the University of
Zurich is the foundation of a unique business atmosphere in
Zurich. The two universities collaborate on numerous research
projects of international significance. and the
Neuroscience Center Zurich are typical, yet outstanding, examples
of well-integrated, interdisciplinary research and industrial colla-

The ever-increasing number of Life Science start-ups testifies to
the high entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes the Greater
Zurich Area. Dedicated support from a network of institutions,
incubators and clusters of established companies combine to give
Zurich its unrivalled attraction for both exceptional research
and unmatched potential for business opportunities.

Come and talk to us to learn more about Life Science Zurich!

Lonza Group Ltd.                   Phone +41 61 316 81 11
Muenchensteinerstrasse 38
CH-4002 Basel            

Ms. Colleen Floreck

Lonza Custom Manufacturing offers the life sciences market a full
range of bioresearch products, flexible development services and
high-quality manufacturing for functional and active ingredients.

For 30 years we have been helping emerging and established com-
panies increase product quality, improve production processes,
navigate the development and regulatory process, lower the cost
of goods, get to market faster, and focus on their core competen-
cies. From lead optimization and early development through
launch to commercial leadership and mature market supply, our
complete development services, industry-leading manufacturing
processes, broad technology platform and lifecycle management
experience can help take your product to the next level. For flexi-
ble, high-quality contract manufacturing, development services
and products, we can help.

Together … turning promising discoveries into viable products.

Visit us at booth no. 1827.

Med Discovery SA                     Phone +41 22 710 78 40
WTC II Route de Pré-Bois 29          Fax     +41 22 710 78 44
P. O. Box 527              
CH-1215 Geneva 15          

Dr. David Deperthes

Med Discovery has developed expertise in Urological cancers and
possesses a portfolio of two clinical stage technologies targeting
unique biological pathways in prostate cancer and humoral hyper-
calcemia malignancies.

Proprietary Technology
MDPK67b: recombinant inhibitor of kallikrein cascade
MDAB16: humanized antibody targeting PTHrP

Recent                               Anticipated
In-licensing of Phase II antibody,   Start of Phase II for MDAB16
MDAB16 from big Pharma               in Humoral Hypercalcemia

Positive GLP preclinical tox         Phase I completion in Q4-2011
for MPDK67b                          for MDPK67b

Senior Management
Name                                 Job Title
Deperthes, David                     Chief Executive Officer
Kündig, Christoph                    Chief Scientific Officer

Molecular Partners AG               Phone +41 44 755 77 00
Wagistrasse 14                      Fax     +41 44 755 77 07
CH-8952 Zurich-Schlieren  

Dr. Patrick Amstutz

Molecular Partners has developed a novel class of protein thera-
peutics known as DARPins. DARPins combine the advantages
of antibodies, such as the unreached high affinity, specificity and
low toxicity, with many of the beneficial properties of small
chemical compounds, including exceptional stability, cost effec-
tive production and high solubility. Molecular Partners’ lead
product MP0112, a best-in-class VEGF antagonist, is being devel-
oped for the treatment of wet AMD and DME and successfully
completed two international clinical phase I/IIa studies. Next to
MP0112, Molecular Partners has a rich pipeline of DARPins
capitalizing on their transforming characteristics for maximized
patient benefit. Furthermore, Molecular Partners is entertaining
very successful collaborations with pharmaceutical partners
including Roche and Centocor (JnJ).

regulanet® Schweiz                 Phone +41 44 786 14 28
Wengistrasse 7                     Fax     +41 44 786 16 81
CH-8004 Zurich           

Mr. Domenico Alexakis

regulanet® is a network of regulatory affairs agencies with mem-
bers throughout the world. Founded in 2001, member companies
offer services to a wide variety of healthcare and pharmaceutical
clients from around the world.

regulanet® members provide clients with local representation, act
as the point of contact for the network and thereby have access to
regulatory experts throughout the world.

SIX Swiss Exchange                   Phone +41 58 399 22 45
Selnaustrasse 30                     Fax     +41 58 499 38 44
CH-8021 Zurich             

Ms. Andrea von Bartenwerffer

SIX Swiss Exchange
Europe’s leading exchange for life science companies

With a public offering of securities in Switzerland, and thanks
to the strong placing power afforded by the Swiss-based investment
banks, life science companies gain access to a sector specific
experienced, highly competent and broadly international circle of
investors. In Europe, SIX Swiss Exchange has grown to become
the most important securities exchange in terms of the total market
capitalisation of listed life science companies.

Swissaustral Biotech SA                Phone +41 24 471 04 94
Route de l’Ile-au-Bois 1A              Fax     +41 24 471 04 94
CH-1870 Monthey                        Mobile +41 76 451 87 74

Mr. Laurent Michel

Swissaustral Biotech SA is a worldwide specialist in Extreme
Biotechnology developing innovative solutions for non standard
technological challenges in Life Sciences and Industry. Our com-
pany exploits the potential of extreme microorganisms, high-
performance enzymes, ultrastable biocompounds, and unexplored
metabolic pathways as a unique and diverse natural resource for
industrial applications.

As a key for your success, Swissaustral offers:
• Access to Extreme Diversity, with a large and growing pro-
     prietary collection of unique extremophilic microorganisms
• Highly Specialized Research Services related to “Extreme”
     Biotechnology, with a unique know-how and research capabili-
     ties available to you.
• Specialized Enzymes and Biomolecules, including enzymes
     working in harsh industrial conditions, as well as Biostabilizers,
     pigments and antioxidants.

Swiss Biotech Association           Phone +41 44 455 56 78
Wengistrasse 7                      Fax      +41 44 786 16 81
CH-8004 Zurich            

Ms. Cathy Kroll, Deputy Director

Swiss Biotech Association (SBA) was founded in March 1998.
Today over 210 companies represent this growing association.

SBA is the industry association of small and medium-sized enter-
prises active in all areas of biotechnology as well as a very good
networking platform for the multinational companies active in
the sector.

The membership is open to companies of various size concerned
with different aspects of modern biotechnology such as R & D,
production, marketing and sales, finance, services and consulting.

Activities of member companies span different sectors of biotech-
nology including (bio-)pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agriculture,
food, environmental biotechnology, nanotech, nutrition, marine-
oriented research and specialty chemicals.

Switzerland. Trade &                 Phone +1 212 599 5700
Investment Promotion.                               ext. 1032
c/o Consulate General of Switzerland Fax    +1 212 599 4266
633 Third Avenue, 30th Floor
New York, NY 10017         

Mr. Daniel Bangser

Can your company benefit from the Swiss business environment?
Over 800 US companies already do, including Yahoo!, Google,
Celgene, Biogen Idec, and Dupont. They enjoy the moderate taxa-
tion, highly-educated workforce, and pro-business legal structures
offered in Switzerland. As the number one destination for compa-
nies seeking fast and sustainable international growth, Switzerland
is rated “Most Innovative Country” by the European Innovation
Scoreboard and “Most Competitive Economy” by the World
Economic Forum. Switzerland Trade and Investment Promotion is
a government agency that assists companies contemplating a direct
investment abroad with information about taxes, incentives,
employment, intellectual property, logistics and more.

TRB CHEMEDICA                        Phone +41 22 703 49 00
InTERnATIOnAL SA                     Fax      +41 22 703 49 01
Rue Michel Servet 12                 Mobile +41 79 671 78 54
P. O. Box 352              
CH-1211 Geneva 12          

Ms. Nathalie Duboux

TRB CHEMEDICA, a medium-sized pharmaceutical company
headquartered in Switzerland, develops and markets innovative
and technologically disruptive therapeutic solutions (medical
devices and drugs) to address patients’ needs in rheumatology,
ophthalmology and neurology.

A worldwide presence (more than 15 fully owned subsidiaries)
as well as long-term local commercial relationships provide
TRB CHEMEDICA with a unique market intelligence network
allowing the company to detect as early as possible new busi-
ness opportunities.

On-going partnerships include among others licensing in new
molecules from Universities, innovative co-developments with the
Academia, and forays into biotechnology (proteomics).

Future TRB CHEMEDICA partners shall enjoy the combination
of a dynamic R+D crew with proactive and flexible marketing
and sales teams.

Therefore, TRB CHEMEDICA is actively seeking local, regional
and global partners for the management of its current product
portfolio as well as for in- and out-licensing activities.

Venture Valuation                  Phone +41 43 321 86 60
Kasernenstrasse 11                 Fax    +41 43 321 86 61
CH-8004 Zurich           

Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO, Mr. Jost Renggli, COO

Venture Valuation specializes in independent assessments and
valuations of companies in high-growth markets, such as biotech-
nology, life science and medical technology. We can provide
fairness opinions, company and product valuations to VC and
corporate investors as well as to companies for fund raising,
M&A and product licensing.

Furthermore, Venture Valuation developed and runs the Swiss
Life Sciences Database ( and our global
Biotechgate Database ( for clients like
BIOTECanada, BioCom San Diego, Swiss Life Sciences Alliance,
Life Sciences Health (Netherlands). We also run specific country
databases in 25 different regions. The database provides an over-
view of company profiles, licensing opportunities, financing
rounds, valuations and financial information on deals and deal

General overview of Swiss exhibitors

Company                                                Booth no.
AC Immune                   CH-1015 Lausanne               5023
BioAlps                     CH-1211 Geneva 26              5023
BioArk SA                   CH-1870 Monthey                5023
Biopôle SA                  CH-1066 Epalinges              5023
Debiopharm S.A.             CH-1002 Lausanne               5023
ExcellGene                  CH-1870 Monthey                5023
Harlan Laboratories Ltd.    CH-4452 Itingen                5023
Life Science Zurich         CH-8057 Zurich                 5023
Lonza Group Ltd.            CH-4002 Basel                  1827
Med Discovery SA            CH-1215 Geneva 15              5023
Medmix Systems AG           CH-6343 Rotkreuz               1961
Molecular Partners AG       CH-8952 Zurich-Schlieren       5023
RegenLab                    CH-1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne 1908
regulanet® Schweiz          CH-8004 Zurich                 5023
Selexis SA                  CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates        1906
SIX Swiss Exchange          CH-8021 Zurich                 5023
Swissaustral Biotech SA     CH-1870 Monthey                5023
Swiss Biotech Association   CH-8004 Zurich                 5023
Switzerland. Trade &
Investment Promotion.       US-New York, NY 10017          5023
INTERNATIONAL SA            CH-1211 Geneva                 5023
Venture Valuation           CH-8004 Zurich                 5023


Stampfenbachstrasse 85
P. O. Box 2407
CH-8021 Zurich
Phone +41 44 365 51 51
Fax    +41 44 365 52 21

Swiss Biotech
Wengistrasse 7
CH-8004 Zurich
Phone +41 44 455 56 78
Fax    +41 44 786 16 81

Swiss Business Hub USA,
Washington Office
2900 Cathedral Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20008
Phone +1 202 745-7900
Fax    +1 202 387-2564



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