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                                                                                         DISTRICT 9630

                                                                                     DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S
                                                                                    NEWSLETTER VOL 20 (2)

Fellow Rotarians                          Interactive Story, Rotary’s YouTube
                                         or Vimeo. View promotional material
Ray and I are enjoying visiting Clubs    on National Youth Science Summer
in our District and renewing             School through links on YouTube.
friendships and making new friends       We, members of Rotary, need to take
in our Rotary family . Thanks to all     the opportunity to learn about social
Rotarians for your hospitality as we     media and use it to our advantage
visit.                                   for future Rotarians and participants
                                         for our exciting and educational New
In September we celebrate NEW            Generation programs.
GENERATIONS month and look to
our young people as our future
leaders and as Rotarians. Following
a decision by the 2010 Council of
Legislation which met in April, New      We have received advice that the
Generations Service became the           Rotary Foundation has opened a
fifth avenue of Service, joining Club,   DISASTER RELIEF FUND for
Vocational, Community and                PAKISTAN and is happy to accept
Inter nat io nal Ser vic e s as a        donations from clubs and individuals.
Foundation of Rotary Club activity.      These contributions will be centrally
Rotary’s youth programs: Rotaract,       consolidated in Evanston and used to
Interact, RYLA, RYPEN and Youth          support matching grant programs
Exchange form a core part of New         specifically designed to relieve
Generations Service. We must             suffering and to restore well-being in
congratulate the Rotary Clubs of         Pakistan. The Australian Rotary
Salisbury, Archerfield and Rocklea       Foundation Trust can offer tax
who assisted in the formation of the     deductibility  to    individuals  and
Rotaract Club of Sunnybank. This         corporations who may wish to
club was chartered on 14 August,         contribute to The Rotary Foundation’s
with a membership of nineteen. Gen       Pakistan Disaster Relief Fund. Just a
Coleman is the President. The            few relevant points:
Charter function was an energetic,
enthusiastic, motivational evening       •     Contributions can be made
with speeches of a very high                   through The Australian Rotary      Accommodation:
standard. It was attended by one               Foundation Trust by cheque,
                                               direct debit or credit card. The
hundred and fifty people.
                                               reference      is:     “Pakistan
Most of our young people are active            Disaster Relief”                         MORE BRANDS…
online, so it is often easier to         •     Contributions are tax deductible     RI President Klinginsmith’s
connect with them through social               but they do not attract PHF          visit to Brisbane
networking sites rather than the               points or Club credits               50 yrs at RC of Dalby
traditional way of snail mail and        •     matching grants that are             Media Release
emails. Social Media outlets are a             specifically     designed     to     The Rotary Foundation
part of their everyday life. You can           restore normalcy to the lives        Science & Engineering
connect with Rotary Peace Fellows              of these        people will be       Challenge
on Facebook, follow Rotar y                    “second phase” programs              Shelter box update
activities on Twitter, Use Linkedin            and not necessarily of an            Date Claimers
to communicate about Rotary Youth              immediate nature.                    Attendance Report
Exchange; promote RYLA                                                              Membership
happenings with a link to                                                           GSE Team 2010-2011

On Thursday 19 August, RI President Ray Klinginsmith                                            50!
visited the University of Queensland and whilst there,
planted a tree in the Rotary President's Park. A plaque was
also unveiled at the Park where all visiting RI Presidents to
Brisbane have planted a tree. Paul Harris the Founder of
Rotary planted a tree in 1935 at Taringa, Brisbane, when
he visited Australia and New Zealand. This park has
continued the tradition of a RI President planting a tree.

                                                                The Rotary Club of Dalby recognized the
                                                                achievement of their member Venis Nearhos when
                                                                he was presented with a Sapphire Paul Harris Pin
                                                                for his fifty years of membership in the Club.

                                                                Fifteen year old Venis arrived in Dalby from Agros,
                                                                Cyprus, to join his brother. In 1938, the brothers
                                                                were joined by two other brothers, Con and Melis.
                                                                He worked in the Café Majestic in Cunningham
                                                                Street, Dalby. While on Service in New Guinea
                                                                during the War, the Café was converted to a grocery
                                                                store by Mark and became the centre point of the
                                                                town. Many a Dalby child received a smile, a hug
He met with the current Rotary Peace fellows who are            and probably an ice-cream from Venis in the shop.
studying for their Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies at
UQ and enjoyed afternoon tea with the students.                 Venis was inducted into the Club by the President at
                                                                the time, Ross Teakle. One of the original and
RI President Ray then travelled to Kallangur, in district       ongoing projects that Venis was involved with was
9600 where as Guest Speaker to an audience of over 400          the Dalby Rotary Rodeo. This was a huge
Rotarians, he delivered a motivating speech. The next stop      commitment by the Club and its members, as it was
was Canberra, to the Conference entitled "Building a            the major fundraiser for the establishment of a
Stronger Rotary in Australia', where as one of the Guest        retirement village in Dalby. Venis was also a more
Speakers, he shared his cowboy logic.                           than capable cook at the clubs’ socials and
He will return to Perth, Australia in late November for the
Zone Institute where Current, Past and future Officers of
Rotary are trained and updated on Rotary International.

                                                                Media Release
                                                                Public Relations Workshop
                                                                               (hands on)

                                                                … Sunday 17 October, District HQ, Wacol
                                                                … book your place now

                                                                District PR Banners
                                                                … please advise if you have any

                                                                Permission Slips for Public Photographs …
                                                                we have developed one for Clubs to use …
                                                                if you haven’t received it yet, please contact us NOW.
                                                                 It is a preferred requirement.

                                                                Liaise with Public Relations Secretary Robyn Nixon …
     RI President Ray with the Rotary Peace Fellows

The Rotary Club of Balmoral hosted a successful Rotary    DG ANNE congratulating successful
Foundation Dinner on Friday, 27 August. It was ably       students
chaired by P Bill Pixton with Guest Speakers, Inbound
Ambassadorial Scholar Jului Wu from South Western
China and PDG Peter Ochato, Zone 8 Coordinator for the
Rotary Foundation.

                                                         The Science and Engineering Challenge
                                                         Committee made up of the Rotary Clubs of
                                                         Loganholme and Capalaba and Griffith University,
                                                         have raised funds and staged the challenge in the
                                                         Brisbane South Region for several years. It is one
                                                         of the major annual community projects in those
                                                         club's calendars. This year, as well as the Regional
                                                         Challenge, the committee took on the State
                                                         Challenge which saw the best students from every
                                                         region in Queensland compete for the privilege of
 Guest Speaker Inbound Ambassadorial Scholar, Jiuli      representing both their school and their State in
 Wu seen with DG Anne Brand, DGE Debbie James &          the National Challenge in Gosford in October. The
 DGN Annette Richards . Below, Guest Speaker PDG         State Science and Engineering Challenge was
 Peter Ochato is pictured with PDG Chris Wright, Rot     held at the Insports complex in Cornubia over
 Dan Holzapel and PDG Ross Forgione                      three days from 24 to 26 August. The District
                                                         Governor attended on the first day of the challenge
                                                         to hand out the awards to event winners and to the
                                                         overall winning school.
                                                         This Challenge is the brainchild of Newcastle
                                                         University and has grown to become a national
                                                         event involving many other universities, Rotary
                                                         clubs, sponsors and community volunteers. The
                                                         purpose of the Challenge is to engage young
                                                         people at grades 9 and 10 level in science and
                                                         engineering, in a practical hands on way and thus
                                                         encourage them to go on to elect science and
                                                         engineering subjects in subsequent studies. The
                                                         schools progressing to the National Challenge are,
                                                         Home Hill SHS, A B Paterson (Gold Coast), the
                                                         Cathedral School (Townsville) and Forest Lake
SHELTER BOX UPDATE                                       College. Overall this year at both Brisbane South
                                                         Regional and State levels approximately 1600
Shelterbox tents have been distributed in Rajanpur       students participated at the Insports Centre.
District and other districts are receiving more tents.
Within days of the Disaster being known, 1000
Shelterboxes and response Teams were on the ground                     DATE CLAIMERS
and 6000 tents (the new Mark 10 design) have been        SEPTEMBER
directly despatched for the Shelterbox manufacturer in   12    Rotary Leadership Institute Stage II Wacol
China.                                                   17-19 Youth Exchange Camp Inbound &
                                                               Outbound students
Donations can be sent to P O Box 217, Wahroonga,         26    Rotary Leadership Institute Stage 1 Wacol
NSW, Australia 2076 or by Direct Deposit to BSB 032      OCTOBER
189 Account Number 230 147 Account name:                 9    Paul Harris Society Dinner: Jindalee Hotel
Shelterbox. Please mark deposit clearly and advise by         Speakers : Past RI Treasurer: Brian
email to                         Knowles & Rotary Peace Fellow: Joseph De

                                                      “PLAN YOUR WORK: WORK YOUR PLAN.”

                                                      Membership Month finished on a real high with our District
                                                      having a good representation of members at the “Grow and
                                                      Strengthen Rotary Seminar” in Canberra followed by twenty
                                                      five of our clubs with members attending our District
                                                      Membership Seminar on 29 August. Two of the themes that
                                                      were identified in both seminars to achieve growth and
                                                      retention were:
                                                      Firstly “Is Your Club Right?”
                                                      Clubs need to be dynamic and focused to grow and retain
                                                      membership. (Club Assessment Tools on the Rotary
                                                      International Website has club surveys).
                                                      Secondly “Plan”
                                                      There is a need to plan your clubs approach to growing and
                                                      retaining membership.

                                                      Your membership committee is here to assist you to
                                                      “PLAN YOUR WORK: WORK YOUR PLAN”
                                                      Annette L Richards
                                                      District Membership Chairman

                                                      2010-2011 GSE TEAM

                                                      Congratulations to PP GREG KILLORAN from the Rotary
                                                      Club of Jindalee who has been selected as the Leader of the
                                                      2010-2011 GSE Team to travel to Saitama, Japan, in April

Seen with Greg are the members of the team from
left to right: Kirsten Binnie, (Sponsor Club:
Jindalee) Amanda Kopp, (Sponsor Club:
Sunnybank Hills), Lana Gishariany, (Sponsor Club:
Balmoral), Heidi Eisel, (Sponsor Club: Archerfield)
and the Reserve, David Velasquez, (Sponsor Club:

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