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w w w . d u r a n g o f i l m . o r g
     letter from the director
    Welcome to the 4th Annual Durango Independent Film
    Attending this year’s festival gives you a front-row seat
    to the biggest celebration of independent film this city
    has ever experienced. We look forward to merging our
    community with the worldwide filmmaking community. We
    are committed to providing a platform for independent
    filmmakers who inspire, enlighten, entertain and connect
    our community. At times, we find ourselves taking an
    emotional journey in the darkness of the theatre. At
    others, engaging question-and-answer discussions with
    the filmmakers enhance our film-viewing experience.
    This year promises to be an exciting year, starting with the
    return of Free Movie Night on opening night sponsored
    by The Durango Herald. Filmmaker Panels will be key
    events for those with a desire to learn the ins and outs
    of the filmmaking process. Two free workshops will offer
    tips on acting and short-story writing for those who want
    to learn those trades. If nonstop morning-to-late-night film
    action is not enough, festival parties promise to be the
    rage this year. First-Tier pass holders are invited to the
    Late Night VIP Party at Mutu’s Italian Kitchen on Saturday,
    March 7. Gallery Night returns with a record 9 downtown
    galleries participating. Many more parties will round out
    festival week culminating with the invitation-only Awards
    Ceremony on Sunday evening.
    This signature event is not possible without the support
    of our local community sponsors, donors and grantors,
    who share our deep appreciation for the film arts. As a
    nonprofit organization, the Durango Film Institute (doing
    business as Durango Independent Film Festival) is only as
    strong as our community of supporters. On behalf of the
    board of directors, festival staff and volunteers, we humbly
    thank you for your support. I
    would like to thank the festival
    staff, board of directors and the
    volunteers for their unwavering
    devotion, for without their
    support this festival could not
    take place.
    Joanie Fraughton,
    Festival Director

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                                                                                w w w.d u ran gof i l m . org

                                                              Festival Parties & Events
                                                              Debbie Wright, Mary Jo Rakowski, Marty Palecki

                                                              Hospitality Management
                                                              Team Leader & Filmmaker Management: Greg Weiss

                        STAFF                                 Filmmakers Lounge: Joanie Fraughton, Kaiya Dewey White
                                                              Food & Beverage: Joanie Fraughton, Kaiya Dewey White

                                                              Panels & Workshops Justin Hunt

                                                              Volunteer Coordinator Victoria Schmitt

                                                              Print Projects
Festival Director Joanie Fraughton                            Team Leader: Carla Finlay
Administrative Coordinator Kaiya Dewey White                  Graphic Artist: Jonathan Hammel
Sponsorships & Program Ad Sales Joanie Fraughton              Program Editor: Amy Maestas
                                                              Lead Proofreader: Deahna Geehan
Year-round Volunteer Staff Members Robb Brantley,             Graphics Wrangler: Cindy Coleman
Brandon Donahue, Carla Finlay, Deahna Geehan, Barb Gysel,     Projects Coordinator: Vicki Love
Jonathan Hammel, Justin Hunt, Jane Julian, Vicki Love, Lisa
Mackey, Amy Maestas, Michele Malach, Gail Nadeau, Deb         Web Site & Communications
Nielsen, Marty Palecki, Donna Pauline, Mary Jo Rakowski,      Newsletter: Lisa Mackey
Peggy Russell, Victoria Schmitt, Chris Warren, Greg Weiss,    Web Site: Deahna Geehan
Debbie Wright                                                 Internal Communications: Deahna Geehan, Kaiya Dewey White

Programming                                                   Screening Committees
Features: Brandon Donahue                                     Features: Brandon Donahue, Derrick Casto, Lisa Bourey
Shorts: Michele Malach                                        Shorts: Michele Malach, Preston Benson, Robb Brantley, Deahna
Documentaries: Jane Julian                                    Geehan, Gail Nadeau and Adam Toop
School Program: Deb Nielsen assisted by Kim Heikens,          Documentaries: Jane Julian, Barb Gysel, Joe Booth, Stacey
Claudia Foley                                                 Sotosky, Patrick McIntyre, Ron Borrego
Juror Coordinator: Greg Weiss                                 Public School Program: Susy Raleigh, Nicki Massieon, Janet
                                                              Oliver, Jill Colburn-Bernard, Burt Baldwin, Tom Byrne, Barb Gysel,
Operations & Venues
                                                              Edna Gonzalez
Team Leader: Michele Malach
Ballots: Connie Robb
                                                              PR & Marketing
Wrangler: Robb Brantley
Merchandise Coordinators: Donna Pauline, Gail Nadeau          Mary Jo Rakowski, Chris Warren, Debbie Wright, Carla Finlay,
Pass Management: Chris Warren, Barb Gysel, Greg Weiss,        Joanie Fraughton
Peggy Russell, Robb Brantley
Will Call Booth: Barb Gysel, Chris Warren                     Festival Trailers
Pass Production: Gwen Buchanan, Eran Schoellhorn              Tyler Quintano, Ryan Osborne, Jeff Rondlestadt

Tech                                                          Jurors
Tech Director: Curt Rousse                                    Chuck Disney, Ron Martin, Todd Elgin, Charlie Dierkop, Anita
Tech Assistants: Barb Grassia, Gypsie Frank                   Moffatt, Steve Walker, Fred Wildfang, Natalie McMenemy, David
Production Manager: Peggy Russell                             Eckenrode
Print Traffic: Peggy Russell, Karen Zenger                    Juror Emeritus: Charlie Langdon

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                                                                           w w w.d u ran gof i l m . org

                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS                     A short message from the board:
                                                           As you peruse the program guide, mapping out a
Chair Mary Jo Rakowski                                     strategy to see as many films in five days as possible,
Vice Chair Greg Weiss                                      to meet filmmakers on the street, in the theatres and at
Treasurer Julie Cooley                                     the parties, and to chat with other festival participants,
Secretary Barry Spear                                      please take a moment to acknowledge the volunteers
Members Carla Finlay, John Cohen, Chris Warren,            and staff, sponsors and advertisers for their support. The
Wally White, Debbie Wright
                                                           Durango Independent Film Festival is truly fortunate for
                                                           their contribution and commitment!

                                                           The IRS has granted public charity
                                                           status to the Durango Independent
                                                           Film Festival under its literary and
                                                           educational definitions. Your donation
                                                           to DIFF is tax-deductible.
                                                           • Invest in a sure thing
                                                           • Invest locally
Greg Weiss and Julie Cooley were not available for photo   • Invest in your community
                                                           • Invest short-term to guarantee the future

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Features                                                                                                      w w w.d u ran gof i l m . org

                              A Deal is a Deal                                                                    Chronic Town
Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri 6pm, Gaslight Theatre 2/Sat 3:15pm                          Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu 9pm, Sun noon
Paul is fed up with driving trains and longs to write novels. Two people           Truman Korovin is a lonely cab driver in Fairbanks, Alaska. When a bad acid
fall under his train and he hears that three accidents qualify him for early       trip lands Truman in the local “loony bin”, he finds that some of the “loonies’”
retirement with 10 years of salary…lump sum! All he has to do is find a            that he meets will have more of an impact on him than he ever could have
willing victim. He meets Tommy who is furious at being saved by Paul from          imagined. Already at a point in his life when he was ready to be a spectator,
jumping off a bridge. Paul offers him £1500 cash to wait until Monday. Having      Truman may just find himself caring enough to get back in the game.
abandoned his family, Tommy decides to salve his conscience by paying              USA, 2008, Tom Hines, Grey Jumper Productions
his wife, Rosemary, and his daughter Frankie a last visit. Relationships are       96 min • Mature content, language, violence, drug use
changed forever, but Paul and Tommy are confronted with the reality of the         Showing with Happiending
deal they struck. After all, a deal is a deal.
United Kingdom, 2008, Jonathan Gershfield, Northway House
106 min • Mature content, sexual content, language
Showing with The Drummer

                        A Lonely Place for Dying                                                Dropping In: The True Story of Don Wimmer
Abbey Theatre/Fri 6pm, Sun noon                                                    Abbey Theatre/Thu 3pm, Fri noon
It’s the fall of 1972. CIA Agent Robert Harper fears he has much to answer         In this bitter-sweet dark comedy and full-length mockumentary, a filmmaker
for. KGB defector Nikolai Dzerzhinsky suspects his secrets already are known.      and crew follow former certified public accountant Don Wimmer, who at
And in an abandoned prison deep in the Mexican desert, both men will               the age of 42 gives up everything to pursue a long-abandoned dream of
learn this is … a lonely place for dying. It’s a tale of cat and mouse, betrayal   becoming a professional skateboarder.
and hidden emotions. This film was shot entirely at the New Mexico State           USA, 2008, Matthew Manus
Penitentiary.                                                                      80 min • Language
USA, 2009, Justin Evans, Prodigi Pictures                                          Showing with Love and Roadkill
94 min • Violence, mature content

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Features                                                                                                         w w w.d u ran gof i l m . org

                               The Full Picture                                                                         How to Be
Gaslight Theatre 2/Fri 3:15pm, Sat 9:15pm                                             Abbey Theatre/Thu 9am, Sat 9pm
Like many guys, Mark Foster struggles with commitment. But given his past,            This is a wry comedy about Art, a frustrated musician undergoing what he
he has good reason. Fifteen years ago, his parents’ scandalous divorce                sees as a quarter-life crisis. This is not helped when his girlfriend dumps
grabbed the public’s attention and shattered Mark’s ideas about marriage.             him and he has to move back in with his middle-class parents, who are far
Even worse, Mark and his charismatic brother, Hal, were forced to pick sides,         from thrilled with the idea. Art’s painfully funny journey to define his existence
and to this day disagree over whom to fault. Unfortunately, Mark has never            brings to the fore the dysfunctional relationship he has with his parents and
shared any of this with his unsuspecting girlfriend, Erika, who is about to meet      the importance in his life of his oddball friends. Rich in detail and dark yet
Mark’s embittered, camera-happy mother, Gretchen, for the first time. As Mark         affectionate humor, this film is a timely look at the increasingly common
desperately struggles to keep his family’s sordid history under wraps during          phenomenon of grown-up children living at home, frustrated creativity and
a long, awkward weekend, past issues resurface that force Mark to confront            self-help.
the thing he fears the most – his own lies.                                           United Kingdom, 2008, Oliver Irving, Justin Kelly, How To Films
USA, 2008, Jon Bowden, One Big Head Films                                             85 min • Mature content
80 min • Mature content, sexual content, nudity, language                             Showing with Soulmates
Showing with Wild Like Ego

                                  Gospel Hill                                                                        The Magistical
Gaslight Theatre 1/Wed 6pm, Gaslight Theatre 2/Sat 9:15am                             Gaslight Theatre 1/Sat noon, Gaslight Theatre 2/Sun 3:15pm
In the town of Julia, the residents of the black neighborhood of Gospel Hill          Once upon a time, a guardian was chosen to watch over all living things.
are being forced out of their homes to make way for a multimillion dollar             She was called the Magistical. Hoping to preserve all precious life, the
golf course. Race relations are strained just as they were 30 years ago               Magistical created a spell. This spell granted immortality to the last of every
when Peter Malcolm, a black civil-rights activist, was assassinated. Dr. Ron          type of creature. However, to one very evil Draken, the spell would carry a
Palmer, an influential black community leader who runs the emergency clinic           very different meaning than intended. By killing all other Drakens, she would
in Gospel Hill, is supporting the golf course development and helping to push         become the last. Without fear of death, such a beast could rule the world.
the people off their land. The son of the late civil-rights leader’s life begins to   Now only one baby cub stands between her and her evil ambitions. And
intertwine with Dr. Palmer’s as the real estate deal pushes forward.                  between them stands a small, but determined, obstacle named Foible.
USA, 2008, Giancarlo Esposito, A Quiet Hand Production                                USA, 2008, John Cernak, Danny Oakley, Out of Our Minds Animation
98 min • Mature content, sexual content                                               Studios
Showing with Property                                                                 84 min • All ages
                                                                                      Showing with Aston’s Stones

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Features                                                                                              w w w.d u ran gof i l m . org

Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri noon, Sat 6pm
Dylan Gray, a rising young star in the trendy green architecture movement, is
flying high from winning a prized high-rise commission when he unwittingly
plants the seeds of his own destruction during a chance encounter with a
deadly stranger. While waiting to board his plane home to Portland, Dylan
sketches an unflattering caricature of fellow passenger Wesley Stone to
impress an attractive flight attendant. As Dylan soon learns, the stranger he
brazenly ridiculed is a master at stealing identities. And he’s just made Dylan
Gray his next target.
USA, 2008, Jacob Pander, Arnold Pander, Radius Pictures
92 min • Mature content, sexual content, nudity, violence
                                                                                  How to self-distribute your film on DVD • Amateur gamers go mainstream
Showing with Purge

                                                                                                                                                     a publication of

                             Trouble Sleeping
Abbey Theatre/Thu 9pm, Sat 3pm
This powerful drama is based on real experiences. A group of refugees in

                                                                                                      urban remedy
Edinburgh do what they must to survive. Despite the watchful eye of the
security services, they have found a way to survive, but Ahmed’s arrival
changes everything forever. Ahmed believes in truth – a belief forged under
torture. He now seeks asylum, but the courts don’t believe him. His quest for                                            MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY’S
                                                                                                               Wyatt Cenac, Tracey Heggins and Barry Jenkins
proof brings him to Halla. She shares his past and a secret that will destroy                                               Greg Mottola’s ADVENTURELAND
the people they both love. When the truth has sustained you, can you ever                                                          Steve McQueen’s HUNGER
                                                                                                                         Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s SUGAR
afford to let it go?                                                                                                                  James Toback’s TYSON
United Kingdom, 2008, Robert Rae, Makar Productions
103 min • Subtitles, mature content, sexual content, violence
                                                                                                                    sundance .2009

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Documentaries                                                                                               w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

                              1000 Journals                                                                  An Unlikely Weapon
Abbey Theatre/Thu 6pm, Sun 9am                                                   Abbey Theatre/Wed 6pm, Sat noon
In the summer of 2000, a San Francisco-based artist who identified himself       In 1968, in 1/500th of a second, Eddie Adams photographed a Saigon

as “Someguy,” released 1,000 traveling journals into the world. Some people      police chief, General Nygoc Loan, shooting a Vietcong guerilla point blank.
found a journal or got it from a friend or stranger. Some signed up on the In-   Some say that photograph ended the Vietnam War. The photo brought
ternet and received it in the mail. Some wrote in them, others doodled, pasted   Adams fame and a Pulitzer Prize, but Eddie was haunted by the man he had
in photographs, or added artwork. Some kept them. Others passed them on.         vilified. He would say, “Two lives were destroyed that day, the victim’s and the
There were no rules, and no one really monitored these journals and their        general’s.” Others would say three lives were destroyed. Adams tried to get
movements. And yet, they are connecting people worldwide, provoking and          away from it. He documented more wars, worked for magazines and shot
inspiring them. In September 2003, journal #526 returned to Someguy, filled.     photos of celebrities. Still the photo haunted him. Eddie felt he had vilified the
What happened to the other 999?                                                  general and it bothered him so much, he tracked the man down in Virginia.
USA, 2007, Andrea Kreuzhage, Andrea-K Productions                                This is Adams’ story, one of the most talented and iconic photographers of
88 min • Language                                                                our time.
Showing with Ice Cream Man                                                       USA, 2007, Susan Morgan Cooper, Morgan Cooper Productions
                                                                                 127 min • Language, mature content, nudity, violence

                            A Flower for Lisa                                                                A Parkwork Orange
Abbey Theatre/Fri 9pm, Sun 3pm                                                   Gaslight Theatre 2/Fri 6:15pm, Gaslight Theatre 1/Sun 3pm
In a bright yellow room in an outpatient clinic for the mentally ill, Melissa    On February 12, 2005, in New York’s Central Park, 7,503 aesthetically placed
Johnson uses art to educate and empower her clients. But behind her              saffron fabric panels billowed in the wind. A Parkwork Orange artistically
accomplished appearance the difficulties of her own life emerge.                 documents Christo and Jean Claude’s extraordinary installation that astounded
USA, 2007, Tijana Petrovic                                                       visitors. See photos at Open Shutter Gallery.
22 min • All ages                                                                USA, 2008, Joan Brooker-Marks, midtownfilms, inc.
Showing with Without a Home                                                      6 min • All ages
                                                                                 Showing with Green and Red Gold

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Documentaries                                                                                                w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

                             A Ripple of Hope                                                                    City of Cranes
Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu noon, Fri 9pm                                              Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri 3pm, Sun 9am
Facing a potentially hostile crowd in Indianapolis on the eve of the              This documentary offers a mesmerizing view of London from high up in the

assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the extemporaneous speech made by        sky through the eyes and words of crane operators. Whether in the east or
Robert Kennedy quelled antagonism and brought a sense of peace to the             west, you can really see that London is a city in constant transformation,
city. This film weaves together first-person accounts of that tumultuous day      its skyline animated by “a ballet of cranes”. A unique insight into a world
in 1968. With digitally restored news footage and original music by Grammy        unnoticed by most of us.
Award winner John Colby, the film dramatically narrates the events of that        United Kingdom, 2007, Eva Weber, Odd Girl Out Productions
tragic day 40 years ago through the eyes of those who were there.                 14 min • All ages
USA, 2008, Donald Boggs, Covenant Productions                                     Showing with Growing Roots and
54 min • Language                                                                 The Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project
Showing with Conviction: The True Story of Clarence Elkins

                                  Body Job                                                    Conviction: The True Story of Clarence Elkins
Abbey Theatre/Fri 9am, Sun 6pm                                                    Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu noon, Fri 9pm
This short film is a meditation on inspired physicality in the workplace. Three   One summer night, Melinda Elkins’ mother was raped and murdered, and her
individuals demonstrate unique approaches to integrating physical activity into   husband, Clarence, was convicted of the murder and sent to prison for life.
the daily tasks of their jobs.                                                    Melinda knew her husband was a victim of mistaken identification. Proving it
USA, 2008, Joanne Nerenberg, Video Roasting Company                               would take years. A do-it-yourself detective, Melinda discovered a person she
11 min • All ages                                                                 believed killed her mother – a convicted sex offender overlooked by police. In
Showing with Under Our Skin                                                       a twist of fate, the suspect was incarcerated in the same prison as Clarence.
                                                                                  In prison, Clarence picked up a cigarette discarded by the suspect. DNA
                                                                                  testing showed that the man was, in fact, the real killer. Because of his wife’s
                                                                                  tenacity and conviction, Clarence walked out of prison a free man.
                                                                                  USA, 2007, Mike West, Mike West Productions
                                                                                  55 min • Mature content, language and sexual content
                                                                                  Showing with A Ripple of Hope

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Documentaries                                                                                                 w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

                               Courting Condi                                                    Gates of the Arctic: Alaska’s Brooks Range
Gaslight Theatre 1/Wed 9pm, Gaslight Theatre 2/Sat 12:15pm                          Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu 9am, Sun 6pm
This film is a musical docu-tragi-comedy. It follows a love-struck soul’s           The Brooks Range is one of the wildest places in North America and stands

hilarious, emotionally engaging quest to woo Secretary of State Condoleezza         in many people’s eyes as the postcard image of wilderness. This film explores
Rice. Devin Ratray is an American everyman – a 30-year-old New York-based           ideas of wilderness through the stunning landscapes of Gates of the Arctic
Web site designer, musician and besotted admirer of Condi, who is doing all         National Park, and the people who have witnessed them throughout history. It
he can to meet her and penetrate her heart, soul and stretch limo. A spin on        intertwines stories from Nunamiut Eskimo culture, a local subsistence hunter
the Rapunzel fairy tale, this film follows Devin as he travels across America to    and trapper, and Bob Marshall and Mardy Murie, passionate conservationists
win her heart. On his journey to meet and court her, he discovers stories that      who were inspired by these hills to start a national wilderness-protection
he, and most viewers, never knew about Condi, including some shockingly             movement. A visually breathtaking portrait of a remote land, its people and
dark revelations about how she has changed all our lives. Can one man with          its wildlife.
a dream win the heart of the world’s most powerful woman?                           2008, USA, Rory Banyard, North Shore Productions
USA, 2008, Sebastian Doggart, American Princess LLC                                 57 min • All ages
107 min • Mature content, language, nudity                                          Showing with Shikashika and
Showing with Making the Man                                                         Sacred Earth Network’s Indigenous Peoples Exchange

                            The Day After Peace                                                                          Go
Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu 6pm, Sat 9am                                                 Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu 6pm, Sat 9am
This film charts the 10-year journey filmmaker Jeremy Gilley took to establish      In 2007, Invisible Children posed a challenge to youth around the world:
a Day of Peace on September 21st. Gilley persuades countries throughout             raise $1 million in 100 days to rebuild schools in war-torn northern Uganda.
the world to recognize this as an official day of ceasefire and nonviolence until   Thousands of students rallied, and 20 were rewarded with a trip of a lifetime.
his official motion is unanimously adopted in the United Nations. Celebrity and     A trip into Africa’s longest-running war would change everything they knew
corporate support enhance the momentum. Gilley’s persistence is rewarded            about the world. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s where you go.
when he is joined by Jude Law, UNICEF and the World Health Organization             USA, 2008, Laren Poole, Invisible Children Inc.
to use the Day of Peace to carry out a mass vaccination against polio in            35 min • All ages
Afghanistan, one of the toughest conflict areas in the world.                       Showing with The Day After Peace
United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Burundi, Israel, Palestinian
Territories, Somalia, Sudan, USA, Congo, 2008, Jeremy Gilley, Peace One
81 min • Subtitles, all ages
Showing with Go

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Documentaries                                                                                               w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

         The Great Squeeze: Surviving The Human Project                                                        Growing Roots
Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri 3pm, Sun 9am                                               Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri 3pm, Sun 9am
Experts say we are living at the end of the period of the greatest material       This is the story of Durango’s own Turtle Lake Refuge, which promotes

abundance in human history. Cheap and abundant energy from fossil fuels           personal health, and the value of wild foods and wild lands. We learn the
has driven technological invention, causing increases in total and per-capita     history from founder and Durango native Katrina Blair, refuge staff and many
resource extraction and consumption, threatening our 200-year-old fossil-fuel     community members. A Fort Lewis College Student Project
economy. We are adding 80 million people to the world population each             USA, 2008, Brian Barnes
year, and optimistic U.N. projections suggest by 2050, humanity will demand       10 min • All ages
food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel at double the rate at which the earth   Showing with The Great Squeeze: Surviving The Human Project
can generate them.                                                                and City Of Cranes
USA, 2008, China, Honduras, India, Uganda, Christophe Fauchere,
Tiroir A Films Productions
67 min • All ages
Showing with Growing Roots and City of Cranes

                                   Green                                                                       Ice Cream Man
Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri 3pm, Sun 9am                                               Abbey Theatre/Thu 6pm, Sun 9am
Her name is Green; she is alone in a world that doesn’t belong to her. She        Matt Allen is known to many as “Ice Cream Man.” Matt has given out 135,000
is a female orangutan, victim of deforestation and resource exploitation by       free ice creams to anyone that asks. The camera follows Matt across the
humans. This beautifully artistic and powerful film is an emotional journey       country (including a stop in Durango), while he talks of his life and we meet
with Green’s final days and a visual ride presenting the devastating impact       his happy customers.
on wildlife and indigenous peoples, logging and land clearing for palm oil        USA, 2008, Jean Gindreau, First Light Productions
plantations, choking haze created by rainforest fires and the tragic end of       11 min • Language
rainforest biodiversity. As her life slowly ends, we watch the effects of man’s   Showing with 1000 Journals
indifference to these beautiful animals and the loss of the world’s rainforest
Indonesia, 2008, Moez Moez
48 min • Mature content
Showing with Red Gold and A Parkwork Orange

                                   20                                                                                     21
Documentaries                                                                                             w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

                            Pirate for the Sea                                        Sacred Earth Network’s Indigenous Peoples Exchange
Abbey Theatre/Thu noon, Sat 6pm                                                 Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu 9am, Sun 6pm
Paul Watson, the most controversial figure in the environmental movement,       Sacred Earth Network began coordinating indigenous exchanges between

takes the law into his own hands on the open seas, confronting by any           Native Siberians and Native Americans in 2001 where elders, shamans and
nonviolent means necessary the hunters who indiscriminately slaughter           leaders from both continents share traditions and wisdom and find mutual
whales, seals and sharks, along with complicit governments and soft-spined      solidarity and support from their tribes and non-Natives.
envirornmental organizations. Ron Colby’s urgent, poignant and surprisingly     Russian Federation, USA, 2008, Jonathan Skurnik, Skurnik Productions
funny film spends years aboard Watson’s lo-fi ship, the Farley Mowat, as        13 min • All ages
the volunteer crew does its best to save the ocean from the accelerating        Showing with Shikashika and
demands of a globalized marketplace. With its handheld camera and potent        Gates Of The Arctic: Alaska’s Brooks Range
story of a truly modern-day hero, the film has the immediacy of a battlefield
report and the grand vision of an epic poem.
USA, 2008, Ron Colby, Artists Confederacy
101 min • Mature content, language

                                 Red Gold                                                                       Shikashika
Gaslight Theatre 2/Fri 6:15pm, Gaslight Theatre 1/Sun 3pm                       Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu 9am, Sun 6pm
At the headwaters of the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers in Bristol Bay, Alaska     Shikashika offers a rare glimpse into life in the Andes Mountains of Peru
– the two largest remaining sockeye salmon runs on the planet – mining          and focuses on the unseen practices of extracting glacial ice for shikashika,
companies Northern Dynasty and Anglo American propose to extract what           a shaved ice treat sold at the steps of a cathedral beneath the mountain,
may be the world’s richest deposit of gold and copper. Colorado filmmakers      Huscaran.
Ben Knight and Travis Rummel (previously at DIFF with “Running Down             USA/Peru, 2007, Stephen Hyde, Steve Hyde Projects Inc
the Man” and “The Hatch”) spent more than two months in Bristol Bay,            10 min • All ages
documenting the tension between native fishermen who oppose the dam             Showing with Sacred Earth Network’s Indigenous Peoples Exchange
and mine officials who say they will build a “clean” mine that will leave the   and Gates of the Arctic: Alaska’s Brooks Range
salmon’s habitat untouched. This film goes beyond the conflict.
USA, 2008, Ben Knight, Travis Rummel, feltsoulmedia
55 min • Language
Showing with Green and A Parkwork Orange

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Documentaries                                                                                                  w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

                               Sons of Lwala                                                                       Under Our Skin
Gaslight Theatre 2/Fri 12:15pm, Sat 6:15pm                                         Abbey Theatre/Fri 9am, Sun 6pm
Milton Ochieng is a medical student from Kenya who is studying at Vanderbilt       Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood and controversial illnesses

University. He is burdened not just by his studies, but by the recent loss of      of our time. Difficult to test accurately, tens of thousands of people go un-
his parents to AIDS. After their deaths, Milton and his brother Fred, also a       diagnosed – or misdiagnosed with such conditions as fibromyalgia, chronic
Vanderbilt student, vow to build the medical clinic their father envisioned back   fatigue, autism, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The Cen-
in their village. After receiving a scholarship in the U.S., neighbors in Lwala    ters for Disease Control says that more than 200,000 people may acquire
sold their chickens and cows to raise the $900 for his plane ticket. They bid      Lyme disease each year, a number greater than AIDS, West Nile Virus, and
him farewell with one request: “Just don’t forget us.” But a year after their      Avian Flu combined. Yet, the medical establishment, with profound influence
father’s death, Milton and Fred are struggling to open the clinic. They appeal     from the insurance industry, says the disease is easily detectable and treat-
to friends in America for help. What follows is an outpouring of support as        able, and that “chronic Lyme” is some other unrecognized syndrome or a
thousands of strangers across the country rally around them.                       psychosomatic disorder.
Kenya, USA, 2008, Barry Simmons, Stone Castle Productions                          USA, 2008, Andy Abrahams Wilson, Open Eye Pictures
77 min • All ages                                                                  103 min • Mature content
Showing with Walk Your Own Path: Bill Barkeley on Kilimanjaro                      Showing with Body Job


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                                                                                                 970.259.2059 ·

                                   24                                                                                          25
Documentaries                                                                      w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

         Walk Your Own Path: Bill Barkeley on Kilimanjaro
Gaslight Theatre 2/Fri 12:15pm, Sat 6:15pm
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro seemed impossible to Bill Barkeley, a man with
Usher Syndrome, a rare disease that severely affects both hearing and vision.
Assistive technology enables Bill to conquer the mountain and focus on his
Tanzania, USA, 2008, Joshua Levine, 5 Up 2 Down LLC
17 min • Language
Showing with Sons of Lwala

                              Without a Home
Abbey Theatre/Fri 9pm, Sun 3pm
Armed with nothing but a camera, 24-year-old filmmaker Rachel Fleischer
sets out to understand the homeless epidemic that plagues her native city
of Los Angeles. Over a four-year period, Fleischer, with unflinching honesty,
documents the lives of six homeless individuals and families and the chal-
lenges they face as they try to find a home, get clean and survive. Intertwined
with each tale is the story of Fleischer herself, as she struggles to walk the
fine line between telling the stories of her subjects and helping those in need.
A work in progress.
USA, 2008, Rachel Fleischer
70 min • Mature content, language
Showing with A Flower for Lisa

                                   26                                                      27
                           w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
                          HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS
     The following hotels are offering complimentary lodging for DIFF
     guests and special promotional rates for festival attendees. All hotels
     are located in downtown Durango and are within easy walking
     distance of all venues and events.
     Best Western Rio Grande Inn 400 East 2nd Ave.
     “Superior Downtown Lodging convenient to all DIFF venues & events”
     (800) 245-4466 • (970) 385-4980
     Leland House/Rochester Hotel 721 East 2nd Ave.
     “The spirit of the old west is alive and well in downtown Durango”
     (800) 664-1920 • (970) 385-1920
     General Palmer Hotel 567 Main Ave.
     “Victorian elegance in the heart of Durango”
     (800) 523-3358 • (970) 247-4747
     Strater Hotel 699 Main Ave.
     “A Durango landmark since 1887”
     (800) 247-4431 • (970) 247-4431


                                             (970) 385-1920 • (800) 664-1920
                                             721 East Second Avenue
                                              Durango, CO 81301

28                                     29
Adventure Sports                                                                                              w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
    These films will be shown as a group at the
   Gaslight Theatre Screen 1/Sat 3pm, Sun 9pm

                                 Chalk It Up                                                                        Continuum
Two guys cut a “deal” involving white powder and turn it into a pursuit using       This film is about two brothers, Logan and Ryan Jameson, and their bold
Parkour techniques (bouldering, running and gymnastics in a city setting)... lots   and daring pursuits of backcountry skiing and adventure filmmaking. Their
of action in three minutes!                                                         story is tragically cut short by a skiing accident at Durango Mountain Resort
Canada, 2008, Matthieu Paré, Monolithe Multimédia                                   in January 2008, in which Logan died. Ryan tells of his brother’s passionate
3 min • Mature content, drug use                                                    approach to life and explains how the event shaped his life.
                                                                                    USA, 2008, Ryan Jameson

                                                                                                                                                                     ADVENTURE SPORTS
                                                                                    25 min • All ages

                               Board to Death                                                                     Life as a Movie
A young man, distracted by daydreams of surfing, has a hard time getting            Comedic host and pro surfer Benji Weatherley takes the world’s biggest
through his day.                                                                    names in surf, skate and snow and one very famous musician around the
USA, 2008, Blake Scripps, Iron Duke Productions                                     world to experience each other’s sports firsthand - from the exotic island of
20 min • Mature content                                                             Kandui in the Mentawaiis for world-class surfing to the concrete jungle of
                                                                                    Japan for indoor snowboarding, surfing a manmade wave pool and skating
                                                                                    the streets of Osaka, to the majestic white caps of Whistler for insane powder
                                                                                    moments. Traditionally, these pro athletes are presented solely within their
                                                                                    individual sport. However, there is a common thread among these professions
                                                                                    that unite them. Featuring Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson.
                                                                                    USA, 2008, Mai Miyama, Little Buddy Productions, Inc.
                                                                                    60 min • All ages

                                    30                                                                                       31
Shorts                                                                                     w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
                                                  Aston’s Stones                                                          Making the Man
                                   Gaslight Theatre 1/Sat noon,                                        Gaslight Theatre 1/Wed 9pm,
                                 Gaslight Theatre 2/Sun 3:15pm                                        Gaslight Theatre 2/Sat 12:15pm
                            Aston finds stones on his way home.                                 A crucial interview hangs on the brink of
                         Lonely, bored and frozen, he picks them                                 disaster, as one man stumbles through
                                      up and takes care of them.                                     a minefield of questions with comic
Sweden, 2007, Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad • 9 min • Subtitles                                                        consequences.
                                     Showing with The Magistical                           USA, 2007, John Susman • 11 min • all ages
                                                                                                              Showing with Courting Condi

                                                    Happiending                                                                   Property
                                   Gaslight Theatre 1/Thu 9pm,                                           Gaslight Theatre 1/Wed 6pm,
                                                      Sun noon                                          Gaslight Theatre 2/Sat 9:15am
                                What is a clown to do after forty                                        A man reflects on summers with
                                                 years of failure?                                                       his grandmother.
                                     USA, 2008, Matias Masucci                                                  USA, 2008, Piper Laurie
                       27 min • Adult & sexual content, language                                                       25 min • All ages
                                      Showing with Chronic Town                                                   Showing with Gospel Hill

                                               Love and Roadkill                                                                     Purge
                             Abbey Theatre/Thu 3pm, Fri noon                                    Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri noon, Sat 6pm
                                An executive woman takes a ride                                         Joy has a secret addiction after
                            through the countryside that takes an                               trying to mask pain from sexual abuse,
                                                 unexpected turn.                                but her mother won’t believe the truth
                                          USA, 2008, John Allen                                                         about her father.
                                               14 min • All ages     USA, 2008, Brad Kammlah • 16 min • Adult content, violence, drug use
       Showing with Dropping In: The True Story of Don Wimmer                                                         Showing with Selfless

                                                                                                    Abbey Theatre/Thu 9am, Sat 9pm
                                                                                                     A fledgling couples therapist must
                                                                                                 rely upon his shoddy couples-therapy

                                                                                                   skills in order to survive a blind date
                                                                                                                   with a crazy old witch.
                                                                               USA, 2008, Tom Flynn • 18 min • Adult content, violence
                                                                                                                  Showing with How To Be

                                                                                                                             The Drummer
                                                                                                          Gaslight Theatre 1/Fri 6pm,
                                                                                                        Gaslight Theatre 2/Sat 3:15pm
                                                                                               In this “love letter to music,” a musician’s
                                                                                                   opportunity to realize his dream takes
                                                                                                            him beyond his comfort zone.
                                                                                             USA, 2008, Bill Block • 18 min • Language
                                                                                                              Showing with A Deal is a Deal

                                                                                                                             Wild Like Ego
                                                                                                        Gaslight Theatre 2/Fri 3:15pm,
                                                                                                                           Sat 9:15pm
                                                                                                         Kelly, 17, is rebellious, confused
                                                                                                  and horny. Ego is punk, older, loud and
                                                                                                           ready to bounce out of town.
                                                                                                                         What about love?
                                                                                                    USA, 2008, Karen Glienke • 18 min
                                                                                                              Showing with The Full Picture
                            32                                                                           33
Shorts -     Angst                                              w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
 These shorts will be shown as a group at the
 Gaslight Theatre Screen 1/Thu 3pm, Sat 9pm

                      An innocent joyride is not all it seems
                  when Rich discovers that his brother and
                 a friend have kidnapped a black teen and
                       thrown him in the back of their truck.
                                    USA, 2007, Chris Cloyd
                               15 min • Violence, language

                                              Ses (See You)
                      Grief-stricken, Nete moves to a new
                 school. There she meets a boy. Shocked,
                     she realizes that he looks exactly like
                    the brother she lost in a car accident.
                                           Denmark, 2008,
                             Jesper Waldvogel Rasmussen
                               33 min • Subtitles, language

                                             Needle Hands
                              A man, his daughter, her hero,
                                       and a bedtime story.
                          USA, 2008, Nebojsa Vukobradovic
                                    11 min • Adult content

                    At night, Adam takes trips into the city
                       to hang out with the kids who have
                   no home, and tonight he plans to meet
                   with Roger, a man who liked his picture.
                                   USA, 2008, Kyle Burns
                    14 min • Adult content, sexual content

                       Follow Roman on the night that he
                      embarks on a desperate mission to
                              save his dying mother’s life.
                                  USA, 2008, Val Lauren
                   40 min • Sexual content, violence, drug
                                            use, language

                     34                                                 35
Shorts -     Foreign Influence                                                  w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
 These shorts will be shown as a group at the
      Abbey Theatre/Fri 3pm, Sun 9pm

                                               Fatherland                                               The Other Way Round
                        A neglectful father’s past catches                                   Tomorrow morning, Lucia Grace
                     up to him when his Nazi son returns                             Buenaflor will be deported from the only
                          home to discover he has been                                          country she has ever known.
                              harboring a family of Jews.                                          USA, 2008, Geoffrey Quan
                            USA, 2007, Robert Warzecha                                     14 min • Adult content, language
                    15 min • Subtitles, violence, language

                                                  The Line                                                       A Day’s Work
                       A migrant father and son run out of                             What was a simple job escalates into
                    water while crossing the desert border                                  a violent misunderstanding in this
                   and must seek help at the ranch house                                   heart-stopping drama involving an
                                           of a Minuteman.                           American family and the three immigrant
                                  USA, 2007, Kent Bassett                                  laborers hired to help them move.
                    23 min • Subtitles, violence, language                                        USA, 2008, Rajeev Dassani
                                                                                       17 min • Subtitles, violence, language

                                              Hungry God                                                           In the Dark
                           The film reflects on the irony of                              On the eve of Ayatollah Khomeini’s
                                               idol worship.                       return to Iran, a double agent, hunted by
                                          USA/India, 2008,                                 the new revolutionary government,
                                Sukhada Gokhale-Bhonde                                   agrees to exchange information with
                                 8 min • Subtitles, all ages                                   the CIA in return for his safety.
                                                                                                       USA, 2008, Alex Fazeli
                                                                         17 min • Subtitles, adult content, violence, language

                                                               PURCHASE DIFF MERCHANDISE!!
                                                               DIFF’s limited edition short
                                                               and long sleeve t-shirts
                                                               feature the 2009 poster
                                                               artwork. Merchandise will
                                                               be available at the Gaslight
                                                               Theatre Thursday through Sunday at 3pm.
                                                               Short sleeve T-shirts $15 Bags $25
                                                               Long sleeve T-shirts $17 DIFF Beer Glasses $5
                                                               All merchandise is available at Magpie’s Newsstand Café.
                                                               You can make a special order of merchandise with DIFF
                                                               logos and artwork in the color or style you want at Half Price
                                                               Tees at 600 Main Ave.

                    36                                                                       37
Shorts - Sex, Death, & God                                       w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
 These shorts will be shown as a group at the                                                      Marooned?
     Abbey Theatre/Wed 9pm, Sat 9am                                             A middle-aged science fiction
                                                                         nerd role-plays as his favorite space
                                                                              hero out in the desert when he
                  Winston: An Informal Guide to Etiquette             hits his head and becomes convinced
                          Winston performs dirty jobs, but he                     he is a space hero for real.
                                  likes to keep things clean.                       USA, 2008, Ryan Nagata
                             USA, 2009, Reed Hall Clement                        14 min • Violence, language
                                           13 min • Violence
                                                                                              Death in Charge
                                                                          The Grim Reaper is mistaken for a
                                                                             babysitter and learns a thing or
                                                  thinking...                                  two about life.
                          A short, funny film on the “nature                        USA, 2008, Devi Snively
                  of meditation” from the point of view of a               15 min • Adult content, violence,
                        young woman utterly distracted by                                           language
                   thoughts of new love, her surroundings,
                               and her colorful imagination.
                                 USA, 2008, Marci Adilman                                                Denim
                                     11 min • Adult content                  Based on true events, “Denim”
                                                                    humorously explores the great indignities
                                    In All the Wrong Places               people will go through to get laid.
                         In the not so distant future, love is                        USA, 2007, Jeff Lycett
                   rendered obsolete. With hilarious results.         7 min • Adult content, sexual content,
                                    USA, 2008, Arthur Love                                         language
                           4 min • Adult content, language

                                                                                                     The Party
                                                                      A group of very diverse women, some
                                                                          friends and some strangers, come
                                                                                 together for a sex toy party.

                                                                              USA, 2009, Jonathan Browning
                                                                                     11 min • Adult content

                                                                                                  Suit Yourself
                                                                                 A man. A suit. The perfect job.
                                                                                   USA, 2008, Jordan Lindsay
                                                                                               7 min • All ages

                                                                         A Jewish kid inherits the powers of
                                                                                       Jesus on prom night!
                                                                             USA, 2008, Benjamin C. Bliss
                                                                                         17 min • Language

                     38                                                     39
Shorts - Experimental & Animation                                w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
 These shorts will be shown as a group at the                                            i am so proud of you
         Gaslight Theatre Screen 2                                        Dark family secrets cast a shadow
          Fri 9:15pm, Sun 12:15pm                                        over Bill’s recovery, in this sequel to
                                                                      don hertzfeldt’s “everything will be ok”
                                            My Uncle Arnie                            (shown at DIFF in 2007).
                    Comedian Wild Bill Bauer narrates the                           USA, 2008, don hertzfeldt
                        tale of his Uncle Arnie’s attempt to       21 min • Adult content, animated violence
                        become the No. 1 ranked Russian
                                  Roulette player in the U.S.
                                    USA, 2008, Jay Kanzler
                  5 min • Adult content, animated violence               The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s
                                                                                          Allegory in Clay
                                                                        An excerpt from Plato’s Republic, the
                              Count Backwards from Five                    “Allegory of the Cave” is a classic
                          A visual exploration of generosity            commentary on the human condition.
                                              and addiction.                     USA, 2007, Michael Ramsey
                                    USA, 2008, Tony Gault                                    3 min • All ages
                           8 min • Adult content, drug use
                                                                                                Karaoke Show
                                                                     A mixture between sauna and disco, as
                                                                        a man imagines himself a rock star.
                                                                                 Germany, 2007, Karl Tebbe
                                 The Moth and the Firefly                                   4 min • Nudity
                      A moth goes on a journey for a new
                      light during a New York City blackout
                                 and finds an unlikely friend.
                                 USA, 2007, Daniel Stedman
                                           5 min • All ages
                                                                                               aprop (closer)
                                                                       Sleep interrupted by a familiar touch.
                                                                    The caress of a finger across your back.
                                                                             Everyday gestures become an

                                                                                         extraordinary dance.
                                                                               Spain, 2007, Aitor Echeverria
                                                                             6 min • Sexual content, nudity

                                                                               A young artist experiences the
                                                                            harsh realities of graduate school.
                                                                              USA, 2007, Elizabeth Pasieczny
                                                                                   4 min • Animated violence

                                                                        “Distraxion” is a character-driven short
                                                                         about the personification of an office
                                                                            worker’s late night annoyance: his
                                                                                     boss’s cheesy jazz music.
                                                                                    USA, 2008, Michael Stern
                                                                                    2 min • Animated violence

                     40                                                      41
Public Schools Program                                                                    w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
DIFF, with our sponsors and grantors, promotes media                                      DURANGO HIGH SCHOOL
literacy by donating books, films and other educational
materials to the schools. Films with unique viewpoints that
                                                                                          See synopsis in Ignacio High School Program
lend themselves to engaging and intriguing discussions
have been carefully selected by the DIFF Teachers
Screening Committee. The programs will be seen by                                                                               Roseline
                                                                                                  In Northern Uganda, wars are fought
Ignacio High School students, Durango High School                                                beyond battlefield. Since the day she
students and Durango elementary school students. These                                          was born, Roseline has been infected
films are shown only to students and faculty of the schools                                    with HIV/AIDS, which killed her parents
listed.                                                                                                              and threatens her.
                                                                                       USA, 2008, Jason Russell, Invisible Children Inc.
                                                                                                                                24 min
Wells Fargo Bank, La Plata Electric Association, the El
Pomar Foundation and the La Plata Electric Education                                                                         Shikashika
Fund provided funds for Public Schools Program.                                              Shikashika offers a rare glimpse into life
                                                                                                 in the Andes Mountains of Peru and
                                                                                                  focuses on the unseen practices of
                                                                                                extracting glacial ice for shikashika, a
                   IGNACIO HIGH SCHOOL                                                        shaved ice treat sold at the steps of a
                                                                                         cathedral beneath the mountain, Huscaran.
                                                          Distraxion         USA/Peru, 2007, Stephen Hyde, Steve Hyde Projects Inc.
                              “Distraxion” is a character-driven short                                                           10 min
                                 film about the personification of an
                               office worker’s late-night annoyance:
                                        his boss’s cheesy jazz music.
                                           USA, 2008, Michael Stern,
                                                      Student project
                                                                2 min                DURANGO ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS
                                                                   Go                                           Me, Masi and Mr. Clean
                                                                                              Seema has issues with her skin color.
                                 In 2007, Invisible Children posed a
                                                                                                Surrounded by the white kids of her
                               challenge to youth around the world:
                                                                                            community and inundated by her masis’s
                             raise $1 million in 100 days to rebuild
                                                                                               (aunt’s) opinion that fair skin is better,
                               schools in war-torn northern Uganda.
                                                                                                 Seema resorts to drastic measures
                             Thousands of students rallied, and 20
                                                                                                                   to bleach her skin.
                             were rewarded with a trip of a lifetime.
                                                                          Canada, 2007, Nina Sudra, butterflytyphoon pictures • 8 min
                      USA, 2008, Laren Poole, Invisible Children Inc.
                                                              43 min
                                                                                                                      Once Upon a Tide

                                                                                                                                             SCHOOL PROGRAM
                                                                                                        Told through the unique voice of
                                                                                                    Academy Award-winner Linda Hunt,
                                                                                                        “Once Upon a Tide” is a fictional
               DIFF’s MISSION STATEMENT                                                              narrative that blends the moral and
                                                                                               visual elements of a mystical fairy tale to
We are committed to film literacy and                                    inspire us to recognize the importance of ocean conservation.
to being a welcoming, intimate, and                                       USA, 2007, Drew Takahashi, Harvard Medical School • 9 min
unique film organization that screens
global, innovative, and diverse films that                                                                                    Shikashika
connect independent filmmakers, their                                                   See synopsis in Durango High School Program
artistic process, and their vision to the

                              42                                                                       43
Thanks -               Grantors & Donors                       w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
The Durango Independent Film Festival is grateful for the
generous support of the following grantors and donors.

Ballantine Family Fund
City Market Cares Electronic Fundraising Program
City of Durango, in partnership with the Durango Arts Center
Durango Business Improvement District in partnership with
  the Durango Area Tourism Office
Durango Friends of the Arts
El Pomar Foundation
La Plata County
La Plata Electric Education Fund
Region 9 Economic Development District of Southwest Colorado

Epic Donor                     Bud and Jean Poe
Richard and Mary Lyn           Suddenly Slender
Ballantine                     Tiptop Software Company

Red Carpet Donors              Donors
Julie Cooley                   Catherine Adam
Ann Flatten                    Sally and Gene Bradley
Peggy Russell                  Community Foundation
Sandy Siegrist                 Cyprus Café
                               Bobby and Lana Duthie
Premiere Donors                Essence Chiropractic Studio –
Shane Fraughton                  Stephanie Harris
Devin Newby                    Joanie Fraughton
Barry Spear                    Deahna Geehan
                               Anna Lefebvre
Matinee Donors                 Ed Lehner and Julie Ward
Bank of the San Juans            Lehner
Robb Brantley                  Lisa Mackey
Bob and Mimi Chaput            Gail Nadeau
Lynn Gray                      Peter Norton and Judy Hodges
Cecily Klingman                Marty Palecki
Phyllis Max                    Mary Jo Rakowski
Scott and Julie McCallister    Nancy Stoffer
Larry McCardle                 Frank Viehmann and Barb Gysel
Joe McLaughlin and Debbie      Bill and Chris Warren
  Wright                       Kaiya Dewey White
Jim Mohle and JM Jones         Margaret and Arthur Zemach
Jessie Morgan
Tom and Mary Orsini

                              44                                       45
Thanks -                Sponsors                                               w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg

The 2009 Durango Independent Film Festival would not have
been possible without the gracious and generous support of
our sponsors:

Abbey Theatre Sponsor                                        Film Industry Media Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors                                          Panels Sponsors
                                                                                            Bakery & Wine Bar

Public School Program Sponsors                               Party & Event Sponsors

Official Caterer                                             Filmmaker Lounge Sponsor

Official Beer                                                Festival Store & Pass Outlet

Free Movie Night Sponsor                                     Will Call/Information Kiosk provided by Sky Ute Casino

                                                             Transportation Sponsor:
                                                             New Country Auto Center

Hotel Sponsors                                               Hotel Sponsors                                           THANKS

                            46                                                              47
Thanks -                Sponsors                             w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
DIFF Office Sponsors                        Filmmaker Sponsors
Brainstorm Internet                         Animas Media, LLC
The Framer and Gervais Families             College Drive Café
                                            Community Banks of Colorado
Daily Venue Sponsors                        Jane C. Pedersen L.C.S.W. – Clearview Counseling
Debra Parmenter & Terry Bacon               Louisa’s Movie House & Electronics
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad   Russell Engineering
First National Bank of Durango              The Durango Kid
Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel LLP      The Pharmakon
Open Shutter Gallery                        Zuke’s Performance Pet Nutrition
Ska Brewing Company
The Law Firm of Anderson & Baker, LLC       Media Sponsors
The Payroll Department, Inc.                99.7 and 99.3 The Point
                                            Big Dog 96.9 & 106.7
Film Program Sponsors                       Durango Community Access Television
Abbey Theatre                               KDUR Community Radio
Animas Trading Co.                          KOOL 104.5
Backcountry Experience                      KSUT Four Corners Public Radio
Coldwell Banker                             TravelHost Magazine of Four Corners
Dawes, Harriss & Bloodsworth, P.C.
Durango Coffee Company
Elisabeth Peterson & Sandy Miller
Mail Room and Copy Center
Maria’s Bookshop
Nancy Bonnett
R. Michael Bell & Associates, Inc.
Rakita & Tomsic Physical Therapy Inc.


                              48                                         49
Thanks -                 Sponsors                                    w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
In-Kind Sponsors:
Animas Media LLC         
Basin Printing & Imaging           Half Price Tees
Bradner Smith & Company            Michael Coble & Gigi Love
Canyon Construction Company        Nini’s Taqueria
Clif Bar                           Professional Computer Solutions
David Halterman                    Rainbow Printing, Incorporated
Denton Signs                       Showbiz Software Store
Durango Party Rental               The Durango Herald
E&D Web Inc.                       Zircon Container
FredrickZink & Associates P. C.

Party & Event Sponsors
Azul                               Peach Street Distillers
Backcountry Experience             Ska Brewing Company
Durango Arts Center                Sorrel Sky Gallery
Earthen Vessel                     Star Liquor
Ellis West Gallery                 The Assortment
Harper/Roberts Gallery             Toh-Atin Gallery
Henry Strater Theatre              Wagon Wheel Liquors
Karyn Gabaldon Fine Arts           Zia Taqueria
Open Shutter Gallery
                      Special Thanks
          Jim Batchelder of Brainstorm Internet
                  Durango Arts Center
     Program layout by Cindy Coleman, Duck Girl Art
       Program printed by Basin Printing & Imaging
             Photography by David Halterman
              Web site hosted by Brainstorm
        Marketing ad design by Jonathan Hammel


                              50                                             51
Thanks -                  Volunteers                                                w w w.d u ran gof i l m. o rg
DIFF is grateful for our capable and friendly volunteers. Many
others committed their talents and time to the festival after the                           AWARDS
program went to press.                                              Juried Medals
                                                                    Best Narrative Feature Film
Kathie Adkins                        Curtis Maberry
Pattie Adler                         Kalida Maischoss               Best Documentary – Feature
Jessica Allison                      Dave Masse                     Best Documentary – Short
Burt Baldwin                         Kent Matowitz                  Best Animated Short
Jerry Bevington                      Phyllis Max                    Best Live Action Short
Joe Bishop                           Megan McClenney
Tyler Blakely                        Lynn Miller                    Filmmaker’s Award (voted on by attending filmmakers)
Laura Boe                            Larita Montoya                 Jury Commendations
Lani Brenner                         Diane Morazán
Pamela Briley                        Karen Mortimer                 Audience Medals
Alane Brown                          Mary Ann Nelson
Gwen Buchanan                        Joy Nickerson                  Best Narrative Feature Film
Katherine Burgess                    Mary Nowotny                   Best Documentary
Polly Burke                          Edward Oak                     Best Short
Karen Caddis                         Janet Oliver
Nancy Cardona                        Kiwi Ormond
                                                                    School Audience Award
Chrystal Carroll                     Todd O’Toole
Dave Casey                           Susie Patalan                  Independent Spirit Award:
Derrick Casto                        Becca Peterson                 DIFF’s opportunity to recognize an outstanding
Lisa Cate                            Anita Phillips                 community supporter of the festival.
Kelsey Cavanaugh                     Rachel Piske
Pat Cheever                          Steve Powell
Beth Christie                        Laura Prendergast
Jill Colburn-Bernard                 Jen Prosser
Julie Colby                          Lisa Prugh
John Condie                          Christine Rasmussen
Richard Dilworth                     Darlene Redmond
Don Doane                            Bruce Ristow
Wanda Ellingson                      Haz Said
Tobey Ellis                          Jan Sallinger
Heather Erb                          Cheryl Schlaback
Stephanie Eversole                   Micah Schnellinger
Tracy Ford                           Erin Schoellhorn
Christian Galvez                     Dave Schranck
                                                                      The Festival is made possible, in part, through a
Ruthanne Gartland                    Jola Schraub                     grant from the Durango City Grant for the Arts, in
Trace Getz                           Kathleen Shadell                 partnership with the Durango Arts Center.
Rebecca Ghear                        Marta Snow
Lynn Gray                            Annie Sutherlin
Cindi Greer                          Jennifer Taylor
Mary Holland-Plum                    Emmy Therrell
Betsy Janeczek                       Bob Therrell
Joanna Jennings                      Jane Ulrich
Rachel Kapustka                      Heather Walls
Nick Kapustka                        Chrystal Wampler
Maureen Keilty                       Bill Warren
Debbie Kurz                          John Welty
Marilyn Leftwich                     Susan Welty                                                                              THANKS
Denise Leslie                        Alex Wheeler                     This event is supported by a marketing grant from the
Alex Lewis                           Nikki Wilband                    Durango Business Improvement District and Durango
Heather Liggett                      Mark Williams
Carly Lockhart                       Virginia Wright                  Area Tourism Office.
Pam Logan                            Lisa Zabka
Jane Looney

                                52                                                                53
                      AUDIENCE SURVEY
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win two DIFF Passes to the 5th Annual Durango Independent
Film Festival, to be held March 3-7, 2010!

Your survey responses help us to evaluate DIFF’s progress and
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any other source for grants and sponsorships that are critical to     Your official Film Fest            • Magazines
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have a moment, please fill out our filmmaker survey online at

                                                                            Main Ave. Click on “Complete Surveys” on the left                                              • Maps
side of the screen, and then click “Durango Independent Film
Festival.” Your feedback will allow us to evaluate how DIFF is                                           • Ice Cream
doing. Thank you for participating!                                                     College Dr.
                                                                                                         • Smoothies
                                                                                                         • Sidewalk Patio
     Watch for DIFF’s announcement of the 2010 poster
  contest. The winner’s poster will be used to promote the
  2010 film festival, and elements will be used in art design
                            in 2010.

            2009 poster by Connie Mason-Bennett

                                54                                                            Open 7 days! 7am-10pm

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