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Canary Wharf And Surrounding Areas


									Canary Wharf and surrounding
          London Docklands
                 Guide to the area
                      Presented By Eric Nguyen
                      Student No#: 000315313-4
                             Student ID: ne411
 Canary Wharf is the worlds most ambitious
  urban regeneration development area and
  the biggest single civil engineering project.
      There is nowhere like it in London.

Steeped in history and full of relics of another
  age, it's also a new world full of innovative
   architecture and cutting edge technology.
             About Canary Wharf
There are so many things to do at
Canary Wharf. Here is a list of things to
keep in mind:

   86 acres of office space and retail shops
   17.1 acres of landscaped open spaces
   Places to eat, walk, sit, shop and relax.
   Modern working environments
   Great public transport
   Accessible to disabled people
   Public Artwork Displays
 Surrounding area: Isle Of Dogs
Once rumored to be the site of King Henry VIII's
hunting kennels, the Isle of Dogs is now part of a
    major financial and business district, with
      stunning hi-tech quality buildings with
 shimmering expanses of water which has given
      it the nickname 'Venice on Thames' .
  Surrounding area: Limehouse

                       Limehouse was once the heart of
                        Chinatown, being well known for
                        bars and cheap lodging houses.
                      Although Chinatown has since then
                       moved, the area has now evolved
                      into a residential area keeping all of
                          the positives from the 1890’s.

• Westferry has great vintage views and scenery on Narrow Street
where many of the pubs and wine cellars remain open for business.
A few of the many places to visit…
 Traffic Light Tree by Pierre Vivant, located in the middle
  of Herons Quay roundabout.
 A striking Herring Gull, a sculpture by Jane Ackroyd can
  be found at Ropemaker's Fields, Narrow Street.
 Ledger Building, West India Quay (built in 1803) is now a
  JD Weatherspoon bar.
 The Belgua Cafe is one of the smartest and most
  welcoming bars located at West India Quay.

    There are of course lots more places to go sight
     seeing, you can find out more on our website.
  Ways to travel
  to Canary Wharf:

 By DLR into the heart
  of Canary Wharf
 On the Jubilee Line
  and out of one of the
  greatest stations ever
  designed and built.
 In a car driving
  through the
  Limehouse Link, or
  coming from the East
  via the A13
 By the river using the
  commuter service to
  Canary Wharf Pier.
  com for more info.
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