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Vocational Education & Training Programs
         Why do a VET Course?

 Value adds to VCE (an extra Certificate or two)

 Provides a full or partial nationally recognised Certificate II, III or
  IV - as well as VCE or VCAL credits

 Can be part of VCE & must be part of a VCAL Certificate

 Industry based – provides Industry recognised skills

 Provides an opportunity to ‘road test’ career aims

 Provides TAFE/Apprenticeship credits
   VCE                           VCAL
  VET(Optional for VCE - required for VCAL)
VET Training: Delivered on the Senior Campus
VET Course                                  Registered Training
                                            Organisation (RTO)
Visual Art (Units 3 & 4 only)               Chisholm TAFE

Fashion Design                              College of Fashion Design

Dance (Sandringham 7-10 Campus)             Ausdance

Hospitality (most of 1st year)              Holmesglen TAFE

Information Technology (but no credit for   AIET

VCE IT if doing VET IT)
Music                                       Sandringham College

Media/ Screen                               Chisholm TAFE

Acting (Units 3 & 4 only)                   National Theatre

Justice (Units 3 & 4 only) – new in 2011    Holmesglen TAFE
           Some VET Training: Delivered Off Campus
2011 VET Course           RTO                              Location
Automotive                Kangan TAFE                      Richmond
Business                  Holmesglen TAFE                  Workplace / Moorabbin
Building & Construction   Chisholm TAFE/ Holmesglen TAFE   Frankston / Chadstone
Community Services        Holmesglen TAFE                  Moorabbin
Electro technology        Chisholm TAFE                    Frankston
Engineering               Holmesglen TAFE                  Moorabbin
Equine                    Box Hill TAFE                    Practical Placement/ Box Hill

Event Management          Holmesglen TAFE                  Moorabbin
Furnishing                Chisholm TAFE                    Frankston
Hair/Beauty/ Makeup       VU/Chisholm                      City/Frankston
Horticulture              Holmesglen TAFE                  Waverly
Hospitality (2nd year)    Holmesglen TAFE                  Moorabbin
Interior Design           Holmesglen TAFE                  Moorabbin
Media (IDM)               Holmesglen TAFE                  Moorabbin
Retail                    Holmesglen TAFE                  Workplace
Sport & Recreation        Holmesglen TAFE                  Moorabbin
          VET Courses = VCE and VCAL Subjects
• VCE units 1/2 and Intermediate
or Senior VCAL credits can be
gained if the Certificate is at a
level II
•VCE units 3/4 and Senior VCAL
credits can be gained if the
Certificate is at level III or IV
•For all but 4 of our VET courses,
a Year 11 level Certificate must be
successfully completed before it
can be undertaken at a Year 12
•For all the VET courses you can
choose from – go to the VET page
on the College website and follow
the links to the TAFE Partners
page – or go directly to
         Example of a VCE Course with VET
Ray: VCE/VET Hospitality Student

Year 11 VCE Subjects
• English
• Food Technology
• Accounting
• General Maths
• Information Technology

VCE/VET Subject
• Hospitality (Wednesdays)

Done on Sandringham Campus with
some delivery at Holmesglen TAFE
Example of VCE with a Block Credit VET Course
   Ngahina: VET Visual Arts

   Year 12 VCE Subjects
   • English
   • Art
   • Studio Arts (Drawing)
   • Outdoor & Environmental Studies

   Block Credit VET Subject (Units 3/4)
   Cert IV Visual Art modules
   Wednesdays – Sandringham College
   Certificate from Chisholm TAFE
        Example of a VCAL Course with VET
Gianni: VCAL Building Student
Intermediate VCAL Units
• Intermediate Literacy & Numeracy
   (Literacy and Numeracy Strand)
• Work Placement (Work Related
   Skills Strand)
• Intermediate Personal
   Development (PD Skills Strand)
VCE & VET Units
• DT Wood
• Cert II Building & Construction
   (Industry Specific Skills Strand)
Wednesdays: Holmesglen (Chadstone)
School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships

 These are part time apprenticeships or traineeships

 Particularly useful as part of VCAL but also provides credit to VCE

 Students complete about 200 days of training on the job, off the job & in
  paid employment which consists of one day at work, one day training and 3
  days at school or one day at work, 4 days at school and training done in
  holidays or done as part of a part time job, out of school hours

 It combines VCE or VCAL, VET & paid work

 Students have to have an employer
    Example of VCE with an SBAT
Automotive SBAT

Year 12 Subjects
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri
• English
• Business Management
• Systems Automotive
• DT Wood

VET Units
Certificate II in Automotive modules – done during holidays –
   Kangan TAFE (Richmond)
Wednesdays – Employer (paid work)
  Expressions of Interest
• VET programs are all extremely popular and you may miss out on
a place if you don’t fill in an ‘Expression of Interest’ form & return
it to Jenny Marks ASAP.

• This form does not take the place of a TAFE application form
though. For all off campus VET courses – a separate TAFE
application form must be submitted via your current Careers
Teacher/ VET Coordinator – usually by the end of September.

• More information (and the appropriate forms) can be found by
going to the Sandringham College website and following the links
to VET (via Senior Campus & Curriculum) or go to:
                                                  Things to

• Early Expressions of Interest are really important to secure placement
in a VET program as TAFE places fill fast.

• Many VET Programs involve one day per week out of the school -
either at a TAFE or in a workplace and involve additional costs.

• Sandringham College works with other transitional organisations like
Youth Connect to facilitate Work Placement, a vital part of a VET program

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