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									                            Proprietor: Colin Crane Dip Ed., DSA ADI, RoSPA Advanced Driver (Gold)
                              Sunnyhill Cottage, Main Road, Osmington, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6EE
                                       Office: O1305 832 661      Mobile: 07831 841 031
Thank you for your enquiry or taking driving lessons with me, Colin - under the name of Automatic Choice Driving School. Lessons
are provided in either a Manual geared car, presently a Nissan Almera or in an Automatic geared car, currently a Toyota Yaris. Each
car is easy and light to drive and is fitted with dual controls.
You will receive high, professional tuition, provided with a degree of humour and a lot of patience and understanding. It is my
undertaking to help you to pass your practical driving test in the shortest time possible (therefore at least expense) consistent with the
rate of progress that you maintain. You will also receive a logbook to keep, that shows your progress in each lesson topic, brief lesson
notes for reference, car maintenance questions and answers that are now asked at the start of your driving test and information about
both the theory and practical tests including means to book them. Other general information is within this logbook also. Rather than
for you to buy new theory books and Hazard Perception CD ROMS, I hire these out for £5 – subject to availability
My standards are high and I have a first time pass rate that is around twice the national average. Although candidates for test may
receive up to 15 driver faults (minor faults) my clients usually receive around 2-5 faults. These few faults show the high and safe
standard of driving that they have reached when passing.
To aid the likelihood of first-time passing, clients are give mock tests with myself and then with fellow driving instructor colleagues
who themselves teach to the same high standards.
Throughout the course, you will be taught the driving techniques and syllabus with me using “Graphic Briefings” that have been
specially developed over many years by a colleague and by me, sold throughout the country to other driving instructors, instructor
training establishments and trainee instructors. They have been highly acclaimed by examiners.
It is my practice to help you to be fully aware of my Terms and Conditions to help prevent any misunderstandings between us. In
essence, this constitutes a contract between us and as such I ask that you read through it as overleaf, show it to any third party and
when completely happy with it, sign and bring it with you at your first / next lesson. You will be given a copy of this to keep if you
ask for such.
If there is anything that needs to be clarified, or you would like altered (by common agreement) then please don’t hesitate to discuss
the matter with me. I hope you will find this acceptable.

NB Once a lesson is booked, the lesson fee is due on the day of the lesson unless this lesson is cancelled giving at least 48 hours
Having read the above and the Terms and Conditions overleaf, I agree to abide by them. Any alterations made are initialled and dated.

Signed (Client):

Printed name:
Signed (Parent / Guardian) as guarantor to 17 year old clients, as overleaf):

Printed Name:

Address, if different to client


Signed (Instructor):

Printed Name:

You are deemed to be in agreement with the terms and conditions when accepting / undertaking lessons and signing the front of this form.
The driving instructor's vehicle will be in a clean and roadworthy condition, be comprehensively insured, carry their licence identification on the front windscreen of the car, and have
dual controls fitted. Your instructor will normally teach clients in their own dual controlled, driving school car. To be taught in a client's car, without dual controls, will depend on the
client’s driving standard and the client will ensure that their insurance will cover the instructor for all eventualities.
Your instructor will be friendly and courteous, and will not breach the "Code of Conduct." Your instructor will also adapt his level of instruction to meet the abilities of each client. He
shall make every effort to contact his clients in good time, if unable to keep the appointment. If an instructor is likely to be more than 15 minutes late, he will endeavour to make contact
by telephone. The instructor cannot be held responsible for traffic delays.
Lesson fees and any other charges are shown within the logbook provided. Any changes will occur after giving one week’s notice of such.
It also remains the right of the client’s instructor to cease giving the client lessons for whatever reason is given. It may be due to the instructor’s workload, long distance travelled to and
from the client or for non-payment at the time of the lesson, subject to the instructor’s discretion. This is a two-way process and clients may terminate further lessons on the same basis.
Each party must give the due period of notice i.e. 48hrs.
It is usual for the client to book their own theory and practical test dates. The practical test should be booked after the instructor has confirmed that the client should be at test standard
by the earliest date agreed. On this basis the client books his / her practical test, then s/he should quote the instructor’s ADI number to prevent test dates / times clashing. In the unlikely
event that a test is booked and it was later judged that the client is not ready due to unforeseen / last minute difficulties arising, it will remain the right of this driving school, to advise the
client to cancel the test. If the test is booked by the client in contradiction to the instructor’s request or without his knowledge and the instructor believes that the client should not take
the test on this date, then the instructor reserves the right not to make his car available for the test and shall not accompany the client to the test.
If the client so chooses and by common agreement, the instructor will book the client’s practical test by telephone – in order to select the earliest available and convenient date for both
parties, once test standard has been or is nearly reached. Should the instructor book the test, a £2 booking fee is charged to help cover administrative and a telephone call made. There is
a £2 charge for each telephone call made on the client’s behalf. If the test fee cannot be refunded (due to it being too late for the DSA to refund the fee – see the test appointment card for
details) the client will pay the next test fee in full. If the test is cancelled before the DSA's stated cancellation date (as shown on the Appointment card) then another test date could be
made at the time of cancelling the original test date, with no fee lost. It must be emphasised that your instructor will not cancel or re-arrange a test without consulting with his / her client
Our practice allows the client to receive at least one mock test by another instructor, in the driving school's car that the client is used to. This helps the client to get used to a different
person in the car, as if s/he was the actual examiner. Any errors that might have surfaced on the day of the test usually appear at this time. Normal practice allows the client to have an
hour's driving lesson immediately before the test by their instructor, in the car they have been learning, prior to going to the test centre. Before the test begins, if the candidate wishes it,
s/he may ask the examiner for their instructor to be a passive observer. It must be stressed that the instructor is forbidden to make any comment to either the client or to the examiner,
either during or after the test. It may give some comfort to the client - to have someone present whom they know and for the instructor to obtain direct information on any errors made.
Further instruction on these points will benefit the client, especially if they are not successful.
If the client’s lesson is outside his usual area, then a minimum booking of 3 or 4 hours for each lesson is required at the full hourly rate. An additional cost to compensate for
the extra time, distance and car expenses may also be payable.
Your instructor will at all times behave in a proper, professional manner. By law, neither party will smoke within the car. However, for those who need to "up" their nicotine level during
long lessons, stops are made for this. Coffee breaks, during Intensive Lessons in excess of 2 hours, are also provided.
You will be treated with respect and consideration and in so doing, your instructor shall not raise his voice / shout, or ridicule you. Your instructor will try to avoid physical contact with
you except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting. Neither you nor your instructor will be subject to harassment, abuse, unacceptable language or unwanted attention of
any kind. Your instructor reserve the right to decide against giving / continuing tuition, e.g. on grounds of either health, safety, receiving abusive language or encountering repeated
problems regarding poor attitude to driving, without financial loss. Instructors will not act in any way which contravenes legislation on discrimination. Your instructor will safeguard and
account for any monies paid in advance by the client in respect of driving lessons, test fees or for any other purpose and will make the details available for the client on request. Receipts
also, are provided on request
       Clients who are 17 years of age, in the eyes of the law, are considered to be minors. As such, we require a parent or guardian to act as a guarantor regarding payment. To this
            effect, the named guarantor shall be subject to agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, by countersigning overleaf.
       At the beginning of a client's first lesson, s/he must satisfy the instructor that s/he holds a valid (and signed) driving licence. The new style licence comes in 2 parts. Together
            the card and paper part constitutes the full licence and both parts must be shown to the instructor at the first lesson. The client must be able to read a vehicle number plate at a
            distance of 67 ft. - about 5 car lengths distance; if glasses are required for this, then they need to be used for driving also.
       Neither the client nor the instructor should consume alcohol beyond the legal limit, within 24 hrs prior to the lesson.
       Due to past difficulties experienced for non-payment of multiple hour lessons, resulting in the loss of income it is now necessary to impose the following condition whenever
            applicable: (This applies to all lessons whether L driving, Pass Plus, Advanced, etc.)
                  o      If a lesson is cancelled late (within the 48 hours notice period) unless due to illness, or if the instructor arrives for a lesson but it is cancelled by the instructor for
                         any valid reason, this lesson fee is payable. Subsequent lessons that have been booked will not be taken unless payment for the missed lesson has been paid.
                  o      If more than 2 lessons are cancelled due to illness, sudden appointments arising e.g. to see the dentist, or suspicious reasons being given, then the instructor may
                         refuse to take the client for further lessons.
                  o      The instructor may ask that a deposit lesson fee is provided to cover missed lessons, especially for multiple hour lessons. If this is not used, then this sum shall
                         constitute part payment for the pre-test lesson or the balance refunded.
                  o      If the appointment is missed by your instructor without giving 48 hours notice (unless sudden illness or a situation occurs that is not in his control e.g. mechanical
                         breakdown) then the client is entitled to have the next lesson, of the same duration, completely free of charge.
       Payment to the client's instructor is to be made at the start of each lesson unless stated above or prior arrangements have been agreed. Cash payments are preferred. Payment
            by cheque is acceptable if a valid cheque guarantee card supports it. Cheques should be made payable to the instructor by name: Colin Crane. Should the bank not honour
            payment by cheque, lessons will cease until the outstanding amount, plus incurred bank charges, is paid in cash. Any / all future lessons must then be paid in cash.
       If it becomes necessary, all outstanding fees, including late cancellations / failure to cancel, or for non-attendance, returned cheques etc) will be sought through the court or
            via a debt collector. Court fees or bank charges due to returned cheques and all administrative costs will be added. Infrequent late cancellations may be waived if subsequent
            lessons are taken within the same week. This decision rests with the client's instructor.
       When booking an Intensive Course or a Pass Plus course, clients should be aware that 50% of the course fee is required as a non-refundable deposit to confirm the booking.
            The balance is due 14 days before the course starts (unless other arrangements have been agreed), otherwise the place may be offered to another client with the original
            deposit forfeited. Pre-booking a test date ahead of the course is strongly advised against. If done, then it is at the client’s risk and expense should s/he not be at test standard in
            time to prevent losing the test fee. Instead, seek a late cancellation test by contacting the booking office after the instructor believes you will be or are ready.
       Clients should book and take their theory test when they believe themselves to be ready. The instructor cannot advise on their readiness.
       Neither the client’s instructor nor his car will be available for the client’s test if the practical test is booked before the instructor states their readiness in the logbook or if the
            client is not at standard by the test date. Should last minute difficulties arise and the instructor advises a postponement prior to the cancellation date (as shown on the test
            appointment letter from the DSA) and the client fails to do this, then the instructor shall not be liable for any compensation e.g. for the test fee.
       If a client feels unwell prior to a lesson, such that it could affect their driving ability, then the lesson should be postponed, in the interest of safety. Action may be taken
            against a client who drives an instructor's vehicle and causes an accident / damage to the vehicle, when not in a fit state of health to drive. When in any doubt, it is the client's
            responsibility to seek medical assurance that they are fit to drive. Being fit to drive covers the effects of any medication taken prior to driving.
       Personal hygiene is important for both parties and for the next client(s). The instructor reserves the right to cancel the pending lesson, terminate the lesson in progress
            and / or cancel any / all future lessons on the grounds of safety, poor health or hygiene, or on the extremely rare occasions of incompatibility between client and instructor.
            Further, the client will pay for the cancelled lesson.
       No unauthorised personnel shall accompany the client while a lesson is being taken.
       The client is returned to the place where they began the lesson, unless prior arrangements have been agreed.
       Whatever the outcome of the driving test, the instructor shall drive the client back from the test centre to home.

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