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									             GETTING STARTED RIGHT
Welcome to our Pre-Paid Legal Family,

We would like to congratulate you on your decision to start your Pre-Paid Legal
Business. We know from experience the importance of Getting Started Right.
Your primary goal as a new Pre-Paid Legal Associate is to “GET A CHECK”.
Follow the simple steps listed below to ensure your success in launching your
Pre-Paid Legal Business.

  1. Complete all four steps at
     (Instructions have also been emailed.)

  2. Attend the next available Fast Start Training class.
     (Instructions have also been emailed.)

  3. Schedule an appointment for a Game Plan Interview
     with your Pre-Paid Legal Services Support Team.

Tim and Kelly Randle         Corey Ensey                   Steve Bratcher
512-750-2345 Cell            214-882-9618 Cell             405-417-1463 Cell
877-228-7188 Toll Free       888-323-3904 Toll Free    

      Additional training information is available at our team web site at….


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