16 Sensational Scarf Tricks

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					                      16 Sensational Scarf Tricks

Small Square Scarves:

    1. How to roll a square scarf into an oblong: Spread out scarf on flat surface, shiny side down.
       Fold opposite corners toward center, overlapping slightly. Roll sides together. (creates a nice
       rolled scarf with edges hidden)

    2. Neckerchief
           The Classic Square Knot: The classic right over left, left over right knot.
           Simplified Square Knot: Tie loose knot near one end of a “rolled” scarf. Wrap scarf
              around neck and push other end of scarf through knot. Tighten knot to secure. (can
              also use this technique on a long scarf)

    3. Necklace with Pendant: Roll a small square scarf and slide a Premier Designs pendant on it
       to create a dramatic, unique look! Tie ends in back. You may need to choose a thinner,
       chiffon scarf, depending on the pendant or slide you’ve selected.

    4. Scarf with Slide: Fold small scarf in half like a triangle. Bring the tails around the neck to
       the front. Push each tail of the scarf through the slide; left tail through to the right, and right
       tail through to the left. Pull on tails until they hang evenly in front.

    5. The Rosette: Fold scarf in half like a triangle; tie the two longest ends together in a small
       knot. Hang the scarf on your arm, like a sling, with the tips of the scarf toward your palm.
       Take the bottom layer of the sling with the “sling hand”, then with the free hand, grab the tip
       of the inner layer. Do not let go of the tips, but let the knotted portion of the scarf fall down
       over your knuckles and hand. As you pull on the tips of the scarf a rose comes into focus.
       The tighter you pull, the smaller the rose.

    6. “The Ghost” or Ascot: Start with the shiny side of the scarf facing down. Pinch a small
       amount of fabric from the center of the scarf. Put a small rubber band, or tie small knot,
       around the pinched fabric. Hold 2 opposite corners, one in each hand, and flip scarf over so
       the “knot” is hidden. Tie the 2 opposite corners around the back of your neck.

    7. The European Wrap: Roll scarf and wrap around neck, ends in front. Continue “wrapping”,
       as you bring ends back around to the back of your neck. Tie ends in back. Variation: Bring
       small knot around to the front.

    8. The Linked Collar: Roll scarf and bring it around neck, ends in front. Cross ends over once
       and bring back around to the back of neck. Tie into tiny knot.
Oblong Scarves:

9. Hacking Knot: Fold oblong scarf in half. Wrap scarf around neck and feed the two ends
   through the “loop” side. Pull ends until comfortable. Can wear to the side, split ends over
   one shoulder, or tuck into a shirt or jacket. Try splitting ends in front, bringing them around
   to the back and tying. Creates a choker “loop D’ loop” effect in front.

10. The Cowboy: With a long oblong scarf, twirl the scarf around like a lasso until it is twisted
    from top to bottom. Bring the two ends together and the scarf will then twirl around itself.
    With the ends held together, wrap the scarf around your neck, feeding the ends through the
    loop at the opposite end of the scarf. The tails can be tossed either to the front or the back, or
    split front and back, or tucked into a blouse.

11. Gathered Dramatic Look: Wrap an oblong scarf around your neck, ends in front. Go about
    10 inches up from ends of scarf. Pinch small amount of fabric from each side and push
    through a ring on the under side. Push fabric through ring until creates a full gathered effect.

12. Ascot: Wrap oblong scarf around neck, long ends in back. Cross ends over and around to the
    front. Cross slightly longer end over shorter end and tuck it up and through scarf around
    neck. Arrange to desired fullness and tuck into shirt or jacket.

13. Doubled Oblong: Wrap scarf around neck, ends in back. Cross ends over and around to the
    front. Tie ends in a square knot.
        Variation: Tie loose knot in center of scarf. Place knot under chin, bring ends of scarf
        around back. Cross ends over and around to the front. Pull ends through the knot in
        opposite directions. Tighten as desired.

14. Braided Scarf & Necklace: Fold oblong scarf in half. Have a friend hold middle of scarf so 2
    equal ends are hanging down. Select a 30” Premier Designs necklace to use as the 3rd strand
    for braiding. (Pearls work well) Have a friend hold one end of unclasped 30” necklace in
    same hand as scarf. Braid the 3 strands together and wrap around your neck. Clasp necklace
    and tie ends of scarf to secure.

15. Cowel Neck: Fold oblong scarf in half and tie ends together near the very end of the scarf.
    Place over your head with knot in back. Slide a Premier Designs ring up front of scarf about
    half-way. Put the scarf “loop” over your head. Can use a simple ring and hide it, or a more
    decorative ring for a dramatic accent.

16. Loop D’ Loop: Fold oblong scarf in half and wrap around neck. Cross loop side over loose
    ends. Bring one end of scarf up through loop and down under. Bring other end around
    outside and down through loop.

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