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INTRODUCTION                                9
Chapter 2: TEMPLATE ATTACHMENT                  36
Chapter 3: THE BIG STAGE                        45
Chapter 4: MONEY MONEY MONEY £$                 54
Chapter 5: TRUST ME, I`M A POLITICIAN           64
Chapter 6: YES, ME LAUD                         71
Chapter 7: BACK IN TIME                         76
Chapter 8: HUNTER TO WARRIOR                    88
Chapter 9: HAVE FAITH, MY CHILD                 98
Chapter 10: BODY AND SOUL                      106
Chapter 11: DARKNESS, EMBRACE THE LIGHT        116
Chapter 12: GRAY MEN ? MEN                123
Chapter 13: GOING DOWN THE TUNNEL              142
Chapter 14: DEAD AND GONE                      151
Chapter 15: APOCALYPSE, THE REVEALING                179
             Sub-chapters:   AGE               196
                         LAW              207
                         WORK                  210
Chapter 16: THE FUTURE                         217
Chapter 17: MASTER PROGRAMME                   241
Chapter 18: THE BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD       250

DELETION PROGRAMME:                            268
APPENDIX                                 269
SUGGESTED READING                        271
ONE HAND, OTHER HAND                           271

This book contains the coded antivirus to the virus that has suppressed our conscious
primary purpose.
        This book is concerned with your primary purpose, why you have not sought it,
and where you will find it once you journey with your mind. There are three variable
ingredients to be aware of: Choice, Equilibrium, and Sustainability. The greatest test is
not to know we are being tested while we are being tested. This book provides you with
the mental key to the matrix.
        No political party or religion has provided humanity in the free western civilised
democratic world, at whom this book is aimed (US/UK empires), with their primary
purpose. The pursuit of materialisms theory is causing climate change, according to
honourable politicians. Why many people in the empire world have unwillingly gone to
school, then unwillingly gone to work, only to have their material body placed in a box
when it is unable to function any more, all without knowing their primary purpose, only
to be re-birthed and do it all over again without being consciously aware of having done
so in the past, can be revealed.
        In school, religion and law we are programmed via the conscious mind while
experiencing a reality (planet) that suggests equilibrium/balance.
        The contents of this book are bizarre, the words within fly in the face of our
present attached beliefs. Commonsense dictates they require to be.
        The answer to all questions can be found with the mind.
        Every human Being on this planet has one. As the contents of this book will be in
conflict with your present created/attached beliefs, you will be consciously aware at its
end that you now have a choice.
        Small print.
             The writer of this programme (book) is certified in the art of misdirection and suggestion, as well as being uncertified in building, farming,
motor mechanics and a few other things. The author seeks no celebrity status or material gain from the contents of this psychological anti-virus.
             Throughout this book the word mind is used to describe the non-physical part of the human/ Being. The book is in broad lay-person
(layman‟s) terms, to be specific.
                                    CHAPTER ONE


This premier chapter explains how the civilised world of today came to be. You picked
up or clicked on this book after a publisher read my manuscript and thought, “this‟ll sell”.
Chapter Three is about money, so first you need to know why educated human Beings
seek manmade material wealth in the first place – and not their primary purpose,
        You‟re now going to be introduced to programming. Neuro-linguistic
programming (NLP) and Hypnosis are different names given by society to the same
subject: the subject of an influenced acceptance to a command, order or suggestion.
Psychology would be a simpler way of putting it as a qualified hypnotist. The master
programme for this planet has a freewill variable. In order to temporally bypass the
master programme, a suggestion must be compound; as soon as the suggestion stops
being compounded we revert to the master programme.
        Educated civilised readers of the free world, read-on.
        The golden rule for successful psychological programming is firstly to have or
create belief: belief and expectation are inseparable. Our belief is to live a better life by
attaching to society‟s programme – their plot. Don‟t lose the plot is our manufactured
belief. We don‟t believe we‟re being programmed because we‟re educated; as Tony Blair
(former Prime Minister of the UK) would say, “education, education, education”. The
writer of this work has discarded the plot.
        The belief with pre-school children educated by their parents is that mum and dad
know best – indeed, that they know everything. The biggest loss for a child is to lose their
mum or dad to the afterlife. Parents know best, and children must do primarily as parents
suggest – and as other big people suggest – or there will be consequences. Parents know
what suggestions to give their tiny kids in order to encourage their compliance. Parents
don‟t believe they are hypnotising their children when they suggest, or order, or shout
something to their kids: this is because parents are attached to society‟s programme (the
        In society‟s programme the created belief is only hypnotists hypnotise. The
dictionary has different definitions for hypnosis and suggestion and psychology and
semantics. This is to keep educated people in the dark. We have to be educated to read
the dictionary.
        Hypnosis is artificially created; something that‟s artificial is manmade. It‟s off to
school with junior, who has an adult to teach him or her. „Big people know best,‟ thinks
the little ones. A teacher only asks their pupils questions they (the teacher) knows the
answer to. This unconsciously suggests to the children that the teacher knows everything.
Kids follow the education programme because every adult suggests to them that it should,
and must, be followed. Education educates the child on their correct interpretation of this
planet‟s reality – implanting the concept that we‟re a bit weird if we don‟t attach.
Therefore, don‟t lose the plot or you‟ll find your primary purpose.
         Rich and powerful people of the past funded and took part in expeditions all over
this World, taking back items and knowledge that was taught in school as being factually
correct. Knowledge that interfered with materialism programme was suppressed. Many
people have issues/things about themselves they don‟t want to be seen or discussed – our
society‟s shepherds are no different. There are many artefacts in the dungeons of
museums not put on show to the public. If hypnosis was taught in school there would be
an exodus, leaving those who chose of their own freewill to be educated. A scientific
approach caused one exodus – religion‟s Lord God Almighty. Where is the evidence to
prove His existence? Our experience of this life informs us that it‟s never to late to learn.
A classroom full of people of different generations who seek knowledge is easier to teach
than a classroom with people born in the same year with one disruptive pupil.
         Young people of the free, developed civilised World can‟t get a full time job if
they are under school leaving age; they would have to go to a sweat-shop in the
developing world if they continued to believe materialisms suggestion. Materialism is the
only choice on this solid to the core centrifugally rotating World. It‟s true because we
were, and are, all educated legally, creating climate?
         With suggestion from big stage or small stage and psychotherapy, you must work
with the beliefs of that which you want to influence control over us, the masses. We
believe we know our world as we‟re educated; education follows the one template for
successful suggestion. Religious policy documents aren‟t beamed down to Earth by Mr
Lord God almighty either. See the book „The God Delusion‟ by Richard Dawkins.
Religious people will dismiss Richard‟s book, and won‟t want to read it either because
they are attached to the one template they are ignorant of (law of reversed effect). Like all
the laws of creation, hypnosis is no different. It too has its golden rule. The shepherds of
humanity lock on to this rule. They will suggest it‟s coincidence or chance, but it isn‟t.
The golden rule of successful suggestion must be maintained.
         As the system created its own beliefs through our education programme, you are
likely to be of a belief a hypnotist has the power to change someone‟s mind, simply
because society created with suggestion this belief. The qualified hypnotist‟s belief is that
all hypnosis is self hypnosis.
         To change a created belief, an alternative or alternatives must be offered. Due to
the nature of our society‟s programme we are disinclined to want to change our fixed
beliefs, our parents‟ fixed beliefs, and, our forefathers‟ and mothers‟ fixed beliefs.
Therefore we won‟t consciously want to be made aware of an alternative, a choice.
         Any alternative to our fixed beliefs that promotes self-empowerment – thus self-
responsibility – is sailing against the wind. History has shown often enough the usual
response pattern. The established order will suggest via their servants that the alternative
is the ramblings of an idiot:
         “Galileo? What a fool, don‟t listen to him. He‟s as stupid as Copernicus!” The
idiot of their time has to provide substance to their claims as we are attached to a soul
materialism belief programme, not a binary one. Proof and evidence is the order of the
day; the modern masses have faith in science. A gut feeling that any alternative is
believable offers no evidence of substance compared to the honourable, intelligent, great,
revered people of history, and the great people of the present day. Charles Darwin knew
what was coming when he suggested his theory of natural selection in his book „The
Origin of Species‟. Scientists today accept Darwin‟s theories as matter of fact. This book
has a lot in common with the aforementioned historical people; people of today think
they know what the world‟s about, and there‟s no other big secret! This book, or
nonsense, will be a uncomfortable revelation.
        How can an alternative be offered to the public? In times past. books disseminated
information: control the publisher and control the information, as knowledge creates
belief. The created belief at this time is that newspapers are supposed to report the news.
When there‟s an election they all encourage our participation, when our boys (and girls)
go to war they all support the template. Newspapers are great at maintaining the status
quo as they are owned by rich media moguls. A school child who wants to be a journalist
so they can inform readers of what‟s happening on this world, if they get the job, soon
discover that educated people read the papers to be kept in the dark! With regards the
alternative real world, the editors have to do as they‟re told. Read all about it, „The Law
of Reversed Effect!‟ We won‟t read about that law in the establishments „Daily Script‟.
With the technological world of today, knowledge can be disseminated at the click of a
button, free from editorial control.
        An alternative to the masses changing their attached belief programme is for the
planet we live on to change its. Set in their ways society‟s old people will keep reading
the daily press script. The ones who are unable or unwilling to bend down with their legs
straight and touch their toes will dismiss this book: it‟s a mind body, or human-Being
thing. The master programme won‟t force change on us because of freewill. After reading
this book many would rather believe the established order‟s programme than an
alternative – this is due to the reality of suggestion.
        This is how stage hypnosis works. People who don‟t like or aren‟t interested in
stage hypnotists don‟t go to their shows – or hypnotherapists – unless someone
encourages them to go by using suggestion. One person says to their friend, to encourage
them to go to a hypnotists stage show:
        “Oh go on, you‟ll enjoy it when we‟re there, come on! I‟ll… whatever… if you
go, please, go on! If you go I‟ll…” (Enter here something disgusting, illegal, pleasurable
– as applicable to your taste and sensibilities)
        Stage, TV, cinema and books all compound a suggestion that created the belief
that a hypnotist has power to change the mind of another person, thus compounding a
false fixed educated by parents and society belief we attach to. The stage hypnotist works
with this created belief. The big stage is controlled by men, and the small stage is
likewise. A woman stage hypnotist won‟t work as well as a man because we aren‟t used
to being controlled by a woman. A famous stage hypnotist doesn‟t have to spend as much
time suggesting to the audience how good he is as there‟s already a created belief
(expectation) within the minds of the audience. This also saves in expensive advertising
        Paul McKenna is a well known UK hypnotist. Consequently, there is expectation
if he is coming to town. If it was a picture on an advertisement boarding of „Joe Bloggs‟
the stage hypnotist sitting on a pushbike wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Joe would
have to work harder when he got on stage at creating expectation and belief with his
audience. If it was „The Great Hypnoso‟ with a picture of him dressed in a black suit
staring at us from the advert, this would create and increase our expectation more than the
„Joe Bloggs‟‟ t-shirt picture ad. But if Hypnoso opened his mouth and spoke like Joe
Pasquale the comedian then „The Great Hypnoso‟ may as well go home.
         Suggestion takes many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, forms. It‟s
the accumulation of all these tiny forms („every little helps‟ Copyright Tesco, used
without permission) that has created the present day belief system, or psychologically
attached programme. What the big stage programmers suggest has gone on to create the
present legal, global climate change suggested situation. Global warming may also be a
programme created by government in order to increase fear and taxes and the cost of
products; again the truth for you will take the form of an inner individual feeling. The
source of this feeling is unknown to materially attached plot retaining humans. It is
known by the balanced mind in harmony with the balanced supple body, while living a
physical life on a planet that suggests balance/equilibrium.
         To get back to the stage hypnotist‟s small stage show. Those who have decided to
go to the stage show do so primarily for entertainment. They want to be amused, and
many wouldn‟t be bothered if they fell under the hypnotic spell as it wasn‟t their fault it
was the hypnotist‟s. When the audience is ready. the hypnotist will go on stage or,
depending on his feelings, wait a while to increase expectation. Adolf Hitler excelled in
         Many T.V show hosts delay the announcement of a greatly anticipated result in
order to increase expectation. The host will say, “And the winner of the 2012 „I‟m A
Celebrity Keep Me In The Public Eye and Give Me Lots Of Money-Sex-Power‟ is…
         “wait for it!
         “??????????????????? “?????????????????????????????????????????????????
         “keep waiting
         When the hypnotist does go on stage he will begin by having a rapport with the
audience (see newspapers for political rapport) to get feedback and to create a conducive
environment before giving a suggestibility test suggestion to the audience. This test will
be something simple, quick and physical, such as a hand-clasp test. As many people sit
with their hands together he is off to a great start.
         The hypnotist will say: “I want you to look at the palms of your hands and
imagine they are covered in an invisible glue.”
         This isn‟t hard for the audience to do as there is nothing on their hands anyway!
         The hypnotist continues: “Now I want you to clasp your hands together like so
and give them a squeeze.” The stage hypnotist grips his palms together – again we have
done this many times in our lives. He continues: “Now this is one of those quick drying
glues that begins to bond instantly on contact and in a few seconds your hands will be
stuck together and no matter how hard you pull you won‟t be able to pull them apart. In
fact, the harder you pull the more they will stick together!”
        The hypnotist is creating a „double-bind‟ suggestion to the audience – a political
„win-win‟ suggestion: the harder you pull. the more they stick together. The hypnotist
will go on to talk about other common experiences in life where things get stuck together
to compound an unconscious subliminal suggestion of togetherness, creating belief,
before saying:
        “Now when you believe your hands won‟t come apart, I want you to try and pull
them apart. Go on now, try. The harder you try the more they will stick together, you see
they are stuck.” The unconscious suggestion of seeing is believing is self suggested by a
few in the audience. The hypnotist will go on to say: “All those of you who can‟t get your
hands apart I want you to stand up.”
        At this point only a minority of the audience stands up. The ones that remain
seated look at the standing minority and think or say to themselves „the standing ones are
under his spell, the power of the hypnotist!‟ Or they may think to themselves „why didn‟t
the suggestion work on me?‟ The seated ones don‟t think the standing ones are a bunch of
idiots, or they (the standing ones) are easily lead – people who don‟t go to these stage
shows usually think that. Bear in mind everyone in the audience heard the hypnotist‟s
suggestion, yet not everyone is standing: this is the important part. Our world is (as
applicable to you) because of this important part. In future at a stage show don‟t look at
the ones who are standing; look at the majority who are seated. Paul McKenna only gets
a minority off their ass, yet the masses of the civilised world believe society‟s
psychological suggestion of a hypnotist having power. That‟s why there are those who
don‟t want to go to their shows in the first place. “I don‟t want anyone messing around
with my head!” thinks the educated, attached to the plot human.
        Back to the small stage hypnotists show again where a few people in the audience
are standing up looking at their hands stuck together. The stage hypnotist will be saying
to himself: „This lot have passed my first suggestibility test,‟ in the same way you and I
went to school as small, uneducated children. (“Mum”, says the small child, “I don‟t want
to go to school!” Mum replies, “You have to go darling, off you go!”) The standing ones
in the audience will be saying to themselves, “my hands are stuck together“. The
hypnotist knows if he can suggest hands sticking together he can also suggest they come
apart, and does so. He will suggest to the ones standing to come down to the stage. Not
every standing person will go as some went to the show to be entertained and others went
to do the entertaining. At the stage, the hypnotist will suggest more suggestions until he
has a few people who are prepared to take on any suggestion given. The remainder can
return to their seats to be entertained by those willing few. We all had to go to school by
laws created by actors on a bigger stage – politicians.
        The master programme and suggestion. The master programme is just that; it
overrides any suggestion given by a stage hypnotist, big stage or small. In the same way
body language suggests far more than verbal suggestion, actions speak louder than words.
On the small stage, a person will drink water they think is wine and take off their clothes
and do all sorts; on the other hand, if the small stage hypnotist suggests they pick up a
gun and shoot their physical self or another, the person will reject this suggestion – that‟s
why the small stage hypnotist won‟t suggest it. Governmental performers give that
suggestion from the big stage – it‟s called war. A lifetime‟s un-hypnotic educated
suggestion creating a belief in our country and, Queen, King and President etc. Un-
hypnotised educated suggestion.
         We are pre-programmed for survival by the Matrix. The big and small stage
hypnotist knows it‟s all suggestion, and they have no power over anyone – only the
educated illusion of it.
         Stage magicians of the past had an audience that believed in magic. But as time
moved on, the audience became more enlightened. The Magic Circle guards their secrets,
as do all secret societies large and small – the freedom of information act only goes so
far. Hypnosis is an open, unguarded secret. Enlightenment of the hypnotic power of
suggestion‟s template can cast your self imposed unsustainable unknown veil of darkness
aside – only if you choose. People only need a weekend training course on how to be a
stage hypnotist. To be a great stage hypnotist you have to perfect the art. Politicians
usually start off in local councils and committees before moving on to Parliament; others
are drawn from the theatre of court as solicitors. School teachers are used to speaking in
front of others, and make the transition to political speaking too.
         The big stage - or politics as it is more commonly known – is the creator of the
mould in which the small stage hypnotists were cast. There isn‟t a difference between
stage hypnosis and politics to the trained, or educated, eye. The civilised, programmed
people who didn‟t go to the small stage hypnotists show out of the fear of being
controlled, are following the suggestions given by the big stage hypnotist – the
suggestion called materialism. Did you look at the cost of this book before you bought it?
The small stage hypnotist is honest in his craft in that you, and he, know he is a
hypnotist. With the big stage the hypnotist doesn‟t actually know he is a hypnotist and is
just as likely not to want to go to a small stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist for the same
reasons many people don‟t go - by saying to themselves, “I don‟t want to be controlled,
or have anyone messing with my head!”
         With the small stage you have to dress the part and put forward your suggestion to
the audience working within their attached beliefs. A comedian will wear clothes that
suggest humour, as did the early comedians known as court jesters (the joker in the pack
of cards). Politicians wear a symbolic suit and tie to visually encourage compliance on
our part, the political suggestion being „without their rule of law there would be
anarchy‟. In short, pursue the only path presented called materialism in a lawful manner,
and our society, and you, will function correctly. The problem being politicians are now
suggesting it isn‟t climate change. The political suggestion of global warming has been
created by the mass action of the masses when they use products created in factories. You
can blame whoever you like, the bottom line is the uncivilised tribal peoples in the
remote jungle parts of the world today didn‟t create it – we did, the big civilised Christian
infidel democratic free tribe, according to our programmers. The Muslims keep their
heads in the sand and other religions think in fatalist terms – mullahs, priests, presidents,
monarchy etc. Small stage and big stage, elected and non elected suggestion masters are
all locked into the one template, and are using that template to attach the masses. The
template has the next chapter all to itself.
         There are three ways to interpret the programme the masses are attached to, the
programme we don‟t know we‟re attached to. The majority of us interpret information by
saying, “I see what you mean.” Others will say, “I hear what you are saying.” And finally
“I have a gut/heart/inner etc good/bad etc feeling about this.”
         Political parties are unable to balance their finances let alone create balance on
this World. The psychological illusionist Derren Brown studied Hypnosis and NLP, he
states at the beginning of his small stage TV shows the techniques he will use to suggest
programmes to people, and, how he can predict the way people are more likely to act and
react to situations and questions he has created on his small stage.
         In Derren‟s show „The Heist‟ he worked with the created beliefs of his volunteers
to get them to rob a security van - the monetary motive of the materially attached human.
In the same way politicians get parents en masse to suggest to their children they must go
to school in the free world, children comply en masse. After ten or more years at school
it‟s off to work or college – higher education has the suggested incentive of a higher
income. Derren didn‟t have a 100% compliance with his handpicked volunteers just as
governments have to endure conscientious objectors and people who don‟t want to work.
Every civilised person went to school.
         The nomad is predominantly the performer on the small stage, the warrior/hunter
is likewise the performer on the big stage. As we are distracted by the minority taking the
bait with the small stage hypnotist‟s show, we are equally distracted by the majority
taking the big stage political hypnotist‟s bait, and, going about their lives legally without
knowing their primary purpose. They can‟t all be wrong is the belief, thus creating the
reverse suggestion: if a few or one person suggests a counter suggestion this one or few is
wrong. What an idiot, they think we‟re all off our heads, who do they think they are, what
a plonker, they‟ve lost the plot, why don‟t they get a job like the rest of us, the
uneducated law of „the law of reversed effect‟.
         The Greek‟s created the big civilised con called government by the people for the
people – „democracy‟ for short. After all, it‟s the workings of the free democratic empire
world that has created the present global situation (my interpretation of governments
         The Greeks in the beginning had their gods. As their scientific minds demystified
the workings of their world, their fixed beliefs gave way to reasoned logic and the
scientific approach we have today, along with dark ages of religious suppression in
between. With the advent of civilisation the warrior of the big stage knew how to put on a
performance to encourage our compliance. When Tony Blair talks about „education,
education, education‟, he was behaving in a true warrior way, turning the malfunction of
his autocue to his advantage in the same way a pre-civilisation hunter had to adapt as the
running pray changed course. The only problem for Tony is he has to maintain the lie,
which is unsustainable on this planet. Telling a lie is easy, living it the rest of our life
isn‟t. That‟s why politicians physically deteriorate faster than a contented person, a
contented person free of disease (see origin of the word disease).
         As the people have a greater access to knowledge we can see through a lie, or
trick, if we choose to do so, but we don‟t because we are too busy making money. Mum
has to go out and find employment now, she didn‟t have to en masse in the 1950s. Back
then she only had to do the housework 24/7/lifetime. Both modern parents have to work
to pay for the childminder and a massive mortgage and processed foods. Dad has to work
harder now to pay for the divorce, and harder still if he wants to start again with another
partner (lessons have to be learned). With the big stage political Suggestion Meisters,
their scientific thinking audience choose not to accept they are being psychologically
conned. They do this for two reasons: firstly, they don‟t want to believe they have been
conned; and secondly, they don‟t know the reality of hypnosis, they believe the suggested
illusion of it, which goes to show how good a trick it is. Faeries and Santa for children;
materialism for adults.
         The mass media came into being when the masses could read, the town-crier
became redundant – oh-yea, oh-yea, etc. Newspapers motivated in the pursuit of the big
story demystified politicians‟ infallibility. Nowadays in general we accept politicians are
a bunch of lying two-faced bastards – what people don‟t accept is they are being
programmed by them. As you watch a politician being questioned by the media do you
ever ask yourself why do they (politicians) endure it? It would be so easy for them to
walk away from the inquisitor or say nothing rather than think up an obvious lie. We
know from our own experiences of life when you say what you mean and mean what you
say you can easily open your mouth and say it, unless its something hurtful.
         Politicians don‟t immediately answer questions because when you lie about
something you have two versions of the whatever to remember – politicians have three
versions to remember:
         Number one is the version that took place;
         Number two is the politician‟s interpretation of what took place; and
         Number three is the party‟s interpretation.
         Politicians endure the medium‟s inquisition in the same way small-stage
personalities who have slipped into obscurity endure TV reality shows that place them
back in the public eye. Both are seeking a fix for their addiction (e.g. the Hamiltons, Neil
and Christine, firstly politician, then personalities). The big stage lie is happiness via
materialism, which has caused the world to heat up, according to politicians and their
servants. The only tool a hypnotist has is rapport with the client. If the client or masses
think the hypnotist is dictatorial or untrustworthy and more importantly there‟s nothing in
it for the client, electorate or member of the public/flock, the programme won‟t be
         We accept politicians‟ lies because there‟s something in it for us: materialism –
and we need money to live. And without the rule of their law there would be anarchy!
Who tells us all this? Politicians! And who believes it? The masses! Then we tell
ourselves and yourselves and our children it‟s true, thus self-compounding a negative
suggestion creating a fixed belief. In order for politicians to hypnotise us, they need a
means to get the programme suggested: the medium provides the means – the medium we
call the media. A politician who can‟t endure the media medium can‟t deliver the rapport
to attach the programme.
         A literate public were given an alternative opinion compared to the historical
illiterate public. Newspapers competed with each other like religion for increased
circulation, a tipping point was inevitable. Bad news is good news for circulation, any
reporter who could dish the dirt on anestablishment programmer and the establishment
itself is on to a good story (black gay vicar and MP has drink and drug fuelled sex with
Shetland pony as royal guest looks on!). As people refuse to see themselves as others see
them, their weaknesses become their strengths, and the masses became aware that our
political representatives would lie and cheat to get their own way and would feather their
own nests. Every election would usher in more of the same, possibly under another
banner. Politicians do represent the people. When the actions of politicians and their
words didn‟t correspond, doubt in their suggestion was uncovered. Belief and doubt are
incompatible. Subsequently, the fabrications and exaggerations of a reality portrayed in
the press created the present day reality in a decline in press circulation, and an increase
in voter apathy.
        The rise and fall of the press was swift: the editor jumped out of the
establishment‟s created hat straight into the establishment‟s pocket. Radio and TV and all
the other sources of information would compound this unwanted decline. Today,
newspapers should be made soft, strong, absorbent and long – and not have the print
come off on your ass! As it is, TV adverts and the TV news presenter encourage us to
buy newspapers on a daily basis – and at the weekend there‟s a free DVD of an old movie
or some other load of crap in the Sunday papers. A supermarket sells toilet-roll at half or
less than half price of many Sunday papers. People who like a good story don‟t like the
truth: these people vote for parties and read the press and go to church on a Sunday and
inevitably end up in a box (first spirit plane of the afterlife). A decline in religion and
non-participation in politics along with those willing to remain attached to an education
programme are inevitable precursors to convergence. The editor isn‟t alone in the
establishment‟s pocket – the publisher is there too.
        Every day in the media there‟s politics and the consequences thereof. You may be
thinking about going to work or having something to eat… everything we do in our daily
lives in the western world has its origins in politics. You may be saying to yourself, “I
don‟t watch political programmes or the news, or read newspaper stories about politics –
I don‟t even know top politicians‟ names!” All that doesn‟t matter as we live with the
consequences of their (politicians) suggestions. Ignorance is bliss, according to religious
suggestion – only if you are blissfully happy with political suggestion. Furthermore, as
our world isn‟t happy it‟s unsustainable!
        The voice of the establishment is hypnotising us by a media medium. A politician
will talk a load of nonsense defending a position to a reporter in order to keep open the
medium channel of rapport, and our local government will do likewise via the local
newspaper medium. Numerous times in our life we will have said to ourselves, “What
local government or national government did or said was stupid, wrong or a lie!” The
medium that made us aware of it was the media. When you switch on the TV in the
morning there will be the part on the breakfast show where they say, “let‟s see what the
papers have to say”; last thing at night it‟s the same story – “let‟s see what‟s in
tomorrow‟s papers”; and on Sunday morning it‟s no different! It doesn‟t matter what‟s in
the press – just be aware it is being suggested to us on an unconscious as well as
conscious level that we should look at the papers.
        When we go to a fossil-fuel filling station or supermarket, newspapers are in our
view, even if we don‟t buy them we choose not to buy them because we know what‟s in
them from previous experience. The self compounded suggestion being, “you can‟t
believe everything you read in the newspapers”. People who own newspapers can make
or break politicians as the religious leaders of the past did. But un-sustainability is the
key: enlightenment unlocks all the doors and gateways of our own making, and media
tycoons go down the tunnel into the afterlife like everyone else. In psychotherapy it‟s
called „leakage‟ when words and actions don‟t correspond. As the centuries passed the
leakage would wash away many of the flock and electorate, leaving only those willing to
believe a lie – mostly society‟s old people who are physically set in their ways, can you
touch your toes without bending your legs?
        TV political programme trailers suggest viewing pleasure where we have the
opportunity to have our say; the viewed reality is one of a politician avoiding a straight
answer. To throw us off the scent that we are being programmed/hypnotised, the media
medium at political press conferences will occasionally point out to the viewer when the
body language and words of the politician don‟t correspond. One of Tony Blair‟s and
Gordon Brown‟s press conferences had a good example when both could be seen
nervously unconsciously twiddling with their pens. Also, when the former American
Secretary of State for Offence and Defence Donald Rumsfeld used a confusion induction
to trance technique at a press conference, the media pointed out to the viewers he was
trying to hypnotise us. As Donald is a warrior personality he interprets his world like a
warrior and uses a warrior friendly induction to trance technique. He stated: “There are
known knowns and unknown knowns, which may be known by those who know
unknown things, things that are known to us, which are not known to the other side, but
known to us, as we know what is unknown by them is known by us, we know this to be
true as we know unknown things!” Well, he said something along those lines, I don‟t
consciously remember exactly as I was confused and entering a trance at the time.
         The Americans used female interrogators in eye-rack – sorry, IRAQ – to torture
the prisoners, as this caused mental disorientation. The religious programming in Iraq is
attached by reading and being read the Holy Koran; for Jews it‟s the Tanakh or the Old
Testament; for the Hindus it‟s the Shruti; and on and on for other religious attachments.
It‟s only when the reality of suggestion‟s template is revealed does the exodus from
darkness to enlightenment accelerate (one of religions doctrines mentions Rapture) when
knowledge is transferred from Being to Being without the shepherd‟s script.
         The Holy Koran‟s writing from their god is attached with total male superiority
over the low-life females (bitches). When prisoners were picked up off the battlefields in
Iraq and mentally tortured legally by the servants of the free world, they were confused
and more likely to tell the truth when they were being tortured by a bitch (woman). The
civilised political warrior is interrogated with his suit on and thrives under pressure while
he faces a barrage of questions from the opposition and others. The warrior/hunter
personality can thrive – and equally flounder – under pressure, employing anti
interrogation techniques so we don‟t get a straight answer. Politicians will answer, “I
never said that, you have taken that statement completely out of context and deliberately
tried to mislead the public, what I said was…”
         When TV arrived on the scene back in the 1930s the politician and interviewer
relationship was different to today‟s. In Britain a man called Robin Day adopted a new
more aggressive technique when he interviewed politicians in the late 1950s and 60s.
Politicians in turn had to adopt new more defensive techniques to counter this new form
of attack. The intervening time made Robin famous. David Frost‟s TV programme called
„That Was The Week That Was‟ brought him (David) to the establishment‟s attention.
David took the bait like Sir Robin and became Sir David Frost. When Tony Blair pulls on
his jeans and holds a mug of cold tea/coffee in his hand as goes to camera he is
suggesting he is one of the common people – he is just as big a mug as he is following the
suggestion of happiness via power which is also unsustainable.
         Tony isn‟t the Prime Minister now, but if he helped the establishment or was
given access to their club he will get another powerful position. Alastair Campbell
(Tony‟s body language programmer) will make a lot of money from the years he spent
hypnotising Tony to hypnotise us, but he won‟t take a cent with him when he goes down
the tunnel with the light at its end because he too was hypnotised by the mould which
created him. Programmers keep diaries because they think with their conscious heads.
Educated intelligent publishers will pay big money for Tony‟s memoirs, they won‟t pay
so much for Alistair‟s as his won‟t sell as much, while I will struggle to get a publisher
willing to take on this nonsense – unless I self publish!
        At the time to legitimise the system – or election time for short – there are three
unhappy bedfellows: business, media and politicians.
        Business is the reason we go to work. Business pulls the strings of government,
especially when businessmen finance the parties in return for a better business
environment to make more money – and get some honours to boot. When you have lots
of money you want something you haven‟t got – that‟s where honours come in. You get a
seat in the House of Lords and the politician gets a directorship and… round and round
the houses the system goes, nothing new. Death will be a voyage of discovery back to
where they started. Have you ever seen a dog trying to catch its own tail? An election
campaign is a well choreographed battle with each party pawn reading from their own
party script, individualism is anti party and could torpedo the whole campaign
programme. It‟s rare in public life for someone to say what they mean; it‟s all about
prepared statements – prepared by an unseen hand.
        The main focus for the political advisors is how to put forward the programme to
the self captivated free audience in a way that encourages them to walk into a polling
booth and place a cross in their box, not the enemy‟s/opposition‟s – all by the means of
suggestion. As political advisors are in the game of control, and we are a predictable
animal, all they have to do is suggest however well off – or not – we are now that we are
going to be better off if we vote for them, and worse off if we vote for the other lot.
        The main psychological metaphorical carrot on the end of the stick created by
civilisation is the material the masses desire/need to have – money! To get it you have to
do what many don‟t want to do. If it was a lump of gold, we would think/say to
ourselves, “how much is that gold worth?” Again, did you look at the price on the back of
this book before you made your decision? The modern civilised scientific masses have
attached to the compounded suggestion of materialism. At this moment in time you don‟t
think your attached money is the programme and the activator, but this life we are
experiencing has been massively, though not completely, influenced by money. The
compounded suggestion is “we need money!” This is true and believable in a civilised
world, because we created it so. Jungle people living in anarchy couldn‟t be influenced
and bribed by money because they don‟t know what it is – remember the other civilised
saying „everything has its price‟? What‟s yours?
        A child with a English speaking parent and a German speaking parent will speak
both languages before it goes to school; this is due to exposure to two languages. We free
civilised children are exposed to one conscious material education. An uncivilised jungle
dweller who came upon a bible, an amount of money, and a saucepan – which one would
they have a use for? There‟s a big £$ prize for the winner, text your answer to -~*^?.
        The political manifesto at election time, which the masses never read, is each
party‟s means of making us better off. The semantics of rapport, I didn‟t say that in
public, that was a private conversation. Actions words and suggestion, when civilisation
came into being actions and words remained apart until convergence.
        The content of TV news and the papers are another example of how we haven‟t
changed since civilisation began. When Egyptian hieroglyphs were deciphered it was
found people complained about the same things then as we do now. The Egyptians had a
bureaucratic society. Nowadays the TV media usually has a male–female–heterosexual
line-up to suggest and therefore promote male female relationships. To adopt the
uncivilised techniques used by remote tribal peoples with their relationships and child
rearing habits would be bad for the business of materialism‟s civilised child-care and
divorce employment wealth creators. It would be easy to have two newsreaders of the
same sex – its the subliminal suggestion the line-up would give that‟s the problem, as
being gay has been a problem with civilisation since we started going round in circles –
and still is. The female and male newsreader that we have invited into our home will
inform us of what the controllers want to inform us of, what they tell us is going on in
their World of today.
        Should it be the case that there‟s an election going on in our political territory, in
which case we won‟t hear much of what‟s going on in any other political leader‟s
territory. We have two choices. One is not to watch the TV or read the mail or read the
papers or travel on the highway or speak to other people or go shopping or go to work
or… etc. The second choice is to lock ourselves in a soundproofed room with enough
food and water and toilet facilities to last the entire election campaign; when we emerge
we will still be confronted with the consequences of our actions, the political house will
be full even if only a tiny amount of people legitimise the system and vote.
        If we avoid the TV news by watching something – anything else – on the box, we
will still be confronted by our attached belief in politicians. Soaps are a reflection of
society and soaps influence society. Long running soaps constantly repeat story-lines.
Old actors die off in character and in real life, their replacements will inevitably repeat a
previous theme. There is no counter suggestion to the mass soap programme people
choose to watch. Imagine a soap where the actors promote all the aspects of a society we
would like to have; it would be easy to make such a soap, it‟s the suggestion the soap
would promote. Such a suggestion would lead to creating a belief. Soaps where people
screw each other financially and have affairs are good for business. TV is the modern
form of cave art. When people see a show where a woman is the President of the free
world and she does a great job of it, when the time comes for a big stage Mrs President to
do the real job the masses have firstly visualised a small stage actress doing it. In the U.K
there is a female leader – the Queen – and there was a female Prime Minister. The
problem for another female political leader in the UK is the powerful psychological tool
called „association‟. People who loved Maggie Thatcher would be more inclined to vote
for another woman; and people who hated Maggie wouldn‟t. Being a good leader is
subjective, or open to interpretation, like beauty. I thought Mrs Thatcher was a hot chick
– not!!!.
        Our suggestion by the TV news medium is to look at the newspaper medium. You
can‟t hypnotise the hypnotist unless the hypnotist is hypnotised by the mould in which
the hypnotist is cast – the Matrix. A hypnotist who makes a living on the stage or in
hypnotherapy is a hypnotised hypnotist: hypnotised by the society in which they are
encouraged to make a living. You make your living by doing what you do to pay for the
cost of living. We would need to return to the jungle and the natural law of the jungle to
avoid the material cost of living.
        By investigating the big picture we can become aware of our primary purpose; by
scientifically „default networking‟ the law of reversed effect again (idol idle hands). As
the T.V media suggest we should look at the papers not the big picture as we look at the
papers in front of us, we can‟t see what‟s in front of the papers, nor can we see ourselves
looking at the papers. We are encouraged to look at the papers and TV so we will follow
society‟s programme and society‟s definition of the big picture. The purpose of the
newspapers and religious policy documents and the TV are to keep us in the dark
regarding our primary purpose. We must be educated to read the papers. Ask yourself this
question: what is the average person‟s opinion of politicians? Now does the media
express this opinion, or does the media only mention our cynicism?
        The main thrust of the medium is to maintain the status quo and promote fear, as a
fear based society consumes more products – the insurance industry is based on fear.
Fear, sex, drugs and crime – they are all good in a civilised consumer world. Any anti-
establishment message that can be suppressed is suppressed. Any message that‟s out of
the establishment‟s control is made to look foolish. The establishment few controllers at
the apex of this Worldly pyramid scheme have medium rich members who own
newspapers. You can write to the editor complaining about bureaucracy gone mad and a
litigious society and a lack of commonsense only, you can‟t have your cake and eat it.
        The great legal minds that made the political suggestion of global warming legal
have wool over their eyes (UK empire not US). The compounded suggestion to the
masses being the legal system operates independently of government. Again going by the
actions not the words, the English language consists of an enormous expansive, extensive
– etc – amount of words compared to most languages. A large command of a language‟s
vocabulary is a verbal suggestion of intelligence. I have avoided using a multitude host
great number big grand horde enormous profuse extravagant lavish excessive exorbitant
use of words in this book. In so doing I suggest to some people I am unintelligent.
Spelling errors also suggest a lack of intelligence.
        The state of the planet suggests a lack of intelligence on the part of the people
who, it is suggested to us, are intelligent. Subsequently, it‟s better to be unintelligent of
subjects intelligent people suggest to us we should know, and be educated in subjects
intelligent people say to us we shouldn‟t know. I know the reality of the subject called
Hypnosis; I have a certificate to compound the suggestion that I know the subject of
Hypnosis (see copy of qualifications at end of book). I know the collective meaning of
life and my personal meaning of life by firstly knowing the reality of
Hypnosis/suggestion. Religion discourages their flock to seek enlightenment of the
subject of suggestion, as that‟s what they use.
        Back again to our political party programmers. Being able to articulate themselves
when the medium glare of the spotlight is put upon them also compounds the suggestion
of their intelligence. The icing on the cake is when their peers suggest to the public they
are an intelligent programmer. Imagine a political party puppet programmer being
interviewed. The question has been put to them and the answer is awaited. Time goes by
and no answer is forthcoming. More time passes and the programmer does and says
nothing! What would those actions say to you? Imagine the programmer said something
(that isn‟t hard to imagine as politicians aren‟t short of words) – saying something is
better than saying nothing, because saying nothing says more than saying something.
        Hypnosis and NLP requires the use of words to programme an attachment,
therefore the more and the bigger the words the better. The masses only use a small
amount of vocabulary in our daily lives. When a programmer uses infrequent expansive
words and words we don‟t know the meaning of we tend/incline to think they are clever.
Going by the actions of the legal system not the words, whenever the government require
a ruling to maintain the system, the legal system will usually oblige. As the great legal
minds keep their heads in their wigs and their wigs in the sand, the sun burns their arses
(asses) legally.
         At my local court in the witness waiting room there is a copy of the court‟s
income and expenditure accounts for the year. This is a visual suggestion of
disassociation from government control. Next to the court there is the local government
council chambers. Lord Hutton, the law lord who couldn‟t put his glasses on straight
found no evidence the prime minister lied to „The House‟ (Parliament) on Iraq‟s WMD.
The reason the state suppresses the use of the unconscious is obvious: we can‟t have
politicians saying, “let‟s look at the facts, and the evidence, and what does your
unconscious or gut/inner etc feeling tell you?” Our system of control would fall apart if
the conscious and unconscious was used in balance, the bureaucrat would believe this to
be the end of the world as we know it – ARMAGEDDON.
         In the Princess Diana trial, the jury had to choose from a list of verdicts – the
verdict of an establishment hit wasn‟t one of them, and another verdict was denied them
by law. The one and only enemy to our warring civilisation is doubt. It‟s not possible on
any stage, big or small, or in hypnotherapy to psychologically programme someone if
they have doubt. Guess where doubt exists? It‟s in the unconscious. The d*v*l did find
work for idol hands – and idle hands. Money got us motivated and religion kept us idle,
the matrix law of reversed effect can‟t be purchased.
         Think about the society we are living in today. An individual who believes in
hypnosis could go to a hypnotherapist, accompanied by a good friend wearing ear muffs
so the friend could look after them, just in case the therapist got the individual‟s bank
pin-number. The individual could say to the therapist, “I‟m so stressed, the pace of
modern life is killing me – if it‟s not the phone or the kids it‟s work. I‟m in debt too! I
can‟t stand it, I just want to be happy again…” or something along those lines. The fixed
belief in society is that the hypnotist has power over another; that it should be a simple
matter of the hypnotist waving a pendulum in front of the individual (or using whatever
induction to default network the hypnotist usually uses), then loading a programme called
„I will be happy and never feel stressed again‟.
         So who is living in the real world now? Me, the hypnotherapist practitioner of
NLP who doesn‟t practise, or you, the attached reader who thinks you would know if
someone was programming you? Stage hypnotists do it for a laugh (and money!),
hypnotherapists do it to heal (and money!), and big stage hypnotists (politicians) who
don‟t know they are doing it, do it to put something back into the community and, help
create a better society for the people, as the people must come first (oh, and to make
money!). The masses believe them because they don‟t know how Hypnosis/suggestion
really works. Reality and the illusion called reality.

Chapter summary
The manufactured civilised belief of civilisation is that hypnotists hypnotise people. The
belief amongst hypnotists is all hypnosis is self hypnosis – we hypnotise ourselves. The
definition of the word „hypnosis‟ is a artificially induced state created by a hypnotist.
Something that‟s artificial is manmade.
        A belief in country, religion, money and a scientific approach are manmade
beliefs, created artificially with the semantics of rapport. The next chapter explains how
the performers of the big stage do their sting.
        End of summary.

                                  CHAPTER TWO
                             TEMPLATE ATTACHMENT

There have been many TV shows where a scam or sting operation has been acted out on
unsuspecting members of the public. The small stage actors set up their scam on the big
stage actors‟ civilised stage. An example of a small stage scam: Adverts will be placed
for educated people to read; the ad states, „Increase your sexual appendages and
pleasures‟. The picture on the ad has two athletic people: a near naked man wearing
boxer shorts with a huge bulge in the front of them holding a near naked woman wearing
a bikini – she has huge bits too.
         The big stage created belief is that bigger is better – it‟s not the experienced
reality. Inquisitive people get closer and look at the ad‟s smaller headline which states,
„For one month only, the world famous Perfect Body Clinic will increase your potential
when you sign up for this exclusive once in a lifetime half price two for the price of one
offer.‟ The smaller print tells the viewer where and when to go. The interested viewer
goes to a posh hotel at the appointed time, along with other potential customers, where
they are given a presentation by a body pleasing to the eye people. Every stage of the
presentation must be convincing or the scam will fail.
         The big stage with their actors is no different. This is how the actors of the big
stage do their orchestrated civilised swindle. Travel along the original main street in any
large town and you will see the church, the courthouse and the school. In days of old,
religious leaders provided education to their representatives; these representatives
provided education to their uneducated flock (the masses). When mass education arrived
it was the government controlled curriculum school that lawfully enforced education. In a
modern large town you may find these three buildings have different present day
inhabitants using them. A modern large town retains: schools; places of worship; a court
house; a health centre; a newspaper; and a political party office. You could ask a judge, a
doctor, a pastor, a school teacher, a political representative, a scientist a newspaper
Editor, and finally a rich business person this question: “What‟s the meaning of life my
Lord/reverend/sir etc?” It‟s a simple question that we are unlikely to get an answer to, or
seek to ask. If you do get an answer from any of them you‟ll be surprised if you have that
inner feeling their answer is true to you.
         If you set aside any feelings of apprehension or stupidity you may have about
asking any of the aforementioned that question and actually asked the first one of your
choice the question “What‟s the meaning of life,” we are likely to be met with raised
eyebrows or a laugh. Even though we have been conditioned to believe you have to be
intelligent to be employed by the aforementioned professions, we are more than likely to
get the run-around as apposed to a direct answer. The judge will say, “You are wasting
the court‟s time!”; while the doctor may assess your mental condition!
        We are more than likely to find in our run-around the few who entertained our
question will suggest we ask the religious shepherd. Had it been the case religion knew
the meaning of life there would only be one religion as there is only one collective
meaning. A religious shepherd won‟t inform us of the meaning of life because he doesn‟t
know! To hear the words, “I don‟t know!” from any of society‟s shepherds suggests
stupidity. This is why we have many religions and atheists and non atheists: we also have
many parties and types of political doctrine.
        Democracy to us in the free world – and communism to others. This is why an
idiot has written this book, an idiot who doesn‟t want to be rich or famous or powerful
and use big words to mislead.
        Think about this with your mind – not your brains or head: only brainy intelligent
people use their heads. People won‟t ask anyone what the meaning of their life is
because people don‟t want to appear stupid. World leaders don‟t approach the subject of
life‟s primary purpose, the human Beings‟ purpose, apart from suggesting materialism –
religion‟s dark-lords distraction. Shepherds of the masses must use the one template. And
the template requires no mention of anything that is a threat to a belief being created to be
discussed. Knowledge is power, and the system has empowered us with enough
knowledge to create the present global situation, and who do the masses look to in order
to turn down the heat? The very system whose template suggested it in the first place!
        What you need to ask yourself is, “Has the system changed or is history repeating
itself with new technological advances, with different or the same reincarnated people
doing the same things?” Are you too busy to contemplate such things? What are you busy
doing? Are you doing something that compounds the politically suggested global
problem? There may be some illegal logging and the like going on in the world, but it is
nothing compared to the legal actions of the masses, religions flock and politicians
electorate and materialisms moneymakers. The system is telling us via the conscious
mind only to work and spend, and the unconscious is suggesting in its own subtle
uneducated way, it will all end in catastrophe. Which part of our mind is telling us the
truth? The belief something is true is a mind thing, a inner knowing, a feeling. You may
or may not like the truth but you know it‟s true if you think about it: a salesperson doesn‟t
want you to think – buy now pay later while limited stocks last! Materialism!
        A feeling something is true or false can be instantaneous upon being informed of
the something, or it can over a period of time give a feeling of unease if the suggested
truth is untrue. It is this feeling you have that I endeavour to encourage you to stop
suppressing. Following the religious and political shepherds suppresses our inner
feelings. Shepherds want us to look at the facts and the evidence they have presented to
us. This is why you don‟t know your primary purpose and why the shepherds don‟t know
theirs either. You don‟t know you are suppressing this feeling as you don‟t know the
reality of the mind or the matrix. You know politicians lie, and you know the planet is not
in a good way, yet you continue to follow the materialism programme that created this
        Our programme suggests we are the most intelligent species on the planet – the
cosmos – a mammal that behaves in the same way as a virus, consuming its host. You
don‟t want to be detached from this programme and you don‟t want to contemplate there
is such a programme that you are attached to. The reality of suggestion being those who
accept a programme indoctrinated by it compound their programme to others; they are
unable to accept they are following a programme; accordingly, they will be unwilling to
read this anti-virus. Consequently, the World, or reality, or programme in which they‟re
attached, is unsustainable (law of reversed effect again).

        Suggestibility test.
        The following questions provide the reader with a indication of how open they are
to being programmed by other humans.
        Q1: When you were a small child did you perform a task unwillingly that you
were told to do by your parents?
        Q2: Did you go to School when you didn‟t want to?
        Q3: At School did you perform a task unwillingly that you were told to do by
your teacher?
        Q4: Did, or do you, do a job after leaving School that you didn‟t, or don‟t, want to
        Those four questions are just a few of many! The point being if you have
answered YES to one or more of them you are open to suggestion by others. If you
answered no to all of them you haven‟t be influenced by another.
        Do not blame the politicians or the men of their god or anyone else for the state of
our World – when you are free of the skin flesh and bones that clothes your soul you will
know who‟s responsible. I know the part I have played in this Worldly reality and I am
saddened and ashamed of my past lives and actions. There is no greater depth to the
depths I have sank to in my physical existences upon this World. I have cut the baby from
the womb of the mother, killing it before her eyes before killing her too and leaving. I
have given and I have received. I have fought many battles and died many times, I‟m a
bastard, a victim, and the architect of my own sadness and joy. The conscious mind is
limited, the unconscious mind is not.
        The mind.
        Do you know what the mind is, unconscious or conscious? Medical science has
cut open many heads only to find a brain – a lump of blood and tissue, nothing more.
When we‟re alive, electrical impulses can be detected travelling along neural pathways in
our brain. When we die – which our material body will (maybe today, or at some point in
a future of our own making) – these electrical impulses stop. At this point we will be in
the afterlife. To function on this planet in harmony – with it – we need to choose to
balance the mind with the body – or the Human with the Being. The programme we
were/are attached to which has created suggested climate chaos is conscious left
hemisphere orientated. This is why we don‟t know we are running a programme, and why
we don‟t want to accept we are running a programme. It‟s our belief that we would know
if we were/are being programmed, which goes to show me – someone who has removed
himself from the programme – how effective the programme is. If a child decided to play
a musical instrument, it wouldn‟t pick up the instrument and play it straight away. The
child would consciously learn it; then transfer the information to the unconscious. It‟s the
unconscious that makes the music flow without thinking consciously about where the
fingers need to be to get the right notes. New musical scores need to be learnt
consciously, then the unconscious sends the signal to the hands – it‟s easier when you
don‟t have to think about it, just like walking.
        The major fault with the civilisation programme is the suggestion of climate
change – which may not be a fault if it causes us to find out how we have been
programmed. To become aware of what happens when we die, we need to use the
unconscious mind in harmony with the conscious. We will fall asleep at some point in
our future, our conscious mind will switch off completely, our unconscious won‟t.
        Due to an unbalanced compounded suggestion and the suggestion itself being
untrue, materialism. Our mass thoughts and actions cause the World too, as applicable to
you. Factories churning out products to materialistic people and religious people
following their religious programmed attached beliefs have created the present global
situation. You don‟t know why you are here as a human, or where you are going, or if
there‟s anywhere to go to as a Being – the religions suggestion of death being the „great-
unknown‟. You are looking with the conscious for the answers that can only be found by
using unconscious and conscious in balance, as suggested by the planet, in light sound
and touch. Achieve your happy medium. „Medium‟ – all dictionary definitions apply.
        From my perspective, the truth is an individual thing based on all the information
gathered, and being prepared to change one‟s mind as new information comes to mind.
The truth is an inner feeling of constant contentment with no doubt. Throughout
civilisation there has been conflict between religious thought and scientific thought, a war
of minds.
        When civilisation was young a civilisation was seeded from a previous
civilisation. It‟s this Greek civilisation upon which the main thrust of this book is based.
The Greeks created a blend of reasoned thought, logic, spirituality and philosophical
development that has been unmatched or unsurpassed since. The outpouring of their
contribution in our western historic development had a direct impact on our present-day
life. The Greeks are no longer the leaders of the suggested free democratic world of
today; their politicians and army play no part in the world when compared to the current
leader of the suggested free world, America. The territory of America is going down the
same road as the Greeks and the Romans and the Egyptians etc. The events described by
John of Patmos in the Book of Revelation (see empire leaders religious attachment)
where he (John) is given visions to his mind of standing people having their eyes melt in
their sockets and their physical bodies die before it falls to the ground, is more than likely
to be caused by the democratic government of America, in the suggested name of
freedom and democracy. The Commander in Chief may order the firing of a nuclear
device at our suggested enemy of freedom and democracy.
        One of the Greeks‟ great thinkers was Socrates. He was of the belief that people
should seek knowledge wherever it could be gained: ignorance to Socrates was a sin.
Before a decision is made, knowledge must first be gained, otherwise the propensity for
error is great. It is constantly being suggested compounded suggestion to us that lessons
have to be learnt, and lessons will be learnt so this „whatever‟ won‟t happen again. The
reason we are constantly made aware of this compounded suggestion is due to our society
not learning important and valuable lessons. Civilisations and species fall when lessons
aren‟t learnt; the past has repeatedly shown this to be self evident. A stitch in time saves
nine – it‟s better to have one person unemployed than nine on a materialistic world,
therefore don‟t learn the lessons while compounding the suggestion that the lessons and
valuable lessons will be learnt.
        The society in which Socrates lived didn‟t fully embrace his philosophy and
offered him a cup of poison, from which Socrates knowingly drank for in his knowledge
there was no death to his Being – only his physical conscious human body.
        After the fall of the Greek civilisation by the Romans a new empire would arise –
like the Americans, this empire was also in denial. The empire was called Christianity.
Ignorance is bliss, religious suggestion the masses would follow the religious shepherd
and have faith. Part of this period in our history would be known as the dark ages: what
was a threat to holy mother church would be suppressed, a contrast to what had gone
before in the most fruitful years of our educated history. History is written by the
victorious, who manipulate and discard events in history in order to create belief in their
position. Hitler had people burning books to suppress created beliefs of an earlier era; he
sent others to the roof of the world in pursuit of creating new ones; he also sent his
aircraft carrier battle group to unknown waters. When the archaeologist went with the
bible in one hand and the spade in the other, doubt was unearthed; doubt that couldn‟t be
reburied. The genie was out of the bottle and the shit had hit the fan!
        The religious programmed reader should bear in mind the basis of all the main
religious policy documents, their main character‟s visions. Do you want to follow
someone else‟s interpretation of how you should live your life? Or do your experiences of
this one life inform you it would be best to find the meaning of life for yourself, your
meaning? Religion says „have faith‟; science says „have evidence‟; this book says…
neither. You will only know the truth and meaning when you experience it for yourself.
That‟s why this Earthly experienced reality was created. We are holding all the keys and
guarding all the gates – and don‟t consciously know it. Religion suggested their flock
should work to keep their hands from being idle, and the matrix mind-state of „boredom‟
discourages us from finding our primary purpose too.
        The scientific educated attached reader will scoff` at the religious interpretation of
how the world was made; proof and evidence is their conscious educated „faith‟. There
has been enough evidence physical and non-physical to suggest to people of the free
world that religion is okay for weddings and funerals and that‟s about it. When you look
at the facts and figures (as the politicians love to say) the customers aren‟t flocking
through the doors to embrace society‟s god. All the leaders of the free Christian world go
to church – they have to, their nonexistent template requires it. Scientists aren‟t
embracing suicide either, because of the master programme – when you sit with a gun in
the roof of your mouth, or stand at the edge of a precipice, there‟s a thought that comes to
mind: „will it be the end when I squeeze the trigger or jump or not?‟ Not prevails,
because the enemy of successful suggestion emerges – doubt. Due to the scientific
enquiring mind we have evolved to a position of being able to bring about our own mass
physical destruction if we choose to do so. Evolution is not confined to Earth.
        In our own journey through life we weigh up the pros and cons in a society that
can‟t give us a definitive answer one way or the other to the question of our primary
purpose. On one hand, religion, and on the other, science. The politician will shake the
hand that best suits political expediency. Lest we forget the Great War, the suggested war
to end all wars, a land fit for heroes to return to (which was renamed World War One
when the sequel came along), World War Two itself, and now we have the „war on
terror‟. The Windsors did a name change too – their old name sounded a bit too…
German: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg. Again lessons weren‟t learned by the masses,
so history repeated itself.
        It‟s to politics in the next chapter as politicians shape the world of men I turn your
attention. All the religions are in agreement there is a god; all free-world politicians are in
agreement that wealth is the key to happiness. If all politicians agreed we wouldn‟t have
wars, wealth is the meaning of life while living in a free democratic World. That‟s why
we go to war… isn‟t it?

                                  CHAPTER THREE
                                     THE BIG STAGE

As children grow up constantly being made aware of adults complaining about the
problems of a bureaucratic society, it‟s therefore a psychological fact that children who
grow into adults will be switched off by politics. Parents compound a negative
unconscious suggestion to their kids due to their (parents) experience of politicians. (It is
a fact with the natural law of the matrix, a negative conscious suggestion must be
compounded.) Lowering the voting age and increasing the amount of visits that school
children make to the local council chambers or parliament to show them how government
works along with more mock school elections won‟t increase the voter turnout due to the
true nature of suggestion. Constant parental negative unconscious suggestion must be
opposed by constant increased conscious, counter suggestion, which is unsustainable.
Flexible people are happy enough to vote on TV shows because they don‟t associate that
vote with their childhood‟s negative compounded suggestion and adult experiences
regarding politicians.
         This book explains how suggestion works. We have been psychologically
conditioned to believe by following parental suggestion and the rule of men‟s laws that
things will be better, in so doing we have collectively created global ? No, that can‟t be
right! This author must be off his head or away with the fairies, you think to yourself.
Yes, you‟re right, I created global ? Myself! I left the electric fire on and opened the
window; my medical record also shows I received brain damage. Wake up people, we‟re
all part of global ?
         AND it gets worse!
         There‟s no escape from our actions in death. Death is a belief created by the
establishment to keep us busy. If we knew in our everyday life there was no death, we
would search for our primary purpose: sometimes with idle hands, and sometimes
without idol hands. For those who don‟t know the reality of suggestion and believe a
hypnotist has the power to change the mind of another person, death is the great
unknown. If there‟s nothing so sure in life as death and taxes, avoid the taxes and
bureaucracy that goes along with them by opting for death. Make a good job of it as
suicide is illegal.
         Governments‟ main compounded suggestion to the masses is: education,
qualification, employment, retirement and death. In a verbal 9-11 sound bite: „death and
taxes‟. We take on board this suggestion and compound it to others and ourselves, along
with the suggestion that death is a mystery only found out when we are dead, which it is
if you think about it with your head consciously like a politician. There are those who
have committed suicide in the belief it was going to be the end. We are collectively here
as a species because the matrix programme‟s subtle suggestion to us is, „death is not the
end‟. The suggestion must be subtle or it would suggest there is an afterlife and that
would interfear with our freewill.
         It‟s our choice to be shepherded in a flock by political and religious shepherds.
The flock don‟t know the answer to the question of their Beings primary purpose; neither
do the shepherds. In our civilisation programme, if someone leaves the flock, the flock
thinks that person is weird: expressions such as „lost the plot‟, and „away with the fairies‟
and many more are bandied about. These expressions are used to discourage anyone else
from leaving the plot. The created belief is that if everyone is doing it we can‟t all be
         Civilisation created taxes and death. Upon our arrival – or birth – the pre-
programmed survival programme causes us to cry. We quickly learn in order to get
attention: crying is good, kicking the legs and waving the arms compound the suggestion
to mother that we want attention… now! As a baby we have all the ingredients required
to load a suggestion programme into someone else, only we don‟t know it. We are
unconsciously loading a programme – or to put it another way, we are unconsciously
hypnotising someone we call „mother‟.
         As you read this you may be thinking to yourself, „I know what hypnosis is –
hypnosis is Paul McKenna on the TV! I‟m not hypnotised, I would know if someone was
hypnotising me!‟ If that‟s your belief, ask yourself these questions:
         „Why did you go to school if you didn‟t like it?‟
         „Why did you go into employment if you didn‟t like that?‟
         And, „Why are the masses pursuing a course of action that our political party
programmers are now suggesting is causing our world to change?‟
         There‟s a recent subject called „Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P. for short).
It‟s a modern name created in the 1970s and given to hypnosis; hypnosis is a name given
to the psychology of suggestion. N.L.P is the same for humans as horse whispering is for
horses. The horse whisperers of old would study their subjects, their actions and
reactions, likes and dislikes. This information empowered the whisperer with knowledge:
the Greeks believed there were four elements (fire, wind, water and earth), but there is a
„fifth‟ element – knowledge.
         A horse, for example, would come from afar simply because it smelt a sweet
aroma coming from a pouch of herbs in the pocket of the whisperer. This, and others,
were all tricks of the trade, NOT magic – it was knowledge, which „creates‟ magic. This
knowledge would be passed on to another deemed suitable in the whispering fraternity,
but only after an elaborate initiation ceremony. Such ceremonies are nothing more than
suggestion. Even if a ceremony requires the wearing of strange clothes and drinking of
unknown potions etc, it remains nothing more than suggestion to encourage compliance
by those seeking initiation. The more arduous the ceremony the more likely the pupil will
fail, and, for those who endure, the more likely they will uphold the pledge they have
         And a pledge given under pain of death is more likely to be upheld rather than one
given with the suggestion of a clip/smack round the ear. The religious suggestion of
retribution in the afterlife is the ultimate one – if it were true. With the freemasons, their
secrets are revealed in degrees. The third degree being the passage of the mason from
death into spiritual enlightenment. The nemesis of all secret societies is the un-
sustainability of the secret – as time passes, knowledge escapes. All knowledge can be
gained directly from the unconscious, causing the world of men to fall and power to be
evenly distributed; the Internet is the precursor to this. The actions of the freemasons
within my community suggest to me, with the knowledge I have on the reality of the
power of suggestion, that they have not received true enlightenment, only the suggestion
of it. A Masonic right worshipful master my arse!
         Before an animal is taken from the wild to be imprisoned in a zoo of man‟s
making, we study its behavioural pattern first, in order to cage the beast properly so it
won‟t escape. Technology has changed since civilisation came into being but we humans
remain the same. War is the driving force of technological advancement.
         The next time you see someone on the phone or on the TV, look at their body
movements as they speak, especially the hands. News reporters are a classic example. As
someone is telling us something we could easily close our eyes and hear them. We don‟t
need to see their hands moving around or look at the expressions on their face; the words
are all we need to hear if the words are true. A conscious effort has to be made if you
want to deceive someone, an effort which is not sustainable, which brings me back to
politicians – the current zoo keepers of the suggested free world.
         The title „Right Honourable‟ is a suggestion of someone you can trust, not just
honourable but „Right‟ Honourable. Definition of „Right‟: morally good, having proper
opinion and correct. Definition of „Honourable‟: respectable, ethical, proper and dignity
of high position (see Right). Compare the present political title of Right Honourable to a
title such as „The Great Lying Bastard‟. The evening‟s host states: “My lords ladies and
gentlemen, please be upstanding for our leader „The Great Lying Bastard‟! The great
lying bastard appears on stage once the audience/congregation are upstanding, he goes to
the rostrum/podium positioned in the centre of the stage, behind the elevated soapbox
there will be power symbols in the form of territorial flags and the like.
         How do those two separate titles grab you? Are you having a laugh? Are you
offended? Or aren‟t you bothered? At what stage do you think hypnosis begins? If you
think it begins when words come out of our political party programmers‟ or religious
programmers‟ mouth, then you are already under psychological control. A title is
important as it is a verbal suggestion: „his eminence‟, „lord‟, „lady‟, „sir‟, to name but a
few. This is suggestion in a verbal and written form. It is a title to the masses and
hypnotic suggestion to the few. Many don‟t know their Being‟s primary purpose because
they are distracted by the title, the costume, the stage and semantics uttered by a bunch of
lying people with titles; and, they (our programmers) don‟t know their meaning of life
either because they are addicted to power. Ask someone with a title this simple question,
“What is the meaning of life?” If you receive an answer that you are content with you
need read no further.
         The political dress code. If your Member of Parliament (MP) is a man he will
wear a suit, as the suit in the free democratic western civilised world is a material
symbolic subliminal suggestion of power. As with all suggestion, it communicates via the
mind; sometimes the suggestion is verbal, other times subliminal, and sometimes it‟s
tactile, conscious and unconscious. To know the reality of suggestion is to know why you
don‟t know your primary purpose. What would it suggest to you if he (our MP) wore a
dress and bright red lipstick to his work? The suit is a visual suggestion of authority in
the same way a comedian will wear a visual suggestion of humour: the comedian Ken
Dodd would spike up his hair to suggest humour; the dress codes of Roy Chubby Brown
and Harry Hill also suggests humour. I‟m scratching the surface of what the true nature of
the reality of suggestion is, and, I haven‟t taken a watch out of my pocket to swing in
front of your eyes. What if your male MP spoke with a girlie tone or like Joe Pasquale the
comic – how would that grab you? An MP must talk in a serious voice to be taken
seriously in the same way a comedian such as Joe Pasquale can talk in a funny voice.
MPs won‟t associate with known criminals as this would suggest they have a criminal
tendency, in the same way a man who cross dresses won‟t want to be seen buying
woman‟s clothes locally – he‟ll use the internet. MPs are human/beings like us, they have
gone through the same attachment programme as us, it‟s just that their job requires them
to go to parliament.
         In this political territory or country everyone over society‟s suggested age of
eighteen has the opportunity to go on the voter‟s register. In brief, what happens is this:
you have the number of people who can vote; from that figure you subtract the number
who registered to vote; from this reduced figure you have the number who do vote; their
votes – one each – are given to the candidate of their choice, and we end up with an MP
that a minority of people sought and the majority didn‟t want. This person usually
represents a party, and therefore has to toe the party line if they want to get on in politics
and get a powerful job. At every stage in the process power is diluted from the people.
Democracy is a system of control whereby every few years we are given the opportunity
to change the dictator. The MPs sit in a visual suggestion of authority, not a tent put up in
someone‟s back garden. In this building they attack and defend various positions in a true
warrior personality type way, sitting two sword lengths apart. The definition of the word
democracy is: Government by the people for the people.
         Our MP, for whom you probably didn‟t vote, will help to create the laws that have
shaped the world of today – as the elder statesmen of the past did. When any of these Rt.
Honourable lot go down the tunnel with the bright un-blinding light at the end (die) the
media medium spring into action getting comments from other politicians which include:
„a great parliamentarian‟, „the greatest parliamentarian of their generation‟, „they thought
with their head‟, my favourite is „a great loss‟. These are but a few of the psychological
compounded comments which suggest intelligent honourable people created their present
legal global warming cock-up. Watch out for these suggestions next time another one
transcends: the template must be used.
         Using this psychological technique in psychotherapy or hypnotherapy is called
„compounding a suggestion‟ The suggestion being that the fallen one was one of the best.
Is it any consolation to know we didn‟t allow a shower of idiotic wankers/jerks to create
the laws that created the political suggestion of global warming, we allowed great people
to do it? As the good book says, “you know them by their works”, and “from a corrupt
tree you get corrupt fruit”. We know what power does to people; the suggestion from
these political shepherds is it doesn‟t corrupt them, My lord.
         These political warriors when they go on the campaign trail they are all in
agreement that we will be better of if we have more money. They fight with each other on
how to achieve this goal. The men in the background who study the human animal easily
suggest a means to their party on how to entrap materialistic voters, not just the ones who
legitimise the system by taking part.
         Each party lays down a scent trail of fear and greed. As we are all
programmed/educated for a materialistic meaning of life, we easily take the bait (two for
the price of one, etc). At the end of the campaign the victorious party gets its reward:
power, the big fix. We don‟t get anything, even if we did vote for the winning party, as
there is always more work to be done – or the last lot made a bigger mess of things than
was first thought. It‟s more laws that become more stupid/ludicrous that create more
bureaucrats. Things can only get better – sorry, I mean hotter. People who don‟t know
how suggestion works, and don‟t want to see themselves as others see them, make easy
         The first port of call for the leader of a party who desires power is the media
medium, a means and script being required to load the psychological programme. A
hypnotherapist requires a willing client with belief in their (hypnotherapist) ability. A
small stage hypnotist has a willing audience with belief in theirs. A big stage hypnotist
requires the media, so read the papers and watch the news; in death you won‟t find the
first gateway in the afterlife, or religion‟s nonexistent pearly gates.

Chapter Summary
By wearing a power symbol – a suit – and having all visible hair groomed, and walking
in a manner that suggests authority to the podium, and by verbalising their programme to
us in a way that suggests to the masses the programmer believes what they say. Great
orators who also have a huge impressive grand vocabulary are used to speaking in public
as they are usually drawn from professions used to speaking in front of others.
        The public buy their political suggestion willingly/ unwillingly. When the public
is faced with the choice of candidates equal in appearance they will choose the one who
isn‟t short of words, even though the words are spoken with a fork tongue, Sssssir. With
body and facial expressions to match the words, they will and have psychologically
programmed the masses without the masses knowing it, while doing it within the matrix
of a larger stage.
        The one thing that can cause us to bend over backwards is covered in the next
chapter, civilised people are a prostitute to the manufactured monetary material carrot.
Money, it grows in, and on, trees
                „Cash my gold‟.
                                  CHAPTER FOUR
                             MONEY MONEY MONEY. £$

The great motivator of the civilised world is money. The first chapter was a hypnotist‟s
interpretation of the reality of hypnosis; the second chapter was the
performer/programmer of the big stage; now we have the present material world‟s
greatest distraction from our primary purpose – money.
        A civilised material person needs this stuff – $£ – to pay for the cost of living. A
huge number of people would bend down and pickup a paper £$ note if they saw it on the
street; this huge number wouldn‟t think they are attached to a psychological programme.
Civilisation‟s compounded suggestion being, “you can‟t take it with you!” and no one
knows where they are going because of it.
         Education provides the psychological attachment to money. You‟re reading this
nonsense after firstly being educated. No matter how much you make or are bequeathed
or find or win etc, you won‟t get enough. You don‟t want to live on state handouts, do
you? (Society‟s suggestion.) Do you think the author Dan Brown (author of „The Da
Vinci Code‟) has put his feet up along with all the other multi millionaires now he too is a
multi millionaire, or is he working on another book? It‟s funny how rich people seek
things money can‟t buy in order to be happy – counting the loot‟s a bore. It‟s suggested to
us in the free democratic civilised world that people living in the back of beyond (jungle,
desert etc) who have never heard of money or seen a hospital or a school and all the other
things we are told we need in order to live a happy life, are uncivilised savages. Both
positions are unsustainable as the civilised child in school today is still/currently being
programmed to pursue the path of excess with the political and scientific suggestions of
global consequences.
         There is nothing (0%) in education‟s psychological programme for the
soul/being/spirit/mind. As the education programme of the past was based on a
regimented military system and the world moved on, the means to deliver the programme
had to be modified. Even though school remains the same, the programmed
programmer/pupil relationship has changed completely, as any of society‟s old teachers
will tell you. Gone is the cane the belt and the birch, there is a reluctance with society‟s
young to accept such methods were used to load the programme; and equally, there is a
reluctance on the part of societies old to accept such methods didn‟t work. „Bring back
the physical punishment!‟ says those who don‟t know their primary purpose, „so we can
give them a good beating before we throw them in jail and throw away the key!‟ Can we
come down on them like a ton of bricks before we put them in jail? Yeah, why not?
         As materialism is a lie and it‟s the only programme on offer, schools have to
encourage and coax compliance of the pupil as there is no big stick to hit them with.
There is a big carrot, however – money. One of my children was paid to go to school. To
keep small people in the dark regarding their primary purpose, teachers don‟t hypnotise
pupils, they use psychology. The created suggested belief is that it‟s only hypnotists who
hypnotise people. As you are educated you can look up the words „psychology‟ and
„hypnosis‟ in the dictionary. You will get different definitions to the same subject.
         Educated people believe they are intelligent; intelligent people have created the
world of today. The more intelligent you are the less likely you are to experience the big
picture, power up the conscious and suppress the unconscious that‟s education (law of
reversed effect).
         Small pre-school kids are pre-programmed with the suggested importance of
money by their parents: “here‟s a penny for your piggy-bank, darling.” There are more
illiterate people in society now simply because the master programme cannot be
overridden by the conscious thinking brains of men. A great loss to society those who
thought with their heads.
         The people who leave school without the conscious ability to read, write and
count are in broad terms at a disadvantage to those who can while they live in a civilised
environment. Uneducated people can go on to be successful and rich, the best laid plans
of mice and men as the poet said. It would be more accurate to say, „the best laid plans of
the conscious mind!‟ See latest Iraq war number two for details – Iraq has had many wars
(eye-rack for American readers).
        For those who are near to leaving school the question of what they are going to do
for a living becomes more relevant. Throughout this life, after a few revolutions of the
Sun, suggestions will have been put to us about our future employment or path we are to
take. As the world of today is shaped by the conscious programme loaded in school to
our conscious mind and our unconscious is wired to the master programme, there‟s an
unconscious urge to dislike school. School took us away from the safety of our nest and
put a pen in our hand. “Okay, boys and girls,” says the teacher in the class, “all of you
who want to walk out of school and never come back please do so now, the rest of you
turn to page…” The material programme society is selling us on the civilised free World
won‟t give small humans this choice, the master programme does: freewill.
        This is another reason for the increase in conscious illiteracy; if we choose not to
be educated by the system we won‟t be. This is why a teacher can only encourage our
participation and discourage our non-participation. The people we met and things we did
with them in school is one thing, the lessons is another.
        You may now be a parent or about to become one, so which road are you going to
encourage your children to take? There are as many people who disliked the school
lessons as there are people who dislike the work they do for a living. I‟ve been to funerals
where the humorous story told of the deceased by the reverend to the mourners was one
of when the deceased was small they didn‟t want to go to school.
        To leave school not knowing what to do for a living can be disconcerting, as the
system created the suggested belief that we should know. To go into a job you don‟t like
only to think about all the years of employment before we retire is a recipe for disease.
The government is going to put the retirement age up from sixty-five (oh! for fuck sake),
as more people are experiencing more years, and more are getting stressed and dying
with fewer years too. The government are not going to conduct a survey to find out what
we think about school and work, as government don‟t want us to know the truth. People
don‟t want hear the truth either, that‟s why government party pawns lie – we know
government lie as we are intelligent educated people.
        The right hemisphere of the brain is where the imagination exists. Imagine you
are a child who has been taken to start school. After experiencing school for a while of
your choice you decide school isn‟t for you, you say to your parent in the morning when
they want you to get ready for school: “Mum/dad, I don‟t want to go to school”. Your
statement is met with one or two from a multitude of suggestions including: “oh come on
darling, you‟ll enjoy it when you get there!”; or, “Bill/Jackie will be there, you like
them,”; or “c‟mon love, you have to go,” delete as applicable to your own experience
(you‟ve probably been there, done that and received the t-shirt).
        As a hypnotist I recognise suggestion. No force is used, only parental
psychological suggestion. How many children have their school clothes forcefully put on,
tying the child‟s hands afterwards so the clothes aren‟t removed? Then the child
forcefully taken and seated in the classroom, again tying the child to the seat? This course
of action isn‟t the norm because the child complies with the compounded suggestions
given. A belief created by the parent/s. Mum or dad didn‟t wave a watch or pendulum in
front of the child‟s eyes and hypnotise the child like a hypnotist. Mum and dad gave
enough psychological suggestions to encourage compliance. The child now has the
created belief they must go to school. That‟s why there isn‟t an army of people forcefully
taking kids to school (the armed forces are too busy).
         The world is the way it is today not because of force; it‟s because of compliance
to psychological suggestion. The masses believe hypnotists hypnotise people, hypnotists
know all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Politicians on the big stage suggest manmade global
warming and materialism, the masses (flock/electorate/material people) comply.
         There‟s a twin thrust attack from education. Thrust one: to lock in the „my
country‟ programme. Thrust two: to money motivate us. When our country in a pre-
nuclear era required men on mass to defend our territory or attack another‟s territory for
King/Queen and President etc, and possibly make the ultimate sacrifice, this „my
country‟ programmed belief mindset is crucial. Soldiers don‟t get paid that much, the
basic U.K starting wage is around 15k plus bonuses (is killing another human a bonus?),
Thanks to advances in technology created with our willingness to wage war, the mass
public have a quick less state controlled means of ingathering information. With the last
war in Iraq we knew George W Bush was in it for the oil, even though the compounded
psychological suggestion from the medium was otherwise. With all George W‟s security
he almost went back down the tunnel (died) after choking on a pretzel (I almost died as
well – laughing!).
         According to my unconscious search engine, George W Bush was told by the
establishment to go to war, just as a lot of people believe the oil companies told him to go
to war. George W knows this as he later suggested to the masses that, “God told me to go
to war!” You can‟t call George W Bush an idiot without suggesting society‟s god is an
idiot too. Remember this: George W Bush – the most powerful man on the planet at one
time – hears voices!
         With the Great War we only had editorial control to inform the public of the need
to go to war for one last time. The conscious memory of the public was tired of war, the
army had just returned from the Boer war, before that it was the Crimean war (the editor
knew his place). The main compounded suggestion the masses have about the press
being, “you can‟t believe everything you read in the news papers.” This suggestion and
belief came about due to the actions of the press. Newspapers entered the business of
maintaining the status quo, and the literate masses bought their script. When faced with
the choice of telling the truth, or keeping the establishment happy, what does your
experience of the press tell you? The press knows we like a good story and we don‟t want
to be lectured, and we like to be entertained and don‟t like the truth about ourselves, or
the society we have created. When kids are in school they don‟t read newspapers, their
parents do. To psychologically programme adults the papers provide the script. Educated
people who read the papers and go to church take onboard the script. A sheep farmer
knows sheep flock together when they are fearful, the papers are full of bad news to us,
which is good news to the establishment. The suggestion of global warming and terrorism
is a joy. The war on everything.
         I will go into how the oil companies used their vast wealth to encourage a
minority – 49% – of the American public to vote for Bush and Gore later on in the book
as human/Beings are the same the world over. Government, business and religion use the
same psychological template to get us to do the things we wouldn‟t want to do if we were
left to our own freewill. Did or do you want to go to school or work in a job until your
retirement? Why are we fucking/screwing up our planet and saying I know I am
fucking/screwing up my planet. It has been scientifically suggested to us that if every Sun
was a grain of sand there would be enough sand to fill many Olympic sized swimming
pools. Think about all the planets that are going round those Suns – we are not the first
planet to reach convergence. Crop circles! Who did that?!
        Returning to the main thrust and carrot of government‟s education system –
money. With the scientific technological advent of nuclear weapons, the theatre of battle
had changed. The leader of his territory (I say „his‟ because if you look at a picture of the
current crop of world leaders you will see they are almost all men. Not that it would make
any difference if half were women as it‟s a case of what is going on with the mind of the
container, not what bodily sex the container is)… So the leader of his territory would
now be faced after a nuclear exchange with the possibility of coming out of his
bombproof dungeon to find his castle blown away along with many of his subjects. The
remaining subjects unable to stand at the side of the road waving little territorial flags as
he goes past in his bullet proof car. With humanity‟s evolution of nuclear weapons, we
have a „Mexican standoff‟. The modern theatre of war also requires fewer people as we
have become more efficient at killing them. Gone were the days of paper cartridges, and
battleship diplomacy gave way when flimsy paper aircraft sank them in world war two.
As more countries go nuclear there are fewer to invade. The American empire didn‟t go
nuclear in Korea or Vietnam. With Iraq‟s descent into tribal and religious war, the empire
has fewer options. There‟s no point in having massive aircraft carrier battle groups to
export your territory‟s values (democracy) if other territories go guerrilla. The UK
government can‟t stop the building of our two new aircraft carriers as the steel has
already been cut. We didn‟t invade Zimbabwe as Bob had establishment connections and
no oil, and, his neighbours wouldn‟t help in case it was them next.
        Government‟s can fall if employment goes through the roof, so to keep us
consciously busy (religion‟s bad guy finds work for idol hands) democratic government,
which is us, creates bureaucracy. There‟s sixty-one million souls to be kept busy on this
UK island, in the future we will have to do a risk assessment before we break-wind (fart);
the banning of smoking in public places is the precursor to this law, naked flames and
flatulence are an explosive combination, health and safety apply.
        In the recent history of this country or political territory we had eighteen years of
Tory (Conservative) government. As I was not the only person who was disgusted with
the Tory definition of where there is discord may we bring harmony and sleaze and red
tape and corruption, I was tempted to vote for a party that suggested in song “things can
only get better”. The Labour party was voted in with a big majority and the Tories got
such a kicking they are still on their knees about to stand up. After years of Labour
government, people are getting fed-up of the same things now as they got fed-up with the
Tories in the past. You can change the party in power but you can‟t stop the party from
being addicted to power. Power corrupts, a lesson learned by the consciously educated
masses, I don‟t think so.
        The problem with the laws of men is they are not in harmony with the matrix
programme. Commonsense, the definition being: GOOD WORKING PRACTICE; A
IN HARMONY WITH SELF AND PLANET. The system we have created is designed to
keep us busy making the stuff we don‟t take with us (money), and doing what our party
programmers suggest is causing global warming, a path of unsustainability. Pre-
civilisation, the distraction from our primary purpose was finding something to eat in
order to survive (see present day unknown tribal people). To help the unconscious flow
of material in this book I would eat after I had finished writing for the day. Once
civilisation came into being we warred over the spoils of it as we do today with the war
on terror and oil and obesity and any other excuse the leader can think of in order to
create employment and stay in power. Newspapers are programming us for a war with
the Muslims, when you see the headline „Muslim man fined for allowing his dog to cock
its leg on Christian lady‟s‟ you know what‟s coming – and I don‟t mean a stool.
         Technological advancement has denied our leaders the big battlefields of the past,
we are now creating a stressful bureaucratic working environment. For those who
succumb to the disease of this environment there`s a multi billion pound health industry,
health services inc. One day on the daily news script someone said the health industry is
the biggest employer in Europe, I found this hard to believe – killing makes more money
than curing to me. We now have an increasing drugs bill with an increasing personal and
territory/country debt coupled with a litigatious society. Who said bureaucracy is bad?
We do, unconsciously, the most intelligent species on the planet.
         Bureaucracy keeps the masses busy now, but before we had the education system
to learn us how to fill in the paperwork religion suggested to us that „the d*v*l finds work
for idle (idol) hands‟. The problem with being idle from an establishment perspective is it
gives us time to think, and I don‟t mean think with our conscious mind. For fuck sake
don‟t use your unconscious mind, you will end up finding the meaning to all this and stop
the World ?! Keep busy and use your head as their non-existent education programme
suggests. Great politicians use their brains and think with their heads; they also suggest
by example that we should have idol hands not idle hands. Both types of education are
used to keep an intelligent educated person in the dark.

Chapter Summary
Humanity has been on this planet for tens of thousands of years, approximately;
Civilisation for a mere few thousand years. In Scotland 2009 a £1 note sold for £9000
because it was one of the first printed in 1836. On a daily basis our freewill will be
manipulated by money: how much is it?; I‟m not paying that; that‟s cheap; what a
bargain; I‟ll sell it or buy it for… as applicable. The list goes on and on. Money is the
paper manufactured product of the civilised world we think about daily, “I‟m ! buying
        Keep busy and don‟t be idle. Get an education because we have to, and get a job
and pay our new higher green taxes, money is the meaning of life. Have a good breakfast,
dinner and evening meal to speed up your conscious brain‟s cycle. After a good day‟s
work we will enter the unconscious, many journeys with the unconscious takes place
while fasting, the unconscious and spirit world isn‟t material so it isn‟t real. It‟s all going
to be okay, my working, educated, civilised child.
End of Summary.
                                   CHAPTER FIVE
                            TRUST ME, I`M A POLITICIAN.

According to the old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can‟t make it drink”.
Think about that saying for a moment. People don‟t know their Being‟s primary purpose,
and our scientifically suggested politically programmed World is heating up because of
our beliefs in sayings like that one. If people can‟t work out for themselves the fact or
fiction in that saying they won‟t be able to work out their primary purpose. Those who
accept the big animal with four legs that doesn‟t want to be lead won‟t be lead, let alone
be forced to drink water, need read on. A horse can only be encouraged to do its master‟s
bidding, trust your experiences and observations, not the words or sayings of men. Words
are used to load a psychological programme, give praise and respect to a programme that
has given us the quality of life we have today, or not!
        The personality type of person drawn to politics will be covered later on in the
book. Mum and dad introduced two microscopic elements together which created the
container, they didn‟t create what operates the container (politicians use their heads). The
society we are living in now is based on the compounded suggestion of importance to
money. Parents and teachers suggest to their children to stick in at school in order to get
good qualifications to make lots of it. Our unconscious knows materialism is not
humanity‟s primary purpose, therefore if the suggested psychological programme is not
compounded to our conscious minds the suggestion will be rejected due to the master
matrix programme. People don‟t know the matrix programme as they are too busy
making money – civilisation‟s educated manufactured distraction. A farmer will entice
livestock into a small enclosure with food, civilisation‟s political party programmers do
likewise with civilised people using money. Animals go to slaughter and humans enter a
velocity/dimension seen by those with a medium, or drug induced mind state.
        Humanity was on this planet long before civilisation‟s barter evolved into money.
The first money to appear was precious metal coins of gold and silver; nowadays it grows
on/in trees. Paper money‟s more important than metal coinage (Cash my Gold!). The
price of precious metals fluctuate like the fears of the buyers and sellers of the time,
exchange your metal for paper or vice versa. A child sitting in a classroom uninterested
with being programmed will drift into a trance/daydream. Meditation trance and
daydream are one and the same, different words to describe an altered state of
consciousness which is not conducive to the conscious state of mind required to
load/attach society‟s catastrophe/materialism/religion programme, hence the scientific
name for the daydreaming mind state: „the default network‟. The dictionary gives a
definition of the word „Trance‟ as a „spiritual medium state‟, but dead people walking
around and materialism‟s theory don‟t mix. Therefore society creates the belief that
children should be fearful of ghosts so that they terminate the trance mind state. Fear is a
great mind-state to terminate trance. Clairvoyants, mediums and the like are the stuff of
nonsense: no evidence, no proof.
        In our life we have had many daydreams, so think about how you feel when you
exit a daydream. How does that feeling compare to the conscious mind state required to
concentrate on performing a task in school, or in the work place? A teacher aware a child
has drifted into a trance will terminate the trance by suggesting to the child, “you won‟t
go far in life by staring out the window!”, or some other suggestion along those lines (pay
£$ attention). The state of the planet suggests otherwise. Think about education and the
suggested state of the planet. The education programme is mainly compounded by
parents in the beginning of a child‟s pre-school life. The compounded suggestion being
“you have to go to school, son/daughter!” – and it‟s compounded by society as a whole.
Society is made up of individuals like us. Politicians come from the same belief system
we came from; they also believe in the materialism programme, it‟s just that they want
power, honours and notoriety as well, so they hop on the big stage.
        The education years provide a plethora of compounded psychological conscious
suggestion: our country, how our country came to be, the flag of our country, how great
our country is, the contributions our country has made to the world and is continuing to
make to the evolution of the world, the values of our country, and, the British sense of
fair play. Our country is the greatest country in the world. Travel from our country to
another country and in that other country they won‟t be psychologically educating
(programming) their children about how great our country is, they will be educating their
children about how great their country is. The seeds of maintaining the status quo are
sown in the early years by countries that have fixed boundaries and religions that don‟t. If
you won‟t fight for your country you‟ll fight for your beliefs. In the animal kingdom
there is territoriality where the boundaries are marked out by urinating and the like. We
use the flag as it is more civilised and we don‟t have to expose our private parts. Yes,
God created man, but some bastard stuck on dangly bits made a few holes when He
wasn‟t looking.
        Creating the belief in our country is essential, for once this programme is attached
we self compound this psychological programme. The national anthem is part of
compounding the attachment in song, the Americans load their anthem programme with
one hand on the heart from an early age. Small citizens turn into big ones possibly
competing for their country or dying for it, the politically suggested „ultimate‟ sacrifice.
An athlete winning gold medals will watch the flag going up the pole while they sing the
song, afterwards returning to their country as a hero to be greeted by the leader of the
territory so the leader can associate with their success. Association and disassociation
technique. A soldier may return to their country in a coffin or with body parts missing or
with psychological problems due to not knowing they are being programmed by the
society they are living in.
        Territoriality is big business, a lot of employment is created with suggested
defence, the empires have their defence forces to do the attacking. Politicians order pre-
programmed willing soldiers into War to protect their political territory or to increase it,
or to acquire assets for it. When our political territory leader is given the opportunity to
programme the masses they will firstly say, “I think our armed forces are doing a
excellent job and are the best in the world”, and so on in order to encourage. The last
thing an expendable politically programmed pawn wants to hear when they are laying
their suggested one life on the line is to hear their political party puppet leader cast doubt
on their actions. Politicians don‟t give a toss about fallen heroes or wounded ones, so
longs as their political goal is achieved. Be a hero not a zero is the compounded
suggestion. Lord Nelson stands on his column, his wife and daughter had to fend for
themselves. Many a medal has been sold to pay for the increasing cost of living, the
going rate being one life plus tax. If politicians learnt their lessons we wouldn‟t have
wars, and if the people learnt their lessons they wouldn‟t fight them. Lessons have to be
learned is the often used compounded suggestion.
        There was a time when I was a boy up until I had around twenty-something
revolutions of this sun (years), I would have taken up arms for political gain, not my
personal political gain, others. I put this down to testosterone and the ignorance of the
reality of psychological suggestion. The military love boy solders as they have no fear of
death and they don‟t question orders. The politician loves anyone who fights for their
many causes, in return the political establishment will put on a bowing performance from
the big political stage and words from a fork tongue at remembrance day for those who
won‟t grow old. The royal family have the most to gain in war so they are big players
when it comes to medals and heroes.
        In recent western history, two armies faced each other in the establishment‟s new-
world called America. At Bull Run the battle was observed by European military men.
The lessons of the battle were reported back to European territory leaders in order for
their next battle plan to gain an advantage over their next enemy. History is full of battles.
As firearms changed from smoothbore muzzle loaded barrels, to rifled barrels, accuracy
was increased; and as paper cartridge loaded firearms entered the battlefield the rate of
fire was increased threefold compared to muzzle loaded guns. Subsequent battle plans
relied on the effect of new technology in the past and present technology for an
advantage in the future (nothing new under the sun apart from technological
advancement). On and on the cycle of war and „re-armour-mint‟ went until a new thing
arrived on the battlefield: the reporter with a camera! Public opinion came into being.
Generals had to justify a large loss of life of their own men. The territorial leader didn‟t
have to justify going to war. In Europe at the time of the American civil war, monarchy
ruled the day in our civilised evolution, the stud farm of Europe produced many leaders
for the establishment bloodline. The advent of paper allowed the masses to read and
write, a literate public could read newspapers as well as manufacture paper cartridges.
The new kid on the block was the editor. The power the editor had would have to be used
for political expediency. The ruling monarchy of a territory couldn‟t have unelected
editors creating and swaying public opinion. The compounded suggestion of the free-
press remains, so read all about it.
         Before Kaiser Wilhelm‟s disagreement with King George in 1914 monarchy was
in decline. Mass production of paper had done for the west the opposite of what it did for
its inventors in the east, China. China had gunpowder and paper long before we had them
in the west, China‟s period of creativity had been terminated by the master programme
due to their leaders‟ genocide in the Tibetan region. The Chinese leaders sought their
primary purpose from their spiritual masters in Tibet; the lamas wouldn‟t oblige, a
conflict the west allows to continue today. A Tibetan spiritual master couldn‟t be bribed
with cash, or threatened with death to their material container; civilised educated
materialistic people are more easily fooled, the cost of living – and living only once.
         After „The Great War‟ of 1914-1918 started, our monarchy had to change more
than its name to sustain its position: Windsor has a British ring to it, don‟t you think? Or
do you like Saxe Coburg Gotha Batenburg? The public wasn‟t going to be given a choice.
Association American party programmers stopped pictures of bodies in body bags being
shown to the public in their present war in „eye-rack‟ and Afghanistan because of the
effect those pictures had in the past when body bags were shown of those returning from
the Vietnam war: some lessons are learned.
         Association and disassociation are very powerful techniques in compounding a
psychological programme to believe in your country. After all, you wouldn‟t fight for
something you didn‟t believe in. Now ask yourself, “did I have a choice about which part
of this World I would be birthed on?” The reason we have a belief in our country is
because it‟s suggested to us at an impressionable stage of life, creating that belief. “I‟d be
proud to die for my country!” Have you heard that one?
         At school there‟s always the family tree programme; suggesting we are Earthlings
is bad for materialism‟s business, therefore it‟s not on the curriculum. I am an Earthling
with a label of colour country and religion that others seek to psychologically programme
me with. There is no greatest country or correct colour or sex to be. The scientific mind
has made us aware of how close our relationship is to the animal kingdom. We guard our
territory, and our leaders throughout history have always wanted more. I‟d be proud to
die for my country – my arse/ass! I‟ve been there and done that in the past; each time I
have been re-birthed there‟s war, famine and disease. If you like war and border
restrictions and all the other stuff that goes with territoriality, keep society‟s programme:
we humans created it. Borders will shrink as ice melts and the sea rises again.

Chapter Summary
We are psychologically programmed/attached to a believe in our country. You believe
now you are living in freedom, we were fearful of ghosts as a child (non-applicable to
medium children), to create our beliefs we must be educated as our parents were, our
leaders control the education curriculum, other political/religious leaders control religious
education, religious education lasts a physical lifetime, state education lasts for a
minimum of eleven years.
        Leaders of the free western democratic Christian world promote by example that
we should believe in our country and follow its laws; we believe being lazy is bad, and
work is good. To encourage work and keep our idol hands from being idle there is, on the
end of a big psychological stick, a big metaphorical carrot; the metaphor was covered in
chapter four – money.
        You don‟t believe you are being programmed because you are educated. Educated
people created the situation political party puppet programmers call „manmade global
warming‟. It‟s not a natural phenomenon, according to our shepherds. Keep reading the
papers and remain educated, we are told to by the media medium, and, most importantly,
keep it legal.
End of Summary

                                    CHAPTER SIX
                         YES, ME LAUD (UK legal expression)

Failure to comply with the laws of men and their interpretation of striking the right
balance would mean police and court proceedings. There is a religious policy document
called „The Bible‟, in which there is a book called The Revelation To John. John, who is
an unknown author with an unknown surname, could be John the paedophile or John the
sheep shagger (man who has sexual intercourse with a sheep). John goes on a journey
with his mind, as I have done and would encourage you to do too. This book only
provides you with the knowledge of how to take this journey and explains why you
haven‟t taken it thus far. It does not tell you what you will find if you choose to take this
mental journey as this is not a religious policy document intent on soul entrapment.
        The unknown John of Revelation, according to the said policy document, has
written/said, “We are like sheep have gone astray”. A judge wears the remnant of the
lamb/sheep on the head and has also gone astray, the political suggestion of global
warming has been caused by the legal actions of the materialistically educated civilised
flock, has it not? A great legal mind would say: “Objection my Lord, there is no evidence
to substantiate the claim given by my learned colleague that it is the legal actions of
civilised educated humans that has caused the present global situation, and until such
irrefutable evidence is produced, my learned friend should refrain from casting such
aspersions on the foundation of the free democratic society of today, et inter respectus my
Lord, my objection should be sustained.”
        The true nature of suggestion is unknown by the masses, and the power of
suggestion can destroy the world of men. As someone who has studied how hypnosis
works, here is the hypnotic version of the theatre of law, the theatre of battle. The legal
system of suggestion operates in the same way as the political one. A court is positioned
in a prominent site within a community to suggest its importance, not an old World War
Two Nissen-hut next the scrap yard. The outward appearance of this theatre has to be
imposing to suggest authority. Early Greek and Roman architecture is often used.
Symbolic subliminal suggestion is a powerful tool as it communicates with both
conscious and unconscious: the unconscious mind is aware of all the past lives we have
lived, even though the created belief is that you only live once.
        Pillars are an unconscious past-life suggestion of authority. The symbolic visual
suggestion used by the legal system is the woman with the sword in one hand and the
scales in a state of equilibrium in the other. The sword to suggest truth and justice and the
scales to suggest balance. My reality is one where mainly men create and impose laws on
a planet that is not in a state of balance. When you enter this legal theatre, the inward
suggestion of authority replicates the outer. The main character – who is the Judge, or in
Scotland the Sheriff – sits on his ass/arse in an elevated central position as a visual
suggestion of their authority. The costume of the judge is a robe coloured with the blood
of the lamb and over the eyes the wool of the sheep/lamb. Two warriors do a proxy battle
in this theatre – one pursues as the other defends. Latin words are used to alienate the
masses, and big/expansive titles are given to procedures and documents. It‟s nothing
more than a psychological suggestion of authority to discourage non-compliance of the
law, and to encourage compliance. In short it costs a lot of money and is
fucking/screwing up the planet legally. Bear in mind it‟s everyday people who work in
these theatres, the compounded suggestion of how great they are is given mainly by the
system that spawned them, and the media. Lord this and Sir that are verbal suggestions of
superiority over the common man (person). Again, bear in mind the compounded
suggestion given by the system when one of these great legal puppets goes down the
tunnel of light into the afterlife (dies). We have lost one of our great legal minds,” is my
favourite. Don‟t be fooled by a title, these are people just like the rest of us with bad
breath and aching joints and wind (I beg your pardon).
        We have been fooled by the laws of man as the planet suggests, according to our
political party puppets. Will you continue to be fooled? As with the political
parliamentary theatre of law, the theatre of law distribution is no different: it`s a
multitude of visual, auditory and tactile suggestions all together which psychologically
hypnotises the masses onto compliance. Every little helps, the legal hypnotist knows not
the reality of the Beast.
        Should you continue to flout the rule of law and behave in a way that uses up all
the alternative suggestions to prison, the legal sheep-head has no alternative other than to
send you to prison. If we fail to pay our taxes or promote change of the system, the first
option for the legal shepherd is jail. Someone could kill someone and escape a prison
sentence from the shepherd, and someone can pay the tax due the system before they are
up in court and still receive a prison sentence. The beast‟s servants must compound their
suggestion of obedience. The great train robber Ronnie Biggs is a classic example of the
systems use of suggestion. The system, Judges, yourselves, and the media are all
compounding a suggestion that prison is the last place we want to be. How often have
you heard or read in the newspapers (daily script) that, someone “was fortunate/lucky not
to be sent to prison”? A massive amount of psychological programming is suggested to
us about staying out of prison. Society is geared to encourage us to comply with the law
for two good reasons. Firstly, in prison you can‟t feed the beast – you bleed the beast.
And secondly, they are overcrowded because they don‟t work. The type of person that
would say “bring back hanging and the birch” etc are the type of people that don‟t know
why they are here: they are part of the flock, they are their global nemeses. These people
should be aware that systems in other political territories that have retained the death
penalty and the punishment of chopping off the hand of a thief also retain the ills of our
society. A society built on the suggestion of death and taxes will always have
overflowing prisons, until the prisons are overflowed by the water from the melting ice.
There‟s a storm approaching created by the inflexible flock shepherded by the sheep
        When in prison – this microcosm of the macrocosm – there are more laws and
rules: failure to comply here would mean solitary confinement. In society we are
encouraged to stay out of prison – in prison we are encouraged to stay out of solitary. We
are back full circle again! Society doesn‟t want us to have time to think, and the matrix
which moulded us created a mind state called boredom in which state we don‟t want to
do nothing. What would you say if you saw someone in a trance or daydream or
meditation? Would you say they are doing something, or nothing? Did doing too much
something, or did doing too much nothing, create the political suggestion of manmade
climate change? What does our World suggest doing, something or nothing, or a bit of
both? “Objection my lord! There is no evidence to suggest that the planet suggests
equilibrium – in light sound and touch this planet does not suggest happiness exists in the
        The legal established order is using the oxford English and Latin dictionary, as
big words and words from the past are a verbal suggestion of intelligence. History and
building design also suggest a programme that is unsustainable. Symbolism is a powerful
technique for unconscious psychological suggestion. The secret society known nowadays
as freemasonry has been in existence for thousands of years; knowledge from the time
before the Egyptians has been passed on through the millennia and takes the form of
suggestion in the design of buildings and figures thereon – a visual and tactile
unconscious subliminal suggestion to all the senses. Look at a new world dollar $ bill.
When religion acquired power and drew a vale of darkness over humanity, the mason‟s
lodges provided a place where free expression of thought could be expressed and
discussed without religious persecution – and heard only by the establishment‟s unelected
controllers. As it is, this honourable political lot is doing the suggesting today. You don‟t
know how the reality of suggestion works, you unwillingly and willingly follow their
programme, only hypnotists hypnotise is their psychologically created belief.

Chapter Summary
The accumulation of legal suggestions added to the accumulation of political suggestion
added to the accumulation of peer and religious suggestion, encourages us to abide by the
laws of men which are at odds with the natural law of the mould in which men were cast,
creating unsustainability. It is not one big hypnotic hit given by a hypnotist, it‟s a
multitude of small psychological suggestions given by people who don‟t know the reality
of the subject we call hypnosis.
        The compounded suggestion that creates our present psychological belief is
„without the rule of law there would be anarchy‟. A law above all men‟s laws is the
„Law of Reversed Effect‟: for example, by following the laws of man we have created
climate change, according to our political party puppets, and we are educated to remain
ignorant of our primary purpose.
       Think to yourself, how long have humans existed on this planet in anarchy and
how long with the rule of law? Which tribe according to our shepherds is causing climate
change? Are you intelligent or do you use your head you brainy… as applicable?

                                 CHAPTER SEVEN
                                     BACK IN TIME

Let‟s go back in time thirty thousand years, give or take a few thousand (who‟s counting?
We didn‟t know how to count back then). According to archaeology this is the time
before civilisation. Flint tools were used by nomadic tribal peoples who look just like us.
The Neanderthals were on their way out (or had already gone). According to a religious
policy document, there was no life then as it was before the sixth twenty four hour day.
         At that time in our distant past there were only small pockets of tribal people
dotted around the world as there is still today. TV programmes such as „Tribe‟ and,
„Disappearing World‟, in which TV crews go to remote uncivilised anarchy law of the
jungle areas of the world in search of present day tribes where the virus of civilisation
hasn‟t contaminated them, soon discover the modern uncivilised tribes are not too
different to the ones of the past. The uncivilised tribes of today have a belief in an
afterlife, they do drugs, and in hot countries go around with their private parts blowing in
the wind.
         Oh, for crying out loud, this is terrible, how could they?!
         The crucial difference between the uncivilised tribes of the past and the tribes of
the present and we civilised tribe is that we civilised mass tribe have not achieved
balance with our surroundings: our political party programmers suggest we have to strike
the right balance the uncivilised tribes did in the past and the remaining tribes still do
today. These uncivilised remote tribal people of past and present used their intelligence to
create shelter and tools for hunting and that‟s about it. The top species on a planet has to
evolve or be overtaken by another species, the remaining uncivilised tribal few aren‟t
following the master matrix programme. If climate change is man-made, the mass
civilised tribe (us) are going to kill off the uncivilised tribes living in anarchy.
         We are psychologically programmed by the establishment‟s education template
not to give too much thought to comparisons between our uncivilised long-term existence
on this world and our civilised historical existence – it‟s the same story with anything of
an extra terrestrial nature. Little green men and crop circles have been given an
association with ridicule. Movies in the main suggest ET visitors are going to kill or eat
us – that‟s what we do to life forms on this planet, so we easily buy these movie
suggestions, we are a materialistic animal aren‟t we?
         For thousands of years humanity as a species existed – the proof is in the ground
and painted on the cave walls. This existence is not taught in school to children in a way
that suggests the law of the jungle is superior to the laws of men. We have a suggestion
programme psychologically compounded to us which goes like this, “without the rule of
law, there would be anarchy”. I am taking you back to this time of anarchy so you can
find out why we have the present global situation. The programme we have been loaded
with in the education system focuses on establishment friendly history in order to
maintain the status quo.
         To programme the masses with the knowledge that we have been on this planet
for hundreds of thousands of years before we created civilisation would suggest that the
compounded suggestion of “without the rule of law there would be anarchy” is false. The
earliest Egyptian pictorial writings we do have show our shepherds exaggerate and lie
about events and achievements in order to maintain their position of power: our
conscious memory is also selective and very poor, we are programmed to take pictures
and to keep diaries.
         In school, the conscious emphasis with history is on the creation of political and
religious territory – the battle of Hastings was fought in ten sixty? When you journey in
the unconscious you quickly discover civilisation has created a circular path repeating
itself constantly. The establishment suggestion is that “lessons have to be learned”
consciously. If you ever wondered why we keep hearing that expression from a
mouthpiece of the establishment after a cock up the answer lies in pre civilisation.
         Many a science fiction movie, and authors such as George Orwell, have suggested
a possible future society controlled by the iron fist of the state. That which created the
World of men created the golden rule. The tipping point and convergence proceeds the
iron fist. Substitute the Roman Caesar with President, the sword with the gun. The
answer to John of Revelation‟s question is „Altea‟, the Civilisation of one hundred and
forty four thousand souls. We are not the first species on the first planet to reach
convergence. In the book of words (bible) there are many instances where the description
of an event could be interpreted as a vehicle from another planet.
         Thirty thousand years ago the spoken language consisted of grunts and clicks,
animal noises and whistles. Body language went along with the words, as did tone.
Today, communication consists of seven percent words, thirty-eight percent tone, and
fifty-five percent body language. We move our body when we speak now because we did
so for thousands of years in the past. For example, the TV news reporter‟s hands waving
around (Andrew Marr). Our present day tribal leader (UK) stands at the dispatch box
looking down at that which opposes him seated at the other side of The House (cave).
Hands and fingers will be used, and facial expressions made. We have today the
trappings of civilisation the origins of which lie in prehistoric times: the Queen sits on her
throne holding objects as did the Pharaohs of the past, as did the tribal leader in the
beginning of our species. Is it difficult or easy to imagine a tribal leader with the skin of a
animal on their back and the bone or tusk of a animal precious to them clutched in their
hand as they sat in an elevated position? In nature it isn‟t always the male that‟s king of
the tribe (your high-----ness).
         From around thirty thousand years ago to twenty thousand years ago nothing of
any consequence had changed, apart from our DNA, according to official educated
archaeology. When you think about thousands of years without an invention or discovery
of any kind it‟s difficult to imagine in our present fast changing world of technology. In
one lifetime we have had: electric, the car, air travel, the phone and space travel to name
a few. The version of events archaeology holds before us or the version of events in the
book of words (bible), thrust in our face from an early impressionable age by parents and
society, or the reality of how it came to be – it‟s a choice civilisation doesn‟t offer us. We
didn‟t invent the wheel and then forget about it for a few thousand years.
          A tribal life of living off the land and hunting animals not knowing about the
workings of the planets or where the sun went to at night is the version of events I would
like you to consider. This was humanity at its most basic, living in a lawless, uneducated,
unelected anarchy, and we are here today because of this long period of existence which
only appears to the eye and conscious brain to be stagnant. This was an important time in
our evolution, a time window of thousands of years – and I‟m being conservative in my
estimations. This time period and before locked in the course of our future.
          A present-day spin doctor can create the setting for a political party puppet on the
big stage to deliver a programme, suggesting to the politician how to behave as they read
from the prepared statement – and a good politician will follow doctor‟s orders in order
to achieve or maintain power. What the spin doctor can‟t do is control the Matrix
programme: the body will twitch and facial expressions will change as the conscious wall
of deception begins to fail – this is referred to as „leakage‟ in psychology.
          Back in time again: 30k years ago, with bigger ice caps and lower seas, the world
of the past was a big place: small world isn‟t it? Not then – a population of thousands
not billions. Think about such a world for a while. Don‟t think about it with your head,
like a politician – think about it with your mind. The fear of being alone and the dark,
those fears many carry with them today originated in the past, stored in the mind DNA
consciousness memory. Being alone is not sustainable; the only thing that makes this
reality bearable is having someone to share it with, not, something purchased, as
suggested by materialism. Are rich people happier with people they love or products and
money they have?
          The ice caps today are melting. In 2005 a flood overwhelmed Caesar‟s backyard.
A storm of our own making, according to Caesar‟s servants. Thousands of years ago the
world was heating up and cooling down: this has happened many times before we set foot
on this planet, so who‟s telling the truth? In one corner of the political fight for hearts and
minds we have religion where you are encouraged to follow their psychological doctrine
and have faith. In the other we have scientific psychological doctrine looking for proof to
prove or disprove. (The matrix will not allow proof at stage two). In the third corner we
have world leaders who above all else are addicted to power. In the fourth us, the masses
(the educated attached materialism/flock), allowing ourselves to be pulled around by the
other three, who psychologically created our conscious beliefs using the template.
          There is one World, one fight and one outcome. The outcome is known to the
balanced mind housed in a supple body not set in its ways. In stage one of our evolution
or seeding, pre-civilisation, for thousands of years, we existed loading a programme into
our DNA. We are now at stage two going round in circles faster than our feet can carry
us. We are today a product of our past. As science unlocks the code (DNA) they will not
find that which remained in the box of Pandora. Disease has flown from the box, we have
this little winged monster within our physical container, neither mind nor body can cast it
out, only mind and body in equilibrium can do so as intended by the Matrix creator. Had
it been cast out when civilisation was young it would have been easier, total
consciousness counsel is now required.
         The scientific mind has found we only use eighteen to twenty two percent of our
brains, and only five percent of the DNA code is needed to make a replacement physical
container. The remainder of the code is our past and the remainder of our brain is
required to access it. Our physical body may have the appearance of our parents, our
mind which contains the personality is unique to you and you alone. The mind is the
captain of the ship, are you the captain of yours? Or do the other curses (winged
monsters) from the box of Pandora control you? Psychology is the study of the mind. We
are all the same in that we are all human, but we are all different in our interpretation of
our personal world. Our education system lawfully enforces one interpretation of reality
upon us, as does society: „don‟t be weird, follow the flock‟. We have got one World but
we live on different ones, according to the song. Following the interpretation of others
has lead us to where we are now. Why one person likes the colour blue and another is
fearful of a spider, why one is a hard-worker and the other is not, is all down to the past.
The planet and the lifeforms thereon suggest a programmed interpretation of the planet to
us individually. As the scientific logical evidence based mind unlocks more of the DNA
code a greater understanding of why anomalies occur within a family as well as the
family of man will be gained. It was the scientific mind that created the bomb – the bomb
is the precursor to convergence.
         Returning to pre-civilisation of thirty thousand years ago. As the millennia passed
inevitably an increase in population would lead to an increase in contact with other tribes.
Wildlife programmes of today with apes and lions have shown us what happens when
two tribes or troops or packs or prides come together. Body language, noise, male
testosterone and all that come into play, it‟s rare for a fight to the death. (The fighting to
the death is in stage two, civilisation, the shepherd‟s addiction to power and the flocks
addiction to being shepherded, the masses feeding on the green stuff £$ distracted from
their primary purpose). Self preservation was crucial in pre-civilisation. Important in
these encounters is the memory of the experience stored with the mind DNA connection.
Science today has shown us in the laboratory and in the field as we experience events and
learn new techniques we pass them on to our offspring (lessons have to be learned).
Information is also passed on when a number of a species (100 monkeys) has learned
something of use to the rest – this information is passed on via the consciousness,
morphoagenic resonance.
         Early DNA of 30k years ago hadn‟t picked up all the trash we have today. Early
humans losing a body part could re-grow it. Which is just as well as there were no
doctors, not even a witch doctor in the beginning of the beginning of humanity. Eleven
thousand years ago are the earliest known civilisations educated archaeology has official
evidence of. In the TV programme „Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age‟ the
archaeologists argue about when civilisation started as there is the establishment
suggestion of how it came to be, and the way it did come to be. The earliest cave art
shows no cities, they depict animals and hunters. There was a time when many experts
thought these cave pictures represented a hunt that had taken place, now many experts
believed they show a hunt scene that was going to take place. Modern athletes who firstly
visualise successfully achieving their objective outperform those who don‟t. It‟s a mind
over/before matter thing taken from the past.
        These thousands of years of pre-civilisation hunting and settling in a area where
food was plentiful for a time is believed to have locked in the three (two, my personal
belief) personality types of human/Being. As there is broad agreement in the official
politician friendly field of climatology that humanity has created global warming and
dimming there is equally broad agreement in the field of psychology that there are three
personality types of Being. Why each personality type wanted to do what they did in the
beginning will be gone into before the end of the book. Evolution and psychology moves
at a different rate; the hen still has its teeth in its DNA (what came first, the chicken or
the egg?). The mind can be changed in an instant. When we travel down the tunnel with
the light at the end we do so with the mind only. The political suggestion of hearts and
minds doesn‟t sit well with their materialism theory taught as truth, the mind. Where‟s
the evidence for such a thing?
        The three personality types are; Hunter, Settler and Nomad. We are each in
possession of all three to different degrees. You may be fifty percent hunter, thirty
percent nomad and twenty percent settler; your children may look like you and not act
like you, and vice versa. The parents may both be predominantly nomads with both
children being predominantly settlers. One of whom goes on to be a millionaire and the
other dies of a genetic cancer. The reason we may not behave like our sister or brother, or
why one child in a family is gay while the others are not, is due to the mind-body-human-
Being connection (personality). We can go back in time with our mind because we have
it physically stored in our DNA. Scientists, like politicians, should stop thinking with
their heads and looking for patterns. We are not the age society suggests we are – we are
the age we feel we are.
        The big picture reality concerning our age is the nails on our fingers and the hair
on our body is not the age society suggests-educates-programmes and parents say we are.
It takes around three months to grow another liver, and around seven years to recreate a
complete container. What you call ageing will be gone onto later in the book. Remember,
the more you spend, the more you save, every little helps, why pay more?
        As the population of thirty thousand years ago increased, civilisation would come
into being, and the uneducated, uncivilised world of men would change into what we
have today, men of the world would not.
        The focus of this book is pitched at the western world Christian exposed empire
humans that started the fires to turn the wheels of industry that heated the world of men.
How the experiences of our ancestors, or past lives, can shape the present. I give you this
example. At this moment in time you may be overweight or obese, when you came out of
the womb this was not the case; it was the choices you made in this life by over-eating
that made you fat. You may counter this statement by saying, “my parents are fat”, or
“my mother is fat and I took it off her side”, and so on. This is why I want you to go back
in time to the days of pre-civilisation when there were no ancestors to blame it on, when
we were equal and working together. The experiences of humans thirty to thirty-five
thousand years ago are in our genes now! This is the code our mind has to crack.
        Sigmund Freud the psychotherapist would say to a client, “tell me about your
childhood”. In the field of hypnosis there is the subject of past life regression, where the
therapist takes the client back beyond this childhood to a previous one (the hunter
personality type don‟t believe all that much in a afterlife, that‟s why they will kill you).
We all remain children in mind, our toys get bigger as we do. Go to an old folks‟ home
and observe society‟s old dears; you will observe many childlike behavioural traits in
them as they near their transition from human/Being to Being. The hypnotherapist will
say to a client when working on a past life, “look at your feet and tell me what you see”.
What the client may have on their feet is a quick way of finding out what time period the
client is in as there are so many. It‟s only a helpful indicator question. To ask, “what do
you have on your feet” would be a dirty question as it suggests there should be something
on the feet. There‟s a big difference between the two questions and a big difference
between the conscious and unconscious minds‟ search engines. Religion and Government
programme both, the masses don‟t know this as they are educated and kept busy making
money and following their (our programmers‟) programme. This is the circular path of
civilised unsustainability.
         In the beginning there was the word; the word was right or rite. In the beginning
before civilisation thirty plus thousand years ago it was staying alive and finding enough
food to live, and finding shelter. All these present day great leaders of humanity, have
they told you the meaning, the purpose, of this place? If they had, would you believe
them? If you did, what the fuck are you doing reading this book? “O ye of little faith!” -
and much doubt.
         Carl Gustav Jung was one of the first to study the mind and suggest archetypal
people, the nomad settler hunters. He also suggested we are compelled to search for our
meaning of life at some point in our lives. Usually this is done at the graveside of a loved
one for a few brief moments before re-attaching back into catastrophe programmed
mode, materialism. As we suggest to each other, “life goes on!” – the reverend minister
said so, what a comfort! If it‟s the graveside of a child who died of cancer or a road
traffic accident or anyone we believe died unjustly, you ask yourself, “how could there be
a God that could allow this to happen?” To answer this question along with all the other
         The way of enlightenment has no path, as few have gone before in physicality.
The flock and the shepherd know not of the first or of „The Ninth Gate‟ to the afterlife.
You and you alone will have to take this journey, as it‟s only your interpretation of this
reality that matters to you. The book of words (Bible) has not told their flock, nor has any
other religion informed theirs of humanity‟s primary purpose. On this journey you will
become aware you are not alone and never have been; the programme you are attached to
suggests matter is the only reality, ghosts and angels are only for people with a gift you
don‟t have, because you‟re educated and sensible.
         On a planet that suggests equilibrium/balance being right handed for example is
not sustainable. A right handed person will pick up a pen etc with the right hand
unconsciously. From this birth that person was predisposed to be right handed. By using
the right hand to a greater degree the muscles on the right side of the body increase
creating imbalance. This imbalance is noticeable when a woman puts on a bra, or a wrist
watch strap requires an adjustment if it‟s put on the other wrist. Due to this imbalance in
material body, if its operator became lost their body would go round in circles. You will
consider yourself as being a balanced individual and anyone suggesting otherwise need
look out. Throughout this life of yours, you will be performing a multitude of tasks with
one side of your body while a sibling or work-mate performs the same tasks with the
other. As it is an unconscious freewill legal choice of yours to do this in order to do
otherwise you would have to consciously choose to do so, and you don‟t want to as you
would make a hash/mess of things.
        On the other hand, if we chose to achieve balance in body by switching a task
normally done by one side over to the other side, as time passed we would reach a time
when we said to ourselves, “I unconsciously did this task and did it equally well with my
weaker side, my weaker side is no longer so”. Rule this way of thinking out over the rest
of our life‟s tasks, and the brain as well as the body will achieve balance. Remember,
clever, intelligent, honourable, unbalanced great people of past and present created the
programme we have attached to with their education; you can‟t get a bigger cock-up than
global deterioration. Let‟s put up the taxes and do a bit more work to help the situation
and pay their new green taxes. WWI cost around 10 million containers, WW2 cost
around 40 million containers, scientific experts prophesy that manmade global warming
could cost billions of containers – or our extinction! Wake up and bin these shepherds.
Bah bah black sheep!
        A body in balance is more likely to question its surroundings, a body that is
flexible has a flexible mind that is not so set in its ways, society‟s old dears are less likely
to want to embrace change as they are set in theirs. Bear in mind the legal symbolic
suggestion, the scales of justice in a state of equilibrium on a planet in suggested
meltdown. It‟s okay for the planet to go round in circles – it did so when the dinosaurs
ruled the world for hundreds of millions of years. For fucking fuck sake don‟t let us bring
about our own physical destruction legally in a fraction of the time dinosaurs ruled the
Earth, and don‟t expect religion‟s god to save us either, my child (lamb)!

Chapter summary
We lived a human existence on this planet for tens of thousands of years in anarchy – the
definition of the word anarchy being: „A total lack of organisation and control, lack of
government and the law of the jungle‟.
        The few remaining tribes who reside in anarchy are being threatened by the
civilised educated tribe who are busy making the stuff they don‟t take with them –
                                  CHAPTER EIGHT
                                HUNTER TO WARRIOR

Early pre-civilisation humans hadn‟t imprisoned themselves in the free democratic world
with laws of their own making. For thousands of years humanity lived in anarchy with
the law of the jungle, a law that can‟t be bought (lord Hutton etc). With the three
personalities locked into the DNA code, civilised humans could not escape their past
either. We are our actions not our words, or do you think it‟s wise with experience to
judge our leaders/programmers on their words alone?
         The grunts and whistles of pre-civilisation would change to a babble, brouhaha
when civilisation came along. We as individuals display traits associated with all three
personalities: one or two personality types we will display more than the other, or one
type we will display predominantly. Before school age the personality (Being) of a child
becomes evident at around two years. Our leading shepherds are predominantly
hunter/warrior personality types (obvious to the trained eye only). Very few of us will be
in a state of equilibrium, hunter settler and nomad in harmony with each other and self.
         A person who is sixty percent settler, thirty percent hunter and ten percent nomad
will still go on holiday, it only means they won‟t choose to do so often. A predominantly
nomadic person will change jobs frequently compared to a settler or hunter. You may be
a hunter in this life and have been a nomad in the last. It‟s in our genes, it‟s the way we
are predisposed to act, it‟s not the way we have to act. Our mind is not our genes, and we
can choose to change our mind or allow our genes to dictate terms to us as many do. Our
mind is in the here and now, what‟s in the past can stay in the past - are you the captain of
your material ship. Our material body came from this planet and it shall return to it,
whether it is consumed by earth, sea or fire. It‟s only our physical body, the flesh that
clothes us. We will then become the captain without a ship.
         A Medium communicates with the use of the mind, not because of some brain
abnormality you don‟t have. One of the dictionary definitions of the word „trance‟ is a
spiritual medium state. Someone who knows what lies beyond this physical life is less
likely to pursue false goals or follow false gods, let alone follow the shepherd architects
of suggested global warming. We ignored the lessons that should have been learnt, that‟s
why we constantly hear, “lessons have to…” – yeah, we know, lessons have to be learnt
so this won‟t happen again.
         Modern archaeology has made us aware of many cities and civilisations that have
returned to the earth. The Greeks ruled the known world, then the Romans – they don‟t
rule it now! In the jungles of Asia and South America there are further examples of
humanity‟s failure to learn the important lessons. Underwater, too, there are flooded
kingdoms. The cause is obvious: the cause is a psychological imbalance. Psychology is
the study of the mind; the mind manifests itself in the achievements/actions of the human
         The modern hunter makes a killing in the stock market and brings home the
bacon. They confront and oppose each other in politics, in court and in the board room,
not to forget the battle field. The war on… whatever! A psychological profile of all those
in power today will show a huge unbalanced number of hunters compared to the settlers
and nomads – that‟s why society won‟t do a profile.
         The nomads said to themselves, “I‟m out of here!” and the settlers said, “if we
wait a while longer things will improve”. There‟s no escaping the past or the present. We
are our actions not our words.
         To clarify. The systems of mass control since civilisation came into being are
hunter/warrior friendly, nomad/settler hostile, creating imbalance. Imbalance is
unsustainable, leading to catastrophe. Catastrophe‟s definition: „final turn or event which
brings a conclusion‟. Conclusion definition: „final part of something, decision based on
facts, final settlement of something and closing argument in trial‟. End of clarification.
         So let‟s use some commonsense and think about this. For a long period of human
existence on this planet we survived: tens of thousands of years, according to the
archaeological evidence. After a short period of civilisation (see educated history for
details) we have reached the present day planetary situation whereby our shepherds
(political party programmers) are creating more laws and introducing new green taxes to
combat       their    suggestion      of  manmade        global     warming.     And     the
flock/electorate/materialistic people don‟t have that feeling of knowing what the point of
all this is. This, described by a rich man called Mel Gibson (movie star/director) as an
empty feeling inside. Does logic and commonsense etc suggest humanity study the mind
for the answer? Or is that suggestion the ramblings of an idiot with brain damage?
         Imagine you are a pre civilisation hunter, and as the name suggests your job is to
take home the bacon. How many animals are going to allow you to walk up to them and
club them over the head? No animals at that time were domesticated by the settler.
Animals, like you (because we are an animal), have a survival instinct. The ones that
went extinct pre-civilisation are the ones that couldn‟t adapt to their environment, or were
hunted out by humans. Archaeology has found the bones of many animals that early
humans hunted to extinction; the remainder weren‟t all going to be so easy. The
remainder had thousands of years to get used to us and know we were to be shunned. You
need in order to find your purpose in this life to get your mind around the logic and
reality and evidence that provides the proof that we humans lived on this planet for
thousands of years living off the land. Cave art came into being when the Being came
into humanity – around thirty thousand years ago are the earliest known cave-art. Again
the evidence of the planet and proof in the DNA suggests something that was unknown in
education took place. It‟s at the convergence of humanity that the „revelation‟ of the
code will be found, along with other treasures.
         As a species we have our strengths and weaknesses; as hunters we know animals
had theirs. It‟s easy to creep up on a cabbage/carrot/onion, for example, as the settlers
did. To be unsuccessful at hunting would have meant starvation and extinction, which
didn‟t happen. The hunter had a few hand held weapons and a nonmaterial mind. A mind
that enabled hunters to copy what nature did and camouflage their appearance and actions
to gain an advantage (see book cover). And a mind DNA data base to store all the
information ingathered from previous encounters to predict a likely outcome to any given
situation that could arise in the future.
         We all think in pictures not words or numbers. This is because of the master
programme. Many people consciously write lists of things to get from the shops, or things
to remember to do in the day: we do this to encourage us to consciously forget – we may
even forget to take the list! When we meet people we often forget their names but we
remember their faces even if we haven‟t seen them for a long time. We can all remember
what‟s-his-name, because of millions of years of human existence looking at our
environment compared to a short time of alien educated bureaucracy.
         There are many books in the library on how we can boost our memory. This book
is about the primary purpose of our species, so I will only give you a short example of
how our conscious memory can be increased. For example. I‟m going to the shops to get:
newspaper, milk, birthday card, packet of chocolate biscuits, packet of plain biscuits, four
cox‟s apples, wholemeal loaf, yogurt for junior‟s packed lunch, and I‟ve to pick up
medicine at the chemists/drugstore for Granny. Quite often when people have a few
things to get they return home with something they have forgot, as opposed to returning
home without something they should have remembered. This is why we write lists to
encourage us to forget things.
         As I know how the educated civilisation illusion is performed I will explain the
trick, so that you will know it isn‟t magic. As the ex-President said, “listen very
carefully, I am only going to say this once, I did not have sex with that woman”.
Remove your thoughts and visions of Monica Lewinski sucking Bill Clinton‟s cock and
come back to my shopping list. As I live in the country I will drive into town, stopping at
the drugstore first, then driving farther on to the supermarket for the remainder.
Alternatively, I could have got everything on the list from the high-street shops – as I‟m a
fat bastard who likes moaning about the demise of the high-street shops and the power of
the supermarkets, I will choose to go to the supermarket!
         I have split my mental pictorial uneducated list in two, so I will get into the car
and drive to the drugstore first so I don‟t need to think about that. (In the past I have been
such a dozy twat that I have seen the day I would have returned home without the drugs
and with the other shopping – I had been consciously thinking so much about the
supermarket stuff I forgot about the drugs! My partner would then give me a verbal
tonguing for being such a cunt – as opposed to me giving my partner a… „oh‟ never
         Back to the visual mnemonic. I would visualise entering the supermarket and
seeing Granny at the door wearing high heals, suspenders, fishnet stockings and a basque
with an expression of sheer delight on her face. The reason I created this picture of
Granny wearing that attire is due to pictures with our mind‟s eye that are surreal stay in
our conscious longer. When we dream, bizarre events occur. It‟s those bizarre
occurrences that stick with our conscious mind in the morning. Upon seeing Granny in
that surreal attire as I enter the supermarket I‟m reminded about her medication. In the
past I went on a daily basis to the supermarket, going only twice a month or so at most to
the chemist/drugstore; there‟s the possibility that I could have forgotten to go downtown
first in the long four minute drive to town – Granny in the shop door was a reminder. As
Granny stood, there facing me bent over, I could see she was wiping her arse/ass with a
newspaper, which is quite appropriate as newspapers are used to load/attach society‟s
programme to educated readers – and the paper stand is next to the shop door (A paper
stand is not to be mistaken for a stand made out of paper for standing papers in.) As I go
for the paper I can see the paper is bright green in colour; if the paper had been brown I
would have gone next for the chocky biscuits, but as it was green I went up the fruit and
veg aisle for the apples. When I pick up the apples they are soft and mushy and brown to
remind me of the brown loaf. As I get the loaf it‟s hard and brown, like an enormous
biscuit. Both chocky and plain biscuits are in the same aisle. The plain biscuit pack is
huge, wafer thin, square and white – unlike a biscuit and more like a massive card. As I
pick up the card, milk comes running out of it with lumpy bits as the flow comes to an
end. The programme stops when I put the dairy produce in the shopping basket. I don‟t
need to be reminded to pay for the shopping or to go home, that‟s already in my
        In short, you create weird moving/static pictures that stay in your conscious
mind. That mnemonic technique has variations to it, all of which involve Visual Mental
Imaging – or VMI for short. Memory books refer to linking systems or loci systems and
systems where you put objects or places with numbers such as 1 for bun, or 4 for door
and so on. The loci system and their variations were taught in schools up until 1584.
Religion put a stop to as it encouraged creative mental visualisation – only prophets are
supposed to visualise. Magicians used it in the past, and still do today. Magic was looked
on in the past when many flocked to church as the black art and, magicians use
suggestion too. Loci and their derivatives are all well documented, and when put into
practice makes a fool of the state education-education-education repetitive rote
programming of today. More people are leaving the education programme without
consciously attaching to it. A present TV advert at the time of writing this book states
that one in five people have a problem with reading and writing and counting – that‟s
almost a quarter (land of Scots).
        This brings me back to the origin of why we think in pictures.
        Every living thing the hunter hunted thousand of years ago had facets: action
reaction, traits and the like. Many thousands of years of hunting enabled the hunter to
think quickly as the action unfolded (Tony Blair‟s education education education autocue
malfunction) – their own life depended on it. When civilisation came into being the
hunter became the warrior, at which point one man would make the ultimate sacrifice for
another. The hunter knew they could be killed in the hunt. The hunt was entered into with
success the only purpose – eat or die. The hunter was determined to succeed and would
not admit defeat as defeat was likely death. The hunters have to be in control. This is
why the modern political hunter‟s Achilles heel or strength is their refusal to admit
defeat, and the need to be in charge. It‟s in their genes to win, so global warming isn‟t the
fault of politicians, and no politician has suggested it is. The foe the hunter faced over the
pre-civilisation millennia with their largely predictable reactions and actions suppressed
any creative vision, as is the case with the present day hunter/warriors. Global warming
means green taxes.
        Creativity is the domain of the nomad: travel broadens the mind. Encountering
new obstacles and devising new ways to overcome them requires vision. The hunter had
the same animals to hunt, suppressing their creativity/vision. Today‟s hunter/warrior
politician, being cunning to make a kill, would draw on the visions of another and pass it
off as their own. Modern political hunter/warriors have not encountered global warming,
a pit fall. They are unable to sort out the mess while maintaining their position – an
unsustainable approach: so raise the taxes!
        Neuro Linguistic Programming is the modern American name to the study of the
human animal. The hunters studied all the animals, we humans are just another
predictable animal, the flock, bah bah black sheep.
         There is no denying we are our actions. To tell a lie is easy, to maintain it and live
it is ultimately unsustainable. Words are the modern political hunter/warrior‟s means of
attack and defence. When civilisation came into being, the settlements of the settlers with
their growing crops and domesticated animals, were worth fighting to protect. The
settlements of other tribes were worth fighting to conquer. As politicians love to say
“let‟s look at the facts – what is the evidence to substantiate these claims, apart from
our educated history?”
         The political suggestion is that global warming is caused by the legal actions of
materially programmed humans. Let us study the process that made it so. Our parliament
has a government on one side and an opposition on the other: two armies facing each
other as one attacks the other‟s position. There is no third option as a hunter was either
successful or not. The last parliament to be built in this political territory was in the
political territory of Scotland. The suggestion compounded to the Scots was that this
parliament was going to herald in a new kind of politics. A fresh start. A clean break
from Westminster politics. All the political and media programming was psychologically
suggested to encourage the participation of the electorate/flock/materialistic people. At
first the poor showing of the reincarnated parliament was put down to the difficulty of
restarting afresh after three hundred years. So you have the pre-election suggestion of,
“hit the ground running” to a post election suggestion of “things will improve“ – or as
Tony (Tony Blair) would say, “things can only get better!” (You can sing that last bit –
if you really want to!)
         The Scots‟ parliament building was not designed by a hunter/warrior. It was
envisaged by a nomadic personality type who wanted to encourage a less confrontational
debating chamber – or political arena. This nomadic architect, who may have been
unaware of personality types, thought by creating this chamber the political
hunter/warriors would be encouraged to leave their weapons outside. The warriors, who
must be in control, thought otherwise, and got their way as usual. Confrontation was and
is the order of the day.
         What the Scots have today is a parliament that went way over the pre-build
suggested £40 million – and it costs a fortune to run. It has won awards for its design but
was beset with construction problems as it was a builder‟s nightmare! The inquiry into its
creation found systemic failure to blame: „fiasco‟ (humiliating failure) was an oft used
word throughout the debacle – cock up, carry on etc. The main point being it doesn‟t
matter if you want to create a building that is visually less confrontational if you are
going to retain a warrior friendly political system that encourages warriors to go into it. I
wouldn‟t be surprised if seventy-eight to eighty-two percent of politicians were
hunter/warriors. The Westminster parliament is no different. Warriors are as happy in a
theatre of law as they are in the parliaments that create them.
         Let‟s go back in time to a time before parliament when Kings and Queens ruled
our land; a time before the new world of America. The ruler of the day decided when we
went to war. Lets go back in time further to when we had in England many Kings and
Queens who warred with each other. In Scotland it was the clan system, and in the old
world of America it was the native Americans tribes. The same pattern is repeated all the
way back to pre-civilisation all over the world. We celebrated a new millennium with a
war, the injured soldiers returning to an NHService‟s hospital with nurses who wear the
insignia of rank on their uniform. The remaining uncivilised tribes in present day TV
shows have their territorial wars in the jungle.
        What do you want to do about it? You could dismiss the writings of this book and
carry on as normal, or sue the hunter/warriors – they would relish the fight. Global
warming may be a ploy by the established order to get more taxes out of us with the
ultimate fear suggestion of global destruction! The nomads can‟t walk away from this
suggested global doom and the settlers can‟t remain on their arses/asses. Ice is going to
melt and oceans are going to rise and a storm of the making of all three personalities has
        Why pay more with green taxes? It‟s to keep mum and dad busy – materialism!
You know it makes sense, you only live once. Buy your primary purpose here and get
your secondary purpose absolutely free, two for the price of one!
        Only an idiot would refuse.

                                  CHAPTER NINE
                              HAVE FAITH, MY CHILD

We all have visions. When we awaken in the morning from the unconscious, we may say
to someone, “I had a dream last night.” In psychology, Visual Mental Imagery (VMI) is
often used to create a positive outcome. You can at any time visualise anything provided
you are not consciously concentrating on filling out the forms. We are only restricted in
our imagination by our imagination. When civilisation came into being the early leaders
structured the early beliefs into the main religious beliefs we educate the young with
today: “yes, mummy and daddy. If you believe it so do I, mummy and daddy. I think
you‟re great!” says/thinks the child.
        The earlier someone is attached to a programme the greater is their propensity to
remain attached. Age and religion are created beliefs we lock-on to. The one subject that
really rattles someone‟s cage if it‟s attacked is their religion. You can criticise someone‟s
house, car, job, clothes and political belief, but for fuck sake don‟t criticise their religious
belief. If you do, you activate the law of reversed effect. The propensity not to listen to
an alternative is massive. The golden rule of the template is to work with the beliefs.
When we exited the womb we didn‟t attach to our mothers beliefs, we instinctively
attached to her/a teat.
        All cultures have beliefs that there‟s more to life than our material existence. The
early tribes were a superstitious lot, as the workings of the world they lived on were a
mystery to them. It took thousands of years to create witchdoctors and wizards, as these
people firstly had to experience the cause and effect of the plants and other ingredients in
their potions – creating magic! – before they could pass it on to an apprentice. This is in
stark contrast to our modern computer world where we are educated. In the beginning of
our species there were no teachers as we were all pupils on a planetary school of lives. As
knowledge is power, when civilisation was young someone with power in those days was
more powerful than their modern day counterpart.
        Today, when a magician shows us a great trick we are more likely to say, “wow,
how did you do that?” in the knowledge it isn‟t magic. It‟s only magic when the magician
doesn‟t know how it‟s done. This book is explaining the civilisation trick to you, in order
for you to know why you don‟t know your primary purpose, and the effect this lack of
knowledge is having on our planet and our quality of life.
        Early witchdoctors, wizards and the like kept their knowledge to themselves. It‟s
no different today, as power is still the great corruptor. It will continue to be until we
reveal our own primary purpose. At that point, materialism power and honours are
redundant, and the beast will be powerless. The power in the beginning of civilisation
was then, as it is now, knowledge with a few – the establishment: a pyramid scheme
(scheme, all definitions apply). Modern world leaders follow the beliefs practiced by the
masses of their territory, as this helps to maintain their powerbase. And the leader must
remain attached to the template.
        If you‟re willing enough to believe the religious fairytale, you‟ll be more inclined
to believe the political one. Vote, go to church, pay our taxes and abide by the law. The
small, uncivilised tribes in the back of beyond have their belief in the spirit of the forest
and the like. This is due to the master programme. We are also unlikely to dream of other
Worlds and the Beings thereon due to the master programme. On our part of this world
our structured belief system is Christianity. Therefore our leader is going to be a Muslim
or a Christian, which do you think? The main character in this religion is Jesus Christ (or
Jesus H Christ, it‟s all a matter of interpretation – not your individual interpretation but
that of the ones in power!). As the good book says, “blessed are the cheese makers for
they shall inherit the Earth!” (less forty percent capital gains tax). This book sticks up two
fingers at the architects of suggested global warming and dimming. Do these fingers
visually suggest contempt of the power brokers? Or are they a sign of victory or archery?
It‟s all interpretation.
          As religion wants to be taken seriously it avoids humour in its policy documents.
And from the pulpit, as a joke, it is to associate with something that is not to be taken
seriously. But as religion is a joke built on a foundation of ignorance, it must be taken
very seriously or you will rot in hell for an eternity… etc etc etc! The collective meaning
of life for humanity is to achieve equilibrium. Your meaning is? Don‟t ask me, I‟m not
          The planet we are living on suggests in light, sound and touch that
balance/equilibrium is good. In this life we will have said or thought countless times,
“it‟s too hot/cold”, or “it‟s too dark/bright”, or, “it‟s too loud/quiet”. Religion suggested
their god made this World, and science examines the way it is. You can make up your
own mind. How about following the example of the planet rather than the suggestion of
the shepherds? The template isn‟t used for your benefit.
          Balance and perfection are two different things all together, don‟t be fooled. The
holy grail you seek is the removal of self from self on a planet that suggests a material
reality. The removal of Human from Being. Balance the settler/ hunter/ nomad/ left/
right/ work/ play. Repetitive strain and laziness are civilised products, causing physical
deterioration due to the lack of balance. Our World is the perfect illusion of reality, we
can‟t see the join when we‟re in the flock or making money, attached to the template,
thinking in the psychological box. Think yourself out of the box before your human body
is placed in one, human-Being.
          It‟s a religious policy document written by leaders of men (people) in recent
history that has shaped the western technological world of today. This document
contained nothing new to the suggestion that had gone before in civilisation, as the
hunter/warrior have no creative vision. The rule of thumb with all the main religious
policy documents I am aware of is, provided you abide by their whole policy document,
things in life will be better than if you didn‟t – not only in this life but the afterlife too.
From a hypnotic suggestion perspective they don‟t come any bigger: do as our book says
when you‟re alive or you will suffer in this life and you will suffer when you die and
enter their suggested „great unknown‟ too.
          In hypnosis a hypnotherapist‟s pre-hypnosis talk with someone who wants to give
up smoking would consist of informing the person of all the benefits of doing so. As the
person, for example, was unhappy with being a smoker in the first place and went to the
hypnotherapist of their own freewill, they willingly listened. While they listened to the
benefits and they already knew and lived/experienced the down side, when the time came
for the hypnotherapist to swing the watch/pendulum in front of the client‟s eyes, they
would willingly embrace and attach to the suggested reprogramming. Religious policy
documents were written a long time ago and Hypnosis only became fully understood in
the mid 1940s onwards. Religion had sown the seed of its own doom - religion had put it
in writing!
          There are only two types of people that can be hypnotised. Firstly, the people who
want to be hypnotised; and secondly, the people who think they know what Hypnosis is.
The second lot are easier to hypnotise as they don‟t know the true nature of the subject.
They steer clear of something they are not interested in or don‟t want to be controlled by,
and therefore allow themselves to be shepherded more easily. They will go to school, go
to employment, go to war...
         Religion is keen to shepherd the flock away from hypnosis as hypnosis is what
religion is. It‟s just that people don‟t know this as they don‟t know hypnosis – they only
think they know hypnosis as they are hypnotised by a shepherd hypnotist who doesn‟t
know what hypnosis is either – the reverend/political hypnotist.
         I‟m a hypnotist who isn‟t hypnotised by religious hypnotists and political
hypnotists and business hypnotists. I have created this programme to encourage you not
to remain hypnotised by them, too. These are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, we
all use the same template, this programme/book explains the template.
         The enemy of successful suggestion is doubt. Men put the words in the book of
words (bible), men didn‟t create the Matrix. The authors of the book of words were cast
in a larger mould along with every other human Being. Today, the churches have but a
small flock willing to be shepherded, and in those there is educated scientific doubt. In
the beginning of civilisation the superstitious flock could easily be shepherded as they
couldn‟t read, right or count (or read Latin), and thought the World was the centre of the
universe. As knowledge increased a time came when the flock plummeted.
         Doubt is a state of mind. To suppress doubt a case that is convincing must be
presented – this is to encourage compliance. Once compliance has been achieved it must
be compounded, otherwise doubt will re-emerge from the matrix. When religion‟s book
of words was written the flock was in ignorance. Knowledge is the Fifth Element.
Knowledge is power and power corrupts so the world of men is at convergence. The
shepherd had the illusion of power over the flock and self, so he too was distracted by the
skin, flesh and bone that clothed him.
         The human animal, as in nature, generally flock together as there is a belief in
safety in numbers. No lamb sought to leave the flock, as the suggestion was compounded
thus: „if everyone is doing it, they can‟t all be wrong! Follow our Lord God Almighty or
your life and afterlife will suffer the fires of damnation. You will go down to the fires of
hell! Etc, etc, etc… Compounded hypnotic suggestion.
         In nature there is no fixed pattern as in space there are anomalies – the sum of an
unbalanced equation. It is as above as it is below. The Lamb left the flock (to be returned
from whence it came) and the flock continued in circles. The Greek civilisation is the
ancient foundation on which our society is based; logical reasoned thought was
suppressed by religion, only to resurface.
         A previous Pope (John Paul) talked of change when he had been on the job for
twenty-five years. As he neared his transition he was willing to embrace the very thing
his business traditionally rejected. The paintings on the ceiling of his headquarters by
Michelangelo Buonarroti – a devotee of a secret society – were the work of the
unconscious nomadic visionary mind; a mind suppressed and work altered by religion.
When the Nazarene spoke freely it was religion that brought about his return.
Nostradamus and Da Vinci had to use a code, and Socrates drank of the poisoned cup
freely. They communicated directly with the Matrix via the mind. Mel Gibson‟s film,
„The Passion of the Christ‟, provided Mel with money and power – but it didn‟t fill his
empty feeling inside. Western religious representatives were keen for people to go and
see Mel‟s film – and some churches even bought tickets in order to buy parishioners.
         Visions and hearing voices are the basis of all religious policy documents. George
W Bush the former president told his flock when he was in power, “God told me to
invade eye-rack, to go to war!” He is a main establishment friendly pawn in power paid
for by the oil companies. What would happen to you, in your society, if you said you had
spoken to god? How would you be treated? What is unseen is George‟s personality; but
his actions show his personality to the trained eye: he is a warrior/hunter. To make a
successful kill the hunter had to be devious. George isn‟t all that clever, so the back room
boys that pull his strings know that people who are still prepared to believe in society‟s
gods are ten percent more likely to vote for a candidate that says he believes in God too
(George found religion after he found Republicanism!) This ten percent have a louder
voice as more desert the ballot box and more transcend the pew. The actions of the media
inadvertently helped cause the exodus from the political system by printing the actions of
political shepherds, creating cynicism in a materialistic flock. Scientific thinking was the
downfall of religion and it will be the discovery of the intelligence in, and of, the design.
In Switzerland, their Hadron Collider is working towards finding out about the God
particle (if it ever works!). An establishment neutral territory of two world wars, it has
more money in the bank to play with.
        For a false hypnotic programme to be attached and retained it must be
compounded. The Muslims pray numerous times every day compounding their religious
programme; for extremists the compounding of suggestion is more so – all fucking day.
We in the technological west who split the atom have created scientific doubt. Our
church on a Sunday for the few and newspapers every day for an increasing few created
our religious detachment. Science had let doubt out of the bottle, and doubt is the anti-
virus that no religious compounding – least of all once a week – can put back in. The
money in our pocket provides a strong psychological anchor, the daily feel of it kept us in
the dark.
        Poor, uneducated countries can be rich in religious compounded programming.
The movie that has been seen by the greatest number of people on this planet is the story
of „Jesus Christ‟. A projector will be strapped on the back of someone willing to believe
one version of a story and taken into the back of beyond uncivilised jungle, so people can
be programmed by religion. Early Christian missionaries carried the pox and other
civilised viruses, the projector came later.
        Religion and government are not in the business of choice, only the compounded
suggestion of it. Freedom and democracy. On screen one we have the true story of Jesus
Christ, and on screen two we have Monty Python‟s The Life of Brian.
        The Jesuits went east and studied Chinese culture in the same way military
observers went west and studied the battle in the new world at „Bull Run‟. The Jesuits
found paper and gunpowder (China discovered America, long before Christopher
Columbus); when they returned to Europe their religious bosses and the territory kings
and queens cherry picked the knowledge. What was advantageous to maintaining their
position of power was capitalised on. Power is addictive, cherry picking isn‟t allowed by
the flock, we must follow their religious policy document hook line and sinker, have faith
my child, the Lord moves in mysterious ways. As a European renaissance accelerated in
the west, the east had a mental barrier that was unconsciously self-imposed. China had to
wait until the world grew smaller before it could progress again and help contribute to
global chaos.
        Nowadays in the west we have the same mental barrier self-imposed, it isn‟t just
Hollywood that‟s creating sequels. The new UK Tory (Conservative) leader is starting to
look more attractive to an old society who can‟t consciously remember Maggie‟s (former
prim-minister Margaret Thatcher) days of harmony and the previous Labour winter of
discontent. Society‟s old, who are physically set in their ways, will do what they usually
do – complain about it afterwards. A letter to the editor, bring back national service, etc.
The good old days were before their time. Put more sugar on their ice-cream and salt on
their chips (French fries), has anyone got any indigestion tablets, turn up the volume on
their T.V on your way out. There‟s no fool like society‟s old fools who welcome the
Grim Reaper to ease their pain.

                                   CHAPTER TEN
                                   BODY AND SOUL

Civilisation        has       created      an        environment       to       discourage
trance/daydream/meditation/default-networking. For you to set a specific time aside to
trance wouldn‟t work, as in ritual any benefit is negated. The purpose of ritual is to
compound suggestion and suppress thought. People will say to each other, „that‟s what
we‟ve always done, its tradition.‟ Devout followers of anything refuse to countenance
the existence of choice in the present or embrace change for the future. Next time a rep
from Jehovah‟s Witness knocks on your door put forward an alternative point of view of
to their doctrine and see how you get on, or don‟t answer the door, or answer the door
and be polite only to close the door when they have finished and say to yourself, “fucking
bible bashers”. They don‟t come knocking on my door – I‟m a weirdo.
        Choice is the key. Trance daydream and meditation are words we use to describe
an altered state of mind or consciousness. In a trance that we choose to enter or
unconsciously drift into (daydream) we are seeking to capture the mind state prior to
falling asleep and prior to awakening. In psychology it‟s called the hypnopompic and
hypnogogic mind states. The propensity to go beyond either state is great. Science has
discovered sleep is not a continuous state. The brain enters periods of increased activity;
our most fruitful dreams take place close to, or at, our conscious awakening. The
prophets of religion‟s book of words entered a mind state, as it‟s a state of mind that is
required to access the matrix. In the matrix the answers to the important questions exist. I
will describe firstly the sustainable way to enter the search engine to access knowledge.
As we go about our every day life we will slip into a daydream/trance. It‟s little wonder
the scientific community refers to the mind‟s access point with the brain as being the
„Default Network (multiple definitions of both words apply).
        Go with the trance instead of following the establishment programme. The d*v*l
finds work for idol and idle hands is religion‟s compounded suggestion, but where has
following society‟s programme got us, apart from politically suggested global warming
and global dimming? As you go with the trance you will be aware of life going on around
you. People think due to the establishment‟s attached (suggested) programme when you
enter a trance everything else should switch off, and our mind should be blank to receive
a revelation: this is not the case. When you decide you no longer want to follow the
trance, just come out of it and be glad the boss or teacher didn‟t catch you. When you
have exited the trance. you will more than likely be thinking to yourself, “I didn‟t hear
any voice or receive any revelation, I „whatever‟.
         Our „whatever‟ is exactly that: whatever came to our mind, from “why am I doing
this? to “did I switch off the bathroom tap?” There is no conscious rhyme or reason or
pattern to our „whatever‟. All you need to be aware of is you did something civilisation
didn‟t want you to do, and after you did it, you felt fine. In the past you have drifted into
a trance unconsciously – for example, while doing something the establishment wanted
us to do, a mundane task for example. Our new choice of going with the natural flow will
take you nearer to the source at a pace that is sustainable to „you‟.
         As our journey through this life continues with a „go with the natural flow‟ ethos,
you will come to think about things differently. You may decide to adopt further change
by choosing to trance when you want too, instead of waiting to drift into it – or you may
not. Remember, we are able to walk about this planet because of balance controlled by
our unconscious mind. When we were babies we began to crawl. Then we pulled
ourselves upright, at which point we took our first steps. The steps in the beginning were
controlled by the limited conscious mind. We repeated the walking process until we
transferred the process to the unconscious mind. Now we don‟t have to think about
walking, that‟s what makes it easy. A bureaucrat has to consciously think when they are
filling in the forms. Bureaucracy and the politically and scientifically suggested climate
change go hand in hand, that‟s how this reality was designed.
         To think about walking again and how restricted our conscious mind is, give this
a go. Stand in an open flat area free of obstacles with your feet apart. Bend over
backwards so you can look behind yourself to see where you are going to move.
Everything you can see will be upside down – this is alien to us for a start. Once you are
used to the upside down back to front position, and bodily circulation, start to walk
backwards in a straight line for about twenty metres or so – longer if you want to. When
you have finished, think about how slow and awkward the process was. If we persisted,
we could end up walking backwards a lot better and easier, but what‟s the point? Robotic
engineers endeavour to replicate the human process we take unconsciously for granted,
but their end result is a poor compared to ours. We can take things in our stride, steps and
gradients with a bag in one hand while talking on a mobile phone with the other, simply
because it‟s the unconscious doing the thinking.
         Another reason for suggesting you walk backwards is that those who didn‟t want
to do it, and made no attempt to do so, are the ones who have attached themselves to a
belief programme that is not sustainable or known to them. Their attitude is one of
refusal to embrace change; they are the flock. Even though they don‟t like the civilisation
programme, they don‟t want to change it. They believe death is a mystery. It is their
unconscious that subtly informs them not to overdo things and remain active and open to
change, but as they chose to ignore these subtle suggestions and feelings in favour of the
here and now conscious mind, their body gradually locked up, locking the mind-body
connection. This increases their mental unwillingness to challenge self with a task they
can see no benefit from. What society refer to as old people are people who are set in
their ways. They like a set routine. They don‟t like it if the supermarket changes the
places it normally keeps the products they always use, and they like to tell other people
about their bowel movements and hospital appointments and… you know all the rest as
you know old people! Maybe you ARE one! When they die they will be trapped for a
time in the first spirit plane of the afterlife. As they have died many times and been re-
birthed many times unknowingly, they won‟t think this is a problem. This cycle has
loaded a virus programme in everyone‟s DNA. This cycle has also created the present
political suggestion of global warming.
         With this, „with‟, your mind (not „in‟ your mind), what kind of planet are children
(re-birthed old people and others) going to be re-birthed on? The planet we were first
birthed on to the planet of today, what of tomorrow? Prophecies from the past will come
to be if there is no change in the present. According to one religious prophet‟s vision,
“when there is no more room in hell the dead shall walk the earth.” As they say, “you
reap what you sow.” All this bureaucratic paperwork is hellish to many people‟s
interpretation of this reality. Some of us can face an old age of senility and worse to come
in the afterlife if we don‟t choose to break civilisation‟s conscious only educated cycle.
Your body may now be in a poor state, in pain or stiff, and you may want to die. What
you need to be aware of is that of all the people who communicate via the mind
(medium) with another spirit plain, none of them say that those on the other side
(afterlife) describe seeing pearly gates and all the other guff/nonsense religion sold us.
Bear in mind how the system, which many don‟t want to change, operates. If people on
the other side said, “we are not dead and we can‟t find St Peter‟s pearly gates!” this
would fly in the face of the suggestion of “death and taxes”. This is why the judiciary
have to suggest to the accused in a drugs‟ trial, “you have seen people that aren‟t there.”
We created the belief in death and taxes when civilisation came along. Our warrior/
hunter controllers would be quick to capitalise if those on the other side gave an
establishment friendly message. As this is not the case, medium-ship is ridiculed, like
crop circles.
         When medium-ship was at its height in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth
century, many were found to be fake, seeking fame and fortune; the remainder were
found not proven due to a lack of evidence, material or scientific. There are many books
that go on about ghosts and angels, and how we can make contact. Our material
programme suggests one means of operation, and the angel books etc suggest its
antithesis: like crop circles and little green men, civilisations material programme attach
virus programmes.
         Any magician today could recreate the illusion perpetrated by the charlatans of
the past. The magician uses suggestion and sleight of hand. The magician knows there is
no such thing as magic, defined as: supernatural power over nature. Magic is only an
illusion created by a magician. In the same way a hypnotist knows, all hypnosis is „self
         These created beliefs along with all the beliefs attached by civilised humanity,
allows the wool to be pulled over easily by men and matrix, cosmic material
entertainment, or education.
         A few pages ago I suggested the walking backwards exercise. For those who did
walk backwards: you will have had an experience as your body did something alien to its
master programme. In the same way as choosing to use left and right sides of the physical
body in harmony, there‟s nothing illegal about it. It‟s not sustainable in the long term, as
we are designed to walk forwards. It would create extra wear on bones, as does being
overweight – overweight is good for business in a material world. For those who were
willing to walk backwards and those who made an attempt: if your mind was willing and
your body was weak, it‟s the mind that can change the body – as the body follows the
master programme, the body will help change the mind‟s interpretation of this reality. In
our society it‟s the educated mind that has created our planetary problem, or situation,
therefore it‟s the mind that will find the cure. As you shift the present psychological and
left right bodily imbalance from conscious to equilibrium, a future consciousness in
balance will create balance.
         After years of working according to the warrior/ hunter programme, it took me
time to come to terms with the concept of choosing to do nothing for a small part of a
working day. My partner describes meditation as „doing nothing‟. Meditation, remember,
is a word used to describe a daydream or trance. What you need to do in order to achieve
balance is to choose to do nothing. Get used to choosing to do nothing, as doing nothing
is good. Overdoing doing nothing is not good, as overdoing doing something is not good
either, Equilibrium is good.
         At first I felt guilty having a trance, as I am self employed I could stop work if I
felt the unconscious urge to do so. As my life continued I became aware in the morning if
I chose not to eat and have a pint of water instead (not the government controlled crap
from the tap!) As the day passed on an empty stomach, my mind operated in a more
matrix friendly relaxed way. High energy foods would speed up the body‟s metabolism;
this is especially true for red meats. They created a big problem between mind and body.
I would only eat meat when I didn‟t want to work with my higher self.
         Society is geared for us to overeat, creating a lot of healthcare employment that
costs billions to attack the secondary cause of. Those who choose to meditate will also
find it helpful to put their body in a comfortable position with legs and arms uncrossed,
not the prayer position. If nothing happens that‟s fine, as nothing is something. I
introduced this approach for a number of years in my life before I wanted what I thought
was a faster rate of change – I felt the urge to introduce a toxin into my body.
         From our earliest time on this planet we have introduced toxins into ourselves. In
the beginning of our species we will have eaten or drunk something that killed or almost
killed us. We learned these lessons fast, and used leaves and potions and roots etc to our
advantage. When civilisation came along we refined our knowledge to where we are
today. We now have lots of toxins with short names we can pronounce and big names we
can‟t, but they all originate from the same planet. Witchdoctors and shamans etc were the
scientists and alchemists of early civilisation. In our modern society, illegal drugs are
perceived as a scourge. But what‟s the basic problem with the illegal ones? The obvious
problems are crime and addiction etc, yet these problems pail onto insignificance when
compared to the political addiction to power.
         It‟s the basic problem with the hard drugs that kill or almost kill the addicts, that I
want you to think about. The small tribes of today in the jungle with the law of the jungle
use these hard drugs we civilised people call illegal. The main problem with drugs from a
civilisation perspective is reality – you are living in the suggested „real world‟, according
to our conscious only education programme. People know it‟s the real world because they
tell themselves it‟s the real world and society tells us it‟s the real world. We use
expressions such as “they have lost it completely” and “away with the fairies”. You have
used terms such as these and more to give an opinion on the sanity of others who do not
attach to society‟s reality script. We look at society and say to ourselves and others, “the
world‟s a crazy place”. We use just as many expressions to give an opinion on how
stupid our society is as we use about the sanity of someone we think has „lost it‟. The
problem our society has with giving us time to trance and go at our own pace is „we will
find it‟.
         If you choose to go with the natural flow of the matrix in your working
environment by having a daydream when the unconscious urge takes you, people will
think you have lost it. Someone in society, attached to society‟s programme, who decides
to use an illegal drug will find once the toxin programme is loaded into their system,
their reality is different to society‟s one. As our society becomes increasingly stressful,
more people will turn to illegal drugs. Shiny happy people are less inclined to take drugs.
How many happy people do you see on the street as you move around this reality?
US/UK empires in action, not in word, territories, have high illegal and legal addiction
         Imagine we are all given a red metaphorical pill at birth. The red pill represents
the education programme society has attached to us (the programme we believe is the
real-world programme, the programme we don‟t want to believe is a false distraction
programme that we are attached to – a distraction created by society which we are a
member of). Anyone who suggests we are living in the red pill programme that is not the
real-world programme, we would think is stupid: “that person‟s lost it completely”. We
don‟t want to leave the red pill programme as we don‟t think or even want to believe
there is another programme. To summarise, we are living in the real-world because we
believe it; it‟s not a case of us wanting to believe it, we believe it without question.
         Someone living in the red metaphorical pill‟s programme, and following that
programme implicitly, may at some stage want to take a blue pill – an illegal drug. The
blue pill represents a programme that switches off the metaphorical red pill programme
and leaves our physical body unconscious on the floor, the illegal drug. The body with
the blue pill loaded is totally switched off from being attached/controlled/educated by the
red pill programme, the blue pill programme is running, we‟re unconscious. The matrix
provided a programme that causes our heart to beat and our lungs to breath when we are
unconscious. We take with us the knowledge we have gained from our present life, in
the red pill programme, into the blue pill programme, only the knowledge from „this‟
         The mind is not a physical thing. As we sleep we have visions we call dreams‟ in
these dreams things happen to us that are beyond our control. As we allow ourselves in
conscious society to be lead (educated) like the flock, in our unconscious dreams it‟s the
same. Things happen in our dreams that we don‟t want to happen – like if someone is
chasing us or if we are falling down a stair. We don‟t say to ourselves in a dream, “it‟s
only a dream, I can stop this”. This is because we have taken with us into unconscious
sleep the rules created by the red pill programme. Remember, society created its own
rules. The matrix doesn‟t conform to society‟s rules. In the matrix we have
choice/equilibrium/sustainability, as society suppresses choice while suggesting we live
in freedom we don‟t have a society in balance, therefore it isn‟t sustainable. The World
we are living on is changing due to our willingness to follow the red pill attached
programme, as storms rage and ice melts, taking the red pill (abiding by the laws of men)
will appear more stupid to us. The red pill programmed environment will encourage more
people to take the blue pill programme, which is equally unsustainable. Our Elders of the
Twenty Four (religion‟s Book of Revelation) already know the red and blue pill
programmes are unsustainable.
         A person living in the red metaphorical pill programme who took a blue pill
(illegal drug) finds their mind is in a reality civilisation‟s controllers didn‟t want them to
experience. As a dream is real at the time of experiencing it, in this other blue pill illegal
drug reality, it is just as real as your here and now book reader reality as it is the mind
that determines our perception (interpretation) of this reality/velocity/dimension/ plain.
         The person with the loaded blue pill programme‟s (drug induced high) mind will
be in the first spirit plain of the afterlife; as this plain was entered using a toxin there is a
high at beholding this other reality. A high outweighs the low of cold turkey when
returning to the red pill education/real-world programme, and would draw the druggie
back for more again, leading to addiction. Someone dying in hospital from the
consequences of choosing to swallow the red pill education/law-abiding programme, will
also be given a blue pill (called morphine for example), to administer themselves free of
charge on both counts, Your Honour (UK legal expression of respect). The druggie chose
their path and the patent didn‟t, it‟s two different paths to the same plain.
         Society doesn‟t want to give everyone one big legal fix of morphine or any other
potent drug because when they returned to society‟s reality they would question the other
reality and this one! They will have been given a choice - and choice is not the order of
the day with religion and the laws of men. Enlightened human/Beings won‟t march into
war with God on their side after receiving their shepherd‟s orders. Cocaine speeds the
heart up, causing increased awareness; heroin and morphine slow the heart down, causing
increased awareness. Both toxins cause awareness of another reality. I‟ll return to mind
drugs later.
         In school and in religion the red pill was metaphorically attached. Going to church
on Sunday and buying the papers daily and watching the news all provide a top up. With
Muslims it‟s multiple daily compounding, „bottoms up, head in the sand‟.

Chapter Summary
The physical body is material in „this‟ civilised legal reality; the mind (soul/being/spirit)
isn‟t. Religion suggested, “the d*v*l finds work for idle (idol) hands, and when
politicians took religion‟s reigns of power, the politicians created materialism with
employment‟s monetary carrot (keep yourself busy making the stuff you don‟t take with
        Drugs deteriorate the material body, creating employment and revenue;
meditation doesn‟t. The mind cannot be killed, but without enlightenment it will self
                                CHAPTER ELEVEN
                         DARKNESS, EMBRACE THE LIGHT

The journey to confront self can only be taken by self. The religious approach of one size
fits all when we are all individuals with mind, hasn‟t worked, no matter how often it‟s
repeated or interpreted. The proverbial horse won‟t be lead to water if it doesn‟t want to
go. Should you choose to allow your unconscious to lead you to the water of life‟s
primary purpose you will need to know how it communicates with you, as those who take
the red materialism pill can‟t tell you.
         For example, someone has a thing about heights; that thing could be fear or
fascination. Nothing has happened to them in this life that could have made them the way
they are about heights. They are in a waiting room looking through the magazines to find
one to pass the time with as they have time to kill. They see one with a picture on the
front cover of someone hanging from a cliff with the ground far below; as they look at it
they think to themselves. They choose this magazine to read the story the picture is
related to. Another time they are in the house going on about their business with the TV
on in the background when their conscious attention is drawn to the box (TV) by their
unconscious: they hear someone going on about heights. Their main conscious focus is
entirely on the TV. Our mind is the conscious and the unconscious; it was their
unconscious that drew their conscious mind to the magazine and the TV in the first place.
For someone who has a fear of heights/spiders etc, as they endeavour to make sure they
aren‟t put in a position where they have to confront their fear, life, as they see it,
conspires to throw their fear in their face, usually when they least expect it. People make
it worse for themselves by compounding the suggestion to themselves and others by
saying, “I hate heights/spiders/confined spaces/paperwork/politicians etc”.
         For the person who was drawn to heights out of fascination/fear, go with it, as the
unconscious is wired to the big picture. What if they went with it and fell down and broke
their leg? In the short term they would consciously think to themselves this was not a
good idea; this injury would force a change of direction on them that they wouldn‟t have
taken otherwise – like global warming/dimming. If they fell and broke their neck to
spend the rest of their life in hospital I will go into that later.
         Had it been the case where the education system devoted as much time to the
unconscious as it does to the conscious, we wouldn‟t be at convergence. The education
system does nothing for the soul – nothing. As you begin to work towards your personal
equilibrium by confronting self, you will empower self. The ultimate test is not to know
we are being tested, this reality is perfection by design.
         With adopting a balanced approach, your advancement is dependant on your
present state of being and on how much you put into it. We are conditioned to want
something for nothing, or to look for the easy way out, or for a bargain. We don‟t want to
endure any inconvenience – or worse still, pain! As we have all behaved like this in the
past we have to do it differently in the future: lessons have to be learned from our past
actions or the past will be repeated in the future. As politicians love to say as we allow
them to programme us into the work of screwing up the planet (political suggestion that
climate change is man made) “do this, not just for yourself (I want you to do it for
yourself), but for your children, and your children‟s children!”.
        It‟s civilisation‟s programme that encourages us to think we won‟t be around to
see it. Have you heard the expression (suggestion) “you only live once”? An educated
ignorance programme created by civilisation; kill yourself if you believe death is the end
– that way you won‟t have to pay the taxes.
        For those who want to crank it up a bit, fasting is an option. Bear in mind the
society we live in today regarding food: food is a great source of employment, a large
slice of our leaders‟ territories GDP goes on health services and professional killers,
much more than on jailing non-legal killers. Killing and curing is good for business.
Supermarkets get planning permission without too much trouble.
        We start a new arrival off on their lives‟ worldly experience by feeding babies
with loaded processed foods; then they go to school and get more loaded foods – or go
home for it. Jamie Oliver (celebrity UK „chef‟) comes along and says we should grow our
own vegetables and eat less processed junk/trash. The hunter/warrior political party
programmers say, “yes, you‟re right, Jamie – we were going to do something about it“ (as
you would expect them to say, as the political warrior is never wrong!).
        In the main nowadays, both parents are working to generate the wealth needed to
feed industry‟s manufactured products, and pay their new green taxes. Busy parents buy
ready-meals, so we end up with bigger children and adults, which create more
employment for NHS Inc – and supermarkets. Celebrity chefs are now showing us how
animals and birds are reared before they are killed. It‟s all about association and
disassociation: shoppers don‟t associate with the product when the meat is wrapped in
cellophane, and as usual it‟s government that‟s to blame, not us. Write a letter to your
political representative and thank them (political representative) for the supermarkets
feeding our demands, and for coming round to our houses and forcing the processed trash
down our throats before they (representative) go to Parliament.
        David Blaine, the magic man, went into a glass box for six weeks without any
food. He discarded around four stone and ended up at around eleven stone. There is a
religious story about someone doing the same thing around two thousand years ago.
Many a religious prophet‟s story came about after a period of fasting (revelation). When
the physical body is in a state of stress, or near the edge between this life and the afterlife,
a different reality can be experienced (interpretation of reality), as with hard drugs.
Civilised society is manufactured to keep us in our comfort zone, a risk-averse society
well away from the edge in the interest of public safety and employment (health and
safety). Many a person has died on the operating table only to return and adopt a
different, often less materialistic approach to life. If you have a healthy body and the right
height to weight ratio, a period of fasting set by your own mind could be beneficial. On
the other hand, if you have allowed your stomach to dictate terms, by the time you have
endured the time it takes to get to the edge, if the shock doesn‟t put you over the edge the
experience may trigger the same response in your body all the laws and regulations and
overeating have triggered in non fasting people. Hospitals are busy enough places
        The slimming industry won‟t be happy if you take control of your body. This
industry is in the business of keeping people overweight by suggesting to our
unconscious mind to put on weight. Have you ever said or thought to yourself, “why do
so many people who lose weight put it back on again?” If you want to shed three stone,
for example, you say to yourself, “I want to lose three stone”. You buy products that state
on the wrapper you will lose weight; as you lose weight, someone may comment, or you
may say, “I have lost x weight and I have to lose x stone/pounds more before I reach my
target weight”. All the chat you would have with friends and others about weight loss is
unconsciously attaching a psychological programme to your mind, compounded by
society also.
         The way the mind works. When it keeps hearing us go on about something we
have lost, our mind finds it for us, and usually a bit extra. Our unconscious mind is the
search engine society is geared to suppress (idle and idol hands). It may take time for the
weight to go back on as that time is governed by our conscious mind. As our conscious
mind cannot sustain a battle with our unconscious, this is self-evident in that we always
fall asleep; in our waking hours we can‟t think about maintaining a weight loss either. We
gradually let slip, and by the time we consciously notice a weight gain we can no longer
be bothered enduring the battle we lost in the first place. It‟s easier to blame our genes –
and as we see more fat people in society we are less likely to give a toss. As the master
programme is geared for our survival, we don‟t have an inner constant feeling of
happiness, even though fat people say to themselves and others, “I‟m happy being a big
fat soggin” (soggin is a slang word meaning fat/obese lump of lard/person).
         Government are going to mess around with labels on the food packaging and have
their usual inquiries and reports based on figures and old findings that are obsolete, hence
the often used political psychological suggestion “the reports findings are based on
figures/information that are fatally flawed/obsolete.” The joy of it all.
         Weight is a battle to some and not to others due to the mind. Babies are fed by
adults; children and adults feed themselves. Thousands of years ago, before civilisation,
there were no fat people. The tribal leader may have got the lion‟s share – but we don‟t
see any fat lions in the wild, do we? This is because of the master programme: a fat lion
would be slower and less healthy, it would have a greater chance of being killed by a
rival. The human uncivilised animal would have gorged itself when the food was
plentiful simply because it knew there were going to be periods of famine. In nature no
animal has access to a constant supply of food to pig-out on: we civilised people do –
civilisation provided it! Have you never been to a supermarket? These places provide
shoppers with electric chairs if they‟re too unfit or big, unhealthy „soggins‟.
         In the matrix, time moves forward and time is relative. We are living in the here
and now even though our genes were created in the past. We can change our mind; in so
doing, we can change our genes and get a smaller pair of trousers (jeans/pants) as well.
People would love science to produce a pill so they could stuff their faces and remain
slim; scientific experts said plant trees, then these same scientific experts said trees
produce methane. Science hasn‟t got the answer to a global situation. Politicians said
happiness with materialism, now we all have a to play a part in solving a global situation
of our own collective making (a huge battle at the end of the material world).
         The type of person who would give meditation a try (the word try is an
unconscious suggestion of failure and should be avoided). This try type of person, who
wouldn‟t endure a diet or endure any kind of perceived hardship if they didn‟t get
anything consciously out of meditation at the start, would give it up as a waste of time.
This is the type of person who would use a toxin intervention to access the matrix. Toxins
produce a physical instant effect on the body, which bypasses our critical-faculty in an
unsustainable way, leading to an altered state of consciousness, suppressing the conscious
programmed/ educated/attached mind.
         All toxins are a great source of employment for the hunter/warriors system of
control – Al Qaeda in a pill. Our local theatre of law is kept busy with the consequences
of drink, drugs, and drug related crime: take these subjects out of the legal system and the
sheep-heads (UK judges) have more time to focus on crime related to materialism
(money). When you take the consequences of the pursuit of material wealth out of the
legal system, you are left with sexual related crime; when sex is taken out of the system,
the shepherd is left with idle hands. DANGER, DANGER, idol idle hands can lead to the
contemplation of the primary purpose, or the matrix distraction programme called
         Many people smoke because they believe it will relax them; science suggests the
toxins in the smoke have the opposite effect; self hypnotic suggestion can overpower a
drug. The sales of alcohol are going up too, as people choose to escape our programmed
reality. This is all good for the material system as it creates employment for the courts
and hospitals, the war on „whatever‟. A drunk person staggering home will endeavour to
get the key in the keyhole as it‟s the physical body that clothes them that is drunk, not the
mind. The mind is immune from disease, drugs, pain, and death.
         The main selling point with computer games where people run around killing
each other is their perception of reality: the more realistic, the better. Imagine for a
moment that our real World was an advanced computer game created by the matrix. In
order for us to become aware it is an advanced game, we have to enter the matrix and
experience it from another perspective. The matrix is a multiple of dimensions
(velocities). We operate in a busy conscious orientated society (the de*il finds work for
idol idle hands) that made hard drugs illegal, therefore we deny ourselves access to two
approaches to the matrix and finding our being‟s primary purpose.
         Politicians are now suggesting humanity has created a global situation that is not
sustainable. Had it been the case in the religious policy books, the prophets would have
entered the matrix via a toxin; the establishment would have omitted that part as it erodes
their power fix. Biblical visions from another reality or hallucination – what‟s the
difference? One is establishment friendly, that‟s all. No two people are the same due to
our individual minds‟ interpretation of this reality. Therefore you need to experience the
matrix for yourself.
         As the hunter turned warrior kills all types of animals, they are least likely to
believe in an afterlife, let alone educate the masses of other dimensions/realities. If you
don‟t want drugs or daydreaming or fasting there is sleep and oxygen deprivation to name
a couple. How our World came to this is explained in the next chapter, as suggestion
pulls the wool over everything.

                                CHAPTER TWELVE
                                   GRAY MEN ? MEN

Let‟s do a quick reality cheque – sorry, check. We are constantly being made aware of
climate change, and that there are wars raging. Charities are asking for our money to help
sort out the usual civilised problems of famine and disease, etc. We don‟t discuss our
primary purpose with each other as we don‟t want to be perceived as foolish, and it‟s
scientifically and politically suggested to us we are the only known intelligent species in
the known universe. Finally, politicians are always suggesting things will improve in the
future if we keep doing the things we did in the past – let‟s move on!
        Anything that is a threat to maintaining the created psychological belief
programme you don‟t know you are attached to today is suppressed. Anything of a
physical nature that can be investigated and recorded and scientifically examined which
is out of control and power of the established order has to be suppressed. Suppressed in a
way that doesn‟t arouse attention that would increases the unconscious doubt and
cynicism we already have in our leaders/ programmers.
        The evidence this chapter delves into is plain for all to see, if only the populous
wanted to see it, which they are encouraged not to by the establishment controlled
government and press. To discourage our investigation of threat subjects to the
establishment there are programmes attached, ridicule is their favourite. I avoid using the
words to describe the evidence and subject matter of this chapter, as they are also a
precursor to the „default network‟ mind state. The human psyche has its parameters; the
subject matter of this chapter and subsequent chapters goes beyond this parameter,
causing the eyes to glaze over as people mentally switch off. This is due to the reality of
suggestion as it is constantly compounded to us throughout our life by a system of control
that keeps this subject matter in the realms of idiocy. To write this chapter‟s subject‟s
name is enough to have a reader put down the book and be firmly of the belief the author
has lost the plot. I haven‟t lost it – I have discarded it! And I want you to discard it too,
before our collective actions contaminate more of this planet legally.
        Imagine someone in a position of world power – not just power, but great world
power! We know power corrupts (without the fifth element of knowledge), as we have all
experienced power to some degree in our lives. Imagine a King of the Hill, top of the
heap, A number one, the Grande Fromage! This powerful somebody has to share this
position with other big establishment controllers at our world‟s pyramid apex. No other
establishment world apex leader is going to give up their position of power to another in
order that the others can have more of the world‟s power to themselves! Remember, it‟s
only the illusion of power, of the three variables: choice, equilibrium and sustainability,
power creates imbalance. The establishment pulls the political party puppet‟s strings, and
the politician dances to the beat; top party puppets seek initiation to the apex. The media
publicised a meeting on a large luxury yacht between an establishment apex world
controller and the then shadow Conservative chancellor George Osborne. On the yacht at
the same time was a Labour bigwig Peter Mandleson. If George plays his cards right he
will become Sssir George, like Lord Mandy.
        Imagine this apex establishment player in a position of power, and there‟s
something that can rock their boat so hard they will be cast out along with all the other
apex establishment world leaders. They know this something can‟t be bought, because it
is material and nonmaterial. When this something makes them (establishment apex world
leaders) aware of its presence, there‟s nothing that can done about it as their technology is
so primitive it‟s a joke (the establishment technology is decades in advance of known
civilised technology). If they were to command their party puppet servants to dispatch
their servant‟s forces to cover-up the work of this something, the very actions of doing so
would arouse suspicion and increase/create doubt in the masses they seek to keep
attached in educated ignorance, and therefore control. So what do they do about it? Read
        People who are drawn to be leaders are by their actions mainly
warrior/hunter/resolute-organisational personality types. Actions, as the old proverb
suggests, speak louder than words. Our experience of this life compounds this proverb to
be true; experience of the proverb about leading a horse to water is experienced as being
false. None of the three personality types wants to be made a fool of, and all of the three
can become power addicts. All that needs to be done to maintain this world order that has
created the need for echo friendly laws and wind turbines etc, is to make the subject
matter that is a threat to the leaders at the worlds apex a subject of ridicule. No-one will
want to talk about it, and no-one will want to listen – problem solved, even though the
problem won‟t go away. It‟s a problem to political World leaders when they‟re in power
and seeking access to the apex: they know their position in elected power is
unsustainable, but at the apex they don‟t need to be elected.
        Pre-civilised human-hunter turned civilised human-Being only think in the short
term from one kill to another, the human settler-Being is the only one prepared for the
long term and World leaders don‟t display predominantly settler-Being traits (actions
speak louder than words). A warrior-Being would kill the settler-Being and anything that
got in their way, as their predecessors throughout civilisation did. To the establishment at
the apex of the pyramid of power on this World, and their lower political party puppets
seeking access to the apex, the subject matter of this chapter is a threat to them alone, not
the massed human-Being populous who attached to their human only materialism
programmed doctrine.
        As the warriors love to say, “let‟s look at the facts and the evidence to substantiate
these claims!” Actually, let‟s not look at the facts, because what would the facts/evidence
tell us? The facts and physical nature of our world leaders‟ dilemma would tell us we are
not alone. You are now confronted with the power of your attachment, a power
unknown to people who believe hypnotists hypnotise. The suggestion that has, and is,
being compounded via state and peers and press throughout this life is “flying saucers
and creators of crop circles are not to be taken seriously! Little green men?!” Only an
idiot would entertain such a topic, or investigate it.
        Early religious drawings of crop circles in 1700s England – which was when the
phenomenon first became known – would depict a horned hoofed creature (popularised
by the idol-ised by religion) flattening the crops. A religious suggestion by those at the
world apex addicted to power to encourage the few to keep out. A few hundred years ago
religion had power; politicians today can make same sex marriages legal, in the 1700s
they couldn‟t, and wouldn‟t want to either. Religion made sure their representatives in the
locality of the crop messages would discourage talk or investigation by the small
populous of the day. Association and disassociation being powerful psychological tools.
All that needed to be done was associate the crop message/etc creators in the fields with
the leader of religions opposition. Politicians in those days of scientific ignorance
complied with religion‟s God to a greater degree than their modern scientific thinking
        As technology has evolved since the 17th century (nothing new under the sun
apart from advances in technology) and the messages have increased, a religious
approach would become unsustainable. Many people nowadays having cameras in their
mobile technology and instant Internet access made the present political position
unsustainable. The religion‟s powerbase evaporated with the advent of scientific
education x3. Politicians now have the illusion of power. In the UK political House of
Deception, MPs will not seek to investigate this subject or even talk about it; to do so
would give credence to it. The media medium will devote a great deal of press coverage
to politicians on the one hand, yet with the other hand they will draw a veil over anything
that‟s a threat to the established order. Back in the 1700s there weren‟t many newspapers
and there wasn‟t much of the flock that could read. Nowadays, people wouldn‟t choose to
give a talk on crop circles or UFOs at their local rotary club – perhaps for fear of looking
stupid. People would say to them, “you don‟t believe in all that stuff do you? Little green
men? Come on, be serious”.
        To return to your real world for a moment. There was a press conference recently
in which scientists made the public aware after studying a rock sample taken back to
Earth that there was life in space – wow!! Scientists are also looking for water on Mars,
as water will provide the energy required to fuel a return manned flight from that planet.
Earth is a dense planet with lots of people and lots of water on it; if we pour water in our
cars‟ fuel tank we‟re being dense – i‟ts good for business as a mechanic has to drain it out
and replace it with fossil oil fuel.
        Now let us return to my World as you suspend your belief and carry on reading. If
you want to see and touch the evidence that would rock the world establishment for
yourself, that‟s easy. Provided you are no longer in a state or religious induced trance,
jump in a fossil fuelled car and drive to a field with a crop circle in it. Every year from
more than one source ET says, “Hello Earthlings! How are you doing? And how is your
planet doing?” Our World apex leaders say “piss- off! This is our planet, we run the show
here”, and the masses do and say and ignore the phenomenon and carry on like a virus in
an orderly legal civilised intelligent educated attached manner. The scientific minded of
us could take along radiation measuring equipment, as when physical craft from other
dimensions pass through spacetime envelopes, they produce radiation not found on this
planet. The anti-matter reactor also produces radiation, as these craft are not fossil fuelled
like our earth „Atlantis‟ space shuttle. Some of the craft are only an advanced
establishment 3D image that appear physical, some are man made. During a war new
technology is inadvertently released to the masses. Throughout civilisation, war has been
the driving force behind human technological advancement – see history for details.
When new technology is strewn over the battlefield, the top secret ceases to be top secret.
        The media one year had a great story when a young man flew his single engine
Cessna aeroplane to Moscow and landed it in Red square. Like Michel Fagan going for a
chat with Liz (Queen Elizabeth) at the palace, the young man got past all the suggested
psychological nonexistent security without a problem. I would be very interested in craft
from other worlds with the technology they use and how it could be used on this planet to
create power that didn‟t cause the political suggestion of global warming. Advances the
inhabitants of the craft may have in medicine and dentistry I would also be interested in,
I‟m being idiotic to contemplate such things; certified in Hypnosis and NLP I may be, yet
as far as some of you are concerned I should be certified insane and put in the loony-bin.
         Our human body has in and around it energy points called Chakras. Like our mind
the chakras aren‟t physical or real. Our Earth is no different. The crop messages best to
visit are the ones with undamaged stalks that look as if they have grown at a right angle
and have twirled stalks.
         There are people who describe having healing experiences while visiting these
messages. Crop message makers not of the 24 civilisations (biblical elders of revelation)
damaged an Earth chakra or Ley Line in England, that‟s why England has these works,
and, because of the apex establishment‟s service to their dark lord. The twirling and
healing is a phenomenon that can`t be replicated by our great scientific minds or the
servants of the dark lord. Scientists think with their conscious minds and think hypnotists
hypnotise people. As humanity is attached to a conscious left brain hemisphere educated
programme, busy making money and fighting the war on whatever, the purpose and
origin of circles/messages/work and non Earth created craft remain a mystery to the
masses, (flock/money makers). On earth we have people who seek to help us; there are
also those who seek to deceive us – it is as above as it is below.
         The UK political medium inquisitor David Dimbleby made a TV series called „A
Picture of Britain‟. In this series, David and a few others flattened an area of crop; as he
did so he passed satirical comment about little green men from space. It only goes to
show that David has listened to the waffle of politicians close up for so long it has had the
same effect on his mind as political programming has had on the planet. Bear (not furry
bear) in mind that David chose not to go to a field where the crop was twirled and laid
over; he chose instead to draw the subject to our attention to add ridicule to the
phenomenon. David and his paymasters shall reap the crop they have sown, David will
soon be Sir David if he wants to.
         One summer the BBC news mentioned the increased number of crop patterns
there had been that year in their required „Drop The Dead Donkey‟ funny story at the end
of the news. The next day, or very soon after, the weather man described how warm
weather can cause the wind to vortex, that being the probable cause of the phenomenon
(it all smells very Michael Fishy to me). To discourage our attention, it needs to be drawn
to our attention: if every time a crop pattern was burned off by men in black, or
ploughed down by camouflage painted tractors, this would provide the wrong type of
attention. It‟s not unknown for farmers to be asked to destroy circles/messages on their
land – the government is stupid, but not that stupid. There is public interest in circles, it‟s
the association with stupidity and ridicule that‟s so effective at suppressing this interest
(association/ disassociation). Newspapers are also a great help to the establishment‟s
cause. Long haired hippy new age type people investigating the circles doesn‟t help
either, as the educated masses don‟t want to be associated with that type of person:
“Yeah, man, you dig!”
         As the masses look increasingly to their governments to do something about the
state of the state, and the world, you should be aware the ones who twirl the crops are
here to help and always have been. We are at this stage in our evolution, due to our
willingness to be shepherded by a small flock (establishment). If we are to proceed to
stage three – the stage of attainment achieved by a species that didn‟t bring about its own
destruction – we must accept the reality and not the illusion that is presented to us by
semantics and suggestions of the one template. We said hello everyone at stage two
when we split the atom, exploding the bomb; now we are at convergence, travelling faster
than our feet can run.
        The scientific climatologists‟ minds don‟t have a previous model to go on as to
when the tipping point will occur – or if it already has occurred. Politicians can‟t see
beyond the next election, and the masses refuse to see beyond conscious brainy
honourable politicians, which includes the politics of religion, my child.
        Convergence is when a number of things come together in one human-Beings
perceived lifetime. We have the breakdown in man‟s laws. Recently in Scotland there
was a meeting of great legal minds to consciously discuss the problem of prison
overcrowding to find a solution. Constantly in the daily script (newspapers) people read
of offenders being lucky or fortunate to escape a prison sentence – the judge has no place
to send them. The judiciary have the same problem as the roads‟ department: no matter
how many jails or new roads you build, there‟s always going to be overcrowding. A party
puppet said in the media, “we can‟t build our way out of prison overcrowding”.
        At convergence, one bureaucratic system of employment/wealth creation is
increasingly getting in the way of another. On an island of sixty-one million, bureaucratic
red tape is choking government‟s beast. After eighteen years of one party‟s red tape,
another party said it would cut red tape and things can only get better; after thirteen or
more years of a promise undelivered, the decreasing flock have now voted in the first
party again. The educated public didn‟t learn their lessons.
        At convergence there is the increasing spectre of nuclear war. America won‟t
want another eye-rack (Iraq): it would be easier for the Commander in Chief to command
the pressing of the red button. The collective communists couldn‟t compete with the me,
me, me, materialistic west, therefore it‟s a war with the oil rich religious programmed
        At convergence, the financial world reaches its credit limit. The world is going
broke, governments bail banks out with taxpayers nonexistent money, „quantitative
easing‟ is the new expression for printing more paper money. A prophecy was made that
money would become worthless – or was it worth less, take your pick. These are just a
few examples of the convergence of many factors on our world.
        A brief mid chapter summary. We are living in the free-world; we fill in the
paperwork freely. The current war is The War on Terror! The climate is heating up,
according to the politically correct scientific evidence, and it is caused by the masses
producing and consuming products we buy to make us happy (which it doesn‟t in the
long term), and keep us alive. People don‟t know their primary purpose in this life, as
they have been consciously educated by religious and political doctrine (which are one
and the same). We know from our experiences of life that power corrupts, and we believe
many (most?) politicians are corrupt. People believe a hypnotist has power over another,
but they don‟t want a „happiness for the rest of my life‟ programme attached in their
head by a hypnotist as they are happier complaining about bureaucracy and all the rest
that goes with it (a letter to the ed or your political rep). End of summary.
        Our society is psychologically structured to encourage us to attach to Socity‟s
single programme. For those who don‟t attach, they‟re perceived as being idiotic, they‟ve
lost the plot, and they‟re not living in the real world when they detach from the attached
plot. When they transcend they will go down the tunnel with the light at the end. Albert
Einstein described time‟s relativity. When people have a momentary near-death
experience, they see their life flash before them – or time distortion, as time appears to
slow down. This is due to time being relative to the person experiencing it. As we do a
job that we don‟t want to do, time passes very slowly; equally, as we do or experience
something we enjoy, time speeds up. Next time you‟re making love, ask your partner (or
partners?) what they thought about the time experience of the act (“oh, hurry up,
darling!”). In a dream we may do a number of things that in waking time would take one
length of time. In our dreamtime the things take the same perceived time. When you
analyse a dream you will see, hear, and feel what I mean.
        What we spend in money is relative to our income as a rule of thumb: if you
overspend, your path is unsustainable, no-matter how much credit you have. Someone on
one million £$ a year who uses a car is more likely to have a new one, as opposed to
someone on state support who needs a car, who will have an old one.
        When we imported the credit culture from the new-world (America) in the last
century, the days of saving for something we really wanted became a thing of the past.
The saving time was also thinking time: do I really want/need this? With credit, it‟s a
case of: I want, I get, I buy now pay later! It‟s the same story with materialism. Society
discourages thoughts about the meaning of life because it‟s anti materialistic. When was
the first time a politician or reverend was asked by a press interviewer to express an
opinion on the point of our one and only life? How many books have you read by
billionaires suggesting their meaning of life? Remember you, not anyone else, YOU, as
it is you who will go down the tunnel at some time in the future. You don‟t know what‟s
down the tunnel, and you don‟t believe anyone else does either, because we are operating
under a belief system created by society‟s establishment.
        Imagine you accept for a moment that time is relative and you can go down the
tunnel and return to the human body you have now. No, seriously, go on – just suspend
your manufactured belief for a while (using your right brain hemisphere). I use the
expression „going down the tunnel‟ as many people who have experienced near-death
experiences – or have died on the operating table only to come back – describe a tunnel
they go down with a light at its end: the expression „seen the light‟, and all the other
derivatives, originate from people‟s experiences of this „mind‟ event.
        So if you are sitting comfortably, we will begin. Imagine you are going down the
tunnel. In the tunnel you experience a feeling of calm, like the feeling described by the
living prior to transition (death). The word calm has many meanings, none of which –
none of which – come close to meaning stressful, or fearful, or in pain. Prior to death,
pain disappears, as it was never there in the first place: only the conscious material
brain‟s perception of it. Pain is a signal from the brain to the mind.
        Okay, imagine you are in the tunnel feeling calm, heading to the light… you are
drawn to the light… your thoughts are about the light… not what‟s in the light or what is
beyond the light once you enter the light because the light is a new experience to you and
nothing but the light is all you can think of as you are drawn to it… an un-blinding light,
the light cannot be stressed enough…
        Our Being‟s purpose on this planet was to seek enlightenment, as we have been
distracted by the semantics of rapport and education and society from our Being‟s
primary purpose we seek to be unburdened, therefore we don‟t want to contemplate
looking back over our shoulder from whence we came. Had it been the case you
experienced joy and peace free of pain, you would also want to go down the tunnel into
the light. As it is, those who maintain the belief system they had prior to entering the
tunnel of light, don‟t want to reverse out of it, they want to be free of it.
        As you go down the tunnel into the light, you become aware of other people;
people from your past life that you loved. As well as these people, you see other people.
Then you realise they are not people – they only appear as you would want people to
appear in this place. You are in joy at seeing these other people too, as they also give you
the feeling you have when you are reunited with loved ones. It is explained to you, in a
way you believe to be true with no doubt, what the meaning of your physical life was on
Earth, where you came from as a Being to your mother‟s womb, and where you were
supposed to return to. Upon being made aware of this, you pass through the light, causing
all this information to be transferred to your unconscious/conscious equilibrium mind
(not your head/brain), in the same way many dreams disappear after the light of day, the
surreal remainder only to fade in time.
        The end………..
        This is the reason we must be kept consciously preoccupied by the established
order (the d/v?l finds work for idol/idle hands). “Darling, what‟s the meaning of life?”
“Not now, love, I‟ve too much to do!”
        Beings who enter the light and are returned to their human body in general terms
are less materialistic; they think more about their purpose and other people. There are
numerous books about people who have experienced near-death experiences. A few who
are returned after a near-death experience are even upset at being returned. Finally, those
who haven‟t a clue can become depressed after not seeing the light of… seeing the light!
The last sentence will make sense to those who had their heart stopped for a medical
intervention, afterwards to experience depression.
        Our government makes a lot of money from mobile phone companies and taxes
related to them. Tele-communication companies make a lot of money from landlines also.
The media inform us of how much British Telecommunications make per second in
profits. There is a vast industry related to communication via a physical means. Many
times in your life you will be thinking of someone when – surprise surprise! – the phone
rings and guess who‟s on the other end of the call? (Conscious memory is selective.)
There is conscious communication and – you know what‟s coming next! – unconscious
communication. One means of communication that creates wealth and can be controlled
and promoted by government, and another which can‟t, and must be ridiculed and
suppressed by government – pay £$ attention.
        As our world since civilisation (or stage two) came into being is geared for
creating wealth and power and controlling power which creates more wealth,
unconscious communication is suppressed and ridiculed unless it‟s helpful to those who
seek to control us. Unconscious revelations to religious prophets are good for business for
those in the business of control. Mainstream education doesn‟t have a meditation
curriculum because the source of that information can‟t be controlled.
        Crop messages are physical uncontrolled communication to the masses of this
World, so ridicule is attached to our educated belief programme. Gene Roddenberry was
the creator of many storylines in the television programme called „Star Trek‟, and the rest
is history. Had it been the case that people thought to themselves, “this programme is a
load of crap/rubbish”, it wouldn‟t have achieved the success did – and still has („Star
Trek – The Next Generation‟, Star Trek – Voyager‟ etc). This is due to a combination of
both unconscious and conscious communication. We as humans will glance up at the
stars on a beautiful evening if we have time, and ponder. When in need of inspiration we
will unconsciously look to the heavens; if we don‟t consciously get any inspiration, we
will put our head in our hands as we face the Earth‟s core.
         Mr Roddenberry sat in with a small group of people, along with a woman called
Phyllis V Schlemmer. Phyllis went into a deep trance meditation and communicated via
the true nature of the mind with beings who described themselves as Aeons. An aeon is a
period of time or the highest form of Celestial power – spiritual entities created from the
Divine Presence. These beings reside in an area of outer space where there is perpetual
motion: super conductivity is the name science gives to temperatures that are so cold
there is no resistance to motion or time. The information Gene received from these group
meetings were put into the scripts; many of which we have seen on TV. Regardless of
what viewers thought of the TV shows and the films and spin offs (as well as other space
type films), we as human-Beings are fascinated with the thought „we are not alone‟. We
should be more fascinated with the material evidence on this world that show us we
aren‟t alone – crop circles.
         Mr Roddenberry‟s programmes – showing Captain James T Kirk, Spock and
Bones being de-materialised only to re-materialise on another planet – seemed farfetched
back in a time when they were first made. There is no longer the belief with the masses
that Earth is the centre of the universe and religion‟s God‟s soul purpose is our
continuation upon it.
         It was in the 1940s when humanity increasingly became aware of visitors from
other worlds. We were busy again fighting for political territory, as Mr Hitler wanted
more than was good for him. Adolph had many goals – a united European super-state for
a start. The Germans built large battleships; they also built an aircraft carrier – where this
flattop sailed has caused the powers-that-be to suppress knowledge of its existence. We
are educated to believe our planet is solid to its molten core; all the evidence presented to
us supports this claim. We should ignore the fact that when something spins, like a
washing machine for example, it throws mass to its outer limit; when water goes down
the sink it starts to spiral doing the same thing; finally, scientists who suggested a hollow-
earth are also ignored and ridiculed, just like anti-manmade global warming scientists. Mr
Hitler‟s flattop sailed where oceans don‟t exist, crewed by people who aren‟t there.
Adolph wanted a technological advantage to use against his enemies on the surface. The
Earths poles are controlled by the military for our safety (health and safety). The media
recently stated there were going to be restrictions put on cruse ships, as too many of them
were going near the earths poles – now the ice is melting.
         Surface fighter and bomber pilots of WW2 reported seeing lights in the sky (foo
fighters). As the years and technology moved on, it became increasingly unsustainable
for powers-that-be to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses. Again, the nemesis of
those who are addicted to power is revealed – there‟s nothing new under the sun apart
from technological advancement. Religious and political rituals are set in time, on a
planet that‟s in constant motion in space. Those who are supple in body are open with
mind to visitors from more advanced civilisations than ours: we can only go as far as the
moon with our fossil fuelled spacecraft (IF we ever got there!). It is the corruption and
addiction of power to suggest to the masses that no extra terrestrial Beings have been in
contact with Earth surface warring governments. This book is about more than our
primary purpose as its subtitle suggests: it explains the nature of suggestion – with this
knowledge, we can choose to remove the wool from our eyes… or not.
         A second quick chapter summary. The created/attached belief is that our world is
solid to the core and visitors from other worlds may exist but there is no material
evidence as yet. Anyone who talks about extra-terrestrial visitors and our Earthly primary
purpose has lost the plot. Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek scripts, wasn‟t an
idiot because his programmes are all make-believe. Back on our real world, after the dark
age‟s spacecraft visited making and doing ? in the fields of Wiltshire, more so now at
convergence. End of summary.
         In the book of words that‟s worshiped by the leaders of the empires, there is
mention of Sons of God and Daughters of Men. Our leaders have to remain attached to
this book (bible) because of the template; the template can‟t be deviated from or our
programme will be rejected. The leaders have to buy religion.
         Those who gave counsel to humanity at the meeting place of Megiddo are a threat
to those who create deception. The creators of the book of words pulled the wool over the
eyes of humanity, and battle ensued – the battle of human against human, as it is today.
Religion against religion, political territory leaders against one another, republican
against democrat, labour against conservative… nothing new, only a sequel.
         Our planetary convergence is good from a Matrix perspective, as the planet rages
and the architects of chaos continue to think with their brains. The masses will think/say
to themselves, “the pursuit of materialism isn‟t everything”. The reduction in the quality
of life needed to create the money to feed the bureaucrats will be outweighed by the true
cost. At no stage will the leaders of the present World say to their workers/masses,
“listen up people, we have something very important to say. We, your leaders, past
and present, who compounded the suggestion to you that you should worship our
God and that you would be happy if you had money to buy toys to play, with have
got it wrong!”
         THE END?
         This convergence has not only come about by our conscious decisions, the
unconscious mind that our system of control endeavours to suppresses can‟t be
suppressed. The renaissance of: scientific learning, art and literature in Europe from
around the fourteenth century to the sixteenth is also well known for the religious
suppression by holy mother-fucker church. The inquisitions modern name is the „Sacred
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith‟. What this planet was created for cannot be
suppressed by an unnatural union of politically motivated religious men‟s doctrine, and
the reality of truth, the natural rule of law, will prevail.
         Ideas and the like come to us via the mind – eureka! It came to Archimedes when
he stopped thinking consciously for the answer. The mystery of the mind to the conscious
thinker will remain so. The mind in a state of equilibrium free of programmed thought is
only restricted by the imagination. Thoughts have come to the minds of humanity since
our seeding on this planet; we have thought ourselves to where we are today. Few or
many may think there is something in this book… who knows? Society‟s old people will
think it a load of rubbish – there‟s no fool like an old fool because society‟s old fools are
physically set in their ways (touch your toes with your legs straight), they are stiff old
dogs who can`t learn new tricks.
         Any thought you have that you go on to require a patent for will be assessed for
its military use in your political territory before you can go on to make money from it.
The scientific mind of past and present had ignored the natural laws of creation in equal
measure to the other architects of convergence. Of the three variables – choice,
equilibrium and sustainability – choice is the one that the architects of catastrophe
suppressed in favour of power and fame and honours. No thought has been given to
where the thought came from, or the messages upon the fields of the shire. The messages
in the fields have more than one purpose. Those who pursue materials purpose won`t
know the purpose of crop circles, our programmers know their purpose and their Origin.
Our programmers, when given the choice, didn‟t choose wisely; valuable lessons weren‟t
learnt, the visitors that don‟t twirl the crops made contact with men, and knowledge was
exchanged in an atmosphere of mistrust. The civilisations of John‟s „Revelation‟ – the
Twenty Four elders – didn‟t intervene, as this would interfere with our freewill and break
the natural law of creation. Those that made contact with Earthmen broke the law and
didn‟t make it past stage two of their evolution on their planet, seeking another planet to
call home. As with the movie „War of the Worlds‟ it isn‟t a simple matter of screwing up
your own World and going to another. Species evolves on a planet loading a programme
in their DNA an anti-virus programme. This programme was created by the creator of the
Matrix: if you don‟t follow the Matrix programme, deletion is inevitable. Government‟s
health-services-inc give us inoculations to suppress our immunity to this World; our
World leaders are immune from prosecution by men.
         The elders of Twenty Four will not permit another civilisation to take over our
world; humanity‟s potential nemesis remains to be humanity itself. It‟s our government
that suggests UFOs are not a threat to national security, and government suggested UFOs
don‟t exist – which is true as the U stands for unidentified!

Chapter Summary
To summarise this chapter from the present, to past, to present.
        Today, the masses have access to mobile phones that can record images, video
and DVD cameras etc and a multitude of terrestrial TV channels eager for viewers. The
aforementioned evolution of technology grudgingly forced our programmers to admit, in
2006, that, “craft from Worlds unknown have visited Earth and their motive and origin is
unknown. They do not pose a threat to national security”. This remains the official line.
        In the 1940s, when very few people had portable cinematography, the few private
recorded films of visiting spacecraft could be dismissed easily. Back in time centuries
further, the public were a religious, superstitious lot that were more easily led. To return
to the present. The public are less religious and less superstitious, being educated with a
scientific world view. Due to the reality of suggestion the public remain reticent about
discussing crop circles and their creators. A fearful public remain easily shepherded, but
when the public become aware of how the shepherding is done they won‟t be so keen to
be led. The template can‟t be altered, the golden rule must remain or the programme can‟t
be attached.
        I will return to the subject of visitors to our World when I delve into the
human/Being. There is nothing alien with regards to ET, where do you think the
human/Being originate?
                              CHAPTER THIRTEEN
                            GOING DOWN THE TUNNEL.

The society we are living in is a product of what society psychologically suggests to us is
true and right.
        Society suggests to us, through our attached to the psychological programme
parents and our education x-3 system and our laws, that illegal drugs are bad for us and
the reason why they‟re illegal is for our protection! (Law of reversed effect.) In the UK
there is a mushroom that grows legally in the wild called the „Fly Agaric‟; it‟s an
hallucinogen and intoxicant that affects the nervous system. The dictionaries‟ suggested
definition of „hallucinate‟ and „imagine‟ are pretty much the same: „seeing or imagining
something that isn‟t there‟. Religious prophets see and hear unreal things too. The
obotenic acid is the toxin in the mushroom that alters our interpretation of this reality.
Introducing a toxin can be a radical and potentially catastrophic thing to do to our
physical body/container. Just because we interpret the world as being real, this doesn‟t
mean it is. In the same way religion and politicians suggest their course of action is the
only way. The World/ reality we are living on could also be pulling the wool over our
         One night before I went to bed to enter the unconscious, I consumed a quantity of
these mushrooms. This was the first time I had consciously done so. I wanted to go down
the tunnel, or get out of the psychological box to find out what was beyond the light I had
seen years earlier in my non-toxin idle hands meditations. I fell asleep into the
unconscious; before that I was consciously thinking nothing was going to happen. A
couple of hours later I returned to consciousness aware my breathing had become more
rapid to its normal. I thought, “is this all that‟s going to happen?”
         My partner awoke, so I told her what I had done. She is still in a state induced
educated attached belief mode, therefore she was not amused with my actions.
         As conscious time passed, my breathing increased further and my heart rate began
to increase so far that I was concerned. The warning in the book about mushrooms was
clear: „do not eat any of these mushrooms – you may die‟. Smokers are used to reading
these suggestions on cigarette packets and don‟t take any notice as smokers die of many
non-smoking related things. I, on the other hand had taken my toxin in one big hit and I
was feeling its effect. As my heart began to bang on my rib cage at a speed I hadn‟t
experienced before, the thought did enter my mind that my Being could leave this human
body not to return to it again. Had I been of the belief that you only live once, I wouldn‟t
have taken the toxin in the first place; even so, I was still apprehensive at what may take
place. As the toxin took a greater hold of my material body, my mind was still aware of
everything that was going on in the house. My partner had got up out of bed and woke
my daughters, and there was talk of phoning the doctor – which was something I didn‟t
want to happen, I told her as much, so she didn‟t phone.
         As time went on I had none of the muscle twitching suggested in the mushroom
book. I was aware that I didn‟t want to move. My daughter tried to count me out of the
experience as a hypnotist would do with a client – being a hypnotist I was having none of
that! I told my daughter I was going down the tunnel and I would return, I was no longer
apprehensive. As more time passed I became aware that the line between conscious and
unconscious was becoming blurred. I thought, “this is a new experience – „equilibrium‟.
I had been put to sleep in my early years at the dentist and I had got drunk as a newly
formed adult, but this was different. I could hear all the commotion in the house in the
background, and I knew what was going on outside my sight and hearing at the same
time in an OOB (Out Of Body) kind of way. I was never interested in those who had
passed over (died) from life as society suggests it, entering the first spirit plain of the
afterlife – or to put it another way, entering religion‟s great unknown. I knew if I wanted
to communicate with them or see them, I could – because since they didn‟t know and
hadn‟t pursued their primary purpose before they transcended, they wouldn‟t know it
now. They would know materialism‟s theory was rubbish/trash and fatally flawed. You
take with you into the afterlife what you are consciously aware of in this life.
        The mushroom book also described a feeling of euphoria experienced by the
intoxicant. This feeling was due to what the person was experiencing in a state of mind
between human and Being, conscious and unconscious. I was aware from a conscious
perspective of my material family in the house being upset at my physical state of being.
To them, I was lying in bed motionless apart from my breathing. My euphoria was due to
the information I was receiving from an alternative source to the establishment‟s
doctrine, their education x3/newspapers/media and lifelong religious attachment. What
would make me happier than having all Bill Gates‟ or Donald Trump‟s multi billions of
dollars would be to go for a walk with my partner. If Bill or Donald have able bodied
partners they wouldn‟t be euphoric at the idea of going for a walk with theirs: Bill and
Donald would be made aware of something relevant to their reality, causing their feeling
of elation.
        My partner has been confined to a wheelchair due to me crashing my motorcycle
a number of years ago. The information I was being made aware of was how a change of
mind on her part could change her present attached belief, creating a change at a cellular
level in her body. This would lead to her body reproducing new undamaged cells to
repair her spinal cord, as opposed to her body reproducing new damaged ones. It takes
around seven years for the body to totally replicate itself. All my partner had to do was
renew a small part of spinal cord allowing sensation to return. I was so elated at how such
a simple thing would lead to creating happiness in her as well as in my own quality of
        We can all change our mind in a split second an aeon; all we need is a reason to
do so. Civilisation‟s tradition is not to change the programme, not to change the created
belief. Had I been released from this toxin-induced body state when I was euphoric, I
would have said to her, “all you need to do is change your mind, darling, sweetheart!” A
fanciful idea, but I wasn‟t released for one simple reason: she wouldn‟t have believed me.
She would have had a copious amount of doubt. I therefore wasn‟t released. Had our
roles been reversed, I wouldn‟t have believed her either – all men/wimen (women) are
created equal: she would have to take her own journey.
        People describing the buzz they get when doing something dangerous, or the
feeling they get at the height of sexual pleasure, can‟t put it into words exactly how it
feels. The over-inflated oxford English dictionary is useless at important times in our
lives at describing feelings of rapture. My heart was going to burst out of my chest with
these feelings, and my lungs couldn‟t get enough air. I was aware as these feelings
continued that I was becoming less aware of my conscious surroundings and material
body, I drifted into what observers of the intoxicated person and the mushroom book
described as a „death-like‟ sleep.
        From the perspective of being in a state of sleep, you are unconscious, therefore
you are in the unconscious. I had taken a toxin when I was conscious and I had drifted
into a semi conscious equilibrium state; now I was totally unconscious and fully aware of
it – I was experiencing the Matrix!
        I was in a wonderland of sorts, going along the yellow brick road at a pace that
was too fast for my liking. I wanted my primary purpose, and I wasn‟t going to be
disappointed. The battle of the skin, flesh and bone that clothed me was about to be
revealed. The battle the warrior Beings refused to fight and the settler Beings sat out, the
nomad Being also walked away from this battle. But it couldn‟t be avoided any longer. In
the book of words (bible) the first big battle between men took place at Megiddo. The
authors of the book of words were addicted by power and the visions of the prophet‟s
were used for profit. The most important statement in the bible and all the other main
religious policy documents was omitted, causing humanity to entrap itself in a spiral of
repetition on a planet that humans legally cause to deteriorate, according to the political
party programmers. Religious books give their interpretation of a prophet‟s interpretation
so we could have our interpretation which is different to someone else‟s interpretation.
All I am going to write is this: choose to follow the example of the planet, equilibrium,
and you will find your interpretation as it‟s only your interpretation that matters to you.
         A drug induced interpretation isn‟t sustainable, as the choice variable is removed.
The three variables of choice, equilibrium and sustainability. Like the template for
successful suggestion must be retained. Many a druggie‟s Being has looked down upon
their human body as it lay motionless in a drug induced final state of being, screaming at
it to regain consciousness. Physical toxin programmes of uppers and downers circulating
through every part of their physical human body that in previous fixes had changed to
cold turkey, this time would result in transition. Suddenly a druggie‟s wonderland entered
into by addiction/toxin is revealed in its true reality.
         “Oh fuck/shit, give me one more chance in this present life!” says the druggie.
         “Too late, mate/buddy, you‟re a flat-liner!” says the Being in the light, the
transition from human-Being to Being. “Take the first door you come to once you go
beyond the light – that‟s where you‟ll get another physical container. You‟ll have to wait
a while, because everyone who went up the unsustainable fast-track drug-induced ladder
of life has slid down the snake again back to where they started! Human-Beings have
been going round in circles,” says the Being in the light to the newly transitioned druggie.
          Political party power addicts will belittle themselves in the eyes of the masses
they programme, in order to stay in power, before their undignified end.
         My journey in the unconscious had a beginning and an end. I wished for it to end,
and many times when I thought it was at an end it went back to the beginning again. A
mental state of euphoria has its opposite. I had a descent into a mental state of being that
for me was hell. The present life I had lived was being repeated at a pace that was as real
as any given conscious moment of time. I was reliving this life only, as this life is the
only one that matters. What I had done in previous lives was in the past, and what I had
done in this life was also in the past as it is only the present that matters. From birth to the
preconscious state of awakening from this toxin, took from my perspective the same
amount of time it takes to inhale and exhale one breath. I had a binary time perspective.
As this life was being constantly relived in my toxin induced stupor, each time I reached
the point where I thought I would break the cycle, it started all over again. It‟s bad
enough for our life to flash before us once when we think we are about to die, I was
reliving it time and time again in a way which allowed me to analyse the choices I
regretted I had made and do nothing about them.
         I knew, as this drug induced repetitious experience went on, that there was no
escaping from it. I thought I may have transcended from an overdose of the mushrooms
and I was now in the afterlife going round in circles. When something is no longer
bearable we pass out – it‟s a safety mechanism created by the creator of the Matrix. I was
reliving my lifetime in a flash before me time and time again, as it normally passes in the
unconscious. I couldn‟t pass out. I was analysing the experience and then I became aware
of my experiences from another perspective.
         As a small boy going to Sunday school I visualised society‟s manufactured god.
He was an old man with a long white beard and robes sitting on a throne – a bit like
Tolkien‟s Gandalf the white. As my body grew up, I turned my back on society‟s god. I
was aware of another God: this one was energy, light and dark, positive and negative,
everything is made of energy (matter). This Creator was feeling my pain as I was
experiencing the Creator‟s pain: pain brought about by the establishment‟s big lie. I knew
society‟s god was false, a fairy-tail to be attached by the template and compounded to the
conscious only educated thinking material logical flock, an idol god for idle worship. I
knew and experienced that materialism was false, money didn‟t make me happy, I
believed in an afterlife. I knew how psychological suggestion works on the mind; I was
out of the mould in which society was cast (educated).
         Each time I awoke I found I was still asleep, until the cycle stopped. I was lying
on my side and it was daytime as I lay motionless, looking across the bedroom, awaiting
the cycle to start again. Which it didn‟t. A feeling I was going to be sick entered my mind
and I was glad to have this feeling as I knew the cycle was at an end. I got out of bed and
vomited down the toilet – there were no mushrooms in the vomit as they were vomited on
my pillow earlier. I went through to the lounge where the rest of the family were. The
next few hours consisted of vomiting, spitting and crying like the seven year old child we
all are in our physical container. The World would no longer be the same to me
         No wonder drugs are illegal!
         I had sought my primary purpose, and the truth: I had found both. I knew what I
had experienced was my true reality, as it felt real and true in a way that has no doubt: no
religious faith and constant compounding of suggestion was necessary. The truth can
only be experienced. Other people can only give you their interpretation‟s definition of it.
You will only know the truth when you experience it yourself. Choice equilibrium and
sustainability, let your mind be your guide not the good book (bible) written by their god
and edited by their king.
         My vomit was due to the legal toxin; the crying was due to experiencing a reality
I was not mentally ready for. I saw part of a bigger picture that expanded as I looked at it
with my mind‟s eyes. It took over a year to come to terms with my experience of that
night; many months of thinking I shouldn‟t have looked. Ignorance is bliss, as religious
programming suggests: as with leading a horse to water, the saying is false. I‟m no longer
entirely ignorant and I have no escape from my knowledge as there is no need to escape
from it. Society has created a society in which people want to escape by taking drugs.
When alive, we are treading water in a sea of time; when we die, which we have all have
done so many times, we slip below the surface awaiting another body to continue the
journey, a journey that was designed to go beyond this World (crop circle creators). To
live a life in denial or educated ignorance would entrap a soul/Being/mind in the first
spirit plane of the afterlife. To accept the responsibility of our individual actions would
lead us beyond this darkest plain.
         As the months passed I accepted with joy this knowledge, and I accepted I was
wrong to take a toxin induced shortcut, a meditation/ trance/ daydream /default-network
approach is gradual. All this planetary experience is not a hell on earth, we have created
that with our bureaucracy and belief systems. When we exited the womb of our mother,
in our small, growing container, our parents had to fill in our paperwork called a birth
certificate. We grow up and fill in our parents‟ death certificates when their containers
give up the ghost. Society‟s compounded suggestion creates the belief in us that we must
make sure the paperwork is done. The book of words in its entirety isn‟t a load of
rubbish/trash, when the pages that were created to trap Being too human are removed, it
would be a quick, memorable good read. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, and all
that! The proof of the pudding is in our quality of life…
        How‟s yours?

                             CHAPTER FOURTEEN
                                   DEAD AND GONE

Being buried alive was a toxin free experience!
        I chose to do it out of a hunger for more knowledge. I had access to all the props
needed – again, I had no books to read-up on the subject beforehand, nor did I need them
(education x3).
        „Sensory Deprivation‟ is the scientific big name for the experience. I knew going
without food wouldn‟t be a problem, as I had gone without before for a week. Start the
day with a good breakfast, then all the other daily meals etc is society‟s suggestion. I had
a coffin shaped container with enough room to turn from one side to the other; 18 metric
inches high, it was around 7ft long (my material container is 6ft), and it was a little bit
wider than shoulder width. I fed a garden hose from the coffin into a forty litre tank of
water above the casket, from which I could drink; and I put a forty litre water tank under
the floor of the coffin – well, I had to urinate!
        The thought of the solitude, darkness, confinement and any other perceived
inconvenience paled into insignificance due to my thirst for more knowledge from an out
of the box non-government/religion controlled cosmic source. The casket was entombed
in sand (which was in the farm building stored for building work in the future). Needless
to say my partner and daughters thought I was off my head, as they still think with their
conscious, educated brains. We didn‟t tell our last born child. My main concern before
entering my tomb was to make sure my partner would get my daughter to dig me out
after my appointed time: I didn‟t want to be tortured with this doubt.
        I had an air pipe at my head and one at my feet; I didn‟t have a means of force
venting the air through, which was just as well. When I had constructed the tomb I tested
it out by crawling into it through a small door at one end. This door had a piece of string
attached to it. When I was entombed I would pull on the string closing the door at my
feet. I also had another piece of string which I would pull on – this was attached to a
control lever in the cab of the farm digger. I positioned the farm digger with around a ton
of sand in the front bucket above my entry tunnel. When I pulled the other string, gravity
would do its work, causing the sand to block any means of a change of mind on my part.
I was happy with my work and didn‟t perceive any problem with its construction.
        Two days before I went into the tomb I stopped eating food to allow that part of
my body to shut down. On a Sunday evening, before my establishment suggested forty-
second birthday, I went into the tomb for ten days, as that was the number of days I had
unconsciously decided on. I kept on my shorts and a T-shirt, and climbed into my
sleeping bag, pulling closed the wooden door. I took hold of the string that was attached
to the digger lever, at which point I thought to myself, “there‟s no point it thinking about
this”, so I pulled on the string…
        I listened as the sand fell on top of the entry tunnel.
        (“Oh, fuck!” Only joking!)
        The planet we are living on has many natural distractions and civilisation created
many more, the present one being materialism (“I have to do it, we need the money”). I
had created an environment for myself which would reduce as much as possible the
civilised distractions, the human/ Being had entrapped the material human, not the Being.
        My stomach had been empty for the previous two days so I was no longer feeling
hungry: hunger passes after around four hours. I was already in a relaxed mind state.
Materialism‟s attached people have to have meals to keep their conscious brains working.
I was warm enough and I had enough to drink, what more could a body ask for?
        As time passed, I gradually lost track of it. I had to make a conscious effort to
drink, which in itself suggested something to me: a programme. Apart from having a
drink and having a leak there wasn‟t much to do – the contrast from a life on the surface
in the free western civilised world couldn‟t have been greater. I was lying there, being a
right lazy bastard. I didn‟t know when it was going to happen or what it was going to be,
I only knew or believed something was going to happen. Days passed…
        When in the coffin you imagine you are out of the coffin. Tasks I found mundane
on the outside I found in the inside advantageous, as they provided the best distraction to
the present predicament. I found this amusing and typical of cosmic humour. I used to get
bored with walking the dog, as it was a chore that had to be done – the dog walked itself,
like a soldier into battle. In the coffin I would walk the dog many times.
        After another few perceived days, I had a psychotic experience (the definition of
psychosis being: severe mental derangement involving loss of contact with reality).
Society‟s reality is an illusion when experienced from an anti-establishment perspective. I
wasn‟t concerned. I went into my manufactured tomb/box in the knowledge that
politicians lie to adults, and parents lie to children, Santa, materialism, and the war to end
all wars.
        This psychotic episode came upon me when I was exerting myself turning round
in the confined space. The lack of oxygen to my brain had the same effect on my body as
the effect a Tibetan monk would seek to replicate by tying a cord tight around their neck
in a meditation. In numerous media report, viewers have been told about youths giving
one another a high with strangulation – the youth receiving the strangulation got the high,
not the one doing it.
        I was breathing in my own poison. When lying still my body had enough oxygen,
but when I tried to curl into a ball to put my feet where my head was and vice versa I was
using too much air. I thought if I was to breathe in from the air pipe at my feet, I would
get fresher air as this pipe had a shorter distance to the surface. I became aware as all the
pushing and shoving was going on that I was exerting myself, and starting to panic at the
thought of becoming stuck in an uncomfortable position. If I did get stuck there was no-
one to help straighten up my body to the position it was in before. I did straighten myself,
at which point I threw up (vomited), causing my body to breathe faster. I had not
expected that.
        I could see a flash of light in the blackness as I gasped for air, and thought
someone had started to dig me out of the tomb. I stared at the side of the tomb to see this
flash of light again. I was gasping and looking. I could see myself in another place,
completely alien to me. At this point I was totally consumed with this vision – or, if you
have a religious attachment, I was totally consumed with this hallucination. I became
totally detached from the reality of my physical body being in the tomb:
association/disassociation. I was now in a large building or cave with no windows; there
was enough light to see what was in the building yet there were no lights visible to
illuminate it. It entered my mind that maybe I had been physically removed from the
tomb and placed in a hospital building, only to regain consciousness when there was no-
one else around. I thought that at some point someone would come along and tell me
what had happened to my tomb adventure – a nurse or someone. My main focus in the
intervening time went to looking at the objects in the building.
        The way our mind works is like this. As we experience things and events in our
life we store the picture information in our memory to draw on it in the present with our
conscious and unconscious mind search engines. The conscious search engine is very
limited, that‟s why people keep diaries and write short notes and take pictures. These
physical memory aids trigger more memories from the unconscious total recall search
engine. In the same way deja-vu is consciously triggered when we enter/see an
environment in the present we associate from our past. Society creates/manufactures our
present beliefs to suppress our total recall. We are not surprised when we see a car or an
animal because we have seen cars and pictures of animals before, even if the car is a new
prototype or the animal is in the flesh.
        In my tomb psychotic experience, everything I was looking at I had no memory of
and I hadn‟t a clue what its purpose was for either! I found this to be strange. I walked
around picking up objects and looking at them wondering what their purpose was. I
believed they were complete in appearance, not parts of a larger machine. I went to
another part of the building to study more of what seemed to me to be an endless array of
new objects awaiting collection.
        As time went on I realised this was no Earth place, which led me to believe that
no human had taken me physically out of the tomb. While this thought went through my
mind I was worried yet happy at being physically out of the tomb, but perplexed at not
knowing where I was, especially when there was nothing familiar around. But even while
that thought was going through my mind I realised I was still in the tomb after all – hyper
ventilating – and in this other place too!
        I was in a mental state of equilibrium!
        This equilibrium couldn‟t be replicated by a toxin. With a toxin programme we
are unaware of our physical body because the toxin suppresses the conscious mind totally
– we are unconscious. This non-toxic mental equilibrium state was good, as I retained
choice. As I analysed the situation I said to myself, “I must slow down my breathing as
its present rate is unsustainable in a confined space.” I remained examining the objects, as
this was the it experience I had entered the tomb for in the first place. While I did so it
occurred to me that I was not alone. I could hear noises, as if two Beings were
communicating in the distance with each other. When I moved to where I thought the
noise originated, their noise and shadows moved to somewhere else. This went on until it
came to me that I was not supposed to meet with the source of the communication – the
source, however, knew of my presence.
        When we go to bed to exit consciousness and enter the unconscious reality of
sleep, we don‟t dream of lifeforms on other Worlds. This isn‟t because we have been
educated (programmed) to believe we are the only intelligent life form in the cosmos. If
we did dream of other more advanced Beings than us, this would suggest something to
us. The master programme is just that we are on this Earthly reality: is our consciousness
cosmic a suggestion? If it wasn‟t, and we dreamed of lifeforms on other Worlds, we
would go en masse to see crop-circles and tell the government to piss off!
        After spending a length of time looking at these objects and chasing the source of
moving shadows, I decided to adopt a different approach. In dreams of childhood and
dreams of the past prior to working towards equilibrium, my dreams were in control of
me. When I fell down in a dream I did so in slow motion and had to wait until I hit the
ground. When I was running from something I did so likewise in slow motion, much to
my frustration. Taking greater control of my physical life and adopting an
equilibrium/planetary approach, this empowered me to have greater control of my dream-
world reality, too. When I fell down, I could stop. When something chased me I would
turn round and pull out a gun – not any gun, but a gun of my choice: it could have six
rotating barrels firing thousand of rounds per second with red and green alternating tracer
bullets as well as metal piercing tips. When I was awake from this unconscious dream
reality, I would ask my partner if she could do what she wanted to do in her dreams too –
no, she couldn‟t. I thought the natural progression, or next level to pulling a gun or any
weapon on a dream adversary, would be to stop running and allow the adversary to
confront me: I would have the power to defeat it – whatever it was.
          Returning to my tomb experience and the vision or hallucination (if you‟re a
religious reader), I was experiencing. My new approach to meeting the occupants of this
place was to move in a way people can‟t move in the real world but I could move in my
dream world. Prior to having my tomb experience, my variation on free running, as I
attempted to do so I found I couldn‟t! “What the ? is going on here?” I thought. As I was
getting nowhere with the it reality I was experiencing, I wanted out of this reality and
mentally back into the tomb. Had it been the case I was getting somewhere I would have
stayed. As I said out loud to myself in the light of the warehouse and the blackness of the
tomb, “let me out!” I was immediately out into the blackness of the tomb, with a smell
of sickness/vomit and a feeling of heat with no fresh air to breathe. The wet stickiness of
my predicament apparent, the visionary experience was gone!
          I never thought I would see the day when I experienced something of that nature
that I wanted to stop. Someone in a drug induced high doesn‟t want it to stop while they
are at the apex of the high. I was at my apex, and I could exit simply because there was
no toxin in my container. Exhausted, I thrust my nose in the direction of the air pipe near
my head in an attempt to get fresh air, but to my dismay there was none. The water pipe I
had been drinking from was longer than I needed, so I folded it back on itself and began
to rub it against the side of the tomb in order to cut it in half. The tomb was made of
concrete blocks that were abrasive. While I was rubbing the garden hose against the
blocks I thought that it would be nice to be back in the other visionary reality. I continued
to rub, and the task was quickly accomplished. When it was cut in two, I thrust the length
I had cut off up the air vent, and put the other end in my mouth. I sucked in air, which
was an improvement.
          The remainder of the tomb experience consisted of wanting to be removed from
the experience. Falling asleep into the unconscious would have passed the time, but this
proved near impossible. (Looking back on it now, I laugh at my lack of knowledge). I‟m
not a big fat soggin (obese person), the mat my sleeping bag was on was only 10mm
thick. If I did sleep I didn‟t know for how long and, my bones ached lying in one
position, no matter how often I turned the ache returned all too soon.
          After my experience in that other place with alien objects, and while I was still
incarcerated in the grave of my own devising. I was tormented by a state of mind I can
only describe as madness – whatever that is. Every now and again a feeling would come
on me that I could go insane. I viewed this mind state as a type of payback to the
information I had received from the it experience. I failed to see the point in giving in to
it, as it would be of no benefit, least of all financially (only joking!). I would still remain
in the box for what I believed to be another few days, only to exit as a madman. I have
seen movies with people in lunatic asylums – that state of mind is not for me. My present
state of mind is one of believing it is madness to pursue the establishment plot that is
leading to the political suggestion of global warming.
         I was determined to achieve equilibrium. When this feeling approached, I knew of
its source and its motive, and I was having none of it. Knowledge is power, and I was
empowered. I am my own therapist and hypnotherapist. A psychopathic murderer will
use the excuse, “the voices told me to do it”. Many times I have heard people describe
in the media how an event in their lives had “ruined/destroyed my/our life/lives!” – the
event being psychological in experience rather than having any long term physical effect
on their physical container. I don‟t buy that crap. What‟s the point in hanging on to
negativity even if you do get a monetary reward? There are no pockets in a shroud etc.
         I was determined to exit the tomb with the same sanity (or insanity, depending on
your interpretation of me!), I entered it with. A voice can talk or shout and go on and on
(my mother), it is the individual who has to do the deed or not. The only voices I hear
are the ones on the TV/radio and talking with other material people. When it comes to
hearing voices, be aware of the suggested state of the planet – that‟s where listening to
voices can get us. A negative suggestion must be compounded: go to school, go to
church, go to work… God told George W Bush to invade eye-rack – if that ain‟t the truth,
you can knock me down with a pretzel! Ha ha.
         The remaining days in the tomb were uneventful. Even the mental torment passed
when it became obvious to its source I was not about to succumb. When it came to the
day I thought I was going to be released, nothing happened. Thoughts went through my
mind that something had happened to my partner and daughters – terrorists could have
killed them! (Well, my farm insurance has a lot of writings on the policy document about
terror, so if they think it‟s possible!). No one else knew I was in here, entombed! As
evening approached I heard my name being called by my partner – it was the morning of
my release, not the evening of my conscious mind‟s day. I had been disorientated by
about eight hours over the ten-day experience. It took my daughter a long time to dig me
out – so long that she didn‟t go to school for her conditioning that day. I could return to
society‟s real world, the joke that is the free world, and the flock legally shepherded by
the sheep-heads and politicians, My Lord.
         The basis of society‟s belief system is the establishment friendly visions of
religious prophets/profits. Verse 16 chapter 666: ye shall know them by their fruit.
         How‟s your world? The purpose of this book – „Interpretation of Reality‟ – is to
encourage a reader to be their own prophet. I have given two examples of journeys in the
unconscious using radical means, neither of which society wants us to take ourselves.
Pictures of drug addicts show the toll drugs take on the physical container when the beast
is empowered within. The addict will not pass the first gate of the afterlife.
         It was my unconscious that first drew my mind to the thought of living in a tomb
for a short while – ten days. After a number of years choosing to meditate, I became self
aware (not state educated) of how the unconscious subtly communicates. Had I been
taught at school how to read, write, count and communicate with my unconscious, the
World wouldn‟t be in its present situation. The rule of thumb being, if it doesn‟t feel right
it isn‟t right – this is the natural law of the Matrix. If you have the feeling that politicians
and religion are telling you the truth, go with it: they will suggest to you that there is no
template, or it‟s just coincidence they use it.
         The items in my hallucinogenic visionary warehouse were created by those who
had progressed beyond our present state of evolution. Our great scientific minds in
society can‟t replicate the creation of the twirled crops on the fields of Wiltshire, nor
would they wish to do so at the present time due to the reality of suggestion.
         Da Vinci and others went beyond the „Ninth Gate‟ for their knowledge. The
reason we are on this planet has been put where we don‟t want to look; it‟s not where we
can‟t look, due to the choice variable. People choose to listen to the semantics of others,
therefore they don‟t know their conscious primary purpose. When we aren‟t doing
anything we become bored, a mental cosmic distraction. Our unconscious makes us
aware in its own subtle way; a way that doesn‟t interfere with our freewill, that our
conscious path is unsustainable. Have faith my child, have money my child, on both
counts we could have said no thanks, it doesn‟t feel right, but we chose not to.
         Before our Being came to this earthly World we made a contract, for want of a
better expression. By confronting and looking at self we receive knowledge of our
contract, our primary purpose. This knowledge is the key that enables us to go beyond the
first gate of the afterlife. When you know of the first, you will know of the Ninth. If there
is more we need to learn in this place/level/reality/velocity, we will return (past life
regression), or we may go to another place, or return directly „from whence you came‟,
when you‟re finished with this container. It‟s not only religious policy documents and the
laws of the sheep-heads that have distracted us – our fears have distracted us too.
         I don‟t like spiders, so I had one as a pet. I got it when it was a baby, much
smaller than a Scottish-wolf house spider. Having it walk over my hands when it was
small created familiarity. Every now and again it sheds its skin and emerges bigger: it‟s
around 100mm long now, and when it‟s fully grown it will be 200mm (or 8”). Allowing
my tarantula spider to walk over my body I empower myself: when the fear has gone, I
move on mentally richer and freer.
         The flock/material people suggest prison is a bad place we are fortunate to stay
clear of. Prisons are full, as society has created a society that imprisons itself, and
everyone who follows the shepherd is imprisoned in the first spirit plane of the afterlife.
It‟s not the case where you confront self and find your primary purpose then you drop
down dead. There is only death when there is a continued attachment to the nonexistent
death and taxes programme.
         I had been drawn to the subject of parachuting for a number of years. When
someone did a bungee jump, or Fred Dibnah the steeplejack was on top of a tall chimney,
I would be drawn to the height subject. When you jump out of a plane with a chute on
your back, there‟s a number of things you have to have attached to your unconscious by
the conscious – or as someone else may say, „your muscle memory‟ – just like the
walking programme.
         If a parachutist doesn‟t follow the para-jump-programme there could be a cock-up
on the way down. They have to exit the plane with their body and head face on to the
wind with their arms and legs far apart and their head back arching their back at the same
time. This enables them to drop to the ground chest first, encouraging the chute to open
freely behind them. Provided they attach to the exit programme, all they are doing is
reducing the opportunity for error. The pre-jump programme is compounded and
compounded, as is the civilisation programme – go to school, go to church and read the
newspapers every day.
        When we are in a state of fear, our master programme automatically draws in our
limbs and we want to curl up into a little ball: we have to choose to bypass this pre-
programmed response. At no stage in the ten or so jumps I have done did I do any jump
under physical pressure from another person. The only voice I heard was the instructor‟s.
On the way to the parachute club I could have been killed on the road, or slipped on the
soap in the shower and broke my neck any morning. Fred Dibnah (steeplejack) died in his
bed of cancer well away from any high steeple or chimney; he didn‟t fear heights, what
killed him was what he chose not to confront – his self.
        I hadn‟t totally confronted my fear of heights – familiarity breeds familiarity,
contempt kicks in later on. Exiting the plane was still creating fear with me. When the
chute was open it was like being on a rollercoaster ride; it wasn‟t a big deal. I had to do
more plane exits to get familiar. Travelling to the jump site was a pain and an expense,
(oil rich territory). If the weather was bad at the site or there was a big crowd of other
people wanting to jump, I might not get a jump that day, which happened frequently. I
wanted to get up in the sky under my own steam. After looking round the flight market, I
came upon Paramotors. These flying machines, when in flight, have a parachute overhead
with a motor attached to blades tied to your back. You run along the ground, which
causes the chute to rise up overhead while the motors blades pushed you forward faster
than the chute could slow you down; this causes the chute to lift your body up into the
        I had an experience one evening with my parachute when I was about 80 feet up
in the air. When people go on holiday to hot countries (other political territories), some of
them go to the beach and strap on a parachute with a rope attached to a speed boat; the
boat pulls them up into the sky and off they go – do you get the idea? I was doing a
variation on that theme with my parachute, being towed behind the farm quad-bike, just
for fun, before giving someone else a go. I did one practice run and it went fine. We went
back to the other side of the field to do it again before I gave the other person a go.
        The next time I was pulled up in the air with the bike, things took a turn that I
wasn‟t expecting. All the family was out watching as there was nothing new on the multi-
channel TV and it was our son‟s birthday. When I ate mushrooms and went to live in a
tomb I thought it out first and planned the day it was going to happen. I didn‟t plan it
when I went up in the air the second time and the chute collapsed at the flight‟s apex. I
was looking up, checking the canopy, when I shouted out, “oh shit!” I don‟t like
swearing in front of the kids, anyway, but I was on the way down – fast!
        I hit the ground on my feet, with my feet together as trained/programmed by the
parachute instructor, as opposed to a politician who suggests they will “hit the ground
running”. The force of the impact went up my legs causing them both to shatter between
my knees and hips. The top half of my body bent over, causing a spine bone to break a
chunk out of another spine bone; my head hit the ground, causing my brain to hit my
skull with such a force that my brain began to bleed inside my skull. I lay on the ground
and entered the unconscious.
        The first person on the scene was the guy who was driving the quad-bike. He
straightened up my twisted legs, and gave me a check-over as he and my daughter
followed instructions over their mobile phone from the emergency phone operator. I had
chest compressions to get my heart to start again – or so I was told, as I can‟t consciously
remember because as I say I was in the unconscious.
         I finally came back to consciousness, and spoke to the paramedic who arrived on
the scene. Soon after that I went up in the air again in the helicopter and off to hospital. I
was disorientated and didn‟t want to go – I remember shouting out to the crew because I
couldn‟t see the need: I thought I was okay. It took around ten minutes in the chopper, as
opposed to an hour and a half by road, to get to the hospital.
         At the hospital the next day, and on an empty stomach, I was legally given more
drugs while the surgeon drilled holes in my bones to put metal pins from my knees up the
centre of my bones to my hips. I was unconsciously aware of the work going on for a
time, but I wasn‟t interested. The anaesthetist had only suppressed my conscious mind: I
was aware of the „unconscious mind‟ after my hypnotherapy un-conscious education a
few years earlier. My unconscious was in a wonderland created by the hallucinogenic
intoxicant that is morphine – I wasn‟t on the face of this Earth.
         It‟s no wonder hospitals give this drug to people who are going to die of a disease
that hospitals can‟t cure. My would-be brother-in-law, before his transition into religion‟s
great unknown, while he was in hospital for the last time was injected with a big hit of
morphine into his material body to ease the pain of cancer. While he lay in bed close to
his transition he was unconcerned to see people floating round his bed – that was all he
got to say about his experience before his mother interrupted. He had forty years on his
life‟s clock. Society‟s old people love to say about medical science, “it‟s great what they
can do nowadays”.
         The wonderland that I experienced while the operation progressed was a place
without people or animals. Perception of colour is altered too. If you could use your
imagination and think of the movie „The Wizard of Oz‟. The movie starts off in black and
white before the main character goes to „Oz‟; when she gets there, it changes into colour.
The reality we are experiencing now (as you read this book) is in colour; when you get
out of the educated psychological box society hasn‟t created. you experience colour in a
way that makes our present reality‟s colours seem lifeless/colourless in comparison.
That‟s where I was – not „Oz‟ but in another reality, and I was having the time of my
unconscious life.
         But then, all of a sudden. I was back in the theatre, seeing and being myself on the
operating table as the surgeon put the drill into my leg bone. I felt the drill as it did its
work. I said to myself, as there was no one else in my unconscious reality, “do I want to
see and experience the operation or go back to wonderland?” I went into wonderland.
         I was drugged up for days after the operation. At no time was I fully conscious,
but I did experience in this consciousness equilibrium state people who aren‟t there. They
talked to me about the money they had donated when they were human-Beings to the
hospital to buy the bed I was in. I told my material family visitors (human-Beings) about
these non-physical visitors (Beings) in a drugged ramble of a conversation from one
subject to another. There was no point in me asking these Beings who weren‟t there for
material wealth at that time as they didn‟t take it (money) with them – educated ghosts!
         As my brain had sustained an injury, the hospital assessed my mental state of
being by asking me questions. At that time I was the only non-materialism candidate in
the Scottish election of 2007. The answers I gave were the reverse, upside-down, back to
front to what they should have been. When my partner was asked to comment on the
hospitals findings she said, “that‟s normal to him”.
         When I went to another hospital three weeks later, I received another drug called
„Tram-a-doll‟ (I have spelt it as it sounds). Again I could see dead people who weren‟t
there, walking around. At first I saw them in my peripheral vision consciously. When I
focused my vision, they weren‟t there. When the penny dropped with me that they were
ghosts, I was ready for whatever came along. I had no conscious memory of talking to
Beings in the first hospital – my partner told me about my first hospital rambling
conversations when I got home months later. The Beings I saw consciously with the drug
„Tram-a-doll‟ in the third hospital couldn‟t see me in the same way the average
materialistic attached person can‟t see ghosts. Only mediums/clairvoyants (all definition
of the word trance apply) are supposed to see them. The clothes these Beings wore came
from another era. The ones I saw the most were a boy and girl (young adults) who wore
blue uniforms like RAF personnel. When my body acclimatised to the dose I received, I
stopped seeing them walking around doing all the things they used to do when they were
alive human-Beings. At which point I asked the nurse for a bigger hit. But she said two
pills at a time was the max, so I stopped taking the drug.
         While I could see them I thought it would be fun to ask these Beings if they had
seen the pearly gates, or what was their meaning of life: I knew they didn‟t know, I don‟t
ask human-Beings that question either because they would think me daft/idiotic/stupid,
but it‟s okay to ask a ghost. I stopped all medication after five weeks or so of my own
freewill. My brain healed itself (personal interpretation) along with my backbone (body
heal thine self), the metal medical intervention in my legs is all that remains.
         I had an experience in my life that I was pleased to have had. Being in hospital
enabled me to observe human-Beings in their working environment and patents in theirs,
which was good. My school-age daughter was in a minor traffic accident a year or two
earlier that caused no injury to her or anyone else (the car was a write-off). The
policeman at the scene phoned for an ambulance. While the ambulance was taking her to
hospital, the paramedic, like the policeman, saw signs in her physical body and the
ambulance picked up speed and put on the flashing lights. Shock is an easy killer and my
daughter could have gone down the tunnel with the light at the end, all without sustaining
a physical injury: she didn‟t. She gets worked-up/stressed about minor things compared
to other people. The mind is the captain of the ship; control the mind and the rest will
         My mushroom, tomb, and hospital experience, had many similarities. My
daughter doesn‟t go near the edge of her nonexistent educated box. A soldier could have
said to the state at the time of the Great War, or World War II, or the war on terror, etc,
“I know how your template works. Take your suggestion and shove it up your ass,
you power addicted bastard! I‟m going to find my purpose!” Society suggests we
shouldn‟t do anything that‟s dangerous – health and safety and all that. But do as society
suggests and you won‟t know there is a box until your physical body is placed in one.
Many Beings don‟t go to their human body‟s funeral.
         When you travel down the tunnel you realise there is no death, no ultimate
sacrifice. There are those spiritual people who, like Aristotle, think the body is made of
four elements, but there is a fifth – knowledge. Any money I could have made from this
book I don‟t seek, nor do I accept for self or family. The problem with an excess of
money is it creates a problem. Money in the bank creates more money. Money under the
bed encourages the vermin that have attached to materialism‟s programme. Rich people
don‟t know the meaning of life because they are rich people. I have passed through the
eye of the needle upon a camel naked and returned: the publisher can keep the ten or
fifteen percent.
        Celebrity. I don‟t want that either. I want to travel without recognition and
politically motivated border restrictions. The political materialism programme and
religion‟s god programme have delivered a great distraction. „Praise the lord for rich
people, for they know the meaning of life! For your copy send your money today – this
offer must end soon! Limited stocks available! Don‟t think about it – do It!‟
        A Native American tribe of red Indian called the „Mandan‟ had a ceremony of self
torture called O-kee-pa, in which they put wooden stakes through their skin, attaching
ropes to the stakes. The ropes would be pulled up, suspending the Native American in the
air. By confronting the pain materialism programme, they received, according to their
beliefs, visions and powers from supernatural Beings. Our material beliefs require us to
have anaesthetics. The Mandan also had their beliefs about how their World was created.
The white-man‟s government outlawed the Mandan‟s ceremony in the 1890s – the new-
world‟s god who created the world in six days, God bless America.
        Pain is a signal from the brain to the mind. It can be stopped or diverted. In the
subject of hypnosis, the more a client wants to accept a belief the less a hypnotist has to
do to attach it. People will easily thrust out their hands if someone offers them money.
Civilised people go to work and to war because of their materialistic attachment. When I
was studying hypnosis I was made aware of accounts of soldiers injured on the
battlefields of the Great War. In those days, to alleviate pain in the field hospitals, gas
was used; on occasions, when the gas ran out, no one would notice if a soldier in obvious
pain was told to take a few deep breaths before falling asleep complied with the
suggestion. The nurse wouldn‟t be inclined to check the empty gas bottle due to the
patent‟s compliance (actions). Had it been the case where a soldier who was told to take a
few deep breaths said to the nurse, “I don‟t smell any gas,” or “I don‟t feel sleepy,” the
nurse would have had to check the bottle. The soldier, or someone in pain, is more than
willing to embrace a suggestion that can lead to no pain, provided both arms have not
been blown off in the warriors‟ war, as we have done with materialism‟s suggestion.
Material people only have the pain of school and employment. The big stage suggestion
that got the soldier there in the first place was more elaborate, to a hypnotist it was
suggestion to attachment by the same template, none the less (see Derren Brown‟s
television programme „The heist‟).
        Had it been the case a soldier was placed on the operating table and he heard the
nurse say to the doctor, “I can‟t smell or feel any gas coming out of the mask”, this would
have created doubt in the soldier. Doubt is the enemy of successful suggestion: that‟s
why materialism‟s suggestion is compounded to suppress our doubts. People don‟t go to
church for a few years‟ education of one religious policy document, as children do with
politicians‟ state school education, education, education programme. Religion‟s flock
follows religious education until they die (transcend): going to church every week, or for
compounded programming Muslims, every fucking day. At their transition they realise
they know nothing of their primary purpose. We know our actions are harmful to the
planet, and as you don‟t know how suggestion‟s template works, you can easily be
        Wheel in another soldier in pain for him to hear the nurse say, “when I place the
mask on your face, I want you to take a few deep breaths. You won‟t feel or smell the gas
as it‟s odourless and so strong you only need a tiny amount.” With doubt removed, the
surgeon and nurse are laughing. A verbal placebo, or our doctor‟s white pill placebo. A
patent says to the doctor, “this pill tastes awful!” The doctor replies, “yes it will, these
pills are very strong.” It‟s all the same, provided we want to believe it – and the
programme is delivered properly (my lord/sir), suppressing doubt. How‟s our World,
which is controlled by honourable intelligent great reverend expert people, doing?
         A successful suggestion must be convincing to bypass our critical-faculty. The
critical-faculty is nothing more than a state of mind. The use of hypnosis in surgery has
been discouraged in the free western world empires by our programmers simply because
it promotes self-empowerment. In the same way museums don‟t display artefacts that
suggest an alternative version of history to the one we were attached to.
         Thomas Alva Edison was the establishment pawn used to suppress hypnosis in
surgery. He was enlightened by his establishment controllers or establishment colleagues.
Modern TV medical programmes show its use. The multi technological media age. As
the public view anaesthesia-free surgery, they will ask themselves, “if they can do it, why
can‟t I?” A hypnotist knows that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. A hypnotist couldn‟t be
encouraged to bypass their critical-faculty in the operating theatre by another hypnotist,
as they know the true nature of suggestion.
         When I went to hospital to have the screws removed from my knee I had a „local‟
anaesthetic: this numbed the flesh, not the bone. I felt the screws being unscrewed. It took
suggestion on my part to have a local, rather than being totally unconscious as the theatre
performers prefer. My earlier suggestion of Hypno-surgery was refused by the surgeon as
he said, “it would be too painful.”
         A small section of society on the big stage called politicians/Reverends hypnotise
a large section of society, and the Matrix hypnotises everyone – this is the real world.
         An anaesthetist administers three different elements to a patent whilst the patent is
under anaesthetic; a close watch must be maintained on the patient, as the three require
variation. Two percent of people don‟t go fully under, and have to endure the pain,
causing a traumatic experience in them. For some, the anaesthetic itself can cause a
problem – or even death. Anaesthetics are a toxin.
         It was a toxin used by tribal jungle Indians on their poison darts to switch off the
muscles of the animals they hunted in South America that was replicated by modern
science to immobilise modern civilised western people in the operating theatre. Our
civilised early anaesthetics were given in such large amounts they caused many deaths –
Ether and Chloroform.
         There was a medium friendly story on the national television news one day about
a God fearing all-American man called Aron Ralston who went for a walk in the
mountains and got his hand inadvertently trapped under a falling rock. After six days and
nights contemplating his situation, he decided to cut off his hand (For bureaucrats reading
this, it was the hand that was stuck under the rock the guy was going to cut off, not his
free hand). After cutting off his hand, he walked out of the mountains for medical and
media/medium attention. The moral of this story being: when the choice is between
losing your life and losing your hand, the survival programme kicks in. The ultimate
mental distraction to the state of mind we call pain, is the fear of losing one‟s physical
        Aron went on to write a book about his experience called „Between a Rock and a
Hard Place‟ (where he got the title from, I don‟t know). He goes into detail about
breaking the bones in his forearm and cutting the tendons. The canyon wall was smeared
with his blood and flesh. The media like the 9/11 sound bite of Aron`s predicament.
Readers/listeners can think they can relate to Aron‟s situation, but they can‟t.
Readers/listeners interpret Aron‟s predicament from their comfort zone materialism
perspective. In six days, Aron had one litre of water – his scientific programming
suggests he needs three litres a day to live. He did drink his own waste (urine) as well.
        If someone jumped straight into a cold artic ocean, the first thing they would say
when they resurfaced would be, “fucking shit, it‟s cold!” But if, while still thinking about
the cold, they see in front of them a large fin belonging to a great white shark, and it is
heading towards them, the water suddenly won‟t seem cold anymore!
        The contrast between someone having a medical operation under anaesthetic and
someone having one under hypnosis and this guy cutting off his hand is this:
        1. The first person believes the operation will be painful and the anaesthetic will
switch off their conscious mind therefore eliminating pain.
        2. The second person believes the hypnotist can hypnotise them into feeling no
pain, when in reality the hypnotist is only encouraging them to bypass their own critical
faculty with the use of semantics (for semantics see political psychological suggestion).
        3. The third person walked into the mountain attached to society‟s big stage
hypnotist‟s programme with fixed beliefs (as were the other two). When the man got his
hand stuck, he had the belief that cutting off his hand would be painful therefore he will
have experienced some pain.
        Again, this book confronts the reader with the illusion they believe is reality: an
illusion created by the Matrix.
        Paramedics and surgeons have been trained not to discuss a patient‟s condition
while the patient is under anaesthesia, or unconscious at the scene of an accident due to
the unconscious mind‟s inability to be switched off. People have been unconsciously
programmed by hearing people discussing the state of their material body while they are
not in it consciously. For those who don‟t go fully under with anaesthesia, this is due to
anomalies created by the Matrix to encourage us to question our surroundings, which is
another reason for crop circles.
        The one national television programme I watched on hypno-surgery focused on a
man who feared the legal toxins called anaesthetics. His fear provided the incentive to
seek an alternative, which he found with hypnosis. This man had his stomach cut open so
the surgeon could push back in his hernia. The hypnotist sat by his side, talking into his
ear (read the press and go to religion for civilised programming). Words have power, and
the one word the hypnotist avoided like the plague in this situation was PAIN. The use of
this powerful word would cause the illusion to come crashing down around everyone‟s
ears. Expressions/suggestions such as, “you will be unconcerned as the surgeon begins”
and “you will be aware of what is happening and you may feel only a slight sensation”
are used, along with many others. Rapport and semantics are the tools of the hypnotist‟s
        The one word with power avoided by the big stage hypnotists is LIE. Big stage
hypnotists will use expressions such as, “the right honourable member is being
economical with the truth”, “the facts don‟t reflect my right honourable friend‟s
statement”, and “a disingenuous appraisal of the events in question”. Semantics from the
political hypnotist of the big stage, who got us in school and in the workplace and is
encouraging us to stay in a nonexistent psychological box.
        We choose to believe what we want to; society can only encourage and
discourage – this is due to freewill. When Aron Ralston got his hand stuck under the
rock, he will have done his utmost to remove it. In so doing he will have suggested to
himself, “I can‟t get my fucking hand out”. He had plenty time to assess his situation: it
was six days before he cut off his hand! A long time to focus his attention on the likely
course of action, and free from many civilised distractions. The thought of having to
remove the hand from his material body would have been contemplated early on; the
water situation would have been a major factor. Science had programmed him, and he
was a self confessed Christian believer. He was attached to programmes created by these
two belief systems, hopping from one programme to the other. Had it been the case that
something of a biblical nature took place, he would have been willing to talk about it to
the media at the time, and the media would have been keen/overjoyed to publicise it. As
it was, he was confronted by a delirious reality society wouldn‟t want us to hear about.
        REVELATIONS, Chapter 4 v.9: After I became stuck, I heard a loud crash of
thunder and I saw a light above. I saw before me a jasper upon a sardine stone with its
fingers up its nose. Around the jasper there were four and twenty seats. “Remove your
hand and thou shalt feel no pain, my child!” the jasper said unto me. And yea, it was true.
        Jesus experienced great pain when he had great nails driven through his hands (or
was it the flesh that clothed him? Or was it his wrists?) The soldier with no gas on the
operating table, and the man with the hernia operation, conspire to bring down society‟s
illusion of reality – as others will do so in the future. The signal we call pain goes to a
different part of the brain under hypnosis: all hypnosis is self hypnosis.
        The current medical profession are unsurpassed at compounding negative painful
suggestions to people such as: “this is going to hurt”, “let me know if it gets painful”,
“after a couple of days it won‟t hurt so bad when the swelling goes down”, “that looks
painful” and much, much more. When I lay on the operating table in the surgeon‟s theatre
to have my screws removed, the anaesthetist said unto me, “you‟ll only feel the needle
for the local”. I said unto her – Margaret was her name – “thanks for telling me”. The
pain programme is loaded at an early age by everyone, from a mother to a child when it
falls down, is only the beginning of a lifetime‟s programming.
        A parental conditioning (association disassociation) to pain is as follows: When a
small child hurts itself and begins to cry the parent says to it, “ah darling, did you hurt
yourself? Where‟s it sore? Let me kiss it better!” etc, and with many derivatives. These
parental suggestions go on to programme the kid about pain. Another parent in the same
circumstances who ignores the child‟s cries and pleas for help will create a different
interpretation to pain with that child.
        A street survey where people are hit over the head with a hard object that delivers
the same energy blow to everyone, who are then asked to give a score of one for no pain
to ten for very bad pain, would show different figures for different people, even though
the blow delivered the same energy. Pain is an individual interpretation thing. Peoples
from different cultures and territories have different cultural programmes, therefore,
different interpretations of what pain is.
        My dentist told me of his experiences working with people from different parts of
the World. Spanish people in general had a low pain tolerance, while Japanese people
didn‟t bother with an anaesthetic to the same degree. In Scotland the dentist will say to a
child, “I will rub some of this gel on your gum first so you won‟t feel the injection in
your gum so much!” The child feels and tastes the potion being applied. This is pain
        When someone damages their material body badly, quite often we hear this
expression when they talk about the event afterwards, “it didn‟t hurt at first, then the pain
set in”. According to science and our own experiences in life, when we stub our toe or
prick our finger the pain is instantaneous. Science knows the signal went to the brain,
science doesn‟t know where it goes to after that as science can‟t examine the mind. The
mind isn‟t material, so according to materialism‟s theory the mind doesn‟t exist.
        The human body is the same the world over, yet different cultures load a different
interpretation of what pain is to their political territory‟s inhabitants, a cultural collective
        The Buddha-boy of Nepal (Ram) hadn‟t attached to a western materialism or
scientific programme. His political territory has a mass attachment to a religious one, and
his education system is working towards attaching a western scientific programme to
their kids.
        The Buddha-boy decided to sit under a tree for six years meditating, no food or
water for six years (“No shit?” Do I hear you say? Yes, that‟s right – and no piss
either!) Our western attached belief (education) programme is we must have water/fluid
or we will die after four days or thereby, and we must have food or we will die after eight
weeks or thereby (correct height to weight people only, not big fat soggins).
        The Buddha-boy didn‟t know about our western programme, as he lived in a
backward country, poor guy. He had spent time with the Buddhists, attaching to their
spiritual programme. He decided it would be best to bypass their programme and access
knowledge directly. He made his decision known to his family and went off into the
uncivilised jungle. As more people became aware of his spiritual quest, the inevitable
consequences happened: Civilisation erupted in the jungle.
        When western scientists arrived, along with civilisation‟s virus, they found the
Buddha-boy. Cameras were set up, which recorded a maximum of four days continuous
observation of the boy. Western scientific minds consciously looked at the material
evidence as eastern like-minded scientific minds studied other Buddhist masters in a
scientifically controlled hospital type environment, who also went beyond western set
parameters of human endurance. Buddhist religious masters went to the jungle to see the
Buddha-boy and study what psychological meditation programmes he was using. The
situation that arose was one of western scientific minds‟ refusal to believe what could be
achieved with a spiritual approach, and the spiritual masters‟ refusal to divulge the
psychological programmes used by the boy. As the political territory in which this game
was being played out was politically unstable, the political leaders had to abide by the
golden rule for successful cultural suggestion – the template.
        The masses being attached to a religious superstitious programme would have
risen up if the government had forcibly removed the boy and sent him back to school.
Religious attachment in that territory was far greater then their political attachment. Mum
and dad took their kids to religion; grown-ups could go alone to vote.
         The Buddha-boy to the masses represented the reincarnation of the Buddha. The
political powerbrokers in Nepal wanted to keep their power (addictive power fix), so
they ordered their servants to leave the boy alone. The people of England‟s empire rose
up when the poll tax was introduced; the Scots, who lost the wars of independence,
complained and paid up – England the empire nation that was and the commonwealth
that is.
         The Buddha-boy remained under a tree in the becoming civilised jungle, behind
two fences (health and safety) to keep the masses at bay as a committee sorted out what
was in the boy‟s best interest. After ten months sitting the boy disappeared (magic),
which should come as no surprise. The boy didn‟t have a problem sitting without a fence
alone in the beginning of his jungle quest, pre-civilisation. He was safe with wild animals
walking around – civilisation became his problem. As usual, the suggestion given was
that the fence was needed for the boy‟s safety – like our new green taxes!
         The whole affair represented a microcosm of what‟s happening with the human
World. To break the cycle, the so-called „spiritually enlightened masters‟ could have
shown and explained the mind-state required to attain such physical endurance, but they
chose not to. The Buddha masters don‟t know the meaning of life as they retain a wealth
of religious knowledge (a rich man, a camel, a needle, access the Council of Nine and the
cycle is broken).
         In the Aksu or Akisu area of China around 30,000 years ago there was a landing.
The purpose of the landing wasn‟t to twirl any crops or make circles, I shall return to it
later on.
         It wasn‟t long ago when people searched with the bible in one hand and a spade in
the other. The reoccurring aspect is that many religious beliefs have a basis of sorts in
actual occurrences of the past. In China there was an ancient legend about people who
came down from the clouds; stone discs were found with hieroglyphics in caves near the
landings. There is a connection between these stone discs and the tablets of stone given to
Moses. One story is establishment friendly, and the other suggests extra terrestrial
contact. One story gets compounded to brainy materialistic people, and one story comes
from small people. The tribal people of Ham and Dropa are small.
         Scientists have to change their unbalanced brains/ hemispheres before they
change their approach. Science requires material evidence and proof. With the workings
of the Matrix, the compounded suggestion is we are living in a reality, the test on this
planet is to achieve balance between the physical and the spiritual. When Jesus suggested
the water was wine, it was wine to his believers: for a believing follower to say, “it still
tastes like water to me”, would have been to have doubt/disbelief in Jesus. When the
small stage hypnotist suggests to the willing member of the audience, “when I snap my
fingers, you will believe you are drunk,” the member takes on the suggestion and believes
they are drunk. When the politician of the big stage suggests, “without law and order
there will be anarchy”, we have the lawful anarchy of the political compounded
suggestion of man made global warming.
         Again, do you believe global warming is man made or a natural phenomenon?
The truth is a feeling, not a suggestion given by another. The same template is used with
Jesus and the big stage political hypnotists and small stage hypnotists – expectation of a
created belief or doubt. Belief and doubt mix as well as water and oil – water and oil need
to be compounded or they will separate.
        The big stage hypnotist creates a belief system with religion. Small children did
what their parents did and as that belief is a lie the suggestion must be compounded.
Education to a minimum of sixteen years, and religion for a lifetime. Scientists operate
within the belief system of the big stage hypnotists; the big stage political actors will
suggest, “I‟m a politician not a hypnotist”. Scientists choose to suppress their feelings, as
the origin of their feelings can‟t be examined; scientists think with their heads, too.
        Christians in the west see Muslims in the east going head down bottom up every
day, compounding a religious suggestion they (Muslims) believe is true. As Christians in
the west have a Sunday only approach, their new faith is science/materialism. Read the
papers, we can‟t believe a word they say. All false gods are unsustainable with the master

                              Health and safety WARNING:
   Living on this planet is extremely dangerous for material human life-forms. Get an
      education and remain in the dark with regards your Being‟s primary purpose.

                                CHAPTER FIFTEEN
                           APOCALYPSE, THE REVEALING

Many religions and cultures have prophesied the end of the world. Armageddon, the
definition of the word being: huge battle at the end of the world. The Christian religion,
which fuelled the fires of industry that heated the world of men, according to men, has a
massive amount to attach the masses to on this subject. The end of the world is nigh, and
all that rubbish is good for business in a fear based free civilised society.
         As humanity gives itself a pat on the back upon suggesting how clever we are, we
shouldn‟t forget where we are in our planetary evolution. Men of God and men of honour
have suggested via education a programme that the civilised masses have attached to, and
followed, not always willingly. Climatologist experts are now suggesting/prophesising to
the masses where this attachment is leading to in the future (if we maintain this
unsustainable psychological illusion). The political warriors continue to war with each
other, and they are in agreement with friendly scientific minds that climate change is
man-made. They don‟t mention the cause behind the scientific experts suggestion. Great
legal warriors minds are also educated and not prepared to prepare a case to sue
government on the masses‟ behalf.
         You should now be aware that the World as we know it is heading for an
unsustainable civilised conclusion. Our taxes will increase to pay for flood prevention
measures that will fail. Storms will blow, as it is on the surface of the World it will be
below, the planet will ?
        The Greek philosopher Socrates was a transceiver. He used his mind to
communicate with The Council of Nine. Through Socrates‟ channelling and Plato‟s
interpretation, the two working together came forth with the story of „Atlantis‟. This story
was nothing new to a few in humanity – the establishment. The Egyptians knew of it
before the collapse of their empire. The story could be a story or a metaphor or a true
account of what was – take your pick. The Council of Nine manifests the will of the
Creator of the Matrix: Jesus, Nostradamus, Buddha, Elijhi, Joseph, DaVinci and
Blavatsky, to name a few, communicated with The Council of Nine.
        The Nine communicate the will of the Creator to the civilisations known in the
book of words (bible) as „The Elders‟. There are twenty four civilisations: the creators of
the physical „twirled‟ crop circles we are programmed to ignore upon the fields of
Wiltshire. The empire leaders must worship the book of words (2010 establishment
puppets, Barack Obama and Gordon Brown, whose position of power has been usurped
now the Tory puppetmeister David Cameron) to maintain the flock‟s attachment. All the
communicators received information in the same way you can, as we all have a mind kept
busy by the civilisation programme – money and education x3.
        We each interpret the planet differently, and we each interpret the natural laws of
creation in the same way, depending on the moment it time in which our individual
interpretation is required. When something is true and right the inner unconscious feeling
we have remains constant as time advances.
        The creator of the Matrix created a „power corrupts in ignorance programme‟, and
it was easy to predict the likely actions of a species. Prediction was given to these
communicators to have man change their ways. Humanity interpreted prediction as
meaning it was going to happen regardless.
        Government friendly climatologic experts are making predictions of a
catastrophic nature. Socrates wrote of a flood that overwhelmed the city beyond the
Pillars of Hercules – Atlantis. The idea that an advanced civilisation existed on this
planet in pre-historic times around 30,000 years ago is difficult to accept due to our
civilisation‟s conscious-mind education attachment: i.e., there‟s no evidence. The present
scientific minds have great difficulty piecing together a jigsaw of our evolution with
pieces of archaeological evidence: DNA evidence, religious psychological programming,
and political education x3 psychological programming. Anything over 5000 years of age
is classified as pre-historic – an ideal classification if you don‟t want people to
investigate how it came to be (don‟t educate them).
        The unbalanced left hemisphere educated brain will continue its historical cycle
of repetition (see planet/history for details). There isn‟t much money to be made on the
civilised word with employment related to the right brain hemisphere, with the masses
playing music or painting pictures and dancing around. Did your school careers‟ teacher
say to you, “it‟s important you get your art and music qualifications. Many employers are
looking for these two – there‟s a lot of money to be made with them. Did you see the
news today? An old master‟s painting sold for a priceless amount! Picasso will be
dancing with joy when he gets the cheque”.
        A battle had to be fought between light and dark matter. The
place/dimension/velocity as applicable to you, for this battle to be fought being between
the Ninth Gate, and the Earth‟s core. On the planet of balance, choice was given to those
who chose of their own freewill to embrace darkness with enlightenment.
        In the seeding of this World, the Alteans (the creators of Atlantis) became
distracted by the physicality of this planet, as no planetary programme of its kind had
been created before with individual freewill. Their all consuming distraction with sexual
experimentation is no different to our present-day territorial and religious leaders‟
power-fix distraction – it‟s a different means to the same end. When scientists in Geneva
recommence to recreate the events of the „big bang (the God particle) with their particle
accelerator, they will find in the beginning there was light, that which travelled from the
light became dark, darkness is drawn to the light. When a candle is lit in the blackness,
darkness retreats, darkness is not confronted.
        The Alteans, seeded from an advanced stage three civilisation, couldn‟t be
distracted from their primary purpose by power or materialism. Their distraction took the
form of sexual pleasures and experimentation thereof. When finally they put the upper
body of human Being on the lower body of animal Being, the flood consumed their main
city. The time of this is known by stargazers. Those who weren‟t consumed by their own
greed transcended into another container – one that was nonhuman in appearance. Their
legacy buried in our unconscious and beneath the sea, retained mainly by the Greek
culture. Animal and human experimentation could never happen again today!!!!
        In the teenage years, puberty causes a psychological transition as the material
body changes. Sex is a big distraction: materialistic people stop using their heads and
start to think with their privates for a few years. Changes in the material body have an
influence on the mind – it‟s a human Being test.
        One of the things that was obvious to me as I did my psychotherapy
(Hypnotherapy course) tuition was that people were requiring a healing technique that
employed the use of their own consciousness in order to achieve balance in a society that
promotes the use of the conscious left hemisphere brain predominantly, and excessively.
Pay $£ conscious attention, this is important, and pay your new green taxes.
        When I said to my future tutor prior to starting my hypnotherapy training, “I am
on a journey to find my primary purpose”, he replied, “to know how hypnosis and NLP
worked would be of great benefit.” He hit the nail on the head with that suggestion. I
quickly recognised religious and political suggestion, as I‟m wired to the big picture. I no
longer vote for politicians, and I stopped going to church when I was a boy, due on both
counts to my inner unconscious feeling that religious and political suggestion is false.
        My secondary interest in doing a hypnotherapy course was Past Life Regression.
As the course progressed this subject came up, and a volunteer was required. I put up my
hand as a visual suggestion of willingness. I didn‟t realise it at the time that all I was
going to do was bypass my own critical faculty. Another student did my induction to
trance, or daydream with the eyes closed, or for scientific readers induction to „default
        After I entered the default network/trance, the tutor took over. This increased my
expectation, as anyone who furnishes us with the knowledge that we seek we have the
tendency to elevate in our standing (Ssss-ir, Mi-ssss). The picture with my mind the
words of the tutor encouraged me to create was of a corridor with many doors leading to
many rooms. Each room represented a different lifetime. As far as I could see in both
directions, there were doors. I walked down the corridor of my mind. Even though the
doors were all closed, I knew what was behind them. The hypnotist tutor suggested I look
in a room, which I did, without opening the door. I saw myself in the sea with other
sailors as my battleship was going down – a massive „unsinkable‟ German battleship that
was no longer unsinkable as we had opened the sea-cocks ourselves.
         This I believed was my last material incarnation on this planet. It was the time of
World War 2 (the sequel), another of the establishment‟s great employment achievements
caused by political greed that was engineered at Versailles, where the seeds of discontent
were sown. I knew what was going to happen next in the freezing ocean, as it had
happened many times in the past (you only live once – civilisation‟s suggestion), so I
turned and walked away down the corridor of my mind. I was disgusted and sad to think
that there was so little Earth time between the transition of that life and this one – no
wonder the corridor was so long with so many doors!
         When I attend funerals in this life, the religious shepherd reads from a prepared
statement along these lines, “In my house there are many mansions, if it had not been so I
would have told you so”, say-ith the religious shepherd.
         The hypnotist tutor suggested I would be drawn to one door, which I was. These
doors were unlike all the other smooth single office type doors I had seen. These doors
were at the end of the corridor. Large double, ornately carved wooden doors. The
hypnotist continued the psychological programme/script by suggesting I would have a
key in my pocket for the door (politicians suggest you should have money in our
pockets). I willingly followed his suggestion with my mind‟s body. When I opened the
doors, I was to be asked more clean questions by the hypnotist about what was beyond
the threshold. But this time before me I saw nothing. As I looked into this blackness I
wondered what it meant – do I have a future?
         Time passed and I gradually realised that I was no longer in the corridor – I was
in this blackness. Then a light appeared in the blackness; it looked like a star, twinkling.
Then more lights appeared, then more, until I knew they were stars. I had consciously
looked up at the sky on a black starry night many a time over the years. The difference
with this past life experience was that I was in space, going through space at a speed
beyond light (multiples of C). This journey went on, and I passed countless stars. I was
apprehensive at where it was going to end (if I had undergone my tomb experience
before this experience, I wouldn‟t have been concerned). Constellations and galaxies
came and went; universes zoomed past in the blink of a mind‟s eye… Was it ever going
to end?
         It did end eventually, but only after my apprehension disappeared. I was left in a
place that was freezing cold, and which I could see with my minds eye galaxy upon
galaxy, universe piled on universe. I was also aware of my physical body shivering in the
chair as the other hypnotherapy students looked at it. I looked at all these stars and
thought, “this isn‟t how they look in the books! Everything looks so real in this
hallucinogenic vision”.
         I realised there were Beings around me. I believed they were „The Council of
Nine‟. I began to count their number. What happened next reminds me of my sex life. I
thought to myself, “wow this is great”, while I counted their number. The nature of this
reality, the light-Beings position and the lack of need for a hurry on my part, my tutor
encouraged my experience to come to an end, before I finished counting.
         I experience the standard sex life of a US/UK empire parent. What happens with
sex is this. In our adolescent teens we have sexual urges. We visualise sexual encounters
with our ideal partner/s. We create great expectations that can‟t be delivered. This book is
aimed primarily at new adults and soon to-be adults of the empire that was (UK), and the
empire in denial (USA). Our parents had sex and had us; after having us, and maybe our
siblings, they don‟t have sex all that much – If at all. I‟ll come back to this subject later
         Back again to the past life regression part. The hypnotist talked me out of the
experience and back to the perfect illusion of reality without the cold turkey. I know I can
return at any time if I have a mind to – as I have a mind too, idle hands and all that.
         There are four points I would like you to bear with mind.
         First: the trip was a drug free high.
         Second: people who are gay should look behind the preceding doors to the life
they have now: their present material life will be a different sex to the preceding few
opposite sex incarnations leading to sexual confusion between mind and body, or human
and Being. There is no official scientific or material reason for someone being gay; the
reason is due to soul recycling by deception – an unnatural union of religion‟s making,
Power corrupts the religious shepherds too. Being gay comes hard behind civilisation.
         Third: déjà vu. Experiencing in this life something or someplace we experienced
in a past life.
         Fourth: do you really think this World was made for people to live and die and
live and live and on and on, a material humanity going round in circles never learning
lessons as we do now? Lessons have to be learned etc, ha ha.
         Our programmed attached interpretation of this World is via the educated
conscious mind‟s interpretation. We are not educated to follow our feelings. Our material
bodies‟ senses finally report back to the mind, not our material brain. We don‟t see with
our eyes or hear with our ears, though you may think this sentence is bizarre because you
are thinking about it with the conscious mind of an unbalanced body, using your left
hemisphere and your right/left hand predominantly.
         In my observations of the psychological hypnotherapy course and personal
experiences of this life, it was easy to come to the conclusion that an altered state of mind
is all that‟s required to become aware of our own purpose and the purpose of all this
adventure in consciousness. This is why religion suggests the leader of the opposition
finds work for idol and idle hands and ignorance is bliss. Politicians suggest happiness
through materialism, so work for it and don‟t be idle, and, without their rule of their law
there would by anarchy. Government-paid scientists suggest big-time from the
template/script manmade global warming, while other scientists hostile to that created
belief suggest small-time global warming is a natural occurrence. I suggest in this book
that people find out about the reality of suggestion as their current attached belief of this
life has stopped them from finding their human-Being‟s primary purpose.
         By adopting a planetary approach, our purpose can be perceived at a pace we are
able to comprehend its meaning. The religious approach has been shown to be too
inflexible a programme for each individual‟s mind – the mind being the means for us to
interpret our individual surroundings, our interpretation/perception of this reality. A body
in balance with left and right. A brain in balance, left hemisphere and right. A mind in
harmony with unconscious and conscious. Subtlety is the key, as it‟s our freewill that‟s
our greatest strength, and test – and our greatest weakness. The created beliefs and laws
of unbalanced minds have shaped the world of today. Choose to access the source for
        The origin of the mind. If you are normal and attached to society‟s programme,
this part of the book will be ludicrous, written by an idiot. The origin of our personality
or Being is our mind/soul/spirit/being. The field of psychology has suggested three
personality types. Our mum and dad had nothing to do with our personality, only the
container. Our planet is the way it is today because of the personality.
        Great Britain is great because of England‟s establishment warrior heroes: this is
the way throughout the civilised world (see history for details). There are many cultures
that worship gods that resemble reptiles; the origin of these gods go back to pre-historic
times. Science can now suggest a missing link between monkey and man because science
has to follow the present programme: the present programme is no longer controlled by
religion, as it was in Darwin‟s day. Scientists and explorers and the like firstly agree what
findings are going to be presented to the public before they do the research. To suggest a
link between extra-terrestrial intervention and humans would be professionally suicidal at
this time. Darwin‟s theory of evolution didn‟t go down well when the masses were
massively attached to the religious doctrine of the 1850s. Natural selection and
suggestion are a gay couple.
        So let‟s imagine using our right hemisphere. Thirty thousand plus years ago a
warrior Being species travelled through space to this World and liked what it saw – a
settler Being species did likewise. Neither species made crop circles, as there weren‟t
human-Beings in those days to be kept in the dark. There was a big argument between the
two, warrior and settler. Today we have one warm blooded human-Being species that
contain both warrior and settler within their personality; this species eats meat and
vegetables. I have included a personality test at the end of the book so you can find out
how much of the two you have with your personality/mind.
        Our human species has a chequered past. We are educated to believe that elected
politicians rule the world. The reality is that above these political party puppets there is
the establishment – they aren‟t elected. The establishment have a bee in their bonnet
about a bloodline that stretches back to prehistoric times and beyond; they want to keep
the bloodline pure, but they can‟t. Power corrupts, and powerful people like to screw
around. The bloodline is physical and the mind isn‟t, heredity is to the human, not to the
humans Being. The establishment do their bit when it comes to conditioning their
offspring, the purer the child‟s bloodline they believe the less conditioning required.
        A good warrior personality type likes to war. They enjoy giving orders and being
under pressure, as pressure brings out the best and worst in them. They enjoy seeing other
humans under pressure and watching as they transcend. Bad news is good news to the
warriors. Warriors are heroes to some and mass murderers to others. Hitler and Churchill
– heroes or villains? British territory believers/inhabitants are educated to believe one
interpretation, and German territories/inhabitants believers believe another. Work with
the created beliefs of the client or audience or flock/electorate by using the same
template for successful suggestion.
        The warrior personality mindset within our establishment controllers isn‟t 100
percent. They give their offspring an education to encourage warrior behavioural traits.
Junior gets a little puppy dog so junior will love the animal and bond with it – more so if
junior is predominantly a settler personality. One day, junior‟s parents takes the dog and
junior and kills the dog in front of junior, possibly smearing the dog‟s blood over junior‟s
face‟ junior is encouraged not to cry. Junior experiences more of this education in their
life to encourage/create a belief in junior. Elephant plant eating mammals hang around a
dead member of their herd, a crocodile flesh-eating reptile won‟t – they‟ll eat it.
         With the field of psychology, the experts talk about nature or nurture. Are we the
way we are because of nature, the DNA of our father stored in his single sperm used to
fertilise our mother‟s egg, and the DNA of our mother‟s egg? All sorts of arguments
could surface when it comes to nature. Mum has a bigger influence as she feeds and
keeps the baby to be, dad‟s contribution was microscopic. Or are we the way we are
because of nurture, our environment, our manufactured and personal environment?
Arguments will surface here too – the power of suggestion has a big influence on both.
         The bloodline‟s physical container is one thing, the mind/personality etc is
another. For thousands of years – in prehistoric times to historic times to the present day
– the physical DNA`s heredity was mixed in humanity, warrior and settler in one
container. Someone who displays predominantly warrior traits retains a small amount of
settler. Civilisation‟s repetition created past lives and mixed the personalities together in
one species – a warrior-nomad-settler-container.
         The establishment at the apex of this Worldly pyramid are locked on to ritual, and
follow the numbers and the movement of the planets. When the establishment warriors
order a big hit on another establishment figure and the conspiracy theorists cry foul, all
you need do is look at the planets and numbers and the symbolic lie of the land – it‟s just
coincidence, they say. Crocodiles eat one another. There‟s always someone who gains if
you think out of the educated box they created for us. You are part warrior, we all are.
         The warrior. Warrior personalities came from a species that liked killing and
eating the flesh. A warrior is at home bringing home the bacon. Captains of industry and
politics (see history for details). The warrior must be in charge. Selfish logical thinkers.
         The settler. Settlers are the „nicie-nice‟ people. They don‟t like war: „lets talk
about it‟. Settlers are easily deceived by the warriors because it‟s better for a settler to do
something rather than fight about not doing it. Settlers are set in their ways. Settlers look
on the positive side as warriors look on the negative side, as being negative is being
positive to a warrior. A settler will persevere in the face of planetary adversity in the
knowledge there will be better times ahead, “it can‟t all be bad, things can only get
better”, says and thinks the settler. Settlers are people people.
         The nomad. Nomads are a piece of both. Their desire for new stimulation is the
reason we have civilisation. We could have remained in the jungle living in anarchy if the
nomad didn‟t have the urge to push on the boundary of their world. There are lots of
nomads at the Oscars.
         There are a lot of life forms in space, but we are programmed to think there is
only one – us, humans! On this World we must balance the nomad, warrior and settler.
         The mind/being/soul/sprit and material fetus bond in the womb. The DNA of the
body exerts a force on the mind; the force works both ways. Our mother‟s environment,
her physical condition, and her interaction with us, all influence our interpretation of the
World we are yet to be birthed on. When we are birthed, the world and lifeforms thereon
exert a force. Before human life existed on this world there was the mind/Being; the mind
has an inbuilt knowledge of right and wrong, a cosmic code. In the book „The Secret
History of the World‟ the suggestion is „Mind before matter‟.
         The Twenty Four civilisations (Elders of Revelation) are entrusted with tasks to
perform: one civilisation is in charge of colour and another with sound, etc, when Earth
was created after a big bang life began (I should point out at this stage I‟m not starting at
the beginning – if there was an edge to outer space or a beginning to time I would have
started there. I will however finish at the beginning of the end).
        Artefacts not made by humans have been found on this planet. This would
indicate previous intelligent existence millions of years before humanity. These artefacts
aren‟t pushed in the faces of young children at government/religious controlled
curriculum schools or placed in view at museums, as these artefacts would manufacture
an alternative belief to this one.
        A Genesis sub-programme was implemented by the elders of the Twenty Four.
Energy lines and the like laid the foundation for what was to come. Life had already
begun and ended for the terrible lizards (dinosaurs), due to the master programme in
which the elders operate. One of the Earth lines was cut by those who oppose the Twenty
Four (Elders) and their helper civilisations. This is another reason for the physical
messages on the fields in the political territory of England around Wiltshire. The
messages will continue and increase until darkness defeats itself. When black humanity
emerged from the master programme in Africa, further seedings took place in the north,
creating a north-south divide that wasn‟t supposed to happen, Abraham/Abrahim didn‟t
sow his worldly seed as he should. Archaeologists endeavoured to find missing links
following our attached programme without success, lots of missing links to fill in,
looking with their eyes and interpreting findings with their conscious brains. Their
elusive DNA link from Neanderthals to Cro-Magnon man remains equally elusive to
some. It would also stop funding by big business to promote non-establishment friendly
findings. Nevertheless, a bitter pill or suppository will have to be taken for human-Beings
to have a seat with the elders.
        Near-death experiences can causes the Being to leave its human body. In Gene
Roddenberry‟s „Star Trek‟ many Beings on other planets were humanoid in appearance.
There are three good reasons for this: firstly, studio makeup; secondly, a visitor from
another world would be arrested and taken off set for public safety reasons; thirdly, in
order to fulfil the primary purpose on a planet, having a body with legs and fingers and
eyes etc is an efficient way of experience a reality.
        When seeding on this world took place by the Twenty Four, some took hold and
some failed, valuable lessons were learned (unlike our governments on earth). As the
millennia passed more Beings entered human bodies, and as the „good book‟ (bible/book
of words) suggests, “sons of God mingled with daughters of men”, creating the DNA
accelerator found by science around thirty thousand years ago. The density and beauty of
this planet created new obstacles to be overcome. Information of the reality of soul was
given to the lamas on the roof of this World by one of the twenty-four civilisations, and
as usual, information and interpretation and implementation.
        Reseeding in the north by advanced civilisations and species, created
misunderstanding and false beliefs retained today. Zeus and Atlas and primitive man‟s
interpretations, created much false manufactured/created beliefs.
        If you observed a craft in the sky today performing manoeuvres and going at
super high speeds only to stop in an instant above our head, and remain silently hovering,
we would interpret the craft as being either a new military death-craft or more likely a
spacecraft from another world. Back in the beginning of civilisation, it wasn‟t so easy.
The craft and its occupants had to use camouflage: REVELATIONS, Chapter 4, v.1;
After this I looked up, and behold, a door was opened in heaven and the first voice that I
heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me; which said, “Come up hither and I will
shew thee things which must be hereafter”.
         Our mind/Being having an existence on other worlds within a container, shaped
the mind we were to have when we experienced the Earth experience/level/reality. Our
non-physical personality (mind), coupled with any past life experience on Earth, shaped
our present interpretation. Earth lifeforms are replicated throughout the Matrix; our
physical body gets viruses and parasite species. There is only energy, and energy takes
many forms; if a chef takes the recipe for a cake and follows the recipe, a cake will be
produced; if the chef puts the same ingredients in the mixing bowl in a different order, or
mixes the ingredients longer than stated, the cake will turn out differently. Take the
recipe and chef and ingredients to a different planet to repeat the process – don‟t expect a
cake to be produced. Time and density plus many other factors will cause change. Albert
Einstein interpreted this planet differently, enabling him to formulate theories which were
later proved correct – he thought out of the box: what an idiot.
         With our politicians‟ power fix addiction, if we want to fly we go in a airplane, if
we want to go to the bottom of the ocean we go in a submarine, manufacturing is good
for the business of keeping hands from being idle. Hauling a physical container around is
restrictive and impractical, commonsense suggests it would be better to move from planet
to planet in an energy efficient, instantaneous way. Drugs take the Being out of its
container, but they don‟t take the being out of this World, or the first spirit plane of the
afterlife. Science has names for energy particles that pass through everything.
         When I was travelling through space in my drug free past life regression, I
became aware that my apprehension at where my journey was going to end stifled my
progress. As soon as the apprehension was removed, I was instantaneously at my final
destination. First, a perceived empty blackness, then the light from stars enabling a
perception of black light, and, light „light‟ energy. We see the stars, not what‟s between
them. I was also aware of being in a chair with eight other human-Beings looking-on,
back on Earth. You can`t be in two places at the same time, according to civilisation‟s
programme, even though prehistoric archaeological evidence suggests otherwise – the
simultaneous rise and fall of empires.
         When artists paint their visual interpretation of the soul. it usually takes the form
of a bright light. Paintings of religious representatives usually show light emanating from
their physical body. The Beings I saw with my mind‟s eye had no physical body: they
were pure light.
         We Earthlings have an aura. However, as a species we aren‟t an enlightened
bunch. Medical science only accepted the aura when it could be seen on a machine. The
mind/Being is a light energy vehicle that requires enlightenment to be sustained. As the
cosmos expands and grows, momentum is perpetual, and there is light energy and its
opposite. A star is bright when compared to the blackness of space.
         As those who confront self grow stronger, their peace of mind will encourage
others. From „The Ninth Gate‟, light will come forth to „rapture-us‟ applause. Religion
has encouraged the focus to be directed at the one, as the magician distracts with the one
hand to supplant with the other. There will be no one to carry the sins of the masses, the
one is a distraction clothed with the skin of another: an equal composite of two. Beware
the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Had darkness been embraced at
Megiddo, less work would have had to be done now. Religion entraps the soul in the
same way that materialism entraps: “the author of this book says he doesn‟t want any
money for it! What an idiot!”
         Earth was created for the purpose of creating balance between the spiritual and
physical. As we haven‟t achieved this purpose, Earth has been put in a state of lock-down
by the Twenty Four civilisations. The unconscious super highway is only allowing
information through which encourages us to achieve our purpose. In song and film and
policy, all we are doing is reincarnating that which preceded it – a sequel.
         The visionaries have little vision now, and the hunter/warriors never had any. This
is all part of the evolution or stagnation leading to self extinction, or stage three
advancement of a species. Programmes in the Matrix are created for a purpose. Part of
my programme required me to choose to write this book. As I‟m aware of the mould in
which the elders‟ programme was cast, I choose of my freewill to write this book,
(cheers). According to civilisation‟s education programme, I should seek fame and
fortune while following a religious programme. As I know the reality, and therefore the
truth of suggestion (Hypnosis), I choose not to attach to their unsustainable programme
(THEIR PLOT). See political and religious shepherds for details. God save the queen.
         The problem with fame means you can‟t walk down the street and do all the
things ordinary people take for granted. Celebrity or superstardom status comes at the
price of personal freedom. Famous people seek the tasks common people find mundane
(see Mrs Windsor‟s grandsons armed forces experiences for example). Someone who
creates wealth wants to hang on to it, or create more. The tax system is designed for
wealth to be invested to create more wealth, or we‟ll be taxed on it. A wealth trap as well
as a poverty trap (capital gains tax). Balance is good, perpetual motion is required
maintaining it. Balance income and expenditure.
         Prove it. To keep attached people happy. Imagine there was proof in a form that
removed all doubt. Upon experiencing this proof a drug addict would cast down the
needle and the politician would discard their allowable expenses form, the Queen would
cast off her crown… do you get the idea? Proof would make the point of this planetary
test futile. Our World is the way it is today because there is no proof at this time, which
is proof in itself to some. Splitting the atom (atomic bomb) is the precursor to
convergence, a ripple in the Matrix that alerts others, not the elders. Science could prove,
given establishment permission, that religion‟s god is of religion‟s own making for
religion‟s expediency, and science could find, inadvertently, that intelligence is in the
design. Will the collective actions of the masses with the political suggestion of climate
change give science this time, or is the creator of the programme more intelligent than
our definition of intelligence? There is a limited amount of scientists, many of which are
employed by government creating and finding a cure to global warming. What does
science educate the masses about on the next subject?

It is only when you study our society from a greater perspective that you become aware
of how absurd our attachment to our programme is. A new you could choose to follow
the master programme: this programme is sustainable. A positive change we could make
in our life is to firstly question our society‟s compounded suggestion about age – the
compounding lasts a physical lifetime.
         Age is a little three letter word big in power, like the words war and lie: words
have power. Our age is of great importance to our society‟s belief programme as we are a
product to serve the establishment‟s cause, not according to the establishment. When we
are filling in forms there is the age question. When we read a newspaper article on
someone, their age is often stated, unless it‟s someone who is constantly in the medium
         Our age so important to the establishment for the following reason. Let‟s go back
to the beginning of this life. Our mum and dad are having sex (I know, it‟s a grotesque
thought, but read on). Two elements are introduced: egg and sperm. One sperm enters the
egg and we‟ve materially arrived. Our cells start to divide in mum‟s womb as more cells
are created. This goes on for eight weeks, at which point medical science says a
fetus/foetus is created. A fetus is a tiny fully formed human – „us‟. Not that we can
consciously remember it, but it did happen, it‟s how we came to be here. The food our
mum is eating is being turned into energy, which is the power supply or source of us.
         Cells are constantly being created and dividing. If the umbilical power supply had
been switched off, mum would have flushed us out – in the first three months of a
pregnancy, many potential humans are deleted: but that didn‟t happen to us, so read on.
From fetus to pre-birth takes more months of cells being created, causing body mass to
increase – we‟re growing. A big gulp of gas, maybe an epidural, a grunt and a groan and
then one almighty PUSH… and we‟re out! With a teat quickly inserted in our mouth to
shut us up, it‟s goodbye umbilical and hello teat.
         Our society‟s programme that you are unaware of as you read this book now,
with the attached belief that you are your age, hasn‟t been attached to baby you yet.
         To recap the last paragraph (two lines). You are reading this book in the here and
now with a programmed age belief that you have attached to, you are unaware or
becoming aware of your attachment.
         Returning to baby us with a teat in our mouth. Liquid energy goes into our
container, which is turned into cells that increase our physical bodies mass. As body and
weeks increase, weeks turn into months, and solid foods are given which contain more
         Age is a huge civilised programme. In order for you to become aware of it and
escape from it I have added the picture section to the book/programme (see back cover).
Having a visual mental image of your baby-self can be difficult for those who are set in
their ways.
         Picture 1 is a picture of the tiny material container I had around nine months after
it exited the womb. In this paragraph I‟m using the powerful psychological tool called
association. I‟m dis-associating from my-self. The semantics of rapport, see/hear
religion/politicians for details. My present scalp hairstyle has the opposite style to the one
my body had back then.
         Picture 2 is one of my body with around seven years‟ experience on life‟s clock.
The created belief I had at that time was that I was a seven year old, or seven and a half,
or whatever. At that stage we want to be older than we are. Grownups can drive cars and
do things kids can‟t.
         Picture 3 is the last one. It‟s my partner and myself when I‟ve twenty three or so
years on the clock.
         You are likely to have many family photographs of your past life, while many
new adult bodied people of today will have moving pictures of their past life. Technology
moves on: do you read your kids a fairy tale from a book or do you put a DVD on the TV
for them to watch? Look at your own pictures and associate and disassociate; say to
yourself, “that was my body then”, as you look at the picture, then look at the hand
holding the picture and the body the hand is attached to, and say to yourself, “this is my
body now” – a body with a manufactured/civilised belief.
         Returning to the us of two paragraphs and more ago. When our body has travelled
round the Sun once, the programme is activated. We haven‟t consciously attached when
it‟s first activated, but we will – or did. A celebration of our future death (transition) is
given: we‟re a one year old. This is our parents‟ fixed belief – not one year nine months,
but one year only. „Its magic.‟ Nine months we were in the womb without an age, a year
after we popped-out we‟ve aged one year. We set off round the Sun again, at the second
birthday celebration we begin to consciously attach because we enjoy the celebration, a
cake with fire on top (you don‟t see that every day!).
         Our container is huge after two birthed revolutions of the Sun, compared to when
this journey physically began in the womb moments after dad‟s sperm fertilised mum‟s
egg and cells began forming. The belief our parents have attached to is being suggested in
a conscious level to little us.
         The planet is coming around again for the third time. We have heard our fellow
humans going on about other people‟s birthdays and how old they are: their birthday,
mum and dad‟s birthday… and all the rest. We‟re beginning to attach to their created
fixed belief.
         It‟s our birthday, we‟re three years old: Happy Birthday! Let‟s sing a song:
“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear reader, Happy
Birthday to you!”
         How many times have you sung it? How many times have you compounded that
suggestion to others and ourselves as we sing it? You‟re going to sing it again, because
you‟ve attached, or are you going to change your mind about a manufactured belief? The
birthday song and national anthem are self compounded suggestion and mass
compounded suggestion – as the suggestion isn‟t compounded by a hypnotist it‟s okay,
you‟re not being hypnotised.
         Back again to the three year birthed us. It‟s easier to say how many birthed years
someone has rather than saying when they were conceived. We have three years on your
life‟s clock and the suggestion is being compounded. We‟re beginning to embrace the
programme – look at all these presents we‟ve got! And money from people! Everyone is
looking at us, we‟re the centre of attention! Great. Now blow out the candles on the cake
and lock on!
         We have had a lifetime of compounded suggestion that we‟re so-many years old.
Some birthdays are more important than others: a teenager, twenty-one, the big ?0. We
experience this suggestion so much it goes in one ear and out the other, material human,
not a human-Being. You‟ve locked-on, that‟s why I have created this section of the book
with pictures. On our deathbed (prior to death) our container will still be reproducing new
         Let‟s look at a bigger (un-programmed/civilised) picture for a time. When we
came out of the woman who birthed us, we had a small body. This body‟s following a
master programme in which cells are constantly being created. This programme lead to
the creation of an adult body. The body we have now does not contain the cells we began
this journey with, and it‟s still producing new cells. Society programmes us to believe we
are our age. There‟s a fixed belief in a fixed belief portion of society that we are living on
borrowed time if we outlive three score years and ten (seventy years).
        The master programme created a human from two elements that were introduced
to one another by our parents having sex. After having babies, sex is an issue with parents
(mainly mum) until the menopause. Every seven years or thereby we have changed all
the cells in our physical container from a scientific perspective; a transient memory
retained of our material past. You believe you are your programmed age, and society
compounds this belief. When we dust our home or change our bed we are throwing up in
the air tiny particles of our discarded physical grail. When we urinate we also discard
parts of it. Going to the hairdresser or cutting our nails should suggest to us that our body
is constantly in the process of renewal. This bodily suggestion is in conflict (war) with
society‟s death and taxes programme. The bodily suggestion is suppressed by the
conscious compounded suggestion of society, and by our conscious attached self-fixed
belief. Science doesn‟t encourage us to trust our feelings – or do you feel your age?
        Let me be clear about our age. We are the age our Being feels we are. Again I
confront a reader with the power of a lifetime‟s compounded suggestion. Our society and
ourselves suggests we are our age, do you believe you are that age every time you think
about it? When society‟s old people say, “I don‟t feel like I‟m ?? (or ???) years old!” are
they lying to us? Or do you always feel your age?
        On the one hand, we live in a society that goes on about things being scientific.
How often have you heard a news reporter say, “the survey was conducted
scientifically”? Or have you watched a TV advert stating, “our product has been
clinically/scientifically proven to… whatever”? We have been psychologically
programmed by society to believe if something is scientific it‟s accurate. Science can‟t
put an accurate age on a human body, or tell us why the body appears to age because
science doesn‟t know. Science also serves the establishment beast, not the public (see
climate change).
        Bones can be looked at and an estimate of their age given based on the average
wear of other bones in a society where a suggested age programme is attached. Our
society is consistent in that it constantly adopts the theory, approach, belief, that suits its
purpose, creating inconsistencies which constantly appear throughout our life – that
can‟t be right!
        We hide our „dangly bits‟ – why? Because it‟s good for business. We hang up our
stocking at Christmas because many Christian dates clash with a previous attached belief
programme, and it‟s good for business. Religious business and business business – it all
leads to catastrophe. From a big picture interpretation of a human body at a cellular level,
we are all the same age on this World. Any other belief is psychologically suggested, we
are easily shepherded sheep when we believe hypnotists hypnotise people.
        Modern scanning machines show a huge supply of blood goes to our skeleton.
Our bones are a honeycomb full of blood. Our blood not only carries the DNA „building
blocks‟ of life in every cell, it does the building too, constantly replacing the bone, flesh
and skin that clothes our humans Being. A steel hip replacement joint doesn‟t last long
compared to the master programme one. The manmade replacement can‟t constantly
renew itself. A surgeon was taken aback when he saw my smashed leg bones rate of re-
growth. He told me that these big bones can be a problem to re-grow, but another surgeon
at another appointment said, “you received a head injury, which can trigger faster bone
re-growth”. We are what we eat – and believe.
         When we hear of someone giving a live-donor liver transplant (where part of a
healthy liver is removed from someone and put in the body of another who has had their
diseased liver removed), the new liver part will re-grow to the size it should for the
recipient, and the donor‟s cut-down liver will re-grow to its original size. This all happens
over a period of around three months. Each individual cell of our body has the coded
information to make a new grail. „Body heal thine self‟ was the biblical suggestion
written before the scientific age. A lot of political cherry picking goes on.
         Many billions are spent by government on the health industry (health services inc)
– maybe more than the billions spent in the attack war/defence industry. Killing and
curing is good for business on a materialistic world. By bypassing the middlemen and
going to the source. you can become aware of how the body can heal itself. This journey
in mind alone with the other beings, Sheldrake‟s „Morphogenic Resonance‟ or
„Hundredth Monkey Principle‟, are terms used to describe the collective consciousness –
which is more words to describe the reality of the Soul. More than one monkey needs to
make the journey before it opens the consciousness gateway for the rest. Religion and
control of any kind suppress choice while suggesting (hypnotising) the antithesis,
opposite, opposition, antagonism, reverse, converse, contrary etc.
         The main problem science has with changing body parts from one material
container/body to another is rejection. The master programme being „body heal thy self
as we did before the secondary seeding‟. Since civilisation based on the rule of the
establishment few (establishment pyramid apex), we have been shepherded by the
conscious mind using the verbal tool of the semantics of rapport. We like to take the easy
quick fix option and look at the short term. This ethos is consistent with the restricted
conscious mind. The cause of rejection and ageing is unknown to the scientific conscious
mind (think about walking). It‟s only recently that science has accepted the existence of
the human aura when it could be seen on a machine.
         The master programme created our body to have around one hundred years of
trouble free motoring. One hundred times round the sun was deemed sufficient time to
experience what this planetary level/reality was created for; the conscious/educated mind
doesn‟t know there is a psychological box. Someone, who society would suggest to you
is one hundred years old, is made a fuss about – and even gets a card from the Queen
(with a capital Q). This seven year old who believes they are one hundred doesn‟t know
their primary purpose and doesn‟t feel like a hundred year-old either, if they‟re happy
with their life. If they are unhappy, they would wish to slip away down the tunnel into the
light in their sleep – or put it another way, they want their body to be placed in a box.
         Our own experiences in this life have shown us that people deteriorate at different
rates. We believe when we see an old school friend or someone from the past that they
look older or younger than us. “I saw what‟stheir name yesterday. I haven‟t seen them for
years – they looked well/fat/bald/terrible etc.”
         As science looks for the answer in the code (DNA) they‟ll find the past is
instrumental to the present. Five percent or thereby of the code is used to make our
physical container; the rest of the code is cause and effect of the past – our past-life past.
         People have collectively failed to find in the present with the conscious mind their
primary purpose, and just went round in circles like the planet. According to one belief,
we evolved from the monkeys: a monkey can go round in circles and catch its tail,
civilised programmed humans go round in circles too. We went down the tunnel into the
light and made our contract; this contract is stored in our consciousness. We were
returned to a body that was created with a DNA programme of our making, in order for
us to fulfil our contract.
         If our container is birthed damaged it is because we made it so. By unlocking our
code using our equilibrium mind we will change our code allowing our body to replace
newly created damaged cells with newly created undamaged ones. In the present World,
a „miracle‟ defined as an act of god or amazing event, do happen. The big obstacle to this,
apart from religion‟s idol/idle hands and making money, is the „Collective
Consciousness‟. Our collective attachment to our created ageing programme.
         Those who are birthed with a healthy container and journey through this life also
carry in their code their nemesis. Failure to fulfil the contract of our choice and/or the
stressful World we collectively made, can activate our potential nemesis. Those who live
a long and healthy life locking self within self, become physically set in their ways as
they focus on their selves and shun change. We will know them by their noises, as they
make noises when they exert their bodies from a seat for example; we will know them by
their lottery ticket; we will know them by their words as they add „i‟ and „e‟ to words –
for example, “I saw a doggie chasing a cattie”. (This causes a dilemma for them if the
doggie chases the cattie up a tree in the garden-ie. Saying the word „tree‟ and adding on
„i‟, and „e‟ isn‟t easy.) We will know them as they make up the majority in the church
and in the election queue (if there is one). We will know them as they read newspapers.
We will have to repeat ourselves to them even though they heard us the first time. They
will not, and, have not been rebirthed on this planet immediately to continue their cycle,
as this approach has caused a cosmic bottleneck that is unsustainable.
         Silly old fools! There‟s no fool like a old fool – unless the old fool is a shepherd
of society, which makes them a wise, experienced, great elder statesman/woman. Take
yourself to an old folk‟s home, observe the actions of the old, and you will see much
childlike behavioural traits. Actions speak louder than words, the civilised semantics or
rapport creating the beliefs of the time.
         The „Council of Nine‟ has made the will of the Creator known to the Elders of
Revelation. Earth is at convergence. Soul recycling was not the intention of the Creator –
or was it? The choice we should take is as plain as the nose on our face; but the problem
being is that we can‟t see the nose on our face unless we see ourselves as others see us.
We have the gift to see ourselves as others see us – only many don‟t want to.
         You need to confront the darkness within; the light of enlightenment will cause
darkness to leave. The light that created this planet will prevail before our darkness
within causes more ? to it. The air we breathe, and the toxins in the water we drink, along
with the clothes, food, radio waves and all the other manmade influences, have also
accelerated the deterioration of our physical body.
         Our daughter was informed by her hairdresser that our private water supply with
all its minerals etc in it causes a problem to the hairdresser when she (daughter) gets her
hair dyed. The public supply isn‟t a problem to the hairdresser due to the additives
imposed by government for our safety (health and safety). A plumber was telling me that
many private water supplies fur-up the pipes in a way public supplies don‟t. Water
contains the physical elements that make up the physical body. Water, religion and
education, every little helps (Copyright A Major Supermarket, used without permission!).
When it comes to a public or private water supply, why pay more?
        There is no one cause to our bodily deterioration. It‟s a myriad of small
consequences of our collective past actions, every little bit accelerates deterioration. In
the same way, we remain attached to civilisation‟s education employment programme
with a myriad of auditory and visual suggestions, as well as the self-belief in society‟s
programme. People won‟t want to believe the writings of this book are true because it‟s
alien to their attached beliefs. As one person in our lifetime has a poor diet and drinks and
smokes and worries a lot, they pass it on in the DNA – and the seed is sown. The mind is
the key to changing the code, the present, and the future. We are each a product of the
past living in the present able to change the future, a collective consciousness mindset
believing in ageing will also contribute to ageing.
        Our programmers know the power of collective thought. Recently, when a
scientist suggested to the masses there was a possibility of an asteroid striking Earth, the
programmers immediately countered this suggestion. It was the same story when a doctor
suggested a link between the MMR vaccination and Autism. The doctor had to face the
consequences of his suggestion, the political party programmers dispatched their servants
to discourage other doctors from doing likewise, the public embraced the doctor‟s
suggestion, and a belief hostile to our programmers manufactured belief began to take
root. Diabetes and autism is increasing, as the good book says, “ye shall reap what thee
doth sow, my child”.
        The next time you are confronted with our attached age programme, counter
suggest to yourself, “This is not the age of my physical body. My body is constantly
renewing itself at a cellular level. This number of years that society wants me to attach to
is the number of times I have travelled round the sun on this journey of discovery!”
Disassociation is the key, we are not our body: we are that which uses our body. This is
not the body we had as a baby, or the one we had as a small child. The near-adult or adult
body we have access to now is constantly changing; the body we have now is not the
body we will have seven years from now. This is the body we have for a fraction of a
fraction of time. This is the body you have to control, not the body that seeks to control
you by playing on our fears.
        Returning to the you I wrote of a few pages ago. After three physically
experienced Earth years on the clock, or out of our mother‟s womb, we hadn‟t attached to
what day, month or year of the Roman Caesar‟s calendar it was. When someone else is
celebrating their birthday we would ask our mum/dad, “when‟s my birthday?” If our
parent said, “ah darling, your birthday isn‟t until the fourth of July”, we wouldn‟t know if
that‟s tomorrow, next week, next… whenever! Having three material years on life‟s clock
we didn‟t even know what time of the day it was as we couldn‟t read the time. While
working towards four years we pick up on more of society script related to age.
Expressions such as, “look at that old man!” being asked, “how old are you now?”,
hearing, “they‟re really old, old fool!” etc, etc, etc, compounding the age belief, etc, etc,
etc, an elderly person, etc, etc, etc compounding. When big people bend down and say to
you, ”my, you‟ve grown! How old are you now?” You‟ve heard it, experienced it, and
society‟s old readers will have said it to others in this life many times. In short, by the
time we go to school and grow into adulthood we attach to a manufactured civilised
        An adult is defined as someone who is a fully grown lifeform. Age is defined in
the dictionary as: the length of time something has existed. Take a childhood picture of
yourbody (I wrote about earlier, the word yourbody is an error, the word yourself isn‟t).
The word „self‟ is defined foremost as being „the perceived personality‟. Look at the
picture of the small body you had as a child. Take the picture in one hand and this book
in the other and stand in front of a big mirror; look at the body in the snapshot of time
taken by the camera years ago. (Many uncivilised tribal people fear their picture being
taken.) Look in the mirror and see your body as others see you now. Now look at the
pictorial time shot: seeing isn‟t believing, because you‟ve attached to a lifetime‟s
compounded suggestion. You are looking at two different containers: one is a frozen in
time container from the past; and the other is „you‟. One small picture container of your
past-life is being attached to a lifetime‟s programming, and the other big present
container in the mirror has/is attached. This antivirus/book is a snapshot in our lifetime;
the life we have lived thus far and the time taken to read this work/nonsense. There‟s no
fool like a old fool.

Another positive programme you could choose to stop suppressing is the Matrix
definition of law.
         When civilisation came into being we chose to be shepherded by those clothed in
the wool of the lamb. The legal definition of right and wrong has lead to the scientifically
and politically suggested deterioration of our World (GLOBAL WARMING IS LEGAL)
and physical humans.
         The true nature of suggestion wasn‟t denied to us. We chose not to seek it, as we
were hypnotised by non-hypnotic psychological suggestion. Go into any library and there
are books on hypnosis – hypnosis is no secret.
         As society continues its inevitable breakdown under the laws of men, men‟s laws
will increasingly become more ludicrous.
         For thousands of years we survived in anarchy as the uncivilised tribes of today
still do. By choosing to follow the law of consciousness as a whole, we are likely to come
into conflict with the warriors‟ game of attack and defence – a conscious-only game.
When we conduct ourselves in harmony with the natural flow of the Matrix we realise the
laws of men are there to aid the business establishment.
         Commonsense is part of the Matrix programme, and commonsense and business
are a gay couple. The conscious thinking laws of learned intelligent unbalanced men are
not sustainable, as men didn‟t create the Matrix alone.
         The compounded suggestion given by the sheep-heads (legal establishment) is
that prison is a bad place we are best to stay clear of. Many times we will be made aware
by the media medium daily script (newspapers) we are encouraged to read, someone was
lucky or fortunate not to be sent to prison, or they escaped a prison sentence. The media
also inform us, “we can‟t build our way out of prison overcrowding”. Prison is a society
within a society; it has a high re-offending rate because it doesn‟t work. Some people
become institutionalised by it, committing crimes to get back into the place the sheep-
heads and media suggest is hell on earth. Others do their time and return to the open
bureaucratic prison we call freedom. Build more prisons and lock people up longer, hang-
em high and cut off the hands of a thief, the balls of a rapist, and the tongue of a
politician. All these techniques have been used and are still in use throughout the
civilised world of today, in an effort to have people comply with the laws of men. Less
than one percent of the population is in prison, the majority go about their business of
politically suggested global deterioration legally. Everyone at any time can go down the
tunnel of light into another great unknown prison of their own making. The laws of men
have created an environment in which to discourage us from finding out about the prison
of the afterlife and the purpose of this life.
         Failure to comply with the laws of men means prison. Failure to comply with the
laws of prison means solitary confinement. In solitary we are one step away from finding
our primary purpose; all we have to do in solitary is confront the „Boredom‟ programme.
To alleviate boredom, the Creator of the Matrix created something to test self. The Earth
experience is part of a greater test, like a super advanced computer virtual reality game
we call „reality‟. To become aware it is a virtual reality we have to experience the real
reality, but we don‟t search for the real reality as we believe we are already living in it:
we would be off our head not to believe this is real. I‟m a psychotic author who meditates
and does dangerous things, and in the past took toxins: I know why it is suggested to us
by our programmers‟ semantics, “you‟re living in the real world”.
         How would you know if you exercised the choice you were given by the creator
of the matrix and experienced another reality to the one we experience now? We would
know which one is real by a feeling – that‟s all, a feeling. Do you have a feeling that
making money is the meaning of this life?
         To return to our legal shepherd. The last words a sheep-head wants to hear from
our mouth in court is, “jail me, My Lord!” The sheep-heads only have the power over us
that we choose to give them, hence why their prisons are always overflowing.
         The un-sustainability of civilisation‟s programme means an increasing number of
people will choose to go to prison, thus denying our programmers a means to encourage
our compliance. Turn prison to your advantage and use it wisely to confront self, paid for
by material taxpayers. The medium had a good story when a few of society‟s old people
decided not to pay their council tax and go to prison. When the medium realised such
action would disrupt the status quo, they backed off. The Dangerous Dogs‟ Act and war
is a good example of the medium‟s power of suggestion. The power we give the press in
the heat of the moment can create more laws to imprison ourselves in the free world.
Strike when the iron is cold is the psychological suggestion in therapy, thus avoiding the
knee-jerk hothead, red mist and regrettable response. Following the legal shepherd and
remaining in the captivity of the free world is the choice you deny yourself.
         For an evaluation of men‟s legal system, think about the Matrix law of „Reversed
Effect‟ – a law not in our education curriculum. The legal way is the way of blissful
ignorance of our primary purpose. Tutankhamen (Egyptian boy king) didn‟t have any
pockets in his shroud.
         Those who are placed in the suggested hell on Earth – „solitary confinement‟ –
are confronted by the Matrix cosmic hell: „boredom!‟ Confront this, don‟t give it a try:
confront it, and you‟ll have a look out of the box – not just civilisation‟s educated box.
         We breathe without thinking about it; all you need do now is think about
breathing for a time, your time, not anyone else‟s time, yours. The programme you need
to attach to is one where every time your conscious attention is distracted from your
breathing, you return to it. Count your breaths from one to four and repeat: it‟s as simple
as that. Start off with a realistic time – two/five minutes or so. When you reach the level
where you can focus consciously without unconscious distraction for whatever time you
have set, you can go on to working towards removing yourself from the box. You‟ll have
to work at it. To stop us working at it, civilisation created its own distraction –

Positive change number three is work. Work, why do we do it? “I need the money” is the
usual civilised answer. The establishment compounded suggestion being the more money
we have the more stuff we will buy, therefore the happier we will be – and the more we
will want to hang on to our stuff and get newer stuff that‟s bigger and better and faster
stuff! That‟s why new models come out: to encourage new and to discourage old. Old is
good only if it‟s really old. Small is good if it‟s electrical. And big is good if it‟s sexual.
        The rule of thumb being, the more stuff we have the more of ourselves we have to
give to get it; therefore, the less of the unconscious we can access consciously; therefore
the more stressed we and our society become, and the greater negative impact on the
world. If you‟re not happy with what you have now, you won‟t be happy with more of it.
        Think about the last time you wanted something for yourself and got it. Your
something should not be a living thing, or a thing newly acquired. Allow yourself to
think of that thing you longed for, and how that thing was on your mind, greatly. How
you looked at pictures of it, or imagined doing, being, using, or touching the place or
object of your desire. If it was a holiday, you had it; if it was a material object, no one
took it away from you; and it didn‟t break before it fulfilled its purpose. Our unconscious
search engine will search for that something if we allow our conscious mind to get out of
the way. It should be easy to think about your something as there have been many things
in this lifetime. Think about why you wanted your something and what it was about this
something in the first place that made you desire it so much. It was going to increase your
enjoyment of life, that‟s for sure. There are people who want healthy limbs amputated, so
don‟t go thinking whatever you wanted and got was „whatever‟.
        When – and only when – you have got that something with your mind, read on!
Until then, put down this book and allow the search engine that is the unconscious mind,
to find your something for you. It will, but it can find our primary purpose for us only if
we let it. So LET it! ……………………
        LET IT!
        Have you let it? Good! Be aware now of your mind, not your brain – your mind!
You should be consciously reading this book now – with a picture, or a feeling, or noise
of the thing you desired in the past – with your mind (not your head). If you aren‟t, wait
until you are before you continue……………………
         Whatever we do, see, feel, hear and touch on this planet we analyse it with our
mind. Whatever it was you desired, its in the past, the initial feelings of joy you had at
first experiencing your desired thing is unsustainable.
         There are two types of things, distraction things and purpose things. People
don‟t know their primary purpose because they are pursuing the distraction things,
         When you did, got, used… your desired thing, how did it make you feel? How
long did that feeling last? Do you still have that same feeling now when you think of your
past desired thing? What you will find when you think about your desired thing or
experience in life is that no sooner do we attain that something we want another
something! The initial feeling of euphoria, buzz, high etc, isn‟t sustainable. That‟s the
way things are on this planet because it was made this way: to find out why/how it‟s
made this way, we have to pursue the purpose things.
         The height of sexual pleasure or the high of a drug, the joy of receiving and
giving, are all unsustainable feelings. By choosing to want less distraction/material things
we don‟t have to work so much, therefore, we have more time for ourselves – this is the
part that government and religion don‟t like: idle hands and all that compounded
suggestion. The political party leaders and their puppets, of the civilised world, must
attach to the religious suggestion of their territory‟s flock and have idol hands. This is due
to the template.
         Fewer people choosing to work fulltime requires less bureaucrats, which reduces
the cost of production and the cost of living. Government suggested there was going to be
a big peace dividend after the east west cold-war ended. But then government created the
war on terror: 9/11 was the public activator to our government‟s cause – the 9/11 sound-
bite suggestion. 9/11/2003 doesn‟t run off the tongue so easy (I think it happened in
         The American government is spending billions – trillions – on a new missile
defence system to defend themselves from attack. When Empire states kick the ass of
other states they can expect to get their own ass kicked. The empire in denial wants to
eradicate nuclear weapons so we can have WW3, technology moves forward, we can‟t
un-invent the wheel.
         Doing less fulltime work frees our time to confront self and pursue the purpose
things, before our body has deteriorated, as it would have done had we worked on into
retirement, locking-in mind to material body. An inflexible body set in its ways has an
inflexible mind unwilling to countenance change: old people talking about themselves,
their aches and pains, not listening to others, going to the same shops and doing the same
things, hostile to change and awaiting the grim reaper and their religion‟s suggested great
         According to society, we work, then we retire. At which point we can ponder our
meaning of life. There‟s no fool like a old fool, anyone can make a mistake, only a fool
makes the same mistake again and again, lessons have to, etc. People we describe as old
people will be hostile or dismissive of this book as it represents change. Death is a
mystery and the rule of law must be observed. This is why old people don‟t know their
meaning of life. If an old git/idiot told you their definition of the meaning of life, upon
hearing it you wouldn‟t be filled with a feeling of acceptance that comes with knowing it.
„In my house there are many mansions, had it not been so I would have told you so‟,
according to the good book that has not provided humanity with their suggested primary
         A monk or nun will retreat from our material society in order to have peace to
meditate and prayer. Their approach is not sustainable as they don‟t have sex or
encounter the distractions of our world. Religion has a problem with sex in the same way
politicians have a problem with peace. Religion relies on others to do the deed to sustain
their future as politicians rely on others to go to war to sustain theirs: their territory, our
country. Religion knew of the oneness with creation attained at the height of sexual
pleasure and forbade it.
         Our politicians have created a lot of employment in society with a sex industry
and all the sexual hang-ups of a civilised world: private parts, child sex, topless models
and prostitution. The civilised business of soul entrapment by suggestion – or religion,
for short. Religion and government go hand in hand like a gay couple, an unnatural union
of civilisation‟s making.
         Great sex is when equilibrium is achieved: there‟s more to it than you whatever
mine and I‟ll whatever yours – no part of the union is distasteful when a mental state of
equilibrium is achieved. Heaven forbid, what would the monks and nuns of the World
say? Sex is only a distraction from the meaning of life when its conscious pursuit and
execution is in excess/unbalanced. When a child changes to an adult, sex is the great
distraction. Thinking is done with the privates, not the head, at adolescence. Civilisation
is in adolescence too, the privates cease to be in stage three – transition/convergence.
         The Alteans in the seeding of our World were distracted from their primary
purpose because of excessive sexual relations. Anything that could be screwed was
screwed, and screwed. The planet is also designed to distract, but you will find the
meaning of life in the midst of the distraction. When the Buddhist master was asked by
the scientist, “how does the Buddha-boy (Ram) under the tree do it?” the master came
forth with a smile. The pop superstar Sting has tantric sex. This type of sex can go on for
hours. The Kama Sutra is an ancient text on love making, where different positions are
used and an equal exchange of sexual pleasure occurs.
         The free, democratic empires of the US and UK have the highest rates in the free,
democratic world of underage unwanted pregnancies. This is because these territories are
in denial: they should use their armed forces to shoot down the storks that deliver the
unwanted babies. Denmark has the lowest rate in Hitler‟s united Europe, due to its
cultural open, honest realistic approach. The Danes can discuss sex with their kids in the
same way British people can discuss the weather with theirs, and the Americans can
discuss the World‟s only great country with theirs. Civilisation‟s approach of following a
religious policy document written by people who didn‟t experience the unconscious
knowledge attained by the sexual union of woman and man, means our collective purpose
is unknown.
         In the beginning of Earth‟s seeding, the Alteans were distracted from their
primary purpose in favour of sex. The density and physical nature of this new planet
created new distractions; their city will be discovered due to the evolution of technology.
The Greek philosopher Socrates had a direct approach for knowledge, like the Buddha-
boy; this gave him visions through his right brain hemisphere which went to his mind.
Socrates worked with Plato, and the two of them interpreted the knowledge Socrates
received – but as usual, interpretation of knowledge and truth is subjective.
        Information is also lost in translation (Nostradamus). After the destruction of
Altima‟s Atlantis, those who didn‟t drown began afresh. At the alter of Megiddo, counsel
was given as lessons had to be learned so it wouldn‟t happen again. As we keep hearing
from a mouthpiece of society, “lessons have to be learned so it won‟t happen again”.
        Consequently, civilisation hasn‟t been told from a representative of religion or
materialism what our primary purpose is.
        Counsel at Megiddo was given in the form of a man clothed in the remnant of the
Hawk. It wasn‟t difficult for the Council of Nine to instruct the leader of Altima to go to
Earth (create a few crop glyphs), disguise themselves as a bird, and tell the leaders of the
time not to become obsessed with sex. (In the mid 20th century remote inhabited islands
were visited by men in planes that could land on the water. The inhabitants of these
islands thought the visitors were gods and created effigies of the pilots and their aircraft.)
I would have preferred to have written „and the rest is history‟. As power corrupts the
world of men and history is written and taught by the victorious, the scientific world of
today can unofficially replicate the experimentations performed by the Alteans: genetic
manipulation, gene therapy, global warming, global déjà vu… Oh, shit I don‟t believe it!
Here we fucking go again.
        The three programmes of Age, Law, and Work in this chapter are there for
individual choice. I‟m not in a position to compound a psychological suggestion to
people, as our society‟s controllers do. A positive suggestion needs no compounding. We
know power corrupts – there can be no greater example than the state of the planet! All
people have to do is change their mind in order to change our quality of life – and planet.
A World along the lines of the John Lennon song „Imagine‟, where there is no politics
and religion lawfully thrust in the face of everyone from an impressionable age – that
would be good, to my mind. The programme to be most fearful of is the „I DON`T
to accept their attachment when they know how it‟s loaded by the big stage hypnotist‟s
template. Their semantics of rapport and subliminal suggestion.

                                CHAPTER SIXTEEN
                                       THE FUTURE

People who study personality types and body language can predict a likely future of
someone or a society that is an accumulation of personalities. Fortune tellers, astrologists,
magicians, Derren Brown and David Blaine all work with the psychology of people. The
average person on the street steps back in amazement with their eyes and mouth wide
open before saying to the psychologist, “WOW, how did you do/know that?” The answer
is simple: evolution moves at a slow pace, and thirty thousand years isn‟t long, because
we did something in the past in one way doesn‟t mean we have/must do it in the future in
the same way. That‟s the beauty of living in the present.
        Religious and political rituals aren‟t sustainable, as they seek to stay in the past;
their path has not led us to our life‟s primary purpose, nor is their path sustainable. When
a key establishment figure transcends, the usual expressions and suggestions we hear
about them are, “they were a strong advocate of tradition”, and, “they didn‟t like change”.
Establishment players embrace change when it‟s conducive to maintaining their position.
The Queen‟s mum didn‟t like change, or so the media suggested when she died. The
Queen got her Internet site up and running ASAFP (as soon as f*^“ing possible),
embracing new technology when it suits. At election time, too, the political party puppets
suggest to the shrinking electorate, „vote for change!‟ If the voters don‟t like the present,
they buy it. Our planet is in a constant state of change, and our programmers suggest
ritual and tradition is good; adopt a planetary approach or a traditional approach, will
commonsense or the rule of man‟s law prevail?
        The present state of the planet is consistent with the actions of the hunter turned
warrior personality type. America is the current empire in denial, and decline, its defence
forces are stretched to the limit fighting to impose democracy in other territories and
stopping other territories terrorising theirs. China is again the empire in ascendance.
Phyllis V Schlemmer is the one present transceiver with the Council of Nine. The blame
culture we live in today makes it easy to blame the warriors who would instinctively deny
responsibility. The nomads can stand in a field and thumb a lift from a passing spacecraft
as our World continues its transition. The settlers can do what they normally do – sit it
out and hope things get better. Before civilisation, in anarchy we lived and worked
together, commonsense suggests we do so again.
        In order for commonsense to prevail, events in the future will conspire, according
to the narrow view of those who idolise the beast and worship the number and letter of
the beast (our national insurance/tax number!). For those who seek the big picture, the
events of the future will be joyous. The forces of decline have pinned their colours to
their mast and their book of words will have its foundation shaken by the evidence and
proof that will be revealed; the revelation and correlation of the two (ambiguity) will cast
their book asunder. The world of men has no power, compared to the one that created the
world of men; the best laid plans of religion and politicians have created the present
environment. Truth is the antagonist of the powers that be; as our parents in the past
unwillingly gave their power and payment (tax/collection) to the beast, the beast in turn
consumed more than was sustainable – the joy of political expenses and their secret
donations, etc! The enterprise of the Twenty Four will reign.
        All I need do is fulfil my contract. I‟m not going to change the world – I‟m just
playing my part. I‟m one drop of water behind a wall of deceit. Greed or addiction to
power has rendered the wall unfit for its purpose; a lie is not sustainable. Coincidence,
luck, fate and chance is the anathema of the beast.
        Remember my „Mushroom Experiment‟? Well, I did it again! And as the ibotenic
acid went into my bloodstream for the second and last time, a different interpretation of
reality became available to me, again. A choice was more obvious than before, I chose
not to be consumed by the choice provider as the choice had turned to addiction and
entrapment in others.
         There is no guidance available on how many mushrooms to be consumed, so I
relied on my unconscious to be my guide: what felt right, was right. (If you choose to eat
the Fly Agaric mushroom, you will find it in the woods late in summer. Pick it at
midnight, butt naked in the light of a full moon, as you verbally repeat this mantra: “death
and taxes, materialism and health… death and taxes, materialism and health… death and
taxes, materialism and health…” In so doing you will hypnotise the mushroom, causing a
change in its physical properties.
         WARNING: it is illegal to be naked in unlicensed public places showing your
private parts! If you are arrested, have your defence team use the full moon as an excuse,
as police departments record an increase in their workload when the moon is full.
         To increase the effect of the toxin when I required to urinate, I drank it – I was
taking the piss, literally! In the modern society in which we live, this will be viewed with
disgust. It wasn‟t long ago a doctor would taste the piss of a patient (customer) to
determine their condition. I was drinking my own piss and it didn‟t taste as bad as some
beers I have drunk. The truth is a feeling we have. When the truth is experienced, the
truth cannot be told, or shown, or written by another; another can only give their mind‟s
interpretation of the truth (truth and wisdom). For us to believe that another‟s truth is
true, we require that inner feeling of acceptance. If society‟s god were true then society‟s
god wouldn‟t have to save society from the consequences of a society that is true to the
book of words (political cherry pickers).
         As this was the second time I had used this mushroom toxin, I had preconceptions
of what was going to happen. The first time was at night; the second time was at noon.
The experience I had the second time was a considerable change from the first. I had
changed in the intervening year also, physically and mentally. I remained conscious as I
confronted the beast within. I confronted a fear I had about electric, which is amusing to
me as a hypnotist. It was Thomas Alva Edison who enlightened the masses with his
inventions in electricity, and he kept the masses in the dark about hypnosis in surgery.
Edison saw for himself the power of suggestion in the hospital theatre, and as he was an
establishment pawn at that time, he did as anyone addicted to power would do. Power is
an energy, as power is retained by the individual it is denied the state. Edison is the
reason we don‟t have hypnotists in the hospital theatres of the US and UK Empires.
Hypno-surgery is more common in former empire territories/countries that don‟t impose
democracy by military force. The present empires struggle to get former empire
territories to send frontline troops into eye-rack and Afghanistan.
         As a small boy I electrocuted myself. I carried this experience with me into
adulthood. A few months previous I had started to confront this experience, and I was
willing to confront it again with an altered state of consciousness by suppressing my
conscious physical human material mind! I walked from my house to where the power
line was and grasping the power line that produces a pulse of electric. I thought at first
that the power was switched off, yet I knew the power was on as I had held the power
line earlier in the morning pre-toxin and felt its pulse twitch my muscles. With the power
line in hand I knelt down to bypass my footwear. As this made no difference I put the line
in my mouth and rested it on my tongue: I remained unconcerned.
         Farm livestock recoil when confronted by an electric fence, I was questioning/
examining the experience. The toxin had the effect of removing self from self to a degree.
The muscles of my body didn‟t twitch with the altered state of consciousness induced by
the toxin. I had to make a conscious effort to become aware of the electrical pulse. It
didn‟t take long to analyse what was going on when studying it from a human and Being
perspective, as opposed to a conscious material logical perspective. Prisoners on Death
Row don‟t all die in the same shock-time of electrical exposure: some need more hits
than others (shocking). Material people should be shot in the head with a minimum .458
magnum calibre gun: if it‟s good enough for killing elephants it‟s good enough for killing
killers, legally! Or should killers experience some pain? We can‟t have them entering the
afterlife when their material bodies in a drug induced high, can we?
         I returned to the house after my electric experience. My son had also returned
from his state psychological non-hypnotic conditioning – school for short (he‟s 5 foot 3
inches and growing). He had went to his bedroom and put on a DVD to watch. The DVD
he had chosen was JRR Tolkien‟s epic „The Lord of The Rings‟, a story of self doubt and
battle which came to the mind of Tolkien from the unconscious while he was doing
school examination marking. Tolkien had endured the killing fields of The Great War,
(the war to end all wars, which didn‟t); he too had been conditioned by the state when he
was a „young man‟ to confront the Hun/Bosh. The German soldiers were demonised by
their opposition as the enemy always are (political psychology). Tolkien in later life saw
beyond the suggestion of the state. Tolkien‟s Orcs and Trols had their leader too: Sauron.
When I entered my son‟s room to speak with him, I saw on the screen Sauron the
deceiver in his fiery lair. This vision unlocked an association response with me. I sat on
my son‟s bed looking at Sauron on the TV and began to speak out loud with the deceiver
within, my partner ushered my son out of the room and closed the door behind her
leaving my body alone in the room.
         Sauron was a visual representation of another, as my body was a vessel of another
also. Words are power, and I do not use the name of that which Sauron represented, as
this would empower and idolise it: writing Sauron isn‟t a problem – but writing the
D*v*l is. It confronted me – I didn‟t confront it. Knowledge is enlightenment, as It
encountered the light It recoiled until it wouldn‟t confront again. I left the house and went
into the garage, in which is housed a fossil fuelled engine that had been recently used.
When I rested my hands on the engine, Sauron returned. As a hand normally recoils in
pain from heat, I chose to keep my hands on the engine as another inner conversation and
confrontation ensued. I believed to remove my physical hands from the heat would be to
give victory to the deceiver, my knowledge was such that I knew I wasn‟t my body, I was
the Being that was clothed by it. I didn‟t want my container to dictate terms to me and I
didn‟t want to be deceived by it (body/container) (see fire walkers of the world). The
feeling the engine was hot is subjective. I am the hypnotist, the client, the light and
darkness within, as the light intensified darkness again departed. The fifth element called
knowledge. I‟m not the perfect being.
         Balance is not a force, gravity is not a force (read of biblical characters who
levitate). The pre-historic Buddhas on the roof of the world received knowledge from a
civilisation, which in turn worked with other civilisations: through working together, the
civilisations or biblical elders of revelation sought an operative balance. On Earth we
humans work towards creating something that‟s perfect. To maintain a total mental focus
for 33.3 minutes on a given point gives the Buddha the ability to focus the mind on the
nature of gravity to levitate. It was suggestion to suggest the Buddha received perfect
enlightenment. What the pre-historic Buddhas received from one of the Twenty Four
Elders was a series of programmes. If we were to imagine we were building a pyramid
(pyramid, see dictionary, multi definitions), visualising the blocks being placed together
in this educated conscious moment in time we would lose focus quickly due to our
western materialism attachment. Give it a go if you don‟t believe me. If we had a
physical miniature pyramid of small blocks that took 33.3 minutes to put together without
over rushing or being slow, when we came to visualising the task with our mind only, it
would be easier.
        Let us use the right brain hemisphere again and imagine you have bought a pile of
blocks from the local toy shop. You are sitting in the middle of the floor about to build a
pyramid. You have one hour to spare, or kill, and the phone is off the hook, the mobile is
on silent, and the computer is down. You look at the time and start to build. When you
finish your attempt you realise these options (or more like them) have taken place.
        One. 33.3 minutes hadn‟t elapsed (get more blocks).
        Two. You were interrupted.
        Three. Your mind wandered from the task as you did it.
        Four. You went overtime without finishing the shape.
        Five. Etc.
        A settler personality type‟s perseverance was employed. In doing so, you
thought/said to yourself, “this is why Buddhist masters live the way they do, reducing and
trying to eliminate distractions”.
        The human species in the form of Buddha‟s received knowledge from one
civilisation as the Chinese leaders received from another. The elders of Revelation got
round the round table and discussed with each other their own planet, and how to operate
thereon. When a suitable container evolves on a new planet, a Being could enter it and
experience an altered physical/ Being experience as no two planets would be the same
due to the energy makeup of the cosmos, and more could be experienced by going to
different worlds. A soul/mind/Being that began its journey from the source on one planet
would achieve equilibrium (move beyond the first spirit plane), then travel to another
planet with consciousness preconceptions based on the previous existence. If they were
distracted from accessing the consciousness mind state, they wouldn‟t go to another
world/planet, they would remain in the first spirit plane of the afterlife (see people who
aren‟t there for details).
        There is nothing new in the present cosmos in the same way there is nothing new
in the newspapers, the cinema, the government, etc (The Matrix movie is based on an
eastern theme). There are just variations on themes. Small theme and big cosmic theme.
On our planet before computers were invented, there wasn‟t an activity that could be
performed to alleviate the mind state of what we call boredom. The card game of patients
and solitaire, or building blocks into a pyramid, becomes boring if there‟s no greater
purpose. Computers provided a new technological purpose, but they too can become
boring it just takes longer. An advanced computer that can think for itself creates an
adversary, when I entered my son‟s room and Tolkien‟s Sauron appeared on the TV, I
immediately recognised mine.
         The advanced civilisations that visit our world (twirled crop circles) have
adversaries too on our planet. As well as hearing the expression “lessons have to be
learned” and the other politically suggested derivative “valuable lessons have to be
learned”, we are also informed of „experts‟. It‟s not only the case that honourable
intelligent great human Beings have messed up the world (politically suggested climate
change), but that experts have had a hand at it too (a right hand). An expert is someone
who has a great deal of information and experience on a given subject. This enables the
expert to give an educated guess in their field of expertise. Practice and theory. An expert
is an addict. In staring at one part of a painting you don‟t see the bigger picture. Many
constructions have failed on this World because experts got it wrong.
         After the second toxin confrontation with Sauron in the garage with the hot
engine, I went for a walk. As I did so I looked at the trees and felt a light breeze on my
face: it was a beautiful day. I laughed out loud to myself as I thought about this planetary
experienced reality from an altered in consciousness greater perspective, as opposed to an
educated lawful religious conscious expert attached perspective (pay attention £$). The
simplicity of our purpose is the very distraction in itself, cosmic humour again. I thought
about the words of Bruce Parry in his TV programme „Tribe‟, in which Bruce took a
toxin from the „Aboga root‟ given to him by the „Babongo‟ tribe of Gabon. Bruce threw
up his stomach contents repeatedly after ingesting the toxin, only to take more of the
substance. As he emerged, intoxicated, from the tribal hut, he looked at the jungle and
said something like, “maybe I‟m seeing the jungle as it really is!”
         It could have been another toxin or another tribe, I can‟t consciously remember
(the subsequent series didn‟t show Bruce taking any toxins – I don‟t wonder why!). But it
shows that we need to look at ourselves and the civilised society we have created in a
different way. The scientific community took samples of the toxin Bruce consumed.
Bruce described the effect the toxin had with his mind – the effect it had on his physical
body was self-evident. A strong willed ex-marine, Bruce was programmed to endure
pain. The verbal description Bruce gave of his toxin experience afterwards was one of
experiencing the actions of his past present life from the perspective of the person on the
receiving end of his actions. It should come as no surprise to know that it was Bruce‟s
negative past actions that were being revealed/relived. My first experience of the
mushroom toxin was to experience my own past actions from my own perspective.
         We in the free democratic west apportion blame on others. We could order our
pharmaceutical industry to officially and legally replicate the mushroom toxin - and
Bruce‟s jungle-root toxin – but our political party representatives don‟t. Both toxins take
the intoxicated to an edge between this reality and another – into the nonmaterial world.
In the words of Chris Tarrant, from the game show „Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?‟,
our leaders say, “we don‟t want to give you that!” Leaders throughout the world are
intoxicated with power in the pursuit of their toxin fix/high: they send others to war and
the World grows darker (global dimming). In the long time of writing this book/antivirus,
Saddam Hussein the former leader of eye-rack (IRAQ) has been fought, beaten, wanted,
captured, sentenced to death, and killed. The World is no better of his transition. Our
programmers will create a new „bad guy‟, as the repetitious attachment of those addicted
to power carries on into a new stage.
         If everyone at an appropriate point in their lives were given a dose of one of these
two toxins the effect would be:
        1. We would know there is no escape from our actions;
        2. We would change our actions;
        3. See 2; for 2 see 1.
        Drugs are not a problem on this World: addiction is a civilised problem and
employment creator – therefore, no problem.
        After my toxin induced walk, I returned to the house to be with my partner. Toxin
induced thoughts of transition went through my mind, a different level thereof where
loved ones of this life were interpreted differently, an experience that has to be
experienced to be understood. There is a willingness to leave loved ones of this velocity
and enter another, this programme or book (however you want to interpret it), gives a
choice. I didn‟t know the strength of the toxin I had taken. When dried the mushroom‟s
toxin changes in property to „Muscimol‟, which can be 10 times more toxic, I had drunk
my own waste… In short, I didn‟t know if this was going to be my last day in this body
or on the surface of this World.
        My partner and children have programmed fears of the unknown and ghosts (in
the house where we live, someone took their own life many years ago). The unconscious
presence of the person remains, causing society‟s attached fear of the unknown in my
family at various times (ghosts), but usually in the quiet of night. I no longer have this
fear, as I know what‟s down the tunnel. My partner in her daily life travels the corridor of
our house, and as she does she passes the spot where the suicide took place – alongside
the bookcase where my books on hypnosis and psychology are. (On a stormy night after
midnight the creaking of the rope used to hang himself can be heard, along with the
sound of blood dripping on the floor from a cut throat! No! Only joking!) Had she chose
to study the books on suggestion, she would no longer fear the unknown. Any day could
be anyone‟s last day in their present physical body. I went to bed expecting the death like
sleep to wash over me, and the torment therein or transition, but around twenty minutes
later I was back in the here and now. I have yet to fulfil my contract – another reason for
not transcending after my parachute near death, or death experience.
        I have no need for any money from the sale of this book: the publisher can keep
the ten or fifteen percent or sell the book cheaper. There‟s sure to be an issue getting a
publisher to print an anti-establishment book, if publishers are anything like newspaper
editors. A publisher who says to themselves, “this‟ll sell” in a materialistic world and
make a lot of money, there shouldn‟t be a problem. I would expect an anti-establishment
book to stir the beast to its customary response, requiring annuity. We in the present free
democratic bureaucratic west have created a problem for ourselves by attaching to a
materialism theory.
        By adopting a balanced planetary approach in my life I think more about my
quality of life rather than money: a free download of this work would be ideal. I put my
cans and bottles to the recycling centre long before it became the norm, I knew the
council (local government) in those days dumped the stuff in a land fill site. In knowing
the collective meaning of life (equilibrium) and part of my own meaning, had this
information brought about a huge sudden change in my life causing me to write this book
which went on to be a best seller, this would have a sudden impact on a world that is
geared for materialism.
        This is not going to happen for one reason: it‟s not supposed to happen. The
change is going to be what it‟s supposed to be. This book will filter in at a pace that is
conducive to the state of the planet. As the old timers who are set in their ways see a
positive change in those who are not so stuck in theirs, this will encourage and accelerate
their change. If change comes in its own time as dictated by bureaucrats, there WILL BE
destruction; if change is accelerated, there won‟t. Governments don‟t like change
(tradition, ritual); the problem our government has with changing the second chamber
(House of Lords) is, how do you create the illusion of democracy while retaining power?
For example, where I live a guy called „Ray Hunter‟ wanted to put wind-turbines on top
of a hill. Ray submitted his application to the democratically elected local government
(council). As this application would create a stir in the community, Ray stated, according
to the press, that he would abide by the decision of the free democratically elected
councillors. When the council rejected his application, he appealed (lying bastard?). One
government unelected and appointed bureaucrat (reporter) decided to give Ray the go-
ahead. Government by the people for the people is the psychologically suggested illusion
– „democracy‟, in a word.
         The cost to the environment of creating industrial wind turbine units and grouping
them together and calling them „wind-farms‟ is outweighed by their return. It would be
more environmentally friendly to manufacture energy efficient non-fuse-able light bulbs.
Oil companies‟ money is behind many renewable energy schemes, backed and subsidised
by governments. The term „wind-farm‟ is verbal ecology-friendly psychological
hypnosis, like the word „democracy‟. The planet is going into a period of increased
activity, which is coinciding with science‟s tipping point, and many other factors –
         Dear John ________?
         John the Devine, of biblical revelation, was given visions to his mind, according
to the word of religion‟s god story. Our bureaucratic system of political party
programmers are locked-on to this book of words that was written long before the
advances in technology we have today. As more is revealed to the masses about our true
evolution, more will turn their back on the establishment‟s religious attachment. More
people will experience for themselves that quality of life and materialism are not
conducive. This, too, will encourage more to turn their backs on political suggestion.
Many multi-millionaires are setting up charitable foundations to give away their wealth,
or are they all writing books stating our primary purpose? They should know the meaning
of life if they are rich, according to materialism‟s theory.
         A suggested programme that is not in the interest of the individual or masses or
planet must continually be compounded (read the papers and listen to the news). This is
the law of the master programme‟s template. At the convergence of the possible
evolution of a species, knowledge is the cause and effect of the cause that affects us all.
         Someone living in the bureaucratic free world political Empire territories of the
US and the UK who chooses to adopt a balanced approach in future, may think they are
at a disadvantage if they don‟t have a partner to experience the oneness attained at the
height of sexual pleasure with creation. Many of the people in partnerships in these
territories also have nonexistent sex-lives. Comedians have a rich source of material
when it comes to the sexual famine experienced by couples who have children then stop
having sex until the woman goes through the menopause, only to return again to having
sex with a stiffer perceived older body, not as in the early pre-children days of their
young sexual relationship. Solicitors also have a rich source of material due to men
becoming frustrated at the sexual famine when their partner associates sex with the joy of
her children, the work, worry and pain etc. The father with too much testosterone starts
going or looking elsewhere. The legal definition of balance has created „Fathers for
Justice‟ and pre-nuptial contracts! In the 1960s, when I started school, if a pupil didn‟t
have a dad we thought their dad must be dead.
        As stated earlier in the book, sex is great for business. The power of association
and disassociation. When dad grabs mum‟s chest in bed at night, mum unconsciously
associates the sexual act with kids: the affect that children have had on her material body,
causing sagging bits and bulging bits. Hollywood movies only show the ideal female
body shape, newspapers likewise. Documentary programmes on nudist-camps show the
reality. Reality is bad for business on the suggested real world, especially when the
business is cosmetic surgery: „have both breasts done for the price of one when you get a
tummy tuck! HURRY, this offer must end soon!‟
        Mother also associates the mess children make of her precious house, and the
work of feeding, clothing and worrying, etc. Men associate sex with pleasure – mainly
their own. Men don‟t want to go-down to a woman‟s private-part as much as wimen
(ladies) are willing to suck a man‟s what‟s-his-name. There are many imbalances to be
balanced with sex, once society‟s programme changes in favour of the planetary one.
        Change is ongoing. If you look at a porn channels today (which I don‟t), you
don‟t have to wait long to see someone going downtown on a woman, shaved preferably,
possibly covered with yogurt or some other tasty treat, yum yum. That‟s disgusting, many
of society‟s old-people readers will be saying – men mostly.
        Before civilisation came into being, there was ignorance of the sexual union.
After the Atlantis (main city in Atlantic) affair, civilisation‟s religion kept the masses in
the dark about sex. Sex is for procreation, not pleasure – f**k religion.
        Political shepherds refuse to allow prostitution in the US and UK empires to be
legalised as it‟s bad for business, and mum wouldn‟t want dad to pay for sex – why
should he have all the fun!? Taste and smell are subjective when sex „ah la equilibrium‟
is performed. There is nothing distasteful in the union.
        The ancient Kama Sutra text was all about sex and the way it should be, not the
average way it is with new adults, or in modern partnerships with parents, or in porn
movies. The male multiple orgasm is achievable in harmony with the female, when
adopting sexual positions that are attainable by human bodies that aren‟t set in their ways
(wise old idiots), coupled by people who are in balance with left and right, conscious and
unconscious, etc. Experience planet for details.
        People who don‟t have a partner to have sex with can create the ideal partner with
their mind. There is a tendency for people without a sex life to masturbate, but religion
discourages sex and masturbation. When someone masturbates they consciously visualise
having sex with someone; a male wet dream is usually coupled with a sexual encounter
with an ideal partner, not a sheep. By creating a visual mental image (VMI) partner,
everything about this partner is ideal. New internet sites are available where people create
virtual reality representations of themselves, going and doing things they wouldn‟t do in
their educated „real world‟. A VMI sexual partner created and consciously thought about
in waking hours, has an increased opportunity of appearing in a dream reality, provided
choosing not to vent sexual frustrations by masturbating is maintained. Having sex with
someone in a dream reality isn‟t grounds for divorce, because civilisation‟s great legal
minds aren‟t in control of their bodies and think with their heads.
         When people attempt to change the person of their dreams into reality by stalking
film stars and the like, disappointment is usually inevitable. Reality is inferior to
illusionary reality, with our illusions we are in control; a dream reality is within our
control when we take more control of our illusion of reality, the civilised suggestion that
is the „real world‟.
         The spiritual masters the Buddha-boy (Ram) were taught by on the roof of the
World, don‟t have sex. They live in temples far away from the distractions of the free
democratic western world. When I received an item of junk mail recently the writings
thereon suggested I should buy their product in order to create more free time for myself
to relax. The picture on the flyer showed someone sitting in the classic Yoga position (on
their arse/ass with the legs crossed in front of them). The eastern religious policy
document called the „Bhagavad-Gita‟ states below the picture of an old man sitting
meditating on plate (picture ten), “A yogi who is not a devotee of Lord Krsna must
perform severe austerities to be able to choose a suitable moment to leave his body”.
         All religious policy documents suggest to their followers that they must abide by
the suggested psychological programme: no cherry picking, follow this word of god,
hook line and sinker or shit will happen – and not only in this life but your afterlife too!
The Holy Bible suggests to its followers that they should follow the teachings of Christ.
(To get your DVD copy of „Christ, the Truth and Nothing but the Truth‟ send your
money today and receive all the live sermons given by Christ in his lifetime! See Christ
for yourself as he walks on water, and hear for yourself what the blind man said after
Christ cured him. The first 100 subscribers will receive a certificate of authenticity singed
by the Pied Piper of Rome, and a free super deluxe copy of The Bible with real leather
cover and gold leaf embossed title. HURRY, as there are limited copies available and this
offer must end soon!)
         The Buddha-boy sat in this classic yoga position like the old man in Bhagavad-
Gita in order to perform his six year task. Eastern spiritual masters knew that when the
physical body was put in certain positions it increased the flow of information from
consciousness. It‟s not illegal in some Himalayan countries for religious representatives
to smoke the illegal drug called „Hashish‟. One of the effects it has on the physical body
is to loosen the muscles – this enables the devotee to stand with one leg behind his head,
and various other positions. In the west the nearest scientifically-created drug to this is
„Baclofen‟, used by people in wheelchairs to alleviate muscle spasm. A physical body
can grow stiff in perceived old age, locking mind in body. Silly old gits who don‟t like
change, didn‟t choose to exercise their bodies, therefore their material self became stiff.
Madonna the pop star will have to watch out for repetitive-strain, a civilised disease, as
she moves her body too much.
         The Buddha boy‟s eastern unscientific teachings presumably believe it takes six
years for a physical body to replicate itself; he therefore chose to bypass his spiritual
masters and go to the source of all knowledge directly, cutting out the middle men.
Provided his political territorial leaders didn‟t bring about his physical destruction, the
boy will return a man in his fourth cycle. Western, scientifically programmed eastern
minds now scientifically study these people of faith, and have seen that they can go
without food and water for years on end. These scientific studies produce evidence that is
believable to the scientific mind – and your mind, if their findings were released. A
scientific mind is searching and a religious mind isn‟t. Follow the programme my child, it
says you must in God‟s book or you will rot in hell! This is the word of God.
         The Buddha boy‟s mentors teach meditation techniques. There are guided
meditations where the teacher suggests a path for the pupil to follow, and things the pupil
will see, touch, smell and hear. In our everyday life we will see, touch, hear and smell
things: as we pass a baker‟s or chip shop, we will smell the produce being cooked and
associate the aroma with something tasty. Someone who is being sick in front of a
observer will suggest with their bodily actions the same, or likely increased, response in
the observer. In the same way, someone yawning does likewise; in the same way seeing,
touching and hearing can trigger associations of the past into the present. Choice is the
key, no one has to be sick or yawn etc, they only feel inclined to.
         You will have experienced embarrassment in your past. When people become
embarrassed, their face turns red as the blood-flow to the surface of the skin is increased.
The polygraph – or „lie detector‟ – operator could easily be fooled by a Buddha master.
People who are in control of their bodies can speed up or slow down their heart rate. The
illegal drug Cocaine speeds up the heart, while the illegal drug Heroin and legal drug
Morphine slow it down. All those drugs are potentially addictive, and if taken together
could cause a transition into the first spirit plane of the afterlife to see people who aren‟t
         A Buddhist master could make the blood go to any part of their body, or the outer
skin of their body. In our civilised controlled educated environment, many people stuff
their face with an excessive amount of food. This leads to employment for others to fix
their self-inflicted problem – health services inc. When many unhealthy people,
unaccustomed to going to the doctor, go, they unconsciously enter a mind state that
causes their heart to speed up. The spiritual Buddhist master studied the physical body
with their mind. As our heart rate increases with a fright, and our body shivers when cold,
as well as all the other natural reflexes our bodies have, the spiritual master realised by
replicating the cause with the mind. By verbalising a meditation programme, the body
would replicate the effect physically. Hitler‟s scientists back in WW2 did a variation on
this theme with the Jews that were going to be „legally‟ killed by his regime. America
was/is doing a variation on the same theme with illegal combatants they pick up off the
battlefield in eye-rack (IRAQ): these combatants aren‟t prisoners of war so they (the
United States) can ignore the Geneva convention.
         The spiritual Buddha masters have their guided meditations for their pupils,
„Karma‟ - in the, west interpreted as the „law of cause and effect‟. While in the Christian
exposed west, monks‟ and nuns‟ prayers and meditations are designed to keep them from
taking control of their bodies and finding meaning to their existence. In the east, the
meditations and prayers promoted empowering self to a point. Love and power are
energies; energy is quantifiable in the Matrix. The Buddha-boy knew enough in his
teachings to know that his masters were keeping something back. As always, power
corrupts the physical conscious world of men.
         Magicians of today know how the mind can be tricked, and by reading their books
anyone could become a magician. Magicians recognise when spiritual mediums use tricks
of the mind to fool an audience: magicians in general don‟t believe in an afterlife. Magic
has its religious association with black magic, and magicians of the past had to watch out
for religious persecution. A hypnotist can easily recognise when a magician uses
hypnosis: for example, when a magician says to the audience, “okay, now I need a
volunteer for my next trick! Please raise your arm if you would like to come up on stage
and be my assistant? Okay, there‟s quite a few hands being raised – you madam, up you
come! I always like an attractive assistant! Make your way to the right of the stage and
step right up!”
         The person gets on stage, and the magician goes through the usual niceties. “All
right, if you would stand to my right and face the audience, before we begin. Right, do
you feel all right, are you relaxed? Right then, let‟s get started. I‟m going to put this
coin…” the magician holds a coin in his left hand as it is shown to his assistant and the
audience, then continues, “I‟ll put this coin behind my back and hold it in one of my
hands. I will then extend my arms in front of you, in order for you to choose which hand
the coin is in. If you guess correctly the three times I do this you can keep this 50-$£
bill!” The magician produces the 50 from his right pocket and holds it in his right hand to
show everyone.
         The magician says the word right numerous times before stating to everyone the
trick is about to begin. In so doing there is a greater expectation of the assistant choosing
the right hand. When the magician states the trick is about to begin the assistant increases
their conscious attention, and is more inclined to go for the right hand. The magician
plays it by ear. Also, the magician knows we forward thinking humans will increasingly
go for the left hand if the coin was produced from the right hand in the previous
exposures. By stating when the trick is about to begin and stating when it appears to stop,
the assistant increases and decreases conscious attention. Immediately after stating the
trick is over, conscious attention is at its lowest point with the assistant, and the magician
can in plain view plant a coin on the assistant‟s person, if need-be for the next trick. He
can thereafter say, “okay, here we go again! Is it in this or that hand, or is it in your own
pocket, madam?” Whereupon he asks the assistant to check her pockets – only for her to
find a coin!
         To summarise the last few pages.
         Eastern spiritual teachers by studying human beings and placing their own bodies
in various positions and meditating are able to control their bodies to a far greater degree
than western scientifically consciously programmed humans (western free people!).
         Magicians educated in how the mind works are able to increase the desired or
likely outcome of an event they have staged on the their small stage.
         Hypnotists from the 1950s onward increasingly became aware of how important it
was to psychologically suggest a programme in a way that increased the desired response.
NLP, which appeared in the 1970s, is the study of the mind‟s reactions of/in the body to
given situations and questions.
         KamaSutra and Tantric sex experts are occupied with sex.
         Political and religious leaders are addicted to power.
         Business is occupied/employed with money.
         End of summary.
         Anyone who studies the aforementioned subjects in the summary and adds actions
to the teachings, may on the one hand appear to be clever/intelligent, and able to
recognise when someone is pulling the wool over their eyes. They would excel in any
walk of life. Their mnemonic skill would enable them to store a huge amount of
information. Their hypnotic skill would enable them not to be programmed by another.
Their sexual control and technique would ensure everyone enjoyed the act. Their magical
expertise would ensure tricks of the mind couldn‟t be performed on them.
         In the movie „The Matrix‟, the heroes‟ attached programmes into their conscious
mind as they moved from one reality to another. When a new obstacle was encountered, a
new programme of information was only a phone call away. The problem with this
approach being you had to have a phone and wait while the programme was downloaded.
         Imagine (using your right brain hemisphere) you are one of the heroes from the
movie. A gay woman is more likely to imagine she is Neo, the male lead in the movie –
it‟s all interpretation. So imagine you are the one, here to save mankind, and you have
picked up the phone. On the other end is the operator, and you say, “I need to know how
to operate: jujitsu, Judaism, Islam, Helicopter gun-ship, Taoism, French, Maths, Magic,
Quantum physics, Hypnosis, Bush craft and Politics, etc.” The idea being that you want
infinite knowledge of all Earthly programmes because you operate in an Earth thinking
         In the movie, the characters used their conscious minds to reload information
already known to the collective human consciousness. In the same way, there is increased
illiteracy in society today because Beings are conceived for containers containing the
DNA that already know how to read and write before they are birthed and go to school,
unconsciously. Mum has to teach her kids how to read etc at home in the modern world,
that‟s why ready meals are bought and the house has to be kept tidy. Mum has her
employment too – it‟s a dad‟s life!
         The present Empire‟s young inhabitants are increasingly switching off to the
compulsory state education rote programme. When you know how we tick and
everything around us, we will choose our best course of action. With this infinite
information we will cross reference and discard duplications, of which there are many.
Our unconscious would be our guide when separating the wheat from the chaff and the
fact (non-fiction) from fiction, our gut/inner feeling.
         In the pursuit of the perfect warrior, the warrior becomes self-aware and no longer
wars with their fellow human-Beings. Programmes for jujitsu become irrelevant apart
from knowing how to reset dislocated bones and the like. Many other programmes
become redundant altogether. The mind is where all our experiences of reality returns to.
In the modern day cave art from Hollywood, an old-fashioned one dimension movie was
made called „The Men Who Stare At Goats‟. These soldiers are close to being the
antithesis of our life‟s education of the template.
         The businessmen addicted to seeking and retaining and creating more wealth, the
politician addicted to gaining and retaining power, the men of god who worship the beast,
they all conspire to create a society that suppresses our souls‟ (minds‟) pre-programmed
desire to enter the Matrix via a daydream/default network. A supple body and mind that
endures all the distractions and addictions of the physical world will pass beyond the first
gate of the afterlife and work towards the ninth. The four horsemen of the apocalypse
have no power when they encounter the enlightened mind.
         This book suggests people follow the example of the planet, not over or under-
doing anything – repetitive-strain and laziness are civilised products. Readers can choose
to ignore this suggestion or go to their religious shepherd and ask of him, “what is my
primary purpose, sir/reverend?” They can ask their political representative the same
question. Ask the addict when they are in conversation with the un-dead dead (people
who aren‟t there). Ask… whoever you want! It all ends up with your own personal
        Addiction is the reason for this book. We have given our power to a few, and the
few good men quickly became addicted to it. To avoid addiction a brief exposure is
preferable. It would really f**k-up/screw-up the establishment if people were picked at
random by their tax or national insurance number to serve one term in government; the
beast gave every civilised person a number. The experienced politician would be a thing
of the past, like the dinosaur. Business wouldn‟t be able to sustain directorships to old
friends, but constantly make new ones. Numbers picked at random – with the people the
number corresponded to representing a constituency – would put an end to elections; we
may get the odd thief or murderer, but what‟s new? It would be a lottery. I don‟t like the
idea of speaking in public or going to a parliament, there are those who don‟t want to do
jury duty either. There are global consequences if a process of change is implemented at a
bureaucratic pace. Change won‟t come from the top, as power is the great corrupter of
educated people.
        I stood as a candidate in an election once. My message was simple: vote for me if
you agree to the following, „The majority of politicians in Scotland and throughout the
world, regardless of political systems, are motivated by greed, putting their own interests
and their party‟s and business before the people they say they represent. You demand a
change from a political/party business, greed motivated system that creates imbalance. To
a system that puts the wellbeing of the planet first, a system built on what we know to be
right inside, in a gut feeling, natural justice, commonsense way!‟
        I received less than half of one percent of the turnout! The election turnout was
around half of those who registered to vote in this democratic territory. The second time I
stood I was going to do things differently, I had learnt lessons. Before my first hustings
and before my requested press statements were sent, I went up in my parachute and fell
out of the sky (not hitting the ground running, like a politician). I got out of speaking in
public and I got lots of hallucinogenic drugs, life‟s a beach. Body, heal thyself.
        Outer-space has forces opposing one another: the Twenty Four civilisations of
revelation represent the forces of light, and forces act against them, their opposition can‟t
twirl the crops. When you accept the reality of this World, not the suggested illusion of it,
political suggestion becomes redundant. Politicians aren‟t in it for the people, as they
suggest they are, and religious representatives suggest their word-book is the word of
God, but both use the one master programme template.
                             CHAPTER SEVENTEEN
                               MASTER PROGRAMME

The suggestions compounded to us at every opportunity by our programmers are:
        One: Lessons have to be learned so this never happens again.
        Two: The evidence has/hasn‟t been scientifically/clinically proven to… whatever.
        Three: We‟re living in freedom (variations thereof: e.g. free democratic world).
        Four: Without the rule of law there would be anarchy.
        Five: Experts.
        Praise the lord for experts! Idiots didn‟t do this to the world: we listened to the
experts. An opinion is only relevant if an expert gives it. There is one more important
suggestion and its FATALLY FLAWED. The expression/suggestion we hear a lot from
the establishment is, “the figures upon which the reports findings are based are fatally
flawed” – with variations on the words „figures‟ and „reports‟. What civilisation has
failed to inform us is being perfect is in itself a flaw. It is not possible, according to
civilisation‟s programme. to be perfect and flawed at the same time: one word is anti of
the other. Another example would be spend and save – „the more you spend the more you
        Humanity‟s scientists suggest it isn‟t possible for other life forms to travel in
space due to the vast distances; and on Earth there‟s men‟s laws of physics, based on a
human conscious interpretation. Civilization has gone round in circles pursuing the very
thing that is causing its politically suggested self-destruction: perfection. Laws and rules
are constantly being changed in pursuit of a better society, as opposed to a worse one.
The word „better‟ is defined as: „to work towards something that is ultimately perfect‟.
Utopia, Shangri-La, Nirvana and Heaven – what do you think the mind state would be in
such a place or state of Being? Think about holding something in your hand that society
would say is perfect. How do we know something is perfect unless we have something
that is imperfect to compare it with?
         According to religious suggestion God is the Supreme Being, infinite in all ways
– intelligence, etc. As we near the end of the book I would like you, the reader, to think
about what they would see if they looked in a microscope, and, what they would see if
they did likewise in a telescope, and what they would see in-between. With all three there
is constant change: galaxys and stars in constant transition right down to a cellular, then
atomic, and then subatomic level. It‟s a dog eat dog cosmos – including Earth; disorder
and order, nothing goes to waste as everything is energy/matter. Bruce Parry, the TV man
who went into a jungle anarchy, while in his drug induced visual interpretation of the
emerald forest (Jungle), was more likely see through his eyes a forest in the form of
energy. An eastern spiritual master can pass a chopstick through a glass table by firstly
accepting with the mind both are the same in energy/matter form. The flaw with
perfection is it eliminates purpose. To accept your unknown and uneducated meaning of
life we need to think about it and interpret our thoughts from the perspective of the
meaning of light.
         An architect starts a task with the thought of what is to be created: thought
proceeds action. In the beginning there was the thought, not the word. The architect‟s
architect had no basis upon which to start, only energy to transfuse, and by creating dark
matter from light matter an opposing force is created, creating a purpose. Darkness is
programmed to confront the light: the establishment created our purpose on this civilised
planet, the war against ignorance poverty etc, and each other.
         The Matrix consists of matter and anti matter. When matter is created, light is
produced. The light created darkness, as to be the light is to be alone; to be alone and
perfect is to have no purpose. Outer space is a cycle of birth and change and rebirth. Our
Sun and its satellite planets are part of a cycle within a larger cycle. When the cycle
doesn‟t appear so, it is due to our interpretation by a physical Being‟s mind. When the
western scientific attached mind converges with the eastern spiritual attached mind, there
will be an explosion of thought.
         The light created a purpose to sustain the light. When matter of any type
converges there is an explosion, creating light. The light is the beginning. The Council of
Nine are light beings without physicality, for just as an enlightened Buddhist master that
levitates needs no legs, and a remote viewer needs no eyes, enlightenment surpasses
physicality. By building a physical pyramid of blocks, the known end result will be the
ability to move objects and self by power of thought. A feather would appear to be an
easy object to firstly attempt to move after creating the pyramid of the mind. Perceived
sacrifice is required, all the ingredients are available on this World, they only require
         The Council of Nine are in a pivotal role in maintaining balance, as there is
imbalance. The Twenty Four elders work towards a positive light balance; love is an
energy and hate is its antithesis. When the light of creation created darkness, darkness
was within the explosion that created matter (Earth etc).
        There was a time on Earth when there was no atmosphere or oxygen. When an
aeroplane flies through the air it carries a purer form of oxygen than we normally breathe.
If the plane is going to crash, the pilot drops down oxygen masks for the passengers to
breathe. This purer oxygen creates a high, and while passengers are in this revelation
high, they don‟t care about dying because they feel and see another reality, therefore they
don‟t panic – wow!
        The purer oxygen isn‟t sustainable, and not all the passengers get the high. To
replicate or create a high, all that needs to be done is place a large thick plastic bag over
the head, holding it tight to stop fresh air from getting in. The atmosphere inside the bag
will soon turn toxic, the person will start to breathe more quickly as their body wants
more oxygen. Their heart rate will increase as they panic: this is the human-Being barrier
they have to practice to push on. Children are programmed with a few Earth years‟
experience not to do this, knowing their primary purpose is dangerous to the
establishment‟s materialism theory. Holding a hand over the mouth and nose creates too
big a mental barrier to overcome; after around a minute the average person would gasp
for air due to the physical/material body‟s suggestion. To create the high the body
requires to be deprived longer, hence the bag approach to ease transition. The time taken
to get the high is around two/five/seven minutes for a novice, the more it‟s confronted.
the longer it takes. Cocaine speeds up the heart and heroin slows it down, the four
methods are addictive due to the revelation that death isn‟t the end of the mind/Being.
        Oxygen deprivation activates a bodily virus. We know what drugs do to the
human container – look at the eyes of a druggie: too much carbon dioxide does the same
thing. A western educated ocean „Free-diver‟ doesn‟t have the same programmed belief
that a religious educated eastern Buddhist master has, and the Buddhist doesn‟t do Free-
diving or Muff-diving (oral sex on a female). Michael Jackson was famed for going in an
oxygen tent – it didn‟t do him any harm!!! The magic man David Blaine went into a glass
water tank and attempted to break the western world‟s record for holding breath – he got
close to it. So watch yourself when it comes to holding breath. Breathing air will kill us.
        To return to the beginning of the rebirth of Earth. After millions of years there
was a time when cold-blooded dinosaurs and warm-blooded mammals lived together.
Dale Russel and R Seguin published an article in 1982 suggesting what might have
happened if the dinosaurs known as „Saurornithoidids‟ had been allowed to continue their
evolution. This theme was carried on in the „Jurassic Park‟ stories (novels by Michael
Crichton, movies by Steven Spielberg). Evolution on this planet could have ended up
today with two legged, no tail lizards. We are supposed to have had a tail, according to
one theory: cheeky monkey! We know Galileo by his first name and Darwin by his last,
the master of the theory of materialism is popularised by the book of words, and in the
secret history of the world its the same master. This one master has many names, all of
which when spoken provide empowerment.
        A series of unfortunate events enabled the warm-blooded mammals to evolve into
what we know as humans. If things had turned out differently we would be lizard-Beings
not human-Beings. The human body is the present apex container on this planet.
According to the establishment‟s material theory, there are no Beings, only material
matter and missing scientific links.
        The personality type that was drawn to war and consuming flesh when in a
physical human container known as warrior personalities, and the personality type drawn
to peace and consuming plants in theirs known as settler personalities, both travel the
super highway of the cosmos. Known as nomadic personalities, all are seeking a purpose.
Failure to achieve balance on this planet may do for the warm-bloods, the same as the
series of unfortunate events did for the cold-bloods, depending on how your Being
interprets it. Global warming and global cooling, summer and winter, round and round
the cycle goes, big cosmic cycle and small seasonal cycle. Regardless of the physical
body, the primary goal created by the master programme remains the same. The Being
must achieve balance to continue its journey from this World, hot blood or cold, light or
         New-world warrior president Ronald Regan and his opposing superpower old-
world president Mikhail Gorbachev, became aware in the 1980s of a greater threat known
by their secret establishment superiors way back in prehistoric times. The cold war with
a huge supply of destructive power on site targeted in the primary objective gave way to
the war on terror. As we wage a primitive war by all means possible on Earth‟s surface, it
is as above and below with advanced civilisations (ambiguity). Throughout our physical
existence, more bodies have been lost to disease than any war: the political suggestion of
global warming is just another means to a secondary end. The battle of the flesh that
clothes our Being, our inner battle between what we know to be right and wrong. The
battle between human and human, the war on… whatever. The battle in space between
those who twirl the crops and their helper civilisations, and those who oppose them.
Everything is drawn to the light, as the light is the source and purpose.
         The battle for us as individuals on this planet is to confront a microcosm –
ourselves. The battle in the spheres of space is not our primary concern. Our thought
from our mind is to confront self; in so doing, the origin of thought will be revealed and
accepted, our personal revelation.
         Working towards perfection is one interpretation; balancing opposing matter is
another. It was religion that suggested there was a god, and materialism‟s scientific
thinking that suggested there wasn‟t. However it‟s interpreted, our existence and purpose
is related to balance at one level or another. The test for each individual is due to their
willingness to listen to someone else‟s interpretation: religion‟s flock or materialism‟s
voters, or money-makers. Choose of your own freewill to attach to any of those
programmes and you won‟t go far, Earthling.
         In civilisation terms, when a body is young it‟s supple. We had a young head on
young shoulders. Old heads on old shoulders suggested a psychological programme using
the one template. Our attachment to this programme creating the belief that we grow into
an old body. In the teens, sex was about pleasure not spirituality; after children‟s arrival,
sex was almost nonexistent due to association with children and disassociation on
mothers part from pleasure. Then, as the body locked in the mind and the eggs stopped,
sex was about pleasure again, free of the child consequences for a woman and low in
testosterone sex-drive for a man.
         When civilisation was new, religion was, and still is, about control, based on an
inner belief with the masses that there was something beyond death. When politicians
took control of religion‟s flock and the masses thought scientifically, materialism‟s
money became their motive. Scientific teaching screwed up religion‟s doctrine and
created the belief that there was no intelligence beyond physicality to a point that created
the present political/scientific suggestion of global warming.
         Interpretation of being human from a Being perspective does away with all forms
of racism. In the free world of free speech the spectre of causing offence to others is
great. Saying nothing can be interpreted as saying something: “You say it best, when you
say nothing at all”, goes the song. Evolution from religious psychological attachment
does away with religious racism. Evolution from political territoriality does away with
passports, no more border restrictions and territorial wars. The empire‟s materialism
programme created the need for asset seizure from other territories: 9/11 was due to the
most polluting territory‟s greed to feed their addiction, China is becoming addicted again.
Rich empire territories create poor territories to give government aid too: the poor
territories want this aid so they too can become addicted. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, the
creators behind Live-Aid, gleaned through their experience that government was the
cause, and they saw the effect first hand. Giving to charity compounds the problem. The
world we live on could be a great place if the 9/11 sound bite was substituted with the
equilibrium- choice- sustainability sound bite.
         The gateway in the brain to the bigger picture is referred to by science as the
Default-network. Typical scientific thought for a name: by going through that gate, you
are suppressing the limited conscious mind. Consciousness is the gateway to all
knowledge, the education system is the gateway to repetition, and the new suggestion of
global warming and dimming. All people need do is go with the natural flow. What
information they require is with the mind (eureka, I‟ve had an Archimedes moment!).
Our conscious and unconscious are in constant conflict. When you choose the planetary
approach you will find your journey is sustainable with spiritual purpose. As if we didn‟t
already know it, this book you are reading has been telling you, the reader, to trust your
own instincts/feelings, not politicians‟ of any system, or religious representatives‟

Chapter Summary
The interpretation you have of this book is based on your personal beliefs. The state
didn‟t give us a choice about going to school. A five year round the sun little human
doesn‟t question its environment in the same way a fully grown attached adult human
won‟t. We went to school as our parents did in the self imposed belief that we had to. In
decades past, children worked in the coalmines and mills etc. Explorers explored our
world, they returned with evidence and stories of what our World is.
        When children have to go to school now, they are still educated for a single
monetary purpose: materialism. Education is controlled by government, and government
is controlled by the establishment blood-line. The early explorers of the past had their
expeditions funded in the same way present day scientists are funded. The established
order are rich in material wealth and small in number. Expeditions and scientists that
want to explore a nonexistent alternative have to many obstacles to overcome. Education
x3 creates belief, which in turn creates educated ignorance of the primary purpose.
        After our education years, we went into employment for decades. Children and
work and the bureaucratic pace of modern life are a great distraction/suppressant. When
we retire we can sit with idle hands and ponder the meaning of life, it‟s suggested. Stiff
old idiots don‟t know the meaning of life in the same way working people chasing money
don‟t know it. We are unconsciously programmed to consciously believe we aren‟t
programmed by a system that programmes our conscious mind. Programmed in school, in
religion, and for a few, in court, consciously with all three. The conscious, the
unconscious, and the mind are words we use to describe a mental state of Being, but the
brain having two hemispheres is not educated in balance. We are educated to read, our
mind will give us our interpretation of what we read via our consciousness, anything else
is external psychological suggestion.
        It‟s time for each individual to make their mind up, before their material body

                              CHAPTER EIGHTEEN
                        THE BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD

When I watch the news or read a paper, I see nothing new, just a variation on a familiar
theme – more compounded suggestion of better times ahead that I‟m encouraged to
attach to. Readers who are in contact with new arrivals (babies) on this World could do it
all differently by showing with their actions and explaining to them with their words how
we were programmed, so they (the new arrivals) aren‟t.
         Programming begins by another when the baby is in the womb. Expectant mums‟
body movements and verbal noises suggest something to the inner other. Our
interpretation of this worldly reality should be based on our fellow human Beings‟ mass
programmed and uncivilised, un-programmed interpretation. If someone has a fear of
snakes for example, it‟s their fear, not everyone else‟s. Avoid attaching your personal
interpretation to another – confront it.
        Educated readers who have had or are going to have a baby could pre-school and
life-educate it differently to how we were attached by the template. Imagine, using the
right brain hemisphere, a new container (baby) with parents who loved it. In hospital the
baby gets the start of injections to suppress its Being‟s purpose and its immune system –
disease prevention is the establishment‟s soul suggested purpose for these injections. A
parent could use their mind to think about these injections before allowing the hospital to
proceed, provided they aren‟t too set in their ways they could trust their feelings. A baby
injected against a disease can die of many other things.
        The scientific community have recently discovered that the immune system isn‟t
activated to its full potential if its exposed to viruses at a further stage of growth: a sterile
home is a dangerous laboratory to a crawling child, as it suppresses the body‟s natural
immune system (clinically /scientifically proven). And it exposes them to a civilised
scientific cleaning chemical environment, which increases their allergic reaction to their
        Children early on in their growth, around a year or so out of the womb, constantly
get viruses and the like. Ones living in the country go outside and pick up all kinds of
dirt, activating their immune system. A parent shouldn‟t suggest to a child what may
happen with dirty hands, they should wait and see what the child‟s experienced reality is.
Being unwell is when the immune system is activated.
        Back in time, the Black Death hit England. People in those days had dirty homes,
a huge amount of dirt compared to today‟s standard. (People today don‟t die of Aids –
they die of an infection on top of the Aids infection.) Sailors took the virus back from
Asia to 13th century England, in the present century we hear of Bird Flu – it too
originated in Asia. This new Flu virus we will have no scientific immunity to, as the
strain hasn‟t been identified yet; when an anti-virus is manufactured at the front of the
queue there will be our programmers, the masses will be further back.
        The seed for the Bird Flu virus has been suggested by the media: the civilised
world has been told its a killer. „A-tissue, a-tissue, we all fall down‟, goes our parents‟
(forefathers‟) nursery rhyme. Throughout history we have had plagues, and we haven‟t
all fallen down. The uncivilised jungle dwellers have, and had, no immunity to our
civilised virus.
        When this new baby of 2010+ is birthed, another choice for its parents is between
processed milk with additives and scientific numbers we don‟t understand off the
supermarket shelf, or the human breast. Scientific field studies out of the laboratory in the
civilised world have shown various anomalies: there‟s a connection between cow‟s milk
and diabetes in later life. Manmade milk created by science isn‟t as good in the long-term
as the real thing, would be the experienced reality. The other latest scientific suggestions
being that babies who are cut out the sunroof (caesarean) are at a greater risk of diabetes
further on in their life too; and if you sleep too much you also increase your diabetes risk.
The scientific community don‟t know why all this happens.
        This new arrival of 2010+, when they move on to solid food, find it‟s the same
story with solids as it is with milk, scientific or natural. It‟s easier with scientific factory
foods off the shelf than creating a natural alternative. However, laboratory foods come at
a material cost.
        The template we are attached to compounds the suggestion to us that if it‟s
scientifically or clinically proven, it‟s right, it‟s the proper way to proceed, we would be
stupid not to. But look at the evidence, weigh it up for yourself: society‟s scientific
suggestion or our personal lifetime‟s experience? When science creates products, they
didn‟t look at the bigger picture: they study a small picture in the laboratory for a short
time, before its mass release to the masses. As time outside the laboratory passes, and
with exposure to the masses, a different set of findings can be found. We need to
encourage our children to look at the bigger picture.
        When a child crawls around and knocks its container and cries, it‟s consoled in a
way that suggests material body and non-material-Being are one, human or human-
Being. New parents could question the theory of materialism. Instead of saying, “did you
hurt yourself?” it was said “did your body hurt itsself?” this would be the start of a
lifetime‟s disassociation programme. It‟s a supermarket approach – every little helps!
The planet provides the cosmic association.
        This new growing child is crawling around and starting to walk. It‟s great to see –
a tiny human exploring their environment, Beings don‟t die like humans; there‟s no fear
factor, because the baby Being is used to being a Being. Nine months in the womb is just
the start of the Being‟s acclimatisation. Now they have to get used to having an out of the
womb physical container experience.
        Materialism is all about in the box association. It‟s easier to attach a material
human programme to a new container than it is to delete materialism‟s programme from
an adult attached one – especially a set in their ways civilised one.
        If a cross section of people were in an environment where something suddenly
happened, creating the belief that their death was likely (for example, a train, plane, or
ship, rocking and tumbling around violently), out of all the age groups experiencing this
sudden experience, babies and children would be unconcerned, compared to educated
materialistic ones. The little ones would look at the big ones and form an opinion based
on the big ones‟ actions: and actions, as the old proverb suggests, speak louder than
words. The little ones would associate with their elders.
        The template for successful suggestion uses association and disassociation
because they are powerful psychological tools. Society‟s old set in their ways people are
attached to association/disassociation: that‟s why they don‟t search for their primary
purpose. They can see their human – not their Being: it‟s a cosmic test. As well as the
saying about leading a horse to water, there‟s another old adage about teaching dogs. The
suggestion goes, “you can‟t teach a old dog new tricks”. Go out of civilisation‟s
laboratory into this worldly reality and ask people who train horses and dogs and you will
experience that the suggested reality and the experienced reality on both sayings is a lie
(or as a politician would say, “it‟s a disingenuous appraisal of events!”). It‟s easier to
programme a puppy with one interpretation of reality than deleting and attaching a new
programme from a perceived old dog – that is why kids must go to school.
        Before this crawling and starting to walk child of 2010+ goes to school they may
talk to Beings who aren‟t there, and experience realities that aren‟t real to programmed
people; this happens at around two to three years. Instead of a parent being dismissive of
the child‟s reality, the adult could neither encourage nor discourage the child. Saying to a
child who‟s experiencing an un-programmed reality, “is that right, darling?” is more
neutral than saying, “I can‟t see anyone, sweetheart”: be neutral, not materialistic – use
semantics. Allowing a child who has entered the equilibrium state of mind (trance/default
network) to experience other realities makes it easier when their loved ones and pets etc
transcend. Civilisation‟s programmed people grieve to a different extent compared to
uneducated savages and animals. This is due to the suggestion of “death and taxes”.
         A recent TV programme I watched was about the witch children of an African
developing territory. These children were behaving in an uncivilised manner. In centuries
past, witchfinder generals drowned suspected witches and burned guilty witches – a win
win situation. New children who behave out of the box are off to a purposeful start.
         Mum and dad can`t always be there to look after their children; guardian angels
are a fanciful idea to many and a reality to others. Our attached belief is to say to a
grieving person, “it just takes time, that‟s life”, while other cultures suggest other
         We create an environment for our kids to remove as much as possible death or
injury – a risk-averse society is a great employment creator on an island of sixty one
million. Injections at birth from our modern day alchemist, then lay the baby in a soft
cosy cot, so they don‟t fall on the floor… Even so, accidents still and will happen.
Someone who gets all the scientific injections can still be knocked over and killed by a
car if it was meant to be. Thinking out of the box will explore the if (X) factor.
         Back in the 60s when my body was small I climbed trees and played on rooftops
and climbed in their supports. Our house livingroom (lounge) of today used to be a stable
in the past: my partner as a small girl used to swing on the roof supports with stone floors
and animals below. My partner and I, our childhood was different to the health and safety
childhood of our kids. And our parents, who grew up during the WW2 years, had a
childhood that was different from ours: death was all around them, even falling from the
sky. It was created by the fixed beliefs of territoriality, the business of war.
         When it comes to birthdays nowadays, new parents of 2010+ could avoid this
attachment like a plague. The psychological box created by civilisation has many smaller
boxes within it – age is one of them. The scientific box and the age box.
         The masses are shepherded into age groups. At school the experienced reality is
that we don‟t all learn what we‟re exposed to at the same time. If a programme isn‟t
attached in the appointed time, the kid‟s stupid; if it‟s attached earlier than their
appointed time (year), they‟re clever. Suggested age, mental/Being age, and big picture
age – these ages are all different stages in our spiritual development. Saying to someone,
“how old are you?” is a civilised approach; saying, “how many years have you?” is a
realistic approach. It gets too complicated if you have to add up all the years we had in
past lives; earthly material years aren‟t important when you‟re working towards your
Being‟s primary purpose. That‟s why these years are important to our society: “you only
live once” being the compounded suggestion that manufactures the belief.
         Expectation is a massive element of the template. The failure to deliver suggested
expectation means doubt has been released from the unconscious. Civilisation‟s
programmers have delivered a copious amount of doubt. Create expectation with small
ones and you‟ll have to deliver or there‟ll be a scene. “Mum dad,” child says in a loud
crying voice, “you said we were going to go to the amusements/shops etc!” Or, “you said
I was going to get a new computer game!” Etc, as relevant. Adults have their created
expectation too, from our programmers/shepherds.
         There was another TV show about adults mentally losing it at the airport. The
expectation that‟s created is that we work for a large number of weeks, then we have a
holiday (vacation) for a tiny number of weeks (or just a week), soaking up the sun on the
beach or whatever. The airport in the TV show being the perceived final hurdle before the
dream holiday escape. The TV programme showed what happens to adults when they
believe their expectation may be terminated. The viewers thought it was great
entertainment seeing someone else losing it. The actors of the big stage create their
expectation, too. There will be an election coming up soon – there usually is. The good
old days were before our time, we‟re living in the present, our future will be better if we
take their bait – AGAIN! – and vote. It‟s tradition at election time for the political party
puppets to suggest better times ahead and change from the old.
         The Americans in their 2008 election had the compounded suggestion of change:
the black man, Barack Obama, and old white man, John McCain, both suggested it. The
golden rule of successful suggestion requires the programmer to suggest and/or create it,
otherwise people wouldn‟t attach. Our next election will be the same. In the UK, the
latest election has put a combination of Conservatives and LibDems in power –
unsustainable as they will be at one another‟s necks in no time as they strive for the upper
hand. The pensioner flock that haven‟t transcended can consciously remember Labour‟s
Winter of Discontent, and Maggie Thatcher‟s suggestion that she would deliver harmony
after Labour‟s discontent. Those in work can remember Tony Blair‟s suggestion that
things can only get better after Ssssir John Major‟s Conservative years of sleaze.
         New parents with small new arrivals who don‟t seek to attach an age belief and
don‟t create false expectation, are on to a winner. The template for successful suggestion
must not have doubt. Don‟t create it, and it won‟t have to be suppressed.
         Most of society‟s old readers with around eighty years‟ experience when they
were small didn‟t have a TV in their house. Books to their generation created false
expectations of Kings in castles and all that unrealistic nonsense: a fairytale that wasn‟t
Grimm reading. Prince Charles in the present (2010) real world can express opinions
while he is a Prince that he wouldn‟t be able to express when (IF) he ever becomes King.
These old readers with around eighty years created another generation who saw Muffin
the Mule and Andy Pandy on a black and white TV. Today‟s 2010 pre-school kids are
being fed the same nonsense in a different wrapper: The Telletubbies (how appropriate)
for my 1996 birthed son. New parents of the present could stimulate their kids by
realistically communicating with them, not creating false beliefs, expectation and doubt.
         There‟s the scientific approach with food and a natural one, and it‟s the same
story with state education. Kids must be educated, and all of them enjoy or endure; many
leave school un-qualified. Programmes are attached or rejected; an unwanted programme
will be rejected. There are many self-made millionaires who didn‟t achieve school
qualifications, but there aren‟t many/any who can‟t read or write. Someone who wants
something will attach, its nothing to do with a suggested age. Wait until the little one
wants to attach; the more someone wants to embrace something, the less or void of
encouragement required.
         The body I had was birthed in 1962 for hopefully this last journey on this World.
Supermarkets hadn‟t been exported from the new world to my old world at that time. I
lived in the country on a croft (tiny farm), and we kept animals and chickens and the like.
Our house was next door to a school. My mother used to clean the school, as the lady
who lived in our house did before we moved there in 1965. This school closed in my first
year at it – 1968 or thereby (there are as many abandoned schools in the countryside as
there are abandoned churches). Dad worked for the council (local government) on the
roads; having the croft was dad‟s joy. Fast foods and the new „Globosity‟ wasn‟t as big a
wealth creator in my good old childhood days. We had one car, and mum got our food
shopping from the grocer‟s van that came round once a week. Mum carried in the
shopping ingredients in a cardboard box or wicker basket: carrier bags weren‟t used,
(carrier bag tax). Dad grew vegetables in the fields, along with the turnips for the
animals. Mum prepared the meals, as did many mums in those days (they were the days
after the good old days). When my partner and I had kids in the late 80s and 90s, my
partner fed them with bottled milk. It was a real joy for her, sterilising bottles and mixing
up the milk powder with water. The breast is best campaign hadn‟t been promoted in our
parental days. As our kids‟ bodies grew bigger and wanted solids, she prepared their
foods rather than feeding them processed ones with all the scientific additives and
numbers out of small jars and cans.
        At my local garden centre recently an employee was telling me about the
increased seed sales there has been with more people growing their own vegetables again.
I‟m going to grow more in the future: at present we buy our vegetables (ingredients) at
the supermarket. On the way to the supermarket we pass fields growing vegetables for
them (supermarkets), and on more than one occasion there‟s been a machine spraying
chemicals on the crops.
        Parents today have a lot of pressure to get their tiny kids fed so they can get back
to work and pay the mortgage and the other costs of civilised living, hence processed
ready-meals. Nowadays, celebrity TV chefs like Hugh and Jamie and that bastard that
swears a lot are making us aware of the problems with scientific factory foods. TV
programmes nowadays show day old male chickens being gassed; they inform us that
they are also thrown in large mincing machines alive – there‟s a limit, but TV shows of
tomorrow may show the mincing machine deaths. Increasingly, people are keeping hens
in their gardens for eggs; the progression will be when they eat their hens. Another
programme showed a dead man‟s container nude, penis and all: he was 25 stone. They
cut his chest open to show the effects stuffing our face can have on our container, and it
wasn‟t a pretty sight.
        Scientific TV programmes make us aware of all the chemicals we absorb, and the
effect they have on our container: many food products contain allergy warnings and the
like. Science now accepts the influence food has in our material degradation.
        My mum mainly had the job of associating my human to Being, and clearing up
the mess at the start of this (my) life‟s journey; dad was off bringing home the bacon. In a
jungle anarchy environment, the job of looking after the baby and feeding it as it grows is
shared between a few woman (wimen) in the tribe; keeping the shelter tidy isn‟t an issue
to a tribal woman, the untidy uncivilised uneducated bitch – and they don‟t have a
vacuum cleaner or a duster.
        Our kids made a mess of our house in the 1990s – they still do! Kids that visited
who weren‟t allowed to make a mess at their own home made a bigger mess at ours! In
the same way, when a dog owner releases their dog from the lead in the city/town park,
immediately the dog is free it bounds around in enjoyment: “I‟m free, woof, woof!” etc.
        Modern mums in our (partner and I) parental generation of the 1980s and 90s had
to have a tidy house because more of them have to work: that‟s why they don‟t like
having visitors. Parents of the 1950s and parents of the present day are different sets of
parents because they have different sets of attached cultural beliefs. In the nineteen sixties
and early seventies, my parents used to take my siblings and me and go and visit
relatives. If we travelled a long distance we would have a meal there, mum and dad
always receiving a cup of tea/coffee and some homebakes and sandwiches. Nowadays,
it‟s different. Present day mums must have a tidy home, it‟s okay for people passing by to
look at their possessions through the window, but for „f**k‟ sake don‟t let them cross the
threshold – they‟ll make a mess!!!!!
         More parents are opting for home teaching nowadays. I went to school after five
years. Many kids nowadays go with around three to four years: it‟s off to the
childminder, then off to playschool. When school starts at five years it‟s straight into
bureaucracy. They played at playschool, now it‟s education x3. I was learnt how to read
at school by the teacher; our kids were learnt how to read at home by my partner. The
present day TV ad says, “1 in 5 adults have a problem with reading and writing today”
(2009/10). My partner doesn‟t have a job, so she taught our kids; by our example they
were taught morality too. Kids on other less materialistic former empire European
territories don‟t start school until six or seven years have passed.
         A child will be confronted with society‟s psychological materialism programme at
school – the programme that doesn‟t exist. Remember the template‟s golden rule for
successful attachment – „work with the beliefs of the person‟. Teacher will have to fill
in forms with the child‟s age, religion and nationality at some point; as a new parent
knows this is coming, they can be prepared.
         When little children have doubt in a suggested programme, they will ask their
parents when they return home to suppress their conscious doubt. Little people will
believe one version or the other, not both, as belief and doubt don‟t mix. This is when a
realistic approach pays no material wealth. The child asks mum/dad, “how old am I? My
teacher says I‟m five years old.” Mum/dad replies, “your teacher would have to say that
because you‟re being state educated. When you came out of mum‟s/my tummy you were
so many pounds and ounces in metric weight. Look at yourself now (seeing is believing)!
You‟re a lot bigger because you‟re constantly growing new bigger bones and skin all the
time; that‟s because you eat, your friend fatty-big-pig-soggin eats too much,” said
mum/dad. The child asks again, “so why did the teacher say I was five years old then?”
“The teacher has to, love – they‟re doing what their programmers tell them!” comes the
parental reply.
         As religion‟s Good Book says, “you will reap what you sow!” Telling kids lies
means they won‟t maintain their belief in their parents. “Mum/dad…”, child asks,
“teacher also said the Earth is molten rock in the centre, is that right?” A parent replies, “I
don‟t know, that‟s what we were told too. When you grow up, we‟ll travel to the North
Pole and see if it‟s hollow – all the ice is melting now!”
         Parents tell their children stories, and politicians tell their parents stories – cause
and effect. A parent of today could start to stop the cause. According to politicians, the
planet is feeling the effect – the stage the big stage is set on.
         Birthdays, Santa, country and religion are materialism-friendly to a human
product. Some religions don‟t attach Santa, the empires do. Kids have around three years
before they get the Santa/birthday attachment. By the time they have around seven or
eight years, they start to have doubt in Santa. If they still believe in the roly-poly fat man
after ten or eleven years parents are hoping they (the kid) doesn‟t make a fool of
themselves in front of other kids who know the true reality not the suggested illusion.
Birthdays are a material product approach rather than a scientific approach (silly old
fools). Material parents could think of all the money they are going to save on birthday
cards and presents. I received all these programmes from my parents, and my partner and
I programmed our kids with society‟s great lie, too. In our political territory there is a
created belief that an animal called a „Haggis‟ actually exists: the wee rotund creatures
roam around the steep hillsides with one leg longer than the other so they don‟t fall over.
Their call is like the skirl of the bagpipes. I saw one once after I ate a toadstool given to
me by a fairy princess. The fairy and I were watching a party political broadcast that was
on the TV before the programme we wanted to watch about Santa in Greenland came on.
I looked out of the window and there it was – a real living haggis. Society‟s compounded
suggestion is, “we are living in the real world”.
         When I did my consciousness hypnosis education, I found that the best time to
programme someone is when they have seven/eight years. After those years, less and less
kids believe in Santa and the toothfairy and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: doubt
has surfaced in the child by society‟s attached people.
         Ethnic, tribal, country, age, religion, container colour and men‟s justice, are all
good for materialism‟s business, small children don‟t give a monkey‟s about this stuff
until parents start psychologically attaching/programming them. In a jungle anarchy
reality, a tribal programme is loaded. If the leader of a civilised political territory can`t
get the inmates to fight for their patch, they‟ll fight for their god. Leave society to suggest
these programmes to tiny containers, please don‟t negatively attach your own kids to the
         My parents created the belief with me that I‟m Scottish. I retained this belief
100% until my journey in consciousness – the big picture. My dad was a Scots Guard for
the queen without a capital Q; he fought in Malaya against bandits. In centuries past, a
Scotsman kept his balls in his sporran, and kept his powder dry in a horn as he prepared
to fight the ald (old) enemy. Terrorist is the modern name given to people who don‟t
conform to the beliefs of a territory of this one planet. My dad didn‟t put psychological
pressure on me to join up when I couldn‟t find a job immediately after leaving school.
His brothers fought in the Second World War (the war after the war to end all wars) –
more psychological suggestion. One of dad‟s brothers transcended working for the
Japanese as a prisoner of war: so much for the suggestion that, “hard work never killed
anyone!” Dad‟s other brother died of perceived old age, after 92 revolutions of this sun.
A relative looked at his death certificate paperwork and said to me some time later that
they had never seen „old age‟ being the cause of death on a death certificate before. As a
policeman he had seen many death certificates and all of them had given a cause of death:
cancer, heart attack and the like. The relative found „old age‟ being the cause of death a
         My partner and I don‟t go on about being Scottish to our creations/children. I
would think I had failed as a parent if any of ours wanted to go into the defence industry
and attack another politician‟s territory. All over this territory we have war memorials so
the establishment can symbolically celebrate their second greatest achievement (law of
reversed effect). Parents could use these monuments to associate territoriality with
possible physical death of their child‟s container (reversed effect). saying to their kids,
“do you want your name added to this plaque for heroes, or do you want a medal (royalty
medal association), or do you want to achieve your Being‟s primary purpose?” Believe in
your territory, die for your beliefs.
         Modern day parents of 2010+, who feed their children natural foods and don‟t
create false beliefs/expectations in their kids about Santa and tooth fairies and age and
politicians and religion, are going to have more money in their own pockets so they don‟t
need to work so hard (idle hands). Money is the ultimate distraction carrot of the
civilised adult world. Avoid giving a pre-adult a piggy-bank or associating any
importance to money – leave that to society. The world is going broke, governments are
bailing out the banks with money they don‟t have, the prophecy of money becoming
worthless or worth less (it‟s all a matter of interpretation), is being fulfilled. Nowadays
millionaires are ten a penny.
         Religious attachment is an easy one for present day Christian associated parents to
get out of: their schoolmates and friends won‟t think anything bad of them if they aren‟t
exposed to a religious doctrine (taught as truth). In granny and great grandpa‟s day it was
different. Further back in time to the 17th century, it would not have been possible,
because if someone didn‟t go to church they would have been accused of being in league
with the d!v!l (association/disassociation).
         I went to Sunday school, along with many of the Christian exposed kids in my
area, not all the kids. My Christian exposed partner wasn‟t taken to church by her parents.
As parents we didn‟t take our small impressionable kids to be attached, but the school
exposed them to it: they didn‟t take the bait – “mum and dad didn‟t buy it, so we won‟t
buy it either!” thought our kids. My mum still goes to church, silly old cow! Christianity
territories and territories at the cutting edge of technology go hand in hand. Terrotories
that still have their masses embracing religion keep their inmates in the dark: head down,
bottom up, and praise their lord!
         Values (created beliefs) expressed by political shepherds are compounded in
school. Our country, our education, our religion and our void of being‟s purpose.
Commonsense should say to us that we‟re not the age we are programmed to believe we
are. Our beliefs are created, our constant inner feelings aren‟t. How old do you feel now?
An old-dear could ask their doctor at the many appointments they have, “why don‟t
replacement joints last as long as the first joint?” and, “is my worn out joint the same
joint I had as a baby?” They don‟t ask because of a created belief they‟re attached to. It‟s
the same story when people question government-paid scientists about the Hollow Earth.
         With new arrivals (babies), we have the opportunity to create a reality belief that
has no doubt, to be suppressed. Kids cut themselves, and the body heals itself; don‟t use
your head like a politician, use your mind. This book would be longer than the
Encyclopaedia Britannica if I had to set out every distraction programme – it took long
enough to write what I have! We are experiencing this reality with society‟s suggested
illusion of reality. For example, how do you perceive your world and how is your world
suggested to you with the template. Embrace your feelings because our feelings are the
real reality, not the political and religious reality suggested to us by the semantics of the
same template. Do you believe in a religion? Do you believe in a political party or a
country? The big hit is, do you make more money than you need?
         I‟m trained in hypnosis, I therefore use the same template. I said to a once weekly
script editor when I put my self forward as a candidate at the last election, “how about
using the headline „Hypnotist takes to big stage‟?” They wouldn‟t. When someone uses
the template they aren‟t using it for our benefit.
         The source of our feelings will appear to un-programmed children. Our feelings
didn‟t interfere with our freewill, we just had a gut/inner/uneasy (as applicable) feeling
about it – whatever „it‟ was. When freewill is suppressed or removed, the source isn‟t
from the light. The information and physical abilities of un-programmed children will be
an education to their elders. Another prophecy will be fulfilled.
         There‟s a TV ad doing the compounding to attachment at the moment. Society‟s
teenage females are being encouraged, and their parents are being encouraged to
encourage their girls, to get a injection to cut down the numbers who get cervical cancer
of their private part. These growing mothers of tomorrow – some of whom aren‟t going
to have sex, and others who are going to screw around – are all going to be offered this
prick in the arm. Their bodies‟ natural ability is going to be further suppressed. In the
area I live, the daily script for successful suggestion is called „The Press and Journal‟ (the
Voice of the North). The issue of 11/9/08 had a front page story: it stated that „100%
turnout had been achieved‟ – the girl in the photo to which the story related to had taken
the Establishment empire‟s bait (and injection!). The taxpayer picking up the bill (The
article below that one was about the „big bang‟!)
         Tomorrow‟s adults who know of the template for successful suggestion won‟t
have the wool pulled over their eyes without them knowing it. I want to finish this book
and leave this stage, returning the gift of life isn‟t an option, I would use. The only thing
that makes this life/level/dimension/time/velocity etc bearable is having people to share it
         Today in the UK, the countryside looks the way it does because of farmers
chasing subsidy payments (money). In brief, politicians are big stage shepherds; they
meet at Brussels (the market, mart); each political shepherd has their own
country/territory to farm; the flock they shepherd are farmers; to get the farmers to do
what the political shepherd wants them to do, the carrot the farmers are offered is money;
they have to eat this carrot or go out of business. The political shepherds made sure the
farming shepherds eat this carrot – if they don‟t claim the subsidies, their product
becomes unviable. A farmer uses food to entrap their livestock, politicians use money. A
shepherd uses his sheepdog to create fear in his flock, a political shepherd uses the press.
         An MP gets around 50k in this territory, plus unlimited expenses. People love
reading about political expenses, it annoys the public – that‟s why the daily script editor
has them printed and expenses related to farmer‟s subsidies. To make sure I wouldn‟t be
elected as a MP when I stood as a candidate, I was going to sell the public something
they didn‟t want: the reality. The parliamentary candidates who want to get elected sell
the public what they want: a lie, an illusion. My income would have rocketed if I was
elected, and my quality of life would have? Thanks to hypnosis I realised how I had been
attached to their template. I saw the psychological box that civilisation created, and I saw
my body within it (when I‟m finished with the flesh that clothes my body I will pass
beyond the first spirit plane).
         Health, wealth and happiness. If you don‟t have the health, the other two are
irrelevant. I‟ll settle for fulfilling my primary purpose. There are people in my
community who think I‟m an idiot because of my attempts at the big stage – only idiots
look out of the nonexistent box and know about the great unknown.
         Actions speak louder than words. Humans do both – make sure your actions and
words are the same. We are attached by society‟s template to society‟s material
programme. If you think about it, you‟ll fail. A Neil Diamond song went, “don‟t think –
feel, it‟s no big deal!” Trust your feelings.
         New adults of today have a problem leaving mum and dad‟s home to set up house
because of costs. If a relative dies and leaves them a house, they only have the inheritance
tax to pay. Local government councils can‟t afford to build council houses either; and
private builders can‟t afford to build too many low cost houses within their new building
schemes – the materials for low cost houses cost as much as high cost houses. The
empires are having a joyous time bailing out mortgage companies with taxpayers‟ money
as the World goes broke. Life‟s a joy because we collectively made it so. This book is
about suggestion: I leave the final suggestion to the authors who communicated with my
         The language of space is mathematical, the message upon the field in Wiltshire
when translated reads:
          “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still
time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing (bell sound)…”


                            DELETION PROGRAMME

       To help facilitate this programme, hold the book in your hands and continually
thumb the pages, looking at the pages as you hear them pass. Focus your eyes beyond the
book, so the pages are a blur.
        If you are unable to totally focus your attention for 33.3 seconds on that short
        The 33.3 seconds are necessary due to the reality of the mind. Certain parts of this
book will have gone in one ear and out the other as you see it (feel it, hear it). It‟s the
parts of the book that remain conscious to you that require your total focus for 33.3
seconds to delete. Test yourself firstly by thinking about something, Immediately
something else comes to mind, As you think about your something look at the time. If the
time is less than 33.3 seconds you won‟t be able to load the deletion programme. With
knowledge there is responsibility.


The book: Warriors Settlers & Nomads – Discovering Who We Are and What We Can
Be; by Terence Watts; published by Crown House Publishing; ISBN 189983648-9.
       Contains a questioner about personality types. I have included the questioner and
following paragraph for your pleasure. The publisher will seek the relevant permissions.

Warriors , Settlers & Nomads
You are about to find out which is your major „tribe‟, and how much of each of the others
you carry within you. All you have to do is answer a dozen questions, but you must
answer them with TOTAL honesty. There are no right or wrong answers, and no better or
best answer to any question; the questions are not designed to test how good you are, but
to reveal who your ancestors were and what characteristics you are likely to have
inherited. If you try to make your answers fit (what you think you SHOULD be saying
rather than what is actually the truth) then you will not discover your true self at all, only
what you believe you should be – and it may turn out that you have spent your life trying
to be someone whose characteristics don‟t suit you at all! When you discover your TRUE
self, you discover your TRUE strengths.
        Think carefully about each question before you answer – take all the time you
need, because speed is not a factor here. Mark each question on a scale of 1-10. Alternate
questions are „double edged‟ – looking at related but different sides of your nature.
1. HOW determined/dogmatic are you? ___________
2. HOW easily can you “speak your mind”? ____________
3. HOW shrewd/cynical are you? _____________
4. HOW argumentative can you be? _____________
TOTAL ______________ (divide by T=_____)
5. HOW adaptable/indecisive can you be? _____________
6. HOW important is it for you to be liked? _____________
7. HOW reliable/over-trusting can you be? _____________
8. HOW easygoing are you? ______________
TOTAL ________________ (divide by T=____)
9. HOW inspiring/over-dogmatic can you be? ______________
10.HOW easily can shrug off or ignore criticism? ______________
11.HOW spontaneous/impulsive can you be? ______________
12.HOW impatient can you be? ______________
TOTAL _____________ (divide by T=____)
FINAL TOTAL _______________
DIVIDE by 100 _______________=T

The first group of questions (1-4) assesses Warrior potentials; the second looks at Settler
traits; and the third is concerned with the Nomadic personality. Add the scores of each
group together, giving three totals. Add them together and divide that total by 100,
calling the answer “T”. By dividing the total of each group in turn by T, you will find the
personality of each group in any one individual.


                             SUGGESTED READING
TRICKS of the MIND by Derren Brown
TRANSFORMED BY THE LIGHT by Dr Melvin Morse with Paul Perry
FLY FISHING by J R Hartley

The words sustainability/choice/equilibrium/time. Take a pen/pencil and write them
down as shown below in the diagram, transfer your writing instrument to the other hand
and write the four again. You will see a difference in your two sets of four words and a
difference in the time taken to write them. Your attached interpretation of this reality is
affected by your inability to replicate the time and style of the two sets you‟ve been
educated to write in the first place. This World/reality suggests balance/equilibrium and
the establishment created a bureaucratic programme alien to it. We attached to their
programme, virus programmes self-terminate.
                        ONE HAND, OTHER HAND.
Choice Choice
Equilibrium Equilibrium
Sustainability Sustainability
Time Time
Diagram showing an imbalance of left and right. Show your possible/likely imbalance

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