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					Simon Chorowski
                                                                                           5714 Ave. O
                                                                              Brooklyn, New York 11234
Home Phone (718) 444-7630
Cell Phone (917) 371-7889
LinkedIn Profile:

     I am an independent, self-starting analyst with over 20 years experience in data analysis, model
building and forecasting. I have extensive experience in database design and maintenance, as well as
analytical reporting using SAS, SAS_AF and SAS Macro, SQL, ACCESS and EXCEL. I have developed
databases in SQL Server 2000. I also developed reporting systems to analyze acquisition models for both
internal audit and control and for government regulators. I am also an experienced statistician, modeler
and forecaster using SAS and EXCEL. I have 8 years building and implementing risk and response
models for a major credit card company. I have performed segmentation studies using CHAID,
experimental design, marketing analysis and econometric forecasting. I am experienced in all platforms, -
MVS, UNIX and Windows. My industry experience stretches from Government, Finance, Direct Mail
marketing and Consumer Goods marketing.

    Performed market segmentation analysis using SAS Enterprise Miner and Enterprise Guide for a
     telecommunications company to aid in target marketing.
    Supported internet music club business by supplying segmented files for outside vendors and
     analytical reports for marketing department.
    Designed, developed and maintained sales reporting databases in SAS, EXCEL and ACCESS
     used by Finance and Planning departments in budget preparation and planning new initiatives. It
     was full project life cycle, entailing creating the specifications from user input, designing the
     reports, implementing report system into production, training users on how to use reports and
     regular auditing of reports.
    Created production audit database systems used to monitor fraud and account acquisition
     systems which saved the companies millions of dollars in lost income due to lost sales.
    Instituted an audit reporting database system that was used by federal regulators to insure that
     scoring models complied with banking rules.
    Designed, developed and maintained a 20 million account database used for reporting,
     forecasting and risk policy development.
    Designed, developed and implemented econometric model of NYC employment and income used
     by the government to forecast revenue for the budget process. This was the only econometric
     model for a municipality developed in the country.
    Using logistic regression techniques, design, developed and implemented models for predicting
     account activity and revenue potential for segments of credit card business used by the marketing
     group for promotional mailings to enhance revenue growth. The models contributed to a 10%
     increase in revenue for the bank.
    Using logistic regression techniques designed, developed and implemented in production system
     acquisition credit scoring models for credit card business. These models helped company reduce
     risk and keep company losses below industry standards.
    Performed categorical data analysis using CART and CHAID techniques for marketing and policy
    Performed market, sales and survey analysis using multivariate statistical techniques in SAS.
    As a project manager oversaw the development of a risk reporting systems for senior

Consultant, Cablevision: 1/2011 – Present
   As a consultant, performed market segmentation analysis using SAS Enterprise Miner and
   Enterprise Guide to aid in target marketing. Extracted data using SAS/SQL.
Consultant, Project Manager, American Express: 5/2010-7/2010
   As a project manager, oversaw the development of a risk reporting system for senior management.
   Duties included resource management and process flow management. Reported directly to senior
Senior Analyst and Developer, Direct Brands: 2006-2010
   Using SAS, EXCEL and ACCESS, performed analysis, and reporting which helped support the
   business production systems and budgetary processes. Tasks included establishing sales and credit
   reporting for music and book clubs, producing data and production files for e-mailings, developing
   and managing reporting system used to monitor fraud behavior in book club acquisition stream and
   performing ad-hoc analyses on write-offs and acquisitions for senior management. Worked with
   outside vendors e-dialog and ACXIOM/DI to support e-mail marketing for the internet music group by
   supplying segmented files and analytical reports for various ad-hoc e-mails.
VP Credit Scoring, Senior Modeling Analyst Citibank: 1990-2006
   Using SAS, performed credit analysis, statistical analysis such as logistic regression and CHAID and
   CART, risk model development and reporting which helped support the business production systems,
   acquisition systems and compliance processes. My most important contributions were the design,
   development and implementation of risk, account activity and revenue potential models for various
   segments such as accounts on book less than 1 year, college segment and non-prescreened
   mailings as well as creating audit trails for these models for federal and internal auditors; analysis of
   transaction process for No-preset spending limit card used by marketing to revise its current
   authorization process for accounts over the spending limit; and the design, development,
   implementation and maintenance of a loss rate and delinquency flow forecast reporting system .
Senior Systems Analyst, EDS: 1989-1990
   I was a Database administrator responsible for development of a relational database in DB2, as well
   as a report generation system in IBM Application Systems. This database was used by accounting
   group to monitor sales and maintenance income.
Consultant - Statistician and Developer, Avon Products: 1986-1989
   Using SAS and COBOL, performed statistical analysis, and reporting which helped support the
   business production systems and budgetary processes. My projects included performing market and
   sales analysis using multivariate statistical techniques; using multivariate techniques to develop a
   questionnaire to rate sales representatives; statistical analysis on a test of a beauty computer to
   determine its effectiveness a sales tool; using SAS AF, designed and developed a database and
   reporting system used by senior management to develop marketing strategies.
Chief programmer and statistician, NYC Office of Management and Budget: 1979-1986
   Using statistical techniques in SAS and FORTRAN performed economic analysis and forecasting to
   support the budgetary process. My major accomplishments were developing and maintaining an
   econometric model of employment and income by industry for NYC, the only model for a municipality
   in the world, producing economic reports to the US Department of Treasury, performing various
   economic analyses for state and Federal government agencies and administering the production of
   revenue and economic forecasting system used to produce budget forecasts.

SAS, SAS Enterprise Miner, SQL, SQL Server, COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, Microsoft EXCEL,
MS, Quantitative Analysis, NYU Stern School of Business
BA, Mathematics, NYU

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