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					           The EVITA International Cooperation
      Program on e-Business Promotion for SMEs

                  Stanislav Sraka, Development agency Sinergija
                             Hatzakis Ilias. Project Manager, GRNET

EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
    The EVITA Project – INTERREG IVC
 Exchange, Valorisation and Transfer of regional best practice policy
      measures for SME support on IT and e-business Adoption
Since the Lisbon Strategy Report of the European Commission in 2001,
    there is an intense effort combined with series of targeted policies all
    over Europe for the stimulation of SMEs for IT and e-business. A lot
    of initiatives have been implemented in all European countries with
    various levels of success. In some countries, successful regional policy
    measures in the field have contributed to the faster improvement of
    SMEs’ access to the Information Society, …
   whereas …
   in other regions, especially from the “new” European countries, the IT
    and e-business penetration seems to find obstacles in its growth.

                 EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
                        EVITA Project
In this framework EVITA builds on various good practices developed
 under different regional or interregional development programs, (namely,
 the “2Bdigital” program in Catalunya, the GOONLINE initiative and the
 “e-business forum” mechanism in Greece, the ELISA project in the
 Balkan area, the “telecenters” in Bulgaria, the “Echangeurs” program in
 France, the “From insight to action” program in Sweden)
in order to improve the effectiveness of regional development
 policies in the area of the access of SMEs, to knowledge,
 information, e-business practices and the globalized digital
 economy in regions with low IT penetration (Southern Aegean-
 Greece, Yogazapaden-Bulgaria, Pomurska-Slovenia, Latvia, Galicia-

                 EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
                                EVITA Project
Consequentlly, the idea of the project lies in the field of sharing, exchange,
  valorization, transfer and dissemination of good policy practices on:
  -> SME support for IT adoption,
  -> improvement of e-skills of SME professionals
  -> training on e-business
  -> e-business practices promotion
In this context, the EVITA consortium includes 3 types of partners:
   a) partners who have implemented “best-practice” policy initiatives for the
   adoption of IT and e-business practices
   b) partners representing “Objective 1” regions who are lagging behind in terms of
   IT and e-business penetration and who are about to design relevant regional policies
   in the framework of the 2007-2013 Structural Funds funding period
   c) partners with expertise in e-learning, IT training, SME competitiveness and
   regional development plans and who can act as catalysts for the successful transfer
   of the good practices.

                      EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
                  EVITA - Project Partners
LP:  GRNET, Greek Research & Technology Network Athens, Greece
P2:  COPCA, Barcelona, Spain
P3:  TILLVÄXT VERKET Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Stockholm,
P4: CCIMP Chambre de Commerce et Industrie de Marseilles, Marseilles, France
P5: Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit, Msida, Malta
P6: CESGA Galicia Supercomputing Centre / Galician e-Commerce Leveraging Centre,
     Galicia, Spain
P8: SAR Southern Aegean Region, Greece
P9: RAS Sinergija Development Agency, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia
P10: LTC Latvian Technological Center, Riga, Latvia
P13: University of Kaunas, Kaunas, Lithuania

                     EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
                EVITA main rationale
       LISBON STRATEGY/ Europe 2020-digital agenda:
            stimulation of SMEs for IT and e-business
                 / Europe 2020 Digital Agenda

   Necessity of exchange between countries/ stakeholders

           Necessity for the right learning tools for SMEs

                  EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
 …But then also …
a world in transmission:
 The financial crisis/ especially affects new EU members
 Revolutionary technology trends both in infrastructure and
   services terms (cloud computing, grid technology, terra bps
   networks, smart mobile devices, media convergence and growing
   multiple accessibility networks)
 Opening of PSI and the e-participation
 Web 2.0/ user generated content/ Social media revolution
 New business models/ globalization
                                                   we already live
 Complex digital landscape
                                                   IN the cloud…
                                                   (the social cloud)

                EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
Athens, 8 December 2008   8
building social media campaigns for companies
measures and ranks your social influence online
                 Main activities of the EVITA Project
   6 Study Visits for the presentation of the “best policy initiatives” to all partners,
   5 Policy Maker Workshops for the transfer of “best policy initiatives” to local Policy
    Makers in Latvia, Southern Aeagean, Yugozapaden, Pomurska, Galicia,
   Creation of a multilingual e-learning platform enriched with multimedia “e-business
    training content” (Latvian, Greek, Spanish, Maltese, Bulgarian, Slovenian),
   A seminar for the creation of “e-tutors” task forces, with the certification of 24 e-
    trainers from Latvia, Bulgaria, Malta, Southern Aegean, Galicia, Slovenia,
   Identification and benchmarking of the 25 best-fitting policy measures from all over
    Europe and creation of a best practice guide,
   Development of 5 regional “IT training strategy reports”,
   A study on the impact of e-learning on the local SMEs competitiveness,
   7 local and 3 external dissemination events to promote the project’s results.

                          EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
                                                                          Oct 09   Mar 10

                                                                                   1 e-tutor seminar
                         6 Study visits                                                                                               C4

                                                                                                                                           Oct 09                 Jan 10

                                                       Best eBSN Policy
                            5 regional IT training

                                                       Measures Guide
Study e-learning & SME

                                                                                                                                                                  Training content
                                                                                                                                            e-learning platform
                               strategy reports

                                                        Dec 10
                                                                                                        5 Policy
                              Dec 10

                                                                                                                                                                                         Nov 10
   Apr 10                                                                                                           May 11
                                                                                                                                      5 SME seminars

                                                                                                                                                                                     Jul 11
                                                                                                           Mar 09

                Communication material                                             Web portal                       10 Dissemination events
C1                       PM tools                    6 Project Reports & Payment Claims                                      6 Consortium meetings

                                                          EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011                                                                              12
    Evita Project – Expected results
The expected results of the project in the targeted
areas are
- the improvement of relevant regional policies,
- the improvement of e-skills and
- the increase in IT use and e-business practices
adoption by SMEs.
In the long term, EVITA aims at sustained impacts on
innovation, competitiveness and economic growth
in the targeted areas.

          EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011   13
Major tangible outcomes:
   For Policy Makers:
    –   Study Visits
    –   Corpus report on IT SME training        Regional IT strategies for
        SME IT training
    –   Guides and Studies
    –   Policy Maker Workshops

   For SMEs:
    –   Multilingual training content on e-business
    –   e-learning platform (moodle)/ multimedia/ online courses
    –   SME seminars

                 EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011               14
           Analysis of “IT training strategies”
                 in selected countries
1.   Identification of countries where the penetration rate of
                 ICT in SMEs is the most important
We have crossed four international indicators :
Global Information Technology Report (2008-2009)
     –   Key indicator1 : “the use of Internet in the commercial relations”

i2010 classification of the European Union
     –   Key indicator2 : “Integration of the ICT in business relation of SMEs with suppliers and/or customers”

OECD ICT database and Eurostat, Community Survey on ICT use in enterprises (May 2009)
     –   Key indicator3 : “Internet penetration by size class”
     –   Key indicator4 : “Internet selling and purchasing by industry”

                       EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011                                              15
     Identification, census and analysis of “IT training
           strategies” used in selected countries

   These strategies have as objective to develop the
    use of ICT by SMEs on the given territory.
   These strategies
    –   Are specific “SME IT training” in order to help SMEs on IT
    –   Focus on the use of e-learning by regions or governments
    –   Can be: instruments / tools / techniques / methodologies
    –   Have been evaluated as “best applied”
    –   Fits to the profile to our beneficiary regions

                   EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
14 initiatives selected in 7 countries
   United States - Switzerland - Denmark
  Netherlands - Canada - Australia -Ireland
2 main axes to analyse 6 main IT Training Strategies
1- The IT relevance for the user (SME)       2- The public support

               EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
                        Recommendations for
                     an e-Learning region strategy

To combine 6 kind of
  actions :
- to accompany SMEs at the
    different level of IT-maturity
      From awareness to
          optimization of the IT
- to obtain a synergy of training
    resources and competencies
-   to spread and amortize
    investments on long period
-   to fit market needs with more
    flexible training plans

                     EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
   “Best European e-business Policy Measures” Guide
1. scout a number of EU “standard and accredited” databases in order to identify the most
    favorable and successfully policy initiatives (national or regional) related to the promotion of IT
    (mainly e-Business) to SMEs.
   DG Enterprise & Industry
   European e-Business Support Network for SMEs (eBSN)
   e-Business W@tch Observatory
   Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
   European Information Technology Observatory (EITO)
   EVITA “IT training Strategy Report”
   Transnational Cooperation Programmes Databases (ie Interreg, Programme MED etc).

2. Selection in order to meet certain criteria such as:
   Effectiveness
   New Media Trends (WEB 2.0 / SEO / SEM etc)
   Relevance with EVITA project
   EU recognition

                        EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
“Best European e-business Policy Measures” Guide

Background information.
Detailed information
Short description
Expected or/and Achieved Outcomes, Targets – Results
Delivery M
Key activities mechanism
Web 2.0 relevance
Financing Sources
Detected impact in region of origin
Main lessons learnt
Main Challenges
Critical Success Factors for the transferability of the practice

                      EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
Commitment of the Public sector at top level is crucial for the success of any e-
  Business initiative in order to gain critical mass adoption of new technologies. It
  enormously facilitates the work needed on awareness and stakeholders' effort
  ('top down' approach)
 Private co-management and co-financement is preferable in order to ensure
  financial sustainability in the long term. The people in charge must have a
  "technology neutral" vision and be real business experts. Universities have a
  role to play but practical knowledge is of paramount importance to drive the right
  changes and transfer knowledge to users.
 Involve local people in the community to ensure commitment of SMEs which
  typically cannot be reached with an institutional approach ('bottom up'
 Don’t waste time and resources obtaining news and website content that is
  freely available on other sites. Provide links to these communities and add your
  own value where it really matters.

                    EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
              Component 4:
Tools and implementation
                                                 Nov 10

                                                  5 SME seminars
                                   Oct 09
  e-learning platform

                                   Oct 09
    Training content

 EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
The e-learning platform
  A multilingual, interactive and user-friendly e-learning
  platform enriched with the training content. It is a strategic
  choice to focus on technology enhanced professional learning,
  having in mind that in the very close future, the technological
  possibilities, especially mobile and broadband solutions, will
  change today's learning scenarios and that the provision of e-
  learning services will grow substantially, to satisfy the growing
  demand of professionals in SMEs.

  - videos/ ppts/ courses

              EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
Athens, 8 December 2008   26
SME pilot seminars
   At least 30 SMEs
   Duration: case by case/ at least 10h
   SME selection procedure
   Implementation of an e-learning deployment
   Local language
   Multimedia classes/ personal computers

            EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
          The training package for SMEs
A training content on e-business and the benefits to SME
competitiveness. This content aims at improving managerial
understanding and skills in e-business by entrepreneurs, based on
best practices, local e-government services and is written in easy
“business” language.
 –   Basic IT knowledge for SMEs,
 –   Introduction to e-business models and practices
 –   The digital marketing plan
 –   Techniques for attracting visitors to a website
 –   Techniques that convert visits into business contacts
 –   Techniques that convert business contacts into customers
 –   Techniques that create loyalty and develop customers

                EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011
• Market                                  • Target
  Analysis                                  analysis
• Web Analytics                           • Segmentation

                   Strategy    Planning

                   Measuring    Acting

• Web statistics                           • Building an
                                             Action Plan

                             Blogs                          Forums

              Ad Campaigns           Marketplaces & Directories      Email Marketing
   Search Engine Marketing (SEM)                                       Public Relations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
                                      VISITORS                        Social Media (SMM)

       Call-to-Action                                                     Persuation
     Affiliate Programs                 LEADS                            Offline control
         Usability                                                      Web Analytics

                                       CLIENTS                         Client Orientation

     Selling Persuation                                                 Web Analytics
                                         LOYAL                    Community Creation
          Cross selling
                                         CUST.                       Lock In’s


           Thank you!

Lead Partner: GRNET, Ilias Hatzakis, Project Manager,
Contacts: e-mail: ; Tel: + 30 210 7474268,

Project partner: Development Agency Sinergija, Stanislav Sraka
Contact: e-mail:

               EVITA, Bled Policy Makers Workshop 13/06/2011

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