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Bassett -Cellular Phone Policy and Form


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									                                              Bassett Unified School District
                                     CELLULAR TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT USE POLICY

District-owned cellular telephones are to be used to conduct District business and shall be used appropriately.

The District will track all cell phone charges in order to ensure that the cell phones are being used appropriately and that charges to the
District’s account are appropriate.

The District recognizes that employees will, on occasion, need to make or receive personal telephone calls. If a personal call is
necessary, the duration must be kept to a minimum. Employees shall reimburse the District for any monthly personal charges that
result from exceeding the applicable level of the monthly minute allowance.


To be eligible for cellular phones, an employee must demonstrate the unit is needed to perform their job duties. For example, an
employee must demonstrate that s/he is “on call,” frequently off-site and requires cellular communication for job-related reasons, or is
required to be reached in emergency situations.


1.      To request a cellular phone, the appropriate Administrator shall prepare a written memorandum to the Director of
Technology or his/her designee explaining the need for the unit.

2.      The Director of Technology or his/her designee will review the request and will determine whether or not the purchase
should be approved.

3.      A copy of the approved request will be forwarded to the Purchasing or the Accounting Department. The Purchasing or the
Accounting Department will maintain a record of all units.

4.       The Purchasing or the Accounting Department will contact the service provider to arrange for all necessary services. The
requesting Department will then make arrangements with the Purchasing or Accounting Department to purchase the equipment.


1.     Calls to "976," "900" or other user pay numbers as well as dial around calls to "1010xxx" are prohibited. Accessing these
numbers by bypassing safeguards in place (such as call restrictions) is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action against the

2.        Employees shall make every effort to avoid using directory assistance (i.e., 411) since each call results in a charge to the

3.      The Technology or the Accounting Department will coordinate the establishment of cellular service at the lowest appropriate
rate. The Departments to be using the service shall not establish service independently. All changes to existing services will be
coordinated through the Technology or the Accounting Department.

4.      Security of the cellular telephone is the responsibility of each user. This includes deterring theft by properly storing the
telephone when not in use. In the event the telephone is stolen or missing, the user must contact the Purchasing and the Accounting
Departments immediately, so that the number can be deactivated and the account credited for unauthorized calls. Stolen equipment
must also be reported to the Technology Department, Accounting Department and to the District Security Department and Law
Enforcement Agency and an incident report must be completed. The Purchasing or the Accounting Department will make the
necessary arrangements for a replacement telephone.

5.        Security of the cellular telephone includes safeguarding the telephone number from unauthorized duplication. Users must
program the telephone with whatever fraud protection feature the cellular carrier offers. In the event the number has experienced
unauthorized or fraudulent use, the user will fully cooperate with the cellular telephone company in tracking and tracing the source of
the calls and remedying the situation.

                                                      Bassett Unified School District
                                             CELLULAR TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT USE POLICY
6.        Cellular phone users whose rate plans include a standard amount of usage minutes do not need to identify/reimburse personal
calls if the total usage for all calls falls within the allotted minutes. If total usage does exceed the allotted total, then the users must
identify all personal calls and pay the per-minute charge for all minutes in excess of the included plan minutes. Example: if 250
minutes are included in the plan, and 200 minutes were used, then no personal calls need to be identified/reimbursed. If 300 minutes
were used and 75 were personal, then the user shall reimburse the 50 minutes that were expended over standard minutes included.

7.           The District will cover the cost of periodic battery replacement and other supply items.

8.       Each user shall record a personal greeting in his/her mailbox. The greeting must identify the user, Department or position,
and reason for the caller being diverted to voice mail (example: This is John Doe in Administration, I'm sorry I'm not available to take
your call. Please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible). If a user is going to be unavailable for an
extended period, i.e., vacation, illness, conference or meetings, the message should indicate the absence as well as when the caller can
expect a return call.

9.           Mailbox storage space is limited. Therefore, each user must retain as few messages as possible in his/her voice mailbox.

10.      Each voice mail user shall help ensure system security by entering and maintaining a personal identification number (security
code) on his/her mailbox.

11.     Departments/offices/schools shall annually review who is assigned cell phones and their current job assignment to determine
whether the cell phone is a legitimate requirement for the person to perform their job.


Employees shall refrain from using cellular phone equipment while driving on District business, whether in a District or personal
vehicle. Telephone conversations involve thinking and visualization. They can cause a driver to go into a “blank stare” and not pay
attention to the road. An employee must pull over to the side of the road when it is safe to do so, to make or receive phone calls. If s/he
must answer a call, the employee must immediately tell the caller to hold while he/she pulls over, when it is safe to do so, or tell the
caller he/she will return the call at a more convenient time. Using hands-free equipment does not exempt the employee from this

Do not place cellular phone equipment on the area over a vehicle’s air bag or in the air bag deployment area. Air bags inflate with
great force. The cellular phone equipment may be propelled with great force and cause serious injury to vehicle occupants.

For further cellular phone equipment safety precautions, and to ensure proper use, employees should refer to, and become familiar
with, their cellular phone equipment owner’s manual.

V.           CAMERA PHONES

Employees shall not use video or still cameras installed on cellular telephones unless such use is necessary to perform their job duties.
Under no circumstances shall employees photograph students without prior written consent of the Superintendent or his designee, the
student(s), and their parents or legal guardians. Inappropriate use of cameras may result in disciplinary action against the employee.


Employees who repeatedly lose or damage equipment shall be subject to the following policy:

1.     The first equipment damage or loss will be reimbursed from the Supply account of the department in which the employee

2.           Any subsequent equipment damage or loss by the same employee will be reimbursed directly by the employee.

                                                         Bassett Unified School District
                                                CELLULAR TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT USE POLICY

Cellular telephone equipment assignments shall be based on the field assignment and/or job responsibility of
each employee; the employee shall sign the Cellular Telephone Equipment Acknowledgement Form accepting
full financial responsibility for the Cellular Telephone Equipment assigned.

Cellular Telephone Equipment in need of repair shall be forwarded to the Purchasing Agent to make
arrangement for the repair or replacement of the Cellular Telephone Equipment.

Lost Cellular Telephone Equipment shall be reported immediately to the Purchasing Agent. Once arrangements
have been made by the employee for payment of the lost Cellular Telephone Equipment, the Purchasing Agent
will then order a replacement Cellular Telephone Equipment for the employee.

Employee Acknowledgement

This is to confirm receipt of the equipment listed below. I understand that upon termination I must return said
equipment issued to me by the Purchasing Agent of the Bassett Unified School District, to my supervisor. If the
equipment is lost or damaged on more than one occasion, I authorize the District to deduct $ _____ per
paycheck until the cost of the equipment is paid in full. If the equipment has not been paid in full upon
termination, I authorize the District to deduct any outstanding balance from my final paycheck.

I have read and understand the above information and have received the Cellular Telephone Equipment listed
below. Initials: ____________
DESCRIPTION                               DATE ISSUED                                ITEM COST

Cellular Item: _____________________

Vendor: __________________________



Assigned Cell Phone Number                                                               Serial Number

Employee Signature                                  Date                                 Employee Name (Print)

Department                                                                               Telephone Number

Returned Cellular Telephone Equipment Information

Items Returned:

Returned by/Signature                    Date                            Received by/Signed                      Date
                                                 Bassett Unified School District
                                        CELLULAR TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT USE POLICY

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