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									KIRK A. TROY
4833 W. Gill Pl.
Denver, CO 80219
(720) 913-4923 (work)
(303) 937-1757 (home)

To utilize the full range of my abilities and skills in a cutting edge networking position.


Cisco Routers & Switches
Dell Computers
Compaq Computers
Sun Servers & Workstations
HP Printers

MS Win 2003/2000/NT Server
MS Win XP/2000/98/95
MS Internet Information Server
MS Exchange Server
Linux (Red Hat & Mandrake)
Apache Web Server

MS Publisher
MS Office 2000/XP
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
3D Studio Max


Associate IT System Administrator, June 2002 – Present
City & County of Denver, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80202
Supervisor:      Scott Ausband (720) 913-2954

    •    Provide PC and networking support for over 1400 users
    •    Train users on the use of network programs and devices
    •    Configure and install network servers, desktop computers, and printers
    •    Maintain network backbone
    •    Maintain Group Policy for network servers and users
LAN Administrator/Systems Security Administrator, April 1998 – September 2001
Internet Commerce & Communications, 999 18th St., Denver, CO 80202
Supervisors:    Jeremy Huber (303) 308-2276
                Stewart Scott (720) 932-7040

   •   Provided desktop support for over 100 people
   •   Administered 8 Unix and NT servers
   •   Resolved customer spam and security complaints
   •   Monitored company servers, Unix and NT, for attempted hacker break-ins
   •   Evaluated software and hardware for company wide use
   •   Migrated company from Unix popmail to MS Exchange, resulting in an overall increase in
       employee productivity

Sun System Administrator/Network Engineer, October 1997 – April 1998
SAIC, Colorado Springs, CO
Supervisor:     Mike Brown
Clearance Held: Top Secret

   •   Administered classified Sun servers and desktops
   •   Designed, installed, and troubleshot secure Local Area Networks
   •   Configured and installed NT and Sun workstations on secure networks
   •   Assisted in the administration of 4 Sun servers
   •   Assisted in the development of internal company web pages

Associate/Lead Network Engineer, August 1996 – September 1997
Kaman Sciences Corporation, Colorado Springs, CO
Supervisor:     Pat Scanlan
Clearance Held: Top Secret

   •   Created project design and installation documents for customer
   •   Provided on-site support for finished projects
   •   Assisted in the design of 2 secure Sun networks
   •   Redesigned 2 wide area networks to utilize fiber backbones
   •   Evaluated and tested software for project use
   •   Responsible for tracking, receiving, and shipping over $2,000,000 of computer equipment
   •   Supervised the installation of project networks
   •   Trained customers on the use of network programs and equipment

Systems Engineer, November 1995 – August 1996
Detroit Edison, Detroit, MI
Supervisor:      Dave Holland

   •   Provided PC and networking support for over 60 people
   •   Evaluated software and hardware for project purchasing
   •   Created and maintained project web pages for company wide use
   •   Built an MS Access database to control project resources
   •   Standardized all project workstations, which decreased troubleshooting and upgrading time by
       over 50%
   •   Wrote and maintained desktop standard booklet for project desktops
   •   Evaluated and tested software for company wide use
E-Mail Postmaster/Webmaster, January 1994 – November 1995
Langley AFB, VA
Supervisor:     Vince Hill
Clearance Held: Top Secret

    •   Administrator of 3 UNIX based systems, which delivered e-mail for over 7000 users
    •   Reconfigured e-mail traffic, resulting in a drastic increase in the flow of e-mail
    •   Responsible for building and administering a world wide web server
    •   Constructed and administered the domain name server for a Class B network
    •   Provided system support to an e-mail system for over 1000 users
    •   Assisted 4 other bases with setting up their own domain name servers
    •   Researched and developed an e-mail naming standard for the company’s 10,000+ users
    •   Provided domain name service for deployed units in Haiti, Saudi Arabia, and Guantanamo Bay
    •   Taught classes on the installation of TCP/IP software on LAN workstations

Local Area Network Maintenance Technician, March 1992 – January 1994
Langley AFB, VA
Supervisor:     Jon Starns
Clearance Held: Top Secret

    •   Assisted in the design and installation of over 45 local area networks within 14 months
    •   Built over 20 Novell and 10Net servers
    •   Installed over 1000 workstations for both Novell and 10Net networks
    •   Troubleshot and repaired all aspects of network errors ranging from workstation e-mail errors to
        cable problems
    •   Was frequently selected to work with high-ranking officers on workstation problems and software
    •   Handpicked to assist in the initial implementation fielding of the network control center


Media Animation & Arts, Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, CO – Currently Attending
Managing a Windows 2003 Server Environment, Denver, CO – 2004
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, Denver, CO – 2002
Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration, Colorado Springs, CO – 1997
Advanced Cisco Router Configuration, Colorado Springs, CO – 1997
Basic and Advanced Operating System Courses for HP-UX, Tyson’s Corner, VA – 1993
Basic and Advanced Network Maintenance System Operating Course for HP Openview, Tyson’s Corner,
VA. – 1993
LAN Maintenance/Basic Computer Maintenance Course, Langley AFB, VA – 1992
Communications-Computer Programming Technical School, Keesler AFB, MS – 1991
Leadership School, Andrews AFB, MD – 1990
Communications-Computer Operations Technical School, Keesler AFB, MS – 1987

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