Spence's range of interests, and therefore the strengths of the bibliography,
are indicated by these lists of keywords:

Biographical items
Book reviews
Personal names commonly occurring
Names of friends and family who are mentioned
Organisations about which Spence wrote


This is not a complete list of words in the bibliography, but includes the more
commonly used and useful words to search. You can truncate a keyword
search eg Canad* will retrieve Canada and Canadian.

Acrostic acting charade agriculture America Australia Australian children's
literature Australian literature Autobiography
Biographical material boarding-out
Canada, Canadian centenary charade charity children children's literature
clothing factory Commonwealth
Delinquency democratic ideal destitute domestic servants domestic
violence drink
Education effective voting electoral reform enigma epilep* to search for
epileptics or epilepsy
Federal convention federation finance
Gambling game government grand old woman
Health history Hare House of Lords
Illness insurance
labour law literary literary frivolities literature
Marriage memorial
Northern Territory
Palindrome politics population portrait poverty prison* to search prisons
and prisoners proportional representation prostitution public speaking pure
democracy puzzle
Religion representation royal commission
Scholarship school social aspects social issues social problems spelling
game Spence scholarship Spence memorial suffrage
Tax* teacher travels truancy
Unitarian United States
Welfare woman women women writers
The major biographical items can be found through a keyword search
under the following terms:

'Autobiography'—used as the title of the work which Spence commenced in
her last year and which was completed after her death. It is used also to draw
attention to autobiographical material which appears in articles which she
wrote or speeches which she gave about other topics.

'Biographical material'—used for other material about Spence, especially for
material that records her activities but does not contain her words.

'Biography'—used for books and articles which record her life or aspects of
her life.

'Obituary' or 'Tribute'—used to draw attention to items of special biographical
significance, referring to her death or praising aspects of her life.

'Biographical fragment'—used when the items are slight, perhaps merely
noting her attendance at a function, or travel to a destination, or commenting
briefly on her activities.

There are two types of book review searches which can be done.

If you are searching for a specific book reviewed by Spence, type the title of
the book or the author as a keyword search.

If you are looking for reviews of Spence’s own work, search on the keyword

Personal names

This is not a complete list of personal names referred to, but includes the
more commonly used and well known names. You need only type in the
surname, which is the last name shown. The names are listed in the form
Spence used.

Susan Brownell Anthony
Marie Bashkirtseff
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Robert Browning
Robert Burns
Jane Welsh Carlyle
Thomas Carlyle
Jane Hume Clapperton
Richard Cobden
Mrs George Craik
Alphonse Daudet
Daniel Defoe
Robert Dick
Charles Dickens
Georg Ebers
Maria Edgeworth
George Eliot
Henry Fielding
Archibald Forbes
Charles James Fox
Henry George
Edward Gibbon
George Gissing
Oliver Goldsmith
Vida Goldstein
Richard John Green
Richard Hanson
J. A. Hartley
Matthew Davenport Hill
Kate Hood
David Hume
Samuel Johnson
Helen Keller
Henry Kendall
Lord Lytton
Justin McCarthy
Lord Macauley
Catherine Martin
Frederick Martin
Harriet Martineau
Mary Russell Mitford
Agnes Milne
Lucy Spence Morice
Dinah Maria Mulock
Professor E. J. Nanson
Professor C. H. Pearson
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
George Sand
Sir Walter Scott
Professor Seeley
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Professor Henry J. S. Smith
Robert Southey
Herbert Spencer
A. W. Stirling
Alfred Tennyson
William Makepeace Thackeray
Tourgenief (Turgenev)
Anthony Trollope
Booker Washington
Mrs H. Zadow
Friends and family who are mentioned

Vida Goldstein
Alice Henry
Kate Hood
Lucy Spence Morice
Rose Scott
Helen Brodie Spence
John Brodie Spence
Jeanne Young, Jeanne F. Young, Mrs A. H. Young


This is not a complete list of organisations referred to, but includes those with
which Spence was connected.

Criminological Society
Destitute Commission
District Trained Nursing Society
Kindergarten Union
National Council of Women
Royal Commission
State Children's Council
Woman's League
Woman's Suffrage League
Women's Christian Temperance Union
Women's League
Women's Non-Party Political Organization

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