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									     UCSF Multidisciplinary
    Faculty Scholars Program

          Roadmap K12
      Stephen Hulley MD, MPH, Director
Ralph Gonzales, MD, MSPH, Associate Director
     Chris Ireland MPH, Deputy Director
    Allison Deneen, Program Representative
NIH boosts clinical & translational research
Nathan report (1997) leads to NIH policy to increase
  funding for clinical research career development
   – Individual awards (K01, K08, K23, K24)
   – Institutional awards (K12, K30)
NIH Roadmap (2003)
   – Translational research to enhance transfer of basic discoveries
     into clinical world, and thence to improved health in the
   – Numerous awards, including two large institutional career
     development awards:
       • Roadmap T32 predoctoral training
       • Roadmap K12 junior faculty training/career development
                   Roadmap K12 at UCSF
• Goal: Be a catalyst to strengthen and create leaders for
  multidisciplinary clinical research at UCSF
• Definitions:
  – Multidisciplinary
      •   Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry
      •   Epidemiology, biostatistics, social science
      •   Bench science, medical informatics, imaging
      •   (see Website for current Scholars’ approach to this)
   – Clinical research
      •   Patient-oriented research
      •   Outcomes and health services research
      •   Epidemiologic studies
      •   Clinical trials
      •   Translational research
           – T-1 (bench to clinical) and T-2 (clinical to population)
                                          Top-ranked Health Science Schools

                      School of         School of         School of      School of      Graduate
                      Dentistry         Medicine           Nursing       Pharmacy       Division
Clinical Facilities
   UC Medical                                                                               scientists in many
   Center and                                                                                   disciplines
                                                                                                   1900 faculty
                                           Roadmap K12 Multidisciplinary                             46 IOM
   VA Hospital                               Clinical Research Training                              32 NAS
   and clinics                                         Program
                                                                                                   Top fellows,
   SFGH County
   Hospital and

                      2 GCRC’s             Dept. of            K30           75,000 sq ft    Many multi-
                       1 PCRC           Epidemiology          Master’s      Clin Research    disciplinary
                                        & Biostatistics       Degree            Facility       centers

                                  Outstanding Setting for Clinical Research Training
Multidisciplinary Roadmap K12 award
• Training
  – 2-year Master of Clinical Research or equivalent
• Protected Time
  – 75% training and career development in research
     • Possibility of negotiating lower percentage if surgeon, etc
• Research Incubator
  – Fridays @ China Basin Landing
  – Desk space, mentoring, core experts, staff, data and
    coordinating centers
• Home Department
  – Mentors, labs, patients, staff, office space, resources
  – Multidisciplinary research teams
  – Career plan to become a leading force in home
    department’s multidisciplinary clinical research
Scholar Support in UCSF Roadmap K12

– Salary support
     • $75,000 x 5 yrs or same 5-yr total over 4 yrs (up to 75%)
–   Tuition for coursework/masters degree
–   $25K/year in research funds
–   $10K/year to support mentor costs
–   $5K/year for travel
• Doctoral level health science degree
  (MD, DDS, Pharm D, PhD, etc)
• Assistant professor any series at start of award
• Has not been PI of an R01, P01 project, K01, K08, K23
• Lead mentor and co-mentor(s) in different disciplines
• Commitment for protected time and resource support by
  Dept Chair and mentors
              Selection of Scholars
Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee (MAC)
   (campus-wide group acting as study section)
1.   Track record: training, products
2.   Research plan: importance, feasibility
3.   Training plan: multidisciplinary mentors, courses
4.   Resources: space, staff, dollars, protected time
5.   Career potential: likelihood of becoming a
     multidisciplinary team leader
Also considered:
Under-represented schools, departments, racial/ethnic groups
    UCSF Roadmap K12 Application

• Step I: 2-page structured letter of intent
• Step II (if invited):
  – Similar to K23 application, but more concise
     •   CV
     •   2-page training and career development plan
     •   10-page research proposal
     •   letters from mentors and department chair
• August: UCSF Roadmap K12 Website for 2006-7
    – Update with specifics for this year’s applications
• Early November: K12 Letter of intent due (N~50)
• Early December: Top LOI’s invited to apply (N~25)
• Early February: K12 Application due
• Mid March:
   – Preliminary notification of award
   – Master’s degree application due
• May: NIH approval of award
• July 1: Appointment starts (N~7-8)
              More information
View websites
  •   Training in Clinical Research: Google UCSF TICR
  •   Roadmap K12: Google UCSF Roadmap K12
         (after August 1)

Contact program team
  •   Allison Deneen (, or
  •   Chris Ireland, Ralph Gonzales, Steve Hulley

Contact MAC Executive Group
  •   Les Benet PhD
  •   Deborah Grady MD, MPH
  •   John Greenspan BDS, PhD
  •   Bernard Lo MD
  •   Kathy Lee PhD
  •   Morris Schambelan MD
      UCSF Roadmap K12 Scholars 2005 -

Scholar             Dept/Div        Mentor #1       Mentor #2/3

M Beattie MD MAS    DGIM            Women’s Hlth    Genetics/Oncology
G Campos MD PhD     Gen’l Surgery   Epidemiology    Surgery/Endocrine
J-L Chen PhD        HlthCare Nurs   Endocrinology   MntHlthNurs/Peds
M Gandhi MD MPH     Infect Dis      Infect Dis      Clin Pharm
R Keller MD         Peds Neonate    Peds Neonate    Biostatistics
K Liu MD PhD        Nephrology      Pulm Anesth     Nephrology
Z Tseng MD          Cardiology      Cardiology      Genetics
D White MD          Pulm CritCare   Ethics          Geriatrics
K Yang PharmD MPH   Clin Pharm      Clin Pharm      Anesth/Med
          UCSF Roadmap K12 Scholars 2006 -

Scholar              Dept/Div       Mentor #1        Mentor #2/3

N Acharya MD MS      Ophthalmolgy   Ophthalmology    EpiBiostat/Med/Int Hlth
B Aouizerat PhD      Phys Nursing   Phys Nursing     Oral Surgery/Dentistry
A Bryant MD MPH      ObGyn          ObGyn            DGIM/Pediatrics
V Flaherman MD MPH   Pediatrics     EpiBiostat       Nursing/Kaiser DOR
G Marcus MD          Cardiology     Cardiology       Biochem Biophysics
J Tang MD PhD        Dermatology    Derm/Genetics    Derm/Hlth Serv Res
J Tsui MD MPH        DGIM           DGIM/Epi         Nephrology/GI
F Valeyos MD MPH     GI             GI               Lab Med/Kaiser DOR
M Wintermark MD      Radiology      Neuroradiology   Neurology/Radiology
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