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iLEAD Graduates First Class


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									                                              A publication for HSS employees and customers                                 February | March 2010

In ThIs Issue
                                                  iLEAD Graduates
                                                  First Class
From the CEO                              2
It Takes a TEAM                           2
Douglas County, Colo. Chooses HSS         3

HSS is Deep in the South ofTexas          3                 fter two years of program development,             impact the success of every HSS employee.
Recruiting Videos Debut                   3                 iLEAD, which stands for Leadership,                It will make HSS a better place to work because
Sterilizer Stars                          5                 Education, Advancement, and Develop-               it engages all levels of employees and gives
Dealing with Drug Diversion               5       ment, is launched. Forty employees from all HSS              them a clear understanding of what they need
Contract Touchdown at Milwaukee Airport   7       lines of business are receiving their certificates           to do to prepare themselves for the next step
                                                  of completion from the pilot program.                        in their careers. All of this will result in delivery
EMPLoYEE NEws                                                                                                  of world class service to HSS customers.”
Service Anniversaries                     2       Tony York, Senior Vice President; Phil Nielsen,
Continuous Improvement PRIDE Champion     4       Vice President, Performance Improvement; and                 iLEAD has three parts:
HSS Employee Benefits News                6       Ron Mack, Director of Human Resources led                    • eLearning (16 hours)
PRIDE Champions                           6       development of iLEAD. “iLEAD is a foundational               • Instructor-facilitated learning (two days)
Meet PRIDE Champions                      7       program,” York states, “and one I believe will               • Continuous learning
Wellness Wisdom                           8                                                                                                          continued on page 4

  February is
  Heart Month
  Here’s how to give your loved ones a
  heart-healthier you this year:

  • Make small, healthy changes in
    your diet for better nutrition.

  • Manage your weight.

  • Make exercise a part of your
    daily routine.

  • Stop smoking.                                 Proud graduates of the first series 300 iLEAD class.
                                                  Front Row (L to R): David sayles, AGS, Denver Government Services; Rodney Harris, AGS – Milwaukee Airport;
                                                  Cary DeMille, AGS – Portland Airport; Tom Nirschl, MEM – Poudre Valley Health System.
  • Control cholesterol.
                                                  Middle Row (L to R): Kathy Heald, Healthcare Security – Centura Health; Joen Elliott, Recruiting; Tammy Davis,
  • Manage blood pressure.                        Payroll; Enrique Feliciano, AGS – Colorado Springs Utilities; susan Cruz, Healthcare Security – The Children's
                                                  Hospital; Mercedes Merchant, Environmental Health & Safety; David LaRose, Healthcare Security; Debbie Little,
  • Reduce blood sugar.                           Human Resources.

  Get more information on                         Back row (L to R): Eric Rowland, Healthcare Security – Exempla Healthcare; Frank Ussery, Healthcare Security –
  Healthy Lifestyles. see page 8.                 Western Region; shad Reeves, Healthcare Security – Bakersfield Memorial; Brian Ehrichs, MEM; Aaron Boyd,
                                                  Security Systems Integration; Mike Kelley, MEM – The Children's Hospital; Jason Jackson, Security Systems Integration.

                                                                                                                                                           Insights | 1
celebrating service                                From the CEo

These HSS employees celebrated service
anniversaries the past two months. We are                  e ended 2009 on a high note, with more than 130 management
pleased to recognize them for their dedication             team members attending a two-day Leadership Conference in
to our company and our customers.                          Denver. We discussed strategies for building an environment
                                                 that recognizes and develops employees and ensures HSS’ long-term
                                                 success. We shared ideas on a wide range of topics, including:
Medical Equipment Management
Brian Ehrichs
                                                 • Keeping employees safe on the job.
staffing                                         • Making the HSS employee Web site the single best source
Connie Gillard                                     for employee and company information.
Kathleen Langland                                • Content and timeframes for the new iLEAD training program.
Monique Whalen
                                                 • Communicating effectively with employees and mechanisms for getting employee feedback.
California security
Andre Clark                                      One new feedback mechanism I encourage you to use regularly is the Ideas for Continuous Improve-
Scott O’Donnell                                  ment page on the employee Web site—www.hss-us.com/employees/ideas. Go to that site any time you
                                                 have a suggestion for ways we can improve our support for you or our service to customers. We’ll
Colorado security
                                                 review every suggestion and give HSS Rewards for those that can be implemented to improve quality,
Salvador Morales
Levi Pederson                                    service, safety, or efficiency. Authors of the best of the best of these suggestions will earn PRIDE
Raba Taha                                        Champion designation for Ideas for Continuous Improvement and a $100 reward.
Mohmud Yenuse
                                                 I’m very excited to announce that we are graduating 40 employees from the pilot iLEAD program.
                                                 Thanks to all of them for volunteering to participate in the first classes and give us feedback on it.
                                                 This online and classroom training program, which you can read more about on page 1, will be rolled
Aviation and Government                          out in coming months, providing opportunities for employees to increase their skills and knowledge.
services Colorado
John LaValley                                    All of us on the HSS team were saddened to learn of the serious injury to Denver HSS Security Of-
                                                 ficer Nick Johnson’s 3-year-old son during the holidays. We are pleased to hear that Joshua has
California security                              been making progress, but he has a long recovery ahead. HSS employees on the Denver Government
Stephanie Hoofard
                                                 Services account donated money immediately to help Johnson and an account has been set up to
                                                 provide further financial assistance. Contributions may be made to the Joshua Johnson Fund at any
                                                 US Bank branch in Colorado.
Aviation and Government
services Colorado
Edith Knight

Medical Equipment
                                                 iT TAKEs A TEAM

Bruce Schaff
                                                         adly, workplace violence is on the rise and no industry is
                                                         more concerned with preventing it than healthcare. Frus-
                                                         trated by an inability to find programs that helped them
                                                 effectively recognize and de-escalate violent situations in a health-
                                                 care setting, healthcare customers turned to HSS for a solution. We
                                                 responded with development of TEAM®, Techniques for Effective Aggression Management.

                                                 TEAM uses proven controls of aggressive traits and motivations found in healthcare facilities, and
                                                 it meets Joint Commission, OSHA, and other regulatory agency requirements. It is offered in two,
         HAvE AN iDEA                            two-hour modules. Participants in the Blue module learn to understand risks, causes of aggression,
         FoR iNsiGHTs?                           and how to act in an aggressive situation. “The goal is to enable employees to recognize and prevent
                                                 violent incidents before they occur,” says David LaRose, HSS Assistant Director of Training and TEAM
  Help us make sure this publication             Administrator. The Gold module focuses on hands-on simulation training in employee escapes and
  provides the HSS information and
                                                 safe patient control maneuvers. Individuals earn certificates of completion for attending each module.
  news you want and need. E-mail
  your ideas and comments to the                 In addition, there is a TEAM Train-the-Trainer option.
  Insights Editor at insights@hss-us.
                                                 Introduced in 1997, TEAM continues to be the choice of healthcare organizations around the coun-
  com. We’ll use as many of your ideas
  as we can.                                     try. There were over 15,000 TEAM graduates in 2008 and 2009, including medical staff and medical
                                                 professional support staff members. There currently are 400 certified TEAM trainers throughout the
                                                 nation. “There are other programs on the market that deal with workplace violence, but only TEAM
                                                 focuses specifically on the healthcare environment,” adds LaRose. “TEAM is less costly than other
                                                 programs based on our marketing structure. We understand the financial constraints on our health-
                                                 care customers’ budgets, so we work to develop innovative solutions at an affordable price.”
2 | Insights
Douglas County Government
Chooses Hss                                                                                                   “Day in the Life
                                                                                                                of a security
          ouglas County, Colorado, located
          between Denver and Colorado Springs,
          is home to approximately 300,000                                                                     officer” Debut
people. The largest urban centers are Castle
Rock, the county seat, and Parker. On January
                                                                                                              What’s it like to be an HSS Security
11, 2010, HSS Aviation and Government Services
began providing security services to:                                                                         Officer? There’s an easy way to find

• The Douglas County Justice Center, a                  Douglas County Justice Center, now protected by HSS   out. Beginning in mid-February, two
  state-of-the-art facility that contains the
                                                                                                              videos will debut on the HSS Web
  courthouse, Sheriff’s headquarters, offices,          Services. “They use advanced screening equip-
  and detention center.                                 ment, including full body scanners and x-ray          site—“A Day in the Life of an HSS
                                                        equipment, at the Justice Center to protect and
• Buildings in Castle Rock that house the               ensure the safety of people and property.”            Healthcare Security Officer” and “A
  Board of County Commissioners and county
                                                                                                              Day in the Life of an HSS Aviation
  department heads and offices, including               Douglas County selected HSS to replace a
  the Tax Assessor, County Clerk, and Vehicle           major national security competitor. “We               and Government Services Security
  Registration.                                         presented them with a comprehensive proposal
                                                        that met their high standards,” adds Lanam.           Officer.” Current HSS Security Officers
• Department of Motor Vehicle locations in              “Douglas County Sheriff Dave Weaver runs a
                                                                                                              talk about their responsibilities and
  Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, and Parker.             highly respected, top-notch operation and
                                                        HSS is proud to be selected to work with his          commitment to customers in each
“We have 10 armed security officers onsite at
                                                        team and the county facilities team led by
Douglas County facilities,” says Michael Lanam,                                                               video and about the support they
                                                        Victoria Starkey.”
Vice President, Aviation and Government
                                                                                                              receive from HSS to do their jobs.

HSS is Deep in the South of Texas                                                                             The videos are under the “Careers”

                                                                                                              heading at www.hss-us.com.

                                                           n September 2003, HSS began providing
                                                           security services to Valley Baptist Health
                                                                                                              “We’ll use these videos as recruiting
                                                           Systems in south Texas. Valley Baptist
                                                       operates a 400-bed acute care hospital with a          tools,” says HSS Recruitment Manager
                                                       Level III Trauma Center in Harlingen, a 240-bed
                                                       acute care hospital with a Level III Trauma Center     Joen Elliott, “and to give potential
                                                       in Brownsville, and a 28-bed adult psychiatric         candidates a good idea of what it
                                                       care facility, also in Brownsville.
                                                                                                              means to be a security officer.”
                                                       Lee wallace, CHPA, is the HSS Program Manager
                                                       and Security Director for Valley Baptist. His team
Left to right: Officer Joe Martinez and                                                                       The videos can help you take
                                                       consists of 24 officers in Harlingen and 15 officers
Program Manager Lee Wallace
                                                       in Brownsville. “Our security team does it all,”       advantage of the Employee Referral
he says, “including patient valuables, incident investigations, interior and exterior patrols, and the
morgue, which serves as the county morgue.”                                                                   program. Watch the videos and share

                                                                                                              them with friends you think would
Wallace has worked for Valley Baptist 22 years. He was Facilities Supervisor when HSS replaced the
system’s in-house security operation in 2003 and was appointed Program Manager in 2007. “HSS’                 be good security officers. If they are
expertise in healthcare security and professional program management are huge advantages for
Valley Baptist.                                                                                               hired, you will receive a $50 HSS

“Valley Baptist doesn’t look at HSS as a contractor,” continues Wallace. “Our security team has               Rewards gift card once they success-
become as much a part of the hospital as any employee. Our officers take ownership in the HSS Core            fully complete three months on the
Values, particularly in being integrated into the customer’s culture and always doing what’s right for
the customer. They love where they work and what they do and it shows in our low turnover rate.”              job—and you’ll be helping HSS recruit

Wallace, a native of Illinois, has been in Harlingen over 20 years. He is heavily involved in community       the high quality people we need to
activities, including the Elks, coaching Little League baseball, and playing Santa Claus for children.
                                                                                                              deliver world class customer service.
He has been married to his wife Mary for 19 years and has two teenage children. He enjoys salt water
fishing on the nearby Gulf of Mexico.
                                                                                                                                                   Insights | 3
                                                 continued from page 1

                                                 “The instructor led sessions facilitate learning      What’s next for iLEAD? “We’re evaluating iLEAD
          HSS is on Facebook, giving you         across business lines within HSS,” adds York.         based on these two classes and will make neces-
          a link to the HSS Web site and         “This helps everyone recognize the commonali-         sary changes,” answers York. “Then we want to
          quick access to information about      ties in the challenges we all face and gives them     get everyone with people and project leadership
upcoming events, including Job Fairs. If you     a better understanding of how HSS operates.”          responsibilities through iLEAD by mid-2011. Also,
know someone who is a good candidate for         Graduates will build their skills further through     we plan to launch a new company-wide employee
an open position, tell them about nearby         continuous learning assignments focused on            orientation program in second quarter 2010.”
Job Fairs—and refer them through the HSS         helping them take the next step—and to go from
Employee Referral program. You’ll receive        good to great."
a $50 HSS Rewards gift card for every referral

                                                      Congratulations, iLEAD Graduates
after they successfully complete three months
on the job. Go to Facebook.com and search
for HSS Inc. sign up to be an Hss Facebook
fan, too!                                             Employees who have responsibility for leading large HSS programs graduated January 28
                                                      from the 300 Series class. Members of that class are:

                                                      Aaron Boyd, Security Systems Integration         Mike Kelley, MEM – The Children's Hospital

  First Continuous                                    susan Cruz, Healthcare Security –                David LaRose, Healthcare Security

  Improvement                                         The Children's Hospital
                                                                                                       Debbie Little, Human Resources

  PRiDE Champion                                      Tammy Davis, Payroll
                                                                                                       Mercedes Merchant, Environmental
                                                      Cary DeMille, AGS - Portland Airport             Health & Safety

                                                      Brian Ehrichs, MEM                               Tom Nirschl, MEM – Poudre Valley
                                                                                                       Health System
                                                      Joen Elliott, Recruiting
                                                                                                       shad Reeves, Healthcare Security –
                                                      Enrique Feliciano, AGS –                         Bakersfield Memorial
                                                      Colorado Springs Utilities
                                                                                                       Eric Rowland, Healthcare Security –
                                                      Rodney Harris, AGS – Milwaukee Airport           Exempla Healthcare

                                                      Kathy Heald, Healthcare Security –               David sayles, AGS, Denver
                                                      Centura Health                                   Government Services
  Floyd Sandoval                                      Jason Jackson, Security Systems                  Frank Ussery, Healthcare Security –
                                                      Integration                                      Western Region
  To be successful, HSS must continually
  improve as a company and there’s no
                                                      Graduate Tom Nirschl, onsite HSS Biomedical Manager at Poudre Valley Hospital and
  one with better insight into how we can
                                                      Medical Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colo, says “iLEAD helped me identify areas
  do that than HSS employees. Our online
                                                      I want to learn more about through ongoing education. One of those areas relates to the
  Ideas for Continuous Improvement site               financial part of my job, such as reading financial reports and setting budgets.”
  makes it easy for you to submit ideas
  that can help us improve quality, service,          Employees responsible for leading others are graduating from the 200 Series class on
  safety, and efficiency.                             February 11. One graduate is James Gardner, Facility Security Supervisor, Rush Foundation
                                                      Hospital, Meridian, Mississippi. “iLEAD opened my eyes to the difference between a leader
  Floyd sandoval, HSS Security Officer,               and a manager. Leaders train
  Portland (Oregon) International Airport,            people to become leaders;
  is the first recipient of a $100 PRIDE              managers check on people to
  Champion Award for his idea. Sandoval               make sure they’re doing what
                                                      they’re supposed to. Since
  went to www.hss-us.com/employees/
                                                      iLEAD, I’ve been working dif-
  ideas and suggested ways to improve
                                                      ferently with a Lieutenant on
  handling children playing on baggage
                                                      my staff, sitting down with him
  carts at the airport, a very risky activity.
                                                      more to help him understand
  We appreciate Sandoval’s commitment to              what my position consists of
  protecting the public.                              and what we all need to do to
                                                      become better leaders.”
                                                                                          Brian Ehrichs, left, Medical Equipment Management,
                                                      We’ll have more about the
                                                                                          receives his iLEAD certificate from CEO Wayne Schell,
                                                      200 Series graduates in the
                                                                                          center, and Senior Vice President Tony York
                                                      next issue of Insights.

4 | Insights
   sT E R i L i z E R sTA R s                                                                         DEALiNG
                                                                                                            wiTH DRUG
                                                                                                            Which hat was Dave Mongeau wearing
                                                                                                            the last time you saw him? In addition
                                                                                                            to the one he wears as a healthcare se-
                                                                                                            curity investigator, Mongeau is a Taser®
                                                                                                            instructor, firearms training instructor, and
                                                                                                            conducts HSS internal affairs inquiries.

                                                                                                            As the company’s longest standing
                                                                                                            employee, Mongeau has dealt with a
                                                                                                            wide variety of healthcare security
                                                                                                            breaches in the past 32 years, including
                                                                                                            the alarming and persistent problem of
                                                                                                            drug diversion. “Hospitals work very hard
                                                                                                            to put together programs to prevent
                                                                                                            drug theft,” he comments. “Yet, there is
                                                                                                            simply no full-proof system.”
“Our Sterilizer Maintenance Division,” says          “Our technicians’ passion, integrity, and
wayne schell, HSS CEO, “illustrates what HSS         professionalism make us successful,” says
                                                                                                            One of the most publicized cases in
has stood for throughout its 40-plus year history:   Bruce schaff, Sterilizer Division Manager
                                                                                                            Colorado was the 2009 theft of pain
Dedicated, knowledgeable people, innovative          since 1993. “They have a strong commitment
                                                                                                            medication by a surgical technician
solutions for customer needs, and world class        to customers and to each other and are always
                                                                                                            infected with Hepatitis C. She injected
customer service. The company is very proud of       willing to pitch in to do what’s right for our
                                                                                                            herself with the meds and refilled the
the people and accomplishments of this division.”    customers.” In addition to Schaff, team members
                                                                                                            syringes with a saline solution. The
                                                     and their years of sterilizer maintenance
                                                                                                            syringes were then used on patients.
The Sterilizer Maintenance Division was created      experience are:
                                                                                                            Thousands were deprived of needed
in 1984 in response to a plea from one Denver
                                                                                                            medication and exposed to Hep C. A
hospital for cost-effective, knowledgeable, and      Gary waters: 26 years experience
                                                                                                            number of these patients have tested
responsive service for its sterilizers, operating    Rob Pirrung: 16 years experience
                                                                                                            positive for the virus.
room tables, and surgical lights. Servicing then     Dino Kern: 21 years experience
was available only from two large manufacturers.     James Hawkins: 8 years experience
                                                                                                            “The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
HSS hired an experienced technician, and, in         Kevin Pearson: 8 years experience
                                                                                                            takes prescription drug theft in hospitals
its first year, the division had gross revenues of   Chris Eastridge: 4 years experience
                                                                                                            very seriously,” explains Mongeau, who
$50,000. Its reputation grew significantly over      Kenny Kouba: 15 years experience
                                                                                                            estimates a 90 percent success rate in
the years, attracting many more customers            Teresa Thomas: Administrative support,
                                                                                                            securing confessions from healthcare
and losing only a few. At the end of 2009, Steril-    20 years experience
                                                                                                            professionals during his tenure at HSS.
izer’s gross revenues were $1.9 million and seven
                                                                                                            “When an institution becomes suspicious
technicians serviced over 1,100 pieces of equip-     “We have good people on the Sterilizer team
                                                                                                            of irregularities, I help them determine if
ment for 60-plus customers from their bases in       and I enjoy working with them. I also have
                                                                                                            there is enough solid evidence to involve
Colorado Springs, Denver, and Grand Junction.        wonderful customers,” states Dino Kern, HSS
                                                                                                            Human Resources and confront the
HSS technicians have been trained by 21 manu-        Sterilizer Technician. “HSS is a great company
                                                                                                            employee. The objective is to obtain a full
facturers to service their equipment; they are       to work for, a growing company that’s moving
                                                                                                            confession. If we are successful, the infor-
service representatives for 10 manufacturers.        forward.” Kern joined HSS in 1998 after serv-
                                                                                                            mation is then passed along to the DEA.”
                                                     ing in the military and working eight years for
Peak Medical Systems is a medical equipment          another company.
                                                                                                            Mongeau spent 13 years on the Detroit
distributor in Denver. About 15 years ago, Mike
                                                                                                            police force before moving to Denver in
Danielson, Peak owner, was seeking a steril-         Linda Frasca, Purchasing Manager, Midtown
                                                                                                            1977. HSS had only 48 employees when
izer service provider for the equipment he sells.    Surgical Center, is a long-time HSS Sterilizer
                                                                                                            he came onboard. “Never in my wildest
“Most of the hospitals I asked for references        customer. “HSS technicians know what they’re
                                                                                                            imagination did I think the company
named HSS, so I knew they were the best.             doing. They’re efficient, timely, and always willing
                                                                                                            would expand to this extent. I’m very
They have a strong team of technically skilled       to work around my schedule. If I have a problem,
                                                                                                            appreciative for the many opportunities
technicians who represent HSS and Peak very          they listen to my concern and work to fix it. And
                                                                                                            this continuing growth has provided
professionally. When we have emergency service       they don’t try to sell me things I don’t need.
                                                                                                            me,” he smiles. Mongeau and his wife,
situations, they go out of their way to take care    That’s the best kind of relationship.”
                                                                                                            their children and four grandchildren
of my customers.”
                                                                                                            love the outdoors and are happy to call
                                                                                                            Colorado home.
                                                                                                                                                  Insights | 5
a matter of PRiDE                            Hss Employee Benefits News
Congratulations to these employees who       “it’s Like Getting Free Money”
earned PRIDE Champion awards the past        Did you know you can enroll in the HSS 401(k) Retirement Savings                Hss Benefits Hotline:
two months. Thank you for supporting our
                                             Plan any time during the year? Here are some reasons why you should             800-777-5035 x 600
core values and delivering on our promise:
Above and Beyond! Nominate an HSS em-        consider enrolling in this plan early in the year:
                                                                                                                             Hss Benefits website:
ployee who’s gone above and beyond at
www.HssRewards.com.                          • It’s one of the easiest and smartest ways to save money                       www.mybensite.com/hss
                                               for retirement.
Administration                               • It’s automatic. Money is deducted directly from your paycheck.                User Name: hss
Rhonda Eleneki-Martinez                      • It’s flexible. You choose the amount you want to contribute.                  Password: benefits

Aviation and Government services             • It saves you taxes because the amount you contribute is not subject
Scott Hopp                                     to annual income taxes. You will have to pay taxes when you withdraw
                                               funds from the account at retirement.
Karen Lewis                                  Best of all, your contributions can qualify for a match by HSS. After one year of service, HSS will con-
TJ Theisen
                                             tribute one percent of your salary (that’s $260 if your salary is $26,000) and after two years, the match
Medical Equipment Management                 doubles to two percent ($520 if your salary is $26,000). Getting the HSS match is like getting free
Brian Ehrichs                                money! To be eligible for this match you must be employed by HSS for at least one year, work at least
Ken Ottenberg                                1,000 hours each year, contribute a minimum of three percent of your base wages to the plan, and be an
Teresa Thomas                                active employee at the end of the plan year (12/31).
Payroll                                      Here’s more good news. Although many companies have decreased or stopped matching contributions
Tammy Davis
                                             in this economy, HSS has not. We continue to match contributions because we value our employees and
scheduling                                   understand the importance of helping them save for retirement.
Laura Aguilar
Denise Galbreath                             For more detailed plan information and an enrollment form, go to the Employee Benefits Web site.
Marie Perez

California security

                                             Earned income Tax Credit —
Nawana Woods

Colorado security
Nabil Al-Bataa
Thomas Gillham
                                             what is it, and Do You Qualify?
Robert Gowey                                                                                       The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable
John Hendrick
                                                                                                   federal income tax credit for low to moderate
Zachary Linn
James Miller                                                                                       income working individuals and families. Congress
                                                                                                   originally approved the tax credit legislation in 1975
Texas security                                                                                     to help offset the burden of Social Security taxes
Ellihu Ritter
                                                                                                   and provide an incentive to work. When the amount
wisconsin security                                                                                 of the EITC exceeds the amount of taxes owed, tax-
Thomas Erickson                                                                                    payers who claim and qualify for the credit receive
                                                                                                   a tax refund.

                                                                                                  To qualify, taxpayers must meet certain require-
                                                                                                  ments and file a tax return, even if they did not earn
                                                                                                  enough money to have a filing requirement. The
                                                                                                  EITC has no effect on certain welfare benefits. In
                                                                                                  most cases, EITC payments will not be used to de-
                                             termine eligibility for Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), food stamps, low-income housing,
        READ iNsiGHTs                        or most Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) payments.

           oNLiNE!                            Find out if you are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit by answering questions and providing basic
       Go green! Insights now can be         income information using the EITC Assistant. The Assistant also calculates the amount of EITC you may
      delivered directly to your email       receive and is available in English and Spanish.
    inbox, saving paper, ink, and trans-
     portation. If you’d like to help the     To access the Assistant, go to www.irs.gov and type EITC in the search box at the upper right hand
      environment and still get all the      corner of the page. This will bring up all the information you need to determine if you qualify for this
       news about HSS, simply go to          helpful tax credit. It may also be valuable for you to talk to a tax preparation specialist about the EITC.
                                             Because Hss is a valued client of valiant services, Hss employees are eligible for a $25 discount
                                             on tax preparation services from Jackson Hewitt. You should have received a coupon via email.

6 | Insights
                                                                                                             Maintain without
    Meet PRiDE Champions                                                                                     the Gain Challenge
    A visitor was suspected of supplying illegal prescription drugs to a patient at Fairmont
    Hospital in Alameda County, Calif. HSS Security Officer Nawana woods was able to                         $250 CAsH
    confiscate the illegal drugs.                                                                            Marsha Borchert, Accounting

                                                                                                             $50 Hss REwARDs
    Several employees at a Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital in                                         Mike Chayka, Colorado MEM
    Racine, Wis., have recognized Security Officer Thomas Erickson for                                       Alex de Jager, Colorado Security
    “being a champ” and providing consistently exemplary world class                                         James Gardner, Mississippi Security
    service to everyone he comes in contact with.                                                            Floyd sandoval, Oregon AGS

                                                                                                             Over 50 people met the challenge by not
                                                                                   Thomas Erickson
                                                                                                             gaining more than three pounds between
                                                                                                             Thanksgiving and New Year’s and a combined
                                                The St. Anthony Central Hospital (Colo.) ED was over-
                                                                                                             total of 82 pounds were lost.
                                                whelmed with patients in mid-December when a patient
                                                came in with a core temperature of 71 degrees. Security
                                                Officers zachary Linn and Robert Gowey were among
                                                four individuals who responded to a page for CPR-
                                                certified employees to report to the ED and provided life-
                                                saving CPR for 2.5 hours to the patient.
    Left to right, Zachary Linn, Robert Gowey

    Congratulations to all PRiDE Champions for going Above and Beyond! in performance
    of their duties.                                                                                            sAFETY sPoTLiGHT
                                                                                                               Good Driving in Bad weather

Hss scores Contract Touchdown                                                                                  Driving has risks, but driving in bad
                                                                                                               weather is even riskier. The combina-
at Milwaukee Airport                                                                                           tion of wet roads, poor visibility, and
                                                                                                               nervous drivers leads to accidents.

         oing into the final quarter—no, we’re not talking football here—                                      Slow down, stay far behind the
         of last year, Rodney Harris joined HSS as an onsite Program                                           vehicle in front of you, and be extra
         Manager in anticipation of the December 1 inauguration of                                             careful and alert. Follow these tips to
contract security services at General Mitchell International Airport in                                        stay safer in bad weather.
Milwaukee, Wis. HSS replaces the incumbent firm, a major national
security competitor.                                                                                           Rain tips. Roads are most slippery in
                                                                                                               light rain and when rain first starts.
“We are so pleased with the hard work Rodney contributed to get-                                               Slow down for large puddles. If you
                                                                            Rodney Harris
ting this contract up and running,” says Monica serrano, National                                              start to lose control in the puddle,
Director for HSS Aviation and Government Services. “He was new to the company, new to the airport,             take your foot off the gas. Don’t
and in the process of relocating his family to Milwaukee. That’s a lot to juggle, yet the transition went      brake suddenly. If no one is behind
very smoothly.”                                                                                                you, test the brakes when you’re
                                                                                                               through the puddle.
Harris holds a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice from Troy University, Troy, Ala., and
has earned Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Airport Certified Employee in Security (ACE)            ice and snow tips. Clear your wind-
designations. He was an officer with the Columbus and Duluth, Georgia, police departments until                shield, hood, roof, lights, and side
2005 when he moved into aviation security at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.                 mirrors before driving. Watch for icy
                                                                                                               patches, especially on bridges and
“The experience I gained in physical security concepts and principles, computerized access control
                                                                                                               in shady spots. If you start to skid,
systems, and working with TSA on regulatory issues that affect airport security allows me to com-
                                                                                                               take your foot off the gas and steer
municate effectively with the airport authority on their needs to improve Milwaukee’s airport security
                                                                                                               gently into the skid.
program,” explains Harris. “I’m able to get immediate buy-in from my staff because of my experience,
which allows me to mentor them on airport security and answer their questions as they relate to                Fog tips. If you can’t see far in front
operational issues and changes.”                                                                               of you, slow down gradually, turn
                                                                                                               on your low beam headlights, avoid
Harris and his wife Michele have two children: Mohria, 18, and Dallas, 12. “I am an avid sports fan,
                                                                                                               passing, and use the road’s painted
hence my son’s name, whether it be watching on TV, in person, or taking my son to practices and
                                                                                                               lines as a guide. Consider pulling off
games,” he notes. Even though he resides in Green Bay Packer territory now, Harris confirms he’s
                                                                                                               to a safe spot until the fog lifts.
standing by his Cowboys and looking forward to his new role at General Mitchell International.

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                 Denver, CO 80209

MIssIon sTaTeMenT
Provide personalized, technical, and
professional service programs to enhance
the value of our customers’ business
                                                                  TooLs FoR A HEALTHiER YoU
                                                                   If you’re enrolled in one of the HSS health insurance plans, and you want to lose
Core Values                                                        weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or just feel better in 2010, check out Healthy
                                                                   Lifestyles. This free program, which also is available to your spouse and dependants
Always make things right for our customer         if they are enrolled in an HSS plan, has the online tools, resources, and support you need to set
Be an ambassador for each customer                personal goals and track your progress. You can earn great gear for your hard work, including gym
                                                  bags, headphones, and t-shirts. Want to relieve pain or reduce stress? Use your discounted access to
Be integrated to our customers’ culture           yoga, spa services, massage therapists, and acupuncturists.

Conduct all business with honesty and integrity
                                                  You’ll find Healthy Lifestyles at www.anthem.com. Register using your health insurance ID number
as individuals and as an organization
                                                  and click “Healthy Lifestyles” at the bottom of your member page for customized workout plans,
Create innovative approaches to deliver total     healthy recipes, smoking cessation programs, and more. Sign on to the site as often as you wish.
solutions for customers
                                                  “This is the second year HSS has offered a wellness program,” says Debbie Little, HSS Assistant
Maintain a reputation for service excellence
                                                  Director of Human Resources, “and we had good feedback from employees who used it last year to
and program quality
                                                  make healthy changes in their lifestyle. We’ve switched to Anthem’s Healthy Lifestyles this year in
Value our employees and their contribution        order to make the program available to employee families as well as employees.”
to HSS and to our customers
                                                  One employee writes about his experience using the wellness program, “…the week of Thanksgiving
VIsIon                                            I stepped on the scale and it hit 228 pounds... I didn't like it, so I thought I would change things to see
                                                  if I could drop to 220. I stepped on the scale this morning and I am at 208! I want to get to 185, so I
To be the best choice for the customer because    have a ways to go. I cut portions down and am eating more whole grains and fruit. Thank you! Your
we deliver world class customer service
                                                  ideas work.”

                                                  Maintain without the Gain Challenge winners can be found on page 7.

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